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Are we all geeks now?现在人人都是极客么?The word “geek” originally meant someone eccentric or outside of the mainstream. It gradually evolved to mean someone obsessed with an intellectual pursuit. A geek is enthusiastic about a hobby regardless of others’ opinions.“极客”一词原指那些或为人古怪或非主流之人。后逐渐被用来指热衷追求知识的人们。他们沉溺于自己的爱好,丝毫不在乎别人的想法。Geeks’ obsessions include technology, science, gaming and fantasy-based fiction.极客们的爱好包括:科技、游戏、奇幻小说等。Are you now wondering if you, too, are a geek? If so, congratulations — you are cool.现在,你是不是怀疑自己也是一名极客?如果是,那么恭喜你,你也是潮人一枚啦!A recent New York Times article says the boundary between geek culture and mainstream culture has never before been so blurred.极客文化与主流文化间的界限从未如此模糊,《纽约时报》最近的一篇文章如是写道。Aside from the world’s obsession with Apple products, the article says there are numerous examples that show geek culture is increasingly mainstream. The article focuses on the US, but Chinese ers can easily relate to its premise.文章指出,除了全球流行的苹果产品,还有不计其数的例可见极客文化正在成为主流文化。这篇文章虽然聚焦美国情况,但中国读者也很容易感同身受。Whether it be TV series like The Big Bang Theory or comic-book movies like the new Guardians of the Galaxy, the article says once-marginalized bits of culture are increasingly popular with people of all stripes.文章还指出,不论是美剧《生活大爆炸》,还是漫画改编的电影《护卫队》,这些曾经的边缘文化都成了备受欢迎的流行文化。One reason geek culture has become mainstream is because technology has become a ubiquitous part of nearly everyone’s daily life. In one sense, you could say the mainstream is just catching up to how geeks have lived for years.极客文化进入主流文化的一大原因在于,技术已经成为几乎每个人日常生活中不可或缺的一部分。从某种意义上,你也可以说是主流文化在努力追赶极客们的生活。Everyone knows知识人人都知晓The New York Times article also points out that with the growth of online data sources, knowing obscure facts about certain subjects, a big signifier of geek status, has lost its value. The name of a certain constellation is only a Wikipedia entry away.《纽约时报》的这篇文章还指出,随着在线数据的不断增加,了解某些鲜为人知的事情已经失去了意义,也不再是极客地位的象征。现在,每个星座的名称不过是维基百科上的一个词条罢了。“Growing up, pre-Internet, possession of knowledge was an identifier,” says Dave Goetsch, co-executive producer of The Big Bang Theory. “That is no longer true; the Internet flattens things out,” he told The New York Times.《生活大爆炸》联合执行制片人戴夫#8226;戈奇在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示,“没有互联网的时代,掌握知识是一种标签,但如今却今非昔比,互联网改变了一切。”The word “geek” has lost its former pejorative meaning. Many from the millennial generation are excited about thinking and learning. They are comfortable with and proud to show their geeky side. From gadgets to social networks to games, the decision not to embrace the newest technology is a choice to be out of the mainstream.现在,“极客”一词已不再含有贬义。很多千禧一代的年轻人都酷爱思考,喜欢学习。他们不仅乐于接受自己极客的一面,而且以此为傲。从小插件到社交网站再到,不肯接受新科技才是非主流的表现。“If you are not a geek, you are Luddite, and that is not cool,” Thomas Dolby, an arts professor at Johns Hopkins University, told The New York Times.美国约翰霍普金斯大学美术教授托马斯#8226;杜比在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示,“如果你不是一个极客,那么你就会被看做是个勒德分子(译者注:强烈反对机械化和自动化的人),这可一点儿也不酷。”Young people are drawn toward geek culture also because they want to be creative, says Zeynep Tufekci in a New York Times discussion panel on geek culture. Many geeks are motivated by the deep joy of building things, says Tufekci. For example, for many computer programmers, their work’s true draw is the pleasure of creating “worlds” through coding, “a delightful endeavor that combines deep intellectual challenges with the pleasures common to other creative activities such as art, cooking or music.”泽奈普#8226;图费克奇在《纽约时报》极客文化的讨论组里说,年轻人被极客文化深深吸引,因为他们希望拥有创造力。很多极客都对创造事物乐此不疲。比如,对很多程序员而言,真正的工作魅力在于用代码创造“世界”,和画家、厨师以及音乐家等其他从事创造性工作的人一样,他们都被各自领域的知识挑战和乐趣所吸引。 /201411/339908

Sri Lankan couple Nisansala and Nalin tied the knot on Friday in a world-record-breaking ceremony.斯里兰卡的一对情侣Nisansala和Nalin于本周五举行了婚礼,而这场婚礼还创造了新的世界纪录。The pair beat the previous Guinness World Record holder for most number of bridesmaids at a wedding ceremony with a whopping 126 #39;maids. According to Reuters, the previous record was 96 bridesmaids at a wedding in Thailand.他们婚礼上的伴娘团队多达126人,打破前吉尼斯世界纪录,成为伴娘最多的婚礼。据路透社报道,之前的纪录由一场在泰国举办的婚礼创造,当时的伴娘人数为96人。Champi Siriwardana -- one of Sri Lanka#39;s leading wedding planners and dress designers (who also happens to be Nisansala#39;s sister-in-law) -- came up with the idea to try to break the world record.Champi Siriwardana是斯里兰卡首席婚礼策划人兼婚纱设计师,她也是新郎Nisansala的嫂子,就是她想出了要破世界纪录的主意。Twenty-five groomsmen, 20 page boys and and 23 flower girls and even First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa were in attendance at Nisansala and Nalin#39;s Big Day.除了126位伴娘外,他们还有25位伴郎、20个男侍童、23个女花童,甚至连斯里兰卡的第一夫人都出席了两人的婚礼。 /201311/264933

Single women should ditch Facebook because the #39;perfect lives#39; of their friends are bad for their health, a relationship expert has warned.由于在社交网络上看到朋友的“完美生活”对单身女性的健康无益,恋爱心理专家建议单身女性远离社交网络。Author Zoe Strimpel says the social media site bombards singletons with pictures of #39;perfect#39; weddings and babies which causes envy and voyeurism.女作家佐伊说,社交媒体上“完美”的婚礼和宝宝照片对单身女性来说是一种信息轰炸,会引起单身女性产生嫉妒心理和偷窥癖。She said: #39;What [Facebook] does is it enhances the sense that your life is lacking and specifically, when you are single, you focus in on all those pictures of perfect weddings, perfect babies, perfect couples.她称,“Facebook这样的社交网络会使人感到自己的生活有所空缺,特别是对单身人士而言,社交网络会使单身人士过多关注那些完美的结婚照片、宝宝照片、情侣照片等等。”She urged single women to cut down or get rid of Facebook completely during a lecture at Cambridge’s Festival of Ideas.在剑桥大学的构想节期间佐伊进行了一场讲座,她建议单身女性减少登陆社交网络的次数,或者彻底摈弃掉此类网站。She said getting rid of your profile will help #39;limit that delicious but yucky feeling of voyeurism, slight envy, maybe even narcissism.#39;她说,对单身女性而言,摆脱掉她们在社交网络上的账号有助于她们“克制偷窥癖、轻度嫉妒、甚至自恋等等不良情绪。”Ms Strimpel, who wrote ‘Man Diet: One Woman’s Quest to End Bad Romance’, said the fairer sex also spends too much time monitoring potential suitors online.佐伊写过一本名为《爱情节食:如何中止孽缘》的书,她说,女性还往往在社交网络上花费大量的时间,去寻找潜在的恋爱对象。She said the y availability of biographical information on Facebook encourages women to over-analyse potential dates.脸书网上公开的个人资料信息会导致女性对有好感的男士产生过高的期待心理。#39;Thanks to Facebook you may know his mother’s name, the details of his last holiday, the names of his exes, who he is hanging around with.This is not healthy or helpful information, plus it gives the impression that these men are more in your life than they actually are, which is quite corrosive.There’s plenty of psychology that supports taking a break from social media.#39;“多亏了脸书网,你可以知道他母亲的名字,他上一个假期是怎么度过的,他前女友的名字,经常跟他聚在一起的朋友。但这些都是无益的信息,反而有害。许多心理学理论都明,单身女性应该避免社交网络。”Explaining the inspiration for her book, Ms Strimpel added: #39;I was 28 and I just had broken up with a boyfriend - Oh my God I’m single, I’d better act single.There was fun goodness and yucky badness. For some reason the badness was getting the upper hand.#39;佐伊谈到写这本书受到的启发时说,“我今年28岁,刚刚和男友分手——哦天呐,我现在单身了,我最好像一个单身女性那样生活。这种生活既有乐趣和益处,又有苦涩和害处。由于某种原因似乎害处更多一些。” /201311/264935

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