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Miley Cyrus posed with Sean Combs. Kendall Jenner hung out with Justin Bieber. Vanessa Hudgens chatted with Selena Gomez. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen held court in one corner, while Madonna danced in another.麦莉·赛勒斯(Miley Cyrus)和肖恩·库姆斯(Sean Combs)合影肯德尔·詹纳(Kendall Jenner)和贾斯汀·比伯(Justin Bieber)在一起玩凡妮莎·哈金斯(Vanessa Hudgens)和赛琳娜·戈麦斯(Selena Gomez)闲聊约翰·传奇(John Legend)和克丽茜·泰根(Chrissy Teigen)占据了一个角落,麦当娜(Madonna)在另一个角落跳舞It was the night of the Met Gala, and after all the red-carpet posing, cocktails, dinner and assorted parties, the A-list celebrities ended their night at Up amp; Down, a two-story club on West th Street.那是大都会艺术物馆慈善晚宴(Met Gala)之夜,在红毯拍照、鸡尾酒会、晚宴和各式派对之后,这些一线明星在西街的两层俱乐部Up amp; Down结束这个夜晚Sure, that may have had something to do with the host, Rihanna. But it was also a testament to the celebrity-charming magnetism of Richie Akiva, one of the club’s owners, who is becoming a boldface name in his own right.当然,这可能与派对主人蕾哈娜(Rihanna)有关但它也明,这家俱乐部的其中一位老板里奇·阿基瓦(Richie Akiva)具有吸引名人的魅力他正凭借自己的能力成为一位知名人物After buying out his longtime partner, he is now the sole owner of the Butter Group, a company that runs a growing empire including 1Oak clubs (the name stands “one of a kind”) in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Mexico City, which cater to celebrities and hangers-on.在买下长期合作伙伴的股份后,他现在是Butter Group公司的唯一所有者该公司经营的帝国在不断扩张,包括1Oak俱乐部(俱乐部名字的意思是“独一无二”[one of a kind])这个俱乐部在纽约、、洛杉矶和墨西哥城设有分店,专为名人及其随从务They are places where the bass always throbs, the champagne is perpetually being popped, bottles of vodka are delivered by beautiful women in lingerie and celebrities are coddled — with their comings and goings dutifully reported in the tabloids the next day. “Bella Hadid parties at 1OAK with Miley Cyrus in NYC,” the Daily Mail announced in a recent headline.在这些俱乐部里,低音炮永远在震响,永远有香槟在被打开,身穿性感内衣的美女们奉上一瓶瓶伏特加,名人们在这里被悉心呵护——第二天,各种小报会尽职尽责地报道他们的行踪“贝拉·哈迪德(Bella Hadid)和麦莉·赛勒斯在纽约市的1OAK聚会,”前不久,《每日邮报(Daily Mail)的一个头条这样写道“I don’t use them to better my business, they’re my friends,” Mr. Akiva said. “I try to protect them as much as I can.”“我不是利用他们提升我的生意,他们是我的朋友,”阿基瓦说,“我尽可能努力保护他们”His ease around his star clientele was evident on a recent afternoon, during lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. Wearing a crisp blue button-down shirt and a gold Rolex, Mr. Akiva, 37, carried himself like the coolest kid in school, who is humble enough not to brag about it.前不久的一个下午,他在加利福尼亚州贝弗利山的四季酒店(Four Seasons Hotel)用午餐,他和明星客户们交往时的轻松自在显而易见37岁的阿基瓦穿着一件湛蓝色衬衫,戴着劳力士(Rolex)金表,他的姿态像是学校里最酷的孩子,同时非常谦虚,没有炫耀On his way in, he ran into Naomi Campbell. They kissed cheeks and chatted like old pals about their evening plans and whose house they would meet at beehand.在进餐厅的路上,他碰见了娜奥米·坎贝尔(Naomi Campbell)他们互吻双颊,像老朋友一样谈论晚上的计划以及先在谁家碰头“I host all my parties with him,” Ms. Campbell said. “I don’t go to any other clubs in New York but his. I know I’m safe, and I know I’m taken care of.”“我所有的派对都是和他一起举办的,”坎贝尔说,“在纽约,我只去他的俱乐部在那里,我知道我很安全,有人会照顾我”Famous friends echoed a similar sentiment. “Richie creates an experience, it’s much more than just a club,” said Sean Combs, who attended Mr. Akiva’s birthday party at 1Oak in West Hollywood last September. “No matter what property, whether it’s 1Oak New York, L.A. or Cannes” — where Mr. Akiva organized a pop-up during the annual film festival — “it’s always a good time.”其他名人也表达了类似的感觉“里奇创造了一种体验,远远超越普通俱乐部的感觉,”肖恩·库姆斯说去年9月,他在西好莱坞的1Oak参加阿基瓦的生日派对“不管是哪里的1Oak,不管是在纽约、洛杉矶还是戛纳(阿基瓦在一年一度的戛纳电影节上组织品牌游击店),你总能获得美好的体验”Mr. Akiva has also been romantically linked in the tabloids to various celebrities, including Rihanna and Heidi Klum. He neither confirms nor denies those reports. “I take a page from friends of mine who are celebrities,” he said. “Let people believe whatever they want to believe.”一些小报还声称,阿基瓦与多位名人有过恋情,包括蕾哈娜和海蒂·克鲁姆(Heidi Klum)他从未承认或否定这些报道“我听从名人朋友们的吩咐,”他说,“人们愿意怎么想,就怎么想吧”He was not born flashbulbs and gossip. Mr. Akiva grew up in TriBeCa with his father, who manufactured and imported sportswear, and two sisters (his mother died when he was 3).阿基瓦不是生在被闪光灯追逐、被八卦新闻困扰的名人之家他和父亲、两个(他妈妈在他3岁时去世了)在翠贝卡区(TriBeCa)长大他父亲从事运动装制作和进口生意He lived on two tracks, spending days at the private Dwight School on the Upper West Side, and nights on a skateboard, scrawling graffiti and partying downtown. He started going to nightclubs bee he was of legal age and began promoting parties, like Monday nights at Lot 61 in Chelsea and Friday nights at Life in Greenwich Village, as a way to meld his uptown and downtown circles and to make a little money.他过着双重生活,白天在上西区的德怀特私立学校(Dwight School)上课,晚上滑着滑板,在市中心涂鸦或聚会还没到法定年龄,他就开始去夜总会,开始推广派对,比如周一晚上在切尔西(Chelsea)的Lot 61咖啡馆或周五晚上在格林尼治村(Greenwich Village)的Life俱乐部,他用这种方式把他在住宅区和商业区的圈子融合在一起,同时挣点小钱That is also how he met Scott Sartiano, a Columbia University student, who would become his business partner more than a decade. As promoters, cultivating the connections they made at Lot 61 and Life, they turned the nightclub Spa, near Union Square, into a celebrity hive during the early 00s.在这个过程中,他结识了哥伦比亚大学学生斯科特·萨尔蒂亚诺(Scott Sartiano),在之后的十多年里,他们是商业合作伙伴新千年之初,利用他们在Lot 61和Life建立的关系网,他们把联合广场(Union Square)附近的夜总会Spa推广成为名人聚集之地“It was the No. 1 club four years in New York,” Mr. Akiva said. “It was where Justin Timberlake met Pharrell, where Pharrell met Jay-Z.”“它曾连续四年是纽约排名第一的俱乐部,”阿基瓦说,“贾斯汀·汀布莱克(Justin Timberlake)就是在那里遇见法雷尔(Pharrell)的,法雷尔也是在那里认识Jay-Z的”But they wanted more. “I said, ‘You know what, I’m tired of making money all these owners, I’ve got to do my own thing,’ ” Mr. Akiva said. So in , he and Mr. Sartiano, with money raised from friends and investors, opened Butter, a scene-y restaurant on Lafayette Street. Their reputation preceded them.但是他们想要的更多“当时我说,‘你知道吗,我厌倦了为所有这些老板挣钱,我得自己做点事情,’”阿基瓦说所以,年,他和萨尔蒂亚诺从朋友和投资者那里筹钱,在尔街(Lafayette Street)开设了外观醒目的Butter餐馆当时他们已经声名远扬”“The day we opened, there was a line around the block because people thought it was a nightclub,” Mr. Akiva said. “We went and took business cards and said, ‘It’s a restaurant, please make a reservation.’ ”“开业那天,排队等候的人绕了一个街区,人们以为它是夜总会,”阿基瓦说,“我们走过去,拿出名片说,‘这是餐馆,请预订’”In , they opened their first nightclub, 1Oak, on West th Street in Chelsea. “We didn’t want to ce people to spend money,” Mr. Akiva said, a reference to the mandatory bottle service that ruled night life at the time. “It was about great music and enjoying a room filled with a beautiful mix of models, celebrities, artists, photographers and fashion designers.”年,他们在切尔西的西街开设了自己的第一家夜总会1Oak“我们不想强迫人们消费,”阿基瓦说他指的是当时夜总会盛行的强制性酒水消费“重要的是有美妙的音乐,房间里全是美人——模特、名人、艺术家、摄影师和时装设计师”Their clubs sometimes land in the news the wrong reasons. In April, the N.B.A. player Chris Copeland was stabbed outside 1Oak in Manhattan, and last August, Suge Knight was shot at a pre-MTV Video Music Awards party at 1Oak Los Angeles.有时,他们的俱乐部会因坏消息出现在新闻报道中今年月,NBA球员克里斯·科普兰(Chris Copeland)在曼哈顿1Oak俱乐部外被刺伤去年8月,苏吉·奈特(Suge Knight)在洛杉矶1Oak的MTV音乐录影带大奖(MTV Video Music Awards)预热派对上遭到击“It was an untunate, isolated incident that happened to be at 1Oak,” Mr. Akiva said about the shooting. “I hire the right security, I make sure my door is as tight as it can be.”“那是碰巧发生在1Oak的不幸的孤立事件,”阿基瓦谈起那次击事件时说,“我安排了严密的保安,我确保我的大门看管得很严”The fast pace of night life may have contributed to Mr. Sartiano’s decision to leave the partnership in March. “My passion things I wanted to do in the future shifted,” said Mr. Sartiano, who got married last year and now splits his time between New York and Los Angeles.今年3月,萨尔蒂亚诺决定结束合伙关系,原因之一可能是夜生活的节奏太快“未来我有去做的事情已经不同了,”萨尔蒂亚诺说去年他结婚了,现在在纽约和洛杉矶两地工作和生活“I’m on a different path right now,” he said. “I don’t really want to stay in this nightclub business.”“现在我在另一条路上,”他说,“我不太想做俱乐部生意了” Mr. Akiva, last call seems far off. He plans to open outposts of 1Oak in London, Dubai and Tokyo in the coming year, and bring Up amp; Down to Los Angeles.对阿基瓦来说,打烊时间还远未到来在未来一年里,他计划在伦敦、迪拜和东京开设1Oak分店,在洛杉矶开设Up amp; Down分店Still, he knows that even the most prolific club kid must eventually hang up his snapback hat. He recently broke ground on a 0-room hotel in the NoMad district of Manhattan in partnership with Richard Born and Ira Drukier, whose past projects include the Mercer Hotel and the Jane. While Mr. Akiva has yet to decide on a name, it won’t borrow from one of his club franchises.不过,他知道,甚至连最赚钱的俱乐部最终也会收场前不久,他和理查德·恩(Richard Born)、伊拉·德吕基耶(Ira Drukier)合作在曼哈顿诺玛德区(NoMad district)开始动工兴建一家有0个房间的酒店他的两位合作伙伴以前的项目包括默瑟酒店(Mercer Hotel)和简酒店(Jane)阿基瓦还没给新酒店起好名字,但他不会借用自己连锁俱乐部的名字“This is going to be a Richie Akiva project,” he said.“这将是里奇·阿基瓦的项目,”他说 38388

Is she or isn't she? The Internet has been abuzz lately about whether Jessica Simpson is pregnant and speculation reached a fever pitch after new photos surfaced Tuesday. 是她?不是她?杰西卡·辛普森是否怀的话题最近在网络上炒得沸沸扬扬而周二最新出炉的街拍更是为这则传言添了一把火! In the pictures Simpson who is engaged to mer NFL player Eric Johnson is wearing a baggy black top and carrying a large handbag to partially cover her midsection. She was photographed at LAX after a trip home to her native Texas a work commitment. 照片中,已经跟前橄榄球明星埃里克·约翰逊订婚的辛普森穿着一件宽松的黑色套衫,拎着个大包包挡在肚子前这张照片是辛普森从家乡德克萨斯回洛杉矶来开工的时候,在洛杉矶国际机场被拍到的 Her reps haven't responded to the rumors leaving fans to study the photos to decide themselves if Simpson is indeed expecting. 辛普森的经纪人没有对该传言作出回应,徒留粉丝们看图说话,猜测纷纷 Simpson 31 and Johnson 3 have not revealed a wedding date and have said they're not in any hurry to tie the knot. 31岁的辛普森和3岁的约翰逊没有对外公布过婚期,他们觉得现在还不需要急着结婚 "We're enjoying our commitment to each other " Simpson said recently. "We want to take our time ... We might elope if it gets to that point." 辛普森近日说,“我们很享受彼此在一起的感觉,我们想从容地生活如果时机到了,我们会结婚的” 7366




  At two years of age, Blue Ivy Carter is one of the most well-travelled children in the world.虽然只有岁,但是布露·艾薇·卡特和全世界的其他孩子比起来,她的阅历可谓是数一数二了Currently in Spain as her superstar mom Beyoncé heads into the final straight of her Mrs Carter Show World Tour, the tyke has also proved to be one of the most stylish celebutots in Tinseltown-always dressed in outfits to rival her fashionista parents during outings.最近布露还跟着她的超级明星妈妈去了西班牙,卡特夫人世界巡演的最后一站就在那里而这一次布露再一次明了自己是好莱坞最潮的小孩,总是穿着最有型的衣抢尽明星爸妈的风头Following Monday night concert in Barcelona, Beyoncé was back on mommy duty on Tuesday as she took her little lady out a top-notch meal, accompanied by husband Jay Z.在结束了巴塞罗那星期一晚上的演唱会之后,碧昂斯把自己世界明星的身份迅速转换为妈妈星期二,她和老公 JayZ 一起带着她的宝贝女儿去吃一顿大餐The sweet little girl once again proved her fashion chops as she arrived at the upscale Restaurant Windsor held in the arms of her doting daddy, dressed in a super-stylish leopard-print fur vest.小布露被十分宠爱她的老爸一路抱着来到高档温莎餐厅当天布露穿着一件超有型的豹纹裘皮背心,再次明了她驾驭时尚的超强能力Beyoncé was dressed to impress in black and white checked pants, a matching vertical striped short-sleeved blouse and pale green stilettos.而当天碧昂斯则是穿了一条黑白相间条纹的裤子,上面搭配一件竖条纹的短袖衬衣,脚上穿着一双浅绿色的高跟鞋The 3-year-old held a protective hand on her only child head as she carried her back to their car following their meal, as the inquisitive youngster turned around to take in her surroundings.当他们一家吃饭完出来的时候,3岁的碧昂斯一路护着布露的头,直到把她惟一的宝贝女儿护送上车而布露却对外面的世界很好奇,头转来转去看着周围While his leading ladies dressed up their lunch, rapper Jay Z kept it casual in his signature Brooklyn street style.当天碧昂斯和女儿都为外出午餐而精心打扮,相比之下老公说唱歌手 JayZ 就穿得没这么讲究了,一身他独有的布鲁克林街头风格 7


  Taylor Lautner goes shirtless in this new teaser trailer The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, in theaters on Friday (June 30th).《暮光之城3:月蚀的上映时间定于6月30日周五,而今日发布的一则《月蚀预告片完整版,却因为狼人雅各布的扮演者泰勒·洛特纳的赤身上阵、人气吸血鬼爱德华的深情款款,再次引发众多女粉丝们的尖声惊叫In Eclipse, Bella (Kristen Stewart) once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest revenge. In the midst of it all, she is ced to choose between Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob (Lautner) — knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life.在《暮光之城3:月蚀的剧情里,克里斯汀·斯图尔特扮演的女主角贝拉再度(毫无悬念滴)陷入了危难之中西雅图发生的一系列离奇命案,都可能是她有着不共戴天之仇的恶毒吸血鬼的报复行为除了这个烂摊子之外,贝拉还必须在罗伯特·帕丁森扮演的吸血鬼爱德华和洛特纳扮演的狼人雅各布之间做出痛苦抉择,因为她知道自己的选择将点燃吸血鬼和狼人家族之间矛盾的导火索随着高中毕业的日益临近,贝拉不得不面对人生最艰难的选择 1888


  Michelle Trachtenberg is scary good at playing unhinged people (Georgina Sparks, anyone?) and Criminal Minds has taken notice!Michelle Trachtenberg 演疯纸的角色还是相当出的(比如Georgina Sparks),现在《犯罪心理也看到她的这个优点了The show, currently in its eighth season, has booked Trachtenberg an upcoming episode. Bonus scoop: I’m told this episode will prominently feature Reid’s new love interest. (And no, it’s not Trachtenberg!)《犯罪心理第八季正在热播,剧组已经确认Michelle将会来客串据说这一集Reid的新爱人就会很明显可以看出是谁喽She will appear in episode , which is slated to air early .她将会出现在本季的第集,这一集将会在年的早些时候播出Trachtenberg can currently be seen on Gossip Girl, where she is helping the Upper East Side gang close out their final season.我们现在可以在《绯闻女孩中看到Trachtenberg的身影,她出演了《绯闻女孩的最后一季 1839

  These Chinese women have taken their long hair to new lengths making a Guinness World Record as the world first long hair village.图片中的中国妇女因为头发奇长无比,她们所在的村落也入选吉尼斯世界纪录,成为世界第一长发村The Red Yao women, a minority ethnic group from Huangluo Yao Village in China, have an average hair length of 5.5 feet. The longest locks measure more than 6.8 feet.她们是来自中国黄珞瑶村的洪瑶族妇女,其头发平均长度为5.5英尺,最长的可达6.6英尺(约米)Incredibly, the women cut their hair only once in their lives, at -years-old, bee they start their search a husband.令人难以置信的是,这些妇女一生之中只在岁剪一次发,这个年龄之后她们就可以嫁人了Thought to be so sacred that only their husband or child could look upon their locks, if a man happen to stumble upon a woman not wearing her scarf, he was ced to live with her family three years as their son-in-law.说起来也挺恐怖,只有她们的丈夫或者孩子才能到她们的长发,如果一位男子恰巧碰见了一位没有带头巾的洪瑶族妇女,这位男子便会被强迫留在女子家中三年,做她们的上门女婿Their hair, an ancient tradition, could only be let down in the presence of close family but the women abandoned tradition in 1987.照古老的习俗,只有在洪瑶族妇女最亲近的人面前才可以散开头发,但是这里的人们在1987年摒弃了这项传统The 0 women now proudly show off their massive heads of hair in their village. They are known throughout China as the long hair village.如今,村里的0名妇女可以光明正大地在村里秀她们的头发了黄珞瑶村成了中国著名的“长发村”While many women would be daunted with the task of managing hair this long, the Red Yao women make hairstyling look easy as they twist and wrap their mane, flicking it as they go.对于很多女孩来说打理这么长的头发是一项艰巨的任务,但是对于洪瑶族妇女来说打理头发是件相当容易的事The Red Yao people believe that the women long hair brings longevity, wealth and good tune.洪瑶族人民认为女人的长发象征着长寿,会带来财富和好运The longer the hair, the more tunate one would be.During the summer and autumn months, the women wash their hair in the Jinjiang River.头发越长,就越富有春天与秋天,红瑶族妇女就在金江河边洗头发 19

  Two years ago, Amazon (AMZN) started developing television content. In the past year, the company produced pilots, which, according to Amazon Studios director Roy Price, is more than a typical broadcast network will prepare primetime in a year.亚马逊(Amazon)从两年前开始制作自己的电视节目亚马逊工作室主管罗伊·普莱斯表示,去年亚马逊一共生产了部试播节目,甚至比一家普通的电视台为全年的黄金时段准备的节目还多Four of the five comedy and drama shows that Amazon debuted on Feb. 6 will be made into a series. They include Transparent, a dark comedy about an L.A. family with a father who is transitioning genders; Mozart in the Jungle, a comedy set amid the dramas of life in a New York orchestra; The After, a sci-fi drama from the creator of The X-Files;亚马逊于今年月6日试播的五部喜剧和电视剧中,将有四部被正式拍成剧集,其中包括一部黑色喜剧《透明(Transparent),围绕一个父亲是变性人的洛杉矶家庭展开;还有讲述纽约的一管弦乐队日常生活的喜剧《丛林里的莫扎特(Mozart in the Jungle);由《X档案出品人再次操刀推出的科幻电视剧《以后(The After);以及根据侦探小说家迈克尔o康奈利的小说改编的电视剧《斯(Bosch)另一部去年推出的电视剧《阿尔法屋(Alpha House)则将迎来第二季and Bosch, a drama based on books by the detective novelist Michael Connelly. Alpha House, released last year, will get a second season.《财富杂志在《连线(Wired)杂志于纽约举办的连线商业大会上采访了普莱斯,请他解答如何才能生产出好的电视节目,以及亚马逊为何要拍摄自己的电视剧tune spoke with Price on May at Wired BizCon in New York about how to make good TV and why it makes sense Amazon.《财富:你人在西雅图,你的团队在哪里?tune: You are in Seattle. Where is your team?普莱斯:他们在洛杉矶不过如果想做电视节目的话,就必须去洛杉机我有一张阿拉斯加航空的MVP金卡今年八月我会搬回到洛杉矶——我就是从那儿来的Price:Theyre in L.A. If you want to make TV shows, you gotta go to L.A. I have MVP Gold status on Alaska [Airlines]. Ill move back to L.A. -- Im from there -- in August.九年前你来到西雅图加盟亚马逊,当时你主要负责什么?You moved to Seattle nine years ago to join Amazon. What were you tasked with doing then?我来了之后主要负责数字视频商店的启动,当时它还叫DVD商店当时我们面临的问题是,如何才能实现数字方面的视频业务?我记得那些日子,一个工作室的负责人曾对我说:“你知道吗,我告诉你一件事,永远不会有人下载我们哪怕一部电影”但是八个月以后,我们就和他们签订了协议,但当时正是一个转型的阶段I came to start the digital store, at the time the DVD store. The question was, How are we going to approach the digital side of the business? Those were the days when, I can remember one studio head saying to me, ;You know, I can tell you one thing: No one is ever going to download one of our movies.; And you know, eight months later you have a deal with them, but it was a period of transition.现在差不多所有人都跳到专业制作电视节目的领域里了雅虎今年也宣布了一些决定,格兰媒体(Glam Media)也是现在市面上已经有很多电视节目了——是不是存在一个容纳极限?Right now, everyone is jumping into professionally produced content. Yahoo announced some things this year. So did Glam Media. There so much television -- is there a limit?我想有些人可能会彻底失败,但是很多人也会发现一些独特的东西,一些值得说的东西,而且拥有自己的观众现在人们有很多创意我认为关键的问题是,从业务模式的角度看,你是否能吸引足够多的人对这部剧产生热情这取决于你的业务模式是什么——是靠订阅还是靠广告我相信我们会看到很多试验作品和艺术上的成功,然后他们会找出赚钱的办法I suspect some people will fail outright, but a lot of people will find something that is distinctive and worth saying and has an audience. There a lot of creativity out there. I think the question is whether youll have enough people getting passionate about the show to make it work from a business model point of view. It depends on what your business model is -- subscription vs. advertising. I have no doubt well see a lot of experimentation and artistic success, and then well figure out the business side.那么,现在是电视行业创新的好时机吗?So it a good time to be a creative in television?当然,市场对高质量节目的需求很高对于独特的原创点子来说,有些这种点子在十年前可能是非常有挑战的,但是现在可能最大的挑战就是怎么立项任何事情都存在挑战,但是市场有这个胃口Absolutely. There great demand high-quality work. And original, distinctive ideas. The kind of idea that would have been super-challenging years ago is now perhaps merely challenging to get going. Anything is challenging, but there an appetite.亚马逊的原创视频业务模式是怎样运作的?How does the business model original programming work Amazon?我们的业务模式相对比较直接,因为我们有订阅务,所以我们的目标只是要把人们吸引到亚马逊金牌务(Amazon Prime)上来如果你订阅了有权观看全部电影和电视节目的视频务,我们会赠送你全球最大的网商提供的两日免费发货务Our business model is fairly straightward because we have a subscription service so the goal of our program is simply to attract people to Amazon Prime. Youve got a full subscription service with movies and TV shows and then by the way, well give you free two-day shipping on the world biggest Internet retailer free.生产一部电视剧要多少钱?How much does one of these series cost to produce?我们拍电视剧不是集算成本的,但是这些电视剧的成本与同领域的其他电视剧的成本基本持平We dont go into the budget per episode, but the cost of the series is the same as the cost of a series at any one of these places.奈飞(Netflix)公司表示它拍摄《纸牌屋的投资超过每集50万美元,你们的花费有这么多吗?So when Netflix (NFLX) reveals it spending more than $.5 million per episode on House of Cards, you are spending about the same?我认为《纸牌屋的成本可能要高于平均水平,因为他们有凯文o史派西这种大牌和大卫o芬奇这样的大导演另外我想《女子监狱(Orange is the New Black )、《傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife)、《斯和《美国谍梦(The Americans)这几部剧和《纸牌屋基本上可以列在同一阵线但不管拍一部精品电视剧的成本是多少,对我们来说都是安全范围You know, I think House of Cards may be higher than average because they have [actor] Kevin Spacey and [director] David Fincher. I suspect that Orange is the New Black and The Good Wife and Bosch and The Americans are all in the same basket. Whatever premium cable broadcast budget is, that a safe range us.目前亚马逊工作室一共在生产多少节目?How many shows does Amazon Studios currently have in production?我们有五个儿童节目和五个成人节目,也就是说我们正在生产的节目有十个,而且我们还有些试播剧我们刚刚拍了一部由惠特o斯蒂尔曼执导、在巴黎摄制的试播剧《四海为家(The Cosmopolitans),长度有半个小时另外我们还刚刚拍摄了另一部很精的试播剧《上帝之手(Hand of God),主演是朗o普尔曼和达娜o德拉尼,导演是《末日之战( World War Z )和《死囚之舞(Monster Ball)的导演马克o弗雷斯特之后,我们还会推出更多的试播剧Would you say this is a significant investment Amazon?为什么你觉得这对亚马逊是一笔意义重大的投资?Weve put out pilots in the last year, which is more than a typical broadcast network will do per year prime time sure. Were busy because we dont have a slate, a lineup. Maybe in a few years we can pull it back a little bit.去年我们一共生产了部试播节目,甚至比一家普通的电视台为全年的黄金时段准备的节目还多我们非常忙,因为我们没有自己的演员阵容可能几年内我们就会收回一部分投资Why does this make sense Amazon?拍电视剧对亚马逊的意义是什么?Because it all about providing value customers, making the service feel unique and distinctive, and having a relationship with customers where they are coming back ... Part of the purpose of original content is to get people to really engage with the service.拍电视剧是为了向顾客提供价值,让顾客觉得我们的务是独特的,同时可以与顾客建立一种关系,让他们还会回来……生产原创内容的另一个目标是吸引顾客加入这项务So Amazon crowdsources its shows. What do you want to tweak about that process?亚马逊通过众包的方法在做电视剧,那么在这个过程中你最想调整的部分是什么?I want to tweak nothing about that process! It allows us to be a lot more experimental. Kudos to everyone who has a success ordering straight to series, but I would think that if you were going to order everything straight to series, it probably constrains you a little bit in terms of who you are realistically going to work with. Youd probably have a shorter list.在这个过程中我什么也不想调整,因为它让我们可以有更多实验性的东西虽然有人通过直接向电视剧公司订购整部电视剧也获得了成功,但是我认为,如果你直接从电视剧公司订购整部剧集的话,它可能限制了你实际上能够与谁合作你的选择范围可能会更小What you really want in the on-demand environment, which is different than the broadcast environment, is you need to find people who really like the show enough to seek it out. You need to really want to watch the show in modern TV. It not about changing the channel anywhere, or just seeing what on. It not good enough to be good-ish.需求至上的环境与广播环境很不同,在需求至上的环境下,你真正想要的是找到的确非常喜欢这部剧的人,只有非常喜欢的人才会费力从众多资源中把它找出来看观众必须得非常希望在现代化的电视上看到这部剧,而不能产生想换频道的欲望或者只是简单看看这是什么节目就算了现在一部拍得“还挺好”的电视剧是远远不够的We can do a better job getting insight into whether there a pocket of people who are really interested in the show. A while ago you had to focus more on bth of enthusiasm rather than depth of enthusiasm. That means a show like Transparent really works in this environment. There are shows in the past that were not as distinctive but universally palatable that would have been valuable, but today us would not be valuable.现在我们可以更好地了解是否有一部分人对这部剧非常感兴趣就在不久之前,你还得更重视观众的热情的广度,而不是观众热情的深度这意味着像《透明这种电视剧可以在这种环境下表现得很好过去有些剧集虽然不是很独特,但符合所有人的口味这种剧在过去可能很有价值,但今天对我们来说就不那么有价值了How big are your audiences?你们的观众群有多大?Well, we dont disclose, but we see that often our shows are the top shows on the service right after theyre released. You see Alpha House go to No. 1 awhile, and that means it is playing a meaningful role the service as a whole.我们没有披露这类数据,但是我们的电视剧经常一经推出,就在亚马逊务中成为收看最多的剧集之一比如《阿尔法屋曾一度登上亚马逊收视榜的榜收,意味着它在亚马逊的整体务中扮演了一个重要的角色What ahead?你们下一步打算做什么?Well well see a couple more pilots, and then in the fall these series will premier. And then therell be a new round of pilots. So far we havent released our shows all at the same time [like Netflix has done], but we might want to try it. It complicated because you cant really test it. There is some enthusiasm in the press and with customers doing it all at once, so were going to take a look at it bee we debut our shows this fall.下一步我们会继续推出几部试播剧,到了秋季,这些剧集就会陆续上线然后我们还会推出新一轮的试播剧到目前为止我们还没有(像奈飞那样)把我们所有的电视剧都在同一时间推出,但是我们可能想尝试一下这种做法比较复杂,因为你没法真正进行测试媒体和顾客对这种做法都抱有一些热情,所以我们在今年秋季这些剧集上线之前会研究一下 3008

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