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三明市检查男性精子质量专业医院永泰县看妇科哪个医院最好Based on some of the early buzz, you#39;d figure the 9 Samsung Gear smart watch is a downright revolutionary device. On paper, it has several nifty things going for it: a 1.63-inch color display, Google (GOOG) Android, and 70 apps at launch from eBay (EBAY), Evernote, and RunKeeper, among them. It lets users make phone calls, check email, even point and shoot photos and by holding up your hand. And voice recognition means it#39;s possible to navigate the device touch-free. With all those features going for it, it#39;s easy to let the imagination run wild with far-out hypothetical scenarios where this thing is all but doing the home cooking.三星(Samsung)售价299美元的Gear智能手表刚一发布,就收到不少好评,但如果你据此认为这是一部革命性的设备,那不妨往下看看。从各项参数来看,Gear亮点颇多:1.63英寸的全屏幕、谷歌(Google)Android操作系统、70款首发应用,其中不乏eBay、印象笔记(Evernote)和健身软件RunKeeper等大牌应用。用户可以打电话、查阅电子邮件,甚至手腕一抬就能拍摄照片和视频,而语音识别更是让触摸操作都省了。面对如此繁多的功能,用户很容易浮想联翩,认为小小的Gear是万能的,能够完成生活中所有大小事,但事实并不尽然。Still, I#39;m not sold. Here are three easy reasons why:所以,我并不推荐Gear。以下是三条显而易见的理由。It doesn#39;t do anything my phone doesn#39;t aly do (yet). All right, so the Gear isn#39;t even out. But based on Samsung#39;s announcement, it doesn#39;t do anything my iPhone 5 doesn#39;t aly do besides look better strapped to someone#39;s wrist. Most of the 70 apps available on day one are aly available for Android and iOS devices. Sure, it might make certain tasks easier -- I like the idea of running without having to pull out my phone -- but there just aren#39;t enough unique use cases for me to even consider splurging on this.Gear能做的智能手机都能做到。所以,Gear并没有什么独门功夫。相反,三星在发布会上展示的功能我的iPhone 5全能做到,除了这款手表戴在手上比较好看之外。至于发布首日可用的70款应用程序,它们中的绝大部分Android和iOS设备都能下载到。的确,某些场合中手表比较方便——例如我在慢跑时就不用掏出手机了,但光凭这一点还不够,不值得我掏钱。I don#39;t have a Galaxy Note III. Unless users also have the Galaxy Note III, they aren#39;t going to get the most out of the Gear. Samsung#39;s smart watch must be paired via Bluetooth with the upcoming phone-tablet hybrid, a.k.a. ;phablet,; to perform many basic tasks. (That may change: Samsung has said the Gear will likely work with other Galaxy phones in the future, though it didn#39;t specify when.) In other words, the watch will only work with a small subset of devices for the foreseeable future. That severely limits its appeal and potential audience. Because in the end, I#39;d have to spend 0 for the Gear and purchase a Note III. That#39;s too rich for my blood.Galaxy Note III可不是人人都有。除非每个购买Gear的用户都有一台Galaxy Note III,不然多半是委屈了它。三星的智能手表必须通过蓝牙与三星最新款的平板手机配对,才能运行许多基本功能。(虽然三星表示未来Gear也可能持Galaxy手机,但具体时间还没有确定。)换句话说,在短期内Gear只能和三星的小部分设备配对,势必大幅降低它的吸引力,也极大地影响了潜在用户。最后一来,我必须花300美元购买Gear,然后还要搭买一台Note III。我可没这么多钱。I don#39;t love the so-so battery life. According to Samsung, the Gear should go a day in between charges depending on how it#39;s used. That#39;s just average as smart phone battery life goes and disappointing when it comes to so-called smart watches. To compare, the Pebble smart watch lasts up to a week before needing more juice. Sure, the Pebble uses a simpler black and white screen and lacks the bells and whistles of the Gear, but I still expect more out of the latter. I#39;m OK plugging in my phone before I go to bed each night. But my watch? Not so much.电池续航差强人意。三星表示,根据使用情况,Gear的续航时间为一天左右。这样的表现和智能手机相差无几,这难道还是所谓的智能手表吗?看看竞争对手,Pebble智能手表的续航时间可是高达一整周。当然,Pebble仅仅配备了一款简单的黑白显示屏,而且也没有Gear那么多花里胡哨的功能,但我还是希望后者的电池能更给力一点。每天晚上睡觉前给手机充电是理所当然的事,但手表也需要吗? /201309/256737福州做人工授精哪里比较好 There aren’t many things that can capture a busy journalist’s attention. A juicy scoop, for one. The flashing lights of an ambulance may be another. (We tend to be the types that run toward danger.) And, for the vast majority of those writers and editors that work online, the hypnotic bounce of the Chartbeat needle telling them who’s ing their story at that very moment.能吸引匆匆忙忙的记者注意力的事情不多。有趣的独家新闻算是一种。呼啸而过的救护车大概算另外一种。(这里特指冲在危险第一线的记者。)而对于绝大多数网络作者和编辑们而言,能够吸引他们注意力的,则是Chartbeat指针像催眠一样的跳动,因为它能显示出某一时刻有哪些人正在阅读其文章。The New York-based company, which offers real-time analytics for websites, has in just a few years worked its code into the websites of 80% of the top online publishers, including the one you’re ing right now. It has changed the way they react to traffic data. It used to be that you’d have to wait until the next day for data (pageviews, unique users, et cetera) to understand how stories performed. Then it became the next hour. With Chartbeat, it’s nearly instantaneous. A look at the “concurrents” needle on the Chartbeat dashboard is like staring at a person’s beating heart during an MRI scan.提供网站实时分析务的纽约公司Chartbeat,在短短几年内,客户便覆盖了80%的顶级在线出版商的网站,包括《财富》的英文网站。它改变了媒体对待流量数据的方式。很早之前,网络媒体第二天才能得到数据(页面访问量、独立用户等),了解文章的受欢迎程度。后来变成了只需等待一个小时。如今有了Chartbeat,网络媒体几乎可以即时得到数据。看着Chartbeat控制面板上的“同步”指针,就像通过核磁共振扫描盯着一个人的心脏跳动一样。This dynamic has changed the way publishers react. You’ve no doubt noticed it. Headlines are refined on the fly. Secondary stories are promoted with more precise timing. And, of course, the bait becomes more click-y, fueled by an online display advertising business model that rewards views instead of interest. (Exhibit A: The headline used, quite tongue in cheek, on this story.)这种方式已经改变了出版商应对数据的方式。读者肯定注意到了。头条的标题被不断地精心调整。次要文章的推广时间被定得更加精确。当然,受在线显示广告根据浏览量而非兴趣付费的商业模式驱动,你会发现那些“诱饵”内容也更吸引人点击了。。(据一:这篇文章就使用了“吸引眼球”的标题。)The underlying model has been the most troublesome, and it’s the primary reason why “Six Totally Shocking, Crazy, Outrageous Predictions About the War Against the Islamic State” and “Watch a Woman Attempt to Lose One Pound in 20 Minutes” are used to headline stories you’ve probably aly seen elsewhere. The headline has always been a chief tool to grab a er’s attention, but today’s model rewards publishers who exaggerate to reach far beyond their target audience.这种基本模式一直令人头痛不已,所以,你会经常看到 类似“一位女性如何在20分钟内减掉一磅”这样的标题,而其实里面的内容你或许已经在其他地方看过。标题一直是吸引读者注意力的主要工具,但现在的模式却正鼓励出版商极尽夸张之能事,以最大可能吸引读者。Like most people, Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile believes there’s a better way. On Monday, his company announced the first-ever accreditation by the Media Rating Council for metrics around attention, rather than clicks or load time. The accreditation spans both ads and content, and may prove effective in beating back the over-promising online headline.与很多人一样,Chartbeat公司CEO托尼o海勒相信还有更好的方法。上个月,他的公司宣布“注意力标准”首度受到媒介视听率评介委员会(Media Rating Council)的认可衡量标准,这个标准既不是看点击率也不是看加载时间。而是贯穿广告与内容两方面,或许能够有效地打击言过其实的网络文章标题。“Instead of trying to value ads on the fact that the page loaded with the ad on it, it’s: Can you accurately measure how long the actual amount of attention you’re able to capture and then value it?” he said during a phone call Friday from the Online News Association conference in Chicago. “If you can do that, brands will more effectively allocate capital. On the publisher side, all the people who have invested in quality content actually have an economic reason to do so.”在出席芝加哥在线新闻协会(Online News Association)会议期间,海勒接受电话采访时表示:“我们并非想要根据加载页面的情况给广告计价,而是想解决两个问题:你是否可以准确测量能够抓取的注意力的具体数量?如何计算这些注意力的价值?如果你能做到这两点,品牌就可以更有效地分配资本。而在出版商方面,从经济角度来说,所有投资高质量内容的人,都有理由这样做。”Publishers have long sought a better way to measure attention, but have for years disagreed on how to specifically do it. “You want to know and understand what’s quality content,” Haile said. “If you can get someone to click on a headline and come through to a page where the ad loads in the top 500 pixels, what’s the incentive for you to invest in quality content? You can just write a clever headline. But if you can keep them on that page and keep them ing so that ad has a chance to work, there’s a very great difference. Fifty-five percent of all pageviews on the web get less than 15 seconds of attention. If you’re dealing with something where you can prove attention better, you can charge more.”出版商一直在寻找更好的方法测量注意力,但多年来始终无法就具体方式达成共识。海勒说道:“你想了解什么是高质量的内容。如果你能让读者点一下标题就进入顶部500个像素位置含有广告的页面,那么你投资高质量内容的动机是什么?你只需要编写一个聪明的标题就可以了。但如果你能让读者在那个页面停留,让他们一直阅读下去从而使广告有机会发挥作用,这会与前者有很大的不同。55%的网页浏览量得到的注意力长度不足15秒。如果能够找到一种方法,更好地明注意力,你就可以提高广告费率。”What Haile is suggesting is a massive change to the online advertising industry, which has done much to refine its existing model but accomplished little in the way of a full rethink. “We’ll begin moving our attention to brand advertising—that is, advertising that communicates a message to you, rather than prompting an action, or direct response,” he said. “The brand side has been using direct-response metrics for the wrong purposes. That’s going to change over time.”海勒的建议是对在线广告行业的一次巨大变革,虽然在线广告业一直在努力完善现有的模式,但却很少能产生全新的想法。海勒说道:“我们将开始把注意力转移到品牌广告,即向消费者传递信息,而不是宣传一项活动或直接响应式的推销。品牌方对直接响应标准的使用走入了误区。未来,这种情况将逐渐改变。”Which means in time publishers won’t be incentivized quite as much to churn out so-called clickbait. The road ahead is rocky, Haile said, and change will be unevenly distributed as publishers and ad agencies begin to embrace the new standard. But the direction forward is, for the first time, clear. “A visitor’s default behavior isn’t to every word,” he said. “It’s to leave.”这意味着,未来出版商将失去粗制滥造所谓点击诱饵的动力。海勒说道,未来的路非常艰难,随着出版商与广告公司开始接受新标准,变化将会不均衡地展开。但这是我们第一次看到如此明确的方向。他说:“访客的默认行为不是阅读每一个字,而是离开。” /201410/336500A doughnut created in a lab and made of silk on the outside and collagen gel where the jelly ought to be can mimic a basic function of brain tissue, scientists have found.科学家发现,实验室里制造的一个类似甜甜圈的东西,可以模仿脑组织的一项基本功能。这个圆圈的环状部分由丝材料制成,圈里面填的是胶原蛋白凝胶。Bioengineers produced a kind of rudimentary gray matter and white matter in a dish, along with rat neurons that signaled one another across the doughnut’s center. When the scientists dropped weights on the material to simulate traumatic injury, the neurons in the three-dimensional brain model emitted chemical and electrical signals similar to those in the brains of injured animals.生物工程师在培养皿中制成了相当于原始灰质和白质的材料,其中用了大鼠神经元,这些神经元能通过圆圈中间的物质相互交换信号。当科学家让重物掉到这个圆圈上,以模拟创伤性损伤时,这个三维大脑模型中的神经元释放出了化学信号和电信号,与受伤动物的大脑释放的信号类似。It is the first time scientists have been able to so closely imitate brain function in the laboratory, experts said. If researchers can replicate it with human neurons and enhance it to reflect other neurological functions, it could be used for studying how disease, trauma and medical treatments affect the brain — without the expense and ethical challenges of clinical trials on people.专家们表示,这是科学家首次能在实验室里如此逼真地模仿大脑功能。如果研究人员能用人的神经元重建这个模型,并提升到足以反映其他一些神经系统功能的水平,那么这个模型或可用于研究疾病、创伤和治疗如何影响大脑,从而避免人体临床试验的高费用和伦理问题。“In terms of mechanical similarity to the brain, it’s a pretty good mimic,” said James J. Hickman, a professor of nanoscience technology at the University of Central Florida, who was not involved in the research. “They’ve been able to repeat the highest level of function of neurons. It’s the best model I’ve seen.”“从与大脑的机械相似性来看,这是一个相当不错的模仿,”詹姆斯·J·希克曼(James J. Hickman)说。他是中佛罗里达大学(University of Central Florida)的纳米科学与技术教授,没有参与这项研究。“他们能够复制出最高水平的神经元功能。这是我看到过的最好的模型。”The research, led by David Kaplan, the chairman of the bioengineering department at Tufts University, and published Monday in the journal PNAS, is the latest example of biomedical engineering being used to make realistic models of organs such as the heart, lungs and liver.该研究由塔夫茨大学(Tufts University)生物工程系主任戴维·卡普兰(David Kaplan)主持,于周一发表在《美国科学院院刊》(PNAS)上。这是用生物医学工程手段制造器官——比如心脏、肺和肝脏——仿真模型的一个最新例子。Most studies of human brain development rely on animals or on brain slices taken after death; both are useful but have limits.研究人类大脑发育的工作大多依赖于动物实验,或人死亡后获取的大脑切片;两者都有用,但都具局限性。Brain models have been mostly two-dimensional or made with a three-dimensional gel, said Rosemarie Hunziker, program director of tissue engineering and biomaterial at the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, which funded Dr. Kaplan’s research.美国国家生物医学成像和生物工程研究所(National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering)的组织工程与生物材料项目主任罗斯玛丽·亨齐克(Rosemarie Hunziker)称,以前的大脑模型大多是二维的,或是用三维凝胶制作。该研究所资助了卡普兰的工作。None of those systems replicate the brain’s gray or white matter, or how neurons communicate, Dr. Hunziker said. “Even if you get cells to live in there, they don’t do much,” she said.亨齐克还表示,过去的系统都没有复制大脑的灰质或白质,也没有复制出神经元如何传导信号。“就算你能让细胞在模型中存活,它们基本上也做不成什么。”Dr. Kaplan’s team found that a spongy silk material coated with a positively charged polymer could culture rat neurons, a stand-in for gray matter. By itself, silk did not encourage neurons to produce axons, branches that transmit electrical pulses to other neurons.卡普兰的研究小组发现,一种涂有带正电聚合物的海绵状丝制材料可以培养大鼠神经元,用以替代灰质。丝制材料本身并不能让神经元产生轴突,也就是把电脉冲传递给其他神经元的突出部分。The researchers formed the silk material into a doughnut and added collagen gel to the center. Axons grew from the ring through the gel — the white matter substitute — and sent signals to neurons across the circle.这些研究人员将丝制材料做成一个圆圈,在其中心添加了胶原蛋白凝胶。轴突从圆圈的一边长出来,通过替代白质的凝胶,把信号发送给圆圈另一边的神经元。They got “these neurons talking to each other,” Dr. Hunziker said. “No one’s really shown that before.”亨齐克说,他们让“这些神经元互相交流。以前没人真正做到了这一点。”By adding nutrients and growth factors, scientists kept the brainlike tissue alive in an incubator for two months, at which point they experimented on it.通过添加营养物质和生长因子,科学家把这个类似脑的组织放在孵化器中,让其存活了两个月,然后开始在它上面做试验。Adding a neurotoxin essentially killed the neurons, as it would in a real brain. To simulate traumatic brain injury, they dropped weights from different heights.添加一种神经毒素基本上会把神经元杀死,就像在真正的大脑中那样。为了模拟脑外伤,他们从不同高度让重物掉到模型上。Dr. Kaplan said the brain-in-a-dish “didn’t go splat,” but reacted like “a kitchen sponge, and it would compress down and then partially spring back up.”卡普兰称,这个培养皿中的大脑“没有四处飞溅”,其反应更像是“厨房里的海绵,先是向下压缩,然后部分反弹起来。”He said measurements of glutamate, a neurotransmitter that surges in injury, showed that “the more severe the damage, the higher the spike” in glutamate.他说,大脑受伤会导致神经递质谷氨酸激增,而对模型中谷氨酸的测量显示,“受伤越重,激增的峰值越高。”Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, a biomedical engineering professor at Columbia who has worked with Dr. Kaplan on other studies, described the model as a kind of “Lego approach,” a “modular structure” that can be expanded and made more complex.哥伦比亚大学生物医学工程系教授戈尔达娜·乌尼亚克-诺瓦科维奇(Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic)曾与卡普兰在其他研究上有过合作。她称这个模型的建造有点像“乐高用的方法”,是一种“模块结构”,可以扩展成更复杂的形态。“It is the first proof of principle that something like this can be achieved outside of the body,” she said.她说,“这是首次在原理上明,类似这样的东西可以在体外实现。”Dr. Hickman said future experiments would need to study other cells and regions in the brain. “They’ve set up an architecture so some clever person in the future could then do it,” he said. Dr. Kaplan said his team was working on sustaining the brainlike tissue for six months — and with human neurons created from stem cells. He plans to add a model of the brain’s vascular system, so researchers can study what happens when drugs cross the blood-brain barrier.希克曼表示,还需要有未来的实验来研究大脑的其他细胞和区域。他说,“他们已经建立了一个构架,将来会有聪明人用它来做工作。”卡普兰称,他的研究小组正在努力让这个类似脑的组织存活六个月,还要用上从干细胞生成的人类神经元。他打算加建一个大脑血管系统的模型,让研究人员得以观察当药物通过血脑屏障时会发生什么。Ultimately, he hopes the bioengineered model can be used “to study everything from drugs to disease to surgical effects to electrode implants,” he said. “I mean, the list is endless.”他的最终目标,是让生物工程模型能被用于“所有的研究,从药物,到疾病,到手术效果,再到植入电极,”他说。“我的意思是,可做的研究多得没完没了。” /201408/323607福州治疗弱精去哪里

福州那些医院激素六项检查比较好福州哪里看不孕不育 A design student has created a way of using the bling mouthpiece to hear songs via ;bone conduction; through your skull, the Daily Mail reported.英国《每日邮报》报道,一名学设计的学生发明了一种闪亮的牙套,可通过“骨传导”听歌。Aisen Chacin, of Parsons New School for Design in New York, attached a vibrating motor to a digital music player and connected it to a mold of her upper teeth.艾森·查辛来自美国帕里森设计学院,她将安装了振动电机的音乐播放器与上颌牙齿套连接组装。She also installed controls on the bottom so users can change songs or volume by pushing the buttons with their tongue.音乐播放器底部还安装了按钮,用舌头按下就可以变换歌曲和音量。When the music starts, the vibration is strong enough for the music to be heard clearly — eliminating the need for headphones.播放音乐时,震动的音乐音量可以听得很清楚,而不再需要耳机了。If the sound being played is loud enough, even others might be able to hear it coming out of your teeth.如果音量开的足够大,其他人也可以听到从你的牙里播放出来的音乐。 /201206/185664三明市人工受精费用多少

福州看卵巢多囊医院 Here#39;s what Apple told investors about its business Tuesday: Margins, revenues, and profits in the next quarter all will be worse than investors had expected. Here#39;s what Apple didn#39;t address Wednesday: Specific plans for any new product categories or personnel moves, either among its long-serving management team or to fill at least one long-vacant hole. The stock rallied in after-hours trading.本周二,苹果(Apple)这样告诉投资者:下个季度的利润率、收入和净利润都会低于投资者此前的预期。苹果没有谈到的是:没有任何关于新的产品品类或人事变动的具体计划,既没有对长期务的管理团队进行调整,也没有填补什么长期空缺职位。随后,苹果股价在盘后交易中反弹。Oh yeah, one more thing: Apple (AAPL) said it will dramatically increase its dividend, its share buybacks, and, for the first time, that it will borrow significant amounts of money to fuel this return of capital to shareholders. Apple actually bragged on its earnings call with investors that it will be one of the biggest payers of dividends in the world. Think: Insanely great … dividends·哦,对了,还有一件事:苹果宣布将大幅增加派息和股票回购,还将首次借入相当的资金来提高股东的资本回报率。事实上,苹果在这次面向投资者的业绩电话会议上甚至夸口,苹果将成为全球派息最高的公司之一。想想:超高……派息?There#39;s more. Tim Cook, the man with the most unenviable task in the history of business, that of following Steve Jobs, said Apple planned to release ;great; new products in the ;fall and throughout 2014,; and, eventually, new categories. The fall· If true, meaning that if Apple#39;s big meeting with developers in June is a ho-hum event from a new-product perspective, then Apple will have gone a year without new product introductions.还有,从史蒂夫·乔布斯手中接过苹果公司CEO一职、怎么干都吃力不讨好的蒂姆·库克还宣布,苹果计划在“今秋和2014年”推出“非常出色”的新产品,并最终推出新的产品品类。今年秋天?如果是这样,那么6月份的苹果开发人员大会从新产品角度而言将毫无亮点,苹果将经历没有新产品推出的一年。New products at Apple is the only thing that matters. Margins are eroding because new products cannibalize older products. The success of the iPad Mini is a financial penalty for Apple: It#39;s a less profitable product than its bigger cousin. But that is beside the point. Apple said a significant number of iPad Mini buyers are first-time iPad buyers, and this is what is important, adding new Apple customers to its lists of people to market the next great products -- whatever their configuration. Remember, Apple has done this before. iPod Shuffle customers spent less than they did on iPods. They also had to have an iPhone when it came out.新产品对于苹果是唯一真正重要的东西。利润率也在下降,因为新产品侵占了老产品的市场和消费者。iPad Mini的成功对于苹果的财务是一项灾难:iPad Mini的利润率低于比它大一号的iPad。但这只是一方面。苹果称,相当一部分的iPad Mini买家是首次购入iPad产品,这很重要,因为它为苹果带来了新客户,所有现有客户都会是下一款杰出产品的目标客户——不管新产品是啥样。记得吗,苹果早就这么干过,当初iPod Shuffle用户就比iPod用户的花费要低。但iPhone出现后,他们都得要一台。In some ways, Apple sounds delusional when it talks about itself. Asked, as he has been many times before, for his take on the trend to pack bigger screens into smartphones, Tim Cook said he thinks Apple#39;s iPhone 5 has the best screen in existence and that big screens aren#39;t for everyone. He#39;ll keep saying that until Apple offers a phone with a bigger screen. And we#39;ll see how that sounds when we witness customer reactions to the new Samsung Galaxy S4, a product whose media blitz has just begun.在某种程度上,苹果说起自己的时候有些妄自尊大。问起他对智能手机屏幕越来越大这个趋势怎么看时(这个问题他显然已经被问到过很多次了),蒂姆·库克表示,他认为苹果iPhone 5的显示屏是现有产品中最好的,大屏幕并不适合所有人。估计在苹果能够提供一款大屏手机之前,他会一直这么说。我们会关注随着消费者对三星(Samsung)新款Galaxy S4手机的反应变化,他的言辞有何变化。围绕Galaxy S4手机的诸多报道才刚刚见诸媒体。In other ways, Apple shows that it is very much in tune with reality. Cook knows keeping 5 billion lying around is too much. So he#39;ll give more back to shareholders. He knows that with interest rates as low as they are it makes no sense for a company with Apple#39;s balance sheet not to borrow money and share the benefits with shareholders. So he#39;s taking on debt -- Steve Jobs#39;s aversion to the stuff be damned.其他方面,苹果的自我表述与现实相当吻合。库克知道持有1,450亿美元现金实在是太多了。因此,他打算增加对股东的回馈。他知道,在当前利率这么低的情况下,像苹果这样优质的资产负债表,不贷款,不把利润与股东分享,是没有意义的。因此,他准备举债——这可是史蒂夫·乔布斯最不愿做的事了。The world stops and listens when Apple talks. The problem is that Apple doesn#39;t always have something to say, and Tuesday was one of those days. It would be foolish to assume Apple isn#39;t ever going to have anything to say again. But the pressure certainly is building.一旦苹果开口,世界都会停下来倾听。问题是苹果不是总有东西可以讲,周二就是这样。当然,不能假定苹果将来也不会有什么可讲。改变的压力显然正在不断加大。 /201304/237141福州那家医院治疗无精比较好福州市一人民医院看多囊多少钱



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