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最近的利率低的让人无法相信。Interest rates at banks are incredibly low these days.Interest rates 表示等的利率。注意这里使用了at banks. 如果以3%的年利率从贷款的话,应译为 "I got a loan from the bank at 3 percent per year.” /201005/103346365天英语口语 第21讲:看电影暂无文本 相关专题:新东方英语900句英语口语日常口语会话120分钟 /200809/48913

是敞开心扉,展示真实的自己,还是每天带着面具过疲惫人生。It's up to you!希望自己做回真实的自己!Just be yourself!For better or for worse, to be yourself not just a saying.And to be yourself is all that you can do!“做真实的自己”除了上面的 Just be yourself 外,在英文中还有另外一个表达是"let your hair down"。这一说法源自19世纪,描绘出一幅可爱的画面。过去,西方女子很多都留长头发,出去应酬时把头发盘在头上梳出各种式样来。晚上回家后,她们就把发卡一个个地从头发里拿出来,让头发很自然地披在肩上。To let one's hair down 的实质意思也就是解除表面的装饰,使一切显得很自然、真实和放松。后来,"let your hair down"(把头发散开)就用来表示“放松、展现真实的自己”。1. To let one's hair down 不一定用在女性上,男性同样可以用!例如:The president has to make so many official appearances that he seldom gets a chance to let his hair down and enjoy life like ordinary people.总统要出席许多公开场合,因此他很少有机会像普通老百姓那样轻松地享受生活。2. To let one's hair down 也可以用在朋友之间,就像下面这个例子一样:Sally, we've been good friends for a long time. But lately I get the idea you are very much upset with me. I wish you'd let your hair down and tell me what's wrong to make you feel this way.萨莉,我们多年来一直是好朋友,可是最近我感到你对我非常不高兴。我希望你能够坦率地告诉我,到底是哪些事让你这么不高兴。 /200809/49531

爸爸给了丹尼尔钱让他去买票,并要确定地铁路线和转乘路线,丹尼尔能完成任务吗? Listen Read Learn Dad: Daniel, here is some money for the tickets.Daniel: OK, it's my pleasure. How many tickets?Dad: Oh, like a gentleman. Two tickets for two people.Daniel: But I am only half a person as you and they charge both of us the same price tickets.Dad: They may unless we get a half-price ticket for you.Daniel: Dad, it makes no sense.Dad: You may ask if you can take a half-price ticket.(a while later)Daniel: Yeah, I make certain. A half-price ticket cuts us one point five Yuan.Dad: Oh, cool. I need to check if we need to change from the Loop line to the Line1?Daniel: Yes, we'll take the Loop line and then change to Line 1 at the Jianguo Men station.Dad: Oh, so cool, superboy. Do we need to take buses to the Xidan bookstore after we get off the subway?Daniel: No, firstly, I am superman. Secondly, we don't need to change.Dad: OK, you are the guide.Daniel: Ha, am I cool? I've got all the messages we need.Dad: Will we miss this time?Daniel: I am not like you. I am like mother, and I am a smart superman.Dad: OK, let's go. 听看学爸爸:丹尼尔,给你些钱去买票吧。丹尼尔:好的,我很乐意。要买几张票?爸爸:啊,像个绅士。两人得两张票啊。丹尼尔:但我只是个像你一半大的人啊,他们居然也收同样价格的票。爸爸:是啊,除非我们能买到一张半价票。丹尼尔:爸爸,这讲不通哦。爸爸:你可以问一下你是否可以买一张半价票。(过了一小会儿)丹尼尔:好了,我买到了半价票,节省了一块五。爸爸:噢,酷。我要核实一下我们是否需要从环线换乘到一号线。丹尼尔:要换乘,我们乘环线然后在建国门站换乘一号线。爸爸:噢,真酷,小超人。我们出地铁后需要再坐公交车去西单图书大厦吗?丹尼尔:不,首先,我是超人。其次我们不需要换乘。爸爸:好吧,你领路。丹尼尔:哈,我酷吗?我把我们需要的所有信息都搜集到了。爸爸:我们会错过时间吗?丹尼尔:我可不是你,我和妈妈一样,我是个聪明的超人。爸爸:好吧,走吧。 经典背诵 RecitationDad: Daniel bought a ticket for me and a half-price ticket for himself. We took the Loop line and then changed to Line 1 at the Jianguo Men station. We didn't have to take a bus to the Xidan bookstore after we got off the subway. 生词小结loop n. 环线语素 MaterialLight RailThe introduction of light rail system into Europe, America, and Japan can be traced back to early nineteenth century. And the first light rail system in China is in 2001, Jilin Province, Changchun City. Currently there are hundreds of light rail systems in operation around the world, comprising high percents of the total urban rail transportation systems. It is one of the key parts of urban public transportation systems.轻轨轻轨运输系统在欧美、日本的运用可追溯到19世纪早期。中国的第一个轻轨系统于2001年在吉林省长春市落成。目前世界上运营中的轻轨系统达几百个,占全部城市轨道运输系统很大的比率,是城市公共运输系统的重要组成部分。Traffic in Big CitiesYou may ride on your bicycle in a rush to get to school or your office every morning. You may fight to get a bit of space on a bus or on the subway. You may also watch taxis crawl their way through traffic jams. No matter where you are, all big cities around the world have traffic jams these days. In big cities such as London, to avoid the traffic above ground, people use the subway. Big cities have the complicated underground railway system which is one of the quickest and easiest ways of getting around.大城市交通或许你每天早上都匆匆忙忙地骑车上学或上班。也许你会拼命地在公共汽车或地铁上挤得一方立足之地。你也可能会看着出租车在拥堵的车流中举步维艰。无论你在何地,世界上所有的大城市现在都面临着交通堵塞的困扰。在像伦敦这样的大城市,为了避开地面拥挤的交通,人们会选择乘坐地铁。大城市拥有复杂的地铁系统,这是出行最快捷、简便的方式之一。 /200806/40794

  英语中有句话“Boys will be boys.”男孩子总归是男孩子,淘一些不足为奇。  You should not be surprised when boys or men behave in a noisy or rough way as this is part of typical male behaviour.  3岁看大,7岁看老,“Boys will be boys.”就是中文里的“本性难移”。 /201007/108088

  mentally ill enslaved workers 智障包身工本月,经举报曝光发现,在新疆托克逊县的一家建材化工厂,4年来,数十名智障工人惨遭非人奴役,被当地人形容为“猪不如”,很多人都亲眼见过老板用皮鞭抽打工人的场景。目前涉嫌组织贩卖“智障包身工”至新疆工厂的四川渠县人曾令全已被渠县公安局刑拘。请看《中国日报》的报道:Police arrested a Xinjiang sweatshop owner and his son as they freed 12 mentally ill enslaved workers.警方拘捕了新疆一家血汗工厂的老板和他的儿子,12名智障包身工已被解救。文中的mentally ill enslaved workers就是指“智障包身工”,也称为disabled 'slave labor',在工头的残酷压迫下,他们是没有工资的“劳动机器”。非法从社会上“收集”流浪汉后送到建材厂当工人的犯法人员也就是supplier of disabled 'slave labor'。sweatshop(血汗工厂)一词充分体现了工头的残忍行为,多是是工资低廉、劳动条件恶劣的工厂或作坊。Slave labour原意指的是干苦役的奴隶。17到19世纪,世界很多地方进行着slave trade(奴隶买卖),管理奴隶的人就是slave driver,如今也引申用来指“苛刻的老板”。 /201101/123041。

  电影词典stereo sound 立体音美国俚语剧中:I got us a way out of this mess!a way out of this mess : 摆脱麻烦的出路; mess:在这儿指不好的事情e.g. : lt;1gt;The traffic is terrible today,we need to find a way out of this mess. lt;2gt;I have 3 exams and an interview tomorrow,I really need a way out of this mess.经典对白1.剧中:Just get over here and help me!get over : 来这里e.g. lt;1gt;I need you get over to my office to help me with this report together. lt;2gt;Can you get over my place and then we'll go to the party.2.剧中:Somebody's certainly been a busy bee.busy bee : 忙碌而有效率 e.g. lt;1gt;He's not much of a busy bee.It always takes him hours to do a small piece of work. lt;2gt;I was a real busy bee yesterday and painted the whole house.原声碟Strange ThingsI was on top of the world.It was right in my pocket.I was living the lift.Things were just the way they should be. /03/65882

  buttoned-down 在英语口语是什么意思?字面意思:扣好扣子. 引申意思:保守老套【影视实例】素材来源:《识骨寻踪》剧情简介:Brennan同Angela、Zach以及负责分析微粒昆虫的Hodgins在实验室的操作台上讨论眼下的案子,结果大家扯到了她书中角色的原型是不是自己的问题,闹得Brennan很晕……【台词片段】Angela: Who you captured perfectly…is Booth. Buttoned-down but buckets of sexual confidence which …ugh…I for one would love to tap.Zach: It’s not right to discuss tapping asses in front of a soaker.Bones: I can’t bounce back and forth between my book and real life. Since we are stuck with real life let’s just forget the book.【台词翻译】Angela: 你捕捉得最好的一个人物呢……其实是Booth啦。看上去一副保守的样子,实际上呢自信满满、性感火辣,我就挺想去捏捏的。(Angela呀……)Zach: 在水鬼面前谈论捏屁股比较不妥哦。Bones: 在书和现实生活中间跳来跳去我可受不了。鉴于这会儿现实比较要紧,就先把书忘了行不。【口语讲解】buttoned-down这个词比较有意思了,字面的解释应该猜得到,跟纽扣有关,是指把领口末端喉咙处的扣子扣上,因为如果第一粒扣子不扣的话,领口不是应该是向上翻开的么,所以是button “down”往下扣好的。这么一解释,应该也能想到引申的意义了,那就是“保守、老套”的意思咯,非常形象是不是? /05/71352新东方俞敏洪演讲学习英语与人生奋斗相关推荐:美语思维口语学习法创始人王强:如何讲流利的英语 /06/73709A征求他人观点或意见的用语I would be glad to hear your opinion of … 我很乐意听听你对……的意见。Are you of the same opinion as I? 你与我的看法一致吗?I was wondering where you stood on the question of … 我想知道你对……问题怎么看。B引入自己的新观点或看法的用语Another point is that … 另一点是……Another way of looking at it is … 看这个问题的另一个看法是……I forgot to say / tell you that… 我忘记要讲…...C就自己阐述的观点进行总结时的用语That’s all I want to say. 我想说的就这些了。Do you agree? I’m sure you agree. 你赞同吗?我相信你是赞同的。D就对方阐述的观点进行总结时的用语As you said… 像你所说的那样……But didn’t you say that…? 但是,难道你没说过……吗?、If I understood you correctly, you said that… 要是我理解正确的话,你说过…….E如何礼貌地反对对方某一观点I’m not sure really.Do you think so?Well, it depends.I’m not so certain.Well, I’m not so sure about that.I’m inclined to disagree with that.No, I don’t think so really.F如何强烈反对对方某一观点I disagree.I disagree with you entirely.I’m afraid I don’t agree.I’m afraid you are wrong there.I wouldn’t accept that for one minute.You can't really mean that.You can’t be serious. /06/74627

  下午3点,阿美和古奇都感到有些饥饿,古奇是个很时尚很西化的女孩,又爱吃巧克力,于是就建议阿美两人去吃巧克力火锅。巧克力火锅?感觉很诱人哦! Listen Read LearnGucci:Hey,I'm starving. I can eat a horse.May: May it be a chocolate horse.Waitress: Can I take your order now, girls?May: What do you recommend?Waitress: The chocolate hot pot is really popular with young girls. The chocolate hot pot. You know the hot pot with chocolate in it and you can throw in cookies or whatever.Gucci: Wow, that should be perfect for me!May: Okay, that's it.Waitress: Anything else?Gucci: No, be quick, please!(After a short while, the chocolate hot pot is dished up. It's time to enjoy it!)May: Oh, they look so cute! So delicate and colorful!Gucci: No girls can resist this!May: It's true that one piece of chocolate can just cheer you up!Gucci: That's for sure. Chocolate is something to die for!May: How about us coming here every weekend?Gucci: No, that's a suicide. You know, calories!May: Forget about it. Just wait till we turn thirty.听看学古奇:嗨,我饿死了。我能吃下一匹马。阿美:希望它是一匹巧克力马。务生:女孩们,现在点餐吗?阿美:你有什么可以推荐的吗?务生:最近巧克力火锅特别受年轻女孩子欢迎。巧克力火锅,就是火锅里面放有巧克力,你可以往里放甜点或者别的任何东西。古奇:哇噻,对我来说那太诱人了。阿美:好的,我们就点它吧。务生:还要别的吗?古奇:不要了,请快一点。(没过多久,巧克力火锅就上来了,该开吃了!)阿美:哦,它们看起来好可爱啊,那么精美,还五颜六色的。古奇:没有哪个女孩能抵挡它。阿美:一块巧克力就能使人高兴起来,说得真没错啊。古奇:那当然。为巧克力死都愿意呢!阿美:那我们每周都来这里怎么样?古奇:不行,那是自杀。你知道,卡路里!阿美:算了。等我们30岁时再说吧。经典背诵 RecitationWaitress: I'm a waitress in a special restaurant. We serve “chocolate hot pot” which is becoming popular among young girls. They love it so much. They always believe that one piece of chocolate can cheer then up. But they also think it's suicidal to eat too much chocolate. You know, calories!生词小结hot pot 火锅throw vt. 扔delicate adj.精美的colorful adj. 色丰富的resist vt. 抵挡suicide n. 自杀注释1.I can eat a horse.我能吃下一匹马。能吃下一匹马,可见饿的程度之大,很容易想到这是表示“太饿了”。中文中也与相似的表达:“我饿得能吃下一头牛。”有趣的是,中国人饿了选择吃牛,外国人选择吃马。2.chocolate hot pot巧克力火锅,与中国火锅的不同在于,它的汤底一般是液态的巧克力和奶酪等,而各式菜品则代之为各式甜点。巧克力火锅受年轻情侣喜欢,不过由于卡路里太高,令很多女孩子望而止步。3.Chocolate is something to die for!意思是我愿意为巧克力而死。这是夸张的表达方式,表示了对巧克力的极大喜欢,口语中很常见。如果一个男孩喜欢女孩,他可以说:“She is to die for.”意思为:她值得我为她而死。 /200805/37694E: are you still coming to my place for dinner tomorrow night?T: of course. Is the dinner still on?E: yes, I was just wondering how you and your roommate were planning on coming to my place.T: we were planning on walking both ways since the weather is still nice.E: that's what I thought you would do. Listen, I live in a bit of a rough neighborhood. It's just down the street from all the bars. You probably don't want to be walking around after dark. T: it can't be that bad. E: I wish it wasn't, but there is actually a lot of crime and prostitution around here.T: really? I never would have guessed. The criminals must only come out in the evenings, because I've never noticed anything strange when I've been at your house in the daytime.E: do me a favor, and take a taxi. It'd make me feel a lot better.T: ok, we will. How do you get around in the evenings?E: when I first moved in, I walked everywhere. But within a week, I had my purse stolen—just a block away from the police station! Now, I always take public transportation.T: has anything else happened to you?E: nothing else has happened to me, but I have seen quite a few fights on the streets after the bars close.T: well, we'll be careful. Thanks for letting me know. /08/81636

  美国习惯用语-第143讲:one of a kind/top-notch世界上大多数人都喜欢好的东西。有许多人花很多精力和工夫就是为了争取成为一个出众的人。如果您有机会见到一些真正才华出众的人,你也许会同意这些人的确与众不同,能做到常人做不到的事情。今天我们要给大家介绍的两个习惯用语都是描写那些特别出众、水平超出一般的人或物。我们先来给大家讲第一个:one of a kind。Kind这个字有很多解释;在这里,它的意思是:一个类别。任何人要是成为one of a kind那就等于是:只此一家,独一无二;那当然就很特殊,任何人都没法跟他比了。让我们来举个例子,这是一个学生在谈他所喜欢的音乐:例句-1: "Normally I don't care much for classical music -- U-2 is more my style. But I can listen to Mozart all day long. Just imagine: he died at thirty-five and he wrote six hundred pieces of music. He was certainly one of a kind."这个学生说:"一般来说,我不太喜欢听古典音乐,我喜欢听硬摇滚乐。但是,我也能够整天听莫扎特的音乐。你想,他死的时候才三十五岁,可是他已经写了六百首曲子。他真是一位与众不同的音乐家。"上面这个例子说的是音乐家,下面我们要举的例子是关于一位运动员。这是一个拳击迷在对他的朋友发表他的看法:例句-2: "I've seen all the great fighters in the last thirty years. And I think the best was Muhammed Ali. He was one of a kind -- he could move faster and hit quicker than anybody else I ever saw."这个人说:"过去三十年当中所有有名的拳击手我都看过。我认为最好的还是穆罕默德·阿里。他的动作特别快,他打击对方的速度比我所看到的任何拳击手都快。他真是非常突出。"体育在美国人生活中占有一个非常重要的地位。要是一个十几岁的男孩被吸收加入学校的球队的话,那对家长来说,当然特别是对他的爸爸来说就好像是件大喜事。每个大学对学校球队成员都有特殊的奖学金,因为他们可以为学校争光。报纸每天都有体育专栏,电视新闻往往除了报新闻外还有专人报天气预报以及体育新闻。体育在美国人生活中所占的比重就不难想象了。我们现在来给大家介绍今天要讲的第二个习惯用语:top-notch。Top和notch原来是两个字,但是由于在这两个字当中有一个连接号,所以实际上已经成为一个字了。Top大家都知道是最高的意思。Notch可以解释为在一样东西上刻记号,当然最高的就是最好的。Top-notch是指最出众的人或其他东西。我们先来举一个指人的例子:例句-3: "Our firm is paying our new executive vice president two hundred thousand a year. But it takes a lot of money to hire a top-notch man these days."这句话的意思是:"我们公司付给新来的执行副总裁的工资每年是二十万美元。现在要雇用水平这么高的人要花好多钱呐。"这样的工资在美国就是高薪阶层了。当然,名演员和运动员的收入会更高。可是,年薪仅仅两万美元的人也不在少数。上面的例子是用top-notch来形容人,下面我们来举个例子用 top-notch来指东西:例句-4: " When I'm in New York I always stay in this hotel. Everything here is top-notch: the rooms, the restaurants, the service. And it's close to most of the places I want to go."这句话的意思是说:"我到纽约来的时候总是住在这个旅馆里。这儿的一切都是最高级的,这儿的房间,餐馆,他们的务都非常好;而且这个旅馆离我要去的大多数地方都很近。"美国的每个城市都有大大小小不少旅馆。从那些联锁的著名高级旅馆一直到那些叫做motel的小旅馆。当然,它们的价格也悬殊很大。纽约的大旅馆一个晚上至少要一百多美元,有的豪华套房甚至可以要上千块美元一夜。那些所谓的motel在设备和务方面都比较简单,价钱当然也要便宜一些。今天我们给大家介绍了两个形容非常出众的人或东西的习惯用语。第一个是:one of a kind。One of a kind是指一个非常突出的人和物,他们非常出众以致到了独一无二的程度。今天我们还给大家介绍了:top-notch。Top-notch也是非常出众的意思。 /200711/21011

  B地道英语口语:Agony Aunt 知心大John: Hello, this is Real English from B Learning English, I’m John.Jean: And I’m Jean. Hello!John: In Real English, we look at words and phrases that you might not find in your dictionary.Jean: 英语是一种富有成语和不同语言习惯的语言,所以要想学习地道纯正的英国英语,了解英国人常用的通俗语言和表达方式也是非常重要的。John: Today’s expression is ‘agony A.G.O.N.Y. – aunt A.U.N.T’ –agony aunt.Jean: Agony 通常是痛苦苦恼的意思,aunt是阿姨的意思,那这两个词放在一起不就成了“苦恼阿姨”了吗?!John: Well you would normally find an agony aunt in a newspaper or magazine. An agony aunt will give advice to people who write to them about their personal problems.Jean: OK – 原来这个agony aunt其实就是我们中国话“知心大”的意思。大家有了什么苦恼烦心的事情就可以写信给报纸杂志上的知心大专栏,询求指教和帮助。 John: Agony is another word for pain.Jean: 是的,agony就是指身体上或者精神上的痛苦。知心大之所以叫 agony aunt就是因为她是一位帮助别人排解痛苦的人。不过John,一般这些给知心大写信的人都有一些什么样的痛苦难题呢?John: Well maybe you think your boyfriend is seeing another woman, or you might be a 16 year old who is pregnant.Jean: Ah 就是说如果你的伴侣有了外遇,或者你意外怀了等等这样很个人的痛苦和难题。Insert A: What are you ing there? B: Oh I’m ing the agony aunt section in the newspaper – I love ing about people’s problems and the advice they give. A: I feel like an agony aunt at work sometimes – people are always telling me their personal problems B: You must be good at giving advice! A: I am pretty good…. John: So come on Jean, be honest – have you ever written to an agony aunt?Jean: Honestly John – I have never done that. But I do enjoy ing the agony aunt columns in magazines though.John: It must be quite depressing being an agony aunt though – and to have to listen to people’s problems all the time.Jean: But you can help people with the advice you give – I think it would be interesting – 不过我本来就比较爱管别人闲事,严格来讲应该算是Nosy而不是个agony aunt。John: Well everyone – now you know – if you have any problems you can send them to Jean at B Learning English!! Anyway, that’s today’s expression ‘agony aunt’Jean: Agony Aunt – 知心大。好了今天我们B Learning English 的地道英语节目就到这了. John: See you next time. /200711/19813。

  Luckily, I came across a beautiful poem about motherhood this morning.幸运的是今天上午我邂逅了这篇关于母爱的小诗。

  Zhao: in China at least, coffee is often associated with an exotic, well-to-do bourgeois lifestyle. Coffee is often considered a hobby of the well-educated, middle-class people.在中国,说起咖啡,人们往往会想到异国情调,小资的优越生活方式.喝咖啡通常被认为是有修养的中产阶级的习惯.Tony: maybe that's why some young chaps often spend a whole afternoon in a coffee bar, surfing the net or just typewriting something with laptop. While they are savoring a coffee at a leisured pace, they are actually showing off!也许,这便是有些年轻人动不动就花一整个下午泡在咖啡吧,摆开笔记本电脑,上上网,或者只是打打文件的原因吧.他们悠闲地品着咖啡,其实也是在炫耀自己.Z: yes. Behind a lifestyle, there is a culture. Young people easily become blind worshippers of a Westernized life. While they may not really life coffee, they think it desirable and enviable to be lavish with money in those high-consumption places.嗯.生活方式背后就是文化.年轻人很容易就迷信西式生活.他们也一定喜欢咖啡,但坚信,在那些高消费场所花钱至少令人羡慕.T: then what about tea? We need to bear in mind in the first place that tea, rather than coffee, has been the most popular drink for the Chinese people.那你说喝茶怎么样?要知道,中国人最喜欢的饮料不是咖啡,而是茶.Z: well. Tea reprements another facet of popular culture. While a coffee bar is usually quiet and resonates with soft, elegant music, a teahouse is often a noisy, crowded, public space. People visit teahouses to associate with others, playing chess, chatting, or simply listening to operas.嗯,茶大概是代表了大众文化的另一个侧面.咖啡吧是那种安静,高雅,余音缭绕的地方,茶馆则往往是嘈杂,拥挤的公共空间.人们去茶馆是想跟人说说话,下下棋,或者只是听听戏.T: what a pity that the traditional teahouses, as depicted Lao She, keep fading away so quickly in this metroplis. It is not easy to find an old-fashioned teahouse that suits the ordinary people's spending power either. Teahouses of today all feature a cozy, comfortable environment, and high-quality services, but can easily cost you a good deal—just like a coffee bar.可惜啊,在北京这个大都市,老舍笔下那种传统茶馆正在迅速地销声匿迹.普通人去的起的那种老茶馆再也难找到了.如今的茶馆都是那种舒适,惬意的环境,还有高档的务,但是太贵了,跟咖啡厅几乎不相上下.Z: well, that's true. In a sense, it is not so much what you drink that really counts, as where and how you drink.这是实话,在某种意义上,重要的仿佛不再是喝什么了,而是在哪儿喝,怎么喝.生词集锦bourgeois: belonging to the middle class 中产阶级的a traditional bourgeois family 一个传统的中产阶级家庭well-to-do: having a lot of money; rich 有钱的;富有的;富裕的 a well-to-do family 富裕家庭They're very well-to-do. 他们很阔绰.Savor: to enjoy the full taste or flavour of something, especially by eating or drinking it slowly 品味;细品;享用 He ate his meal slowly, savoring every mouthful. 他细嚼慢咽地吃着饭,一口一口地品味。show off: to try to impress others by talking about your abilities, possessions, etc. 炫耀自己;卖弄自己He's just showing off because that girl he likes is here. 他不过是在表现自己,因为他喜欢的那个姑娘在场。Worshipper: a person who worships God or a god 崇拜上帝(或神)的人;做礼拜的人;敬神者;拜神者regular worshippers at St Andrew's Church 经常到圣安德肋教堂做礼拜的人sun worshippers lying on the beach 躺在海滩上晒太阳的人们 figurativelavish: large in amount, or impressive, and usually costing a lot of money 大量的;给人印象深刻的;耗资巨大的lavish gifts/costumes/celebrations 丰厚的礼品;昂贵的装;规模盛大的庆典They lived a very lavish lifestyle. 他们过着挥霍无度的生活.Bear in mind: 记住Bear in mind that you'll have to practice economy. 记住要厉行节约.in the first place: used at the end of a sentence to talk about why something was done or whether it should have been done or not (用于句尾,谈论某事为何或是否应该做)究竟,到底,当初I still don't understand why you chose that name in the first place. 我仍不明白,你究竟为什么取了这么个名字.I should never have taken that job in the first place. 我当初就不该接受那份工作.Resonate: (of a voice, an instrument, etc. 嗓音、乐器等) to make a deep, clear sound that continues for a long time 产生共鸣;发出回响;回荡 Her voice resonated through the theatre. 她的声音在剧院里回荡。Depict: to describe something in words, or give an impression of something in words or with a picture 描写;描述;刻画 The novel depicts French society in the 1930s. 这部小说描述了 20 世纪 30 年代的法国社会。The advertisements depict smoking as glamorous and attractive. 这些广告把吸烟描绘得充满刺激和富有吸引力。Fade away: 逐渐减弱,逐渐消失Memories of my sister faded away after many years.过了多年以后,对我的记忆渐渐淡化了.In a sense: 就某种意义来说You are right in a sense. 就某种意义来说你是对的。 /201004/102547

  【场景再现】Rachel的妈妈给她寄信告诉她Barry和Mindy要结婚了,Rachel郁闷了,Ross开导她 Ross: Marcel. Bring me the rice, c'mon. Bring me the rice, c'mon. Good boy. Good boy. C'mere, gimme the rice. (Marcel brings the rice) Thank you, good boy. Well, I see he's finally mastered the difference between 'bring me the' and 'pee in the'. (Rachel ignores him) 'Bring me the' and- Rach? Rachel: What? Ross: Hi. Rachel: Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, this is so stupid! I mean, I gave Barry up, right? I should be happy for them! I am, I'm happy for them. Ross: Really. Rachel: No. Oh, oh, I guess it would be different if I were- with somebody. Ross: Whoah, uh, what happened to, uh, 'Forget relationships! I'm done with men!' The whole, uh, penis embargo? Rachel: Oh, I don't know. I guess it's not about no guys, it's about the right guy, y'know? I mean, with Barry, it was safe and it was easy, but there was no heat. With Paolo, that's all there was, was heat! And it was just this raw, animal, sexual... Ross: Wait-wait. I, I got it. I was there. Rachel: Well, I mean, do you think you can ever have both? Y'know? Someone who's like, who's like your best friend, but then also can make your toes curl? Ross: Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes, I really do! In fact, it's funny, very often, someone who you wouldn't think could-could curl your toes, might just be the one who... 【讲解】make one's toes curl: make someone feel full of passion 让人感受到 /05/71585

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