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Bin Laden's death has led to speculation about who, if anyone, will take control of al-Qaida. Often mentioned is the Egyptian Islamist Ayman al-Zawahri, a frequent spokesman for the group who stressed his closeness to the late leader. 本·拉登之死导致各方猜测,如果有继任者的话,会是谁接管基地组织。其中经常被提到的一个人是埃及的伊斯兰主义者扎瓦赫里。他常常担任基地组织的发言人,也强调过他同被击毙的本·拉登非常亲近。Voice of rhetoric In an audio address released in February, al-Zawahri noted that bin Laden assigned him to advise Mujahideen on Islamic Sharia law. 扎瓦赫里在今年2月发布的一段音频讲话中指出,本·拉登任命他为伊斯兰圣战者们提供有关伊斯兰教法的咨询。Al-Zawahri has also been the voice of some of the group's more inflammatory rhetoric against the ed States. Perhaps most importantly, he is considered by many to be the brains of the terror network, responsible for the planning of the group's most notorious acts, including the 2001 attacks in the ed States.基地组织针对美国的一些最具煽动性的言论也一直是由扎瓦赫里发表的。也许最重要的是,很多人将扎瓦赫里视为基地恐怖组织的智囊,他负责策划了该组织最臭名昭著的恐怖行动,包括2001年对美国的袭击。Mohamed Salah, a political analyst and editor of the London-based al Hayat newspaper, says al-Zawahri is the real founder of al-Qaida, with his experience organizing Islamists in Egypt as important, if not more, than the ideological and financial leadership provided bin Laden. 穆罕默德·萨利赫是一名政治分析家,也是位于伦敦的阿拉伯文《生活报》的编辑。萨利赫说,扎瓦赫里是基地组织真正的创始人。而且,他在埃及组织伊斯兰主义者的经验,与本·拉登提供的意识形态和财政领导至少是同等重要的。201105/135037。

The warm glow of the summer morning settles on the slopes of western Colorado. But as the sun climbs higher, deep shadows shield the landscape that remains dark and forbidding. It is among the nation's deepest, steepest and narrowest canyons. You may hear varying explanations for how the Black Canyon of the Gunnison got its name. "Well, there are two theories on that. I think the one that's most popular is that it is so deep and narrow that the sunshine only reaches most of the canyon a short time each day."As one of America's newest national parks, Black Canyon struggles for the recognition enjoyed by that other canyon park of the Southwest. "Grand Canyon of course is so fabulous and everybody goes there and knows all about it. But you come here and it's so deep and so narrow, and it's just, just awe-inspiring."Much of the Black Canyon is wilderness, but almost from the moment white settlers arrived in the area; plans were hatched to make this "a canyon of commerce". "By 1880 you saw the Denver and Rio Grand Railroad (and) starting to look at the canyon as a possible way to bring the railroad from the Front Range of Colorado, Denver and Colorado Springs, on a route through to Salt Lake and then perhaps on to San Francisco."The railroad made its way through 15 miles of the Black Canyon, but today it's mostly under Morrow Point reservoir. "We've got real technical class three whitewater in here." Not far from Black Canyon, Bill Dvorak has been guiding rafting and fishing trips in the Gunnison Gorge Conservation Area since 1982. "Yeah, I really like bringing people into these kinds of places and showing them what it's like when we do preserve these places and how, you know, just how spectacular and how beautiful it is."Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area is adjacent to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. At its heart is a wilderness area that is especially popular for rafting and fishing. "You're humbled as a human. Let's put it that way. You go through that and you're a very little piece of something very big and very old and very dramatic."For millions of years, the Gunnison River has been carving this canyon at work across eons of isolation. Even now it's easy to imagine that you are the first to peer over the rim into the dark soul of the Black Canyon. "Because we don't have so many people, there is, you know, millions of people a year coming to visit the canyon, people do have that opportunity to have a personal relationship with this place."07/79459。

It's Not Easy Being Blue Users of colloidal silver, like Paul Karason, say their skin has changed color.For 40 years, Paul Karason was a fair skin son of the American Northwest, freckles and reddish-blond hair. Like most people who grow older, Paul’s hair turned white. But how does he explain this?What was that “Aha” moment when you think, “You know, my skin’s looking funny.”A friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in another few months came by to see me and he said what have you got on your face? I don’t have anything on my face. And he was very fair-skinned as I used to be and that's when it hit me… So you are telling me, it was so gradual you didn’t notice itThat’s exactly right Paul, do you own a mirror?Ha ha ha …Paul’s blue skin is the result of a rare medical syndrome known as argyria, or silver poisoning. Paul began using silver as a form of alternative medicine, not knowing what could happen to his skin. It started a decade ago when he saw a magazine ad promising health and rejuvenation. In those first months, Paul noticed no change in his skin color. But he says there were changes in his health. The acid reflux problem I have been having went away completely. I had arthritis in my shoulder so bad I couldn’t pull a T-shirt off and the next thing I knew, they, they were just gone.And you are convinced that it was the silver that did it.Not the slightest doubt in my mind.But there is plenty of doubt among mainstream doctors. This claims they say have no bases in science. Just as the head of dermatology at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, Doctor Vinson Deleo.The FDA has looked at it a long time ago and decided that there is no medical reason for taking colloidal silver.So what recommendation would you give to somebody who’s like well, you know, maybe I will try it.How about don’t use it.But Paul believed he found a miracle cure and decided it even could help with his skin information. So I started putting the stuff on my face.How did you apply it to your face?Just cotton ball, swap it.Swapped it.Paul believes that he’ll be fine if he hadn’t put the silver directly on his face. But medical experts believe the damage was aly done.Paul turned blue because he ingested and applied elemental silver. It got into his blood stream and then was deposited in his skin as brown particles and when you see those particles through the skin they appear to be grey or blue grey.Doctors suspect that it is not just his skin that’s changed color; his internal organs are mostly likely also blue.What was your first reaction when you looked in the mirror and saw yourself and realized, woops… I kind of hoped it would, it would fade off, but… But it didn’t. Argyria is permanent 200810/53911。

Sepsis is a severe infection that can often be fatal, particularly in obese patients. Now, a new study suggests why obese patients are at greater risk and suggests a possible new approach to treatment.败血病是一种非常严重的感染,很多时候,败血病是会致命的,肥胖症患者的风险尤其高。一项新的研究揭示了为何败血病对肥胖症患者来说风险更大,该研究还提出了一个可能有效的治疗新方案。Sepsis is seven times more likely to kill patients who are obese, and one possible reason is that the typical Western diet over-stimulates the body's immune response to the sepsis infection.败血病导致肥胖症患者死亡的机率是普通患者的7倍。一个可能的原因是西方国家的典型饮食习惯过度刺激了身体对败血症感染的免疫反应。To test the theory, Louisiana State University professor Chantal Rivera fed a Western style diet to laboratory mice.为了印这个理论,路易斯安娜州立大学的尚塔尔·里韦拉对实验室里的老鼠按照西方饮食习惯进行喂养。"It was high in saturated fat, high in cholesterol, high in sugar," she said in a telephone interview. "And then [we] exposed them to a model of sepsis and tried to figure out why the inflammatory response in these septic mice that had been fed long-term with this high-fat, high-calorie diet, whether or not the inflammation would be worse — and it was — and then we tried to go after what would make the inflammatory response worse."她说:“老鼠摄入的是高脂肪、高胆固醇和高糖的食品。我们让这些老鼠感染上中度败血症,然后再去研究这些长期采用高脂肪高热量饮食方式的老鼠为什么会发炎,炎症会不会恶化。我们发现,炎症确实会恶化。我们还试图找出使炎症反应恶化的原因。”In her study, Rivera found a clue in a particular protein that flourished in the mice that got the Western diet.在研究中,他们发现按照西方饮食习惯喂养的老鼠身上有一种特有的蛋白质,从而找到一条线索。"And what we found is that, you get this increase in proteins on the cell surface called receptors, and in particular the receptor called toll-like receptor four was enhanced, compared to mice that were fed a normal rodent chow."里韦拉说:“我们发现,和按照正常饮食喂养的老鼠相比,以西方饮食喂养的老鼠的细胞表面有一种叫做‘受体’的蛋白质增加了,特别是一种叫做TLR4的受体大大增加了。”And with more receptors in mice — and, presumably, people — on the Western diet, there are more places for the sepsis bacteria to infect. That's a simplification, but Rivera says identifying that receptor could give drug researchers a target for medicines that would reduce the threat of sepsis.以西方饮食喂养的老鼠一旦受体增加,败血症的细菌也就更有缝可钻。这个推想可以运用到人类身上。这种理论虽然把败血症简单化了,但是里韦拉指出,确认受体的存在就能够让药品研究人员有的放矢地去研制能够降低败血症威胁的药物。"Sepsis is responsible for more than 100,000 deaths annually in the U.S. alone," Rivera said. "And so, clearly, if we had a target for a drug therapy, it would greatly enhance our capabilities for the medical management of sepsis in these obese patients."她说:“仅仅在美国,败血症一年就夺去超过10万人的生命。很显然,如果我们能够研发出一种药物,就能够提高对那些感染上败血症的肥胖症患者进行治疗的能力。”Chantal Rivera's study is published in the BioMed Central journal BMC Physiology.201010/116707。

Spain erupts in nationwide fiesta as 'dream comes true'A thunderous roar erupted across the Spanish capital and fans danced in the streets chanting "Viva Espana!" as the country's first ever World Cup trophy sparked a nationwide fiesta.The centre of Madrid was a sea of the red and gold national colors as Spain celebrated its nailbiting 1-0 extra-time win over Holland Sunday.The deafening sounds of cheering, klaxons, firecrackers and cars horns rang out as the World Cup's perennial underachievers won the trophy in their first appearance in the final thanks to a late goal from Andres Iniesta."The dream has come true," said the El Pais daily on its website.Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said he was "happy and emotional."This has been an epic match, I suffered like never before," he told Cadena Ser radio.In blistering heat, more than 150,000 supporters watched the match on massive screens in a giant fan park in a one-kilometre (half-mile) stretch of the city's main thoroughfare."We are very proud and very happy, I thought it would go to penalties, Iniesta saved us," said Raul, 18. "We deserved it after winning the European championship in 2008."Said Adolfo, 25, "It's an extraordinary feeling, of happiness and nerves."Others crammed into bars or gathered at home for the match, which left the country paralysed for two and a half hours Sunday evening.Most were either wrapped in the Spanish flag, wore the red team shirts or red wigs, or had their faces painted red and gold.One young woman was disguised as an octopus, in tribute to Paul, the now famous clairvoyant cephalopod in Germany who predicted Spain's victory."Spain, Spain, Spain!" screamed the daily El Mundo in a headline on its website. "This World Cup has crowned one of the best teams of all time."Vocabulary:fiesta:(in Spain and Latin America) a festive celebration of a religious holiday(特指在西班牙和拉丁美洲以游行和舞蹈来庆祝的节日)nailbiting:causing nervousness(令人焦躁不安的,令人紧张的)underachiever:a person or thing that performs below expectations(后进生,低成就者)clairvoyant:having or claiming to have the power of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision(透视的,有洞察力的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108876。

US Vice President-Elect Promises Action to Revive Economy美新经济刺激方案细节正逐步形成  U.S. Vice President-elect Joe Biden says the incoming White House economic team is making progress toward agreeing on details of an economic stimulus plan. President-elect Barack Obama's advisers are increasing the number of jobs they want to create. 美国副总统当选人拜登表示,即将走马上任的白宫经济团队正在就一个经济刺激方案的细节达成一致。当选总统奥巴马的顾问们希望创造更多的就业机会。As he met with the economic team, Biden said Tuesday that America's job losses are more than experts had previously believed, and so a bigger stimulus package is needed.  拜登星期二和经济团队会面。他说,美国人失去的工作比专家们预计的还要多,因此需要一个更大的经济刺激一揽子计划。"This deterioration in the nation's unemployment situation has led the president-elect to instruct our economic team, some of which are assembled here today, to raise the goal of our stimulus plan from 2.5 milion jobs to three million new jobs to be created over the next two years," he said. 他说:“全国失业情况的恶化导致当选总统向我们的经济团队作出指示,把经济刺激方案中在今后两年里创造250万个新的工作机会的目标提高到300万。”Former Clinton administration Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who will lead Mr. Obama's National Economic Council, told reporters that bold action is required immediately. 前克林顿政府的财政部长萨默斯是奥巴马国家经济委员会负责人。他对记者们表示,需要立即采取大胆的行动。"Without substantial policy action, we would almost certainly face the worst economic downturn since the Second World War," he said. 他说:“如果不采取广泛的政策行动,我们必定面临第二次世界大战以来最恶劣的经济滑坡。”Mr. Obama's economic team and the Democrats who control Congress are trying to agree on the outline of the plan in time for lawmakers to act on it early in January. They hope to have it y for Mr. Obama to enact it as soon as possible after he takes office on January 20. 奥巴马的经济团队和控制着国会的民主党人正在试图就经济刺激方案的大纲达成协议,以便明年1月国会复会时进行讨论。他们希望奥巴马1月20号宣誓就职后马上就可以批准国会通过的方案。Vice President-elect Biden says the new administration and congressional leaders are very close to agreeing on the size of the stimulus package, and where the money will go. He says the president-elect and his advisers want to spend much of it to rebuild the nation's infrastructure. 副总统当选人拜登说,新政府和国会领导人已经接近就刺激方案的规模以及资金流向达成一致。他说,当选总统和他的顾问们希望把大部分钱用于改建美国的基础设施。"This plan will be focused on making investments in health care, education and energy, among other areas. And it will be directed at critical investments in the nation's roads and our bridges," he said. "I know there is some talk of us investing in programs that are aly in existence. But we have let our infrastructure crumble for a long, long time - from water to roads to bridges - and it makes sense to invest in them now." 他说:“这个方案的焦点是对医疗保险、教育和能源以及其他领域进行投资,其中包括对全国道路和桥梁的关键投资。我知道有些人说我们是在对现有项目进行投资。但是我们忽略基础设施--从水利工程到道路桥梁--的时间太长了,现在加强这方面的投资是有道理的。”The cost of the proposed stimulus plan is estimated to be between 0 billion and 0 billion. Mr. Biden says U.S. taxpayers can rest assured that the package will not contain earmarks - special-interest projects that lawmakers often attach to spending bills. 预计,拟议中的经济刺激计划的总金额将达到6千5百亿至8千5百亿美元。拜登表示,美国纳税人可以放心,经济刺激方案中将不会包括特别拨款,也就是国会议员们通常夹在出法案中对自己选区有好处的工程。"This is not going to be politics as usual. And we will not tolerate business as usual in Washington," he said. "There will be - let me say it again - there will be no earmarks in this economic recovery plan." 他说:“现在不能够一如既往了。我们不能够容忍华盛顿一如既往地运转。让我再说一遍,在经济复苏计划中,不会有任何特别拨款。”Meanwhile, the Commerce Department reported that the nation's gross domestic product, or GDP - the value of all of the goods and services produced in the ed States - shrank by an annual rate of one-half of one percent between July and September. 星期二,美国商务部报告说,从今年7月到9月,美国的国内生产总值缩减了百分之零点五。200812/59631。

Pope apologises to abuse victims 教皇为教会性丑闻道歉 The Pope has apologised to victims of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church for the first time.He's been enjoying the company of thousands of young people in Sydney at World Youth Day. Now Pope Benedict said sorry for the sexual abuse suffered by children in Australia at the hands of Catholic clergy. He's described such acts as evil and a serious betrayal of trust. I ask all of you to support and assist your bishops and to work together with them in combating this evil. Victims should receive compassion and care, and those responsible for these evils must be brought to justice. It's thought to be the first time the Pontiff has specifically apologized for the alleged offences. Some support groups for abuse victims want him to apologize more fully though and do more to stop similar crimes happening again. The Pope's address came during the church's World Youth Day, a global celebration meant to inspire a new generation of Catholics. There are so many of them, that Sydney Harbor Bridge has been closed for only the third time in its history. On Sunday, 180, 000 are expected to attend a Mass celebrated by the Pope at Randwick Racecourse, the only open space, big enough to accommodate them all. 教皇首次为天主教会内的性丑闻道歉。世界青年日的时候,他和数以千计的年轻人相伴。现在教皇Benedict为澳大利亚受神职人员性虐待的儿童道歉。他把这种行为称为罪恶,是严重的违背信任的。我要求你们所有的人都要持和协助你们的主教,和他们一起同罪恶斗争。受害者应该获得同情和关爱,那些犯罪的人必须绳之于法。这被认为是天主教皇第一次特意为被指责的罪行道歉。有一些受虐待的受害者的持者希望教皇能更真诚的道歉,并且采取措施避免类似的罪行再次发生。教皇在教堂的世界青年日期间讲这番话,这个节日是为了激发新一代的天主教徒。人员如此众多,悉尼港大桥历史上第三次被关闭。周日,预计将有18万人参加教皇在冉维特跑马场举行的弥撒,这是唯一一个能够容纳所有人的公共场所。200811/56463。

应国务院总理温家宝邀请,日本首相麻生太郎29日中午乘专机抵达北京,开始对中国进行为期两天的正式访问。Wen urges Japan to properly handle historical issues Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has called on Japan to honor its promise and handle historical issues in an appropriate way. In his talks with his Japanese counterpart Taro Aso in Beijing on Wednesday, Wen Jiabao said historical issues are highly sensitive and affected people's feelings. He called on governments and political figures on both sides to stick to the principles of the four China-Japan political documents, and make unremitting efforts to push forward bilateral ties. The premier said China is willing to cooperate with Japan to expand youth and non-governmental exchanges, to boost understanding between the two peoples. Aso is in China for a two-day visit, his first official visit to China since he took office in September.WHO raises pandemic alert level to Phase 5As the swine flu situation is continuing to worsen, the World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the pandemic alert level to Phase 5, indicating that a full pandemic is imminent. WHO Director-General Margaret Chan told a teleconference for the media that influenza pandemics must be dealt with seriously and precisely because of their capacity to sp rapidly to every country in the world. This is the second raise of the WHO's pandemic alert system in three days, indicating the quick worsening of the global swine flu situation. Meanwhile, the US has reported its first death from the swine flu virus.The victim is a 23-month-old child from the state of Texas.Costa Rica has become the first Central American country, to confirm a case.And Germany and Austria, have joined the growing list, of infected countries.China is offering Mexico humanitarian aid worth five million dollars.The virus is costing Mexico, close to 60 million dollars, in lost daily tourism income.The world is still developing a vaccine for the virus.China urges swine flu prevention education in schools nationwide The Chinese government has called for education campaigns in schools nationwide to teach all students about the swine flu and its prevention.A circular jointly issued by the ministries of education and health says the campaigns should be launched as soon as possible, in all schools, to raise awareness of prevention and avoid causing unnecessary panic among teachers and students.It says schools should emphasize teaching students to develop good hygiene habits, frequently washing hands with soap and fresh water, and covering the mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. China has no reported swine flu cases, but the possibility could not be ruled out as the swine flu is transnational and aly sping in some countries, according to the circular.04/68453。

Tornadoes in the South南部龙卷风Out of the whirlwind旋风过后The South cleans up after the deadliest storms in 86 years 86年来最致命风暴过后,美国南部开始清理工作May 5th 2011 | JEFFERSON COUNTY, ALABAMA | from the print editionPLEASANT RIDGE BAPTIST CHURCH, set on a busy commercial street in Hueytown, a dozen miles south-west of Birmingham, was open for business. So was the Dairy Queen across the street, and the nearby Publix grocery store. Traffic was thick on Hueytown Road. But the church’s business was not strictly ecclesiastical. It was also serving as a Red Cross shelter for those left homeless just a few miles away. Church members were collecting donations of clothes, water and toiletries. And at the Publix, signs at the checkout counters told shoppers they could help their neighbours with donations added to the cost of their groceries.休伊镇位于伯明翰西南部十几公里处,普莱曾特里奇浸信会教堂便坐落于这个小镇一条繁忙的商业街上。教堂刚刚开门迎客,对面的DQ冰激凌店和附近的帕布克斯杂货店也都开始营业了。休伊镇的马路交通十分拥挤。这座教堂并不严格限定仅向基督徒开放,它也作为红十字会收容所帮助方圆几公里的无家可归者。教会成员会收集人们捐赠的衣、饮水和梳洗用具。而帕布克斯杂货店收银台前摆放的标牌也提示顾客,小店将把他们在此花费的一部分钱款捐献给一旁的教会。Such is the nature of tornadoes: even large ones rain intense destruction on relatively small areas. The one that ran from Tuscaloosa north-east to Birmingham was immense, 1.5 miles across and 80 miles long, with winds exceeding 165 miles per hour. Parts of Alabama were utterly ruined, but most of the state was untouched. More than 300 tornadoes tore through the region between April 25th and 28th, an unprecedented number. They killed around 340 people in seven states, with the bulk of the deaths in Alabama. Not since 1925 have more people been killed by tornadoes in a single day, and not since Hurricane Katrina has there been a deadlier natural disaster in America. 龙卷风实质上是一种拥有强大破坏力的、小范围的空气涡旋。在塔斯卡卢萨县形成,一路向东北方向奔袭,席卷至伯明翰的龙卷风威力巨大,时速超过165英里,留下了一条宽1.5英里、长80英里的废墟带。亚拉巴马州部分地区完全被毁,但该州大部分地区未受到袭击。4月25日至28日期间,超过300场龙卷风席卷此地,数目空前频繁。龙卷风造成美国7个州大约340人遇难,其中绝大多数位于亚拉巴马州。这是自1925年以来单日造成遇难者人数最多的龙卷风,也是自卡特里娜飓风之后美国发生的最为致命的自然灾害。201105/135168。