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Terrorism Talks Overshadow South Asian Summit南亚领导人声明共同打击恐怖主义South Asian leaders have agreed to work jointly to combat terrorism, eradicate poverty, ensure regional food security and enhance trade ties. The declaration was affirmed in Sri lanka at the 15th summit of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation. The conference was overshadowed by tense meetings on the sidelines involving several of the leaders. 南亚各国领导人同意,要共同打击恐怖主义,消除贫困,保障地区食品安全和加强贸易关系。在斯里兰卡召开的第15届南亚区域合作联盟峰会上,各国通过了达成以上目标的宣言。不过,在大会召开的同时,一些领导人在会外举行了气氛紧张的会晤,给整个大会蒙上了阴影。As the SAARC summit concluded, Afghanistan and Pakistan agreed to devise a "common strategy" to deal with terrorism, including reducing the movement of extremists across their common border.  在南亚区域合作联盟峰会结束时,阿富汗和巴基斯坦同意制定“共同战略”来打击恐怖主义,包括减少极端分子在两国边界地区的活动。In a joint statement following a meeting between Afghanistan's president Hamid Karzai and Pakistani prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, the neighbors agreed to coordinate efforts to halt cross-border terrorism.  阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊和巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼举行会晤后发表了一项共同声明,这两个邻国同意协调行动,制止跨越边界的恐怖主义活动。Not mentioned in the statement was the July 7 bombing of the Indian Embassy in the Afghan capital, in which about 60 people died. Afghanistan and India have accused Pakistan's intelligence agency of masterminding the attack.  不过,这份声明并没有提到7月7号印度驻喀布尔大使馆发生爆炸的事。在袭击中有大约60人死亡。阿富汗和印度指责巴基斯坦情报部门策划了这次袭击。Mr. Gilani met Saturday with Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh. The Pakistani leader promised to conduct an independent investigation into the embassy blast and possible links to his country's intelligence service.  吉拉尼星期六会晤了印度总理辛格,并承诺对爆炸案以及此案是否和巴基斯坦情报部门有牵连展开独立的调查。The sideline meetings - and the presence of high-profile observers, including Iran's foreign minister - took the spotlight off the actual summit.  比峰会更引人注目的是在首脑会议外举行的会晤,以及一些高级观察人士的出席,包括伊朗外长在内。The leaders of the association's eight nations pledged a joint fight against terrorism through a convention on trading information in criminal matters, the establishment of a 0-million fund to fight poverty, and the expedited opening of a regional food bank. They also pledged to improve cross-border trading by harmonizing quality standards.  南亚区域合作联盟八个成员国的领导人保要共同协作打击恐怖主义。具体的做法是签署一项在刑事案件方面交换信息的协约;建立一个3亿美元的基金来减少贫困,并加速开办一个地区性食品库。他们还保通过协调各国的质量标准来改善越境贸易。The U.S. assistant secretary of state for the region, Richard Boucher, says such moves demonstrate the regional group is moving beyond the talking stage.  美国负责南亚事务的助理国务卿鲍彻说,这些行动显示,南亚区域合作联盟已经超越了谈判阶段。"I do not think any single organization or any single meeting is going to solve all these problems," said Boucher. "But I think every organization and every meeting should try to make a direct contribution and that is what the SAARC leaders have pledged themselves to do together. And that is what we as observers are trying to work with them to do." 他说:“我不认为任何一个组织或任何一次会议能够解决这些问题。但是我认为每个组织和每次会议都应试图作出直接的贡献,这也正是南亚区域合作联盟成员国领导人保他们共同进行的工作。这也是我们这些观察员试图同他们合作以达到的目标。”In remarks at the summit, the chief of Bangladesh's caretaker government, Fakhruddin Ahmed, said SAARC is finally living up to the ideals it proposed when it was initiated."This summit has rekindled the hope and belief among our peoples regarding the delivery and prosperity that we collectively promised 23 years ago," said Fakhruddin Ahmed.The SAARC leaders represent more than one of every five people on the planet, but 40 percent of the world's poor. The association is composed of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. 南亚区域合作联盟成员国的领导人代表着世界五分之一以上的人口,也代表40%世界上最贫困的人。这个联盟的成员国包括阿富汗、孟加拉国、不丹、印度、马尔代夫、尼泊尔、巴基斯坦和斯里兰卡。200808/45404China to Pay Record Prices for Australian Minerals中国宝钢同意高价购买澳洲铁矿石  Chinese steel makers have agreed to pay record prices for iron ore from the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia. In a deal signed this week, Australian mining giant Rio Tinto has secured increases that almost double the price of some grades of the mineral. 中国钢铁公司同意以高价购买西澳大利亚皮尔巴拉地区的铁矿石。根据这个星期签署的一项协议,澳大利亚采矿业巨人力拓公司为一些矿石争取到高于过去几乎一倍的价格。Australia's resources boom shows no sign of slowing down, thanks largely to demand from Asia.  澳大利亚的资源开采热潮毫无减退迹象,这很大程度上要归功于亚洲的需求。This week Anglo-Australian minerals company Rio Tinto has been negotiating with China's biggest steel maker, Baosteel, which has traditionally set the international iron ore price for China's other steel producers. 这个星期,力拓矿产公司和中国最大的钢铁公司宝钢进行谈判。宝钢通常为中国其它钢铁公司在国际市场购买铁矿石制定价格。In 2007, the Chinese imported 383 million tons of iron ore, up 17 percent from the previous year.  2007年,中国进口了3亿8千3百万吨铁矿石,比前一年增加了百分之17。In the past, China has paid Brazilian and Australian exporters the same amount for minerals. But this year Australian miners demanded more, insisting their iron ore is higher quality and - because Australia is closer to China - is costing less to transport. 过去,中国付给巴西和澳大利亚矿石出口商同样的价格。但是今年澳大利亚方面要求提高价格,他们说自己的铁矿石品位更高,而且由于澳大利亚离中国近,所以运输费用相对较低。Rio has secured an 80 percent price increase for the iron ore known as Pilbara fine and a 97 percent increase for iron ore lumps from its operations in northwestern Australia - 10 times last year's percentage increase. The scale of the deal has surprised many analysts. 力拓得以将皮尔巴拉铁矿石提价百分之80,将西北地区铁矿石提价百分之97,这是去年提价幅度的10倍。这笔交易使许多分析人士感到吃惊。A spokesman for Rio Tinto said the deal was "very significant," as iron ore is one of the company's key commodities, along with copper and aluminum.  力拓矿业公司的一名发言人说,这是一项“非常重要的”交易。铁矿石和铜、铝一样,都是该公司的主要商品。Rio Tinto chief executive Tom Albanese believes more good times lie ahead for his company. 力拓公司的首席执行官汤姆.阿尔巴内塞相信,他的公司未来的前景将更好。"Overall, Rio Tinto believes that this global shift will see the size of our key markets double over the next 15 years, as demand balloons in line with rising urbanization in developing countries. And, that is also very good news for Australia," said Albanese. 他说:“总体来讲,力拓相信全球市场的转移,伴随发展中国家快速都市化的需求膨胀,将使我们主要市场的规模在今后15年翻一倍。而且,这对澳大利亚来说是个非常好的消息。”Australia's mining boom has fueled a decade-and-a-half of unprecedented economic growth. 澳大利亚采矿业的繁荣造就了过去15年前所未有的经济增长。It is driven by soaring demand for iron ore and coal from China and India. 其推动力正是中国和印度对铁矿和煤炭需求的迅猛增长。The bonanza has the potential to end Australia's long-term current account deficit and push the country's international trade balance into surplus. 蕴藏丰富的矿藏有可能让澳大利亚摆脱长期的经常账赤字,并且推动其在国际贸易中获得盈余。But despite such massive earnings in the minerals sector, there are fears that the higher income from exports could increase inflation in Australia and push up domestic interest rates. 虽然澳大利亚在矿业方面获得巨大的收益,有人却担心出口带来的更高收入会在国内引发通货膨胀,并且拉抬国内利率。But Australia's mining boom has cushioned the economy from the worst effects of the global credit squeeze. 然而,澳大利亚的矿业繁荣使它的经济在全球信贷危机的恶劣影响下得以喘息。200806/42810So I believe it was Mae West to (have) said in 1932, "It's not the man in my life that counts, it's the life in my men." But it turns out that Mae West may have been under what is possibly a dying breed. No less an institution than Harvard has been wondering whether or not manly men are in fact on the wane. And Bill Wales is here to look at it. Oh, Diane, you know, manly men that can also mean er destructive men, self-absorbed, sometimes misogynistic men. And a feminist gender-neutral societies got a long way towards breaking up the He-Man Women Haters Club. But according to manliness, say a thought provoking new polemic, we should stop pretending men and women are equal, and brace the inner caveman and let guys be guys.Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, cool, independent, self sufficient."He is looking at you, kid" No doubt, a very manly man. But what about the men of today? Manly, definitely manly. He is manly, but just in a different way. (He's like soft manly.)Manly, yes, the Terminator thing. Manly or not?Manly, yes. (You can be honest.)Not.Not?Absolutely not.No.No.Not manly.Not at all.Not even a little bit.Take heart, Tom Cruise, you are not alone. Because according to a controversial new book, America's on the verge of a manliness crisis. Men are still free to be manly, but there is no justification for it. There is no welcome for it, no respect for it. Harvard professor Harvey Mansfield wrote Manliness and he defines it as confidence in the face of risk. Think Gary Cooper in High Noon, President Bush, and on the dark side, even Sadam Hussein. Women like Margaret Thatcher can be manly, and even the cowboys of Brokeback Mountain. But manly men deserve to be cocky, Mansfield says, after all, they built the world.We are losing the contribution that manly men can make, and we are er, confusing women and men who don't quite know what to do about manliness.He says we should stop pretending women are equal in all tasks, and he says women should stop pretending they want something else in a man.He is so sensitive. But what women wouldn't want a sensitive man?Women may say they want a sensitive man but they don't always love one. They are sometimes much more attracted to a manly man, who maybe more oblivious of their needs and their desires but impresses them more. Whether or not they want macho? More modern women may be yearning for old-fashioned roles, in a recent survey of 5000 couples, the happiest wives said their men support them financially and emotionally. A Bogart who cuddles. I mean it takes a lot of energy to flex your muscles all the time, you know, it's nice just to relax.Now convincing them to do the ironing, that's a whole other thing. Critics accuse the author here of trying to turn back the clock. But his basic premises, "We should let women be women, guys be guys".So he says it's men who build the world, huh?Yes.Yeah, tell that to Eve, Ok!?Touche. 200809/47727Rice had seen the same thing in Iceland, one of the few places on Earth with similarities to Mars. It too is extremely cold, and most of the water is frozen into glaciers. And also like Mars, buried underground, are massive volcanoes. This powerful combination has shaped the entire landscape. When a volcano erupts, lakes of steaming melt water form high up on top of the glacier until the enormous weight of water forces its way down, bursting out from the base of the glacier. These are the biggest floods on Earth, a surging wall of water stretching for kilometers. In their wake they leave vast planes littered with boulders. To a geologist these boulder fields contain unmistakable evidence of the floodwaters that ripped through here. Okay, well this is really a classic textbook example, these two large boulders here. The size of them indicates this was an enormous flood that deposited these features, but also if you look at their geometry, these boulders are kind of dipping back in this direction. This has given us information about the path that floodwaters took that deposited these boulders. The floodwaters were going in this direction when these rocks were deposited. Now there is other interesting things in the scene here. For instance, notice some of these smaller rocks are very well rounded, and these little nicked corners of these boulders here, these are kind of percussion marks and these are produced in a water, highly turbulent water column when the boulders and rocks are basically slamming into one another, knocking the corners off. These things all grouped together just tell you there’s no doubt this was a catastrophic flood deposit. The pictures from Mars showed the rocks in exactly the same pattern as on Iceland. Here were the slanting boulders lined up by the floodwaters. And the cameras on the rover provided detailed views of the individual rocks, with their telltale chipped edges. It seemed that the vast Martian channels had been carved by enormous floods. It was final confirmation that Mars had once been warm and wet like the Earth, and that meant that there really was every chance for life to have evolved there.deposit:(动词)to lay down or leave behind by a natural process(名词)Something deposited, especially by a natural process, as:a: Geology. A concentration of mineral matter or sediment in a layer, vein, or pocketb: Physiology. An accumulation of organic or inorganic material, such as a lipid or mineral, in a body tissue, structure, or fluid.c: A sediment or precipitate that has settled out of a solution.200809/48387US Lawmakers Assess Iraq Violence美国参议员伊拉克暴力活动  On a day of new insurgent attacks in Iraq, with at least 40 people killed, members of the U.S. Senate spoke out on the war on American television. They offered differing assessments of the situation on the ground. 在伊拉克,激进分子发动的新一轮袭击在一天内造成至少40人死亡。美国参议院的成员们在美国的电视节目中就伊拉克战争发表他们的观点。他们对伊拉克的地面局势做出了不同的评估。News of more bloodshed in northern Iraq and Baghdad reached the ed States as key Senators appeared on the television interview programs that fill the American airwaves on Sunday morning. 有关伊拉克北部和巴格达发生更多暴力活动的消息传到美国,与此同时,美国的主要参议员们出现在星期天早上的美国电视访谈节目中。Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, just back from a congressional fact-finding mission, said he saw signs of progress in Iraq. 刚刚从国会“真相调查”任务中回来的南卡罗来纳州共和党参议员格雷厄姆说,他在伊拉克看到了进展的迹象。Graham told the CBS broadcast Face the Nation that the war in Iraq "has turned a corner." 格雷厄姆在美国哥伦比亚广播公司的《面向全国》电视节目中说,伊拉克战争“已经开始好转”。"Sectarian violence is down by 90 percent," he said. "Our casualties are way down. We have a long way to go, but I believe the surge has worked on all fronts." 格雷厄姆说:“教派间的暴力活动减少了90%。伤亡人数大为减少。我们还有很长的路要走,不过我相信,增兵计划在各方面都发挥了作用。”Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, was part of a delegation that included Senator John McCain of Arizona, the likely Republican Party presidential nominee. 格雷厄姆是参议院军事委员会的成员。他是访问伊拉克的一个代表团的成员,已经稳获共和党总统候选人提名的亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩也是这个代表团的成员。Another member of the Armed Services panel - Senator Jack Reed, a Democrat from Rhode Island - returned from a recent tour of Iraq with a different assessment.  参议院军事委员会小组的另外一个成员、罗德岛民主党参议员里德,最近也从伊拉克访问回来,不过他带回了不同的评估意见。Reed also appeared on Face the Nation. 里德也参加了电视节目《面向全国》。"Well, the problem with Iraq is that every time you turn the corner, there is another corner," he said.  他说:“伊拉克的问题是,每当局势出现好转,另一个危险又出现了。”He said political progress has been slow, arguing that the central government is not functioning effectively. Reed said the Iraqis are not feeling enough pressure to make the tough political decisions that are desperately needed. 里德说,伊拉克的政治进程缓慢,伊拉克中央政府没有进行有效的运作。他说,伊拉克人没有感到让他们做出艰难的政治决策的充分压力,而这些政治决策是伊拉克迫切需要的。”"And one of the reasons is I think they feel they have as much time as they need because our forces are there," Reed said.  他说,“我认为,原因之一是他们感觉自己有充足的时间,因为我们的军队驻守在那里。”Reed said the ed States needs a thorough, thoughtful and deliberate path out of Iraq. 里德说,美国需要采取一种全面仔细且深思熟虑的途径撤出伊拉克。A short time later, Iraq's national security advisor warned against a rush to pull out troops. Nawaffak al-Rubaie told CNN's Late Edition that withdrawals must be based on conditions on the ground."It depends on the development and the growth and the equipment and capabilities of the Iraqi security forces, and the preparedness of the Iraqi security forces," he said. In a few weeks, the two top Americans in Iraq will travel to Washington to deliver their recommendations on troop levels. General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker will report directly to Congress in public session, and will confer with President Bush in private.  美国驻伊拉克的两名高级官员将于几星期后抵达华盛顿,传达他们有关驻伊拉克军队数量的建议。彼得雷乌斯将军和克罗克大使将直接向国会报告情况,他们还将私下与布什总统商讨。200803/31893

Bush, Obama Back Financial Bailout布什促国会批准庞大救助市场措施  The Bush administration is asking Congress to let the U.S. government buy 0 billion in bad debt. The huge bailout is designed to calm the turmoil on the world's financial markets. Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama says he supports the plan. 布什政府提请国会准许美国政府购买价值7千亿美元的不良贷款。美国政府采取这个庞大的救市措施,是为了平息世界金融市场的动荡。民主党总统候选人奥巴马表示,他持这项计划。The proposal introduced on Friday would give the government power to buy bad debt, such as mortgages that can not be paid back, from any U.S. financial institution for the next two years. 星期五出台的这项提案将授权美国政府在今后两年里从美国的金融机构那里购买不良贷款,其中包括偿还不了的房屋贷款。The White House and congressional leaders have said they hope the legislation can be passed as early as next week. Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill have agreed to the broad outline of the program, and are working out the details. U.S. President George Bush says he will work with Congress to have the bill approved quickly. 白宫和国会领导人都表示,希望这项提案下星期就能获得通过。国会的民主党和共和党议员对提案的总体规划,都表示赞同,目前正在拟定有关的细节。布什总统表示,他将和国会一道努力,让提案迅速获得批准。"The systemic risk was significant, and it required a significant response, and Congress understands that, and we will work to get something done as quickly and as big as possible," he said. "There is going to be hundreds of billions of dollars at risk. This is a big package, because it was a big problem." 布什总统说:“整个体制面临的风险非常大,因此需要非常强有力的反应,国会方面明白这一点,我们将尽可能地全力、快速地做出反应;面临风险的涉及数千亿美元;这是一个很大的计划,因为问题很大。”Mr. Bush says this plan requires putting large amounts of taxpayers' money at risk, but a massive response was needed. "I will tell our citizens and continue to remind them that the risk of doing nothing far outweighs the risk of the package, and that, over time, we are going to get a lot of the money back," he said. 布什总统说,这项计划会使纳税人的巨额款项面临风险,但是现在采取大规模的应对措施。布什总统说:“我会告诉我们的人民,并且还会继续提醒他们,无所事事要承担的风险远比这个计划的风险要大得多。随著时间的推移,我们会收回其中大部分钱。”The president says he recognized that Americans were beginning to lose confidence in the country's financial system, and that something had to be done. 布什总统说,他认识到,美国民众已经开始对美国的金融体制失去信心,因此有必要采取行动。"The government needed to send a clear signal that we understood the instability could ripple throughout and affect the working people and the average family, and we were not going to let that happen," said President Bush. 他说:“政府需要发出一个明确的信息,这就是,我们知道目前的不稳定可能会扩散到其他方面,而且还可能会影响到普通老百姓。我们是不会允许这种情况发生。”Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama says he supports the efforts of the Bush administration's Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, and Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, to solve the crisis. In his party's radio address, Obama urged the administration and Congress to follow basic economic principles to restore prosperity to all Americans.  美国民主党总统候选人奥巴马表示,他持财政部长保尔森和美国联邦储备委员会主席伯尔南克为解决目前的危机而付出的努力。在代表民主党对全国发表广播讲话的时候,奥巴马呼吁政府和国会遵守基本的经济规律,让所有的美国人重新享有繁荣。"We need to help people cope with rising gas [gasoline] and food prices, spark job creation by repairing our schools and our roads, help states avoid painful budget cuts and tax increases, and help homeowners stay in their homes," he said. 奥巴马说:“我们需要帮助老百姓应对日益升高的汽油和食品价格,通过修建学校和道路创造就业机会,帮助各个州避免削减预算、避免提高税率,帮助买了房子的人继续拥有自己的房子。”Obama also said the bailout should not favor any particular financial institution or officer. 奥巴马指出,政府在救市过程中,不应偏向特定的金融机构或个人。"And we must also ensure that the solution we design does not reward particular companies or irresponsible borrowers or lenders or CEO's [corporate chief executive officers], some of whom helped cause this mess," he said. 他说:“我们还必须要确保,我们制定的解决方案不偏向某些公司、或不负责任的贷款人、或企业主管。一些企业主管实际上对眼下的这种情形是有责任的。”Democrats want the rescue plan to include mortgage help to let struggling homeowners avoid foreclosures. They are also discussing attaching more middle-class assistance to the legislation, even though President Bush has asked lawmakers to avoid adding controversial items that could delay action. 民主党希望政府的救市计划中包括够帮助那些正在想尽办法、避免因拖欠贷款而被没收房屋的人。民主党人也在讨论将给予中产阶级更多补助的条款加入提案。但布什总统希望议员们不要添加有争议的条款,因为那样的话 ,会拖延采取行动的时间。Relieved investors sent stocks soaring on Wall Street and around the world Friday, after the plan was announced. The Dow Jones industrial average gained more than three percent (368 points) on Friday.  星期五,美国政府宣布了上述计划之后,投资商们松了一口气,华尔街、乃至世界各地的股市都呈现出大幅上扬。道琼斯工业指数上升了368点,升幅超过百分之3。Also, a bankruptcy judge in New York decided Saturday that Lehman Brothers can sell its investment banking and trading businesses to the British bank Barclays. America's fourth largest investment bank filed the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history on Monday, after Barclays declined to buy the entire company. 与此同时,纽约一个负责破产问题的法官星期六裁定,雷曼兄弟公里可以把它的投资和交易业务卖给英国的巴克莱,上星期一,由于巴克莱拒绝购买整个雷曼兄弟公司,导致美国第4大投资申请破产。200809/49769

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