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I am gonna ace it tomorrow!明天一定考好!讲解:把考试;考好;在英文里有固定的用法, 叫 ace the test. 如果你把它说成了 I am gonna score high in the test next time 也可以, 但是就不够口语化。 /201511/409210I guessed I#39;m fucked now.这次我死定了(或者说这次我完蛋了。) /201605/446203You reap what you sow. You rule with fear, and you only get dissent and hatred in return.语音讲解:单词发音reap /ri#720;p/dissent/d#618;#712;sent/hatred/#712;he#618;tr#618;d/连词发音what you/w#594;t#643;#601;/get dissent and hatred in return /ɡetd#618;#712;sent#601;n#712;he#618;tr#618;d#618;nr#618;#712;t#604;#720;n/轻读重读重读: reap/fear/dissent/hatred弱读:and词汇讲解1.You reap what you sow expression.释义:used to say that if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you, and if you do good things, good things will happen to you 一分耕耘,一分收获例句:If you believe that ;you reap what you sow;, then asking for what you want makes much more sense than sowing complaints.如果你相信“种瓜得瓜种豆得豆”,那么只求你之所需比播种抱怨更有意义。2.in return phrase.释义:作为报答例句:He sent me a gift; I should give him something in return.他送了礼给我,我得回他一份礼。活学活用in return 作为报答英文:I wish I can do something for you in return.中文:希望可以为你做点什么作为报答。语法讲解what you sow中;what;表“所...的”,引导宾语从句,在从句中作宾语。关注微信号:TeacherGwen,跟着Gwen老师每天学点英语 /201705/511828

Welcome to English in a Minute!欢迎来到《一分钟英语》栏目The thumb is the shortest digit on your hand.拇指是你手掌上最短的一个手指。But what does a thumb have to do with rules? Rule of Thumb不过一个拇指和规则有什么关系?经验法则I thought you were supposed to be in Mexico City for your friend#39;s wedding.我记得你应该是去墨西哥城参加你朋友的婚礼啊。Yeah...about that... I missed my flight last night.是的,不过我错过了昨晚的航班。I thought getting there 40 minutes early would be enough time, but it wasn#39;t.我本以为提前40分钟到时间完全够了,但是还是没来得及。For international flights, the rule of thumb is to get to the airport two or even three hours early.对国际航班来说,经验法则是要提前两个甚至三个小时到机场。Unfortunately, your advice comes about ten hours too late, Jonathan.很不走运,你的忠告迟到了大约10个小时,Jonathan。A ;rule of thumb; is a general estimate.一则经验法则是一种大致的估计。It is not scientific or exact.它并不是科学的或者说确切的。This expression comes from using body parts as units of measure.这个短语来源于用身体部位作为衡量的单位。And that#39;s English in a Minute!以上就是今天的《一分钟英语》栏目! /201705/509028

中纪委要带头加强对反腐工作的执行和监督,保调查团队内部的清正廉洁。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道The country#39;s 500,000-plus corruption investigators are being placed under stricter supervision as a regulation to standardize graft probes was adopted on Sunday.周日,我国实施了使贪污调查标准化的规则,因此全国50多万名腐败调查者都正处于更为严格的监管之下。【讲解】周日,我国实施了使贪污调查(graft probes)标准化的规则,因此全国50多万名腐败调查者都正处于更为严格的监管之下(under stricter supervision)。专家称,一些调查人员的腐败情况暴露以后,在最高反腐监管机构——中国共产党中央纪律检查委员会(the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China)年度全体会议(plenary meeting)上通过的规则有助于检查团队内部保持清正廉洁。该规则的细节并没有公布,但中纪检周日在官网上发布的报告表示,它针对如何处理腐败秘诀、如何检查复查案例以及如何处理非法获得的资金和财产(ill-gotten money and assets)制定了明确的标准(sets clear standards)。该报告称,它鼓励用音频或视频记录整个审讯过程(the entire process of the interrogation),并持建立登记体系(registration system),对询问或试图干涉(interfere in)案情的人员进行登记。 /201701/487589The truck brought up dust as it moved over the road less flat land. It stopped where two cowboys stood at the edge of a deep canyon. "Where is he?" Tanner asked. The older cowboy named John pointed to the canyon. "Down there," he said.Tanner Walked to the edge. "What is he doing?" "Barry said he heard him crying. I heard nothing." John answered."You heard him?" Tanner asked the younger man. Barry took off his cowboy hat and smoothed his long brown hair, "Yes, I heard him." "Maybe heard something else." John said. Barry shook his head, "Sounded like crying." Tanner stepped away from the edge. "How long is he being gone?" John looked at his watch, "One two hours since I told him." "Is that why he's down there?" "Sure that's why," Barry said roughly, "John should not have said anything.""I just told him what everybody says. I did not know the boy was going to run off." Tanner looked from one to the other. "It is down," He said, " No one is to blame. Call down to him." He said to Barry, "See, if he is down there." "Rail, Hey Rail. It's Barry. Are you down there? Rail, listen. We want you to come out."He could see the aspen trees in the canyon. Their leaves were shaking white and then dark in the last light of day. But only the sound of his own voice came back. "he is not down there." John said. Barry went on. "Rail, John says he is sorry. We want to help you get out.""I am not sorry." John shouted, "I did not do anything." Tanner stepped between them. "If he is down there, he is not going to answer." For a moment they all stood, not knowing what to do. The sky was blue gray and getting darker. "We might it well go on," Tanner said at last. "And leave them?" Barry asked. "There is nothing wrong with spending a cold night outside once in the wild." Tanner answered."I am not worried about the night." Barry said, "I am worried about what Rail is thinking. You two go back. I will stay here a while and talk to him." The two other men turned to go back to the truck. Then Barry called out, "John, maybe you should wonder what Rail is thinking down there."Somewhere below in the aspen trees, Rail was sitting. Barry imagined him sitting and not walking. He tried to listen for Rail's crying. He had heard it so clearly before. He had called out once softly, "Rail." And the low moaning sound has stopped. Barry lit a cigarette. He wondered if Rail could see the light. He thought about the young cowboy, small not as strong as most men, thin, skinny as a Rail. Barry looked down into the blackness. "Rail, You do not have the answer. Just listen to me. I will talk slowly or play a little. And you can listen."The stars were out by the thousands. He played a little more and then stopped. The silence seemed welcome. "You know, Rail. When I was a kid, I, I did some funny things, not things to laugh at but strange things. I never knew where I was going the way you do. You know what you want." He did not know if Rail was listening, but he did not stop. He had a firm belief that Rail was there. "I had a boy once." His voice was strong, "No one else at the ranch knows that I had a boy. It is one of those things you keep hidden from the people you see everyday like a secret only much more severe, like a dream too, only more real. The boy's mother did not even know that I know about my own son. I it in a newspaper when he was born." Barry laughed, "Maybe you think she was ugly to go with someone like me, but she was beautiful. I met her in a drinking place, a place where she did not belong. She just came up to my table and looked at me. I have never seen a look like that anywhere else." Barry felt his voice was getting too loud. He calmed himself down. "You know me, Rail. My mouth is too big and thick. My face is too long. I could use some way just like you, but she chose me." Then, Barry looked up at the sky. He could remember often seeing the stars as thick as they were at that night. But never before had he understood the great deep blackness behind them. It was like looking into nothing. No air, no color, nothing. It hurt him to look at the sky like that."Rail," He said, "Sometimes, your feeling is all gone, like that evening when Lerwin came down. Remember? Lerwin said she was going to see you. You believed her. And then, she did not even look at you. I know it affected you. That is the way you are."He expected an answer. "Rail, you down there, Rail. I will stay out here with you all nights. I just wish I knew you wanted me to stay."The wind stopped it up again. "She took me white out of that place. That is the way my boy was begun. I found out later what she was, a doctor's wife, a smart girl who lived in a big house on the hill. She had my boy." Then a thought struck him. Maybe Rail did not want to be found. He stood up. "I am going home now, Rail. Just speak up if you want me to stay." The silence was heavy. He waited half an hour. It seemed like two. Then, he walked to the edge of the canyon again. "Rail, listen. I never went away. I have been waiting for you to start a fire or make some signs. But it is all right to be quiet. I will be here."The wind came up stronger. There was the smell of rain. "That was fourteen years ago. I was 20, just a year older than you. I never married the woman. As soon as she knew she was pregnant, she came to me." He saw it all again in his mind. She had come to him in his small room. She had no time to wait. She had to get home to her husband. She came flying across the room toward him. He thought she was going to hate him. I am going to have your baby, she said. He had spoken a little aloud. The words seemed to float out over the canyon. "I thought she were going to blame me. But she said she wanted to leave her husband and come with me." Rain began to fall. It washed through quickly without thunder or lightning. Barry turned his back to it. He said nothing until the land was quiet again. "I could not do it. I saw it was impossible. We did not belong to the same world. We could never have been happy. So, Rail. I know a little about growing up too. You are going to be OK." The buildings of the ranch sp out through the trees. One was the bunkhouse where Barry, John and Rail lived. Barry got there early in the morning as John was coming out. "Find him?" John asked. "No," Barry answered, "He must still be down in the canyon. I talked to him all last night." "What did he say?" "Lots of things you would not understand." Another cowboy stepped out the bunkhouse. Each morning, Tanner met them in the yard and gave them their tasks for the day. He was walking toward them now. "Just got a telephone call," Tanner said, "He is all right." "Where is he?" Barry asked."In *. He is in jail." "What do you mean?" "Rail was in town last night. He had too much to drink. Somebody got mad and called the sheriff. It will cost 30 dollars to get him out of jail." "I have it." Said Barry. "Ok. Let me know when you get back." He turned and walked to the barn. After a while, Barry went into the bunkhouse to change his clothes. There was no hurry to get to town. Rail could wait a little longer. You have been listening to the American story Looking into Nothing by Kent Nelson. It appeared in the publication the Transatlantic Review and was adapted by Donald Discenctus. Your narrator was Shep O'Neal. For VOA Special English. This is Doug Johnson.肯特#8226;尼尔森(Kent Nelson,1943-)美国小说家,共发行了100多部短篇小说。2004年,其作品LAND THAT MOVES, LAND THAT STANDS STILL, Viking Penguin获奖(the Edward Abbey Prize for Ecofiction)。 Article/200801/23641

日前,总政治部颁布全军第一套士兵健身操,并正式向全军和武警部队推广。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道The General Political Department of the Chinese People#39;s Liberation Army (PLA) issued the first soldier aerobics program recently, the PLA Daily reported Friday, adding that aerobics will be popularized among the whole army and armed police force.据《解放军报》周五报道,日前,中国人民解放军总政治部颁布全军第一套士兵健身操,并正式向全军和武警部队推广。【讲解】soldier aerobics program是士兵健身操;armed police force是武警部队。该套健身操(aerobics)共分8节,时长约5分钟,融入军事动作语汇,汲取流行舞蹈(pop dance)和中国太极(tai chi)等多种元素,动作阳刚有力(masculine)、舒展顺畅(smooth),音乐明快强劲(swift)、节奏感强(rhythmic)。士兵健身操是着眼打造具有我军特色的强军文化(build a military culture with Chinese characteristics),务部队战斗力提高(improve the military#39;s fighting capacity )和官兵全面发展(facilitate soldiers#39; overall development),由解放军艺术学院创编的群众性文化活动项目。去年,在驻京10多个不同类型部队进行试验(trial)推广。基层官兵普遍反映,这套健身操简单易学,趣味性强,便于训练间隙开展(can be practiced during training breaks),也适于集体汇演展示,是非常适合部队的文化活动项目(a suitable recreational activity)和健身锻炼方法(fitness exercise for the military)。专家表示,士兵健身操健身效果明显(has an obvious effect on bodybuilding),长期坚持练习(practice it in the long run)对身体、心理有明显的提升强化作用(physical and mental quality will be improved)。 /201511/408334释义:get down to 开始真挚地做某事get down to 表示“开始认真(serious attention)”的意思,可以在 to 的后面加 business 或 work 等名词。因此 get down to business (work)则表示“开始认真地着手做事”。例句:We need to get down to business.我们应该干正事了。Let#39;s get down to business.开始认真做事了。Well, why don#39;t we get down to business?来,开始好好做事行不行?对话:A: Let#39;s get down to business.我们开始做正经事吧。B: Great, let#39;s start.好,这就来。 /201603/431062

周六上午8:35,世界最长寿女性——天府新区太平街道前进村9组的119岁付素清老人在家中辞世,就在今年8月21日、农历七月十九,付素清老人刚刚过了119岁生日。因事发突然,付素清老人没能留下一句话,甚至连一个动作也没有。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道Fu Suqing, who was formerly the oldest woman in the world, died at home at 119, reported Chengdu Business Daily on Sunday.据《成都商报》周日报道,原世界最长寿女性辞世,享年119岁。【讲解】the oldest woman in the world是世界最长寿女性。据家人表示,上周六早上,付素清老人突然倒在了床上(suddenly fell into bed),当时她眼睛睁着(eyes open),也不动,过了一会儿,就没有呼吸了(breathless)。很长时间以来,付素清老人的身体很健康(good health)。老人在100岁高龄时还能摘桔子、打扫院子(clean the yard)。但是,近半年以来,她的健康状况逐渐恶化(health conditions worsened),吃的越来越少,大部分时间都在睡觉。付素清老人一生艰苦节俭(lived her life without much fortune),老人总是头戴蓝色头帕、一身粗布衣(coarse clothes)打扮,喜欢吃粗粮(coarse grain)和回锅肉(double-fired pork),以前老人每天要吃两块回锅肉,老人还喜欢吃梨、葡萄和花生(peanut)。2013年,付素清老人正式被扛旗世界纪录(Carrying the Flag World Records)认为世界上最长寿的女性。不过,同年,她的记录就被新疆维吾尔自治区(autonomous region)一名127岁的女性打破。 /201609/464619每日一句口语:Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted. 不要后悔做任何事情,因为曾经有个时候,那正是你想要的。【知识点讲解】exactly 精确地 确切地 例句:The barb stung her exactly the way he hoped it would.如他所愿,这句带刺的话刺痛了她。 /201510/404005

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