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Thats how Ive come to feel about the Yale experience—grateful. I studied hard, I played hard, and I made a lot of lifelong friends. What stays with you from college is the part of your education you hardly ever notice at the time. Its the expectations and examples around you, the ideals you believe in, and the friends you make.我很感激耶鲁大学给我们提供了这么好的读书环境。读书期间,我坚持“用功读书,努力玩乐”,结交了许多让我终生受益的朋友。大学期间,常陪伴你身边的那些东西是你学习生涯的一部分,但是那时你却从来没有注意过。那时大家对你们的期望,是你身边值得你学习的榜样,是你坚持的理想,以及诸多你结交的朋友...In my time, they spoke of the ;Yale man.; I was really never sure what that was. But I do think that Im a better man because of Yale. All universities, at their best, teach that degrees and honors are far from the full measure of life. Nor is that measure taken in wealth or in titles. What matters most are the standards you live by, the consideration you show others, and the way you use the gifts you are given.我那个时代,常常听到大家说“耶鲁人”。我从不确定那是什么意思。但是因为耶鲁,因为有了在耶鲁深造的经历,我变成了一个更加优秀的人!许多大学都在尽力教导学生,学位和荣誉并非衡量人生的一切标准。财富和头衔也不能用来衡量人生。衡量人生的关键在于你的生活准则、你对他人的体恤以及你如何运用你的天赋。Now you leave Yale behind, carrying the written proof of your success here, at a college older than America. When I left here, I didnt have much in the way of a life plan. I knew some people who thought they did. But it turned out that we were all in for ups and downs, most of them unexpected. Life takes its own turns, makes its own demands, writes its own story. And along the way, we start to realize we are not the author.现在你们即将低着从这所比美国历史还要悠久的大学获得的明你们成功的书离开耶鲁。我从这里毕业时,还没有仔细规划我的人生。我认识一些人,他们认为自己对人生做了规划。但结果表明,生活不可能一帆风顺,人生道路跌宕起伏,免不了会经历坎坷。生活自由轨迹,生活充满挑战,生活谱写着自己的故事,而历经漫漫人生路,我们才开始发现自己并不是这些故事的谱写者。 /201303/230113This is from Triumph Of The Will brilliant editing to cut together things.这个是来自电影意志的胜利剪辑的工作做的非常棒。Theres a glamour shot.这个快照很赞。National Socialism is all about glamour.纳粹主义和魔力紧紧相连。It was a very aesthetic ideology.有一种非常美学的意识形态。It was all about cleaning up Germany, and the West, and the world,and ridding it of anything unglamorous.主要内容是赶走德国人,西方世界,乃至全世界,并且去掉任何单调乏味的东西。So glamour can be dangerous.因此魅力,也可能是危险的代名词。I think glamour has a genuine appeal, has a genuine value.我认为魅力有一种真正的吸引力,真正的价值。Im not against glamour.我并不反对魅力。But theres a kind of wonder in the stuff that gets edited away in the cords of life.不过一种疑惑就是是否在生活的繁琐之中有些东西被祛除掉了。And there is both a way to avoid the dangers of glamour and a way to broaden your appreciation of it.而且这两种情况下都有避免危险魅力的方法同时让你更加对其赞叹。And thats to take Isaac Mizrahis advice and confront the manipulation of it all,and sort of admit that manipulation is something that we enjoy,but also enjoy how it happens.让我们接受Isaac Mizrahi的建议坦然面对所有的蓄意操作,可以这么说,承认我们享受这个过程吧,而且也享受它发生的方式。And heres Hedy Lamarr.这是Hedy Lamarr。Shes very glamorous but, you know, she invented sp-spectrum technology.没错,她如此的迷人,不过你得知道,她发明了扩展频谱科技。So shes even more glamorous if you know that she really wasnt stupid,even though she thought she could look stupid.所以这使得她更加富有魅力了,因为她真的很聪明,即使她认为她可以看出去很傻的样子。David Hockney talks about how the appreciation of this very glamorous painting is heightened if you think about the fact that it takes two weeks to paint this splash,which only took a fraction of a second to happen.David Hockney谈论过关于这个,我认为非常吸引人的绘画作品的欣赏,如果你意识到这样一个事实。虽然现实的水花四溅稍纵即逝,但是绘画这个效果花费了整整两周的时间,那么你就会更加珍视它。There is a book out in the bookstore its called Symphony In Steel,and its about the stuff thats hidden under the skin of the Disney Center.这是书店里的一本书叫做钢筋的交响乐。这讲述的是隐藏在迪斯尼中心靓丽外表下的水泥钢筋。And that has a fascination. 它如此的迷人。Its not necessarily glamorous, but unveiling the glamour has an appeal.这并不是严格意义上的魅力,不过揭示魅力也算是一种魅力吧。Theres a wonderful book called Crowns thats all these glamour pictures of black women in their church hats.有一本非常棒的书叫做王冠讲述的是黑人女性戴着教堂礼帽的那些迷人瞬间。And theres a e from one of these women, and she talks about,As a little girl, Id admire women at church with beautiful hats.引用其中一位女士的话,当我还是一个小女孩的时候,我非常羡慕那些在教堂戴着美丽礼帽的女士们。They looked like beautiful dolls, like theyd just stepped out of a magazine.她们看起来就像漂亮的洋娃娃,好似刚从杂志封面中走出。But I also knew how hard they worked all week.但是我也知道她们背后付出的艰辛努力。Sometimes under those hats theres a lot of joy and a lot of sorrow.有时候,那些帽子下隐藏的不仅仅是欢乐,还有忧伤。And, actually, you get more appreciation for glamour when you realize what went into creating it.而且实际上,当你发现创造魅力的代价是什么的时候你才会对其发出更加由衷的赞叹。Thank you.谢谢大家。201412/347324I was so taken aback by what I saw that I had to ask myself,亲眼所见的情形让我非常惊讶 我不得不问自己did I still believe that innovation could solve the worlds toughest problems?我还相信创新能够解决世界上最困难的问题吗I promised myself that before I came back to Africa,我许下承诺 要在下次回到非洲之前I would find out more about what keeps people poor.更了解到底是什么导致了人们的持续贫穷Over the years, Melinda and I did learn more about the pressing needs of the poor.这些年来 我和梅琳达确实更了解了穷人的急切需求On a later trip to South Africa,在之后一次去南非的过程中I paid a visit to a hospital for patients with MDR-TB,我造访了一家治疗MDR-TB病人的医院multidrug resistant tuberculosis,MDR-TB也就是多耐药肺结核a disease with a cure rate of under 50%.这种疾病的治愈率低于50%I remember that hospital as a place of despair.我还记得 那所医院是一个充满绝望的地方It was a giant open ward,一个开放式的巨大病房中with a sea of patients shuffling around in pajamas, wearing masks.到处都是身着病和口罩 拖着沉重步伐走动的病人There was one floor just for children, including some babies lying in bed.有一层楼专门容纳儿童病人 包括刚出生不久的婴儿They had a little school for kids who were well enough to learn,这里还有一所小型学校 为身体条件足够好的孩子们准备but many of the children couldnt make it,但很多孩子都没好转到能够上学and the hospital didnt seem to know whether it was worth it to keep the school open.医院不知道开这么一所学校 是否有些不值得201411/343287

It is such an honor and pleasure for me to be back at Yale, especially on the occasion of the 300th anniversary. I have had so many memories of my time here, and as Nick was speaking I thought about how I ended up at Yale Law School. And it tells a little bit about how much progress weve made.再回耶鲁,特别是在耶鲁大学300周年纪念日再回到这里,我感到非常高兴非常荣幸!耶鲁大学给我留下了许多美好的回忆,尼克发言时,我想起了当年从耶鲁法学院毕业时的情景。这让我感受到了耶鲁大学所取得的巨大进步。What I think most about when I think of Yale is not just the politically charged atmosphere and not even just the superb legal education that I received. It was at Yale that I began work that has been at the core of what I have cared about ever since. I began working with New Haven legal services representing children. And I studied child development, abuse and neglect at the Yale New Haven Hospital and the Child Study Center. I was lucky enough to receive a civil rights internship with Marian Wright Edelman at the Childrens Defense Fund, where I went to work after I graduated. Those experiences fueled in me a passion to work for the benefit of children, particularly the most vulnerable.每当想起耶鲁时,我感触最深的不是这里浓郁的政治氛围,也不是我所接受的顶级的法律教育。正是在耶鲁,我开始做一些事情,这些事情从那时到现在都是我关心的核心。正是在耶鲁,我开始在纽黑文儿童法律机构工作。我还在耶鲁纽黑文医院和儿童研究中心研究儿童身心发展以及辱骂和忽视儿童的行为。之后,我很幸运地与玛丽安·莱特·埃德尔一起获得了在儿童保护基金委员会的民权实习机会,并在毕业后去了那里工作。所有这些经历激发了我为保护儿童权益而努力的,特别是保护那些最脆弱的儿童。Now, looking back, there is no way that I could have predicted what path my life would have taken. I didnt sit around the law school, saying, well, you know, I think Ill graduate and then Ill go to work at the Childrens Defense Fund, and then the impeachment inquiry, and Nixon retired or resigns, Ill go to Arkansas. I didnt think like that. I was taking each day at a time.现在回想起来,当时我并不知道自己会走上什么样的人生道路。我没有坐在法学院里说:“嗯,你知道,我想我毕业后要去儿童保护基金委员会工作,然后会遭到弹劾并接受调查,当尼克松退休或辞职后我会去阿肯色州。”事实上,我从未这样想过,只是顺其自然地过着每一天。 /201301/218718So when a request is entered into this box,当用户输入请求之后we do all kinds of semantic analysis, behavioral analysis,将会对此请求进行各种语意分析,行为分析intelligent interaction with the user并与用户进行智能交互than massive computing然后进行大量计算and figure out what the user really wants.来定位用户的真正需求Once thats clear, we will send it结果一出to the necessary application,页面将会转到相应的应用be it a search engine or anti-virus software,像,搜索引擎,或者,杀毒软件or a stock search, or shopping,或是,股票搜索,购物or FriendFinder - anything that can be交友网站plugged into this kind of platform.任何能够接入平台的东西So now we have implemented a number of the applications.我们现在已经设计一些应用If you ask what is todays lunar date,如果你问今天的农历日期we will come up with a calendar of it. So, lunar dates.页面会呈现农历的日历给用户If youre looking for a piece of software Baidu Hai如果你要找百度Hi这个软件--its an instant这是一种messenger software we delivered-- we will show that to you.即时通讯软件,搜索页面会显示出来If youre looking for a beautiful girl,如果你寻找美女this is one that not only shows you页面上the pictures but its got不仅会出现照片a Flash application that you can browse through as well.还有Flash应用能帮助你轻松浏览It also automatically rotate.还带有自动旋转的功能Train schedule, you will be prompted by列车时间表,一个新搜索框会提示你the newer boxes from where to where.输入起点与终点We understand this kind of user intents.了解到用户的意图之后Then, theres a lot of computation going on将进行大量计算to figure out whats the right answer.以找到正确We had a lot of submissions第三方应用程序from the third-party application.也提供许多信息This is the movie showing schedule from a third party.这是一个来自第三方的电影放映时间表This is the stock es. This is an anti-virus software.这是股票报价信息表,这是一个杀毒软件It doesnt need to show you the search result.页面并不显示所有搜索结果It just asks you,而是询问用户;Do you want to run the anti-virus software?;;是否要运行杀毒软件;So we group all kinds of information into one box.当所有的信息都被整合至一个搜索框内时You can find that Box Computing efficiently connects框计算就会展现出高效的一面enormous user request with the application providers.能够将众多用户要求与程序提供者连结起来So in the future, when you power up a terminal,在未来,当你打开一个终端时a laptop, a PC, a netbook, or a cellphone, immediately,比如笔记本电脑 PC机,上网本,手机instantly, you see a box.马上就能看到一个搜索框You dont wait two minutes for Windows to put up.无需花两分钟等待Windows启动You dont need to launch a browser也无需启动浏览器and type in a URL address.并输入URL地址You will only see this and immediately see this.只要打开终端,你就能看到搜索框Whatever you want to do;无论你想做什么check your email, publish tweets, go shopping or whatever,查收邮箱,发布推特状态,网上购物等等it can be solved by this one box.都可以通过这个搜索框解决So everyone you know,学会使用it takes time to learn how to use Windows.Windows需要时间It takes time to learn how to use Mac.学会使用Mac也需要时间But nobody needs to teach you但使用搜索不需要how to use the search. Its so easy.很简单Its so instant.很便捷,这就是为什么Thats why I think the future should be like this.我认为未来应该是这样的201503/365922Thank you very much. Its great to be back and I just want to stay for the record, the class of 88-89 was by far the best class.十分感谢,我很高兴回来。我在这里郑重声明,88-89届学生是迄今为止最棒的。The decision to write a book called Tough Choices and to write it myself, I did, in fact, write it myself every word, no collaborator, no ghost writer, for better for worse.我决定要亲自写: 《勇敢抉择》这本书,无论如何是我亲自动笔,是我一个字一个字写的,没有合作者或者找人代笔。That decision first occurred to me about five years ago. I was sitting on the witness stand being cross examined by a team of attorneys, because having just received enough shareholder votes to complete the acquisition of Compaq computer. We were sued one last time to try stop it. And as I said on that witness stand being questioned by these attorneys that occurred to me that most people dont actually understand how a business operates. Because all of the questions that I was being asked really had to do with how you set goals and how you motivate people to achieve those goals. And the fact is that if you want to change products and profits, you have to change what people do everyday. And so I decided five years ago that I would write a book about business from the point of view of what I find most fascinating most challenging and most fun about business. And that is thats all about people, its all about the people.第一次有决定写书的想法大约是5年前,我当时在人席上被一组律师盘问,缘于已经有了足够的股东投票数来完成与康柏的合并,但是有人最后控告我们,试图阻止合并。我在人席上接受律师询问时才明白,实际上大多数人不懂如何做生意。因为,盘问我的问题应当是和如何定出目标和如何激励人们达成目标有关。而事实上,如果你想改变产品和提高利润,先要改变人们每天所做的事情,因此五年前我决定要写一本关于做生意的书,从我认为最引人入胜、最具挑战、最有趣味的观点着手。那就是人,人就是一切。201407/316024

Ladies and gentlemen, our commencement speaker Dr. Tim Cook.女士们先生们,有请我们的毕业典礼发言人蒂姆·库克士。Hello GWer.乔治华盛顿的同学们你们好。Thank you very much President Knapp for that kind intro. Alex, trustees, faculty and deans of the university, my fellow honorees, and especially you the class of 2015. Yes.非常感谢克纳普校长的热情介绍。感谢亚历克斯,理事会,全体教员和院长,我的宾客们,尤其是你们,2015届的毕业生们。是的。Congratulations to you, to your family, to your friends that are attending todays ceremony.祝贺你,你的家人,你的朋友以及今天参加仪式的诸位。You made it. Its a privilege, a rare privilege of a lifetime to be with you today.你们做到了。今天能与你们共享这个时刻是我生平罕见的荣幸。And I cant thank you enough for making me an honorary Colonial.非常感谢你们赋予我此项殊荣。Before I begin today, they asked me to make a standard announcement.在我开始之前,他们要求我做一个标准的公告。Youve heard this before. About silencing your phones.是你之前听过的。把手机调成静音。So, those of you with an iPhone, just place it in silent mode.所以,有iPhone的人请把手机调到静音模式。If you dont have an iPhone, please pass it to the center aisle. Apple has a world-class recycling program.没有iPhone的请把手机传到中间的过道。苹果有着世界先进的回收系统。You know, this is really an amazing place.你知道的,这里真是个神奇的地方。And for a lot of you, Im sure that being here in Washington, the very center of our democracy, was a big draw when you were choosing which school to go to.对在座诸位中的大多数人来说,我敢肯定华盛顿——我们的民主的中心,是吸引你择校的很大一个原因。This place has a powerful pull.这个地方有着强大的吸引力。It was here that Dr. Martin Luther King challenged Americans to make real the promises of democracy, to make justice a reality for all of Gods children.正是在这里,马丁·路德·金士挑战美国人以实现民主的承诺,使公正在所有上帝之子身上兑现。And it was here that President Ronald Reagan called on us to believe in ourselves and to believe in our capacity to perform great deeds.正是在这里,罗纳德·里根总统呼吁我们相信自己,相信我们完成伟大创举的能力。Id like to start this morning by telling you about my first visit here.我想以我第一次访问这里的经历为今天的开场。In the summer of 1977-yes, Im a little old-I was 16 years old and living in Robertsdale, the small town in southern Alabama that I grew up in.在1977年的夏天——是的,我有点老——我16岁,住在罗伯茨代尔,我在美国阿拉巴马州南部的小镇长大。At the end of my junior year of high school Id won an essay contest sponsored by the National Rural Electric Association.我在高中三年级的时候赢得了由全国农村电力协会赞助的论文竞赛。I cant remember what the essay was about, what I do remember very clearly is writing it by hand, draft after draft after draft.我不记得这篇文章是关于什么,但我记得很清楚它是手写的,打了一遍又一遍的草稿。201512/414174So for example at Tesla我想说 在特斯拉weve never spent any money on advertising我们从来不花钱做广告We put all of the money into Ramp;D and manufacturing and design我们把所有的钱都用于研发 制造和设计to try to make the car as good as possible尽力让汽车变得更好And I think thats the way to go我认为 公司就该这样For any given company, just keep thinking about任何公司 在任何时候都需要思考are these efforts that people are spending人们花这么多精力做的事are they resulting in a better product or service是否能够让产品或务变得更好if theyre not, stop those efforts如果不能 停止这些尝试And then the final thing is最后我要讲的是dont just follow the trends不要随大流You may have heard me say我经常说its good to think in terms of the physics approach from first principles这里可以类比从基本原理出发的物理方法which is也就是说rather than reasoning by analogy不要人云亦云you boil things down to the most fundamental truths you can imagine你应当将事物归结到最根本的真理上and you reason up from there从根本出发进行推理This is a good way to figure out if something really make sense这能让你很好地判断 某个想法是否真的行得通or its just whatever somebody else is doing而不只是别人说可行 那就可行It is hard to think that way. You cant think that way about everything当然 这很难 你不能什么事情都这样考虑It takes a lot of effort, but这需要很多精力 不过if youre trying to do something new, its the best way to think在创新的时候 这无疑是最好的思维方式And that framework was developed by physicists物理学界也正是通过这种方式to figure out counterintuitive things推导出了各种不可思议的理论like quantum mechanics例如量子力学Its really a powerful method这无疑是一个很强有力的方法And so thats, and then I think theres a final thing I will encourage you to do我想 我还有一点建议要讲给你们 也就是Now is the time to take risk趁着年轻 勇于冒险You dont have kids你们没有小孩Your obligation... oh, sorry你们的责任… 哦 抱歉Probably not, of course也许有人有孩子but as you get older, your obligations increase不过随着年龄的增长 责任也会随之增长And once you have a family有了家庭之后再去冒险you start taking not just for yourself but for your family as well承担风险的就不是你一个人 而是你全家It gets much harder to do things that might not work out要去冒险做一些可能成不了的事 难度可能会更大So now its the time to do that before you have those obligations在没有这些责任之前 做这样的事负担会比较小So I want to encourage you to take risks and to do something bold我鼓励大家勇于冒险 胆子放大一些You wont regret it. Thank you你不会后悔的 谢谢201412/349892

Its evolved into something that is much subtler. 它已演变成某种更微妙的东西。This is an actual text that was done by a non-male person of about 20 years old not too long ago. 这是一段真实的短信对话它是由一个20出头的姑娘在前不久写的。I love the font youre using, btw. 第一句:顺便说一句,我喜欢你用的字体。Julie: lol thanks gmail is being slow right now.朱莉: lol谢谢谷歌邮箱现在变得好慢。Now if you think about it, thats not funny. 如果大家想想看,这可不好笑。No ones laughing. 也没有人在笑。And yet, there it is, so you assume theres been some kind of hiccup. 但是,这个字(lol)却在那里,你会认为这可能就是打错了。Then Susan says lol, I know, 然后苏珊说lol,我知道,again more guffawing than were used to when youre talking about these inconveniences. 再一次,真让人捧腹大笑。这可不是我们一般遇上这样麻烦事的态度。So Julie says, I just sent you an email. 朱莉接着说,我刚给你发了封邮件。Susan: lol, I see it. 苏珊:lol,我收到了。Very funny people, if thats what LOL means. 非常有趣的两个人,如果这是LOL的真实意思的话。This Julie says, So whats up? 朱莉说,最近怎么样?Susan: lol, I have to write a 10 page paper. 苏珊:lol,我得写一篇10页的作文。Shes not amused. Lets think about it. 这么看的话,她可不开心。LOL is being used in a very particular way. LOL是以一种特别的方式被使用的。Its a marker of empathy. Its a marker of accommodation. 它代表着感同身受,代表着某种无奈妥协。We linguists call things like that pragmatic particles. 我们语言学家称之为口头禅。Any spoken language thats used by real people has them. 任何口语都有这些词语。If you happen to speak Japanese, think about that little word ne that you use at the end of a lot of sentences. 如果你会说日语的话,想想你在很多句子后面加上的那个ne字。If you listen to the way black youth today speak, 如果你听现在的年轻黑人说话,think about the use of the word yo. 想想这个词yo的使用。Whole dissertations could be written about it, 这都够写学术论文的了,and probably are being written about it. 说不定人们已经开始写了。A pragmatic particle, thats what LOL has gradually become. LOL已经逐渐演变成了一个口头禅。Its a way of using the language between actual people. 这就是人们使用语言的一种方式。Another example is slash. 另外一个例子是slash.Now, we can use slash in the way that were used to, 看看这个句子,我们要去一个派对,along the lines of, Were going to have a party-slash-networking session. 同时(slash)来扩展一下人脉slash这里连接派对和扩展人脉两个活动。Thats kind of like what were at. 我们通常这么使用这个字。Slash is used in a very different way in texting among young people today. 今天Slash这个字用在年轻人的短信里却有非常不同的意思。201511/411488And I said to her, ;What do you think you did我对她说, ;你觉得你做了什么that helped him to emerge as this charming, accomplished, wonderful person?;帮他成为一个有魅力、成功、精的人吗?;And she said, ;What did I do? I loved him, thats all.她说,;我做了什么?我爱他,就这样Clinton just always had that light in him.克林顿一直都有这样的光芒,And his father and I were lucky enough to be the first to see it there.;他的父亲和我很幸运,最早看见了他的光芒。”Im going to e from another magazine of the 60s.我要去引述1960年代,另一家杂志刊载的话This one is from 1968 -- The Atlantic Monthly, voice of liberal America --这是1968年出版的大西洋月刊,美国的自由主义之声written by an important bioethicist.作者是知名的生物伦理学专家He said, ;There is no reason to feel guilty他说,;对于遗弃唐氏综合症的婴孩about putting a Down syndrome child away,我们不必感到内疚whether it is put away in the sense of hidden in a sanitarium无论是将其送到疗养院去or in a more responsible, lethal sense.或者用更负责也更致命的方式It is sad, yes -- dful. But it carries no guilt.这很可悲,也很可怕,但不需要有罪恶感True guilt arises only from an offense against a person,真正有内疚只源于侵犯人,and a Downs is not a person.;而唐氏综合症患者不是人。”Theres been a lot of ink given to the enormous progress that weve made关于同性恋者处境的大幅度进步in the treatment of gay people.已经有很多文章就此发表观点The fact that our attitude has changed is in the headlines every day.每天都有头条报导,人们对同性恋的态度已有所转变But we forget how we used to see people who had other differences,但我们遗忘了过去是怎么看待,不同于大众的人how we used to see people who were disabled,忘了过去是怎么看待残障人士的how inhuman we held people to be.忘了我们曾经多么不人道And the change thats been accomplished there,在那些方面的改变which is almost equally radical,几乎同样激进is one that we pay not very much attention to.我们却未给予更多的重视One of the families I interviewed, Tom and Karen Robards,我采访过罗巴兹家族的,汤姆和凯伦夫妇were taken aback when, as young and successful New Yorkers,他们当年是年轻有为的纽约人their first child was diagnosed with Down syndrome.在得知他们第一个孩子,患有唐氏综合征时大为惊讶They thought the educational opportunities for him were not what they should be,他们认为儿子并未得到应有的教育and so they decided they would build a little center --于是他们决定成立一个小型教育机构two classrooms that they started with a few other parents --两间教室里,他们开始和其他的父母to educate kids with D.S.一起教育唐氏综合症儿童And over the years, that center grew into something called the Cooke Center,多年后,该机构发展为库克中心where there are now thousands upon thousands现在有成千上万的of children with intellectual disabilities who are being taught.智障儿童在这里接受教育In the time since that Atlantic Monthly story ran,自从大西洋月刊,刊载了那片文章以来the life expectancy for people with Down syndrome has tripled.唐氏综合征患者的寿命,增加了两倍The experience of Down syndrome people includes those who are actors,唐氏综合征的人有些是演员those who are writers, some who are able to live fully independently in adulthood.作家,有些在成年后,能完全独立生活The Robards had a lot to do with that.罗巴兹夫妇的贡献很大And I said, ;Do you regret it?我问他们:“你们会遗憾吗?Do you wish your child didnt have Down syndrome?你们希望自己的孩子,没有唐氏综合征吗?Do you wish youd never heard of it?;是否希望从未听说过这种病症?;And interestingly his father said,有趣的是这位父亲说,;Well, for David, our son, I regret it,;嗯,从我们的儿子大卫角度来看,我感到遗憾,because for David, its a difficult way to be in the world,因为对于大卫来说,这个世界里唐氏患儿的路走得非常艰辛and Id like to give David an easier life.我想要给大卫更轻松的生活But I think if we lost everyone with Down syndrome, it would be a catastrophic loss.;但我认为,如果世界上不再有唐氏症患儿,会是很大的损失。”And Karen Robards said to me, ;Im with Tom.凯伦罗巴兹说:“我同意汤姆的看法For David, I would cure it in an instant to give him an easier life.为了让大卫活得更自在,我会想瞬间治愈他的唐氏综合症But speaking for myself -- well, I would never have believed 23 years ago when he was born但对我来说, 23年前他刚出生时,我绝不相信that I could come to such a point --我能走到今天这一步speaking for myself, its made me so much better and so much kinder对我来说,他的病,让我成为更好,更善良的人and so much more purposeful in my whole life,让我的人生更有意义that speaking for myself, I wouldnt give it up for anything in the world.;对我来说,这样的经验,是世界上任何其他东西都换不来的;We live at a point when social acceptance for these and many other conditions现代社会对这样那样的病症的接受程度is on the up and up.越来越高And yet we also live at the moment然而,此时此刻when our ability to eliminate those conditions我们治愈这些病症的能力has reached a height we never imagined before.也已经达到一个前所未有的高度Most deaf infants born in the ed States now现在美国新生的耳聋婴儿will receive Cochlear implants,都会接受人工耳蜗植入手术,which are put into the brain and connected to a receiver,将人工耳蜗植入大脑,并连上接收器and which allow them to acquire a facsimile of hearing and to use oral speech.通过接收信号,这让他们具有听说的能力A compound that has been tested in mice, BMN-111,有一种叫 BMN-111的化合物,经老鼠实验is useful in preventing the action of the achondroplasia gene.在抑制软骨发育不全基因方面,非常有效Achondroplasia is the most common form of dwarfism,软骨发育不全,是侏儒症最常见的表现形式and mice who have been given that substance and who have the achondroplasia gene,有软骨发育不全基因的小鼠,摄取BMN-11以后grow to full size.可以生长到正常体型Testing in humans is around the corner.临床试验指日可待There are blood tests which are making progress通过血液检测唐氏综合症的技术也在进步that would pick up Down syndrome more clearly and earlier in pregnancies than ever before,可以在怀早期,更明确地检测出唐氏综合症making it easier and easier for people to eliminate those pregnancies,使它更容易尽早终止or to terminate them.唐氏综合症胎儿妊娠And so we have both social progress and medical progress.我们的社会进步了,医学也发展了And I believe in both of them.我认同这两方面的进步I believe the social progress is fantastic and meaningful and wonderful,我相信社会的进步,精且有意义and I think the same thing about the medical progress.我认为医学的进步,也是如此But I think its a tragedy when one of them doesnt see the other.但我认为两者互不理解,着实可悲And when I see the way theyre intersecting当我看到他们交汇的方式in conditions like the three Ive just described,像我刚才描述的三个病例I sometimes think its like those moments in grand opera我有时觉得这就像,那些悲壮的歌剧when the hero realizes he loves the heroine当英雄意识到,他爱上女主角的时候at the exact moment that she lies expiring on a divan.就是女主角躺在长沙发上,奄奄一息We have to think about how we feel about cures altogether.我们要全盘考量对于治愈的态度201505/376319Why dont we care more about gross national happiness?; Now, in essence, the king was asking us to consider an alternative definition of success, what has come to be known as GNH, or gross national happiness. Most world leaders didnt take notice, and those that did thought this was just ;Buddhist economics.; But the king was serious. This was a notable moment, because this was the first time a world leader in almost 200 years had suggested that intangible of happiness -- that leader 200 years ago, Thomas Jefferson with the Declaration of Independence -- 200 years later, this king was suggesting that intangible of happiness is something that we should measure, and its something we should actually value as government officials.为什么我们不多关注一下一个国家国民的快乐呢?”现在,从本质上来说,这位国王是在让我们去考虑对成功的另外一种定义这是就是GNH,国民幸福总值这个世界上的多少领导者对此并不关心那些有考虑过这些的人认为这些只是“佛教经济学”但是那位国王是认真的这其实是一个值得关注的时刻,因为这是近两百年来第一次有一个世界的领导者提出这种不可见的快乐——再次提出,200年前汤马斯.杰佛逊在他的独立宣言中200年之后这位国王提出了这种无形的快乐是我们应该衡量的,也是作为政府领导人真正应该重视的。For the next three dozen years as king, this king actually started measuring and managing around happiness in Bhutan -- including, just recently, taking his country from being an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy with no bloodshed, no coup. Bhutan, for those of you who dont know it, is the newest democracy in the world, just two years ago.在接下来他当国王的36年中,这位国王甚至开始衡量和管理不丹的快乐。也包括最近,把这个国家从一个完全的君主专政政体转变为了一个君主立宪政体没有流血,没有屠杀。不丹,对那些不了解这个国家的人来说是一个新型的民主政体,仅仅始于两年前。So as I spent time with leaders in the GNH movement, I got to really understand what theyre doing. And I got to spend some time with the prime minister. Over dinner, I asked him an impertinent question. I asked him, ;How can you create and measure something which evaporates -- in other words, happiness?; And hes a very wise man, and he said, ;Listen, Bhutans goal is not to create happiness.所以当我与这些提倡国民幸福总值运动的领袖们交流,我才逐渐明白他们在做些什么。当我与这位总理相处时,在一次晚饭时,我问了他一个毫不相干的问题。我问他,”你是怎样创造和度量一些空泛易蒸发的东西,换句话来说,快乐?“他是充满智慧的人,他回答说:“佛祖的目的并不是去创造快乐。201402/275101

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