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赣州俪人整形医院整形赣州俪人整形美容医院驼峰鼻矫正怎么样9. Which shoes do you like better?你比较喜欢哪双鞋?还能这样说:Which shoes do you prefer?Which shoes would you rather want?谚语:Every shoe fits not every foot.不可只有一种尺度衡量一切。10. I prefer tea to coffee.和咖啡比起来,我更喜欢茶。还能这样说:I like tea better than coffee.I would like a cup of tea rather than coffee.应用:prefer...rather than 宁愿……而不愿;prefer...to 喜欢……而不喜欢;喜欢……胜过……11. I propose half an hour break.我提议休息半小时。还能这样说:I thank we would have a break for half an hour.I ofter to have a half-an-hour-break.谚语:An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.一日之计在于晨。12. Im all ears.我洗耳恭听。还能这样说:Go ahead with your speech; Im all ears.Believe me, I am all ears!谚语:Walls have ears.隔墙有耳。13. What is your attitude to classical arts?你对古典艺术有什么看法?还能这样说:Whats your idea of classical arts?Let me have your thoughts on classical arts.应用:attitude of mind 思想方法;观点;take an attitude of 采取……态度14. Thank you for your sage advice.谢谢你的高见。还能这样说:I appreciate your good idea.I am grateful for your opinion.谚语:Advice when needed is most heeded.忠言逆耳。15. Would it be a good idea to tell her the truth?可以把实情告诉她吗?还能这样说:Is it wise to tell her the state of the case?Can we tell the facts to her?谚语:When wine is in truth, wit is out.酒后吐真言。16. You might as well do something else now.你不妨先做别的工作。还能这样说:You had better get down to other things.I suggest you had better do something else now.应用:What else?还用得着问吗?17. Why dont you delay the meeting?为什么不推迟会议呢?还能这样说:Why not delay the meeting?Why not put off the meeting?谚语:Sharpening your axe will not delay your job of cutting wood.磨刀不误砍柴工。 /201211/209817赣州市肿瘤医院口腔美容中心 9. Do you know the steps of signing an agreement?知道签署协议的步骤吗?还能这样说:Do you know how to sign an agreement?Do you know the process of making an agreement?谚语:There is but one step from the sublime to the ridiculous.真理和谬误之间仅差一步。10. I signed the agreement with the signature of my name.协议上签上了我的名字。还能这样说:I signed my name in the agreement.I affixed my name to the agreement.应用:forged signature 伪造的签字;handwritten signature 亲笔签字11. I drew up a contract with a network company.我与一家网络公司签订了协议。还能这样说:I made an agreement with a network company.I entered into a contract with a network company.谚语:Two is company, three is none.二人成伴,三人不欢。12. We are done with the agreement.这个协议就这么定了。还能这样说:This agreement is done.We have concluded the agreement. /201410/332593一无是处---good for nothing大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。生活中,我们最怕听到的或许就是“一无是处”了。在英语当中,这叫good for nothing。我们来看一下例句:To tell you the truth, your son is good for nothing.恕我直言,你的儿子一无是处。如果我们在good for nothing这三个词中间加上连字符,那么它就成了一个形容词以及名词。作形容词的时候是“一无是处的”的意思。比如说:Jack has a good-for-nothing fourteen-year-old son who barely knows how to and count.杰克十四岁的儿子一无是处,连认字和数数都基本不会。而作名词的时候,good-for-nothing的意思则是“无用的人,饭桶,废物”。比如说:Her younger brother is simply a good-for-nothing, with a dilapidated reputation.她弟弟简直是个废物,名声很坏。好,我们来总结一下,今天我们学习了一无是处,它的英语是good for nothing。注意在作形容词和名词的时候加上连字符。这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请上新浪微@小强英语。本栏目由原创,。 /201406/302864赣州绣眉

大余县冷冻点痣多少钱Simon: Yeah, hey Todd, I have one complaint. Why cant I never reach you on the phone?西蒙:嘿,托德,我要抱怨一下。为什么你的电话总是打不通?Todd: Ah, I know, Im really bad with my phone. I hate the phone. I can not stand the phone. I hate talking on the phone, so I have a hand-held phone and I always go and put it in the closet and I turn it off.托德:啊,我知道,我实在搞不定我的电话。我讨厌电话。我受不了电话了。我讨厌用电话通话,我有个便携式电话,我总是把它关机然后放进柜子里。Simon: Oh, really! Yeah, you said hand-held. I usually call it a cell phone or a mobile phone. (Yeah) but, uh, well, I mean, these days everybody has one, so uh, I think theyre quite useful actually. You can call people when you want, and you can call people who you want. You dont have to pick up like you dont sometimes, its.西蒙:哦,真的吗?你刚刚说便携式电话。我通常称它为手机。(是啊)可是,嗯,我是说,最近几乎人人都有手机,我认为手机非常有用。你可以随时打电话,给任何人打电话。你也不必拿起听筒,没有必要。Todd: See the thing is, if somebody calls me, right, and I see that they called me, I feel really guilty for not calling them back, or no answering the phone if Im very busy, so I dont want to feel guilty, so I just turn off the phone and put it in my closet.托德:你看是这样的,如果有人给我打电话,我知道他们给我打了电话,可是我非常忙就没有回电话或是没有接电话,那我就会为此感到内疚,可是我不想有内疚的感觉,所以我就把手机关上放进柜子里。Simon: Well, I guess thats why you like land lines, because you can pretend like you didnt hear it or that you werent home at the time.西蒙:嗯,我想这就是你喜欢固定电话的原因,因为你可以假装你没有听到电话铃响,或是那时你并不在家。Todd: Exactly, I really miss the old style phones. The old phones that would ring and youd have to walk over and pick up the phone. I thought those were great.托德:没错,我真的很想念老式电话。老式电话铃响时,你要走过去拿起听筒接电话。我觉得那太棒了。Simon: You know what, I think that youre just not going with progress. The old style, uh, life has changed, yeah, we use technology every day, and this is just the next step, you know, being able to communicate at all times, anywhere and anyhow, and were using technology right now.西蒙:你知道,我认为你只是没有跟上进步的步伐。老式电话……生活已经改变了,我们现在每天都要应用技术,你知道,这只是下一个阶段,你可以随时随地和别人交流,而我们现在就在应用技术。Todd: Thats true, I mean, obviously I have my website, Im very into computers. I love e-mail. I love Internet telephone like Skype but theres just something about hand-held phones that I dont like. I dont know why. I just dont like them.托德:没错,显然我在用网络,我非常喜欢计算机。我喜欢发邮件。我喜欢用Skype这种网络电话,不过我就是不喜欢便携式电话。我也不知道为什么,我就是不喜欢它们。Simon: OK, well, lets agree to disagree.西蒙:好吧,我们保留各自的看法吧。 译文属 /201408/318701石城县妇幼保健人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱 相爱,相恋1. 词组句型相爱,相恋be in love with sb, fall in love with sbsentence patterns:theyve been in love with each other for two years.he is madly in love with her.did you fall in love with her?how can you fall in love with him?迷恋, 向......求爱turn...on, lust after, have a crush on sb, make advances to sb, make a pass at, be infatuated withsentence patterns:Jack really turns me on.the film stars turn him on.Tom is lusting after you.one of her classmates is lusting after her.he is making advances to me.Tom made advances to her.i think he has a crush on you.David has a crush on Mary.he is trying to make a pass at her.Bob will make a pass at my sister.i think she is infatuated with you.Edgar is infatuated with Lily.迷人, 有魅力heartbreaker, handsome, knockout, beautifulsentence patterns:Albert is really a heartbreaker.his brother was really a heartbreaker.how handsome he is!he is a handsome boy.Jane is a knockout.she is a knockout.she looks so beautiful.he has a beautiful mother.早熟,早恋precious, puppy love, calf lovesentence patterns:he is a precious boy.Emma is a precious girl.people think its puppy love.puppy love is a bad thing.calf love does harm for youngers.约会ask sb out, date, go out with sb, acquentment, keep sb company, get a date with, pick upsentence patterns:may i ask you out?he asked me out yesterday.shall we have a date?he asked me to go out with him together.could you go out with me tonight?shall we make an appointment?he would like to have an appointment with you.can Shelby come to keep me company?id like to keep you company.Almer is trying to get a date with her.he is to get a date with Miss. Wang.dont pick up a girl at random.向......求婚divorce, break upsentence patterns:i dont want to divorce him.lets be divorced.he cant recover from breaking up with you.breaking up is a hard thing.感情不和cheat on, falling out, be disloyal to sbsentence patterns:his wife is cheating on him.they had a falling out.we cant make up with the falling out.the couples should not be disloyal to each other.Tom was disloyal to his wife. /201207/189656瑞金去除红色胎记费用

赣州俪人整形美容医院日晒斑怎么样主持人Mike Bond和杨琳带你走进他们幽默搞怪的日常生活,带你边玩边学地道美语!今天杨琳的朋友露露来办公室玩儿,但是Mike又误会了……误会了什么呢?1. Have an instant connection 一见如故,瞬间来电;2. PDA -- Public display of affection 在公开场合亲昵的行为;3. On someones case 抱怨/唠叨某人;4. Get out of here. 不会吧,太不可思议了!;5.Touchy-feely 感情过于外露,喜欢肢体接触,一般带有贬义 /201310/257401 赣州哪里去痣好赣州哪里打玻尿酸



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