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哈尔滨妇幼保健医院有四维彩超吗哈尔滨乳腺炎治疗妇科医院The earliest known Mayan calendar has been found in an ancient house in Guatemala and it offers no hint that the world#39;s end is imminent, researchers said Thursday.研究人员上周四称,考古学家在危地马拉的一处遗址中发现了已知最古老的玛雅历法,里面并未提到2012年是世界末日。Rather, the painted room in the residential complex at Xultun was likely the place where the town scribe kept records, scrawling computations on the walls in an effort to find ;harmony between sky events and sacred rituals,; said the study in the journal Science.《科学》期刊上的一篇研究报告称,序顿雨林中的这处住宅遗址的墙壁上画有壁画,这里很可能是城镇的抄写员做记录的地方,他在墙壁上潦草地计算着,试图找到“天象和神祭之间的和谐”。The hieroglyphs date back to the ninth century, making them hundreds of years older than the calendars in the Maya Codices, which were recorded in bark-paper books from 1300 to 1521.这些象形文字可以追溯到九世纪,比玛雅刻本历法提早了数百年。玛雅刻本于公元1300年到1521年记载在树皮纸做的书上。Some appear to be the 365-day solar calendar, the 584-day cycle of the planet Venus and the 780-day cycle of Mars, said archaeologist William Saturno of Boston University, who led the exploration and excavation.率领探勘挖掘的波士顿大学考古学家威廉姆-萨图诺表示,其中一些符号似乎是365天的太阳历,584天的金星周期及780天的火星周期。According to Saturno, the writing looks like someone#39;s attempt to sort out a very long math problem, as if on a blackboard.萨图诺表示,书写痕迹看起来像是有人试图在黑板上整理出很长的数学问题。;For the first time we get to see what may be actual records kept by a scribe, whose job was to be official record keeper of a Maya community,; Saturno said.他说:“我们第一次见到可能是抄写人员留下的真实记录,其工作就是玛雅社会的官方记录员。”;The ancient Maya predicted the world would continue, that 7,000 years from now, things would be exactly like this,; he added.他补充说:“古老玛雅预言世界会延续下去,即7000年后情况就像现在一样。”;We keep looking for endings. The Maya were looking for a guarantee that nothing would change. It#39;s an entirely different mindset.;“我们一直在寻找世界末日,玛雅则力寻一切都不会变的保,心态完全不同。”Furthermore, there is no sign that the much-hyped myth that the Mayan calendar would end in 2012, and with it the world, has any bearing in reality.此外,大肆炒作的玛雅历法将在2012年结束,以及世界末日会随之到来的说法都没有现实依据。All that ended in 2012 was one of its calendar cycles, said co-author Anthony Aveni, professor of astronomy and anthropology at Colgate University.研究合著者、科尔盖特大学天文学兼人类学教授安东尼-艾凡尼表示,在2012年结束的只是其中一个历法周期。;It#39;s like the odometer of a car, with the Maya calendar rolling over from the 120,000s to 130,000,; said Aveni.艾凡尼说:“玛雅历法就像汽车的里程表从12万公里翻到了13万公里。”;The car gets a step closer to the junkyard as the numbers turn over; the Maya just start over,; he added.“随着数字的升级,汽车离报废又近了一步,但玛雅历法只是又重新开始了。” /201205/182019哈尔滨医大一医院不孕不育科 Obviously, when you end things with your a-hole, jerky ex, all you wanna do is talk about what a jerky a-hole he is. But before you launch into a tirade about his emotional unavailability, check out these expert tips on the etiquette of what not to say after your relationship is dunzo-at least for your own sake。当你跟极品前任分手后,显然最想做的莫过于到处谈论他到底是怎样一个极品。但是,在你唾沫四溅地数落他情感无能前,还是先看看下面这些内行建议,注意分手后哪些事不该再提——就当是为你自己好吧。1. He was broke。他是个穷屌丝。Everyone has a different lifestyle and just because he couldn#39;t match yours, that doesn#39;t mean he#39;s a bad guy-or even cheap. Don#39;t sound high maintenance by complaining about his lack of funds。每个人都有各自生活方式,不要因为他跟你不在同一档次,就狭隘认为他很挫或很穷。不要抱怨人家是屌丝,搞得自己多么“白富美”似的。2. Everything he thought/did/said was terrible。他简直一无是处。Even though you broke up, you shouldn#39;t systematically annihilate of every good thing he did or every good time you had. If someone brings up a great memory of the two of you, take a deep breath and avoid the urge to say, ;Yeah, but what about the time he did [insert something horrible here].; And definitely don#39;t badmouth your ex to the max in front of your new man. If your current BF thinks you may still have strong-even strongly negative-feelings for your past guy, he may wonder if you#39;ve actually moved on。就算已经分手,也不要决绝地抹杀掉他的优点,或你俩在一起时的快乐时光。要是有人说起你们俩,可以试着深呼吸,不要冲口就抱怨“哼,可他做的那些挫事……”;而且,千万不要在现任男友面前肆意诋毁前任,要不然现任男友或许会想:到现在还对那家伙咬牙切齿,你是不是根本就没忘记他呢?3. He was always a jerk。他就是个混球。Well, then why did you date him for X number of months or even years? Saying this just makes you look bad, and worse, bitter. Sure, it#39;s always important to look back and see if there were any red flags you missed-so you can be well aware of what to look for next time-but you don#39;t need to broadcast all the warning signs to everyone you know。既然他是个混球,那你还跟他谈了几个月甚至几年的恋爱?说出这两个字眼只会让别人觉得你更傻更心酸。自然,分手后有必要反省自己是否忽视了某些危险信号,以免下次再犯同样错误,但你完全没必要把你俩之间的问题广而告之。4. You still love him。你还爱着他。We all go through heartache and have experienced a breakup. Telling anyone that you still love him will only prolong the healing. Fake it till you make it. Reframe this to something like, ;We had a good run, and I wish him the best.; Even if you don#39;t。谁都遇到过心碎和分手。如果逢人就说你还爱着他,这只会让伤痛更弥久漫长。假装你已经不在乎他了吧!这样慢慢就会真的忘记他。要跟自己说:“我们毕竟有过快乐时光。希望他以后一切都好吧。” 哪怕你根本不想祝他幸福。5. Anything super embarrassing about your ex。他的超级糗事。If you#39;re willing to share awful story after awful story about your ex, what does this say to your pals or your current man?如果你总是无休止地讲述前任的囧闻糗事,那你想让朋友或现任男友忍受到什么时候呢?6. Anything he told you in absolute confidence。他的绝对秘密。In that same vein, don#39;t show you#39;re untrustworthy by spilling major secrets about your ex#39;s family, childhood, what have you. However bitterly things ended, the fact is that you were in an intimate relationship with this person. Often, because he#39;s an ;ex; you may rationalize that any oaths made are off the table but keeping promises and living with integrity is just a good way to lead your life。同理,不要泄露前任家庭、童年或其他方面的秘密,搞得自己很不值得信任。不论分手多么痛苦,也不要忘了:至少曾经你和他非常亲密。有时候因为他已经是“前任”,你会理所当然认为你和他之间的所有承诺都已作废——但是,遵守承诺、正直诚恳才是美好生活的王道。7. Qualities that you loved about your ex。他身上那些你喜欢的优点。Some people have the opposite problem when it comes to exes and find themselves gushing about the awesome things he did, gifts he gave you, how he made you feel special, blah blah blah. For the sake of any new relationship you might be forming, and your own sanity, get your mind-and mouth-out of the past。相反,有些人一想起前任就会呱啦呱啦说起他做了哪些有趣的事情、送过什么样的礼物,或他如何让自己觉得独一无二等等。顾及到目前的新恋情以及你的理智,还是控制好自己的思绪和嘴巴吧。8. How much your parents loved him。你父母如何喜欢他。When you take a new guy to meet your folks, don#39;t prime him by comparing how your exes fared with your family-especially if your mom and dad loved someone you previously dated. The guy is probably nervous enough trying to live up to your (and their) expectations-he doesn#39;t need the ghost of your ex-bf taunting him, too。当你带新任男友见你父母时,最好不要预先告诉他你的前任来见家长[微]时如何如何——尤其是不要告诉他你的父母多么喜欢你的前任。为了达到你或你父母的期望,新任男友相比已经够紧张了,又何苦还要遭受你前任阴影的折磨呢?9. Negative qualities your ex had that your current guy has。和现任男友相同的缺点。If you really want to piss your current boyfriend off, mention that something he does that you totally hate reminds you of your ex. This kind of comment never leads to anything positive, trust us。如果你就是想把现任男友气走,那就跟他说:你让我想起了前任,你俩都有同样的毛病!相信我,这么说的话,你绝对不会看到好脸色的。 /201507/388638哈尔滨阿城市妇幼保健院无痛人流要多少钱

哈尔滨市南岗区妇产医院做药物流产多少钱松北区做人工授精多少钱 You have to be a smaller size. You have to burn more fat. You have to tighten your butt, firm your abs, fit into those skinny jeans, and do it all in 3 weeks! That just sucks。你得穿更小尺码的衣,你得燃烧更多的脂肪。为了在3个星期内能够穿上紧身牛仔裤,你咬牙拼命减肥收臀紧腹?真没劲If you’re tired of hearing all of this, and hearing it over and over again, maybe you need to stand your ground, rebel, and go against the tide. You are so much more than just a size or a number, but living in a culture that’s beauty- and body- image-obsessed isn’t easy. In fact, it’s downright painful, especially if you’re not a size 2.如果你已经厌倦一而再再而三听到这些,或许是时候站起来反抗了。你是个大活人,凭什么用身材尺码来评判你?但是,生活在这个以貌取人、不惜一切追求美丽的社会里,也确实不容易。对于体型不完美的人来说,更加悲催。Most of us weren’t even born that small! If you’re tired of feeling bad, especially around this time of year when the weather’s warming up and everyone is talking bikinis maybe you do need a new look, but this one should have nothing to do with your weight, size or shape。更何况,很多人生来就是大尺码啊!可是你又不希望心情总是这么糟糕,尤其是现在天气渐渐变热,大家都在讨论穿什么样的比基尼,所以你也想改变一下形象——但是,这并不意味着你必须改变体重、尺码或体型哦。This look takes cultivating what’s on the inside. It means being fearless about who you are both inside and out. It means standing up and screaming at the top of your lungs, “I’m not going to drop a jean size to be acceptable and valued, I’m actually perfect just the way I am!”改变也可以是指内在气质的培养。也就是说,你得学会从里而外地接受自己,你得站起来大声宣布“我才不要为了穿上紧身牛仔裤去减肥,我喜欢自己现在的样子!”Here’s a few tips on how to begin:下面就告诉你该如何去做:1. Know your heart了解自己的内心We’re paying more attention to external issues than we are to our hearts. That’s why people are dying out there: if we spent half as much time noticing and tending to our hearts, we would be a lot healthier emotionally. Think about how much time the fashion industry, the food industry and the cosmetic industry pay to convince you that you’re not OK, and most people buy into it, hook, line, and sinker. How do I know? Because I buy it way too often as well. Invest in your heart—know your value and change your world。我们对外在的关注总是多于对内心的呵护。所以很多人都会在这个症结上摔跟头。如果我们匀出一半精力关注并呵护我们的内心的话,我们的心理要健康得多。想想时尚圈、食品业及化妆业花了多大精力让你觉得自己“很逊”来着?可还是有很多人上钩——咬钩、上线、中招。我是怎么知道的?因为我也上过很多次当啊!所以,还是投资自己的内心吧——去了解你的价值,然后作出改变。2. Cultivate it修养身心How do you tend to your heart? By paying attention to what’s happening to it as the losses of life unfold. By feeding it with good kind things. By spending time with yourself and learning who you are and what your strengths are。你将怎样呵护内心呢?当在生活中吃亏时,请关注内心的感受吧;请用美好来浇灌它吧;请花时间跟自己相处、了解自己并发掘自己的优点吧。3. Be Fearless勇敢无畏Find your strengths and you’ll become fearless. Utilize the gifts you’ve been given, and impact your world with them. Be humble. Be a friend. Be generous. Give your heart away, and lead others。当发现自己的优点时,你会变得勇敢无惧。请利用你的天分好好改变自己的生活。要谦逊,要友善,要大方,要用自己的内心感染他人。4. Love strong爱坚不可摧Pay attention to the one thing that’s most important in your life: those you love. Don’t let your concern for your size, your weight or your body image rob you of life. Don’t let it steal time away from those you love because you’re so preoccupied with all that mess. Risk. Step out. Say good-bye to the old way and dare to try something new. You’ll feel so much better。关注你生活中最重要的——那些你所爱的。别让对身材体重的烦恼侵吞你的生活,别让它霸占你宝贵的时间,别为这些烦恼把一切搞得乱七八糟。——很危险,赶紧跳出来吧!跟旧的生活方式说再见,尝试一些新的东西吧。你会感觉好很多!5. Be grateful心怀感恩It’s hard to be grateful for something you loathe. My clients with eating disorders and body image concerns can’t generally find one thing to like about their physical appearance, but I challenge them to risk looking beyond what they see and begin to cultivate an attitude of gratefulness for what their physical body allows them to do. Hold a child. Run a marathon. Write a poem. Play an instrument. Touch a loved one. Start small, but start somewhere。讨厌的人和事物,又怎么会感恩呢?我的客户饮食失调、为身材苦恼,对自己的外貌没有一处不讨厌,但是我要求他们试试换个角度看待自己,尽可能以感恩的心态对待自己的外貌。试着抱抱小孩,跑一场马拉松,写一首小诗,学一门乐器或抚慰所爱的人,随时从小处做起。6. Stop Comparing停止攀比Don’t look at the girl at the gym, the guy on the magazine or the hot chick at the beach to judge yourself. Start thinking about your strengths, your attributes. If you feed yourself a steady diet of garbage, that’s how you’re going to feel—like garbage。别总是拿自己跟健身馆女孩、杂志模特或沙滩女郎作比较。多想想自己的优点和气质。要是你总是吃垃圾食品,你自己也会不知不觉觉得自己档次很低。At the end of the day, only one thing is necessary to revolt against the societal norms that demand we be thin to be valued: choice. The choice to ignore the cultural mandates and set the world on fire just as you are. A choice to live, really live a full and abundant life where you’re content with who you are, not what you look like. Go get ‘em!最后,我们对抗社会上“苗条即美貌”偏见的办法就是——做出选择。选择无视社会偏见,走自己的路,让别人犯傻去吧!选择用心经营丰富多姿的生活,为自己感到骄傲,不再为相貌烦恼。拿出行动来吧! /201508/391163哈尔滨输卵管疏通要多少钱

呼兰区中医医院专家推荐Eating less #39;can boost your brain and help you remember more#39;吃得少能刺激大脑智力 帮你提高 Eating less could help you remember more, researchers have found.有研究者发现,吃得少能提高。Skipping dessert and having an after-dinner coffee instead could also be good for your brain, as well as your waistline.放弃餐后甜点,来一杯餐后咖啡,有益于你的脑子,也有助于控制你的腰围。The news comes from an Italian study into lsquo;calorific restrictionrsquo; ndash; the idea that near-starvation rations boost health and extend life.这样的说法来自于一个意大利的关于;卡路里限制;的研究,而研究显示,接近饥饿的食物配给能有助于促进健康和延长寿命。Scientists have long known of the phenomenon, but have struggled to work out just what it is about severely cutting calories that improves health.科学家们在很久以前就得知这种现象,但通过近期的努力钻研,科学家们才知晓大量减少卡路里能增进身体健康到底是怎么一回事。Researcher Giovambattista Pani decided to focus on a protein called CREB1 that is known to be important to memory and learning.科学家Giovambattista Pani决定对一种名为CREB1的蛋白质作针对性研究,而这种蛋白质对于学习能力和记忆能力是十分重要的。In experiments on mice, he showed that cutting calories boosted learning if the animals could still make CREB1. He also showed that cutting calories boosts the amount of the protein made in the brain. The animalsrsquo; calorie count was only cut by 25 to 30 per cent. In human terms, this equates to about 600 calories a day.在老鼠的实体试验中,他发现在老鼠大脑持续产出CREB1的情况下,减少卡路里能增加记忆能力。同时,他也得出,减少卡路里也能促进大脑细胞数量的增长。实验中只是让小白鼠减少25-30%的卡路里摄入,而在人体内,这相当于每天减少600卡路里。A cup of tea or coffee may also be beneficial, with studies crediting caffeine with upping the amount of CREB1 made in the body. The work by Dr Pani, of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome is detailed in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.研究显示,咖啡因能让身体多产CREB1蛋白质。那么,喝一杯茶,或是品一杯咖啡会是非常有益。这个研究项目由罗马圣心天主教大学的Pani士负责,该研究的具体细节刊登在《国家科学院学报》的期刊论文上。Dr Pani said: lsquo;It is just 25 to 30 per cent fewer calories. It is like not eating a cake at the end of the meal. This gives us a tool to better investigate this brain circuitry and try to figure out more drugs that do the same. We are trying a couple of compounds right now on animals but it is at a very preliminary stage.Pani士表示:;这项实验仅仅需要减少25-30%的卡路里,只是让你感觉像是没吃餐后甜点一样。这为我们提供了更好的研究大脑路径的方法,我们也尝试找出更多的药物减少卡路里,提高记忆。我们即将在活体上尝试几种复合物,但这还停留在非常初步的阶段。;Keeping the brain young could be of huge value in an ageing population. Alzheimer#39;s and other forms of dementia affect more than 800,000 Britons, and the number expected to double in a generation.在人口老龄化的今天,保持大脑活性将拥有巨大的价值。阿尔茨海默氏症以及其它形式的痴呆症影响着超过80万英国人,而下一代患痴呆症的人数将会是上述数据的两倍。Dr Pani said: lsquo;Our findings identify for the first time an important mediator of the effects of diet on the brain. This discovery has important implications to develop future therapies to keep our brain young and prevent brain degeneration and the ageing process. Our hope is to find a way to activate CREB1, for example through new drugs, so to keep the brain young without the need of a strict diet.rsquo;Pani士表示:;我们的研究第一次确认了饮食习惯对大脑产生影响的中介物质。这次的发现意义重大,我们可以研发出创新疗法,让我们的大脑保持活性,还能防止大脑衰退和老龄化进程。我们希望寻求一种激活CREB1蛋白质的方法,例如通过新药(而不是制定严格的饮食计划)就能让大脑保持活性。; /201112/165832 哈尔滨市红十字医院有四维彩超吗哈尔滨阳光女子最好的无痛人流价格



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