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10.Whats your name, please?请问你叫什么名字?还可说成:May I have your name, please?Can you tell me your name?应用:name 常用的意思有: 外号,绰号;名胜,名誉;提名,任命;给…取名,给…命名。例如: His actions have given him a good name. 他的行为给他带来了好名声。11.Whats your job?你是做什么工作的?还可说成:What do yo do?What kind of job do you do?应用:do the job 起效果,凑效; as poor as job 一贫如洗; just the job 正是想要的; out of a job 失业; on the job 正在工作,上班12.I am a teacher.我是一名教师。还可说成:I work in a school.My job is to teach student.13.How can I contact you?能留下你的联系方式吗?还可说成:Can you give me your contact information?May I have your telephone number and address?应用:keep in touch with get in touch with 保持联系; establish contact with 取得联系; lose contact with 失去联系14.You look like one of my friends.你看起来像是我的一个朋友。还可说成:You look like someone I know.You look so familiar.应用:look through 浏览,查看;look over 检查,复习;look out 当心,注意;警惕,查出,找出; look after 照料照顾,注意;look forward to 盼望,期待 /201209/198498I dont even have time to catch my breath.我连喘口气的工夫都没有。catch my breath 是喘息,歇口气今天分享的这个句子是“Im killing it !”,意为“Im doing it extremely well我做得太赞了,我打败它了,我做得太棒了”.精台词:As new owner ,Im killing it .作为新老板,我赞爆了!双语例句:How s your new job? 你的新工作干得如何?Well, Im killing it !嗯,我做得很赞哦!John s playing game on his iphone ,I think hes killing it .约翰正在iphone上玩游戏,他打得太棒了。今天分享的这个词组是“roomie ”,意为“室友roommate ”.精台词:Hey , roomies .嘿,室友们!双语例句:Shes my roomie.她是我的室友。Im gonna hang out with my roomies tonight. 今晚我会和室友们待一块儿。 /201411/341795

Akane: Hi, Ruth!茜:你好,鲁斯!Ruth: Oh, hi.鲁斯:哦,你好。Akane: So, what did you do today?茜:你今天都做什么了?Ruth: Thats a good question. Actually, today, I went to the onsen.鲁斯:这是个好问题。实际上我今天去泡温泉了。Akane: Oh, the onsen. Whats an onsen?茜:哦,温泉。温泉是什么?Ruth: An onsen is a public bath and people go there, basically just to sit in hot water, and its, its a bit like a spa and its really relaxing. You just sit there and dont do anything really because its so warm. Its really nice.鲁斯:温泉就是公共浴室,人们去那里只是坐在热水里,就像水疗一样,非常放松。你只要坐在那里,什么都不用做,因为那里非常温暖。是个非常不错的地方。Akane: Oh, OK. Well, what did you think about it?茜:哦,好的。嗯,你觉得那怎么样?Ruth: I really enjoyed myself. Id never been to an onsen before, so today was my first experience and I am quite British and you have to go in with no clothes on so I was a little bit concerned about that, but it went OK.鲁斯:我非常享受。我以前从来没有去过温泉,所以今天是我第一次去,我是个传统的英国人,可是在温泉里什么都不能穿,所以我有点担心,不过现在看来还不错。Akane: Oh, OK. Well, are you going to tell your friends and family that you did that?茜:哦,好。嗯,你会告诉你的朋友和家人你去温泉了吗?Ruth: Um, I think probably I will tell them, and I think they might listen to this actually, so鲁斯:嗯,我可能会告诉他们吧,我想他们可能会想听,所以……Akane: And how do you think theyll feel about that?茜:你认为他们会怎么想?Ruth: Theyll probably think its really funny. Yeah, I think theyll laugh.鲁斯:他们可能认为那很有趣。嗯,我想他们会笑的。Akane: OK, well, actually, Ive been to an onsen too before.茜:好吧,实际上我以前也去过温泉。Ruth: Oh, really!鲁斯:哦,真的吗?Akane: Yes I have. I actually, do really enjoy it. I think its very relaxing. If you go to the big onsens, they have lots of different kinds of baths and one of them is called the ;Electric Bath; and when you go into it you feel little tiny electric shocks and its supposed to be good to increase your blood circulation, apparently.茜:是啊,我去过。实际上,我非常享受。我认为那令人很放松。如果你去大的温泉,他们会有许多种不同的温泉池,其中就有一种“电热浴池”,你进去以后会感到轻微的电击,显然这对你的血液循环有好处。Ruth: Does it hurt?鲁斯:那会疼吗?Akane: When I went into that one I was very little, so I thought it hurt and I didnt really like it.茜:我去那里的时候非常小,我觉得有点疼,所以我不是很喜欢。 译文属 /201409/329622

Kaz: Hello, Im Kaz.卡兹:大家好,我是卡兹。Yang Li: And Im Yang Li. Hey Kaz, youre looking very happy today, whats up - whats happened?杨丽:我是杨丽。卡兹,你今天看起来很高兴,怎么了,发生了什么?Kaz: Well Li, you know that singing competition I went in for?卡兹:丽,你知道我参加的那个歌唱比赛吗?Yang Li: Oh yes, the singing competition, what about it?杨丽:哦是的,那个歌唱比赛,怎么了?Kaz: Ah,I came first.卡兹:啊,我拿了第一名。Yang Li: You did? Congratulations! You came first in the singing competition! Wow! No wonder youre so happy.杨丽:你确定?恭喜!你竟然在歌唱比赛拿了第一名!哇!难怪你这么高兴。Kaz: I certainly am Li. Im feeling really chuffed.卡兹:我的确很高兴丽。我感觉很开心。Yang Li: Feeling really chuffed?杨丽:感觉非常开心?Kaz: Yes, Im feeling really chuffed - Im feeling really pleased with myself.卡兹:我感觉十分开心——我对自己很满意。Yang Li: Chuffed - so feeling chuffed, means feeling pleased with yourself?杨丽:“开心”,那么“感觉开心”意思就是对自己很满意?Kaz: Thats right.卡兹:说得对。Yang Li: So, for example, when I passed my driving test - many years ago - I felt chuffed with myself.杨丽:所以,比如,当我通过了驾照考试,多年之前,我对自己非常满意。Kaz: Im sure you did Li - Im sure you were really chuffed with yourself.卡兹:我确定你一定是的丽,我确定你当时对你自己非常满意。Yang Li: OK. So, to feel or to be chuffed about something means to be pleased with life - to be pleased with achieving something. Chuffed - I like the sound of it. Lets listen to some more examples:杨丽:好的。那么,“感觉”或者“处于”对某事很开心意思是对生活很满意,对达成某事很高兴。“开心的”——我喜欢这个词的发音。让我们来听更多的例子吧:I say Alice. Im feeling rather chuffed with my exam results. I got a distinction!我说爱丽丝。我对自己的考试成绩很满意。我获得了荣誉。Congratulations! Youve been promoted. You must be feeling well chuffed!恭喜!你升职了。你一定很开心!Shes lost four kilos, she must be very chuffed.她减掉了4公斤,她一定很开心。Yang Li: Kaz, in those examples, I noticed that you can say rather chuffed and well chuffed whats the difference?杨丽:卡兹,在这些例子里,我注意到你可以说“很开心”和“非常开心”,有什么区别呢?Kaz: Well spotted Li. Id say that rather chuffed is quite formal and perhaps even a little old fashioned.卡兹:发现得好丽。我觉得“很开心”十分的正式而且或许有一点过时。Yang Li: And well chuffed?杨丽:那“非常开心”呢?Kaz: Well chuffed is much more informal and more colloquial.卡兹:“非常开心”不太正式而且更通俗。Yang Li: Which one would you prefer then?杨丽:那你更喜欢哪个?Kaz: I think I prefer rather chuffed.卡兹:我觉得我更喜欢“很开心”。Yang Li: Well, I think we can be rather chuffed with ourselves today.杨丽:我觉得我们今天对自己很满意。Kaz: How so Li?卡兹:为什么这么说丽?Yang Li: Weve successfully completed another programme.杨丽:我们又一次成功地完成了节目。Both: Bye!一起:再见! /201402/275437

5. You can meet the personal loan term.您符合个人贷款条件。还能这样说:Your personal loan application is permitted.Your application of ;Persoanl Loan Scheme; is allowed.应用:at term 到期;be in terms 在谈判中;bring sb. to terms 使某人接受条件,使某人屈;come to terms 屈,妥协;达成协议6. The loan is refused by the bank.拒绝了这笔贷款。还能这样说:The bank doesnt agree to the loan.The loan application is refused.应用:refuse sb.s request 拒绝某人的要求;refuse payment 拒付;chemical refuse 化学垃圾7. Ill repay my mortgage in monthly installment.我将以分月付款方式偿还抵押贷款。还能这样说:I plan to repay the loan in monthly installments on mortgage.I will serve my loan against collateral in monthly installments.谚语:He who borrows to repay may borrow yet another day.好借好还再借不难。8. The loan needs to be cleared up in a month.这笔贷款还有一个月需要还清。还能这样说:I am going to be quit of the loan in a month.I am asked to pay off the loan in a month.应用:clear... of 从……扫清;clear off 完成,清理清算(债务);卖光;驱逐;逃掉;(雨)停;(云)散;clear oneself of 表白,洗清;clear out 扫出;卖出;把钱花光 /201307/249731

9. Whats this dish famous for?这道菜因什么而出名?还能这样说:Why is this dish so popular?What do this dish have great renown for?应用:a sweet dish 甜食;sample dish 样器碟;dish wheel 碟形砂轮10. What would you rather eat, tomato or mushrooms?想吃什么,西红柿还是蘑菇?还能这样说:Which food do you like better, tomato or mushroom?What do you want to eat, tomato or mushroom?谚语:Eat to live, but not live to eat.人吃饭是为了活着,但活着不是为了吃饭。11. I have a sweet tooth.我喜欢吃甜东西。还能这样说:I have a particular fondness for sweet food.I have a fancy for sweet things to eat.谚语:If you cant bite, never show your teeth.不能咬人就别呲牙。12. Do you have a in English?有英文的菜单吗?还能这样说:May I see a in English?Do you have an English ? /201403/282551莫文蔚(Karen Joy Morris,艺名Karen Mok),混血儿,香港歌手和演员,是歌、影、视的三栖艺人。莫文蔚拔萃书院毕业,会考后考取奖学金到意大利的ed World College of the Adriatic进修语文,1990年转英国进修意大利文学。1993年回港为星光唱片公司灌录唱片后,回英国读完最后一年大学。 /201409/324364

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