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SolarCity presents How oil power gets to youSolarCity巨献:石油能源到你家First a bunch of green organisms absorb the suns energy最早有一群古老的有机体吸收了太阳的能量just a few short hundreds of millions of years later people pressured them into oil受压短短几亿年后变成了石油next the old time ship get into the ground and shipped thousands of miles to refinery接着从地下被钻出之后,运了好几英里到达炼油厂where the oil freshly distilled in practicum to become gasoline经过蒸馏之后变成汽油and diesel sweating garlic sauce for 90 minutes, just kidding接着当做酱汁来淋煮章鱼九十分钟,我开玩笑的。from there the gasoline was pumped in massive trucks,接着这些汽油被很大的需要汽油的汽车which is even more gasoline to drive the other gasoline thousands of miles载到好几英里远之外,so the guy can pumped it back into the ground再放回地下保存just in time another guy to pump it out of the ground into his car接着又从地底下取出来,加到汽车里面and this is how solar power gets to you.而太阳能的来源就是这么简单SolarCity, power forever!SolarCity,永生能源!201701/486776This man who leads Europes fight against cybercrime believes so.这位领导欧洲抵抗网络犯罪的人认同这个说法The Tor network plays a role because it hides criminals.洋葱网络很重要的原因是它能隐藏犯罪I know it was not the intention,虽然我知道这并不是它的本意but thats the outcome and this is my job,但是事已至此 而我的工作to tell the society what is the trade-offs here.是告诉社会这其中的权衡By having no possibilities to penetrate this,在不可能渗透其中的情况下we will then secure criminals这将会保护犯罪分子that they can continue their crimes on a global network.如此一来他们就能在全球网络中继续实施犯罪And despite the success over Silk Road and others,尽管在打击丝绸之路和其他网站上取得了成功he is worried for the future.但他仍然为未来担忧Our detection rate is dropping. Its very simple.我们的侦测率在下降 原因很简单The business model of the criminal犯罪的运营模式is to make profit with low risk是以低风险获取利益and, here, you actually eliminate the risk而在这里 风险基本为零because there is no risk to get identified因为没有被识别身份的风险so either you have to screw up因此除非你搞砸了or be very unlucky as somebody rats you out.或者不幸被别人出卖了Otherwise, youre secure.否则你是很安全的So, if you run a tight operation,因此 如果你进行严格的操作its very, very difficult for the police to penetrate警察是难以发现你的so its risk-free crime.因此犯罪是无风险的So, does the anonymity offered by the Tor network那么洋葱网络提供的匿名encourage crime or simply displace it?是鼓励犯罪还是单单取代了它重点解释:1.play a role 起作用;扮演角色例句:In a way they played a vanguard role.在某种意义上说,他们起了先锋的作用。2.make profits 获利例句:The man privately admits that his motive is to make profit.那人私下承认他的动机是为了谋利。3.screw up 拧紧例句:No one sets out to screw up their life! 谁都不会成心破坏自己的生活。201704/502840

The worlds animal species are dying, and humans are a big reason why.世界上的动物物种正在灭亡,人类是重要的原因。The World Wildlife Funds Living Planet Report shows global populations of wild mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles declined 58 percent on average between 1970 and 2012.世界野生动物基金会的报告显示,全球的野生哺乳类、鱼类、鸟类、两栖类和爬行类动物的数量在1970到2012年间下降了百分之58。And its not stopping there. If 1970 is our baseline, the world is on track to lose an estimated two-thirds of its wild animal populations by 2020.而且并没有停止。如果1970年是我们的基线,到2020年世界将失去估计三分之二的野生动物。But the extinction rate shouldnt be a surprise. Well-known species like eastern and western Gorillas are both critically endangered. Poaching is decimating elephant populations. And you can count the number of northern white rhinos on one hand.但灭绝率不该是什么意外。众所周知的物种,如东部和西部的大猩猩都极度濒危。偷猎正在减少大象的数量。你可以用一只手数清北方白犀牛的数量。The declines are caused by habitat loss from urban development, over-hunting, pollution, disease and climate change,all of which are tied to humans.数量下降是由于城市发展带来的栖息地丧失、过度狩猎、污染、疾病以及气候变化,所有这些都与人类联系在一起。The point is this: Earth is becoming inhospitable,both to animals and to humans. The plus side? Were getting better at recognizing our negative contributions, and researchers say thats one of the ;first steps; to fixing the problem.关键的一点是:地球正变得不适合居住,对动物和人类都一样。另一方面,我们正更好的认识我们负面的影响,研究人员称,这是解决问题的“第一步”。译文属。201611/476168

Growing up, I didnt always understand why my parents made me follow the rules that they did.在成长的过程中,我并不总能理解为何我的父母让我遵循他们所遵循的规矩。Like, why did I really have to mow the lawn?比如,为什么我非要修剪草坪?Why was homework really that important?为什么家庭作业就这么重要?Why couldnt I put jelly beans in my oatmeal?为什么不能把软糖放在燕麦里边?My childhood was abound with questions like this.我的童年充斥着类似的问题。Normal things about being a kid and realizing that sometimes,这在孩童时期很正常,并且我意识到有的时候,it was best to listen to my parents even when I didnt exactly understand why.最好还是听父母的话,即使你并不理解为何他们要你这么做。And its not that they didnt want me to think critically.并不是他们不希望我能够批判的思考。Their parenting always sought to reconcile the tension他们的教育方式总是寻求缓解矛盾,between having my siblings and I understand the realities of the world,让我和我的兄弟在看清现实世界的同时,while ensuring that we never accepted the status quo as inevitable.确保我们不会屈从于不可避免的现状。I came to realize that this, in and of itself, was a very purposeful form of education.我意识到这种方式本身是一种很有意义的教育。One of my favorite educators, Brazilian author and scholar Paulo Freire,我最爱的教育家之一,巴西作家和学者保罗·弗莱雷,speaks quite explicitly about the need for education to be used as a tool for critical awakening and shared humanity.曾公开说过对教育的需求要成为批判性意识和共享人性的工具。In his most famous book, ;Pedagogy of the Oppressed,;在他最著名的《被压迫者教育学》一书中,he states, ;No one can be authentically human while he prevents others from being so.;他指出,“当一个人要阻止他人成为人时,他就不算是个真正意义上的人。”Ive been thinking a lot about this lately, this idea of humanity,最近,我对这种人性的观点进行了很多思考,and specifically, who in this world is afforded the privilege of being perceived as fully human.特别是那些人,在这个世界上被赋予了特权成为了完整的人。Over the course of the past several months, the world has watched as unarmed black men, and women,在过去的几个月,在全世界的注目下,手无寸铁的黑人男子与妇女,have had their lives taken at the hands of police and vigilante.被警察和民间武装夺走了生命。These events and all that has transpired after them have brought me back to my own childhood这些事件所产生的影响,让我想起了我的童年,and the decisions that my parents made about raising a black boy in America以及我父母关于在美国抚养一个黑人孩子所作出的决定,that growing up, I didnt always understand in the way that I do now.在成长的过程中,我从未像现在这样理解他们的决定。I think of how hard it must have been, how profoundly unfair it must have felt for them我能想象当他们为了让我们能够在夜晚平安的回到家里,to feel like they had to strip away parts of my childhood just so that I could come home at night.而不得不剥夺我们的部分童年是多么艰难和不公平。For example, I think of how one night, when I was around 12 years old, on an overnight field trip to another city,例如,我想到在我12岁时,在去往另一个城市郊游的夜晚,my friends and I bought Super Soakers and turned the hotel parking lot into our own water-filled battle zone.我和朋友们都带了水,并把旅馆的停车场变成了水战场。We hid behind cars, running through the darkness that lay between the streetlights, boundless laughter ubiquitous across the pavement.我们躲在车后面,在街灯间的黑暗中穿梭,笑声传遍了整条街道。But within 10 minutes, my father came outside, grabbed me by my forearm and led me into our room with an unfamiliar grip.但还不到10分钟,我的父亲就走了出来,反常地紧紧抓住我的前臂,把我拉回到了房间。Before I could say anything, tell him how foolish he had made me look in front of my friends, he derided me for being so naive.在我还没来得及开口告诉他,他这么做让我在朋友面前多丢脸,他就开始嗤笑我太天真。Looked me in the eye, fear consuming his face, and said,他一脸后怕地看着我的眼睛说,;Son, Im sorry, but you cant act the same as your white friends.“儿子,我很抱歉,但是你不能像你的白人朋友那样。You cant pretend to shoot guns. You cant run around in the dark.你不能假装自己在开。你不能在夜里乱跑。You cant hide behind anything other than your own teeth.;一旦出事你没人可以保护你。”I know now how scared he must have been, how easily I could have fallen into the empty of the night,我现在知道了他当时是多么的害怕,我可能很容易就倒在这空荡荡的黑夜中,that some man would mistake this water for a good reason to wash all of this away.让别人把这水中的水,当做一个好的借口来清除掉我。These are the sorts of messages Ive been inundated with my entire life:我的一生都淹没在这些信息中:Always keep your hands where they can see them, dont move too quickly, take off your hood when the sun goes down.把你的手放在他们能够看到的地方,动作不要太快,晚上把你的帽子摘下来。My parents raised me and my siblings in an armor of advice,我的父母为我和兄弟装备了一系列告诫,an ocean of alarm bells so someone wouldnt steal the breath from our lungs, so that they wouldnt make a memory of this skin.这无数警告只为我们能够平安活下来,而不需要因为肤色付出代价。So that we could be kids, not casket or concrete.这样我们才是活生生的孩子,而不是棺材或墓碑。And its not because they thought it would make us better than anyone else, its simply because they wanted to keep us alive.这并不是因为他们想让我们比别的孩子更优秀,他们只希望我们平安地活着。All of my black friends were raised with the same message, the talk,我所有的黑人朋友都在同样的信息和谈话中成长,given to us when we became old enough to be mistaken for a nail y to be hammered to the ground,当我们到了能够轻易被人按倒在地上的年龄时,when people made our melanin synonymous with something to be feared.当人们把我们的肤色与恐惧对应起来时。But what does it do to a child, to grow up knowing that you cannot simply be a child?但是这么做对孩子的影响是什么,当在孩童时期就知道自己不能成为一个真正的孩子?That the whims of adolescence are too dangerous for your breath, that you cannot simply be curious,青春期的冲动会危及你的生命,你无法再有好奇心,that you are not afforded the luxury of making a mistake,你没有资格犯错误,that someones implicit bias might be the reason you dont wake up in the morning.某人似有若无的偏见就可能是你没法活到第二天的原因。But this cannot be what defines us.但是这些并不是定义我们的因素。Because we have parents who raised us to understand that our bodies werent meant for the backside of a bullet,因为我们的父母让我们知道,我们的身体并不意味着弹靶子,but for flying kites and jumping rope, and laughing until our stomachs burst.而意味着可以去放风筝和跳绳,并且笑到肚子疼。We had teachers who taught us how to raise our hands in class, and not just to signal surrender,我们的老师教会我们在课堂上举手发言,而不是举起双手以示投降,and that the only thing we should give up is the idea that we arent worthy of this world.我们唯一应该摒弃的观念,就是我们不配在这个世界上生存。So when we say that black lives matter, its not because others dont,我们说黑人的生命很重要,并不是因为别人的生命无关紧要,its simply because we must affirm that we are worthy of existing without fear, when so many things tell us we are not.只是因为我们必须在一切都否定我们的时候,还能无畏无惧的生存下去。I want to live in a world where my son will not be presumed guilty the moment he is born,我想生活在这样一个世界,在那里,我的孩子不需要一出生就被假定有罪,where a toy in his hand isnt mistaken for anything other than a toy.在那里,孩子手上的玩具不会被误认为是其他东西。And I refuse to accept that we cant build this world into something new,我拒绝承认我们不能够让这个世界变得更美好,some place where a childs name doesnt have to be written on a t-shirt, or a tombstone,在这个世界,一个孩子的名字不需要被印在T恤或者被刻在墓碑上,where the value of someones life isnt determined by anything other than the fact that they had lungs,一个人的生命价值不由除了呼吸之外的任何其他因素决定,a place where every single one of us can breathe. Thank you.一个我们每个人都能自由呼吸的地方。谢谢。201706/514211

  Here he is, the standard-issue freedom fighter of imagination他是人们印象中自由斗士的代表The ;giveem hell; whiskers, the ;save me, Jesus; eyes,the hamstrings from hell.他有着令人生畏的胡须 乞求拯救的双眼 孔武有力的双腿Weve not a clue, of course,whether william Wallace lookeld remotely like this当然 我们并不知道 历史上的威廉·华莱士是否真是这样Any more than we know whether he could have stood in for Mel Gibson who immortalised him in ;Braveheart;.是否比我们所熟知的 梅尔·吉布森在电影《勇敢的心》当中 塑造的不朽形象更加伟大But Wallace is one of those larger-than-life figures whose epic romance refuses to go away.但华莱士确是一位划时代的伟人 他那史诗般的传奇流传至今It just grows, to match this extraordinary monument to him dominating the Stirling skyline.日益深入人心 如同这座宏伟的纪念碑 直冲斯特林的天际Theres no doubt, of course, that Wallace did count,毫无疑问 华莱士是那段历史中不可抹去的一笔that his brief but incredibly dramatic intervention in the wars between England and Scotland他在英格兰与苏格兰的交战中 短暂而又戏剧性的干预did change the course of British history.改变了英国历史的进程If only to show that the armies of Edward I were not invincible at all times and in all places.他让人们意识到 爱德华一世的军队 并非时刻都所向披靡Beyond that, Wallace was one of the few Scots who never at any stage paid homage to Edward,除此之外 华莱士还是为数不多的几个 从未向爱德华妥协的苏格兰人remaining loyal to king John Balliol.他们对约翰·贝列尔君王一直忠心耿耿More gentleman turned outlaw than peasant man of the glens,Wallace wasnt a one-man war either.不光那些乡野之士 更多绅士贵族揭竿而起 华莱士并非是在孤身奋战By mid-1297, all Scotland was on the boil.到1297年中 苏格兰群情激奋North of the Forth,Andrew Murray matched or even surpassed him by leading a wild and brilliant guerrilla war.在弗斯河北部 安德鲁·默里指挥了一场辉煌的游击战 影响一度超过了华莱士 /201610/473840

  Welcome back to the Baby Games!欢迎回到宝宝奥运!Weve got it all for you--the struggles...or the intensity...the triumph!我们带给您所有精时刻--各种艰辛...或慷慨激昂...胜利的喜悦!First up, gymnastics. The American...working it. Just look at that concentration.首先,体操项目。美国队...完成。看看那专注力。Ten-meter toddle, one of the marquee events at any Baby Game. And there they go!十米宝宝乱跑,任何宝宝奥运中最重要的项目之一。选手们出发了!China running away with it! Oh! Looks like hes stuck on the line.中国队领先拉开差距!噢!他似乎困在终点线了。And here comes Argentina on the outside. But China does it, for gold!阿根廷队从外侧跑来。不过中国队做到了,夺得金牌!Back to gymnastics. Japan on the rings.回到体操,日本队挑战吊环。Pressure has never been higher. What an effort!这是前所未见的巨大压力。令人钦佩的尝试!Now the American. The dismount—nailed it. Gold for the U.S.现在换美国队。下环动作--成功完成!金牌颁给了美国队。Over to weightlifting. Argentina—can they do it?来到举重项目。阿根廷队--他们能否成功?Oh, and its a heartbreaking result. Germany just showboating.噢,是个令人心碎的结果。德国队只是在炫耀技巧。Now onto our final event, the three-hurdle toddle.现在进到我们的最终赛事,三跨栏宝宝乱跑。And there they go. A little unorthodox. France...having some trouble, on the last hurdle.选手们出发。有一点点不符合常规。法国队...碰上一些麻烦了,在最后一个跨栏。Oh, and its incredible! Its gold for France!喔,真是太不可思议了!法国队夺得金牌!Watch all your favorite Olympic moments on the Olympic channel, where the Games never end.在奥运频道上观看所有您最喜欢的奥运时刻,在这里赛事永远不会结束。201706/512045。

  In this American English pronunciation , were going to go over how to pronounce the word AT in a sentence.I love reductions.在这节美式英语发音课上,我们将要学习句子中的单词“at”如何发音。我爱略读。As you probably know, there are lots of words in American English that will sound different in the context of a sentence then they do on their own.你们可能知道,美式英语里面面有很多单词,在句子中的发音和单独发音有所不同。AT is one of these words. On its own, it has the AA as in BAT vowel and the true T.At.(loop two times)“at”就是这样一个单词。单独发音时,它是“bat”中的aa元音和清音T。“at”(循环两次)But in a sentence, it will often reduce to the schwa vowel. The final T will either be a stop T or a flap T depending on the next sound.但是在一句话中,它经常略读为弱读音。而结尾的“t”则根据后面单词的发音来决定是停顿T还是闪音T。If the next sound is a consonant, then it will be a stop T.If the next sound is a vowel or a diphthong, then it will be a flap T.如果后面单词的首字母是辅音,则是停顿T。如果是元音或者双元音,则是闪音T。Lets take a look at some sentence fragments.我们来看一些句子片段。First, at my(loop two times). The word after the word at begins with the M consonant. So the T here is a stop T.At (loop four times), at my(loop two times).首先,“at my”(循环两次)。单词“at”后面的词首字母是辅音M,因此这里是停顿T。“at”(循环四次),“at my”(循环两次)。At a(loop two times) The sound after the word at here is the schwa sound, a vowel. So the ending T will be a flap T.At a (loop four times).“at a”(循环两次)单词“at”后面的音是弱读元音,因此结尾是闪音T。“at a”(循环四次)Now lets look at some full sentences.现在我们来看一些完整的句子。Ill be at school. At(loop two times), the word after the word at here is school, beginning with a consonant, so the T will be a stop T.At school(loop two times). Ill be at school.Ill be at school. “at”(循环两次)这里单词“at”后面的词是“school”,开头是辅音,所以是停顿T。“at school”(循环两次)Ill be at school.Also, are you noticing how fast the word is?As a function word, as a reduced word, its very fast: at (loop three times).另外,你有注意到这个单词的发音有多快吗?作为一个功能词和略读词,这个词发音很快,“at”(循环三次)This provides nice rhythmic contrast in the sentence to the stressed syllables.这就和句子中的重读音节形成了很鲜明的节奏比较。For example, at school (loop three times). Theyre both one syllable, but the word at, much quicker than the word school. At school.例如,“at school”(循环三次)。这两个单词都只有一个音节,但是单词“at”比“school”的发音快很多。At school.Ill be at her house. The next word, after the word “at”, is the word “her”. But Im dropping the H to reduce that word, so the next sound is actually the schwa sound.Ill be at her house. 单词“at”后面的单词是“her”,但是我省略了“h”来进行略读,所以下一个发音实际上是弱读元音。That means the T will be a flap T.At her(loop three times). Ill be at her house.(loop two times)这意味着结尾是闪音T。“at her”(循环三次)。Ill be at her house.(循环两次)I got it at the corner store. At the(loop two times). So the word after the word at begins with a consonant, therefore the T is a stop T.At the(loop two times). I got it at the corner store.I got it at the corner store. “at the”(循环两次)。单词“at”后面的首字母是辅音,因此结尾是停顿T。“at the”(循环两次)。I got it at the corner store.Im going to be at Annas until 6. At Annas(loop two times). The next word begins with a vowel sound, so the T is a flap T.At Annas. Im going to be at Annas until 6.Im going to be at Annas until 6. “At Annas. ”(循环两次)。下一个单词以元音开头,所以T是闪音T。At Annas. Im going to be at Annas until 6.Im busy at the moment. At the(loop two times). Again, the next word, the, begins with a consonant, so its a stop T.At the(loop two times). Im busy at the moment.Im busy at the moment.“at the”(循环两次)下一个单词“the”开头是辅音,因此这里是停顿T。“at the”(循环两次)Im busy at the moment.I hope youll notice when native speakers do this and start doing it yourself.我希望当母语者这样说时你能注意到并且你自己也开始这样说。Integrating the reduced at into your speech will help smooth out the line, and also add some nice rhythmic contrast to the longer, stressed syllables in a sentence.将略读“at”融入于你的讲话中将会使你的讲话更流利,并且和句子中长的重读音节形成节奏对比。201706/515050

  They say the Swiss are the happiest people in the world.人们都说瑞士人是全世界最幸福的人。Lets find out why. Shall we? Hello!让我们去看看为什么?走吧?你好!Maybe its because they really like to take their time.可能是因为他们真的很喜欢悠闲生活They do have sense for the finer things.他们对于好的事物也相当有品味People do take good care of each other.人们非常关心彼此Did I mention the splendid nature?我有提到壮丽的自然景色吗?Splendid non spoiled I must say. Come on.我必须说,是壮丽而且不受人为破坏的。快来I think well have to find out a little bit more about the happiness of the Swiss.我觉得我们需要找出更多瑞士人幸福的秘诀Looks like well have to come back next year.看来我们明年要再来啰Experience the happiness of the Swiss on the Grand Tour of Switzerland.在瑞士的壮游过程中体验瑞士人的幸福Book now at MySwitzerland.com现在就上MySwitzerland.com订购201701/486556Im on a desert island off the coast of Panama.我身处巴拿马海域的一座荒芜的小岛上The rains came last night,and the banana-leaf water trap has worked.昨晚下雨了 蕉叶蓄水器发挥了作用At least Ive got a decent supply now of freshwater.至少我弄到了令人满意的淡水补给You lose several liters of fluid a day through breath, sweat, and pee.每天 你的身体都会随着 呼吸 汗液 尿液而流失数升水Ill need more water before I set out to sea.在起航之前 我需要更多的淡水These sort of rock gullies, theyre often good places to try and free-dive for conch, oyster.这种类型的岩石沟渠 通常是尝试自由下潜 以捕获海贝 牡蛎的好地方Theres quite a lot of swell here,but they like that, they like that movement of the water over there.这下面暗涌很急 不过贝类就喜欢在这样的水流中生存Okay, lets try a bit of this.好吧 让我们来试试The oysters are deep and well hidden.牡蛎深藏在海底You can train your body to stay down longer你可以水上水下交替呆一分钟by spending a minute under the water followed by a minute on the surface.通过这种方式训练自己 以便在水中待得更久That way you flush out all the carbon dioxide which is your bodys trigger to breathe.这可以使你充分呼出体内的二氧化碳 以最大程度的呼吸Grabbing a rock,is a good way to counteract your bodys natural buoyancy.手中握一块岩石 可以帮你抵消身体在水中的浮力Hard to see without a mask.Get my breath back.I got an oyster.没潜水镜看不清楚 让我喘喘气 我弄到了一只牡蛎Its not the traditional,traditional dozen oysters,but its better than nothing.Come on. Lets get it to shore.这不是常见的 常见的那种成打出售的牡蛎 不过总比什么没有强 快点把它弄到岸上201607/452352

  Hey good morning嘿 早上好Can you call me through the office of Late Late show please你能通过“深夜秀”办公室打电话给我吗Late Late Show“深夜秀”Guys Im stucked in the worest traffic伙计我这交通很糟糕Im just...Im come off the road我只是...我在路上了I dont know where I am但我不知道我在哪this I dont know if I can get in for todays meeting我不知道能不能赶上今天的会议I really dont...will you make it to rehearsal?我真不知道...你要带着它去排吗Ill try my best. Wait.我尽快赶过去Hang on. Im off. Ill call you back.等等 我会回拨给你Sia! Its James! James! Howre you doing? Awesome!希亚 我是詹姆斯 詹姆斯 你还好吗 好极了Im over here! No no! Oh. No! Oh我在这里 不不是 噢 不对不对 噢Listen, can you help me get to work?听着 你能送我去上班吗Of course. Id love to.我很乐意Im really good at directions.我方向感很好的All right. Im riding a car.好吧 我来开车No thats not the... Turn...turn around.我在车里 不对 转过来Wait there. Wait there.在那儿等着 原地等着Ill come and get you in.我去把你接进车里Oh, my gosh. No. Turn around.我的天 转过来Okay. Im just—are you okay?我只是——你还好吗?Okay. Im just—are you okay?我只是——你还好吗?Im great. Theres a curve. Okay?好极了 这有个台阶There you go. You step on it. OK. I found it.到了 你得踏上来 好的我上来了Got it. Yeah, there it is.好的 是的 车就在这儿Hey! Girl. Listen anytime. Listen, anytime.你好呀伙计 好的Such a relief I saw ya. I got you covered.见到你真让我安心 我知道Yeah, yeah, I got ya covered.是的 我替你解忧了Sounds great James.听起来不错詹姆斯Party girls dont get hurt Cant feel anything, when will I派对女孩不会受伤 我麻木无感 何时才能学乖I push it down, I push it down我控制自己 压抑自己Im the one for a good time call Phones blowin up, theyre我纵情享乐 电话响起 有人狂按门铃ringin my doorbell I feel the love, I feel the love我从中感受到爱意 感受到爱意1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink一二三 一二三 干杯 一二三 一二三 干杯1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink Throw em back, till I lose coun一二三 一二三 干杯 循环往复 直到不省人事Im gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier我在吊灯上恣意摇摆 在吊灯上尽情腐坏Im gonna live like tomorrow doesnt exist, like it doesnt我要放浪形骸 如同明天不复存在 如同它不复存在exist Im gonna fly like a bird through我要飞翔 像一只鸟儿the night, feel my tears as they dry穿越黑夜 感受泪被风干Im gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier我在吊灯上恣意摇摆 在吊灯上尽情腐坏But Im holding on for dear life wont look down wont open my ey我正为了生命而坚守 头颅高昂 双眼紧闭keep my glass full until morning light, cause Im just holding o斟满酒杯 迎来天明for tonight. Now, the last time I因为我只为今夜而坚守 上次saw you was after a red carpet event and you were wearing,我看见你是在一个红毯走秀之后 你戴了一个……rather than a bow, a witchs hat.不能说是蝴蝶结 它更像是一顶巫婆帽a big hat with the hair on it.一顶带着头发的大帽子With the hair on it. Yeah.带着头发 对But then when we got inside, you took the hat off. Yeah但是我们进去里面时 你又把那顶帽子摘掉了So we were face to face.所以我们就面对面了I dont wear this unless there are cameras around. Of course.除非周围有人照相 我是不会戴那个的 这样啊I only wear this to try to maintain a modicum of privacy.我戴这个只是为了保持一点儿隐私Talk me through the choice to do that.讲讲你是怎么决定这么做的Well, I was a singer aly for ten or eleven years to mediocre success. Yeah.嗯 我已经当了十年 十一年左右的歌手了 业绩平平 嗯And I was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and I sobered up而且我是个酒鬼 还是个瘾君子 之后我清醒过来And decided I didnt want to be an artist anymore because it was destabilizing in some ways.决定不再继续做艺术家了 因为我变得小有名气了 而这个职业从某种程度上来说不太稳定I thought what doesnt exist in pop music at the moment, and it那时 我思考了流行音乐中缺少的成分was mystery, I was, like, you know, there is pictures on那就是神秘感 你知道的 就像instagram上instagram of everyone at the dentist.每个人看牙医时的照片一样神秘Yeah, but its a different style when youre的确 但当你和唱片公司talking to record companies or P.R. people and things like或者公关人士交谈的时候 又是另一番风格That. No. In fact—was that even insulting or were people like yes!是这样吗 不是的 实际上——难道居然会有这种侮辱 或者有人这样说这样做正好!Dont show your face! Yes!别把脸露出来!I would be distaught if someone said I tell you how we can make you a star, James—cover that up.如果有人这么对我说 我会抓我教你一个成名的方法“把你那张脸遮起来”There is a common theme in your songs which is like a sort of—whoa, oh!在你的歌曲里 有个共有的旋律主题 就像——Yeah, I love doing that.没错 我喜欢写这种How do I get that?我怎么能唱出这种You mean—It feels like Im making it tight or something.哦 你的意思是 听起来就好像 我在拉紧声带Okay. I have no idea what you just said.明白了 我不太懂你刚才教我的I will stay up through the night.我将彻夜不眠Yeah, but you sing it like this是的 但你唱得有点像……Do you believe in aliens?你相信有外星人吗?How do you know that? I know stuff.你怎么知道的 我知道很多事儿You know, I only believe in你知道 我相信它们Them because I watched a of the ex Canadian Minister of就是因为 我看了一个视频 加拿大前防卫部部长Defense saying plainly he knows for a fact that the American直截了当地说 他知道美国政府government are working with five different alien races, and my正在研究五个不同种族的外星人blood ran cold and I thought that guy is the ex-Canadian Minister of Defense.我觉得很害怕 然后我想到这家伙可是加拿大前防卫部部长啊Hes not just like some guy on YouTube.他可不是YouTube上随随便便的一个什么人But youve never seen an alien? Ive never seen.但是你从来没看到过外星人吧 从没有Maybe I have. Maybe theyre just among us.也许我见过 可能它就在我们之中呢I hope Im here if they come and, b, that theyre我希望它们出现的时候我还在世上 其次 它们很善良really nice and talk about lovely things and, c, that they和我们谈论可爱美好的事物 再就是 他们只想only want to go on the ;The Late Late Show.;参加我的“深夜秀”节目Yeah. The ;The Late Late Show; is the one we want.不错 我们很需要“深夜秀”Thats all I ask of aliens.这就是我对外星人的全部疑问You are a beauty. A beautious thing.你真美 真是个美人I actually feel great.我的确感觉不错The best way to describe it.不会有比这更好的形容了Im hugging my head right now.我正抱着我的头Do you know what I feel like?你知道我的感觉了吗?I feel like Im just here, not even James anymore.我感觉我就是希亚 已经不再是詹姆斯了This Is powerful.这舞跳得真有力量Im still breathing, Im still breathing我依然安好 我仍在呼吸Im still breathing, Im still breathing我依然安好 我仍在呼吸Im alive Im alive我还活着 坚强地活着Im alive Im alive我还活着 坚强地活着There are people there and you cant see them.人在那边 你看不到她们If we cut their heads in half, they would have our wigs.如果我们把她们的脑袋砍掉一半 她们就会要我们的假发了Is this true that you can carry a dozen eggs in both hands?这个是真的吗 你能用双手捧住一打鸡蛋In both hands, yes.两只手的话 可以的I can do six per hand.我可以一只手捧六个Youre double jointed.你有双重关节You found out the weirdest things about me.你发现了我最奇怪的地方I have a ring on.我戴了个戒指Three. Keep going. Im so shaky.现在放了三个 继续放 我的手都在颤Youre just nervous.你只是紧张了Last egg. Ready? Yep.最后一颗 准备好了吗?好了Oh, my god! Im doing it!哦 我的天 我做到啦You shout it out, but I cant hear a word you say Im talking loud, not saying much你放声咆哮 但我毫不理会 放话挑衅Im bulletproof, nothing to lose fire away, fire away我刀不入 是亡命之徒 开吧 开吧ricochet, you take your aim fire away, fire away子弹弹开 你再次瞄准 开吧 开吧you shoot me down but I wont fa I am titanium你射中我 但我不会倒下 我是金刚不坏You shoot me down but I wont fa I am titanium你射中我 但我不会倒下 我是金刚不坏I am titanium high five.我金刚不坏 来击掌Do you need to see Sias I.D.?你需要看希亚的件吗?I trust you. Youre very trustworthy.我相信你 你很值得信任Thank you so much. Thank you for getting me to work.非常感谢 谢谢你送我来上班201705/510327

  Its about time your makeup kept up with your fast-paced lifestyle. From a romantic dinner date to the hottest club opening, every day is filled with countless events, and every occasion calls for a different look.是时候让你的妆容跟上你快节奏的生活方式了。从一顿浪漫晚餐约会、到最火辣的夜店开幕,每天都充满数不尽的活动,而每一个场合都需要一个不同的妆容。The seasons hottest red carpet celebrity looks, the most inspired fashion-forward runway trend—all at your fingertips! Smoky cat eyes, bright pink lips—instantly replicated in less than 30 seconds! Upload and show off your amazing new look!本季最火的红毯明星妆容、最激发灵感的时尚伸展台潮流--全都在你指尖!烟熏猫眼、亮粉色唇妆--短短三十秒内立刻复制!上传炫耀你美呆了的新妆容吧!Get y for the MODA, the worlds first digital makeup artist. Only by FOREO.准备迎接MODA,全世界首台数字妆大师。FOREO独家呈现。It integrates cutting-edge 3D printing technology with the most advanced real-time facial mapping software. The MODAs biometric lens scans and analyzes every nook, cranny, and plane of your face. Made from FDA-approved mineral powder that is safe, natural, and breathable on your skin, it goes on in three steps: Primer, foundation, and high-impact color. Whatever your look, the FOREO MODA will help you rock it to its full potential. Once again, FOREO is revolutionizing the beauty world. The MODA will transform makeup application forever.它整合尖端3D打印技术以及最先进的实时脸部扫图软件。MODA 的生物特征镜头扫描并分析你脸上每个小角落和肌肤表面。由FDA认安全、自然且在肌肤上可透气的矿物粉末制成,它分三步骤上妆:妆前乳、粉底,以及亮眼妆。无论你的妆容是什么,FOREO MODA都会帮你将它变成最完美。再一次,FOREO彻底改革美的世界。MODA将会永远改变上妆的方式。Discover more at foreo.com/moda.到foreo.com/moda发现更多。201611/478317

  90% of eligible voters go to the polls, roughly double recent turnouts.90%的合格选民都去投票了 大约是近期的一倍多In the 1890s voting was a public act and on one side there was the Republican ballot box and on the other side was the Democratic ballot box.在19世纪90年代投票是公开的 一边是投给共和党的投票箱 另一边是投给民主党的投票箱And so your foreman or an agent of your foreman could see who you voted for.所以工头或者工头代理能够看出你是投给谁的So there was a certain coercion that was employed by the Republicans upon those urban workers.因此共和党对这些城镇职工施加了一定的压力They might well have decided what they decided on their own but this simply made it easier for them to decide that.他们可能有自己的决定 但是这样一来 他们决定起来就简单了When the polls close, the nations future hangs in the balance.投票结束 国家的前途未卜For 20 long hours Carnegie, Morgan and Rockefeller agonize over the results.在漫长的二十小时里 卡内基 根与洛克菲勒都在苦等结果Not knowing whether the modern country they helped to build will still be the same when all the ballots are counted.不知道选票统计完毕后 他们帮助建立的现代化国家 还能不能维持原样America is at a crossroads.美国正处在一个十字路口A small group of men have created the modern country, building unimagined empires in oil, steel and electricity.一小群人建立起了现代化国家 打造了难以想象的石油 钢铁以及电力帝国But now, those empires are being threatened.但现在这些帝国正在受到威胁201606/451692。

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/477462

  In the late 17th century, a medical student named Johannes Hofer noticed a strange illness affecting Swiss mercenaries serving abroad.在17世纪末期 一名叫约翰·霍弗尔的医学生发现一种困扰着在海外役的瑞士兵的怪病Its symptoms, including fatigue, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, indigestion,其症状包括 疲惫 失眠 心率不齐 消化不良and fever were so strong, the soldiers often had to be discharged.以及高烧 由于病情太严重 有的士兵必须被迫退役As Hofer discovered, the cause was not some physical disturbance, but an intense yearning for their mountain homeland.霍弗尔研究发现 这些症状不是由一些身体的不适引起的而是因为他们太思念自己的家乡He dubbed the condition nostalgia, from the Greek ;nostos; for homecoming and ;algos; for pain or longing.他称之为乡愁 nostos来源于希腊语回家一词 algos则意为疼痛或渴望At first, nostalgia was considered a particularly Swiss affliction.一开始 乡愁被认定为典型的瑞士病Some doctors proposed that the constant sound of cowbells in the Alps caused trauma to the ear drums and brain.一些医生觉得是阿尔卑斯山上奶牛脖子上的铃声对士兵的耳膜和大脑造成了直接损伤Commanders even forbade their soldiers from singing traditional Swiss songs for fear that theyd lead to desertion or suicide.指挥官甚至禁止士兵唱传统的瑞士歌曲担心他们分神或自杀But as migration increased worldwide, nostalgia was observed in various groups.但是随着世界上移民数量的增加 在不同的人群中发现了他们都会有乡愁It turned out that anyone separated from their native place for a long time was vulnerable to nostalgia.事实明 无论是谁只要跟自己的家乡分开很长一段时间就很容易产生乡愁And by the early 20th century, professionals no longer viewed it as a neurological disease,在20世纪初 专家们不再把它看做是一种精神上的疾病but as a mental condition similar to depression.而是把它看做一种类似于抑郁的心理状态Psychologists of the time speculated that it represented difficulties letting go of childhood,那时心理学家猜测乡愁代表着对童年记忆的难以割舍or even a longing to return to ones fetal state.甚至是对婴儿时期的向往But over the next few decades, the understanding of nostalgia changed in two important ways.但是 在接下来的几十年里对乡愁的理解有了两种重要的改变Its meaning expanded from indicating homesickness to a general longing for the past.乡愁的含义将单纯的思乡延伸到对回到过去的一种普遍的渴望And rather than an awful disease, it began to be seen as a poignant and pleasant experience.有别于讨人厌的疾病 乡愁开始被视为一场深刻而愉快的经历Perhaps the most famous example of this was captured by French author Marcel Proust.法国作家马塞尔普鲁斯特在其着作(《追忆似水年华》)中描绘的乡愁可能是最着名的例子吧He described how tasting a madeleine cake he had not eaten since childhood triggered a cascade of warm and powerful sensory associations.他描述了由一块自童年以后再没吃过的玛德琳蛋糕而联想起来的童年里一系列温馨感人的场景So what caused such a major reversal in our view of nostalgia?所以是什么造成了我们对乡愁看法的巨大改变呢Part of it has to do with science.很大一部分原因是科学的发展Psychology shifted away from pure theory and towards more careful and systematic empirical observation.心理学不再是纯理论而是更加谨慎和系统的实观察So professionals realized that many of the negative symptoms may have been simply correlated with nostalgia rather than caused by it.所以专家们意识到很多的消极症状很可能仅仅是与乡愁有关而不是由乡愁导致的And, in fact, despite being a complex emotional state that can include feelings of loss and sadness,事实上 尽管乡愁是一种带有失落和悲伤的复杂情绪状态nostalgia doesnt generally put people in a negative mood.但是 通常乡愁并不会导致消极情绪Instead, by allowing individuals to remember personally meaningful and rewarding experiences相反 通过让人记住有意义的事情they shared with others, nostalgia can boost psychological well-being.以及与他人分享经验乡愁可以促进心理健康Studies have shown that inducing nostalgia in people can help increase their feelings of self-esteem and social belonging,研究表明 怀有乡愁的人更易建立自尊心和社会归属感encourage psychological growth, and even make them act more charitably.以及促进心理的成熟甚至促使他们做更多慈善So rather than being a cause of mental distress, nostalgia can be a restorative way of coping with it.所以与其说乡愁是心理疾病的一种诱因不如说它是应对心理疾病的恢复方式they tend to naturally use nostalgia to reduce distress and restore well-being.他们倾向于通过自然的怀旧来减少痛苦和恢复健康Today, it seems that nostalgia is everywhere,如今 乡愁无处不在partially because advertisers have discovered how powerful it is as a marketing technique.一些原因是广告商们发现利用人们的乡愁作为一种市场营销手段很有用Its tempting to think of this as a sign of us being stuck in the past, but thats not really how nostalgia works.使人们相信这只是人们沉浸于过去无法自拔的一种表现 而不是真的想念家乡了Instead, nostalgia helps us remember that our lives can have meaning and value, helping us find the confidence and motivation to face the challenges of the future.相反乡愁能帮助我们相信生活是有意义和价值的 帮助我们找到自信 给予我们面对未来挑战的积极性201706/512765

  The agreement is one of the most satisfying of Rockefellers career.该协议是洛克菲勒职业生涯中最得意的一笔Hes forced his biggest rival to hand over a fortune in exchange for an iron ore mine he never had much interest in owning.他逼迫他的最大对手吐出一笔财富 以换取本来就没有多大兴趣拥有的铁矿石Rockefeller may have gotten the better of Carnegie but their deal has drawn the attention of another rival who envisions something even bigger.洛克菲勒诚然是打败了卡内基 但他们的交易已经引起了另一个对手的关注 这位对手的野心更大America has expanded more in the last three decades than any country on Earth.美国在过去三十年里的发展是地球上任何其他国家都无法比拟的Covering the bth of the continent, its prosperity is built on oil, steel and electricity.横跨美洲大陆 其繁荣是建立在石油 钢铁及电力上John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan amassed mind-boggling fortunes and became targets.约翰·D·洛克菲勒 安德鲁·卡内基和J·P·根积累了令人难以置信的财富 也成为人们打击的目标But after teaming up to put their man in the White House,theyre now free to do whatever they want.但是他们联手找人入住白宫之后 就可以自由地为所欲为了201607/452005

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