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Pope Backs Tolerance, Stresses Importance of Religion教皇会见法总统 造访巴黎圣母院  Pope Benedict XVI arrived in France Friday on a four-day visit that will take him from the presidential Elysee Palace in Paris to the shrine in Lourdes. This is Benedict's first trip to France as pontiff. 罗马天主教皇本笃十六世星期五开始抵达法国,进行为期4天的访问,他将造访爱丽舍宫和圣母院。这是本笃十六世第一次以教皇的身份访问法国。To the notes of the Marseillaise, Pope Benedict was welcomed at Orly airport in Paris by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and First Lady Carla Bruni.  在法国国歌《马赛曲》的乐声中,教皇本笃十六世在巴黎奥利机场受到法国总统萨尔科齐和第一夫人卡拉.布鲁妮的欢迎。At the presidential Elysee Palace, Mr. Sarkozy told the pope that, for the millions of French Catholics, Benedict's visit was a truly exceptional event. He added that: "In the secular republic that is France, all welcome you with respect." 在爱丽舍宫,萨尔科齐告诉教皇,他的到来对于法国数以百万计的天主教徒来说是一件盛事。他说:“在政教分离的法国,人们都竭诚欢迎您。”The pope explained the major reason for this visit. 教皇解释他此次访问的主要目的。The pope said he wanted to join pilgrims from around the world, who are converging on the Marian shrine of Lourdes to mark celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to a 14-year-old peasant girl. 教皇说,他这次来访是要和来自世界各地的朝圣者一同聚集到圣母院,纪念圣母玛丽亚向一名14岁的牧羊女显圣150周年。The pope also spoke of his concerns in what he called these uncertain times of tension and conflict. 教皇同时也对目前这种紧张和冲突的令人心神不定的时代表示担忧。Benedict said it is important to promote a unity that is able to guarantee the respect for national differences and different cultural traditions. He said one should not forget that national identity can only be achieved in openness toward other peoples and through solidarity with them. 教皇说,提倡一种团结,以便确保尊重民族差异和不同的文化传统,这一点非常重要。他说,人们不应该忘记,民族性只能通过对他人开放、通过与他人团结才能实现。The pope's stay in the French capital coincides with the second anniversary of his speech about Islam that offended many Muslims. Pope Benedict, at the start of a four-day visit to France, has upheld the principle of separation of church and state - but also noted what he says is the importance of religion in society. 教皇访问法国首都的时间正好是他发表关于伊斯兰教的演说两周年。那次演说当时激怒了许多穆斯林。200809/48428When couples get married, they often promise to love, honor and cherish each other. Too often, those traditional wedding vows turn out to be nothing but empty promises. Psychologist Doc. Robin Smith who often appears on Oprah says it doesn't have to be that way. Her new book "Lies at the Altar" offers advice on building a happy and healthy marriage. Dr. Robin, good morning!Good morning!So great to have you here!I'm happy to be here, Julie. Ok. You didn't necessarily write this for couples who are married or people're thinking of getting married. It's written for everyone, (Absolutely) right?Yeah. It's because what the book is really about, Lies at the ALTAR is talking about living more in truth than in lies. Lies about what? About who we are, and so when you don't know who you are, it's hard to create, it's actually impossible to create, to carve and to build the life and relationship of our dreams.When you say lies at the altar, these are not intentional lies. (yes) It's not like the bride and the groom were saying, yeah, I'm gonna love / and cherish you, but I'm really not, hahaha. (no) It's, it's you think you are, but you don't know who you are yet? You don't know who you are and often unfortunately because of the models that we've had in our families also on television. There hasn't been anyone who has given us permission, who has shown us the way, the path into living more in the truth, so we're afraid to let someone know who we are. Because maybe they won't love us, maybe they won't choose us, maybe they'll decide, you know, that's not the person that I wanna spend my life with. What we don't know is that if I live with that kinda fear, and I live covering up who I really am, I am cheating myself and minimizing the possibility of really having a good, strong marriage. I mean, my message is pro-marriage but it's about being married and being smart. Do you feel that many people, men and women, not only cover up who they really are to their significant other but to themselves?Absolutely, I mean, I think it starts actually with the cover-up to yourself being an impostor, and again not because we are bad, not because we are liars, not because we are conniving, but because we are afraid, we are afraid of knowing really who we really are, because we think we are gonna lose out when choices and opportunities not knowing that how we really lose out is by being the impostor, that is the cheater, the thief and the robber. So how do we confront who we really are, whether it's a conversation with, you know, myself, looking at myself in the mirror, good and bad.Absolutely. Well, there're several things, one, I always ask people tell me something great about yourself, and then tell me what some of your limitations are. People can often come up with something good, but it's hard for people to be clear about where their limitations are. You know,you, they can talk about they are great wife in this way and great husband in that way, but tell me where you're falling short, and the falling short part is critical because then I have a place to, to know where do I need to do the new work. So I came in the book and I talked about showing up as a grown-up, part of being mature, and grown-up isn't age, it's about knowing who I am, what works for me, what doesn't, what my values are. Those types of things are critical to really know a: first about me, and then about the person / I wanna spend the rest of my life with. You have, what, like 276 questions in here(Absolutely) for someone to ask themselves. And then,(first) first and then you're hopeful potential future mate. (Absolutely) Answering these questions honestly can really help you figure out if the two of you should be together. Absolutely, and then we wanna be aware if you haven't gotten married yet, it's great, because you can go on this and use it like as an, you know, an exploring mission where I get to know me, I get to know you, and not to be afraid of the truth, 'cause we are again, we are scared because we haven't really learned that the truth will make us free. It's the only foundation to a good, strong life and marriage. But for couples who are married who are thinking, Ok, wait a minute, let me put the seat belt on, coz' now I'm scared. I'm 20 years in a marriage. I have kids and I don't know if I wanna ask myself this. (Right) Where it is really useful for married couples is that they can track, oh, that's where we've been stuck, we don't have to throw marriages out, there're too many people getting divorced who actually have marriages that can work and be saved, but they don't have the tools and "Lies at the ALTAR" it's gonna... (It's a tool), it's a tool, (It is a tool) I mean this is, it's a tool to really empower your life and then your marriage. It's a great book. Now I know why, it's No.1 in its category(Thank you) on the New York Times. 200809/49396Er, ask Denise. She should know.问丹尼斯,她应该知道。Ok, thanks Tom, Ill ask her.好的,谢谢汤姆,我会问她的。Id warned her, you know, I said Victoria, if you dont change your hairdresser... Denise? One day youll… hold on a moment.我警告过她,我说:“维多利亚,如果你不换发型师……” 丹尼斯? 终有一天你会……等会儿。Anna? Please email me the background file on CBL.安娜? 请把CBL公司的背景资料用邮件发我。Er! Thank you.谢了。Who does that girl think she is?那女孩以为自己是谁?Anna...new girl...I told you about her...yes with the saucepans, thats the one.新来的女孩,安娜。我跟你说过她。对,就是拿炖锅的那个人。Shes only been here five minutes and shes aly acting like the Queen of Sheba.她刚来了五分钟,就好像希巴女王一样。Oh and Denise, please send it to me within five minutes, Paul needs it soon. Thank you.丹尼斯,请在五分钟内发给我,保罗急着要呢,谢谢。Well, honestly!的确!Good to see whos the boss, eh Denise? Really!很高兴知道谁是领导了吧,丹尼斯? 确实!Er, Anna, I think youve upset Denise. Upset Denise?安娜,我想你让丹尼斯生气了。 让丹尼斯生气了?You were a bit rude when you asked her for help. Was I?你求她帮忙时有点无礼。 我有吗?Remember what I said Anna.记得我说的吗,安娜。Just using ‘please’ to ask someone to do something can sound a little rude.只用“请”来让某人做某事的话听起来有点无礼。 /201612/483597

Chinese Stocks Drop After Central Bank Raises Reserve Ratio中国央行准备金率创记录股市暴跌   Chinese stocks have dropped nearly eight percent after China's central bank announced it would raise the amount of cash banks must keep on hand to a record high. China has been struggling to rein in excess cash to control inflation, but pressure is growing on Beijing to let its currency appreciate faster. 在中国央行宣布把存款准备金率提高到一个创记录的高点之后,中国股市暴跌近百分之8。中国一直在努力控制过多现金的流动,以遏制通货膨胀。然而北京政府正在承受日益增加的要人民币以更快速度升值的压力。China's stock market benchmark, the Shanghai Composite Index, plunged by 7.73 percent Tuesday after the People's Bank of China said it would raise the reserve ratio by one percent this month. 中国人民宣布将于本月把存款准备金率提高一个百分点后,具有指标性的上海综指星期二暴跌百分之7.7。The reserve ratio is to go up in two stages, half a percent on June 15 and another half on June 25, to a record high 17.5 percent. 存款准备金率分两步提高,6月15日提高半个百分点,6月25日再提高半个百分点,达到百分之17.5的创记录高点。The move marks the fifth time this year the bank has raised reserves to discourage excessive lending and investment. The bank last year raised interest rates six times to encourage savings and make lending more expensive. 这是今年中国央行第五次提高存款准备金率,为的是收紧过度贷款和投资。去年央行为鼓励储蓄、提高借贷成本,曾经六次调高存款利率。Michael Pettis is an associate professor of finance at Peking University. He says the problem is China's currency, the yuan, is undervalued and a gradual appreciation has not slowed the flow of cash. 迈克尔.佩蒂斯是北京大学金融学教授。他说,问题在于人民币币值过低,逐步升值还是没有能够起到减缓现金流通的作用。"The fact is none of these things are working. No matter what pace they use, hot money seems to be pouring into the country. And, that's very, very destabilizing for stock markets, banking markets, and everything else in the country," said Pettis. 他说,“事实上这些办法都不灵,不论他们以什么速度来提升币值,看来热钱还是照样涌入中国。这是股市、对业务和中国的所有一切活动中非常不稳定的因素。”The excess cash has fed inflation, which neared a 12-year high of 8.5 percent in April. Food prices were up a massive 22 percent. 过量现金流动导致通货膨胀,4月份百分之8.5的通胀率是近12年来的最高点。食品价格大幅攀升了百分之22。If inflation continues to rise authorities may have to take more drastic measures, to keep rising prices from stoking public unrest. 如果通胀率继续上升,当局有可能采取更有力的措施,以避免不断上升的物价引发民众骚乱。Pettis says China may be forced into a one-off revaluation of the yuan, perhaps by as much as 20 percent. 佩蒂斯说,中国有可能被迫以百分之20的幅度,一次性重新估价人民币币值。200806/41754

diffuse ———— 散射(及物动词)英文释义 (transitive verb) To soften and scatter something, lessening it in intensity.例句 The gray morning clouds diffused the harsh light of the summer sun.清晨的乌云散射着夏日的强光。 /201606/446442

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