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坚持1天课堂上不用手机 成为“手机忍者”有多难 -- ::58 来源: 近日,一些手环在微上走红这些特定的手环上写着;手机忍者;Recently, a series of bracelets have gone viral on Weibo. On these specially made bracelets are the words ;Cell Phone Ninja.;近日,一些手环在微上走红这些特定的手环上写着;手机忍者;The bracelets are actually part of an experiment carried out by Chongqing Three Gorges University that challenges students not to use cell phones in class 1 days.这些手环是重庆三峡大学进行的一项实验,让学生挑战1天在课堂上不用手机The experiment started on April . Each student who volunteered to participate received a bracelet. Bee the first class and after the last class of each day, students were instructed to upload a photo of their bracelet to the schoolrsquo;s public Wechat if they did not use their cell phones.这项实验开始于月日每位愿意参与此实验的学生将会收到一个手环每天在第一节课开始前和在最后一节课结束后,如果没有使用手机,学生都就上传一个自己配备手环的图片到学校的公共微信账号Over 800 students signed up the experiment, and 00 were selected to participate. After seven days, only 1 students remained. The experiment was set 1 days because of a claim in psychology that 1 days is the length of time required to m any habit.八百多名学生报名学生中,00名学生被选中参与一周之后,只有1名学生坚持下来这项实验指定时间是1天的周期,因为在心理学上有1天是培养一个习惯的时间长度的说法According to the teachers monitoring the activity, there were no rewards or punishments in the experiment. It depended on students themselves to make the decision. Teachers hope students can m better study habits through activities like this one.据组织这个活动的老师说,这个实验过程不会有任何的奖赏和惩罚完全由学生自己做决定老师希望学生通过这样的活动能够养成良好的学习习惯。

法国男子因工作无聊 向老板索赔60万 -- 1:: 来源: Bored at work? Try suing your employer.工作感到无聊?那就起诉你老板吧That's what Parisian Frederic Desnard is doing. He has taken his mer employer Interparfums to court because his job was too boring.巴黎的弗莱德里克;登纳德就这么干了他将自己的前东家;英特香水;告上了法庭,原因是他在那儿的工作太无聊He is demanding 360,000 euros in damages the distress.他为此向该公司索赔36万欧元(约合68万元人民币)精神补偿Desnard, , worked the company between and . He claims his dull job, from which he was made laid off 18 months ago, caused him to suffer a ;bore out; that led to serious emotional and health issues.登纳德现年岁,至年在英特香水工作,18个月前遭裁员解职他表示,自己当时的工作很无趣,导致他饱受;无聊至极;的煎熬,并引发严重的身心健康问题;He suffered from a critical depression and had a traffic accident linked to an epileptic seizure;he fell into a coma and was on a sick leave,; said Montasser Charni, Desnard's lawyer.其代理律师蒙塔瑟;沙尼称:;他那时严重抑郁,导致癫痫发作,并引发了一场交通事故;;他昏迷不醒,不得不请病假;Desnard was paid 3,500 euros per month, doing ; he said ; nothing.登纳德每个月能领到3500欧元薪水,但他说,他其实什么工作都没做His official job title was ;general service director,; but he claims his superiors called him ;the boy; and asked him to do their personal chores, including picking up kids from sports lessons.他当时的职位是;综合务主任;,但据他自己说,他的上级称他为;那小子;,给他分配的工作都是他们的私人杂务,比如去接他们上体育辅导班的孩子He said that eventually there was so little him to do that his bosses simply told him to go home and come back when they call him. The phone call never came, he claimed.他表示,最终再没什么可让他做的了,于是领导干脆让他回家等着,说有事儿会叫他但他说,他的电话再也没响起过Desnard's lawyer said ;bore-out; is a m of harassment.登纳德的律师称,让人;无聊透顶;也是一种侵害;It can be defined as a moral exhaustion due to the total lack of caseload, (and) it comes with a feeling of shame of being paid to do nothing,; Charni said.沙尼表示:;不给分配工作,就好比一种道德消耗,会让当事人有一种无功而受禄的耻辱感;The company disputes Desnard's claims. ;We refute all these charges,; said Cyril Levy-Pey, the company's communication director. He said Desnard was never called ;the boy; or any other humiliating names.该公司否认了登纳德的指控公司公关主管西里尔;莱维佩表示:;这些指控都是不存在的;他表示,并没有人称登纳德为;那小子;或其他什么羞辱性的名字;He wasn't so motivated after several years and despite our attempts to give him more missions, he was missing () more than six months;That's why he was dismissed in ,; he said.他说:;工作几年之后,他就不怎么上进了虽然我们尝试过给他分配任务,但他请了6个多月的假;;这也是为什么我们年解雇了他;The case is now being considered by a labor tribunal in Paris, with the decision expected in late July.该案目前正在巴黎一所劳资仲裁处接受仲裁,预计结果会于7月末公布Vocabularylaid off:遭解雇epileptic seizure:癫痫发作。

爹看孩子为啥不靠谱?告诉你真相!(双语) -- ::0 来源:sohu 正如《蜘蛛侠里班叔叔的名言,“权利越重,责任越重”而没有什么比做好一名父亲的责任更加重大从下面这些搞笑图片中我们可以看到,有些父亲这一责任履行的更为“努力些”无论你是否为人父母,下面这一连串父亲的不靠谱行为,一定会让你捧腹大笑不过,如果你是一名母亲,那么,你可能有必要检查下你的丈夫是不是正在给你的孩子画眉毛或者正在为他制作西瓜头盔... As Spiderman's Uncle Ben once famously said, ;with great power comes great responsibility,; and few responsibilities are greater than that of being a father. But as you can see from these hilarious pictures, some dads take that responsibility more seriously than others. This list of dad fails is sure to make you laugh regardless of whether you're a parent or not. But if you're a mom then, well, you might want to check to make sure your husband isn't drawing eyebrows on the baby or sizing it up a watermelon helmet... 这孩子看起来很酷 He Looks So Cool 儿子很适合化妆成这样的眉毛,效果不错! Drew Eyebrows On My Kid,Was Not Dissapointed 女儿上学前让我梳头,一下搞定!When Dad Gets The Kids Ready School 到处乱爬可能遇到危险等问题的完美解决方式 Problem Solved 这画面太美我不敢看! Such An Untunate View 想坐秋千吗?来坐“老爸牌秋千”吧! She Wanted A Swing So He Became One 我三岁女儿唯一能睡着的抱抱姿势问题是...两个小时后,我饿了! The Only Way My 3Day-Old Daughter Would Fall Asleep. After Two Hours Of Carrying Her Around I Got Hungry 把孩子留给他爹分钟后… I Left My Husband With The Baby Ten Minutes. 儿子的第一个万圣节,变身乔罗根(UFC资深员) My Son Was Joe Rogan His First Halloween 妈妈说孩子们必须待在床上 Mom Said The Kids Have To Stay In Bed 爹解决问题的方法That Is How Dad Solved The Problem 育儿领域的新尝试 My Attempt At Babysitting 哦抱歉,我马上清理干净!Oops,Sorry,Gonna Clean It Right Now! 一次,妈妈让爸爸带女儿买些漂亮的新衣Once Upon A Time,Mom Sent Daughter And Dad Off To Buy Her Some Nice New Clothes. 出去度周末,我让他爹为女儿装好包包... Going Away The Weekend And I Asked My Husband To Pack A Bag Our Daughter 像水床一样舒适. Comfy As A Water Bed. 为什么这样对我,老爸? But Why,Dad? 玩家老爸Gamer Father 来吧,儿子! Come On,Son! English Source: Boredpanda。

具有相同饮酒习惯的夫妻更幸福 -- 18::1 来源: 夫妻双方都喝酒或都不喝酒,他们往往比只有一方喝酒的夫妻更幸福原因在于什么呢?一起来看密西根大学教授们的实验研究 If you need an excuse to crack open a bottle tonight, this could be the perfect excuse.如果今晚你想找个借口开瓶酒,这是再好不过的理由Couples with the same drinking habits tend to be happier than those where only one partner drinks, a study has found.研究表明,有相同饮酒习惯的夫妻往往比只有一方喝酒的夫妻更幸福Whether they are heavy drinkers or tee-total, women in particular become dissatisfied if they drink and their husband doesn’t, researchers said.研究称,不论双方都酗酒或都是禁酒主义者,如果女性喝酒而她们丈夫不喝,女性尤其会变得不满意The amount people consumed was less important than whether both partners had the same habit of drinking or not drinking, they added.并且,饮酒量相对于夫妻双方是否同时喝酒或不喝酒来说,显得不那么重要The study’s author, Dr Kira Birditt, of the University of Michigan, said: ’We’re not suggesting that people should drink more or change the way they drink.该研究作者是密歇根大学的Kira Birditt士,她说:“我们并不是建议人们应当喝更多酒或改变喝酒方式”We’re not sure why this is happening, but it could be that couples that do more leisure time activities together have better marital quality.’“我们不确定其中的原因,但可能是由于经常一起从事闲暇活动的夫妻婚姻质量较高”In other words, drinking may not be the only reason they’re getting along, Dr Birditt said.换句话说,喝酒可能不是他们相处良好的唯一原因,Birditt士称To come to their conclusions, the team analysed responses from ,767 married couples who were involved in the long-term Health and Retirement Survey.为了得出结论,研究小组分析了长期参与《健康与养老调查的767对夫妻的反馈Between and , the people in the study had a face to face interview with researchers and answered questionnaires about their drinking habits.在至年间,参与该研究的人与研究者进行了面对面对话,并回答了关于饮酒习惯的调查问卷They revealed whether they drank, how many days a week they drank and how many drinks they consumed in a sitting.他们透露了自己是否喝酒、每周喝几天酒以及每次喝多少酒Couples were married an average of 33 years and about two-thirds were in their first marriage.参与研究的夫妻平均婚姻年龄为33年,其中三分之二是初婚They also answered questions about the quality of their marriage, including whether they thought their spouses were too demanding or too critical, if their spouse was reliable when they needed help and if they found their spouse irritating.同时,他们回答了关于婚姻质量的问题,包括他们是否认为配偶要求过于严格或挑剔,在他们需要帮助时配偶是否可靠,还有他们是否认为配偶易怒The researchers found that in more than half of couples, both spouses drank.研究者发现超过半数夫妻双方都有饮酒习惯Husbands were more likely to drink than wives. But particularly wives, there was a problem when only one of the spouses drank.丈夫比妻子更倾向于喝酒然而尤其对于妻子而言,当只有一方喝酒时会出现问题When wives drank and the husbands didn’t, wives reported they were more dissatisfied with their marriage.当只有妻子喝酒而丈夫不喝时,妻子对他们的婚姻更为不满The study shows that it’s not about how much they’re drinking, it’s about whether they drink at all,’ Dr Birditt told Reuters Health.Birditt士告诉路透社健康专栏:“该研究表明,问题不在于他们喝多少酒,而在于他们是否喝酒”But she claimed drinking is becoming an increasing problem among baby boomers as they ’seem more accepting of alcohol use’.但是她说,在婴儿潮出生的一代人中,饮酒越来越成为一个问题,因为他们“似乎更能接受饮酒”The study also shows partners influence each other while they are together, especially when they are retired and spending more time together, she says.该研究同时表明,伴侣共处时会互相影响,尤其在他们退休后相处时间更长的情况下,她说Dr Birditt suggests when one spouse has to stop drinking, it might be time the other to consider taking the same action.Birditt士建议,当一方必须戒酒时,另一方最好也考虑同时戒酒But an expert who was not involved in the study found the number of participants who were heavy drinkers more interesting.但另一位未参与研究的专家发现,研究中大量饮酒者的数量非常有意思Dr Fred Blow, also from the University of Michigan, noted around per cent of men and 6 per cent of women were classed with a significant drinking problem in the study.Fred Blow士同样来自密歇根大学,他发现约%的男性和6%的女性被归为具有酗酒问题一类人群Heavy drinkers are known to have disruptive relationships with people, in particular their partners, he says as he called more research into the issue.酗酒者往往被认为与他人的关系具有破坏性,尤其对于他们的伴侣,他如此说道,并呼吁对该领域进行深入研究。

近朱者赤:和聪明的人在一起会变聪明 --01 :: 来源:chinadaily Next time you raise an eyebrow at the views of your partner, friend, sibling or colleague, remember they could be helping to make you smarter.下一次当你被伴侣、朋友、兄弟姊或同事的观点惊到时,请记住他们可能会帮你变得更聪明一点New research shows that intelligence is not fixed but can be boosted throughout adulthood by family members, bright mates and intellectually stretching careers.一项新研究显示,智力不是固定不变的,而是在整个成年期都会受到影响,家庭成员、聪明的配偶以及拓展智力的职业都会促进智力的提高Stimulating households where people talk, make jokes and challenge each other can boost IQ levels by several points, as can jobs that mentally energise employees.可以谈话、说笑、互相叫板的这种活跃的家庭,以及能激励员工思考的工作,都可以使智商水平提高几分The study challenges the commonly held notion that intelligence is ‘static’ by the age of about 18.人们普遍认为,智商到了18岁左右就“静止”了,此研究否认了这个说法Current scientific consensus suggests that intelligence is controlled by genes, with environmental factors such as schooling and nutrition playing a part up to this age. After this point, IQ scores stabilise.目前科学界的共识表明,智力由基因控制,教育和营养等环境因素在18岁之前也有一定的影响18岁之后,智商就稳定了But James Flynn, Emeritus professor of political studies and psychology at the University of Otago in New Zealand, argues that people can ‘upgrade’ their own intelligence throughout their lives.但是新西兰奥塔哥大学政治学和心理学退休荣誉教授詹姆斯bull;弗林说,人们能一辈子“升级”自己的智商He believes intellectual stimulation from others is crucial as the ‘brain seems to be rather like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it gets’.他认为,他人的智力刺激非常关键,因为“大脑似乎和肌肉非常像——你用得越多,就越强壮”However, the reverse is also true – so people who share a home or workplace with the intellectually challenged risk seeing their IQ levels nosedive as a result.然而,反过来说也成立——所以,与脑筋不太好使的人同居一室或一起工作,会有智商直线下降的风险Professor Flynn analysed US intelligence tests from the last 65 years and correlated the results with people’s ages. This enabled him to compile new IQ ‘age tables’.弗林教授分析了美国过去65年的智力测试,研究了测试结果与年龄的相关性通过这项研究,他编制了新的智商“年龄表”He found the ‘cognitive quality’ of a family alters the IQs of all members, especially children.他发现一个家庭的“认知特性”能改变所有家庭成员的智商,特别是孩子It can ‘lift’ or hold them back, depending on the ‘gap between their brightness and that of their siblings and parents’.他们的智商提高或降低,取决于“他们本人的智力水平和兄弟、父母智力水平的差异”A bright ten-year-old with brothers and sisters of average intelligence will suffer a five to ten point IQ disadvantage compared to a similar child with equally bright siblings, the ‘age tables’ revealed.“年龄表”显示,一个岁大的聪明孩子,如果兄弟智商平平,智商会比有同样聪明的兄弟的相似孩子低5到分However, children with a low IQ could gain six to eight points by having brighter siblings and special educational treatment to help pull them up.但是,低智商的孩子,如果有更聪明的兄弟,并受到特别的教育,智商就可以提高6到8分Professor Flynn, whose book, Does Your Family Make You Smarter? comes out next month, also concluded that although genetics and early life experiences determine about 80 percent of intelligence, the remaining percent is linked to lifestyle.弗林教授也总结说,尽管基因和早年人生经验决定80%的智商,还有剩下的%受生活方式的影响弗林教授的书《你的家庭让你变聪明了吗?将在下月出版This means that people can raise their IQ, or allow it to fall, by ten points or more.这说明人们可以提高自己的智商,或任其下降,幅度可达分或更多Professor Flynn suggests that the best way to boost IQ levels is to socialise with bright friends, find an intellectually challenging job and marry someone cleverer.弗林教授建议说,提升智商最好的方法就是和聪明的朋友交往、找一个挑战智力的工作,以及同比你聪明的人结婚Vocabularyraise an eyebrow: 扬起眉毛(表示吃惊、不信或轻度反对)consensus: 共识nosedive: 暴跌英文来源:每日邮报译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮。

哈里王子和凯特王妃的“叔嫂情” --18 :: 来源: 凯特王妃和小叔子哈里王子的关系似乎好得有点过分,而且还时常“冷落”了丈夫威廉王子凯特王妃似似母的形象让哈里眷恋不已,尽管外界有各种不怀好意的揣测,但是各路爆料人士指出,三人友谊由来已久 Whispering conspiratorially in her ear on stage at the Queen’s 90th birthday street party. A good-natured tease about her skyscraper heels that might have got stuck in a grille as they walked up the aisle in St Paul’s a thanksgiving service the Monarch.在女王90岁生日派对上,他站在台上在她耳边狡黠地低声私语他们在感恩节对女王务时走过了圣保罗大街的过道,他善意的取笑她那高入天际的鞋跟可能会卡在格栅里And not getting the chat that reduced her to teeth-flashing, eye-crinkling giggles as they sat together during the same service, while Prince William stared blankly in the other direction.哦,别忘了,在同一场务活动的时候,两人坐在一起窃窃私语,他逗得她眼神发亮、露齿大笑,而威廉王子茫然地看着另一个方向It’s becoming rather hard to ignore how well Prince Harry gets on with the Duchess of Cambridge. Whether it’s at the London Olympics, weddings, Trooping the Colour or even sombre events like the World War I centenary commemorations in Belgium in , Harry and Kate can often be seen side-by-side.很难忽视哈里王子和凯特王妃相处得怎么样无论是在伦敦奥运会、皇室婚礼、皇家军队阅兵仪式、甚至是年比利时一战0周年纪念那样严肃的活动上,哈里王子和凯特王妃都经常互伴左右Harry is, of course, a joker, and likes to give humorous asides during some public events, like his grandfather. And Kate is a polite, responsive soul, not one to ignore others’ attempts to make her laugh. Regardless, the closeness of their relationship is all too apparent.当然,就像他的祖父一样,哈里是一个爱开玩笑的人,他喜欢在一些公共活动中将一些幽默的笑话凯特是一个讲礼貌、反应快的人,从来不会忽视别人想要逗她发笑的举动不管怎样,他们两人之间的亲密关系实在是太明显了Harry has plenty of female friends — including cousins Zara, Beatrice and Eugenie — but he is probably closer to Kate than any other woman on the planet.哈里有一大票女性朋友--包括表扎拉、比阿特丽斯和尤金妮亚--但是他和凯特的关系可能要比和世上其他任何女人的关系都要亲近While cheeky online commentators have suggested there’s a flirtation going on, one source insists: ‘That’s not it, although he does have a knack of making women, including Kate, feel good about themselves, commenting on what they are wearing, example.尽管在网上有无耻的员说这两人在调情,但是有人坚持说道:“事实不是这样的,尽管哈里在和(包括凯特在内)女性搞关系方面的确有一套,比如说他会评价女性的穿着,从而让她们自我感觉良好”‘But as Harry once said, Kate is like the big sister he never had’. Even, occasionally, a mother figure.“就像哈里曾经说过的那样,凯特就像他从未有过的大一样”尽管有时凯特王妃是以一个母亲的形象示人‘While William and Harry get on with Camilla and are delighted to see their father happy, they don’t really confide in her,’ said one source. ‘She can’t replace their mother, and wouldn’t expect to.’有人说道:“尽管威廉和哈里与卡米拉(其父查尔斯王子的再婚对象)相处得很好,并且也乐于见到其父高兴,但是他们并不真的对卡米拉敞开心扉她代替不了他们母亲(戴安娜王妃)的角色,也不希望代替”And so, into the emotional vacuum Diana left behind both her sons, stepped Kate. She has been both a trusted counsel and something of a partner in crime the persistently single Harry.,凯特填补了戴安娜王妃去世后俩儿子的情感空白凯特既是一个值得信赖的商议问题的人,也是一个固执地让哈里保持单身的“可恶”同伙Theirs is a genuine friendship, founded on nights spent in front of Game Of Thrones boxsets and companionable suppers. From giving him cookery lessons to offering sensible romantic advice, Kate has become Harry’s lynchpin.这是真正的友谊,是建立在数个夜晚一起观看《权利的游戏和友善的晚餐之上的友谊从上烹饪课到在感情问题上提出明智的建议,凯特成为了哈里最重要的人So what does Kate find so appealing about Harry? A willingness to lark around, one thing — something the usually serious William isn’t often seen doing.那么,凯特觉得哈里的那些地方有吸引力呢?哈里愿意像鸟儿般四处嬉戏,而在老成的威廉身上,这却不是一件那么容易被看到的事情‘Kate has quite a different relationship with Harry than she has with William,’ says the royal insider. ‘Harry appeals to her sillier side because he is carefree, footloose and loves banter. He finds things funny about people and says so.拒王室内部人士透露:“凯特跟哈里的关系和她与威廉的关系完全不同哈里蠢蠢的一面吸引到了凯特,因为他无忧无虑、自由自在、爱开玩笑一旦他发现了哪些人的趣事儿,他就会说出来”‘William, partly because of his position, partly because of his character, plays it safe like his father, whereas Harry is free and easy, with a “let’s have the whole bottle” sort of attitude. Kate also adores the way Harry plays with her children — he is very good with them, a charming big kid and silly uncle.’“也许是因为他所处的位置,也许是因为他的个性,威廉像他的父亲一样表现得很沉稳,而哈里却无拘无束、自由自在,有一种‘对瓶吹’的态度凯特也很喜欢哈里跟她的孩子们玩的样子--他对小家伙们非常好,就像一个可爱的大孩子、傻叔叔一样”Unlike most vigorous, fun-loving young people, a single Prince — and, indeed, a future Queen — have to be careful whom they trust. And, alongside William, Kate is as safe as it can be Harry, and vice versa. Their friendship has a history that extends through Harry’s adult life.和大多数富有活力、喜欢寻欢作乐的年轻人不同,一位单身王子和将来要成为女王的女人,不得不小心他们信任的人而且,有威廉陪伴在旁,凯特和哈里在一起非常安全,当然对哈里来说亦是如此他们的友谊时间长久,贯穿了哈里整个成人生活Kate started dating William in , after meeting him at the University of St Andrews. Soon after, she met Harry.凯特和威廉相识于圣安德鲁斯大学,后来两人于年开始拍拖不久之后,她就结识了哈里He was still a teenager, about to leave Eton, and was deciding what to do with his life. After an extended gap year, when he travelled to Australia and Lesotho, he finally went to Sandhurst in .他当时还是一个少年,即将从伊顿公学毕业,彼时的他正在决定以后的一生要做些什么他延长了自己的休学年,期间前往了澳大利亚和莱索托等地,最终在年,他去了英国陆军军官学校According to a source at St Andrews: ‘From the earliest days, Kate always maintained an open-door policy to Prince Harry.据圣安德鲁斯知情人士透露:“从最开始,凯特就对哈里王子保持着不设防的态度”‘While they were students she always made him feel welcome at the four-bedroom cottage they rented on distant royal cousin Henry Cheape’s estate, Strathtyrum, just outside St Andrews. The three also spent weekends together at the cottage, Tam-na-Ghar, on the Balmoral estate.’“当他们还是学生的时候,凯特总是招待哈里,让他感觉在自己家一样当时她和威廉从一个王室远亲亨利·切普的房产中租下了一幢居小别墅,地点就在圣安德鲁斯外面的Strathtyrum这三人还曾一起在巴尔莫勒尔堡谭纳加尔的别墅里共度周末Another insider said: ‘Cynics — the sort that said she deliberately swapped Edinburgh University St Andrews when she found out William was going there — might say she knew that getting on with Harry was key to her relationship with William.据另一位知情人说透露:“喷子们认为凯特因为发现了威廉要到圣安德鲁斯大学去,所以才故意从爱丁堡大学转学这些喷子们也说凯特知道和哈里相处得好是她和威廉关系的关键(所以她才故意接近哈里)”。

世界上那些让人尖叫不停的滑梯! -- :: 来源:sohu 谁说滑滑梯只是童年回忆,长大了我们玩儿法升级周末轻松一下,一起去惊声尖叫吧! 1.伦敦卖点:最长最高 英国公投脱欧了,欧盟说:别磨蹭,赶紧打包走人 不过,英国人民心还是蛮大的,他们说:来呀来呀,一起来玩儿吧!这里有全世界最高最长的滑梯 The world's tallest and longest tunnel slide opened to the public in London on June . 这座滑梯长约180米,高约80米,是在年伦敦奥林匹克公园里的奥运塔外修建的 The 8 meter-long slide is the latest intervention to the 1 meter-tall ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower which was built the Olympics. 这座塔当年被吐槽说:丑哭!另外,“安赛乐米塔尔轨道塔”,这么拗口名字一听就不会红啦!如今终于要咸鱼翻身了吧: Thrill seekers will get an adrenaline(肾上腺素) rush withthis newly-opened slide. It has a top speed of kilometers per hour, taking 0 seconds to go down. 全程不过0秒钟,票价有点儿贵:一张成人票英镑如果是你,去吗? Tickets the slide cost pound;, which include access to the Orbit's viewing platm. .洛杉矶卖点:高空透明 英国人民这么会玩儿,美国人也不甘示弱 上周末,他们紧随其后,推出了高空玻璃滑梯低头看,大地在你脚下! SkySlide, a glass slide suspended around 300 meters above downtown Los Angeles, opend on June 5. 和英国那个相比,美国人这个新滑梯不值一提,只有米长 不过人家胜在高啊,建在美国联邦大厦70层楼外你们看图体会一下 The -metre-long slide connects the 70th and 69th floors of the 7-storey US Bank Tower, the tallest building both in LA and in Calinia. 票价也不便宜一个成年人登上观景平台需要先付5元,坐滑梯再加8元,总计33元贵嘛? Tickets to get into SkySpace are adults. A ride on the SkySlide costs an extra . 3.广州卖点:全球最佳 炎炎夏日,不如清凉一下现在给大家推荐全球最佳的水上滑梯 不用去美国,不用去迪拜,就在广州,说走咱就走 The owners of Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou are on a path to have the biggest, tallest, and best water rides in the world. And so far the Behemoth Bowl is the best. 玩过的小伙伴说,前面一段滑道冲下去略吓人,进入“大碗”之后感觉更奇妙,最后好像是被怪兽一口吞掉了似的 It is said to be the largest bowl water ride in the world, with a massive 18-meter-diameter. Water slide geeks call it a revolutionized water slide with its water injection system, patented corkscrew exit and central drop chute. 7月1日-8月31日,水上乐园成人门票为300元人和前两家相比,价格还算亲民 Tickets to the water park cost 300 yuan adults. .慕尼黑卖点:上学动力 看完了让你肾上腺素狂飙的那些滑梯,我们来个文艺小清新范儿的吧! 在德国慕尼黑工业大学的一栋教学楼内,有两座四层楼高的大滑梯 A pair of giant slides are located inside the Faculty Building Math and Computer Science of the Technical University of Munich. 不用走楼梯,不用等电梯,咻~~一转眼就到一楼啦 What a fun and quick way to get from the third floor to first. 感觉每天早晨起床上学都多了动力呢!据说就连校长和外来的访问学者们也忍不住一试价格嘛,当然是免费啦!FREE! They are sliding. By anyone in the building. Best. College. Ever. 5.各国城市卖点:大街上玩 什么才是夏日狂欢正确的打开方式?花车巡游,桑巴,痛饮啤酒? 一种新的玩法正在世界范围内流行开来——到大街上去溜水滑梯吧! 年,墨西哥第二大城市、哈利斯科州首府瓜达拉哈拉(Guadalajara)建起了一个长度超过百米的水滑梯,供市民消遣 年,英国布里斯托尔市一条繁华的陡坡大街也被改造成了水滑梯,吸引了众多市民的参与 除了图中的纽约之外,今年这种名为“Slide the City”的夏季狂欢还将在美国多个城市上演我们不得不赞一句:城会玩! 好啦,带你们看完那么多滑梯,你最想尝试哪一个? 不喜欢滑梯也不要紧,学生党可以告诉我们,你的暑假打算怎么过?职场汪可以告诉我们,你曾经的暑假是如何度过的?快来留言吧!。

沃尔玛和麦当劳:效仿福来鸡的成功策略 --30 :5:38 来源: 近年来,顾客们普遍抱怨美国两个最大最古老品牌沃尔玛和麦当劳的顾务差现在,两家公司纷纷向福来鸡等公司学习,投资数十亿美元来提高员工工资,加强员工培训这些措施已经取得了积极的效果 Walmart and McDonald’s, two of the biggest and oldest brands in the US, have years faced widesp complaints about poor customer service.近年来,顾客们普遍抱怨美国两个最大最古老品牌沃尔玛和麦当劳的顾务差Now both companies are investing billions of dollars in wage increases and training their workers, following in the footsteps of companies like Chick-fil-A, and they are aly seeing positive results.现在,两家公司纷纷向福来鸡等公司学习,投资数十亿美元来提高员工工资,加强员工培训这些措施已经取得了积极的效果Walmart last year committed to investing $.7 billion over two years in wage increases, scheduling improvements, and employee training.去年,沃尔玛承诺在未来两年投资7亿美元用于提高工资,改进调度,培训员工The move is improving widesp issues in stores, such as empty shelves and cleanliness, executives said.沃尔玛的主管表示,这一举措正在解决一些普遍存在的问题,比如空货架和清洁问题The company is even seeing sales and traffic improvements, which it said were driven in part by the investments in labor. In the most recent quarter, Walmart’s US same-store sales rose 1%, driven by a 1.5% increase in traffic.沃尔玛的销量和人流量也有所增加,这部分是由于投资劳动力所致上季度,美国沃尔玛店面的人流量增加1.5%,销量也随之增加1%The changes aren’t going unnoticed by customers.消费者们也注意到了这些变化"Our customers continue to tell us they are happy with the changes we’re making in our stores, as evidenced by our customer-experience scores, which rose again this quarter versus last year," said Brett Biggs, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Walmart stores, on a call with analysts.“顾客说他们很高兴看到沃尔玛的这些变化与去年相比,本季度的顾客体验指数有所上升,” 沃尔玛的执行副总裁和首席财务官Brett Biggs在电话中告诉分析人员McDonald’s has also been investing in its workers.麦当劳也同样加强对员工的投资The fast-food chain lifted its average hourly wage from .01 to .90 last July, and will raise it further to exceed $ by the end of this year.去年7月份,麦当劳员工的时薪由9.01美元提高至9.90美元,今年年底将超过美元McDonald’s also started allowing workers to earn up to five days of paid vacation every yea.另外,麦当劳开始允许员工每年享受5天的带薪休假The training and wage investments have had a significant impact on customer service, according to McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook.麦当劳的首席执行官史蒂夫?伊斯特布鲁克表示,员工培训和员工投资对顾务产生了巨大的影响He said the changes "have resulted in lower crew turnover and higher customer-satisfaction scores ... and we are gaining share relative to the [fast-food] sandwich segment."他说:“这些变化降低了员工离职率,提高了客户满意度在快餐中的三明治领域,我们获得了更多的市场份额”Customer-satisfaction scores were up 6% in the first quarter, compared to the same period last year, he said.他表示,第一季度的客户满意度比去年同比增长了6%。

上海一高校男生被曝偷拍女乘客裙底 -- :00:6 来源: 近日,上海某高校大学生被指控在地铁站等车之际偷拍前方女乘客裙底,有网友将该名学生的相关据发布到了新浪微上 A university student has been accused of taking upskirt photographs of a young woman at a Shanghai subway station, and incriminating evidence posted to social media.近日,上海某高校大学生被指控在地铁站等车之际偷拍前方女乘客裙底,有网友将该名学生的相关据发布到了新浪微上The incident took place as the photo-taker and victim were about to board a Line train at the Shanghai Metro’s Century Avenue station on Friday, according to People’s Daily Online.据人民网报道,该事件发生在5月7日,当时偷拍者和被拍的女乘客正在上海地铁号线的世纪大道站处候车Weibo user ’Phillipa Vans’ posted images of the man in an orange shirt caught in the act, and other users quickly identified him as a student from a university in Shanghai.据微主“Phillipa Vans”爆料的图片显示,照片中的偷拍者身着橘黄色衬衫,拿着手机疑似偷拍照片一经发布,有些网友立即认出该名男子是上海某高校的一名大学生The man’s alleged actions were not noticed by the victim herself but Weibo commenters raised their outrage and condemned his actions retrospectively.该名男子的这一行为并未被前方女乘客察觉,然而微上发布的照片却引起众多网友的愤怒,许多网友纷纷指责该男子的行为One user wrote: ’If he was just queuing, he should have left more space and should not have stood so closely to the woman. Will anyone with a normal mind hold a mobile phone like this?’一名用户道:“如果他只是在排队候车的话,他应该与前方保持一定距离,不应该离那位女乘客那么近正常人会像他那样拿手机吗?”Another, ’RUANMIN_’, added: ’No matter if he was taking the pictures or not, he should not have stood so closely to the woman, it was not polite.’一位名为“RUANMIN”的用户补充道:“不管他是不是真的在偷拍,他都不应该离那位女士那么近,终归是不礼貌的”The post went viral across China and has since received ,000 shares and over 6,500 comments.自爆料该男子的微发布之后,立即在网络上流传开来至今已被转发00次,网友高达6500条However others doubted the credibility of the photographs, saying it was difficult to confirm whether the man was taking upskirt shorts or merely holding his phone in a strange way.然而,也有一些网友怀疑这些照片的真实性,并认为很难从照片中就判断出该男子究竟是在偷拍女乘客裙底,还是只是单纯拿手机的方式有些奇怪A user said: ’If he were really to take upskirt pictures, he would have done it in a crowded train, not doing it so openly.’一位网友说道:“即使要偷拍,也应该是在车厢内人多拥挤的时候下手,谁会在排队的时候左右都是人看着的时候明目张胆地拍?”Another said: ’It might just be a misunderstanding. In the future it’s better to catch him on the spot and check his mobile phone. If he was really doing something bad, then you can have him arrested on the spot.’还有一位网友表示:“其实也有可能是个误会其实以后碰上这种事情条件允许的话可以第一时间查看手机,如果是坏人就第一时间捉住,好人的话也不会被冤枉”A group even went as far as to criticise the photographer not taking more action.还有一些网友甚至因为拍摄者没有进行进一步行动而对其进行谴责Tang liao liao’ wrote: ’Why didn’t this Weibo user go up to stop the man, but took a picture of his behaviour instead?’一位名为“Tang liao liao”的网友道:“为什么这位拍照片的主不去阻止这名男子,而是单单拍了照片呢?”In a statement released on May , Shanghai Institute of Technology the man is one of their students.5月日,上海应用技术大学发表声明,公开表示该名男子正是自己学校的学生It said on Weibo: ’Our university has noticed the Weibo post shared by Phillipa Vans today and confirm that the man in the picture is a student of our school.校方在微上表示:“我校已经通过主‘Phillipa Vans ’的照片知晓此事,并确定该名男子正是我校的学生”Our school will actively work with the police to investigate and deal with the matter. Our university strongly condemn any secret filming in subway.’“我校将会积极配合警方对此事进行调查,同时我们也强烈谴责此类地铁偷拍行为”The Shanghai transport police confirmed they have launched an investigation into the allegations.上海交通警察已表示他们已经投入警力对此事展开调查In April , a man was detained 5 days taking upskirt photos on the Shanghai Metro.年月,上海地铁也曾发生过类似偷拍裙底事件,嫌疑人曾被拘留五天Meanwhile last month, another was spotted at a bus station in Hefei, Anhui province, casually walking around taking upskirt photos of four or five women in short skirts.上个月,安徽合肥一辆公交车上也曾发生或类似事件该名嫌疑人在车内随意走动,趁此机会偷拍四到五名女乘客的裙底。

武汉特大洪水袭城 武警官兵抗洪抢险 -- ::35 来源: 彻夜的暴雨袭击了长江边上的大都市武汉,部分区域的交通出行和水电设施全部瘫痪,人们被困在家000余名官兵一直在协助抗洪以保行人和车辆的安全 An overnight storm following days of rain paralyzed traffic, cut power and water supplies and trapped people in their homes in many parts of Wuhan, a metropolis on the Yangtze River.彻夜的暴雨袭击了长江边上的大都市武汉,部分区域的交通出行和水电设施全部瘫痪,人们被困在家The downpour caused severe waterlogging as local rivers, lakes and reservoirs swelled, leading to the closure of a tunnel under the Yangtze as well as some subway stations and underground pathways, according to local traffic authorities.据武汉市交通部门消息,倾盆大雨引起了严重的洪涝灾害,当地的河流、湖泊和水库水位暴涨,导致长江隧道和部分地铁站以及地下通道关闭The capital of Central China’s Hubei Province has a population of million.这座中国中部湖北省省会城市的常住人口约为1千万From 8 pm on Tuesday to 8 am Wednesday, precipitation in the city proper reached 180 millimeters, and millimeters of rain was dumped on Caidian district. About 560 millimeters of rain fell on the city in the past week, the largest weekly precipitation since records were first taken, according to the local meteorological observatory. It has ecast rain through Wednesday in Wuhan.自星期二晚8点到星期三早8点,武汉市区的降水量达到了180毫米,而蔡甸区更是高达毫米据当地气象台报道,过去的一周里,武汉市降水总量为560毫米,这是自有历史记录以来,最高的周降水量而天气预报称星期三全天有大雨As of Wednesday noon, floods have made sections of Wuhan’s roadway inaccessible to traffic, and halted 1 bus routes.至星期三中午,洪水已严重影响了武汉的段道路,交通无法通行,1条公交路线停运Twenty-three trains were canceled and 30 delayed, according to the Wuhan Railway Bureau.据武汉铁路局消息,3趟列车行程被取消,30趟晚点More than ,000 police officers and workers have been pumping out floodwaters and ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.000余名官兵一直在协助抗洪以保行人和车辆的安全Firefighters have rescued more than 0 people trapped in floodwaters. A pregnant woman, who was trapped on her way to hospital, was rushed to a hospital on a boat.消防员救出了被困洪水中的0多人一个妇被困在去医院的路上,消防员用皮艇将她迅速送往了医院Over ,000 people threatened by fragile dikes were evacuated from Caidian district Tuesday night.星期二晚上,受蔡甸区决堤风险威胁的000人被安全疏散Water supply has been cut off in two residential commies, one of which has also experienced a power blackout. Companies and public institutes in some districts were ordered to adjust their working hours.两个居民区的自来水供应被切断,其中一个小区的电也停止供应部分区域的企业和学校被要求调整工作时间Provincial weather authorities said Nepartak, the first typhoon of the year, contributed to the torrential rain in Wuhan and other regions in the eastern part as well as Hubei’s Jianghan Plain since Tuesday.省气象部门称,今年的首个台风“尼伯特”是引起武汉以及东部其他地区和湖北江汉平原一带周二这场特大暴雨的主要原因Rain subsided in those areas on Monday after being battered by downpours since June 30, while the typhoon, which is expected to bring gusty winds and heavy rain to eastern coastal areas next week, pushed the center of the monsoon back to the areas on Tuesday.自6月30日暴雨开始袭击这些区域,直到星期一(7月日)下午才渐渐停歇而预计将在下周为东部沿海区域带来大风和暴雨的台风“尼伯特”,又将季风中心推进到了以上区域Heavy rain since June 30 has left at least 8 people dead and others missing across China, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The ministry also placed property and economic damage at 38. billion yuan (.73 billion) in the provincial regions.据民政部统计,自6月30开始的这场大雨已致8人遇难,人失联该部门称,个省市的财产和经济损失达381.6亿元(约57.3亿美元)Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered the People’s Liberation Army and armed police ce to send more troops to support flood control and disaster relief.国家主席习近平已下令中国人民解放军和武装部队派出更多的人力援抗洪救灾While praising the role of the military in recent disaster relief efts, Xi, who is also chairman of the Central Military Commission, demanded that troops work hard to save people’s lives and protect their property, as well as to help restore order in the affected areas.同样身兼军委主席的习近平高度赞扬军队在最近发生的灾难事件中所发挥的作用,他还强调军队要竭尽全力保护老百姓的生命财产,并协助重建灾区的秩序The floods have sparked an online discussion on urban management, with many claiming that China has not adequately developed the underground sewage system.本次洪涝灾害也引起网友们对城市管理的热烈讨论很多人认为中国没有充分建设好地下排水系统A caixin.com said experience from developed countries shows that the ratio of investment above-the-ground facilities and underground facilities is supposed to be 1:1, but China has only spent percent of its infrastructure expenses on the underground sewage system.财新网的一篇文章指出,发达国家的经验显示,地上设施和地下设施的投资成本比例应当为1:1,而在中国,地下排水系统出仅占了基础设施建设费用的%。