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A teacher in southwestern China Guizhou has been suspended after he reportedly rated students drinking capacity.据报道,近日,中国西南部贵州省的一名老师因学生酒量给成绩打分而被停职Gu Ming, who teaches Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) manufacturing at Guizhou Anshun Vocational Institute, has been removed from his teaching position after he asked students to down liquor shots at his office.在贵州安顺职业学院教授中医药制造的顾明,在他让学生到他办公室饮酒并拍摄视频之后,被该学校停职;Those who ganbeied finish a full glass of liquor get a full 0 mark their exam, half glass gets 90 marks, and a sip gets 60. Those who do not drink at all will fail,; one student posted on Weibo.据一名学生在微上透露:“一口干掉一杯酒的人考试成绩可以得0分,干掉半杯的能得90分,只能抿一口的就只能得60分,而不喝酒的人就要挂科了”Fu Guisheng, deputy director of the institute, told Xinhua that Gu may had meant it as a joke, but clearly his remarks did not go down well with netizens.该校副校长付桂生接受新华社表示,顾明本意可能只是开一个玩笑但很显然,网民对他的话并不买账The incident has drawn intense debate online, with many lambasting the teacher, while others sympathized, saying the teacher was only helping students get used to a usual social practice.这起事件在网上引起了激烈的争论尽管有许多网友对顾明的行为给与谴责,但也有人同情他、为他辩护,表示他只不过是在帮助学生习惯社会上常见的应酬Many of students may go to sales meetings, and how much one can drink may decide how many deals he can seal, said Lapingjun, another Weibo user. ;There is a culture of gaining other people trust and recognition through drinking, which is sad but true,; he said.一名微名为“拉平均”的用户表示,许多学生以后都有可能参加销售会议,而一个人的酒量往往能够决定他的销售业绩他说道:“在中国,人们习惯于通过喝酒来取得别人的信任和认同尽管很可悲,但这就是现实” 3883

Canada said it is taking steps to tackle airline overbooking, following footage of a passenger being cibly removed from a ed Airlines flight made global headlines.美国联合航空公司航班上一名乘客被暴力驱逐下机的视频片段成为全球头条后,加拿大称,该国正采取措施解决航空公司超额售票的问题Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau said the government will put ward a passenger rights law this spring.加拿大交通部长马克·加尔诺称,政府将在今年春天推进乘客权利法案It is expected to include compensation rules those denied boarding due to factors within the carrier control.法案有望加入为因航空公司可控因素遭拒载的乘客设立的赔偿条款In , Canada introduced Flight Rights Canada, a voluntary code of conduct airlines around passenger rights related to tarmac delays, flight cancellations and overbooking.年,加拿大曾出台《加拿大航空权利,这是针对航空公司停机坪延误、航班取消和超售情况下的乘客权利的自愿行为准则Under that code, if a plane is overbooked or cancelled, a carrier must either find the passenger a seat with another flight, or refund the unused portion of the ticket.根据该准则,如果某次航班超额售票或被取消,航空公司须要么在另一架航班上给乘客找到座位,要么返还乘客机票中未使用部分的票款The Canadian Transportation Agency receives an average of about 50 complaints a year from passengers saying they were denied boarding.加拿大运输局每年平均接收到约50起乘客遭飞机拒载的投诉Ambarish Chandra, with the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management, says that airlines bumping passengers is an ;unavoidable; fact of air travel.多伦多大学罗特曼管理学院的安布里什·钱德拉表示,航班要求乘客放弃自己的座位是航空旅行中一种“无法避免的”情况;I dont think the goal of legislation should be to eliminate bumping,; he said. ;But legislation does need to protect passengers and make very clear what passengers rights are in various situations.;他说道:“我不认为立法可以消除乘客放弃自己座位(这一情况)但是立法确实能够保护乘客,并且可以明确规定各种情况下乘客的权利” 50

A: I'm Janet Smith in apartment 3. Is this the apartment manager?B: Hello. What can I do you today?A: My living room window is broken.B: Are you serious? Do you know what happened?A: I am not really sure, because I was out when it occurred.B: Do you have any idea who might have been behind this?A: Something tells me it might be some of the kids in the complex.B: What led you to think it might be the kids in this building?A: I found a baseball near the broken glass.B: Well, you can't ignore a baseball in your living room, can you?A: I saw them in the lot just bee I went out.B: Do you know any of them?A: No, I didn't pay any attention to who they were.B: I'll call the window repairman, but it'll probably take a couple of days.A: I could get fast service if I call a friend of mine.B: I don't have a problem with that. Let me look at the damage first.A: Okay, I'm waiting you. But who does my friend give the bill to?B: Since the kids broke it, your friend can bill me.A: Whew! I was worried that I would have to pay it.B: Believe me, if I find out which kid broke the window, I'll bill his parents.

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