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Migrant drivers for Didi Chuxing in China’s two biggest cities are continuing to pick up passengers, risking fines in defiance of new rules barring them from working for ride-hailing platforms.在中国的两座最大城市,滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing)的外地户籍司机继续为乘客提供出行务,违反了打车软件不得使用这类司机的新规则,面临着被处罚的风险。China’s ride-sharing platforms face their biggest regulatory test so far after city governments in Beijing and Shanghai approved a policy of “local cars, local drivers” on Wednesday.在京沪两地政府周三批准“本地车牌、本地司机”的政策之后,中国的打车软件平台面临着迄今最严峻的监管考验。Didi Chuxing, China’s dominant ride-sharing company, is continuing to let migrants drive in those cities, putting it on course for a potential confrontation with local governments determined to reduce the migrant population.作为中国占主导地位的打车软件公司,滴滴出行继续让外地户籍司机在这些城市提供务,使自己与当地政府之间面临潜在冲突,因为后者决心减少外来人口数量。“The regulations say you can be fined Rmb10,000 (,440) if you are discovered. But 99 per cent of passengers don’t want us to be checked, or they wouldn’t be able to take taxis, so they won’t report us,” said Mr. Huang,a driver in Shanghai originally from Jiangsu.“规定说,如果被发现,你会被罚款1万元人民币(合1440美元),但99%的乘客不希望我们受到限制,否则他们就坐不到出租车,所以他们不会举报我们,”从老家江苏来到上海当滴滴司机的黄先生说。Two migrant drivers in Beijing said Didi had told its drivers to continue business as normal, and that Didi said it was talking with local authorities.北京的两名外地户籍司机表示,滴滴告诉他们像往常一样接单干活。滴滴出行表示,其正在与地方当局进行协商。Beijing’s regulations have a five-month grace period for implementation, whereas Shanghai’s restrictions went into effect on Thursday.北京的监管规定存在五个月的执行宽限期,而上海规定已于周四生效。“It still takes time to hammer out many details of implementing the rules, and we are in close consultation with Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, and are optimistic about the process,” Didi said.“敲定新规的执行细则仍是需要时间的,我们正与北京、上海和其他城市进行密切协商,我们对这个过程感到乐观,”滴滴出行表示。“Didi believes the local governments and Didi share a common interest in ensuring a smooth transition while sustaining a friendly environment for the new rideshare industry,” the company added.“滴滴相信,确保平稳过渡,并为新生的共享出行行业保持一个友好的环境,是符合当地政府和滴滴的共同利益的,”该公司补充称。But a “smooth transition” does not mean Didi can change the rules. “The regulations, which have aly been issued, are very unlikely to be changed,” said Gu Dasong, a professor at Southeast University Law School.但“平稳过渡”并不意味着滴滴可以改变规则。“监管规则已经发布,不大可能进行修改,”东南大学法学院副教授顾大松说。“The possibility that Beijing will make changes to the regulation is very small,” agreed Ma Qiji of the AliResearch Institute, an internet research firm. “Controlling population numbers in the capital city is a central government strategy. The political factors outweigh the concerns for the [ride-sharing] market, and for employment rights.”“北京修改规则的可能性非常小,”互联网研究公司阿里研究院(AliResearch Institute)的马旗戟同意这一看法。“控制首都人口数量是中央政府的一项战略。政治因素大于(共享出行)市场和就业权利引发的关注。” /201612/485533B News – Five Dallas police officers have been killed and six wounded by gunmen during protests against the shooting of black men by police, authorities say. Three people are in custody and one man who was in a stand-off with police shot himself dead, US media have reported.B新闻 – 当局说,警方杀黑人遭到抗议期间,5名达拉斯警员被手射杀,6名警员受伤。3人被羁押,一名与警方对峙的男子饮弹自尽,美国媒体报道说。Gunfire broke out at around 20:45 local time on Thursday as demonstrators marched through the city. The protests came after this week#39;s deaths of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana.战于周四当地时间约20:45爆发,当时示威者穿城游行。抗议活动的起因,是本周明尼苏达的费兰多.卡斯蒂尔和路易斯安那的埃尔顿.斯特林之死。The Dallas attack marks the deadliest day for US law enforcement officers since the 9/11 attacks in 2001. President Barack Obama, who is visiting Poland, said it was a ;vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement;.达拉斯袭标志着这一天成为自2001年911袭击以来美国执法机关伤亡最惨重的一天。正在波兰访问的奥巴马总统说,袭是“对执法机关恶毒,蓄意和卑鄙的袭击”。Dallas Police Chief David Brown said the suspects were all believed to have been working together, using rifles to carry out attacks while the protest rally was drawing to a close. Two snipers had fired from ;elevated positions;, shooting some officers in the back.达拉斯警长布朗说,嫌犯据信都是团伙作案,当抗议集会接近尾声时使用步发动袭击。两名狙击手从“高处”开,射中一些警员的背部。;We believe that these suspects were positioning themselves in a way to triangulate on these officers from two different perches... and planned to injure and kill as many law enforcement officers as they could,; Chief Brown said.“我们认为,这些嫌犯采取从两个不同高点对这些警员作三角定位的站位方式……计划尽可能多地射死射伤执法人员。”Officers later surrounded a car park near El Centro College, as an armed man fired off rounds with a rifle. Chief Brown said the suspect had told negotiators that ;the end is coming; and that he was going to attack more officers and had ;bombs all over the place;. US media say the man is now dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and the stand-off is over.警员后来包围了埃尔森特罗学院附近的一个停车场,其间,一名武装男子用步多次开火。布朗警长说,嫌犯对谈判人员说,“末日快到了”, 他要袭击更多警员,“到处放满炸弹”。美国媒体说,这名男子现已开自杀,对峙结束。Chief Brown said earlier: ;We do not have a comfort level that we have all the suspects.; He said that 11 officers had been shot ;ambush style; by sniper fire. 布朗警长早些时候说:“我们还没有到抓获所有嫌犯的安心程度。”他说,11名警员遭到狙击火力“伏击方式”的袭击。One of those killed was Brent Thompson, 43, a transport police officer with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). He is the first DART officer to be killed in the line of duty.中弹身亡者之一是达拉斯捷运43岁的交通警察布兰特.汤普森。他是首位因公殉职的捷运警员。Amateur footage showed one police officer approaching a gunman and taking cover behind a concrete pillar. The gunman shoots the officer at least twice, leaving him motionless, and then flees.路人拍摄的视频显示,一名警员向手靠近,以水泥柱作掩护。手向这名警员至少开两次,使他不再动弹后逃之夭夭。 /201607/453643

Businesses providing catering services online are required to acquire food trade licenses and have brick-and-mortar stores, according to China Food and Drug Administration.国家食品药品监督管理总局日前声称,提供网络餐饮务的商家须取得食品经营许可并具备实体店铺。The requirements came as part of an administrative draft designed to improve supervision of online food and catering services.这些要求是食药监总局起草的一份旨在加强网络餐饮务监管的意见稿中的部分内容。For third-party platforms offering online catering services, the draft said that they should ensure real-name registration of online food providers. They should also make spot checks about the running of the food providers.意见稿规定,网络餐饮务第三方平台应当对网络餐饮务提供者实名登记,并对其经营行为进行抽查。Online platforms that fail to carry out random examinations of such suppliers could be warned, or fined 5,000 yuan (7) to 30,000 yuan, the draft said.意见稿指出,未能对这些供应商进行随机检查的在线平台可能会受到警告,或是处以5000至30000元不等的罚款。Statistics from Beijing-based BigData-Research show that the volume of the online food-ordering industry in China reached 176.15 billion yuan in 2016.根据北京比达咨询公司的数据显示,2016年我国网络订餐行业规模达1761.5亿元。Hu Jinguang, vice-president of the Law School at Renmin University of China, said the popular trend toward online meal delivery has increased the information gap between food producers and consumers, adding that some suppliers may conceal or provide false information online.中国人民大学法学院副院长胡锦光表示,网上订餐的流行趋势,已经增大了食品生产者和消费者之间的信息不对称。他还表示,一些供应商可能存在隐瞒或提供网上虚假信息的情况。The government should strengthen supervision over online shops and platforms and encourage information transparency to promote food safety, Hu added.胡锦光称,政府应加强对网上商店和平台的监管,鼓励信息透明,以提升食品的安全。 /201702/494283

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