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Like all Buddhist monks, Yancan spends most of his day seeking enlightenment.跟所有佛教僧人一样,延参法师的大部分时间都在求悟But unlike most monks, Yancan sometimes stays up until midnight using Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese micro blogging site, to sp the word of Buddhism among his million-plus followers.但他又和大多数僧人不一样,有时候会玩新浪微到午夜借助这个国内颇受欢迎的社交网站,他向数百万的粉丝们传播着佛教教义Yancan is the abbot of the Shuiyue Monastery in East China Hebei province. over years, the Zen monk has passed his knowledge on through sermons and lectures. But now, the power of the Internet has given Yancan a new avenue through which to sp his wisdom.延参法师是河北省沧州市水月寺的住持多年来,法师通过说教和讲座传播佛教思想;如今,神奇的网络为延参法师指明了一条全新的大道去传播他的睿智Yancan first rose to online prominence last week, when a of him being harassed by monkeys near EMei Mountain, a sacred Buddhist site, was uploaded to the Internet.上周,自打他在佛教圣地峨眉山遭猴子戏谑的视频传到网上后,延参法师一跃成为了网络红人Yancan quickly amassed a large following on Sina Weibo, with his posts warded thousands of times over since the debut, helping him to bring his thoughts on Buddhism to a much larger audience.自从该视频发布以来,法师很快在新浪微上吸引了一大批粉丝,他的微随之被转发了数万次,佛教思想也普及到更多网民;I only hope to shore up positive energy on the web, where people vent too much anger and frustration,; Yancan said.;微上有很多负面的情绪和信息,我希望能给大家一些正面的能量;延参法师说Yancan has written more than ,000 posts since opening his Sina Weibo two years ago. Most of his posts reflect a Buddhist interpretation of common life issues, ranging from the pains of growing up to dealing with the national college entrance exams.延参法师两年前开通新浪微账户,目前已经发布了100多条信息,其中大部分都是对生命的佛学阐释,包括成长的痛苦以及如何应对高考等;Life inspires me, and then I write what comes to my mind,; the monk said.;生活给了我启迪,而我将自己的心境写了下来;法师说道Yancan positive approach stands out among the extreme displays of anger and verbal abuse that are common to Sina Weibo and other social messaging sites. His humorous demeanor and laid-back approach have charmed the public as well, as his attitude is not like that of most monks.新浪微和一些社交网站往往成为人们表达愤怒、口头谩骂的一个很极端的平台,延参法师的积极心态一下子脱颖而出与大部分僧人不同,他幽默的举止和淡定的姿态迷倒了众人;Life itself is too serious, so I try my best not to be,; Yancan said.;生活本身就太严肃了,所以我尽力不要把它看得很严肃;延参法师这么说Yancan recently conducted an online interview on Sina Weibo, inviting netizens to ask him questions about his life and work. He received about 30,000 queries, responding to many in typically witty fashion.近日,延参法师在新浪微上发起了一个在线访谈,邀请网民们就他的生活和工作发问他收到了近3万个问题,其中很多都以诙谐幽默的方式给出了回答According to one of Yancan disciples, the master has received numerous interview requests, as well as book offers from about 0 publishers, since the was uploaded.据延参法师的一位弟子透露,自从视频上传网络以来,大师接到了无数的采访请求,0家出版商向他抛出了橄榄枝Yancan has not been spared from doubt or criticism. Some have described him as being ;ignorant of his proper duties; and even accused him of lacking ;Buddhist purity.;延参法师也免不了引来一翻质疑和非议有人说他;不务正业;,甚至指责他;六根不净;The criticism has confused the monk. ;Isnt it a good thing? Everybody laughs and no one gets hurt,; he said. ;I am duty-bound to propagate Buddhism. The new age needs us to change.;这样的非议使法师很困惑;这有什么不好呢?大家都被逗乐了,也没有人受到伤害;他说,;宣传佛教,我义不容辞新的时代需要我们做出改变;Yancan said he hopes his popularity will give a boost to his temple charitable work.延参法师希望他的名气可以更好地带动寺庙里的慈善工作;But I have set no goals. I follow karma,; he said.;不过,我没有设定目标,一切随缘;他说 1883。

1 Gaga羽毛帽Jimmy Kimmel Live July , 吉米;坎尔脱口秀现场Our obsession with fascinators may have ended with the royal wedding but that didnt stop Lady Gaga from wearing this feathered hat that spells out Gaga, made by none other than designer Philip Treacy of Princess Beatrice fame.随着威廉王子和凯特皇室婚姻的落幕,我们对各种奇葩般的帽子秀已经见怪不怪了,但Lady Gaga拗出来的造型还是让人大跌眼镜在脱口秀现场,她戴着一顶帽子,羽毛拼出了;Gaga;的字样,这种点子也只有设计师菲利普;崔西能想得出来了【注】在威廉王子大婚现场,英国碧翠丝公主戴了一顶菲利普;崔西设计的帽子帽子正前方直立着一个镂空的椭圆形,周围由蝴蝶结的两端弯曲成对称的曲线,抢眼又雷人 551。

Designers of a bra that turns into gas masks and a team who found that named cows produce more milk were among the winners of the Ig Nobel prizes.胸罩可以改装成防毒面具,有了名字的奶牛可以产更多的奶,以上都是“另类诺贝尔奖”的获奖课题The aim of the awards is to honour achievements that "first make people laugh and then make them think".“另类诺贝尔奖”的目的就是奖励那些“先让人开怀大笑,继而发人深省”的发明或成就The peace prize went to a Swiss research team who determined whether it is better to be hit over the head with a full or empty bottle of beer.此次的“另类诺贝尔和平奖”授予了瑞士的一个研究小组该小组通过研究明了用一瓶啤酒或一只空啤酒瓶打人的脑袋,哪个造成的损害更小些The ceremony was organised by the magazine Annals of Improbable Research.“另类诺贝尔奖”由《不可能研究年鉴杂志组织 39。

The fallout from Edward Snowden’s revelations about the National Security Agency has reached Hollywood after Oracle asked its brand to be scrubbed from a new film about spies and espionage.爱德华#86;斯诺登(Edward Snowden)有关美国国家安全局(National Security Agency)的爆料,已连带影响到好莱坞近日,数据库软件供应商甲骨文(Oracle)要求将自己品牌的痕迹从一部特工题材的新电影中抹去Oracle, the database software group, had originally paid to have its brand prominently featured in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which stars Chris Pine and Keira Knightley – just one of the many product placement deals that have become increasingly lucrative Hollywood.甲骨文最初曾向电影《一触即发(Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit)的制片方付了广告植入费,让制片方在这部由克里斯#86;派因(Chris Pine)和凯拉#86;奈特莉(Keira Knightley)主演的电影中突出显示该公司的品牌植入广告近年来日渐成为好莱坞的赚钱渠道,上述交易只是其中一例But after Mr Snowden leaked details last year about the NSA’s mass surveillance of electronic data – including its ability to monitor Silicon Valley technology companies – Oracle got cold feet, said several people close to the situation. The request its brand to be removed was made in the final stages of the film’s editing.但据知情人士透露,在斯诺登去年爆料美国国安局大规模监视电子数据的做法(包括该局能够监视硅谷的科技公司)之后,甲骨文改变了主意在电影剪辑的最后阶段,甲骨文要求去掉本品牌的广告植入Oracle declined to comment on why it asked to be taken out of the film, which was released in the US last month. Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures, which produced the film, also declined to comment.这部电影已于上月在美国上映,甲骨文拒绝就为何要求撤掉广告植入置评影片制作方Skydance Productions和派拉蒙影业公司(Paramount Pictures)同样拒绝置评Oracle has a family connection to Hollywood. Skydance, which co-produced Jack Ryan, is run by David Ellison, the son of Larry Ellison, Oracle’s billionaire founder.甲骨文与好莱坞之间有着密切联系电影《一触即发联合制片方Skydance的老板大卫#86;埃里森(David Ellison),是甲骨文创始人、亿万富翁拉里#86;埃里森(Larry Ellison)的儿子Oracle was not charged the re-edit but it did not get back its original fee, which ran to several hundred thousand dollars, said people familiar with the matter.制片方没有对重新剪辑另行收费,但甲骨文也收不回之前付出的广告植入费据知情人透露,这笔植入费约为几十万美元The cost of placing products or brands in films or television programmes can range from thousands to millions of dollars, depending on their prominence.在影视剧中植入产品或品牌的费用低则数千美元,高可达数百万美元,取决于广告植入的明显程度The product placement market has boomed as brands seek new ways to reach consumers and viewers that watch far fewer television commercials.植入广告市场之所以兴起,是因为如今消费者和观众观看的电视广告比以往少得多,品牌商只得努力开发各种新手段,让消费者看得到自己的品牌The most recent figures show that global product placement spending in film and television rose almost per cent in to .5bn, according to PQ Media, a research company.调研公司PQ Media的最新数据显示,全球影视剧产品植入广告开在年增长了将近%,达到8.5亿美元Oracle’s withdrawal from the Jack Ryan film bucks a Hollywood trend, in which technology companies have been among the most visible brands in movies.科技品牌近年来一直是好莱坞电影中最常见的品牌,而甲骨文从电影《一触即发中撤掉广告植入,创造了一个罕见的反例Google’s Mountain View headquarters was the setting the critically panned comedy The Internship while James Bond’s recent cinematic outings have featured Sony Vaio laptops and Sony phones – a consequence of Sony Pictures co-producing the Bond films.在广受恶评的喜剧片《实习大叔(The Internship)中,场景设定在谷歌(Google)公司的山景城(Mountain View)总部,而在詹姆斯#86;邦德(James Bond)最近一部0电影中,索尼Vaio笔记本和索尼手机都露了脸,显然是索尼影业(Sony Pictures)参与联合制作0系列电影的结果The younger Mr Ellison, backed by money from his father, has co-produced several films alongside Viacom’s Paramount studio, including World War Z, Star Trek: Into Darkness and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.小埃里森在父亲的资金持下,已与维亚康姆(Viacom)旗下的派拉蒙影业联手制作了多部电影,包括《僵尸世界大战(World War Z)、《星际迷航:暗黑无界(Star Trek: Into Darkness)和《碟中谍:幽灵协议(Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) 75319。

摘要:“哈利·波特”魔法男童系列影片演员艾玛·沃特森和鲁伯特·格林表示,最近在拍摄观众热切期盼的“赫敏和罗恩之吻”时感受到数百万影迷的重重压力"Harry Potter" stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint felt the pressure of millions of fans of the boy wizard series when they recently filmed a highly anticipated kiss between their characters Hermione and Ron.The kiss happens in the seventh and final book in author J.K. Rowling's series and Watson told a news conference on Thursday -- promoting the sixth film "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" -- that the scene was filmed two weeks ago."Rupert and I were quite nervous that it might look ingenuous as we were so desperate to get it over with," Watson, 19, said. "Rupert and I felt the pressure of this kiss, there's so much interest.""This is years worth of tension and hormones and chemistry and everything in one moment. We had to ace it," said Watson. "Kissing is awkward, kissing is always awkward."The final book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," is being split into two films and it remains unknown which of the final two movies contains the kiss."It's not something we were really looking ward to," said -year-old Grint. "It was quite a strange thing to have to think about doing."But it doesn't seem strange fans because a lot appear to be excited about it. In a poll conducted by online ticket seller Fandango.com, 59 percent of fans said the on-screen kiss they most want to see is between Hermione and Ron.Only 0 percent said they can't wait to see the peck in "Half-Blood Prince" between Potter, played by Daniel Radcliffe, and Ginny Weasley, Ron's sister in the film who is played by Bonnie Wright."I saw the film again a couple of nights ago at the premiere and ... my God, my lips are like the lips of a horse, kind of distending independently away from my face and trying to encompass the lower half of hers," Radcliffe, 19, said."So I apologize that," he said."Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" hits theaters on July , while part one of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" is due out in late and part two is planned release in summer . 776。

He kept his arm tenderly around her back. She beamed as he told her ;I love you; from the stage, and when the show was over, gently reminded him to take his jacket. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, the British Academy Film Awards in London on Feb. was another successful date night – and a rare grown-ups weekend getaway, with their three kids staying home with Garner sister.他将胳膊温柔地环在她后面当他在台上告诉她“我爱你”时她微笑着,并在节目结束时温柔地提醒他带着他的夹克对本#86;阿弗莱克和詹妮弗#86;加纳来说,月号在伦敦的英国电影学院奖是另一个成功的约会之夜:一个难得的成人世界的周末假日,他们的三个孩子与加纳的呆在家里 Well, almost: ;He just like a child!; Garner lovingly joked to a friend as she tugged her still-schmoozing husband–who won the night two biggest honors his film Argo – toward the exit. Could an Oscar Best Picture be his next stop?嗯,差不多:“他就像一个孩子!” 当她挽着闲谈的丈夫走向出口时加纳深情地对一个朋友开玩笑说——她丈夫因其电影《逃离德黑兰赢得了晚上最大的两个荣誉奥斯卡最佳影片奖可能成为他的下一站?Especially about the woman who a lock Best Supporting Spouse. After seven years of marriage and three kids–Violet, 7, Seraphina, , and Samuel, who turns 1 on Feb. 7–Affleck and Garner, both 0, seem to have struck that rarest of things a Hollywood couple: balance. It an old-fashioned arrangement, with Garner handling most of the day-to-day responsibility keeping the children schedules humming while Affleck rides his Argo hot streak – including Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe wins, despite a snub the Oscar directing category.尤其是那个牢牢占据着最佳持配偶位置的女人经过七年的婚姻以及三个孩子,7岁的Violet,岁的Seraphina以及月7号刚满1岁的Samuel,阿弗莱克和加纳都0岁了,对好莱坞夫妻来说似乎已获得最珍贵的东西:平衡这是一个老式的安排,加纳承担着保持孩子们的时间表运转的大部分日常责任,阿弗莱克则让他的电影《逃离德黑兰到达顶峰——囊括了演员工会奖和金球奖,尽管遭到奥斯卡最佳导演奖的冷落;Ive got a great family; Im really inspired by where my career is,; Affleck says. ;Ive seen a lot of different things rambling around in this business, and Im just really, really happy to find myself where I am.;“我已有一个很棒的家庭,我很受我的事业鼓舞,”阿弗莱克说“在这个行业中行走我见过太多不同的东西,我只是真的,真的很高兴能自我发现我在哪里”Several sources who know the couple well say that both stars are at ease in their ;quite traditional roles,; as a Garner friend puts it.几个了解这对夫妇的人透露说,这两位明星在其“相当传统的角色”中安然自得,正如加纳的朋友所说的那样;She blows my mind,; says Affleck Argo costar Clea Duvall. ;She such an amazing mom and such an amazing wife and so supportive of him. It just . . . theyre kind of the ideal.; Although Affleck has made his share of school runs during a busy awards season, in many ways he an old-fashioned dad.“她震撼了我的心灵,”阿弗莱克《逃离德黑兰的合演克丽#86;杜瓦尔说“她真是一个了不起的妈妈,一个如此神奇的妻子,那么得持他就是…他们是那种理想的模范夫妻”虽然阿弗莱克在繁忙的颁奖季分担着学校的事务,在很多方面他是一个传统的父亲Says a source who knows the couple: ;Have you ever seen Mad Men? That how he approaches [marriage and kids] – providing your family is your priority, and raising the kids day-to-day is the wife priority.; But when he not working, he plenty hands-on, ing to the girls at bookstores and taking them to the farmers market. ;His wife and family are the best things that ever happened to him,; says an Affleck pal. ;They have always come first and always will.;知道这对夫妇的消息人士说:“你看过《广告狂人吗?这就是他的方法[婚姻和孩子)——养家是你的主要工作,孩子们的日常养育是妻子的主要任务”但是当他不工作时,他事必躬亲,在书店给女儿们读书,带他们去农贸市场“他的妻子和家人是曾经发生在他身上最好的事情,”阿弗莱克的一个兄弟说“他们总是排在第一,永远” 61。

His fashion-model girlfriend, in a high-profile murder case that has stunned South Africans.奥运径赛明星皮斯托利斯星期五在南非出庭,他被指控谋杀了他的时装模特女友这起受到高度关注的谋杀案使南非人感到震惊The 6-year-old South African native used a jacket to shield his face from reporters and did not comment as he was transferred from prison to a court in the capital, Pretoria, early Friday.星期五清晨,现年6岁的南非运动员皮斯托利斯从监狱被送到南非首都比勒陀利亚的一家法院时,用一件外衣遮住脸,避开记者,而且没有发表任何He was arrestedThursday after his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was found shot to death at his home in a gated commy in Pretoria.皮斯托利斯星期四被逮捕,此前他的女友斯廷坎普被发现在比勒陀利亚有大门看守社区他的家里中弹身亡Police say the 9-year-old magazine model and law school graduate was shot four times by a 9-millimeter pistol registered to Pistorius. They say he is the only suspect in the case.警方说,现年9岁的杂志时装模特,也是法学院毕业生的丽娃#86;斯廷坎普被一把9毫米口径的手击中四次,这把手的注册人是皮斯托利斯警方说,皮斯托利斯是这起案件的唯一嫌疑人Regarded as a sports hero and national icon in South Africa, Pistorius made history in the 00 meters last August at the London Olympics when he became the first double-amputee to run at the Olympics.Pistorius has won multiple gold medals at the international Paralympics在南非,皮斯托利斯被视为体育界英雄和国家的偶像在去年8月举行的伦敦奥运会上,皮斯托利斯参加了00米跑的比赛,成为参加奥运会径赛的第一个双腿截肢的选手他并且在随后举行的残疾人奥运会上获得多面金牌Pistorius was born without fibula bones and his legs were amputated below the knee when he was just months old. He is known as the ;blade runner; using high-tech prosthetics made out of a carbon-fiber compound.皮斯托利斯出生时双腿的小腿没有腓骨,他在仅仅个月大的时候就在膝盖以下的双腿都被截肢依靠碳纤维制造的高科技义肢跑步,被誉为“刀锋飞毛腿”” 51。