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三明市那里可以微创复通福州哪间医院做试管婴儿龙岩输卵管造影最好的医院 Part . New fashions.A. Keywordsrock climbers, climbing equipment, climbing course, physical conditioning, mental conditioning.Vocabularyrugged, spine, prairie, craggy, creek, accomplished, sedimentary limestone, grizzly, piton, spike, rafter, rappel, sling, crack, toe- and handhold, integral.Youre going to hear a radio program called ;Scaling the Rockface;.One of the Canada best climbers, Barry Blanchard will tell you something about his own experience with rock climbing.A1. Listen and consider the following questions.If you follow the rugged spine of the Rockies north from Colorado, the mountains take you into Canada.And there they rise out of the Canadian prairie like a huge craggy wall.In the province of Alberta, the Rockies reach heights of over ,000 feet.It not surprising that this area has become home to some of the best rock climbers in the world.Here at the head of Heart Creek, Barry Blanchard is making his way through an evergreen est alongside a rushing creek.He on his way to First Rock, a favourite practice spot accomplished rock climbers.Blanchard has climbed all over the world, but finds the Canadian Rockies very special.I guess the situation here is a lot different than a lot of other places. instance, the Italian Dolomites are very similar geologically to the Rockies, sedimentary limestone, but you know, the culture around the bottom is a lot different.Here, we have a lot of wilderness, and in Italy, there...there none.I live in Alberta largely because many of the other mountains places you can live in the world, there just isnt a lot of wilderness.I mean, here, in this valley, we can see a grizzly.In Europe, there hasnt been a bear that size in a long, long time.First Rock, were Blanchard stops to begin climbing, is about 5 meters high.It an afternoon workout a man who often climbs rockfaces 50 times that height.As he unloads his backpack, he explains that the purpose of climbing equipment is to attach the rock to the rope, and the rope to his body.Okay, there a piton hammer. We use that to drive the spikes into the rock. You had to trust those little things, pretty... pretty much, eh?Yeah, yeah, but I mean, with...with experience, putting them in and taking them out, you learn to judge them pretty well. Learning to judge them.In a sport as dangerous as rock climbing, a climbing course would seem to be the only way to begin.Blanchard explains how he learned his craft.Well, me, it was a lot of ing actually, and got some equipment and basically practiced around the house in the neighborhood on buildings.Around the house? Yeah, around the house, I used to...Literally climbing the walls.An, yeah, yeah, yeah, climbing the basement rafters and used to have my brother sit on my bed so there was enough weight that I could put the rope around the leg of my bed and rappel out of the second-story window.The I got th chance to go out, and one point, with a friend whod taken a climbing course,so yeah, climbing courses is a great thing, all kind of beginner climbers because it a risk sport, I mean, there... there heavy consequences to be paid a fall.He hammers the piton into the rock, loops his equipment and slings around his body, and begins to climb, a graceful exercise where he moves freely up and along the rock.Blanchard is thin and in peak physical condition.The muscles in his legs and arms each appear to operate independently as he uses the tiniest cracks in the rock toe- and handholds.It often looks as if he is magically sticking to the side of the smooth rock.Back at ground level, Blanchard explains that physical conditioning is just one part of the sport.Mental conditioning is every bit as important.You also have to learn to think, you know, as you get started to get scared because youre beginning to expose yourself to a fall, or maybe the holds are getting smaller.You have to think why youre afraid. I mean, you have a fear that coming up, and the nice thing about this sport is learning to control fear like learning to... to just use it rather than have it consume you. Barry Blanchard, rock climbing is an integral part of his life. It provides him with challenges and opporties that most people miss. 5556福州试管生男孩那家好

福州治疗早泄那间医院好Now Regivaldo has a good job. And, many people know about his case. Hopefully this will make some dishonest employers in his area think again bee they act.现在,雷吉瓦尔多有一份很好的工作许多人都知道这起案件希望这能使他所在地区的不诚实雇主在骗人之前考虑清楚Voice 1: Knowledge is power. Knowledge is free. It is key to stopping modern day slavery. People can change things by speaking to the right people. Even one person can make a difference. William Wilberce was a member of parliament in England two hundred years ago. He joined with other people to champion new laws banning the slave trade. Not many of us have this kind of power. But most of us influence someone, somewhere. We must not think that this is not valuable. Together, people can act, work, and pray - just like Wilberce did all those years ago. Surely freedom is a human right we all deserve to have.声音1:知识就是力量知识就是自由知识是阻止现代奴隶制的钥匙通过和正确的人谈话,人们能改变事物一个人也能做出改变0年前,威廉·威尔伯福斯是英格兰议会议员他和其他人一起拥护禁止奴隶交易的新法律我们之间拥有这种力量的人没有很多但是我们大部分人都可以影响其他地方的人我们不能认为这样做毫无价值大家团结起来,一起行动、努力、祈祷,就像威尔伯福斯在几百年前做的那样毫无疑问,自由是我们所有人都应该享有的人权 译文属 556福州打掉孩子大概多少钱 福州治疗卵巢功能早衰医院

福州妇保医院在线预约subway地铁,ragged衣着褴褛的,soft touch耳根子软的人Gook LuckI had just gotten off the subway when a ragged-looking street person came walking up to me and asked, “Excuse me. Do you have a dollar?” Ordinarily I’m a soft touch, but I hadn’t been able to get to an ATM that day and my purse was practically empty. “I’m sorry. I don’t. ”I apologized. “Here you go.” he said, handing me a single. “Good luck.” 祝你好运我刚从地铁下来,一个一桌破旧的流浪汉走到我跟前问我:“请问,你有一块钱吗?”通常我是个富有同情心的人,但是哪天我没能去自动提款机,我的钱包实在已经空了我道歉说:“对不起,我没有”他递过来一块钱,说:“给你,祝你好运”1.subway地铁He goes to work on the subway.他坐地铁上班也可以指“地下人行道”:Cross by the subway please.请走地下人行通道.ragged褴褛的A ragged little boy begged his b along the street.一个衣衫褴褛的小男孩沿街乞讨“参差不齐的, 凹凸不平的”:He's walking a dog with a ragged coat of fair.他在溜一只毛长得长短不齐的3.soft touch耳根子软的人还可以指容易上当的人,易做的事,可轻易击败的对手.ATM 全称是 Automatic Teller Machine 自动取款(出纳)机.5.practically确实He solved the problem very practically.他很实事求是地解决了这个问题还有“几乎; 简直”的含义:She's practically always late school.她上学几乎总是迟到6.hand给,交给He handed the business over to me.他把业务(的处理权)转交给我也有“帮助,搀扶”的意思:I handed him into his car.我把他搀上了他的车 780 龙岩看不孕的医院福州市二医院试管婴儿好不好



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