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莆田B超监测卵泡医院福州那里检查染色体好福州市做人流手术大概多少钱 One in five graduates earns less than a person who left school with as little as one A-level. 英国1/5的大学毕业生赚得比那些只参加过中学高级水平考试的高中毕业生还少。The official figures raise doubts that thousands of students have wasted their time with ‘useless’ degrees. 这组官方数据让人怀疑,成千上万的学生是否把他们的大好时光都浪费在了“没用”的学历上。On average, the Office for National Statistics says that a person with a degree or higher academic qualification, such as a PhD, earns pound;16.10 an hour. 英国国家统计局称,一个拥有大学以上学历的人,比如士,平均每小时赚16.1英镑。By comparison, a person who got at least one A level, or an equivalent qualification, typically earns pound;10 an hour.相比之下,一个参加过中学高级水平考试或学历相当的人,一般每小时挣10英镑。But 20 percent of graduates earn less than pound;10 an hour, the amount they would have earned without a degree. 但是20%的英国大学毕业生每小时的薪水还不足10英镑,这点工资就算他们没有大学学历也能赚到。The figure could be even worse in reality because the ONS did not include graduates who are unemployed or who have never worked. 现实的情况可能更糟,因为国家统计局并没有把那些失业的或没工作过的大学毕业生统计在内。The study also said the proportion of graduates doing low-skilled, badly-paid work has quadrupled to 2.3 percent since 1993. Many of these end up doing jobs which require little or no training such as hotel porter, postman, cleaner or catering assistant. Business groups have repeatedly warned that employers are turning their backs on graduates. 该研究还称,从事低技能、低薪水工作的大学毕业生比例相比1993年的2.3%翻了两番。他们中的很多人最后都从事了一些几乎不用或根本不用培训的工作,如酒店门房、邮递员、清洁工或是餐饮助理。 商业团体反复警告说大学毕业生正被雇主们拒之门外。A recent report from the British Chambers of Commerce said too many graduates have ‘fairly useless degrees in non-serious subjects’. 最近一份英国商务部的报告称,太多的大学毕业生“空有一纸无用的文凭,而且学的专业也没什么意义”。Phil McCabe from the Forum of Private Business said: ‘The value of a degree is dwindling.’来自私人企业论坛的菲尔#8226;麦凯布说:“学历的价值正在缩水。”Tanya de Grunwald, founder of Graduate Fog.co.uk, a website for job-seeking graduates, said many are devastated by the salaries they are offered. 毕业生求职网站Graduate Fog.co.uk的创始人塔尼亚#8226;德#8226;格伦沃尔德说,很多大学毕业生都对自己能拿到的薪水感到崩溃。She said: ‘Finally, the figures from the ONS back up what our graduates have been saying – that they are just not getting the quality of job that they thought their degree would lead to. 她说:“最终,国家统计局的数据明我们的大学毕业生所言非虚——他们得不到自己当初以为凭学历能拿到的那种工作。‘People say that a graduate typically earns pound;26,000, but this doesn’t reflect the reality. Many of them are just scraping the barrel.’ “人们说大学毕业生一般年薪2.6万英镑,但这和实际不符。他们中的很多人都只能勉强度日。”One anonymous contributor to a student website wrote: ‘If I could have my time back, I wouldn’t have gone to university. 一位学生网站的匿名投稿者写道:“如果时光倒流,我不会去上大学。‘I graduated last year and work in a friend’s café for pound;6 an hour.’ “我去年毕业,现在在一个朋友的咖啡店打工,每小时6英镑。”Vocabulary:A-level: 英国的中学高级水平考试quadruple: 使成四倍,翻了两番porter: (旅馆、学校、医院等的)看门人,门房,警卫turn one's back on: 拒绝,冷眼相看dwindle: 渐渐减少;变小devastate: 使垮掉;使震惊scrape the barrel: 勉强度日;刮家底;采用最后的办法 /201108/151160The recession may be over, but the job market recovery is lagging way behind. And experts say the situation may get worse before it gets better. 经济衰退可能已有所好转,但是距离就业市场的复苏还有很长一段路要走。并且专家也声称情况在好转之前可能先会恶化。 "In the aftermath of recessions, there's always a period of jobless recovery," says John Challenger, CEO of global outplacement firm Challenger Gray amp; Christmas. "We're certainly not optimistic about seeing much improvement in the unemployment rate in 2010." 全球新职介绍公司Challenger Gray amp; Christmas 的执行总裁John Challenger 说:“经济不景气之后,总会有个就业复苏期,但是我们的确对2010年的就业率不抱多少乐观态度。” Some industries will likely pick up faster than others. Industries such as construction and manufacturing will probably begin to hire sooner. Retail, tourism, and hospitality, which depend entirely on consumer spending, will probably be among the last to recover. 有些行业将会比其他的复苏得快一些。像建筑,制造这样的行业可以马上就开始招聘了。然而,零售,旅游,医疗这些依靠客户消费的行业则可能是复苏得最慢的。 It's important to remember that even when the overall number of jobs goes down, some companies are still adding workers -- it's just that others are cutting even more. 重要的是要记住即使是工作空缺总数减少了,也有很多公司仍然在增加员工,而总数减少的原因仅仅是因为有些公司裁员人数比较多而已。 "There are always jobs," Challenger says. "Companies are always hiring. But the competition is much tougher." Challenger说:“工作总会有的。公司总是在招聘,只是竞争更加残酷了。” Experts offer advice for surviving -- and thriving -- in the next year: 以下是专家提供的,明年的生存和发展建议: /200912/93010龙岩做结扎恢复手术那里好

福州检查染色体哪里比较好Local government authorities in the southern Chinese city of Heshan on Saturday cancelled plans to build the country’s largest uranium processing plant, a day after hundreds of people had demonstrated demanding the bn project be scrapped.中国南方广东省鹤山市的地方政府上周六取消了建造中国最大核燃料加工厂的计划,作出这一决定的前一天,当地有数百人举行示威,抗议这个60亿美元的项目。The Heshan government said in a press conference that it would cancel the project due to “opposition from every level of society”.鹤山市政府在新闻发布会上表示,由于社会各界反对意见较多,决定取消该项目。On Friday, hundreds of protesters had demonstrated outside government offices in Jiangmen, which lies downstream from the proposed facility. The cancellation appeared to be an effort to ward off further demonstrations planned for Sunday.上周五,数百名抗议者在江门市政府大门外举行示威。江门位于选定厂址的下游。取消项目似乎是为了防止在周日发生进一步的示威。Empowered by social media tools such as Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, and WeChat, a smartphone messaging app, China’s urban citizens are becoming more and more vocal about environmental concerns.借助各种社交媒体工具,如中国的微客网站、类似于Twitter的新浪微(Weibo),以及手机即时信息平台微信(WeChat),中国的城市居民在环境问题上正变得越来越敢言。Friday’s protest was organised almost entirely through Weibo, WeChat, and the messaging service QQ, according to participants. It flourished despite censor’s attempts to delete posts about the planned demonstration.据参加者表示,上周五的抗议几乎完全是通过新浪微、微信和即时信息务QQ组织起来的。尽管审查者竭力删除有关示威计划的帖子,但抗议活动还是凝聚了相当的人气。With slogans like “Give back our home” and “Oppose nuclear facilities”, hundreds of people marched to the local government headquarters to plead their cause. Large numbers of police and paramilitary forces were present but did not interfere with the march, eyewitnesses said.数百人举着“还我绿色家园”和“反对核建设”等标语,游行至市政府大门外陈情。目击者表示,现场有大批警察和武警,但他们没有干涉游行。“If the local government has nothing to hide, why didn’t they inform us how they planned to use the land months ago?” said one young mother, surnamed Zhang, who wanted to take part in the demonstration but could not get time off work.“如果地方政府没有什么可瞒的,为什么他们不在几个月前宣布他们准备怎么使用那块土地?”一名姓张的年轻母亲表示。她想参加示威,但因需要上班而抽不出身。Public concerns over nuclear plants and uranium processing facilities have grown after the nuclear accident at Fukushima, which was triggered by a disastrous earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March 2011.自2011年3月日本地震和海啸引发福岛核电站事故后,公众对于核电站和铀加工厂的担忧显著加剧。Following the Japanese nuclear crisis, Beijing suspended approvals for new nuclear plants for 18 months, before resuming its nuclear programme with new safeguards in place.日本发生核危机后,北京方面曾暂停审批新核电厂项目18个月,最后在落实新的安全标准后才重启核电建设计划。China’s southern provinces are relatively dependent on nuclear power because they are so far away from the coal mines that supply many Chinese power plants.中国南方各省相对更依赖核能发电,因为它们远离向中国许多发电厂供应燃料的煤矿。The now cancelled Heshan processing facility in the heart of China’s Pearl River delta industrial heartland in Guangdong province was to be built by China’s two largest state-owned nuclear companies, China National Nuclear Corporation and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corp. The proposed plant had also sparked unease in neighbouring Hong Kong and Macau. Neither company could be reached for comment.现已取消的鹤山加工设施位于广东省珠江三角洲工业腹地的心脏地带,原本将由两大国有核能公司——中国核工业集团公司与中国广核集团建设。建厂计划也曾在邻近此地的香港和引起不安。记者联系不上这两家集团请其置评。 /201307/248135福州做人工授孕大概多少钱 福州治疗多囊卵巢那家比较好

福州卵巢检查专业医院Mao Zedong (Simplified Chinese: 毛泽东; Traditional Chinese: 毛澤東; Wade-Giles: Mao Tse-tung; Pinyin: Máo Zédōng) (26 December 1893 – 9 September 1976) was a Chinese Communist leader. Mao led the Communist Party of China (CPC) to victory against the Kuomintang (KMT) in the Chinese Civil War, and was the leader of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) from its establishment in 1949 until his death in 1976. Commonly referred to as Chairman Mao, he has been regarded as one of the most important figures in modern world history, and named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.毛泽东(简体中文:毛泽东,繁体中文:毛澤東,威妥玛拼音:Mao Tse-tung;拼音:Máo Zédōng)(1893年12月26日- 1976年9月9日),是中共领导人。毛泽东领导了中国共产党(中共)在国共战争中取得胜利,直到1976年去世,而后在1949年称为中华人民共和国的领导人。毛主席一直被视为现代世界历史上最重要的人物之一,被时代杂志评选为100名二十世纪最具影响力的人物之一。 /200909/83682 After a selloff since May that has left stocks in Asia just above where they started the year, some investors are looking to buy as China seeks to prop up its economy, the second-largest in the world.在5月份以来的下跌使亚洲股市仅略高于年初水平之后,在世界第二大经济体中国谋求提振国内经济之际,一些投资者开始考虑买进。Optimism stems from the combination of a fresh stimulus package, a cut in interest rates and moves to boost bank lending that have smoothed a slowdown in the country. That has blunted fears of a hard landing, a scenario that would send emerging-market investors rushing to havens, given the region#39;s ever-closer trading and financial ties.投资者的乐观源自新推刺激方案、利率下调,以及增加放贷(起到减轻中国经济增长放缓的作用)的措施。这些措施缓和了硬着陆担忧。考虑到亚洲地区内部日益紧密的贸易与金融联系,如果中国经济发生硬着陆,新兴市场投资者就会争先恐后地将资金转移到避险资产。Worries over Europe#39;s debt crisis have been responsible for the broad slump in the second quarter, but that has left stocks looking cheap, given continued faith in the region#39;s growth, although few are willing to bet there couldn#39;t be more losses before a recovery.对欧洲债务危机的担忧导致第二季度股市普跌,但考虑到投资者对亚洲地区增长潜力仍有信心,这也使股票显得便宜。不过很少有人愿意打赌反弹之前不可能进一步下跌。;Equity markets will benefit from the [China] policy easing. But there is a lag effect and it has yet to come through,; said Soon Gek Chew, head of strategy and economic research for the Asian-Pacific region at Credit Suisse Private Bank.瑞士信贷私人(Credit Suisse Private Bank)亚太区策略与经济研究负责人Soon Gek Chew说,股市将受益于中国的政策放松,但其中存在滞后效应,影响还没有显现。The MSCI AC Asia ex-Japan Index, a broad measure of stocks across the region, fell 7.9% in the second quarter but is up 4.5% year to date.反映亚洲地区股市状况的根士丹利资本国际亚洲(除日本)指数(MSCI AC Asia ex-Japan Index)在第二季度下跌7.9%,但年初以来上涨了4.5%。The best performing market in Asia in the second quarter, excluding China, was the Philippines, where the PSE Composite Index rose 2.7%. The index is up 20% year to date. The Southeast Asian country remained resilient against global economic developments, as its strong economic growth in the first quarter demonstrated.在中国以外,第二季度亚洲地区表现最好的市场是菲律宾,菲律宾券交易所综合指数(PSE Composite Index)在这期间上涨2.7%。该指数年初以来上涨了20%。在千变万化的国际经济形势面前,这个东南亚国家仍有抗压能力,一季度强劲的经济增长就是明。Research by Credit Suisse says one measure of the MSCI index#39;s valuation, that compares companies current values with expected future earnings, is equivalent to the crisis-low levels of October 2008 after the collapse of Lehman Brothers.瑞士信贷的研究表明,一个反映根士丹利资本国际亚洲(除日本)指数估值状况的指标已经相当于雷曼兄弟(Lehman Brothers)破产后、2008年10月份危机期间的最低水平。这个指标比较了成份股公司当前市值与未来预期收益。;If you look at Asian valuations on both a market and historical basis, Asian markets are quite compelling,; said Medha Samant, investment director at Fidelity Worldwide Investment, which manages 8 billion world-wide. The MSCI AC Asia ex-Japan index is priced at an estimated 2012 trailing price-to-book ratio of 1.6, a 20% discount to its five-year average of 2.0, according to Credit Suisse.富达国际投资(Fidelity Worldwide Investment)的投资总监萨曼特(Medha Samant)说,无论以目前的市场行情还是过往经验来看亚洲股票的估值,亚洲市场都十分具有吸引力。富达国际投资在全世界管理着2,880亿美元的资产。瑞士信贷表示,根士丹利资本国际亚洲(除日本)指数2012年往绩市净率为1.6倍,较五年市净率均值低20%。Michael Kurtz, Asia strategist and head of global equity strategy at Nomura in Hong Kong, points out that the equity risk premium, which measures the return offered by stocks compared with less-risky assets such as Treasurys, is far higher than its long-term average.野村(Nomura)驻香港亚洲策略师、全球股票策略主管库尔茨(Michael Kurtz)指出,股权风险溢价目前远高于长期均值。股权风险溢价是股票收益率与国债等风险较低的资产收益率的差额。;Investors are willing to pay a very high price for safety,; Mr. Kurtz said.库尔茨说,投资者现在愿意为安全性出大价钱。There still are plenty of risks hanging over markets, with many of them outside of Asia. Catalysts that could cause another round of selling include a Greece exit from the euro zone or a default in another European nation. Still, even that could present opportunities.市场上目前仍有很多风险,但其中很多都在亚洲以外。可能引发另一场抛售潮的催化因素包括希腊从欧元区退出或另一个欧洲国家违约等。不过,即便是这些情况下也可能蕴含机遇。;In a selloff, even some of the quality names can come down, so we are using the dips to buy into companies that still have good earnings potential,; Ms. Samant said.萨曼特说,抛售时,即便是一些大牌公司的股票也可能受挫,所以我们将利用股市下跌来买入那些仍有良好盈利潜力的股票。The question is whether the potential upside outweighs the risks of further losses. Research by Citigroup Inc. suggests that the odds are in favor of those willing to build exposure now.现在的问题是,股票的上行潜力是否超过进一步下挫的风险。花旗集团(Citigroup Inc.)的研究报告显示,那些愿意现在买进的人胜算的把握更大。Citigroup argued in its outlook for the second half of the year released on June 8 that the probability of making money from these levels over the last 37 years has been 70%, with an average return of 22% over the following 12 months. For those who were unlucky enough to be in the losing 30%, average losses were just 8.5%.花旗在6月8日发布的今年下半年展望报告中认为,在过去37年里,从类似于目前行情的市场中赚钱的可能性是70%,未来12个月的平均回报率是22%。而那些不幸赔钱的占30%的投资者,平均损失也仅为8.5%。In the foreign-exchange market, one big loser in Asia has been the Indian rupee, which has been hitting historic lows against the U.S. dollar as the government has been unable to alleviate the double hit of a slowdown in exports and rising imports. The dollar rose 9.1% against the rupee in the second quarter and is up 4.7% this year.亚洲外汇市场上的一大输家是印度卢比。卢比兑美元不断创历史新低,原因在于印度政府一直无力缓解出口减速和进口增加的双重打击。美元对卢比今年第二季度上涨9.1%,今年全年上涨4.7%。 /201207/188849龙岩治子宫粘连那家医院最好福州哪里检查女性不孕好



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