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International Children Day is coming up on June 1. Here we have selected ten films from around the world that are most worthy children to see.六一国际儿童节到了我们从世界各地挑选了十部电影,非常值得孩子一看E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (198)《E.T.外星人(198)Director: Steven Spielberg导演:史蒂文#86;斯皮尔伯格Country: ed States of America国家:美国Storyline:剧情简介:A group of alien botanists is discovered and disturbed by a human task ce while visiting the Earth at night. In a hasty take-off, one of the visitors from space is left behind and finds himself all alone on a very strange planet. tunately the extra-terrestrial soon finds a friend and companion, -year-old Elliot, a lonely boy himself, and slowly acquaints himself with Elliot older brother Michael, his sister Gertie and how things are done on Earth. Meanwhile members of the task ce work day and night to track down the take-offs of the little alien. Elliot and E.T. develop a special connection, and the gang try their best to help E.T. go home.一群外星植物学家在深夜造访地球的过程中被人类专项组发现,打断了他们的工作在匆忙离开的时候,一位太空来客被落了下来,孤零零一个在这陌生的星球上幸运的是,这个外星人很快就找到了朋友和伙伴——一个孤独的小男孩、十岁的埃利奥特慢慢地他认识了埃利奥特的哥哥迈克尔、格蒂,熟悉了地球上的事务与此同时专项组的人夜以继日地追踪小外星人的行踪埃利奥特和E.T.建立了一种特殊的关系,他们三个尽己所能帮助E.T.回家The White Balloon (1995)《白气球(1995)Director: JafarPanahi导演:贾法#86;帕纳西Country: Iran国家:伊朗Storyline:剧情简介:Razieh wants a fat goldfish Iranian New Year instead of the skinny ones in her family pond, because the fat ones look like they are dancing when they swim. After many attempts, she and her brother convince their mother to give them her last bit of money, as the family live very humbly. The excited Razieh loses the money on her way to the fish store. When she finds it, it is temptingly just out of her reach.伊朗新年,拉兹的愿望是一条胖胖的金鱼,而不是自家池塘里的痩金鱼,因为胖金鱼在游水的时候就好像在跳舞多次软磨硬泡之后,她和哥哥说母亲把她最后一点钱给了他们,因为她家生活得非常拮据兴奋的拉兹在去往鱼店的路上把钱给弄丢了当她找到的时候,却又够不到那诱人的纸币了Children of Heaven (1997)《天堂的孩子(1997)Director: Majid Majidi导演:马基德#86;马基迪Country: Iran国家:伊朗Storyline:剧情简介:Ali takes his little sister Zahra shoes to the shoemaker to be repaired but loses them on the way home. The siblings decide to keep this a secret from their parents out of fear of punishment and knowing that there is no money to buy a replacement. They devise a plan to share Ali sneakers: Zahra will wear them in the morning and hand them to Ali at midday so he can attend afternoon classes. Ali then enters a high-profile children racing competition in hopes of receiving the third-prize, a new pair of sneakers.阿里拿扎赫拉的鞋子到鞋匠那里修补,但却在返家途中把鞋子丢了兄俩决定保守这个秘密不让父母知道,他们害怕受到惩罚,也知道家里没钱买新鞋子他们想出了一个办法,轮流穿阿里的鞋:扎赫拉早上穿,中午还给阿里,这样他就可以下午去上课了之后阿里参加了一个备受瞩目的儿童长跑比赛,希望能取得三等奖——一双新鞋子Kes(1969)《凯斯(1969)Director: Ken Loach导演:肯#86;洛奇Country: ed Kingdom国家:英国Storyline:剧情简介:Bullied at school and ignored and abused at home by his indifferent mother and older brother, Billy Casper, a -year-old Yorkshire boy from a working-class family, finds peace in taming and training his pet kestrel falcon, Kes. With encouragement from his English teacher, Mr Farthing, and his fellow students, Billy eventually discovers a positive purpose to his untunate existence, until tragedy strikes.岁的约克郡男孩比利#86;卡斯帕生长在一个工人家庭他在学校里受欺负,回家又受冷漠的母亲和哥哥的虐待在驯养和训练宠物——一只叫凯斯的红隼的过程中,他找到了平静在英语老师法辛先生和同学们的鼓励下,比利终于从他的不幸生活中发现了积极意义,直到悲剧发生Yellow Earth (198)《黄土地(198)Director: Chen Kaige导演:陈凯歌Country: China国家:中国Storyline:剧情简介:Cuiqiao, a girl from humble origins, is not satisfied with the arranged marriage her father makes her but is unable to escape what waiting her ahead. In a move to let out her desperation, she sings to relieve the pain buried deep inside. Gu Qing, a soldier and an artist, is given the task to search folklore in the countryside and finds his way to Cuiqiao. Gu tells Cuiqiao how women in cities freely choose who to marry, bee returning to his troop with promises to come back the young girl. Spellbound by the free life in the city, Cuiqiao runs away from her husband on the day of her marriage and is drowns in the Yellow River when her boat knocked over by the turbulent waves. Two months later, Gu returns, and is ambushed by the villagers.翠巧是个出身贫寒的女孩,她不满父亲给她安排的婚事,却又逃不出前面等待她的命运为了发泄自己的绝望,她用歌声减轻内心深处的痛苦顾青是一位军队文艺工作者,他奉命来寻找乡间民俗,找到了翠巧顾青告诉翠巧城市里的妇女可以自主选择结婚对象,他承诺会回来找她,然后回到了部队一心向往着城里的自由生活,翠巧在结婚那天逃出夫家她的船被汹涌的巨浪打翻,她淹死在黄河中两个月后,顾青回来,裹在了村民的人潮中The Chorus ()《放牛班的春天()Director: Christophe Barratier导演:克里斯托夫#86;巴拉蒂Country: France国家:法国Storyline:剧情简介mer music teacher Clément Mathieu arrives at ;Fond de lEtang; (Bottom of the Well), a boarding school orphans and problem boys, to work as an inspector on Jan , 199. The school is managed with an iron fist by the cruel director Rachin, who severely punishes the boys any wrongdoing. Mathieu decides to teach the boys to sing in a choir in their spare time, through which he discovers the musical talents of the rebel Pierre Morhange, the son of a beautiful single mother, who Mathieu later develops feelings. He also develops a special bond with the young Pépinot, a boy who waits his father visit every Saturday near the gate, not knowing that his parents were lost in the war. Mathieu changes the lives of the boys, the employees at the boarding school and his own.199年1月日,曾经身为音乐老师的克莱蒙特#86;马修来到寄宿学校“池塘底教养院”当督察员,这里的学生都是孤儿或问题儿童这所学校的校长拉齐冷酷无情,管理严苛,孩子们做错任何事都会受到严厉的处罚马修决定在孩子们的业余时间教他们合唱,在教授过程中他发现叛逆的皮埃尔#86;莫朗格非常有音乐天赋皮埃尔的母亲是一个漂亮的单亲妈妈,马修后来对她产生了爱意他还与佩皮诺建立了一种特殊的情感这个小男孩不知道他的父母已经在战争中丧生,每个星期六都会在大门口等他爸爸来看他马修改变了孩子们的生活,也改变了学校员工和他自己的生活Director: Takeshi Kitano导演:北野武Country: Japan国家:日本Storyline:剧情简介:Brash, loudmouthed and optimistic, Kikujiro hardly seems the ideal companion little Masao, who is determined to travel long distances to meet his mother, whom he has never met. The journey of the unlikely pair soon turns out to be a whimsical story of laughter and heartbreak, with a wide array of surprises and odd ball characters met along the way. The story is based on the childhood experiences of Kitano and his father.小正男决心去很远的地方找从没见过的妈妈性急、大嗓门、乐天派的菊次郎怎么看也不像小正男的理想伙伴看似不可能走在一起的两个人,旅途很快就变成了充满欢笑和心碎的奇异故事,一路上碰到了许多奇事和古怪的人这个故事基于北野武和父亲在童年的经历Moving (1993)《搬家(1993年)Director: Shinji Somai导演:相米慎二Country: Japan国家:日本Storyline:剧情简介:Sixth grader Renko is unperturbed by her parents decision to separate. With the companionship of her boyfriend Minoru, and Sally, a classmate whose parents have also gone different ways, Renko gradually realizes the practical implications of a divorce and tries repeatedly and desperately to get her parents to reconcile. When she continues to fail at her attempt, an old man teaches her about the need to get the past and look towards the future.涟子上六年级,父母分手的决定并没有影响到她在男朋友实和父母同样分开的萨丽同学的陪伴下,涟子逐渐意识到了离婚的实际意义是什么,她一次一次不顾一切地试图让父母重归于好当她的努力又一次失败后,一位老人告诉她应该学会忘记过去、着眼未来Walking to School ()《走路上学()Director: Peng Jiahuang, Peng Chen导演:彭家煌,彭臣Country: China国家:中国Storyline:剧情简介:Wawa, a seven-year-old boy of Lisu ethnicity in Yunnan province, is very envious of his sister Naxiang life in school. The family lives in a remote place on a mountain and his sister must cross a zipline over a river to attend classes on the other side. Wawa mother refuses to let Wawa cross the zipline because he too young. One day, unable to resist the temptation, Wawa crosses the river himself without permission, just to see how the kids at his sister school play and study. When a teacher, Nie, visits Wawa home with a pair of red rain boots Naxiang, Wawa secret is revealed, angering his mother. Wawa has never seen such new shoes in his life, and promises to never cross the zipline again on the condition that he gets to keep the boots. But the next day, the kind Wawa returns his sister boots.瓦娃是一个7岁的傈傈族男孩,生活在云南,他非常羡慕娜香的校园生活他家住在很远的山上,他的必须溜索过江才能到对岸的学校上课瓦娃的妈妈以他太小为由不让他溜索一天,瓦娃难以抵挡诱惑,没经过允许自己过江,只为看看学校里的孩子是怎么玩耍、学习的一天,聂老师来瓦娃家给娜香送一双红雨鞋,瓦娃的秘密被戳破了,他妈妈非常生气瓦娃有生以来第一次看见这样的新鞋,并答应如果给他能保有这双雨鞋就再也不会溜索了但是第二天,善良的瓦娃就把雨鞋还给了Naxiang encounters the teacher, Nie, at a store, and Nie buys a new pair of boots just Wawa. The excited Naxiang hurries home to bring his brother his gift, but slips from the zipline, falls into the river and dies. From then on, Wawa is terrified of the zipline and has never crossed the river.娜香在一个商店里碰到了聂老师,聂老师给瓦娃买了一双新雨鞋激动的娜香急匆匆地回家给弟弟送礼物,却滑下绳索掉入江中溺亡从那以后,瓦娃非常害怕绳索,再也没过过江Six months later, donations allow a bridge to be built between the two mountains and Wawa finally gets to walk to school, wearing the boots his sister wanted to give to him.六个月后,有人捐款在两山之间修了一座桥,瓦娃终于能走路上学了,他脚上穿的是他想要送给他的鞋Director: Wang Junzheng导演:王君正Country: China国家:中国Storyline:剧情简介:Chenchen parents work abroad and he lives with his grandfather. The grandfather, who worked as a postman prior to retirement, often sends letters designated to the deceased on a kite and flies it with his grandson, telling him that the kite will deliver the letter to heaven.晨晨的父母在国外工作,他和爷爷住在一起爷爷退休前是一名邮差,退休后还经常和孙子一起放风筝给已经故去的人送信,告诉他风筝会把信送到天堂The serenity of their lives is shattered when Chenchen mother returns home and tries to educate Chenchen in the ;new; way. The grandfather, not wanting to disturb the family, moves back to his old apartment and is very much missed by his grandson Chenchen.晨晨的妈妈回国,打破了他们平静的生活他妈妈试图以“新”方式教育晨晨爷爷不想干扰一家人的生活,回到自己家,晨晨十分想念他On the grandfather birthday, Chenchen and his friend Linlin bring him a birthday card and ask whether they can fly a kite with him. The grandfather, tired and resting in an armchair, calmly watches at the children play with his kite, and closes his eyes ever.爷爷生日那天,晨晨和朋友琳琳送给他一张生日卡,问能不能和他一起放风筝疲惫的爷爷躺在摇椅里,静静地看着孩子们摆弄着他的风筝,永远地合上了眼睛Chenchen and Linlin attach the birthday card to the kite and send it up into the sky. The film ends with the two looking at the sky, waiting the return of the letter from heaven.晨晨和琳琳把生日卡系在风筝上,把风筝送上天空影片末尾,两个孩子望着天空,等待着天堂的回信 73

Country music is alive and well in Nashville; you might even see a young family in broad daylight practicing their line dancing on the sidewalk outside a bar downtown — all in cowboy boots, including the toddler who just learned to walk. But these days, there’s much more to the Tennessee capital than country. One of seven cities chosen to begin Google Entrepreneurs Tech Hub Network, Nashville is bustling with new business. The dynamic food scene draws an international clientele and chefs from bigger cities. There’s money to preserve historic buildings and revitalize neighborhoods, like Germantown, which was established by European immigrants in the 1850s. Add a farmers’ market, some enticing shops and a batch of very stylish hotel rooms, and it’s hard not to conclude that the city is changing its tune — or at least adding a few new riffs.在纳什维尔,乡村音乐依然长盛不衰,你甚至可以在繁华的街头某个酒吧门外的人行道上,看到一个年轻的家庭大白天在演练排舞他们个个都穿着牛仔靴,连刚学会走路的幼童也不例外然而近几年来,田纳西州的首府纳什维尔并不仅仅意味着乡村音乐纳什维尔是谷歌公司精选的企业家技术中枢网络七大城市之一,熙熙攘攘,洋溢着新兴商业的魅力活力四射的美食风景线吸引了国际客户与许多名厨从更大的城市来到这里该市投入大量资金保留了那些历史建筑,令其重新焕发社区的活力,比如欧洲移民在19世纪50年代建造的德国城,还新建了一座农贸市场、许多迷人的店铺和一批极为时尚的酒店房间,人们很难不承认,这座城市的基调正悄然改变,或者说,至少增添了若干新乐章 3351

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