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在校园里逛完后,亚当带丹尼尔去参观他的寝室。初中生的寝室会是什么样的呢?往下看就知道了。 Listen Read LearnAdam: Daniel, would you like to have a look at my dorm?Daniel: Of course, I'd like to.Adam: It is a small room, just for 4 people.Daniel: What is in it?Adam: It only has 4 beds and 4 writing desks, but it is spacious and bright.Daniel: Do you get along with your roommates?Adam: Of course. They are very friendly.Daniel: Which floor are you on?Adam: We are on the 5th floor, and there's a very nice view from the balcony.Daniel: Oh, you can climb the stairs as a workout.Adam: Yes, that's a good idea.Daniel: Wow, your roommates are cleaning the room.Adam: Let's give them a hand.听看学亚当:丹尼尔,想不想去看看我的寝室?丹尼尔:当然,我很想去。亚当:那是个小房间,只住了四个人。丹尼尔:里面有什么?亚当:只有四张床和四张书桌,但是宽敞明亮。丹尼尔:你和室友相处得好吗?亚当:当然很好喽。他们都很友好的。丹尼尔:你们住几楼?亚当:我们住五楼,所以从阳台上可以看到美景。丹尼尔:哦,你可以爬楼锻炼身体了。亚当:是啊,这是个好主意。丹尼尔:哇,你的室友正在打扫房间。亚当:我们帮下忙吧。经典背诵 RecitationAdam: I live at school. I share a room with three others guys. Well, yes, it's a bit crowded but I don't complain about it because it's also more fun this way. We have almost everything in 4: 4beds, 4writing desks, etc. One thing I never forget to mention is the perfect view from our balcony. In a word, I enjoy my school life.生词小结dorm n. 寝室spacious adj. 宽敞的bright adj. 明亮的get along with 和……相处roommate n. 室友friendly adj. 友好的stair n. 楼梯work-out n. 锻炼Grammar 语法小结现在进行时课文中的句子“Wow, your roommates are cleaning the room”中出现的语法现象是现在进行时。现在进行时由be的现在式(am/ is/ are)+动词现在分词构成,表示动作正在进行,同时也表示动作的持续性。(1)表示此刻正在进行或发生的动作可以与时间状语now, at the moment等连用,也可不用时间状语,如:He is writing a love letter to his wife now. 他正在给妻子写情书。The workers are building a new swimming pool. 工人们正在建一个新的游泳池。(2)表示按计划、安排和打算将要发生的动作常有表示将来的时间状语,常见的能表示此意义的动词有:arrive, borrow, come, discuss, fly, give, go, join, leave, move, play, run, sail, set out, start, stay, s, take off, wear, work等。The athletes are arriving in Beijing tomorrow. 运动员于明早到达北京。Aunt Shirley is returning this evening. 雪莉阿姨今晚将回来。(3)表示不断重复的动作常和always, forever, repeatedly 等频度副词连用。May is always helping others. 阿美经常帮助别人。They are seeking after truth forever. 他们永远追求真理。家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方挑选出合适的翻译。1.他们正等着运动会的开幕式。2.丹尼尔正在宽敞的教室里读书。3.亚当正带丹尼尔参观他的宿舍。4.亚当的室友正在打扫教室。5.学校正在举行运动会。1.Adam's roommates are cleaning the classroom.2.Daniel is ing in the spacious classroom.3.The school is holding a sports meet.4.They are waiting for the opening ceremony of the sports meet.5.Adam is showing Daniel around his dorm. /200804/36793Lesson 40:Going to KTV 去KTV唱歌本音频暂无文本 /06/74712Any day will do?哪一天都可以?   Are you by yourself?你一个人来吗?   All right with you?你没有问题吧?   Are you free tomorrow?明天有空吗?   Are you kidding me?你在跟我开玩笑吧?   As soon as possible!尽可能快!   Back in a moment!马上回来!   Believe it or not!信不信由你! /201005/104196

Susan: what's up, Nicole?Nicole: I pulled an all-nighter working on my election speech.Susan: no wonder you look like a basket case! Did you finish your speech?Nicole: yes, at 6 a.m.Susan: that must be a load off your mind!Nicole: it's not. I've got to give the speech tomorrow in front of 1,500 people. I'm a nervous wreck!Susan: just remember the old rule of thumb: imagine your audience naked.Nicole: that's gross. Why would I want to do that?Susan: according to conventional wisdom, it'll make you less nervous.Nicole: only practice will do the trick.Susan: okay, let's hear the speech.Nicole: good afternoon, everyone. There are four candidates running for president. You think you have several choices. In reality, you have just one choice: me!Susan: you can't say that. You'll turn off your audience immediately.Nicole: it sounds like I have a big head?Susan: I'll say! /08/79974

千万不要只是观看,务必跟着录音大声朗读,这样口语才能步步高 /200809/47316

应用会话部分:一、坦率的表达:2. Anger (2)7) I am beginning to lose my temper with you! 有你在,我总忍不住想要发脾气。 *指会丧失平静(temper)。8) Karl was so upset that he began to turn red with anger. 卡尔非常惊讶,红着脸开始生气了。9) Donald has become incensed at his friends for being so unkind. 唐纳德因为他的朋友太不客气,所以被激怒了。 *这句虽然不是非常口语化,确是必要的表达。incensed在“—cen—”有重音。 若发音成“in—”,意义可就不同了。10) Do you think Albert will resent you for your actions? 你认为阿尔伯特会对你的行为感到生气吗?11) He will be indignant about the injustice. 他可能会因不公平的判决而生气。 *anger是比较感情化的生气,而be indignant有种义愤填膺的感觉。12) Randy was furious about the nasty letter. 兰迪为这封下流的信而勃然大怒。 *be furious表示最激烈的愤怒,但未必指个人个性上的生气。 /200804/33451

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