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Demand for dog meat is driving an illegal trade in stolen dogs, especially in rural areas, experts said, and causing a human health hazard.专家表示,肉需求导致被盗犬只非法交易现象日益猖獗,一些农村地区尤为严重,而这也为人们的健康埋下隐患。;Consumers risk their health if they eat dog meat, as none of the dogs (stolen from villages) had undergone quarantine procedures before they went missing,; said Guo Peng, a professor at the School of Philosophy and Social Development of Shandong University.来自山东大学哲学与社会发展学院的郭鹏教授表示:“吃肉是在拿自己的健康冒险,那些从农村偷来的失窃前从未接受过检验检疫。”According to a survey by Guo`s research group conducted in May 2011, more than 80 percent of households in three villages on the outskirts of Jinan, Shandong province, have experienced dogs being stolen in recent years.郭教授的研究小组于2011年5月份所进行的一项调查显示,近年来,山东济南周边的三个村庄有超过80%的家庭遭遇犬只被盗。In Yaodian village, of 105 households, 88 percent said they had a dog presumably stolen. The village reported only one dog went missing in 2006, but 40 dogs went missing in the first five months of 2011.姚店村共有105户,其中有88%的家庭表示自家丢失的估计是被盗的。据说这个村2006年仅有一只丢失,但是仅2011年的前五个月,丢失的就有40只之多。;Rural households always keep dogs to guard their homes. Thieves prefer the bigger dogs as they have more meat,; Guo said at a recent animal protection seminar in Beijing organized by Northwest University of Politics and Law.“农户常常养来看家护院。大型犬由于肉多更受小偷们的青睐。”郭教授于近日在京召开的动物保护研讨会上表示,此次研讨会由西北政法大学组织召开。The stolen dogs are often sent to nearby meat markets and restaurants, while some are shipped to other parts of the country, such as Jiangsu and Jilin provinces, the survey found.该项调查显示,被盗犬只通常被送到周边的肉类市场和餐馆,还有一些被运往江苏、吉林等地。A 40-year-old man surnamed Liu in Changchun, capital of Northeast China`s Jilin, said he loves to eat dog meat especially in winter because he believes it is a good source of nutrition.来自吉林省长春市的刘先生今年40岁,他表示自己很爱吃肉,尤其是到了冬天,他认为肉是很好的滋补品。;I do have concerns where the dogs come from and whether dog meat is safe,; he said. ;But I only select clean and higher-class restaurants.;“我也有这样的担心,来自哪里,肉是否安全?”他说。“但是我只挑选那些环境卫生的高档餐馆。”A branch manager of Hanzhuang, a well-known dog meat restaurant chain in Changchun, said about seven to eight dogs are eaten by diners in his restaurant every day长春知名肉餐馆连锁店韩庄肉城的一家分店经理表示,每天来该餐厅就餐的食客大约会吃掉七到八只。;Diners are always over 30 years old. It`s rare to see young people visit as they generally think it`s cruel to kill dogs,; said the branch manager surnamed Zhang.“食客都是些30岁以上的人。很少看到年轻人来吃饭,因为他们认为杀是件很残忍的事,”该分店的张经理说。He claimed that the dog meat served in his restaurant posed no risk to human health.他表示自己店里出售的肉对人体健康无害。;All the dogs are kept by the restaurant and they are sent to qualified slaughterhouses,; he said.“所有的都是餐馆自养的,而且它们会被送到正规的屠宰场,”他说道。But animal lovers are working to stop the trade.但是动物保护者正在努力制止这项交易。In January, more than 1,100 dogs were saved from the slaughterhouse by a blogger in Chongqing, who attracted the help of hundreds of pet lovers and animal activists.去年1月份,重庆的一名主召集了数百名宠物爱好者以及动物保护者,从一家屠宰场里营救出1100多只。In October 2011, two animal protection organizations paid about 83,000 yuan to a dog trader in Zigong, a city in Southwest China`s Sichuan province to rescue nearly 1,000 dogs that were to be delivered to restaurants in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.2011年10月,两个动物保护组织花费8.3万元人民币,从四川自贡的一名贩子手里营救出准备运往广西一些餐馆的近千只。 /201301/219418。

  • Sybil the Downing Street cat dies摘要:日前,英国“第一猫”西比尔身患急症去世。英国首相戈登#8226;布朗两年前上任后不久,西比尔便入住唐宁街。Sybil the cat, who moved into Downing Street shortly after Prime Minister Gordon Brown took office two years ago, has died after a short illness.The black and white feline, named after Basil Fawlty's wife in the hit 1970s comedy Fawlty Towers, was brought to London by Alistair Darling after he became Chancellor of the Exchequer in Brown's government in June 2007.Sybil died earlier this week at the home of a family friend, a Downing Street spokesman said."Mew Labour is dead," quipped the Independent daily, referring to the fact that Sybil was the first new cat in Downing Street since Tony Blair took power in 1997, after famously rebranding his party as New Labour.Sybil's arrival was inauspicious, it noted: weeks after she arrived, Darling was grappling with the first run on a bank in over a century at the Northern Rock, presaging last year's full-blown global financial crisis.Darling's official residence is number 11, next door to Brown's 10 Downing Street home, but a spokesman for the incoming premier admitted in 2007 that the cat would have the run of both houses."It's quite difficult to confine cats, so, yes. The prime minister doesn't have a problem with it. (The prime minister's wife) Sarah Brown doesn't have a problem with it," he said at the time.Sybil's predecessor as chief mouser in the seat of government was Humphrey, who arrived in 1989 when Margaret Thatcher was in office, but left shortly after Blair came to power. /200907/79701。
  • Horsemeat found in beef burgers manufactured for British supermarkets was imported from Poland, it emerged last night.据昨晚报道称,英国超市专供牛肉汉堡中发现的马肉进口自波兰。Tests have revealed that ‘raw material’ supplied to an Irish processing plant, which made burgers for Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Iceland, contained as much as 20 percent horse DNA, the Irish Government said.爱尔兰政府称,经检测,提供给一家爱尔兰加工厂的“原材料”中含有多达20%的马肉DNA。这家加工厂为乐购超市、阿尔迪超市、里德尔超市和冰岛超市供应汉堡。Around 10million beef burgers have been withdrawn from sale by supermarkets, and other smaller retailers in the UK, since the scandal, which centred around the Silvercrest factory, in County Monaghan, broke earlier this month.自从本月早些时候英国莫纳亨郡银冠厂曝出这一丑闻后,已有近1000万只汉堡从超市和该厂附近的小零售店中下架。Customers and food standards experts were left reeling after tests by the Foods Safety Authority of Ireland revealed burgers supplied to Tesco – Britain’s biggest supermarket chain - contained 29.1 percent horse DNA.爱尔兰食品安全局的检测结果显示,供给英国最大连锁超市——乐购超市的汉堡中含有29.1%的马肉DNA,此事随即在消费者与食品标准专家中引发轰动。Burger King also stopped using Silvercrest’s products, although there was no horsemeat found in burgers sold by the fast food chain.快餐连锁店汉堡王也停止使用银冠厂提供的产品,虽然其销售的汉堡中未发现马肉。Simon Coveney, the Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, said the latest tests were a ‘major breakthrough’ in their investigation to identify the source of the contaminated products.爱尔兰农业、食品与海洋部部长西蒙#8226;柯文尼称,近期进行的检测是他们调查掺假产品源头的“一次重大突破”。He had initially suggested imported ingredients from Spain and the Netherlands were to blame, but yesterday revealed the ‘likely’ source was an unnamed factory in the eastern European country.他最初认为,从西班牙和荷兰进口的食材是罪魁祸首,不过昨天他又透露,这一东欧国家的一家不知名工厂才是“可能的”源头。Mr Coveney said the raw material was made from ‘low value’ cuts of meat.柯文尼称,原材料是由“廉价的”碎肉制成。‘It’s fat cuts, trims, de-sinewed meats,’ Mr Coveney said. ‘There was equine DNA, which is horsemeat, in the product.“全是经过了剪切、剔除了腱子肉的肥膘块,”柯文尼说,“产品中含有马肉DNA”。‘There is no evidence to suggest that anyone knowingly imported product that had horse DNA in it, but clearly that is what happened.’“虽然还未找到据明有人明知这些产品中含有马肉DNA却还进口,但事实已然明了。”The minister said the ABP Food Group, which owns the plant, had now agreed to source meat only from the UK and Ireland and to introduce regular DNA testing of meat at Silvercrest and its sister factory, Dalepak Hambleton, north Yorkshire.部长表示,该工厂所有者ABP食品集团现已同意只采用英国和爱尔兰的肉源,并同意定期对银冠厂及位于北约克郡的分厂达莱帕克#8226;汉布莱顿厂采用的肉进行DNA检测。However, the firm, which denied the contaminated meat had come from the company’s plant in Poznan, Poland, refused to say whether it was permitted to use the Polish ingredient in Tesco’s burgers.不过,该公司否认掺假马肉源自它在波兰波兹南的工厂,而且拒绝透露是否得到许可在供给乐购超市的汉堡中采用波兰原料。 /201301/223510。
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