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2019年10月19日 12:48:13

1. Learn your sleep positionYour “sleep position” is the position you always move into right before falling asleep. If I’m not very tired I’ll spend some time on my back, stomach, or other scenario until I feel like sleeping. Then, as soon as I feel like sleeping, I move onto my side and get down to sleeping business. Once you know your sleep position you can move into it immediately once you get into bed. Take a few deep breaths, relax, and your body will assume that it’s time to sleep and you’ll be drooling on your pillow in no time.1.弄清楚你的睡姿 你的“睡姿”通常就是你即将入睡之时摆好的姿势。要是不感觉到累,我通常会花些时间平躺着,趴着或者做其他姿势,直到睡意降临。当睡意渐浓,我会侧着身体,开始入睡。要是你晓得自己的睡姿,你就可以在上床时候马上摆好姿势。做几下深呼吸,然后全身放松,你的身体会认为睡觉的时候到了,于你就能迅速坠入梦乡。 /201003/99830交通大学医学院附属仁济医院脱毛手术价格费用上海华山医院丰胸多少钱The Chinese iron ore and steel industry has painted a gloomy outlook for the sector with officials revealing that roughly 40 per cent of the country#39;s iron mines have shut down because of low prices.中国铁矿石及钢铁业为自己描绘了一幅黯淡的前景,官员们透露,由于价格偏低,中国大约40%的铁矿已经停产。The bearish tone at the annual gathering backed by the China Iron and Steel Association was reinforced yesterday by Baosteel, China#39;s biggest listed steelmaker, which announced more production cuts amid weak demand.中国最大上市炼钢企业宝钢(Baosteel)昨日宣布,面对疲弱需求,将进一步减产,这个消息强化了中国钢铁工业协会(CISA)主办的年度会议上的悲观基调。The cutbacks suggest that the industry has little faith that the 0bn programme in infrastructure projects that Beijing approved this month would provide more than temporary relief.宝钢的减产计划似乎表明,行业对北京方面本月批准的1500亿美元基建项目计划没有什么信心,认为其最多只能提供暂时的缓解。Iron ore and steel prices rose after the spending boost was approved but have since fallen again.铁矿石和钢材价格在上述出增加计划获得批准后一度上升,但自那以来已经回落。Over the past decade, China#39;s steel demand has seen double-digit growth but this has dropped to the low single-digits this year.过去10年期间,中国的钢材需求以两位数增幅不断增长,但今年已降至个位数增幅。As a result, overall profits at Chinese steel companies – which include names such as Baosteel, Ansteeland Wuhan Iron and Steel– fell 50 per cent in the first half of this year compared with last year, according to official statistics.其结果是,官方统计数据显示,今年上半年中国炼钢企业(包括宝钢、鞍钢和武钢)的总利润同比下降50%。The drop in steel demand in China has, in turn, triggered a drop in iron ore and coking coal consumption, which is hurting some of the world#39;s largest mining groups, including Valeof Brazil, Rio Tinto, BHP Billitonand Anglo American.中国钢材需求下降,已进而引发铁矿石和炼焦煤消费量下降,从而打击一些全球最大的矿业集团,包括巴西的淡水河谷(Vale)、力拓(Rio Tinto)、必和必拓(BHP Billiton)以及英美资源(Anglo American)。Iron ore prices, which hit an all-time high of nearly 0 a tonne in early 2011, fell recently to a three-year low of a tonne.曾在2011年初达到每吨近200美元史上最高位的铁矿石价格,近期跌至每吨89美元的三年低位。The drop has prompted some miners to cancel multi-billion dollar investment projects in Australia, the biggest producer.价格下跌已促使一些矿商叫停澳大利亚(全球最大铁矿石出产国)的一些巨额投资项目。But some relief could be under way as Chinese iron ore miners start to close pits as prices drop below their cost of production.但是,一些利好因素可能即将显现。随着铁矿石价格跌至低于生产成本的水平,中国铁矿石企业开始让一些矿山停产。Liu Xiaoliang, executive deputy secretary-general of the Metallurgical Mines Association of China, told the conference that low prices had forced about 40 per cent of the country#39;s iron mines to suspend operations.中国冶金矿山企业协会(Metallurgical Mines Association of China)执行副秘书长刘效良在上述会议上表示,价格滑坡已迫使中国约40%的铁矿石矿山暂停生产。Scarlett Chan, analyst at Citi in Hong Kong, said that the production cuts reflected weak demand for iron ore.花旗(Citi)香港分析师Scarlett Chan表示,减产反映了铁矿石需求疲弱。Benchmark iron ore with a 62 per cent iron content changed hands in the spot market yesterday at 6 a tonne, according to Platts.普氏能源资讯(Platts)的数据显示,含铁量62%的基准铁矿石昨日现货市场价格为每吨106美元。Additional reporting by Javier Blas in London and Reuters in Dalian哈维尔#8226;布拉斯(Javier Blas)伦敦、路透社(Reuters)大连补充报道 /201209/202252上海玫瑰医院皮肤科怎么样

上海中医药大学附属龙华医院激光祛痣多少钱第六人民医院东院割双眼皮价格费用玫瑰医疗整形医院地址A LIQUOR brand with the name of Chinese writer Mo Yan - winner of the Nobel Literature Prize this year - has been sold for 10 million yuan (US.6 million), according to an engineer in Beijing who registered it on a whim with only 1,000 yuan six years ago.一个酒品牌以今年诺贝尔文学奖的获得者莫言的名字命名,已经卖出1000万元(160万美元),根据一个北京的工程师六年前心血来潮地以仅1000元注册该品牌。It is another phenomenon of ;Mo-mania; that has swept the country.这是席卷全国的“莫言热”的另一表现。An engineer surnamed Hou told West China Metropolis Daily that he got drunk about six years ago and got the idea to register a Chinese liquor brand name, ;Mo Yan Zui,; which came from a famous Chinese ancient poem literally meaning in English, ;Don#39;t say that you are drunk.;这位姓侯的工程师告诉《中国西部都市报》大约6年前他喝醉了酒,计上心来注册了一个中国酒类品牌“莫言醉”,这来自于中国古代著名的诗,英语的字面意思是“不要说你喝醉了。”This brand name can also be translated as ;drunken Mo Yan.; The name Mo Yan is a pseudonym that means ;Don#39;t speak; for the writer whose real name is Guan Moye.这个品牌名称也可以翻译为“醉酒莫言”。莫言的名字是笔名,意思是“不要说话”,作家的真名是管谟业。But before Mo won the Nobel, Hou said the name had nothing to do with the writer since he was not so famous. Hou said no one paid any attention to the brand or tried to purchase it at the time.但在莫言获得了诺贝尔奖之前,侯说因为他是不那么著名,这个名字和这位作家一点关系都没有。侯说那个时候没有人注意到这个品牌或试图购买。After Mo became China#39;s first Nobel laureate in literature, liquor companies, however, immediately contacted Hou and bid for the brand name.但是,在莫言成为中国第一个诺贝尔文学奖得主之后,白酒企业立即联系了侯并申请该品牌名称。One offered 6 million yuan for the brand but Hou refused, the newspaper said.一家为该品牌提出了600万元,但侯拒绝了,该报说。Hou told the newspaper that he finally sold the brand to a liquor company that offered him 10 million yuan after tax. But he refused to disclose the name of the company.侯告诉本报记者,他最终将品牌卖给了一家给他税后1000万元人民币的酒公司。但他拒绝透露该公司的名称。;Thanks to Mo, I can now sell the brand for 10 million yuan. After I got the money, I plan to spend some of it on charitable works,; Hou told the newspaper.“由于莫言,我现在可以将品牌卖到1000万元。我拿到了钱后,我打算花一些在慈善上,”侯告诉本报记者。Hou said some of his friends worked with him to develop a liquor product under the name of ;Mo Yan Zui; about six years ago, but they ran out of money, according to the newspaper.侯说和他一起工作的一些朋友六年前开发的以“莫言醉”命名的酒产品,但他们花光了所有钱,根据该报纸。Meanwhile, government of Gaomi City is trying to figure out how to protect and repair Mo#39;s old house after it became a popular attraction.同时,高密市政府正试图找出如何保护和修复莫言的老房子,在它成为了一个受欢迎的景点后。According to the newspaper, tourists grabbed all they could from the garden of Mo#39;s old house, believing the ;souvenirs; would bring good luck to them and their children.据报纸说,游客抓住所有他们可以从莫言老家园子里拿到的东西,相信“纪念品”会他们和他们的孩子带来好运。The garden, which includes radishes and other plants, is now an empty space with not even a weed, the newspaper said.这个其中包括萝卜等植物的园子,现在是一个甚至连杂草都没有的空地,本报记者表示。;They are all customers coming far away from here. They came into the garden to pull out the plants - even the weeds - but I feel too embarrassed to stop them,; said Mo#39;s brother. ;I fear that they would gossip behind our backs that we are getting prideful after Mo won the Nobel.;“他们都是从很远的地方来的游客,他们走进园子拔出植物甚至杂草,但我觉得太不好意思阻止他们,”莫言的兄弟说。“我担心他们会在我们背后嚼舌根说在莫言获得了诺贝尔奖之后我们太骄傲自满了” /201210/206571上海东方医院去眼袋多少钱

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