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曲 靖 市 会 泽 县 做 处 女 膜 修 复 多 少 钱曲 靖 彩 光 去 痘 价 格新东方英语900句 Lesson 21:Asking for directionsLesson Twenty-one, Asking for directionsCore Sentences1. Excuse me, is there a cafe nearby?2. Could you tell me the way to the Tian an men Square?3. Just go straight ahead,and turn left at the first crossing. You can't miss it.4. Can I go by bus?5. You can take the subway to get there.6. It's on my way. I'll walk you there.7. Sorry, I'm new here, too.8. What's your address?9. Go this way, follow the road back for about five hundreds meters.10. The museum is oppsite the great hall of people.11. The park is just on the left side of this street.12. The plaza is located in the downtown area.13. How far is it from Benjing hotel to the Paris museum?14. It takes five minutes to get there by taxi.Dialog ExercisesNumber one, Getting directions to a thailand restaurantA. Excuse me?B. Sure, May I help you?A. I want to go the nearest Thailand restaurant. Will you tell me how I can get there?B. Sure, Let me see. There are several Thai restaurants around here. It is only five minutes walk. But I do suggest that you go to the best one, called Gold Sun. A. Gold Sun, that sounds nice. Where is it?B. Remember the supermarket you are at yesterday. It's just oppsite the supermarket.A. I took taxi there yesterday. It's near.B. You can walk actually. It is no distance at all.A. Good idea. Perhaps I can enjoy the theme. Is there a sign there?B. Sure, there is a big sign saying Gold Sun.A. I'm sure I can find it. Thank you.B. You're welcome.Number two, the water bridge.A. Where is the station?B. It's near, but which way shall we take?A. Look, there is a policeman. Let's ask him the way.B. All right. Excuse me, Sir? Can you tell us the way to water station?C. Yes, walk down this road, take the first turning on the left. Then walk until you come to the river and..A. The river?C. Yes, when you come through it. There is the sign Water bridge. Just walk to across it. Follow the sign it says to water station. You can't miss it.A. And is it very far? I mean how long take to walk there?C. a.. about fifteen minutes if you walk quickly.A. Can we get there by bus?C. No, there is no through bus there, I'm afraid.A. Thanks, anyways. will take the taxi. /200604/5866曲靖/手术去皱术哪家便宜 First to fall was Scotland#39;s wealthiest city port, Berwick upon Tweed,The siege lasted only hours.最先被攻克的 是苏格兰最富有的港口城市 贝里克郡 围攻仅用了几个小时The massacre that followed, days.The king of England spared no one.Whatever their age or sex.而随后的大屠杀 则持续了数天 英格兰国王大开杀戒 男女老少格杀勿论And for two days streams of blood flowed from the bodies of the slain,so that mills could be turned round by its flow.受难者的血整整流淌了两天才干涸 这场屠杀堪称一台大型的绞肉机At Dunbar, the Scots royal army was swept aside.在邓巴 苏格兰的皇家军队溃不成军Now Edward turned imperial conqueror in deadly earnest.爱德华将帝国的征者变成了一群狂热之徒King John Balliol#39;s arms were torn from his coat like a court-martialled subaltern,约翰·贝列尔国王的铠胄被粗暴地扯下 沦为阶下之囚and English officials took over Scottish government.英格兰官员接管了苏格兰政府Just as he had ripped the heart out of Welsh independence by carrying off their sacred relics,如同当年为粉碎威尔士人赢取民族独立的希望 苏格兰人抢夺了他们的圣物Edward now took the stone of scone,symbol of the independent Scottish crown, to Westminster,此次爱德华又夺取了司康之石 苏格兰独立王权的象征 并将其运抵威斯敏斯特Where a magnificent coronation chair was custom-designed to hold it.放在了一款为它量身打造的加冕宝座上And when Edward was given the broken Scottish royal seal,he set it aside, commenting.当爱德华接过残破的苏格兰皇家印章 他将之放置一旁 道The man does good business when he rids himself of a turd.不与无能之人为伍 方能成大事One by one, a host of Scots came to do homage to Edward,including the Bruces.大批苏格兰人一个接一个地宣誓效忠爱德华 包括布鲁斯家族But there was one who did not Malcolm Wallace.And this Malcolm had a brother.但有一个人没来 马尔科姆·华莱士 这个马尔科姆有一个兄弟 /201610/473394I#39;m proud to be English, my family have served and we#39;ve defended this country我很自豪自己是一个英国人,我的家庭是军旅出身and we#39;ve been to war for this country我们一直保卫这个国家,并为这个国家而战斗I#39;m really patriotic about Bangladesh我非常热爱孟加拉国I am 100% Icelandic, yeah, definitely我100%是冰岛人,是的,绝对的This is a Kurdish wedding with my mum in the traditional Kurdish garb.这是一个库尔德式婚礼,我的妈妈穿着传统的库尔德饰We#39;re just proud blacks, so that#39;s it我们就是骄傲的黑人,就是这样Yeah, I think we are probably the best country in the world, if I#39;m honest恩,我觉得我们可能是世界上最好的国家,实话实说Think about other countries and other nationalities in the world想想世界上其他的国家和民族are there any that you don#39;t feel you get on with well, or you won#39;t like, particularly?有没有哪个你觉得无法相处,或者你特别不喜欢?Germany, yeah, I#39;m not a fan of the Germans德国,对,我不大喜欢德国人You might think they#39;re a little bit…你会觉得他们有点……Particularly India and Pakistan probably because of the whole, you know, the conflict尤其是印度和巴基斯坦,也许因为,你知道,那些冲突Cause I have this side of me that#39;s like that hates Turkish people– not people! But the government!因为我有一面是……讨厌土耳其人-不是人!而是政府!But French? Nah但是法国人?没有We#39;re just the best, you know, it#39;s just fact我们就是最好的,你懂的,这就是事实I#39;m more important than you我比你更重要I don#39;t know you, but in my opinion I am strong, and I am more important than a lot of people我不认识你,但在我看来我很强壮,我比很多人都更重要How would you feel about taking a journey based on your DNA?你觉得根据自己的DNA来次寻根之旅怎么样?Yeah, I#39;d feel very intrigued好啊,我非常好奇What could you possibly tell me that I don#39;t know?什么是你能告诉我而我不知道的呢?So do you know how DNA works? So you get half from mum, and half from dad所以你知道DNA的机制吗?你有一半来自母亲,一半来自父亲so 50% from each of them, and they get 50% from their parents and back, and back and back所以来自父母各50%,然后他们从他们的父母各得到50%,以此类推And all those little bits of your ancestor, they filter down to make you, you最后所有这些来自你的祖先的小小成分,经过层层过滤,使你成为了你I need you to spit in this tube for me. Just spit up to the little black line我需要你把口水吐在这个管子里。吐到黑线即可That#39;s a lot of spit这需要好多口水The story of you, is in that tube. What#39;s it going to tell me?好的,你的故事就在这个管子中。它将会告诉我什么呢?It#39;s going to be, #39;oh yeah, you#39;re French#39;, and,#39;wait, your grandparents are French#39;, and, #39;wait…#39;像这样,“噢耶,你是法国人”,然后,“等等,你的祖父母是法国人”,然后,“等等,……”100% Bengali. Solid Iraqi. I#39;m Cuban!100%孟加拉人。纯正的伊拉克人。我是古巴人!It#39;s going to tell me that I#39;m English, like I#39;ve told you它会告诉我我是英国人,就像我告诉你的那样Jay? Can you come down and join us?Jay?你可以到这里来吗?I#39;m a little bit nervous, I have to say不得不说,我有点紧张So are you y to find out your results? Will you it out to us, please?那么你准备好知道自己的结果了吗?请你向我们念出来好吗?Wow, look at me! Oh my God. Oh… wow. I didn#39;t expect that哇,看看我!我的天。喔...哇...我真没料到All of them. Whoa… No… No…所有这些。哇塞。不……不……Caucasus? Which was… Turkish? Yeah.高加索?哪个是……土耳其?是的Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece东欧,西班牙,葡萄牙,意大利,希腊I#39;m 32% British? What?! Great Britain, 30%… 5%… German我有32%英国血统?什么?!大不列颠,30%……5%……德国I#39;m Irish? Yeah!我是爱尔兰人?没错!So I#39;m a Muslim Jew. Great Britain, 11%. Are you sure these results are mine?所以我是一个穆斯林犹太人。大不列颠,11%--你确定这个结果是我的吗?Eastern Europe? Seriously?东欧?真的么?Iceland has definitely moved closer to Europe now冰岛现在肯定离欧洲越来越近了I#39;m going to go a bit far right now, but this should be compulsory我可能想得有点远了,但我觉得每个人都应该做一下这个测试There would be no such thing as, like, extremism in the world, if people knew their heritage like that如果人们知道他们继承的血统是这个样子,世界上就不会有像极端主义这样的事情Like, who would be stupid enough to think of such a thing as, like, a pure race?就好像,谁还会愚昧到想出像纯净种族这样的东西?In a way, we#39;re all kind of cousins, in a broad sense这样看来,从广义上说,我们都是兄弟In a much more direct sense. You have a cousin, in this room更直接点,你有一个表亲,就在这个房间里Uh uh… Turn around, and guess who it is. Waj? Yeah, what#39;s that?呃呃……转过头,猜猜会是谁。Waj?恩,怎么了?Why don#39;t you come down here and meet your cousin? Oh my God…何不下来见见你的表亲?我的天……Did you know that? I didn#39;t, I had no idea… this is like…你已经知道了?不,我毫不知情……那个……My heart#39;s pounding right now, I swear to God我的心脏在砰砰跳,我对天发誓I#39;m Jay from everywhere by the s of this根据上面所写,我是来自世界各地的JayI#39;m a real man of the world. That#39;s beautiful, thank you我是真正的世界之子。真美,谢谢你们So would you like to travel to all of these places?那么你想要去所有这些地方旅行吗?Yeah! Hell yeah! Oh yeah是的!当然是!必须的! Article/201705/507398曲靖/去除肥胖纹哪家医院好

曲 靖 靖 美 整 形 医 院 割 双 眼 皮 怎 么 样新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson35:ALKING ABOUT FUTURE ACTIVITIES谈未来活动 I think we’re going to save some extra money this year. 我想我们今年会多存些钱。512. What language#61557; are you going to study? 你要学什么语言?513. Then don’t complain to me when Spanish gets boring. 当你觉得西班牙语令你厌烦的时候,别向我诉苦。514. What are you doing later this week? 这个星期的后几天你打算干什么?515. Are you still planning to go to medical#61558; school? 你还在打算去医学院吗?516. I want to buy a dog. 我想买一条。517. I’m going to switch#61559; job soon. 我很快要跳槽了。518. We’re like to send our daughter to a private#61560; school. 我们想把我们的女儿送到私立学校去。519. I hope to get good grades this year. 我希望今年能取得好成绩。520. I will be moving in six months. 我六个月后搬家。521. I’m going to study Chinese next year. 我明年要学汉语。522. I want to work for my dad’s company. 我想为我爸爸的公司工作。523. My parents are going on vacation#61561;next month. 我的父母下个月去度假。524. In two years I will finish medical school. 两年后我就要从医学院毕业了。525. My wife wants to buy a new car. 我妻子想买一辆新车。【生词解读】1. language n. 语言;语言文字2. medical n. 医学的;医术的;医疗的3. switch vt. 调换;交换 4. private adj. 个人的;私人的 5. vacation n.休假;假期;休庭期;休假日 /200708/17048曲靖/注射隆下巴 原味人文风情:The Huffington Post wants you to take food waste seriously. According to the FAO, 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted every single year. That#39;s the weight of 260 million elephants. According to the NRDC, 40 percent of food in the ed States goes uneaten. All of this waste is costing Americans about 165 billion dollars annually. And that#39;s enough to feed all of the world#39;s malnourished people. The production of food that is wasted generates 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases. If the world#39;s wasted food was a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases.《赫芬顿邮报》想要你认真看待食物浪费议题。根据联合国粮食及农业组织调查,每一年有十三亿吨食物被浪费掉。那是两亿六千万头大象的重量。根据自然资源守护委员会记录,美国有百分之四十的食物没被吃下肚。这所有浪费每年耗损美国人民约一千六百五十亿美元。那足以喂饱全世界营养不良的人们。生产那些被浪费的食物制造出三十三亿吨温室气体。如果全世界浪费的食物是一个国家,那会是温室气体的第三大排放国。After years of inaction, attitudes are changing, but we need your help. It#39;s time to recognize the scale of the world#39;s food waste and work in collaboration to reduce it. We can reclaim our love for food by feeding the world. Start the conversation. Incite change. Reclaim.在几年的漠视后,态度开始改变了,但我们需要你伸出援手。是时候了解世界食物浪费的规模,并同心协力减少浪费。我们可以从喂饱这世界来找回对食物的爱。开启对话。激起改变。回收。 Article/201612/482936曲 靖 哪 里 可 以 祛 疤

曲 靖 嘴 巴 微 整 需 要 多 少 钱Man, there#39;s something there#39;s something down here.上帝 这里有货 水里肯定有东西The suspense you can cut with a knife.谜底马上即可揭晓All my instincts were telling me,;Get your hand out of there.;我的本能告诉我 赶快收手And this thing bit onto his hand.It was like this.这东西咬住了他的手 有这么大He#39;s got my finger right down its mouth.And he#39;s just shredded my fingers.它咬住我的手指 咬住不放 它想把我的手指咬碎That must be must be 20 pounds of fish.这条鱼足有 足有九公斤重A seriously painful catch,but I reckon it#39;s worthy of my top 10.非常痛苦的捕捉经历 我认为这一片断够排在前十了Coming up,I quench my thirst with a seriously disgusting drink.接下来 我用非常恶心的液体解渴Eat an explosive meal.Oh, my goodness.Man, that is coming fast And have a very close scrape with death.享用一顿大餐 天啊 伙计 船朝着我们来了 我还与死神擦肩而过I#39;m Bear Grylls.and welcome back to my 25 greatest moments.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 欢迎收看25个精片段特辑I#39;ve experienced every possible extreme of temperature on this show,在录制这档节目的过程中 我经历过所有极端的温度but an arctic river crossing took things to a whole new level.但在北极渡河最令我难忘It was amazing. He was absolutely freezing.太吓人了 他当时完全冻僵了This one#39;s in at number nine,and it#39;s probably one of the coldest things I#39;ve ever had to do.这一段经历排名第九 但却是我经历过的最冷的旅程之一At minus 26,deep inside the arctic circle,a river blocked my path.零下26度 深入北极圈 一条河挡住了我的去路The last thing you could possibly want to do is to cross that river,but when there#39;s no choice, you go for it.你绝不想过河 但没的选择 只有前进Of course he wanted to keep his clothes dry.So he got naked.因为他想要保持衣物的干燥 所以他选择裸泳 Article/201612/484177 曲 靖 那 家 医 院 袪 斑 最 有 效曲 靖 疤 痕 到 哪 家 治 疗

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