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郴州治疗包皮过长郴州市第一人民医院北院治疗阳痿早泄years China has been known its generous deployment of bikini models to spice up industry conferences and meetings. But news that scantily clad models were recently recruited to enliven the country first dairy cow beauty pageant is being described some as utterly - or should that be udderly? - ridiculous. 众所周知,多年来,中国的行业会展和会议都不惜花钱聘请比基尼模特来活跃气氛但前不久,全国首届“奶牛选美大赛”也招募穿着清凉的模特来助兴,一些人说这未免太荒唐了 Designed to promote the dairy industry of Shanyin County in the central Chinese province of Shanxi, the weekend contest pitted more than 0 cows against each other based on looks, milk and pedigree. 为了推广山西省山阴县的牛奶产业,上周末举行的这场活动推出0多头奶牛,根据它们的外貌、产奶情况和家族血统来“选美” The concept is a strange one even a country with more than its fair share of mystifying events. But it the eight bikini models hired the bovine pageant and made to pose awkwardly next to, and even milk, the cows that has churned the controversy. 中国各种让人莫名其妙的活动挺多,然而上述做法还是够另类引起争议的是奶牛选美活动聘请的那八名比基尼模特她们在奶牛旁边笨拙地摆造型──甚至还给奶牛挤奶 Photos of the girls - all of them, perhaps understandably, wearing masks - sp around traditional and social media websites on Monday, and even earned an editorial on the website of the Communist Party mouthpiece People Daily. 这些女孩的照片(所有模特都戴上了面具,这一点或许可以理解)周一传遍了传统网站和社交媒体网站,就连人民网也为此发表了一篇文章 While noting that the popularity of beauty contests has been rising (China Yu Wenxia won the Miss World pageant over the weekend), the editorial argues that in this case things seem to have gone a bit too far. Beautiful girls have far greater ability to attract attention that the milk cow contestants, it s. How do you think that makes the cows feel? 文章一方面提到选美比赛日益盛行(中国的于文霞在上周末世界选美大赛中夺冠) ,一方面认为这次奶牛选美搞得太过火文章说:“美女的吸引力远远大过前来参加‘选美’的奶牛们,不知道那些参加选美的奶牛心里会怎么想?” The editorial also calls attention to one model who said given the natural setting of the dairy farm, posing in a bikini felt harmonious. 文章还提到,一位模特说,置身于牧场的天然环境中,穿着比基尼摆造型也挺“和谐” The allows the girl might simply have been embarrassed and making excuses, but reserves little sympathy the organizer of the conference, who it sarcastically declares must have a peculiar understanding of what adds excitement to an event. 文章承认,这位模特可能只是觉得不好意思,是在找说辞但它对活动组织者就毫不留情了,而是带着讽刺意味地说,组织者对于什么东西能够让活动更精肯定有着奇怪的理解 On Sina Corp. popular Weibo microblogging service, most users milked the ample potential to make puns about the contest, but a few were more critical of the proceedings. hanxi cow models - an inconceivable objectification of women, wrote one user posting under the screen name Ariel_Meow. 在新浪微上,多数用户都在充分发挥这场活动的巨大恶搞潜力但也有一些人更多地是持批评态度“Ariel_Meow”在新浪微上写道:“山西的‘牛模’,不可思议地物化女性” Organizers of some Chinese promotional events have recently tried to move away from reliance on bikini girls - in one case replacing them with cross-dressing men. But given the success Shanyin had in drawing attention to its dairy industry over the weekend, China likely hasnt seen the last of the cow belles. 最近中国一些推广活动的主办方也曾尝试减少对比基尼女孩的依赖有一场活动就没有安排比基尼女孩,而是用穿着女装的男模取代但考虑到山阴县在上周末成功地吸引了人们对其牛奶产业的关注,这可能不会是中国最后一批奶牛美女 1963郴州东方医院皮肤科网上咨询 Taylor Swift is rarely seen without her posse of famous pals, from Lorde to Selena Gomez and Karlie Kloss to name but a few.泰勒·斯威夫特总是和自己的明星朋友同进同出,比如说洛德、赛琳娜·戈麦斯、卡莉·克劳斯等等And Wednesday was no different, as the star was joined by British supermodel-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne on her shopping excursion in New York.这个星期三,泰勒又和新朋友——英国超模卡拉·迪瓦伊一起在纽约购物With rumours of discord in the Swift household following her parents separation, the -year-old appeared a little sombre as she pounded the pavement solo at first.现在有传闻说泰勒的父母感情不和,所以一开始泰勒一个人在人行道上踱步的时候明显神情有些低落The leggy blonde was looking as lithe as ever, just days after wowing in a white cropped top and black high-waisted skirt featuring a thigh-high slit as she hit the red carpet at the 9th Academy Of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday.这位长腿的金发美女看上去还是十分光照人上个星期天她出席了在举办的第9届乡村音乐奖颁奖典礼,在走红地毯时,她上身一件白色剪裁短上衣,下面配着一条黑色高腰开叉长裙,美丽得让人惊叹She carried a small mushroom-coloured handbag in the crook of one arm, along with a large black reusable shopping bag in the other after emerging from the store with her purchases.当天她买完东西出来时,一只手挽着蘑菇色的手提包,另一只手拎着一只很大的黑色环保购物袋The star was nicely made up her outing, her eyes played up with just the right amount of kohl liner, her signature ruby red lipstick drawing attention to her naturally plump pout.泰勒总是在每次外出时把自己打扮的很漂亮,她的眼线眼影都画得恰到好处她当天也涂上了她的标志红宝石色口红,烈焰红唇很是醒目The 1-year-old kept it casual in pyjama-like black and white checked pants, blue high-top sneakers, a white T-shirt and maroon jacket.当天她的朋友超模卡拉·迪瓦伊穿着一条宽松的黑白格子裤,一双蓝色高帮运动鞋,白色T恤配栗色的夹克,相对泰勒的精心打扮就看起来比较随意She carried a black handbag as well as a small white tote from H?tel Le Bristol Paris.卡拉当天背着一个黑色的手包,手上拎着一个白色的印着巴黎布里斯托尔酒店名字的小袋 9Robert Downey Jr. has become one of the most powerful players in Hollywood. But the 8-year-old actor admits he not much of a networker. ;I think about people, and I have a conversation with them in my head, ; he says. ;But I tend to not reach out.; In an interview about his career and the future of the movie industry, the Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes actor tells tune about the real-life discussions (Elon Musk!) that have influenced his thinking about technology, business, and entertainment. Edited portions of the interview will appear in the January issue of tune; a lengthier excerpt of the Qamp;A follows.小罗伯特#86;唐尼现在已是好莱坞最有影响力的明星之一,不过这位现年8岁的演员却坦承自己并不是个善于交际的人他说:“我会想人际的事,我在脑袋里跟他们说话,但我往往不会主动去认识别人”《财富杂志(tune )日前专访了这位钢铁侠和福尔斯的扮演者,请他谈谈自己的事业以及电影行业的未来,采访中他谈到了埃隆#86;穆斯克是怎样影响了他对科技、商业和的看法经过编辑的采访文稿将刊登在1月日的《财富杂志上,以下是比较长的一段采访节选:Q. This isnt the first time your image has been on the cover of a business magazine. Tony Stark face has graced the cover of a few news titles.问:你的照片出现在一本商业杂志封面上,这已经不是第一次了,《钢铁侠主人公托尼#86;斯塔克的脸已经上过不少头版了A. Yes! I wanted to close the circle.答:对!我想有个完满的结束Elon Musk has been compared to Tony Stark, and parts of Iron Man were filmed at a SpaceX facility. Did you ever meet?问:经常有人把埃隆#86;穆斯克与电影《钢铁侠的主人公托尼#86;斯塔克相比,而且《钢铁侠II的部分情节就是在穆斯克的太空探索技术公司(SpaceX)里拍摄的,你俩见过面吗?The genesis of that goes back to preproduction Iron Man I, when SpaceX was in a smaller facility and Elon Musk was not a household name. As part of my research, I wanted to interview two people: John Underkoffler [the chief scientist at computer interface company Oblong] and Elon. I thought it was really interesting that he literally had decided to become a rocket scientist. And although the similarities kind of end with a certain -- what would you say? -- just an amazing self-agency, you know, that I think Elon really embodies. I was looking to Under#;koffler straight technology [advice]. You remember in Minor#;ity Report, the character is wearing those gloves and moving the screens around? He and his company built that into a reality, so I was taking some cues from him: If Tony had designed his own software and his own programs and the machinery to operate them, what sort of language would he design to be able to ma#;nipulate his environment? And over the course of all these mov#;ies, that been as much a part of Tony character as anything else.答:这还要追溯到《钢铁侠I的准备拍摄阶段,当时SpaceX公司还在一幢更小的楼里,埃隆#86;穆斯克当时也还不像今天这样家喻户晓我当时在为电影做功课我很想访问两个人,一个是约翰#86;安德考夫勒(电脑界面公司Oblong的首席科学家),另一个就是埃隆#86;穆斯科他真的决定成为一名火箭学家,我觉得这非常有意思托尼#86;斯塔克和埃隆最像的地方就是一种惊人的自我能动性,它在埃隆身上表现得非常明显我之所以想见安德考夫勒,是想从他那里获得一些纯技术上的建议你还记得《少数派报告(Minor#;ity Report)吧,影片里的人带着那种手套可以把屏幕移来移去的,安德考夫勒和他的公司把这种技术变成了现实,所以我想从他那获得些启发:如果托尼#86;斯塔克设计了他自己的软件和程序以及运行机制,那他会设计一种什么样的语言来操纵他的环境?在这几部电影拍摄的过程中,不仅托尼的角色要求这些,其它环节也一样The spirit of Elon was really inspiring to me because Tony goes from doing one thing so well and so successfully, and goes to do something that a lot more risky and much more far reaching.而埃隆的精神对我很有启发,因为托尼#86;斯塔克也是把一件事做得很好、很成功,然后又去做另一件风险大得多、意义也重大得多的事And then in the second Iron Man, Tony Stark has a conversation with Elon Musk about doing a project together. I think it electric jets if Im not mistaken.《钢铁侠第二部中,埃隆#86;穆斯克还在电影中客串了一把,与托尼#86;斯塔克在电影里一起讨论了一个项目,如果没记错的话应该是电动飞机Were there any other business leaders or powerful people who inspired your permance?还有其他商业领袖或成功人士给了你的表演以启发吗?There a little bit of Howard Hughes in there. But in this character, in this potential franchise, I saw a huge business op#;porty myself. What was required of me was to put myself ward in a different light than I had been previously imagined, and to imagine being perceived as a bit more dashing, a bit more masculine. Essentially you aspire to a persona that puts you into a different light, which you can equate to more opporty.霍华德#86;休斯对我也有一点影响但当时从这个角色中,从这部片子里,我看到了自己的一个巨大的商机我需要的是把我自己放到一个跟我以前想象的不一样的角度上,想象把我塑造成一个更有闯劲、更硬朗的人实质上就是想要塑造一个不同的人物形象,它能给你带来更多的机会 95郴州治疗早泄好的医院

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宜章县人民中妇幼保健医院割包皮 1.Go to an elegant restaurant… lunch. I’ll never get the time a group of friends and I went to a French restaurant I’d been longing to visit that was a little pricey. It was tucked away on a leafy, residential street. Inside, tall windows surrounded a dining room, bare save the wooden tables with thick, sturdy legs. We enjoyed the b basket, drank a carafe of the rough house red, and I ate a croque madame, oozy with egg yolk. We shared dessert, something chocolatey as I recall, and sat a long while that afternoon finishing the wine in the early spring sunshine. To this day it was one of the best $ I ever spent.去一个优雅的餐厅吃午餐和几个朋友一起,找一家有气氛的餐厅这将会成为你一段美好的回忆 0195郴州市东方医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱郴州市儿童医院包皮手术怎么样



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