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in apples earliest days, the two steves,在苹果早期的历史中,这两个史蒂夫Jobs and woz, took on an older and more experienced partner.乔布斯和沃兹,寻找到了一个比他们更有经验的合作伙伴Ronald wayne now lives and works near las vegas,罗纳德韦恩现在生活和居住在A fitting location for a man一个对于失去37亿美元筹码who walked away with nothing from a billion no-lose bet.却仍然毫无遗憾的男人来说 再好不过的城市.Wayne was invited to discuss a business proposal with jobs and woz韦恩当时受到乔布斯和沃兹的邀请 共同讨论一个商业提案.That was the first time I had met steve wozniak,那是我第一次见到史蒂夫沃兹亚克A fascinating guy a fun guy to be with,一个迷人有趣的家伙,Very not only a fun guy to be with,当然不仅仅是有趣The most gracious man ive ever met in my life.他也是我此生遇到过的最具有亲和力的人As far as wozniak was concerned,与沃兹亚克一同受到关注的The world was a great big sand box还有一个能玩很多玩具的With a lot of toys to play with.看起来像一个大箱子的玩意 but rons opinion of steve jobs was not so hot.但是罗纳德对于史蒂夫乔布斯的印象却没有那么深刻Wayne: I wouldnt put gracious in his description.我不会把亲切用来形容他He had the kind of manner, the kind of approach to people他有着他自己对人对事的方式And environments that were business directed, ok?那种氛围让人感觉,更商业化,OK?He was extremely serious.他很严肃wayne acted as referee in a minor difference of opinion韦恩以这两个合作伙伴之间的一件小事情Between the two equal partners.作为参考,展现了他们之间的区别.Well, steve jobs was so impressed嗯,史蒂夫乔布斯令我印象非常深刻,With my diplomacy in that particular situation在当时那种特定的情况之下That he immediately came back and said,他迅速的做出了决定然后说道;ok. What were going to do is form a company,;;OK,我们要正式成立一家公司,;With woz and jobs getting 45% each,沃兹和乔布斯每人得到45%的股份And I would get 10% as a tiebreaker而我得到10%的绝对股份In the event of any philosophical disputes That might occur in the future.无论将来发生任何可能的法律纠纷 /201309/255096昭通市第一人民医院激光祛痣多少钱红河文山西双版纳激光美白肌肤多少钱越来越多的人居住在异国他乡。有三到四个身世来源的作家皮柯.耶尔(Pico Iyer) 思索着家的意义,旅行的乐趣和静止的平和。201501/350467德宏大理激光祛痘印多少钱

云南省韩辰整形医院激光去斑手术多少钱昆明韩城医院整形科The elite from ancient societies focussed upon corn as having sacred kinds of properties which they then associated with themselves. And this is pretty obvious in the young maize god-the sculpture was apparently a manifestation of mythological beings resulting from the third Maya creation. There were eight mythological beings, four women and four men, who are the ancestors of all the Maya people.“古代社会精英团队把玉米的地位提升到神圣的财产,并且将自己与玉米联系起来。这点很显然地在这年轻的玉米神身上体现出来;你看,这雕像明显是第三玛雅人造神运动的成果。玛雅历史上有八位神灵,四男四女,被奠为全体玛雅人的祖先。玛雅人认为他们祖先基本上是从玉米进化而来的,由黄玉米与白玉米面团做成的。The Maya believed that their ancestors essentially came from corn, and they were formed of yellow and white maize dough. Maize was certainly a primary focus of ritual and religious veneration by ancient Meso-American people, going back all the way before the Maya and even into the Olmec civilisation.玉米曾经是古代中美洲人礼仪与宗教崇拜的重中之重,可一种追溯回前玛雅,甚至奥尔梅克文明时代。”So our maize god is not just a hauntingly beautiful statue, he gives us a real insight into the way ancient American society thought about itself and its environment. The maize god represents both the fact of the agricultural cycle of planting, harvesting and replanting, and the faith in a parallel human cycle of birth, death and rebirth,but more, he is the very stuff of which the Central Americans are made. Where the Hebrew god made Adam out of dust, the Mayan gods used maize to make their humans. The mythical story is told in the most famous epic in the whole of the Americas, the Popol Vuh. For generations, this was passed on through oral traditions before finally being written down in the seventeenth century. Heres a taste of it:因此,我们的玉米神可不只是一位高高在上的美丽雕像,他允许我们去真正体会到古代美洲社会人们是如何思考社会本身及周遭环境的。玉米神象征着农作物种植、收获与补植这种生生不息的循环过程,同时也象征着另一种生命的循环—人类的出生、死亡与新生命的重新诞生这种生死轮回。更重要的是,玉米神是中美洲人民存在性的最本质事物。希伯来的上帝用尘埃造出了首位人类亚当,玛雅神用玉米来创造人类。在整个美洲神话中,著名史诗《波波尔乌》讲叙了这个神话故事。悠悠岁月里,这故事在一代又一代人中口口相传,一直流传到十七世纪,终于被记载入书本。让我们来品味一下其中一小段:And here is the beginning of the conception of humans and of the search for the ingredients of the human body...So they spoke; the bearer, begetter, the makers, modellers-and a sovereign plumed serpent-they sought and discovered what was needed for human flesh.“于是众神就开始有了最原始的关于人类的概念,也就着手进行寻找人类肉体的工作。众神开口说:人类应该是负重者、继承者、创造者与模范者,拥有主权意识及灵蛇般的灵性。经过千辛万苦的苦苦寻找,众神最终找到并发现了一种人类肉体需要的物质。It was only a short while before the sun, moon and stars were to appear above the makers and modellers. Split place, bitter water place, is the name, the yellow corn, white corn, came from there. And this was when they found the staple foods, and then the yellow corn and white corn were ground. After that they put into words the making, the modelling of our first mother-father, with yellow corn, white corn alone for the flesh, food alone for the human legs and arms for our first fathers, the four human works.那时众神初混沌,创造出日月星辰,山川河流。在那苦水之滨,养育了黄玉米与白玉米。众神寻找到那里,寻找到这些粮食并进行种植。随后他们念起了咒语,用黄玉米与白玉米造出了人类的肉体,再用其他食品做成人类的四肢,赋于了生命。这就是我们最早的父母亲,众神最初的四件人类作品。”But why did maize become the favoured food and the revered grain of the Americas? Why not wheat or a certain type of meat?但为什么唯独玉米成为所有美洲人最为青睐的食品与崇敬的谷物?为什么不是小麦或者其它类型的肉类呢?201405/294445Kurdish forces take full control of Mosul Dam库尔德武装完全控制苏尔大坝及周边设施For the latest on whats happening in Iraq, were joined by our correspondent Sean Callebs who is in the northern city of Erbil.就有关伊拉克方面的最新消息,马上连线位于北部城市埃尔比勒的我台记者肖恩卡利布斯。Hi Sean, you went to the Mosul Dam yesterday. What did you see?你昨天曾经前往苏尔大坝。都看到了什么?Is there any damage to the dam?水坝是否被损坏?And tell us more about the situation in northern Iraq.告诉我们更多伊拉克北部的情况。A massive ed Nations aid operation for displaced Iraqis is underway.而联合国针对流离失所的伊拉克人的大规模救援行动正在进行当中。100 tons of humanitarian supplies have landed in Erbil.100吨人道主义救援物资已空投在埃尔比勒。Have people there received the relief supplies?埃尔比勒的人民收到救灾物资了吗?And how are they coping with the violence?他们又是如何应对暴力流血事件的?201409/325386昆明附属医院激光脱毛多少钱In 1937, the League of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland1937年 联合国前身the fore-runner of the ed Nations位于瑞士日内瓦的国际联盟stated that 90% of the world-wide illegal opium and heroin trade宣城 世界超过90%的非法鸦片和海洛因交易was in the hands of the Japanese drug dealers.经由日本人之手Ultimately, it was the Marco Polo Bridge incident in Peking最终 卢沟桥事件爆发that finally started the full-scale second Sino-Japanese war中日战争正式开始which lasted from 1937 to 1945.这场战争从1937年持续到1945年During that time,八年中Imperial Japans ferocious war machine not only conquered most of China,日本帝国邪恶的战争机器不仅征了大部分中国地区but also committed some of the most atrocious war crimes in the history of mankind,也在人类历史上写下了不可饶恕的战争罪行such as 1937 Nanjing Massacre.1937年的南京大屠杀便是其中的一个The rape of Nanjing raged on for three months,南京大屠杀持续三个月之久with more than 300,000 civilians savagely slaughtered.三十万手无寸铁的百姓死于日本人刀下In honor of the victims,为了纪念他们the Nanjing Massacre Memorial was built in 19851985年建立了南京大屠杀纪念馆on the grounds of the massacre graves馆址正位于大屠杀遗址之一的万人坑with Wu Weishan sculptures著名雕塑家吴为山的雕塑vividly capturing the horrids at that dful time生动地再现了那段恐怖的岁月underneath these stones, rest the remains of the innocent victims.这些石头下 埋葬着不知多少的冤屈灵魂201409/329646云南省第一人民医院治疗青春痘多少钱

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