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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201602/426576It could take a visit to the International Space Station.它可能跑去国际空间站Perhaps even fly to the moon.也许甚至飞到月球All this before returning to the exact same spot an instance before you reenter the room.结束之后 桌子又回到原本位置 就在你再度进入房间前的瞬间This,of course is a pretty unlikely scenario.这个状况当然是不太可能发生的But one we cant rule out.但我们却不能完全排除It is much simpler to assume that the table stays put when we are not there.还是简单假定为 当我们不在时 桌子就在原地不动It is our best fit model of reality.那是我们对现实的最适模型This is essentially what we do in science.基本上 科学家也是如此To create best fit models of how we believe我们所建构的最适模型the universe actually works.来源于我们自己所认定的宇宙运作方式The ancient Greeks were the first古希腊人最早to built such scientific models.建构此类科学模型They suggested that the earth was a large sphere,motionless他们主张地球是一个大型球体 静止不动And fixed at the center of the universe.且固定在宇宙中心But later pioneering scientists like Copernicus and Galileo但之后 开创性的科学家 如哥白尼与伽利略found a much simpler and completely revolutionary model to describe this same observations.找到更简单又更完整的革命性模型 来解释同样的现象They proposed that the earth itself was spinning and orbiting the sun at the same time...他们主张地球会自转 并同时绕着太阳运行Along with all the other planets.就与所有其它行星一样201602/427389栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201507/382905原味人文风情:Hugh Jackman Launches Charity Brand, Laughing Man休杰克曼的慈善咖啡Laughing Man WorldwideLaughing Man WorldwideA New Enterprise by Hugh Jackman休杰克曼的全新事业All Profits to Charity所有营利供慈善事业用While traveling in Ethiopia with World Vision, Hugh Jackman was inspired by the work he saw with local coffee farmers.在与世界展望会一起在衣索比亚旅行时,休杰克曼因为他所见到的当地咖啡农的努力而得到灵感。When I was traveling in Ethiopia, I met a man who changed the way I look at the world.当我在衣索比亚旅行时,我遇到了一个改变我看世界方式的男人。My name is Dukale. I am a 27-year-old coffee farmer. I live in the Kochere district.我的名字是Dukale。我是个二十七岁的咖啡农。我住在Kochere区。As Dukale and I planted coffee trees together, I began to see the potential for one mans hard work to transform an entire community.当Dukale和我一起种咖啡树时,我开始看到一人的辛勤工作可以改变整个社群的潜力。I am very blessed to have such a productive business. I have even started to hire more people on the farm. This is improving the lives of the whole community.我非常幸运能有这么具生产力的事业。我甚至开始在农场雇用更多人。这正在改善整个社群的生活。While working with Dukale that day, I was so inspired by what I learned from him and his community. I made Dukale a promise to do my part to help. Laughing Man Worldwide is the fulfillment of that promise.当那天和Dukale一起工作时,我从在他身上学到的东西以及他的社群受到很多启发。我向Dukale承诺会尽到我的职责来帮忙。Laughing Man Worldwide就是那承诺的实践。How do you say ;very good;?你怎么说“非常好喝”?Ma-don-ton.Ma-don-ton(当地语言)。Laughing ManLaughing ManAll Be Happy!全都很开心!Laughing Man WorldwideLaughing Man WorldwideAll Profits to Charity所有营利供慈善事业用201502/359037The Corporation, is what they called themselves,他们称自己为企业they topped themselves with those early songs by the Jackson 5,并超越了杰克逊五人组早年的那些畅销曲they were absolutely incredible.真的非常厉害Absolutely incredible.非常厉害When my boys had five gold records in a row,我的孩子们连拿了五张金唱片l was very proud of them because l know it was something that they wanted我很骄傲 因为我知道那是他们所想要的and it was their dream.是他们的梦想And they were happy and l was happy.他们很开心 我也很开心The whole family was happy about that.全家都为此而感到开心We did a show once for Jesse Jackson.我们有次为杰西·杰克逊表演You know, Jesse Jackson, hes the activist.杰西·杰克逊是个激进主义分子Hes got an organisation called PUSH Expo.他成立了一个组织名叫PUSH ExpoHe booked the Temptations and the Jackson 5.邀约了诱惑合唱团 以及杰克逊五人组They were just up and coming.他们那时才刚开始走红We were superstars at that time and, oh, man, it was so many people.我们当时已经是巨星了 那天人真是多到爆When they did that show,他们一上台演出the Temptations got a great response.诱惑合唱团的反应很好When the Jackson 5 came on, it was phenomenal.但杰克逊五人组上台更是青出于蓝l mean, almost blew the roof off the place.全场简直疯狂201509/396937


These are the childhood behavioral checklist这些是儿童行为清单the Conners Parental Rating Scale 康纳父母评分表the Parental Stress Index 父母压力指数And we looked at a whole lot of thingsfactors然后我们观察了各种因素including internalizing, externalizing behavior 包括内化行为和外化行为So unadjusted, we actually again 这些都是没有经过调整的数据for each decrease in 1 hour of sleep睡眠时间每缩短1个小时we have increased odds of overweight of 1.47 那么超重的几率就增加1.47then we adjusted for all these other factors 然后我们对其他因素进行了调整and there was no change 结果没有变化So behavior in our sample 所以我们样本的这些行为even measured in a very structured type, environment 即使在结构化程度非常高度场景中did not explain the association between short sleep and obesity 也无法解释短期睡眠和肥胖症之间的联系Then we heard about hormone and appetite hypothesis eloquently 然后我们还听了冯考特士from Dr. Van Cauter 讲到的关于荷尔蒙和胃口方面的猜想but only just sort of referred to some more work 我们参考一下威斯康辛睡眠研究from Wisconsin Sleep Cohort 得出的一些数据because it takes it away from the experimental setting因为这项研究不是在试验环境下进行的to a population-based setting 而是以正常人口为样本and here was actually just part of Wisconsin Cohort这里是威斯康辛样本的一些数据of adjusted levels of Leptin on this axis这个轴显示的是调整后的瘦素水平and adjusted levels of Ghrelin 而这里则是调整后的饥饿激素水平201604/434323

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