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广州妇幼医院输卵管检查广州天河医院哪家人流好广州市长安治疗宫颈炎怎么样好不好 With its fantastical realms and motley cast of supernatural miscreants, World of Warcraft broke new ground in multiplayer online role-playing computer games, and has now spawned the most successful computer game movie adaptation of all time.凭借神奇的地域和多样的超自然怪物,《魔兽世界为多用户在线角色扮演游戏立下了新标杆,如今又衍生出了有史以来最成功的游戏改编电影After its second weekend at the box office, Warcraft: The Beginning has recouped 7.6 million globally, despite bombing in the U.S. The movie received a meager 3% on metacritic.com and took just $. million in its first five days in American cinemas, and dropped a whopping 73% on its second weekend, bringing in a paltry .5 million. Yet the movie remains a financial triumph almost entirely owed to its showing in China, where cinema-goers have so far shelled out more than million on it, even eclipsing Star Wars: The ce Awakens, which took . million in its entire run in China.到第二个周末为止,尽管在美国遭遇惨败,电影《魔兽依然获得了3.776亿美元全球票房影片在metacritic网站只被打了可怜的3分,在美国院线五天入账0万美元,并在第二个周末骤跌73%,只有微不足道的650万美元然而,影片依然获得了经济上的巨大成功,这主要归功于其在中国的表现,那里的观众为此花了超过亿美元,甚至盖过了在中国共入账1.5亿美元的《星球大战:原力觉醒Since its launch in , WoW, as it’s better known to fans, has drawn over 0 million players — a record a role-playing computer game. Half of the current five-million-strong playing roster resides in China, where the game is aptly know as “World of Magic Beasts.” They are typically young men aged -5.这个游戏更为人熟知的名字是WOW,自年发行后,已经拥有了超过1亿用户——创造了角色扮演游戏的纪录其500万活跃用户中有一半生活在中国,在那里这个游戏被恰当地称为“魔法野兽的世界”他们是典型的青年,在-5岁之间“I can still remember me and my roommates in college staying up late and playing Warcraft together,” posted another fan. “We were really bonding through this game. The success of Warcraft is not because how good the movie is, but it represents the years of our burning passions, and the ungettable brotherhood.”“我依然记得我和室友一起玩魔兽世界到深夜,”另一位用户说,“我们就是靠这个游戏混熟的魔兽的成功不在于电影多好,而是它体现了我们那些年燃烧的和难忘的友谊”Chinese kids regularly get so hooked on WoW that they get to eat, drink or sleep — one player even died after a marathon, 19-hour session. WoW is so popular that there are professional players who are treated like movie stars, complete with sponsorship deals with fawning groupies. There are Chinese boot camps set up especially kids who suffer from role-player game addiction.中国孩子经常因为过于沉迷魔兽世界而忘记吃喝睡觉——一位玩家甚至在19个小时的马拉松游戏后死去魔兽在中国太流行了,甚至有专业玩家,由持的团体赞助,像电影明星一样中国还有专门为沉迷角色扮演游戏而开设的夏令营This obsession with role-playing escapism could have much to do with the highly regimented lives led by middle-class Chinese kids, who cope with enormous pressure. Due to China’s only recently rescinded One-Child Policy, many are only children, and are solely relied upon to support their aging parents and grandparents.这种对角色扮演、逃避现实的沉迷应该是和中国中产阶级孩子被严格管制的生活有关,用以抵抗这种巨大的压力由于最近才取消的独生子女政策,他们许多人是独子,是他们年长的父母、祖父母的唯一依靠This month, 9. million Chinese kids took the gaokao — China’s university entrance exam equivalent to America’s SAT — yet there were only 3 million college places up grabs, and only a small fraction of those were at “top-tier” institutions. Exam-related suicide is so common that one school even installed special barriers to prevent students flinging themselves to their deaths.本月,90万中国孩子参加了“高考”——中国大学的入学考试,相当于美国的SAT——而只有300万个大学名额可用,其中只有很少一部分属于“顶级”学府考试引发的自杀太普遍了,有一所学校甚至安装了护栏防止学生跳楼自杀Adulthood doesn’t bring respite. Deviant behavior massively jeopardizes career advancement in a one-party state where every citizen has a dangan, or personal file, that lists their misdeeds from their entry into public life — typically enrollment at elementary school — until their death.成年后也好不到哪里去在一个一党国家,每个公民都有一份“档案”,即个人档案,列出了他们的违法行为,从踏进社会的时候起——即在初级学校注册时——至到他们的死亡,离经叛道的行为会极大损害人们的职业发展Zhou agrees: “The government doesn’t like the idea of young people getting involved in sensitive issues,” he adds. “Comments concerning such sensitive issues are quickly removed, but entertainment content is free of control.”周孝正同意“政府不喜欢青年介入到敏感事件中,”他补充道,“涉及敏感事件的会很快被删除,但内容就较为自由” 589广州天河子宫肌瘤哪里治疗好

广州治疗无精大概多少钱广州长安不孕不育医院官网 @.gajbDQ9^;PS3fpO-99t3Ht-JBVe)nF_!@!SbQ+B_0,000 visit Beijing parks on Jan 3UD@Buw(#UAP(1月3日万人观光北京公园Tj@YT8TtFN.txfIAg,D)bAL~RB_%c^@mb*JbgA large amount of tourists visit the Tiantan Park (Temple of Heaven) in Beijing, capital of China, Jan 3, . Nearly 0,000 local residents and tourists visited parks in Beijing on Monday as a series of celebrations were hosted to mark the first day of the Chinese lunar New Year, the city park administration said.tO!9Fjm#hv|7Q1月3日,大量观光者来到北京天坛公园t+pL*0Xbv8muP据相关部门统计,北京市民加上观光游客,近万人在周一来到天坛欢庆农历新年aLyDz-L1%hf]TMNR7QcIRs5AJt,;cWZp7~ysP*7ZLiz6i_1)ufN1GhXe+ 967广州番禺最专业的不孕不育医院

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