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It was a barren and bleak place.月球是个荒凉、严酷的地方A dead rock in the sky.是一颗空中的死寂岩石We#39;d built it up in our imagination千百年来我们用想像力for tens of thousands of years;美化月球and the disappointment was crushing.这下大失所望,难以自已People thought maybe there were people alive on the moon,我们一直以为也许月球上有人you know, maybe there were things up there或是有些什么生物and what we learned when we got there is indeed you know what we saw was the case,到了才发现it#39;s a very cold place and it#39;s desolate月球寒冷荒芜and you know it#39;s not capable of supporting life as we know it.毫无生机the lunar surface for the last time,太空人金赛南,最后一次踏上月球表面it was no giant leap for mankind but the last stumble of a dying era.这不再是人类的一大步,而是一个垂死年代的最后一次踉跄NASA cancelled the next three moon missions航太总署取消了其后三次登月任务and quietly drew the Apollo programme to a close.悄悄地结束了阿波罗计划Cernan was the last human being ever to walk on the moon.赛南是最后一个在月球上漫步的人类To this day, no one has returned.至今没人回去过The love affair was over.爱情故事结束了But although the public#39;s relationship虽然大众with the moon had gone sour,对月球的爱消情逝for a small band of dedicated scientists,但对一小群科学家而言the romance was just beginning.浪漫情愫才刚开始萌芽They now had actual pieces of the moon to study.如今他们可以研究来自月球的碎片Nearly 400 kilos of lunar rock太空人带回来had been brought back by the astronauts.将近四百公斤的月岩They hoped that these rocks would科学家希望这些岩石unlock the unanswered mysteries of the moon.能为他们解答有关月球的谜题Because despite the moon landings,虽然登月计划成功了scientists still didn#39;t know the answer to the big questions;科学家仍然有几个重要的问题where had the moon had come from, and how had it formed?月球来自何处?又是如何形成的?One of those starry eyed young scientists was Gary Lofgren,其中一名乐观的年轻科学家,叫做盖瑞罗夫根a geologist working for NASA.他是一名任职于航太总署的地质学家He was given the job of cutting up each sample y for study.他的工作是切割样本,以便进行研究You just had no idea what you were going to see,你压根不知道自己会看到什么looking at these really strange-looking rocks um,这些奇特的岩石that were justjumbles of debris.看起来像是一堆碎片I mean it was a chance to really just to look at them closely,我们很幸运能有机会近距离观察它们to er, er not actually touch them but come very close虽然不能摸但是能就近观察and realised we#39;d never seen anything quite like that on earth,我们发现在地球上没看过像这样的东西or at least we had never recognised it on earth.至少是没有辨识出这样的东西Most scientists had assumed that the moon would be similar to earth多数科学家以为月球应该和地球十分类似there#39;d be a mixture of young and old rocks,应该可以找到年代formed in many different ways.和形成方法各不相同的许多岩石They were in for a surprise.这下他们可要大大吃惊了It turned out that our thinking about the moon was really wrong.事实明,我们对月亮的想法完全错误Science had not done a very good job of guessing科学家在揣测月球样貌时的表现what the moon was going to be like.令人失望People did think it was probably fairly old.人们大概已经猜到月球相当古老But they didn#39;t realise it was as old as it turned out to be.但没想到,它的年代居然这么久远We found rocks that are almost 4 and a half billion years old,我们找到将近45亿年前的岩石almost the age of our solar system.几乎和我们的太阳系年代相当You know some of these rocks formed just 50,100 million years有些岩石是在此星体诞生后的after the beginning of the planet.五千万到一亿年后形成的We just don#39;t find rocks that old on earth.地球上找不到这么古老的岩石 Article/201504/372772。

Get the book at asapscience.com Sitting can be a nice break from a busy day.But considering many of us spend our entire workday at a desk,followed by downtime in front of a computer or TV,one has to wonder.how exactly is sitting affecting your body? The answer is pretty shocking.去asapscience.com买本书吧,忙碌一天后,坐下休息爽爽哒。不过,考虑到多数人整日在桌前忙碌,停工期仍旧坐定电视电脑前,人们不禁会想,坐着对身体有啥影响,有点吓人。As soon as you sit down the electrical activity in your muscles drops significantly and your calorie-burning rate plummets to about 1 calorie per minute.After only 3 hour of sitting,there is a 50% drop in artery dilation,and as a result a decrease in blood flow.Sit for 24 hours straight.and the insulin in your body loses nearly 40% of its ability to uptake glucose,which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.在你坐下的那一刻,你肌肉的电活动会显著下降,热量消耗速率跌至每分钟1卡路里,刚坐下3小时后,你的动脉舒张程度下降50%,并导致血流减缓,连续坐24小时后,你体内胰岛素摄取葡萄糖能力下降近40%,这会提升II型糖尿病风险。And things only get worse from here.After 2 weeks of sitting for more than 6 hours a day,LDL cholesterol,sometimes called the ;bad;cholesterol,is increased,along with other fatty molecules putting you at a greater risk for weight gain.糟糕的才刚开始,连续2周每天静坐6小时以上后,低密度脂蛋白胆固醇,有时也称“坏”胆固醇,会上升,其他脂肪分子也会上升,使你增重的风险上升。On top of this,the enzymes responsible for breaking down fats plunge.And because of the prolonged inactivity,your muscles begin to break down.Gradually,their contractions become weaker,ultimately impeding the pumping of blood to the heart.Even if you work out regularly,the minute you stop moving,the deterioration begins again,in proportion to your sitting time.其上而言,分解脂肪的酶大幅减少,由于长时间不活动,你的肌肉开始分解,渐渐地,其收缩能力减弱,最终让血液难以流回心脏,即使你常锻炼,自坐下的那一刻起,肌肉就开始退化,同你坐下的时间成比例。And that#39;s the scary part;research shows that just as exercise doesn#39;t necessarily counteract the negative effects of something like smoking,it doesn#39;t counteract the negative effects of too much sitting.A year later,the effects begin to compound,and some studies in women have even shown a decrease in bone mass upwards of 1% every year.最吓人的在于,有研究表明,正如锻炼并不一定能,转变抽烟等带来的负面影响,它也不能转变久坐带来的负面效应,一年后,各种影响叠加在一起,一些对女性的研究, 甚至表明,骨密度每年最高可下降1%。Think your brain is more important than your body?Physical movement not only helps pump blood and oxygen to the brain but also sends mood enhancing hormones.When we don#39;t move,brain function begins to slow down.Perhaps the most shocking is that after 10-20 years of sitting for 6 hours a day,you may have lost up to 7 quality-adjusted life years-that is,year without medical issues of death.觉得你的大脑比身体更重要,运动不仅有助于身体向大脑输送血液和氧气,也会输送促进情绪的荷尔蒙,当,我们不动时,脑活动开始减缓,最让人震惊是,每天坐6小时,如此10-20年后,你可能得少过至多7年美好生活,也就是说,没病或不去世。For example,the risk of dying from heart disease increases by 64% while the risk of prostate or breast cancer increases by 30%.If everybody sat for no more than 3 hours a day,it#39;s estimated that the average lifepan would rise by 2 years.Simply put,our bodies aren#39;t designed to be sedentary.And sitting for 8 hours a day at work is just as bad for those who go home and wartch TV as it is for those who hit up the gym.比如心脏病致死几率上升64%,而前列腺或乳腺癌几率上升30%,如果每个人每天静坐少于3小时,据估计,人平均寿命会增加2年,简单而言,我们的身体本不适合久坐,每天坐着工作8小时对那些回家看电视人的坏处,同去锻炼的那些人相同。It can literally be a lethal activity.So what#39;s the best solution? We put together a list of the top tips to fight the sitting epidemic,no matter how lazy you are,using scientific research and clever tricks to make it easy.There is a link in the description to that ,which you should definitely watch.字面上说,这是一种致命的行为,那么,有啥好解决方法,我们整理了治疗久坐综合征的几个方法,不管你多懒,药总是有的,各位敬请移步上方链接,自带梯子观看。 Article/201504/371184。

Top tips on the best ways to cut your living costs, from changing your shopping habits to changing how you spend your free time. A for those on a budget!本视频提供了削减生活成本的最佳途径的建议,从改变购物习惯到怎样配空闲时间,对那些正在做预算的人有很大帮助。Step 1: Travel1.交通One of the best ways to cut your living costs is to get rid of the car. Walk or cycle to work. If you have to drive, get a car that has a low petrol consumption. If you commute to work or do the school run by car, team up with neighbours to share the journey and the cost. You can also save on public transport fares by travelling off-peak, outside the rush hour.削减生活成本最好的方法之一就是放弃汽车,步行或骑自行车去上班。如果必须驾车,可以购买一辆汽油消耗量比较低的汽车。如果你打车去上班或上学,可以和邻居一起,既有人作伴,又可以节约费用。如果你乘坐公共交通工具,在高峰期之外乘坐也可以节约费用。Step 2: Shop locally2.在本地购物You may think that going to supermarkets and chain stores are the cheapest way to shop, but try visiting your local market stall, as lower overheads should mean lower prices. Using local stores and markets will also support your local community.你或许认为去超级市场或连锁商场购物是最便宜的,但是试着光顾当地的市场,因为较低的营运开意味着更低的价格。光顾当地的市场和商场还可以持当地社区。Step 3: Shop online3.网上购物Carry out research on the internet for the best bargains, before you go out to buy something. Price comparison websites such as pricerunner.co.uk will help you find the lowest prices even if you don#39;t end up buying online. Online grocery shopping will also save you time and travel costs.在外出购物之前先上互联网进行研究,找出最便宜的商品。pricerunner.co.uk这样的价格比较网站可以帮助你找出最低的价格,即使你最后并不在网上购物。在网上购物还可以节约时间和交通费用。Step 4: Cancel your gym membership4.取消健身馆会员If you don#39;t use your gym regularly cancel your membership immediately. Even if you do, it#39;s easy to exercise for free. Try running home from work. You#39;ll soon save enough money to buy an exercise bike or even a rowing machine.如果你不经常去健身馆,立即取消会员资格。即使你想锻炼,也有许多非常简单的免费锻炼方法。试着跑步从工作地点回家。你将很快有足够的时间来购买一辆用于锻炼的自行车甚至划船练习器。Step 5: Use your library5.使用当地图书馆Don#39;t waste your money buying books if you#39;ve got a local library. They#39;re not only good for borrowing novels - they also stock cookbooks,guidebooks, CDs and s. Visit Whichbook.net to find a book and check whether it#39;s available at your local library.如果你们当地有图书馆,不要浪费任何钱来买书。图书馆不仅提供小说,还有许多食谱,旅行指南,CD和视频。Whichbook.net可以查看你当地的图书馆是否有某本书出借。Step 6: Take up a money-saving hobby6.养成省钱的好习惯With a bit of thought and creativity you can find a hobby which is both interesting and cheap to do. Rather than going to the pub, try something new. Take up painting or go fishing. If you prefer going to the theatre or a concert, you can save money by buying the tickets when they first go on sale.稍微动一下脑子就可以找到既有趣又省钱的好习惯。不要去酒馆,尝试一些新的东西。可以涂鸦油画或去钓鱼。如果你喜欢去剧院或音乐会,在他们打折的时候买票也可以省钱。 Article/201505/372924。

布丽塔·莱利想在(她狭小的公寓里)种出她自己的食物。她和朋友开发出了一套系统在废塑料瓶里种植物,并通过社交媒体来研究测试和调整这套系统。她每次测试很多不同的设计,在很短时间内就找到了最佳方案。她称之为分摊DIY。成果呢?非常可口。 Article/201410/337063。

栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧! Article/201509/399029。

栏目简介:《造物小百科How it#39;s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201509/392010。

The Nile delta of Egypt,埃及尼罗河三角洲地带Twelve hundred years Before Christ.公元前一千二百年Mankind#39;s greatest civilizations falling one by one.人类最伟大的文明接踵而至地衰落A new enemy.新劲敌出现Egyptians call them the sea people.埃及人把他们叫做海上民族Hungry, violent,穷凶极恶的敌人Their origin a mystery even today.他们来于何方至今仍是个谜;Their ships came, our cities burnt,;他们船舶驶来 吾城面临涂炭;And they brought evil to our country.;;邪恶侵城而来;A thousand years after the age of the Pyramids,金字塔时代之后的千年Even mighty Egypt faces destruction.甚至强大的埃及也难逃没落之命Around the Mediterranean,地中海沿岸Great cities and empires are swept away大城市沦陷 帝国毁灭By peoples on the move.海上民族所向披靡Troy, the Mycenaeans in Greece,特洛伊 希腊迈锡尼人The hittite empire of Turkey.土耳其赫梯帝国The sight of ships on the horizon船只出现于地平线的景象would have just sent chills down your spine.令人不寒而栗It would have been the most terrifying thing imaginable.这是人们想象中最恐怖的一幕When the sea peoples cause one great state to fall,海上民族一旦攻占一个大国then that one domino has fallen,多米诺骨牌就会依次倒下and then the rest around the Mediterranean go.蔓延至地中海沿岸各国 Article/201509/397469。

They#39;d won a contest.他们刚赢了场选秀They#39;d won at the Apollo Theater Amateur Night,在阿波罗业余选秀中胜出and their prize was to open the show for the great James Brown.奖品就是替詹姆斯·布郎开场Well, he broke out into this James BroWn, l Got the Feelin#39;,他开始唱詹姆斯·布郎的l Got the Feelingand doing his little toes and dancing and looking like James,模仿詹姆斯跳舞if James were a wind-up toy.像个詹姆斯发条娃娃似的And it was amazing.太不可思议了He would perform and do the moves and routine that everyone else was doing.他会模仿所有流行的舞步He used to do Fred Astaire and James Cagney.以前还会学佛雷·亚斯坦与詹姆斯·贾克内Then all of a sudden, he would add a little bit of something in there, different.然后突然就会加入一点不一样的创意And that was him feeling what he was doing.那是他对舞步的感受He excited me. I saw all of this in him.他令我满心期待 我在他身上看到了这些天赋l saw things that he could do that l couldn#39;t.看到了我所没有的才能He had the makings of a great singer.他有当歌手的天赋Michael had universal appeal back when he was real young.迈克尔在很小时就很有舞台魅力l mean, we weren#39;t really into marketing or anything like that,那时还没有所谓的营销but it was aly there.但他已经具备那条件l think the word for it, the phraseology, would be,我想更贴切的说法是#39;A diamond in the rough, #39; without very many edges to buff off.一块璞玉 而且需要磨掉的棱角不多 Article/201508/393913。