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UK PM David Cameron's wife gives birth to baby girlBritish Prime Minister David Cameron's wife Samantha has given birth to a baby girl, his office said."Both the baby -- who was born weighing 6lbs 1oz (2.7 kg) -- and Mrs Cameron are doing very well," a statement from the prime minister's Downing Street office said.The last British prime minister to have a baby in office was former Labor leader Tony Blair, whose wife Cherie gave birth to their fourth child, Leo, in May 2000. Leo Blair was the first child born to a serving British prime minister for 150 years.The Camerons' baby, who has not yet been named, was born at midday Tuesday, a few weeks earlier than expected, while the couple were on holiday in Cornwall, southwest England.Center-right Conservative leader Cameron, 43, has led a coalition government since the election in May. Samantha Cameron, 39, announced shortly after the poll she would step down as creative director of luxury goods retailer Smythson.The couple have two other children, Nancy and Arthur, born in 2004 and 2006 respectively. Their eldest son, Ivan, died in February last year aged six. He had suffered from cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy.背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112235。

As lawmakers in the ed States argue over the nation's debt ceiling and spar over who is responsible for the nation's 9.2 percent unemployment rate, many business owners look on in disbelief. They are uncertain about the state of the economy, and are looking for signs of confidence in Washington that it is safe to begin hiring.就在美国议员就国债上限问题以及谁应当为美国9.2%的失业率负责而争论之际,许多企业老板在怀疑地观望。他们不能确定经济的实际状况。他们在等候华盛顿出现对经济有信心的迹象,也就是说,现在安全了,可以雇用新员工。At Carlos Interiors in Crofton, Maryland, company owner Cristina Uria sees a glimmer of hope. Business is up 15 percent from last year.在马里兰州克罗夫顿的卡洛斯室内装璜设计公司,老板克里斯蒂娜.乌里亚看到一线希望。公司的生意比去年增长了15%。In 2008, when the recession began, Uria's business dropped 60 percent. Like many small business owners, she had to make painful decisions in order to remain open.2008年,美国的经济衰退开始时,乌里亚的生意下降了60%。和许多小公司老板一样,为了不让公司停业,她不得不做出一些痛苦的决定。“We had to let go probably about four people," said Uria. "During this recession, companies have needed to become leaner and meaner. Any extra fat that we had, and extra expenses, we needed to cut them off.”乌里亚说:“我们当时不得不裁员4个人。在这次经济衰退时期,公司更需要精简机构和节约开。我们必须让公司减肥,削减额外的开。”Uria said there were months when no one walked through the door at her design center. With more than 25 years in business, it was her established clients that kept her afloat. Even though business is picking up, she said she is not y to hire new employees.乌里亚说,曾经有几个月的时间,她没有什么生意。乌里亚做这个生意超过25年时间,全靠她建立起来的客户使她能够经营下去。她说,即使目前经济正在好转,她也不想招收新雇员。“The government in Washington is not giving us the right signals,” she said.乌里亚说:“华盛顿政府并没有给我们发出正确的信号。”Uria cites the long, drawn out negotiations between the White House and Congress over raising the debt ceiling as an example. She said rhetoric on both sides adds to the confusion.乌里亚援引白宫和国会就提高债务上限进行的旷日持久的谈判为例。她说,双方在辩论中的一些空洞辞令使人们更为困惑。201107/144868。

Obama Administration Defends Higher Government Spending奥巴马政府为增加政府出辩护  The Obama administration is defending its proposals to massively boost government spending in the wake of a congressional report that projects record federal deficits and a doubling of America's national debt in coming years. Republicans and even some Democrats say the administration's ambitious spending plans will have to be curtailed. At the same time, economic adviser to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden says a congressional plan to tax executive bonuses of companies that received federal bailout money may be unconstitutional. 奥巴马政府正在为它大规模增加政府出的提议进行辩护。在此之前,国会的一份报告预测,奥巴马的预算提议将产生创记录的联邦赤字,并使未来几年美国国债加倍。共和党人,甚至一些民主党人也表示,政府雄心勃勃的开计划必须加以遏制。For weeks, President Obama has maintained that his record-breaking .6-trillion budget for the next fiscal year makes vital investments in energy, health care, and education that will pay dividends once the nation emerges from a deep economic recession.  几个星期以来,奥巴马总统一直表示,他为下个财政年度提出的创记录的3.6万亿预算将大大增加对能源、医疗保险以及教育的投资,一旦美国经济走出衰退,这些投资就会产生极大的收益。But selling the proposed budget on Capitol Hill became harder after Friday's report from the Congressional Budget Office, which projects significantly higher budget deficits than the administration estimates over the next decade, adding trillions of dollars to the national debt. 但是自从国会预算办公室星期五公布了一份报告后,在国会推销提议中的预算就愈加困难了。国会报告对国家今后十年预算赤字的预测大大高于政府的估计,美国国债也会因此增加数万亿美元。The president's top economic advisor, Christina Romer, defended the administration's proposed spending blueprint, arguing that future economic growth will be more vibrant than the CBO assumes. Romer appeared on Fox News Sunday. 总统的高级经济顾问罗默为政府提议的开计划进行辩护。她说,未来经济的增长要比预算办公室的估计更为强劲。罗默在接受福克斯星期天新闻采访时说:"When you get out five, 10 years, they are assuming that real GDP [U.S. gross domestic product] is only going to grow 2.2 or 2.3 percent a year," said Romer. "And that is just lower than private forecasters [project]; it is lower than the Federal Reserve. We think it is just too pessimistic." “再过5年,10年,他们预测,美国国内生产总值仅以每年2.2 %到2.3%的速度增长。这个比率低于私营机构的预测,也比美联储的预测要低。我们认为这种预测太悲观。”But Republicans in Congress appear united in their opposition to the president's budget as it now stands. Maine Senator Susan Collins was one of only three Republicans to back Mr. Obama's economic-stimulus package last month. Speaking on A's This Week program, Collins said she cannot vote for the president's budget. 但是,国会共和党人看来是团结一致地反对总统目前的预算计划。缅因州参议员科林斯是上个月持奥巴马经济刺激计划的仅有三名共和党人之一。科林斯在接受美国广播公司本周节目采访时说,她不能票赞成总统的预算方案。"It brings our debt levels to an unprecedented level," said Collins "It would double the public debt in five years, triple it in ten years - the highest percentage of GDP since after World War II. That is not sustainable. It poses a threat to the basic health of our economy." “这将使我们的债务达到前所未有的水平。这将使得国家债务在五年内加倍,十年内增加三倍,占国内生产总值的比率将是二战以来最高的。这样是无法维持的。这对我们经济的基本健康构成威胁。”But it is not only Republicans who are questioning President Obama's budget numbers. The chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Kent Conrad of North Dakota, says the economy has worsened since the administration crafted its budget, meaning that revenue shortfalls will be greater than Mr. Obama had assumed. 但是,不仅仅是共和党人对总统的预算数字表示怀疑。参议院预算委员会主席、来自北达科他州的康拉德说,奥巴马政府公布预算案以来,经济每况愈下。这意味着财政收入减少的幅度要大于奥巴马政府的预想。"In fairness to this administration, they locked down their forecasts three months ago. There has been a lot of bad news since [then]. So we have a worsening [fiscal] situation that requires adjustments across a broad front," said Conrad. “公平地说,奥巴马政府三个月前就下调了经济预测。但是,从那以后,负面消息还是源源不断。我们的财政局势在恶化,这需要在广泛的层面上进行调整。”Conrad also appeared on This Week. 康拉德也是在接受本周节目采访时发表上述讲话的。The U.S. Constitution gives Congress power over the nation's purse strings. Although Democrats control both houses of the legislature, their Senate majority is not large enough to prevent Republicans from blocking legislation through parliamentary maneuvers. 根据美国宪法,国会有权控制财政出。尽管民主党控制了参众两院,但是他们在参议院中的票数不足以阻止共和党人利用国会的一些手段来制止议案的通过。Administration officials say they are prepared to negotiate with Congress on final budget numbers, but will not abandon national goals Mr. Obama set forth during his presidential campaign last year: promoting energy independence, reforming America's health care system, and boosting educational opportunities. 奥巴马政府的官员说,他们已经准备好与国会就最后的预算数字进行谈判,但是不会放弃奥巴马在去年总统竞选时定下的全国目标,那就是推进能源独立,改革美国的医疗保险体系,并增加教育机会。03/65205。

For decades, films and television shows almost always portrayed American Indians as stereotypes. The stories were written and produced by white Americans. In 1977, Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT) was founded to bring audiences native stories and accurate portrayals of the culture.许多年来,电影和电视几乎总是以刻板的形象呈现美洲印第安人。那些故事都是美国白人写的。1977年,美洲土著人公共通讯组织成立,其宗旨是让观众可以看到印第安人自己写的故事,看到对印第安文化的准确真实的描述。Taking controlShirley Sneve heads the organization. She is a Lakota, a member of the Rosebud Sioux tribe, who grew up in Flandreau, South Dakota. One of her earliest and most lasting influences was her mother, who has written and published more than 20 children’s books about Native Americans.谢丽·斯内夫是北美印第安人苏族的拉科他人,从小在南达科他州弗兰德鲁长大。她的母亲撰写并出版了20多本有关北美印第安人的儿童读物。"When I was growing up my mother was always telling stories and she wrote all the time," says Sneve. "It was something that was always important to our family to understand our history, where we came from, and how we relate as natives in today’s world.”她说:“我小时候,母亲总是在讲故事,写书。我们家很注重这种事情,就是了解我们自己的历史。”Sneve studied journalism, and became a storyteller herself. "Unlike my mother, who created stories out of her head, I liked to tell stories about other people."斯内夫学习了新闻学,后来她自己也成为一个说故事的人。她说:“我母亲是凭想象创造故事。我不一样,我喜欢讲别人的故事。”But these days, Sneve mostly helps other people tell stories as executive director of NAPT, one of five groups created to increase the diversity of voices on American public television.但是,斯内夫如今大部分时间是帮助其他人讲故事。她是美洲土著人公共通讯组织的执行主任。这是专门成立来增加美国公共电视的多样性的五个组织之一。"It can’t just be about Indians, it needs to be by Indians, Native Americans," says Sneve, who believes the authentic voice is important. "There has been so much garbage out there over the years by non-Indians that have perpetuated the stereotypes. You know the westerns and the stoic Indians, even more contemporary projects. They don’t do us any favors. We can tell our own stories better than anybody else. That is why we are so forceful about involving Native Americans in the creation of these documentaries."她说,让人们听到真实的声音是重要的,因为“多年来,非印第安人制造了很多的垃圾,制造了刻板的印第安人形象。大家都知道西部片,还有那些逆来顺受的印第安人。这些对我们毫无益处。我们可以比任何人更好地讲述我们自己的故事。这就是为什么我们如此力主让印第安人参与制作这些纪录片。”201104/130814。

A resurgent Republican Party is basking in the afterglow of its best midterm electoral showing in 16 years. Republicans scored a huge majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, pared the Democratic majority in the Senate, and captured a slew of governorships across the nation.美国共和党16年来最好的一次中期选举结果让他们备受鼓舞。共和党在众议院以巨大优势赢得多数,削弱了民主党在参议院的多数派势力,并夺取了全国各地大量的州长职位。Two years after American voters gave Democrats the White House and the party's biggest legislative majorities in a generation, they forcefully reversed course and handed a significant chunk of power back to Republicans. With the nation mired in economic doldrums, high unemployment, and soaring national debt, an angry and anxious electorate dealt Democrats a stern rebuke.两年前,美国选民一手帮助民主党人入主白宫,并使他们获得20多年以来在立法机构中多数党优势最为显著的一次胜利。如今他们奋力扭转了这一格局,把相当大的一部分权力重新交回共和党人手中。随着全国经济陷入低迷、失业率居高不下以及国债不断飙升,愤怒和焦虑的选民们对民主党人给予严苛的责难。House Republican Leader John Boehner is expected to become the chamber's next speaker -- and the man President Barack Obama will have to work with to get legislation passed beginning next year. Addressing jubilant supporters, Boehner took stock of America's new governing reality. 众议院共和党领袖纳预期将成为众议院下一任议长,也是奥巴马总统自明年伊始推动立法通过时不得不与之合作的人物。纳在对欢欣鼓舞的持者们发表讲话时,审视了美国新的执政现实。"While our new majority will serve as your voice in our people's house, we must remember, it's the president who sets the agenda for our government," Boehner said. "The American people have sent an unmistakable message to him tonight, and that message is, 'change course.'"纳说:“在属于全美国人民的众议院中,我们作为新的多数派将代表你们的声音。同时,我们也必须铭记,设定政府议程的人是总统。全美国人民今晚已经向他发出了明确无误的讯息。这个讯息就是:改变现有的政策方向。”Republicans will have a commanding House majority of well over 40 seats.共和党人将在众议院掌握远远超过40个席位的绝对优势。201011/117294。

EU Wants Sronger Measures to Fix Greek Economy欧盟要求希腊强力解决经济问题EU Commissioner Oliver Rehn is in Athens to discuss Greek proposals to straighten out its government finances.欧盟经济事务专员奥利·雷恩(Oliver Rehn)抵达雅典,计划讨论希腊政府提出的债务清理建议。The European Union has urged Greece to implement greater austerity measures immediately to tackle a debt crisis that has shaken the entire bloc.欧盟敦促希腊政府立即采取更加严厉的措施,处理债务危机,这场危机让整个欧盟集团受到强烈震动。EU Finance Commissioner Olli Rehn made the call after a first round of talks with Greek officials amid growing market expectations of a trade-off between new deficit cutting steps and practical EU support for Greek borrowing.欧盟经济事务专员奥利·雷恩同希腊官员举行首轮磋商后呼吁希腊政府立即采取上述措施。与此同时,越来越多的市场人士预期,欧盟要希腊政府采取新举措,削减财政赤字,同时也会向希腊提供实际的贷款援助。The strength of the European currency has been under pressure since Greece's financial problems were revealed, with concern the problem could sp to other euro-zone countries.希腊的财政困境暴露之后,欧元地位一直面临着压力,人们担心希腊债务危机会波及欧元区其他成员国。Last week, the Greek Prime Minister called for more solidarity from the European Union over his country's debt crisis and announced plans to visit Germany, whose backing is vital for EU financial aid.上星期,希腊总理呼吁欧盟能就希腊债务危机问题同希腊政府增加协作。他同时宣布访问德国,欧盟是否能对希腊提供财政援助,德国的态度十分关键。Greek newspapers have spent the past week speculating on what further hardships citizens will face, including pension cuts, salary freezes and the prospect of job cuts.希腊报纸上星期纷纷揣测,希腊民众面临的困境可能还会增加,其中可能包括削减退休金、冻结工资和解雇员工等。201003/97561。

In U.S. politics, there is no issue that divides Democrats and Republicans more than their vastly different views on the role and size of the central government. That political divide is at the heart of the intensifying debate over the federal budget. 在美国政治中,没有任何问题比中央政府的角色与规模能让民主党和共和党产生更大的分歧了。这种政治分界处于围绕联邦预算展开的激烈辩论的中心。Republicans made significant gains in last November’s midterm congressional elections, and many of them saw the election results as proof Americans want to sharply cut the size of the federal government.共和党在去年11月国会中期选举中获得大胜,许多共和党人把选举结果视为美国民众要求大幅度削减联邦政府规模的明。That is why Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and others were quick to dismiss President Barack Obama’s .7-trillion budget proposal for 2012 that includes a mix of spending cuts and tax increases.这就是为什么参议院共和党领袖米奇.麦康奈尔等人很快驳回了奥巴马总统提出的2012年3.7万亿美元预算案,这个提案包括一系列削减开和增税的内容。"The people who voted for a new direction in November have a five word response - 'We do not have the money,'" said McConnell.麦康奈尔说:“11月为了一个新方向而投票的民众的答复是5个字,我们没有钱。”Republicans are putting forward a budget blueprint of their own that calls for far deeper cuts in federal spending to reverse the course of soaring budget deficits.共和党人提出的预算案要求更大幅度地削减联邦开,以扭转预算赤字窜升的趋势。This battle over how much to cut from the federal budget will dominate the Washington political scene for the foreseeable future and also sets the scene for the 2012 presidential election campaign.围绕联邦预算削减幅度问题而展开的论战在可预见的未来将主导华盛顿政治舞台,并且成为2012年的总统选战的背景。The gap between the two parties over the budget seems huge, but President Obama says even in the wake of last year’s elections, most Americans want to see the two sides find common ground. 两党在预算方面的分歧看来是巨大的,不过奥巴马总统在去年选举之后就表示,多数美国人希望看到两党找到共同点。201102/126719。

America Looks Ahead to Obama Administration奥巴马组建白宫班子迎接严峻挑战  U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has begun assembling a White House team in advance of the presidential transition January 20. After the excitement over the historic election dies down, the next president will face some serious domestic and international issues. 美国当选总统巴拉克.奥巴马将在1月20号就职。他已经开始组建自己的白宫班子。 在这次历史性选举的尘埃落定后,新一届总统将面临一些国内、国际方面的严肃问题。Barack Obama outlined some of the challenges facing the nation in his victory speech in Chicago Tuesday night. They include the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, environmental issues and an economic crisis. He predicted setbacks and false starts, but said he is confident the problems can be tackled.  奥巴马星期二晚间在芝加哥发表的胜选演说中描述了一些美国所面对的挑战,包括伊拉克和阿富汗战争,环境问题和经济危机。他预言会有一些挫折,还有开头不顺的问题,但是他说,他相信这些问题能够解决。"There's new energy to harness, new jobs to be created, new schools to build and threats to meet, alliances to repair. The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term. But America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there," he said. “要开发利用新能源,创造就业机会,建造更多学校,应对新的威胁,修补盟友关系。 前路漫长,坡路陡峭。我们可能在一年时间甚至一个任期内都难完成这些任务,但是,我要告诉美国人民,我从来没有像今晚这样有信心达到我们的目标。”Exit polls taken during the election show that more than six in ten Americans view the flagging economy as the most important issue facing the nation. One in ten voters cited other key concerns, such as the war in Iraq, health care and terrorism. 选举的出口民调显示,每10个美国选民就有6人将萎靡的经济看作是美国面临的最重要的问题。十分之一的选民则表示他们关注其他一些关键问题,如伊拉克战争、医疗保险以及恐怖主义等。Who will be chosen as Treasury Secretary?Mr. Obama has just 2 1/2 months to prepare for his transition, and there is speculation over the makeup of his new administration. Some wonder if his campaign advisers may have a formal role, perhaps in the key job of treasury secretary. Speculation surrounding that important job has focused on Paul Volcker, who was federal reserve chairman under President Ronald Reagan, and Robert Rubin, a former treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton. Some wonder if there may even be a role for another Obama supporter, the billionaire investor Warren Buffett. 奥巴马只有两个半月的时间来准备过渡,各界在猜测他领导的新的行政当局将任用什么人。有人想知道,他的竞选顾问是否可以得到正式的职位,也许是关键的财政部长的职位。围绕这个重要职位的猜测已经集中到保尔.沃尔克,他是里根总统任内的联邦储备委员会主席,还有罗伯特.鲁宾,他是克林顿总统手下的财政部长。甚至有人猜测奥巴马的另一位持者亿万富翁投资家巴菲特是否会出山。Chief of Staff Position could go to former Clinton adviserSenator Obama is starting to assemble his White House staff. News reports say he has offered the job of chief of staff to Rahm Emanuel, a Democratic member of congress who was once a senior adviser to former president Clinton.  奥巴马参议员已经开始着手组建他在白宫班子。新闻报道说,他已经提出让拉姆.伊曼纽尔这位民主党国会议员担任白宫办公厅主任,他曾经是前总统克林顿的高级顾问。The next president should have a sympathetic Congress when he takes the oath of office in January. It will be the first time since the early years of the Clinton presidency when Democrats have held the White House and a majority of seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate. They will still need cooperation from Republicans, especially in the Senate, where Democrats failed to get the 60 seats that would have protected them from procedural blocks known as filibusters. Some newly elected Democrats from conservative states, such as Virginia and North Carolina, may also want to embrace a moderate agenda. 新的美国总统明年1月宣誓就职的时候,国会将是一个总统所属的政党控制的。这是过去克林顿总统就任前期以来民主党人头一次同时执掌白宫和国会参议院众议院。不过他们仍然需要共和党的合作,特别是在参议院,民主党人没有得到60个席位,无法避免共和党人用不停的发言的拖延战术阻碍立法。来自一些保守州的新当选的民主党国会议员,例如来自维吉尼亚和北卡罗来纳的议员,可能会希望国会走温和的路线。President-elect urged to govern from centerIn Washington Wednesday, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, urged the next president to govern from the center. 星期三在华盛顿,国会众议院议长民主党人南希.佩洛西敦促新一届政府从中间做好管理。 "At a time of this economic crisis, our priority should be very clear about what we need to do. Each side of the spectrum can hope to influence the decision. But the fact is that a new president coming in, in my view, must take the country down the middle to solve the problems, to gain the confidence, to take us more strongly in a new direction," he said. 在发生这种经济危机的时候,我们的首要任务应当是非常清楚地表明我们要做什么。政界各方都可以希望能影响决策。但是,我认为,一个新总统上任,必须率领国家走中间路线以便解决问题,获得公众的信任,让我们走上一个新方向,变得更加强大。”Analysts credit the Obama win to a highly effective campaign, an exceptional ability at fundraising, and a message that resonated with voters across demographic lines. In his victory speech, Senator Obama said he will be president for all Americans, even those who voted against him.  分析人士把奥巴马的胜选规结于有效的竞选、筹集资金的超常能力,以及对各种选民产生共鸣的信息。在他的胜选演讲中,奥巴马参议员说,他将是所有美国人的总统,包括那些投票反对他的人们。DNC chairman says Obama's message resonates with votersDemocratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean says the message of the election is clear.  民主党全国委员会主席霍华德. 迪安说,选举的信息十分明确。"Americans have given all of us - Democrats, Republicans and Independents - a simple mandate to work together to find big solutions to the big challenges that face our country," he said. “我认为这次选举结果所表达的信息很明显。美国人就是要我们,要民主党人,共和党人,无党派人士携手合作,为我们国家所面临的各种大挑战提出大手笔的解决方案。”As the president-elect turns his attention to the business of governing, the euphoria over his historic election has not subsided. Senator Obama is the first African American to be elected U.S. president. Another African American leader, Georgia Representative John Lewis, says the Obama victory will inspire future generations. Lewis spoke on N Television's Today show about the message of the Obama win. 就在当选总统转而关注执政问题的时候,他的历史性选举带来的欢欣仍没有消退。奥巴马参议员是第一位非洲裔美国人被选为美国总统。另一位非洲裔美国人领袖,乔治亚州推选的国会议员约翰.刘易斯说,奥巴马的胜利将激励未来的几代人。他在全国广播公司的“今日”电视节目谈到了奥巴马胜选所传达的信息。"It doesn't matter whether you are black or white or Latino or Asian American or Native American, you can grow up in America and be anything that you want to be. People will be saying for years to come, 'If Barack Obama can do it, you can do it too,'" he said. “不论你是黑人白人,是拉丁裔还是亚太裔,或是美国原住民,你都可以在美国成长,并成就你的任何目标。人们今后多年都会说,如果奥巴马能行,你也行。”The man Senator Obama will replace in the White House, President George W. Bush, said this election is uplifting for a generation of Americans who watched the struggle for civil rights unfold, and are seeing the dream fulfilled four decades later. 奥巴马参议员将取代的白宫的主人布什总统星期三说,这次选举让观察民权斗争的整整一代美国人感到振奋,让他们看到40年奋斗争取的梦想终于实现。200811/55346。

Piano at the Proms夏季音乐会上的钢琴天才Going for Grieg诠释格里格A talent for the Romantics浪漫时期作品的演奏天才Aug 13th 2011 | from the print edition Playing from the sole 独一无二的演奏ALICE SARA OTT, a German-Japanese pianist, has been impressing audiences and music executives since 2002, when, at the age of 14, she was named the most promising artist in Japan’s Hamamatsu International Piano Academy competition. On August 8th she chose Edvard Grieg’s concerto in A minor for her Proms debut at London’s Royal Albert Hall.爱丽丝.纱良.奥特,德国日籍钢琴家, 自2002年,14岁的奥特在日本宾松国际钢琴专业比赛上,被誉为最有潜力的钢琴家之后,她一直受到观众和音乐专家的好评。今年的8月8日,奥特选择了爱德华-格里格的A小调协奏曲,拉开了在伦敦皇家埃尔伯特音乐厅夏季钢琴音乐会的序幕。At 23, Ms Ott is just a year younger than Grieg, a 19th-century Norwegian composer, was when he penned his iconic—and only—piano concerto in 1868. Hugely popular, the piece has been recorded by pianists as well known as Arthur Rubinstein and, more recently, Leif Ove Andsnes. Ms Ott is used to comparisons with high-profile performers. Last November she replaced an ailing Lang Lang at a day’s notice and performed Liszt’s first piano concerto with the London Symphony Orchestra to critical acclaim. Even so, the Grieg was a brave choice.奥特今年23岁,只比1868年的格里格小一岁,这位19世纪的挪威作曲家在当时写下了他的代表作——也是唯一的——钢琴协奏曲。这首曲子随即带来很大反响,之后分别被著名的钢琴家,例如阿瑟.鲁宾斯坦,以及更近代一些的,利夫#8226;奥韦#8226;安兹涅斯重新录制。人们把奥特和这些著名的演奏家们相比较。去年11月,她代替生病的朗朗,在演出前一天通知的情况下,与伦敦交响乐团合作了李斯特的第一钢琴协奏曲并获得了好评。即便如此,选择格里格的钢琴曲也是一个勇敢之举。201109/153210。

American ingenuity begets some whacky inventions...the approaches, a book that would surely make America's founders, Founding Fathers proud, maybe laugh a little bit too.The author of Gadget Nation explains why the freedom to go after your dreams can lead to some pretty whacky inventions. Hi,I'm Steve Greenberg and I am the author of Gadget Nation.It's a book all about offbeat gadgets and the inventors behind them.It's kind of a fun look at a, kind of a strange,bizarre slice of Americana.So many the products that we use everyday are,are, go back to some individual inventors,sure a lot of them come from corporate inventors,and that's a different story.But things like "WiteOut",the paper clip,the bobby pin,all those things are individual inventors.America is really about coming up with an idea,a little ingenuity,hard work,being an entrepreneur and making something wonderful out of it. It was back in 2004, this particular night.I got up to went to get a drink of water and when I came back to get in the bed,I turned and ran into the end bedpost on our bed and glided back down the bed that night. I thought, why don't I just, you know,invent some bedroom slippers that have headlights on. Got up the next morning and that's how I got started. I would hit the snooze button on the alarm clock every day for a couple hours and never be able to get myself out of bed on time.The first thing that came in, that came into my mind was to create an alarm clock that would actually run away from you.And then the idea is that you actually have to get out of bed,to look for it. And in that process, you wake up. Some of them like my book profiles are kind of, you know, silly, they're not gonna save lives necessarily,but they do represent things that people want. I need to come up with a solution to an everyday problem which is bird poop.Because I enjoy having the birds out the cage with me,and Mark got tired of seeing the poop on my back and all over the floor.We knew that the solution that we thought we've come up with for our own birds,was actually gonna have a much more mass appeal,than we originally thought.And if you come up with a talking toilet paper roll. To risk your 401(k) or your kid's college fund over a product like this, I guess it takes guts and they really are about America,they really are the spirit of America.offbeat:different from the usual; odd401(k): The 401(k) plan is a type of employer-sponsored defined contribution retirement plan under section 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 401(k)) in the ed States, and some other countries.200812/58651。