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Film Review: Red CliffBottom line: A formidable prelude to an epic battle with resplendent effects and action spectacles.July 11, 2008By Maggie LeeHONG KONG -- As the first film to re-create the 208 A.D. Battle of Chibi, the most famous military feat in Chinese history, John Woo's "Red Cliff" is a Pan-Asian project with the word "monumental" written all over it. The 140-minute first half that opened across major Asian territories is only a prelude that provides the beams and columns for the narrative framework, but with a few decisive and spot-on action spectacles, it sufficiently kindles expectations for the climactic clash in upcoming Part 2. The Western version will be a shorter, condensed one.Costing million and years in the making, "Red Cliff" is the most expensive Chinese-language picture ever mounted. Its investors likely are to recoup most of it from the Asian market, where the story has infiltrated school curriculum, computer games and manga.Although this is hailed as Woo's "homecoming" after his Hollywood tenure, hardcore disciples of his Hong Kong oeuvre will be straining hard to find the all-stops-out passion and sinewy machismo that ignited his bullet ballets such as "A Better Tomorrow" or "The Killer." Such signature themes as male bonding and David-and-Goliath face-offs still drive the action, but the functional script has dismantled much of the original story's dramatic intricacies and character complexities, then reassembled it into a easy-to-follow three-act structure.The epic opens with ambitious Prime Minister Cao Cao (Zhang Fengyi) browbeating the emperor of Han into authorizing a campaign to crush his enemies, Liu Bei and Sun Quan (Chang Chen) in their southern strongholds. In the first big action scene, most reminiscent of Woo's earlier SFX-free brute heroics, Gen. Zhao Yun (Hu Jun) single-handedly battles whole armies to save Liu's infant son.The middle act replaces action with character interaction, focusing on Liu's strategist Zhu-ge Liang (Takeshi Kaneshiro) persuasion of Sun Qun to ally with Liu and his elaborately built-up meeting with Sun's viceroy, Zhou Yu (Tony Leung). The men's chemistry flickers but does not sparkle. Most of this section, notwithstanding a gratuitous sex scene plus some comic capers, lacks a gripping atmosphere. The modernized dialogue is accessible but lacks eloquence and gravity.A change of tone and tempo at 105 minutes into the film brings a welcome catharsis with a 20-minute extended battle sequence that has the speed and grandeur of Akira Kurosawa's samurai classics. As the troops of Liu and Sun unite in a strategic formation against Cao's 200,000 cavalry assault, masterfully varied cinematography captures an astounding array of military pageantry, martial arts sequences and ancient weaponry that could be a war game geek's wet dream.With an ensemble of key figures to introduce, the main roles physically look the part but still need to warm up to each other. The pivotal Zhu-ge and Zhou have been apocryphally depicted as rivals, but Woo's decision to follow history and turn them into potential soul mates weakens dramatic power. More of a romantic, melancholy heartthrob, Leung has the acting chops but not the physique or the commanding presence of a martial hero that would be the equivalent of Charlton Heston or Toshio Mifune.Eschewing the ornate Orientalism of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Curse of the Golden Flower," production and costume designer Tim Yip goes for historical accuracy and creates a period look that is imperious and dignified.影评:《赤壁》概要:一部令人敬畏的史诗般的战斗前奏曲。效果灿烂夺目,打斗场面壮观。2008年7月11日作者:Maggie LeeFrom The Hollywood Reporter摘自:《好莱坞报道》作为重现公元208年赤壁之战——中国历史上最有名的军事壮举——的首部力作,吴宇森拍摄的电影《赤壁》是一个泛亚工程项目,足以用“丰碑” 一词加以形容。在亚洲一些主要地区上映的《赤壁Ⅰ》,时间长达140分钟,只是为故事框架填梁加柱的前奏戏,但上集所展现出的一些重要的和精妙的壮观打斗场景,足以激起观众对即将袭来的《赤壁II》中的巅峰对决寄予厚望。不过,在西方国家上演的版本将会相对较短和简洁。耗资8000万美元和制作历经数年的《赤壁》是有史以来最为昂贵的华语电影。影片投资者可能将要从亚洲市场获取大部分票房收入。因为在亚洲,赤壁之战的故事早已被编写到学校课程、电脑游戏及连环漫画之中。尽管《赤壁》被誉为吴宇森在好莱坞发展后的“归家之作”后,但对其香港作品崇拜的坚定追随者正不遗余力地挖掘自身的热血豪情和盛气凌人的男子气概,诚如《英雄本色》或《喋血双雄》中的子弹芭蕾。吴宇森的招牌风格,诸如兄弟情意和以弱胜强的对抗仍在影片中占有主导地位,但为实用而编写的剧本对原故事大部分戏剧性的错综复杂的情节和人物角色多变难控的关系有所改动,重新改编成易于遵循的三幕剧结构。影片以野心勃勃的丞相曹操(张丰毅饰)挟天之以令诸侯,镇压割据南方的宿敌刘备和孙权(张震饰)为开始。在第一幕打斗现场,大将赵云(胡军饰)孤身百万军中夺阿斗。此幕最易令人想起吴宇森早期作品中不采用特技的豪壮行为。影片中场则是以个性的作用取代了动作打斗,侧重点放在刘备的军师诸葛亮(金城武饰)说孙权同刘结盟,及其同孙权的大都督周瑜(梁朝伟饰)精心设计的联盟会面。两人惺惺相惜,但却英雄气短。尽管无缘无故地增加些性爱片段和幽默的恶作剧,但本节大多情节缺乏一种吸引住人的气氛。适应现代需要的对白方便观众理解,但气吞山河的雄辩和浩然正气的严肃元素却荡然无存。在剧情上演到第105分钟时,出现一段具有黑泽明武士经典之作中速度和气魄的战争场景,时间持续长达20分钟。语调和节奏上的改变给观众带来一种颇受欢迎的宣泄。在孙刘形成战略结盟,对抗曹操全副武装的20万大军时,各式各样的摄影片段极为专业地捕捉到数副令人震撼的壮丽的战争场面,以及武术镜头和古代兵器,而这或许正是一个战争游戏迷所梦寐以求的。随着一系列关键人物出场,主角虽然短暂相互会见,但仍需一段磨合期。关键人物瑜亮曾被虚构为敌手,但吴宇森尊重历史令两位私下成为知音的编写削弱了戏剧性效果。颇为浪漫而又忧郁柔情的梁朝伟有打斗戏份,但其缺乏类似于查尔顿#8226;赫斯顿(Charlton Heston)或三船敏郎(Toshir Mifune)等武术英雄的体格或威严。制作兼装设计的叶锦添追求历史的精准性,成功避开了《卧虎藏龙》和《满城尽带黄金甲》所表现的装饰华丽的东方主义,并展现出一个专横跋扈和庄严文雅的时代面貌。 /200807/45059Huawei, the Chinese telecoms group, is expanding in the beleaguered PC market, undeterred by slumping sales and the demise of smaller participants.中国电信设备制造商华为(Huawei)正在低迷的个人电脑(PC)市场寻求扩张,没有被PC销售下滑和较小参与者出局的现实吓倒。The company, which has revved up sales of handsets and network gear in Asia and Europe but failed to win over Americans due to fears over national security, is expected to bring out a fully fledged laptop later this month.预计华为将在本月晚些时候推出一款高配置的笔记本电脑。该公司近年在亚洲和欧洲扩大了手机和网络设备的销售,但由于美国方面担心国家安全,华为未能在美国市场打开局面。It will also bring out a version of the hybrid MateBook introduced last year.它还将发布去年推出的MateBook二合一笔记本电脑的最新版。That device, with a detachable keyboard, is similar to Microsoft’s Surface PC/tablet, sales of which fell 25 per cent year-on-year in the latest quarter, partly due to stronger competition.这款键盘可拆卸的设备类似于微软(Microsoft)的Surface PC/平板电脑,后者的销售在最近一个季度下降25%,部分原因是竞争加剧。“The smartphone business was tough. Getting into this is going to be even more tough,” one analyst of Huawei’s diversification said.“智能手机业务很艰难,而进入这个领域将会更加艰难,”一名分析师在谈到华为的业务多元化努力时表示。Huawei is pitching its laptop at the high end and targeting consumers rather than businesses.华为将其笔记本电脑产品定位于高端市场,针对消费者而不是企业。“They are looking to compete with Apple on looks and features,” one person who had a sneak preview said, referring to the MacBook line.“他们寻求在产品外观和功能上与苹果(Apple)竞争,”曾有机会看到华为新款电脑的一名人士表示,此言指的是苹果的MacBook系列笔记本电脑。PC and laptop shipments in 2016 fell 6.2 per cent year on year, totalling 269m units, according to research groups Gartner and International Data Corporation.研究组织高德纳(Gartner)和国际数据公司(IDC)的数据显示,2016年台式和笔记本电脑的出货量下降6.2%,合计2.69亿台。It was the first time since 2008 — soon after Apple launched the iPhone and smartphone adoption began to rise — that annual PC shipments fell below 300m units.这是自2008年以来全年PC出货量首次跌破3亿台水平。上一次发生这种情况时,正值苹果推出iPhone不久,智能手机的使用率开始上升。The rate of decline has slowed, and there are pockets of modest growth, including notebook sales in North America and gaming PCs, according to research consultancy Canalys.研究咨询公司Canalys表示,PC销售下滑速度已有所放缓,并且局部市场出现小幅增长,包括北美的笔记本电脑销售,以及游戏电脑销售。“Expanding their PC business is probably the next logical step,” Ben Stanton, analyst at Canalys, said.“扩大PC业务很可能是华为下一个合乎逻辑的步骤,”Canalys分析师本·斯坦顿(Ben Stanton)表示。“It’s probably the only hole in their portfolio.”“这很可能是他们的产品组合中唯一的漏洞。”Huawei pointed yesterday to the strength of its smartphone business — reporting that it shipped 35m handsets in the first quarter, up 22 per cent year-on-year and giving it a 10 per cent share, according to IDC.华为昨日指出,其智能手机业务表现强劲。根据IDC表示,该公司报告第一季度手机出货量达到3500万部,同比增长22%,市场份额达到10%。Winning business customers’ trust in a PC device would be vital to its success, said Mr Stanton, noting that Dell and HP spent decades building up reputations.斯坦顿表示,赢得企业客户对PC设备的信任,对于华为的成功将是至关重要的。他指出,戴尔(Dell)和惠普(HP)都花了数十年时间打造声誉。Huawei lacks a wealth of partners and distribution channels, “so is at a huge disadvantage in that respect”.华为缺乏大量的合作伙伴和分销渠道,“因而在这方面处于极大的劣势”。 /201705/507857WASHINGTON — For about , you can get a smartphone with a high-definition display, fast data service and.华盛顿——花大约50美元(约合340元人民币),你就可以买到一部带有高清显示和快速数据务的智能手机。According to security contractors, a secret feature: a backdoor that sends all your text messages to China every 72 hours.从事信息安全工作的承包商说,这种手机还有一种秘密功能:它有一个后门,会每隔72小时就把你所有的短信都发送到中国。Security contractors recently discovered preinstalled software in some Android phones that monitors where users go, whom they talk to and what they write in text messages. 从事安全工作的承包商最近在一些安卓(Android)手机上发现了预装软件,这种软件监视用户去过哪里,他们与什么人聊过天,他们在短信中写了什么。The American authorities say it is not clear whether this represents secretive data mining for advertising purposes or a Chinese government effort to collect intelligence.美国当局表示,尚不清楚这是一种为了广告目的而秘密进行的数据挖掘,还是一种中国政府收集情报的努力。International customers and users of disposable or prepaid phones are the people most affected by the software. 受这种软件影响最大的是国际客户、临时手机用户以及预付话费的用户。But the scope is unclear. 但还不清楚其影响范围有多大。The Chinese company that wrote the software, Shanghai Adups Technology Company, says its code runs on more than 700 million phones, cars and other smart devices. 这个软件是中国的上海广升信息技术有限公司(Adups)编写的,该公司称其代码在超过七亿部手机、汽车和其他智能设备上运行。One American phone manufacturer, BLU Products, said that 120,000 of its phones had been affected and that it had updated the software to eliminate the feature.美国手机制造商BLU产品公司表示,其12万部手机受到影响,公司已更新了软件,删除了这个功能。Kryptowire, the security firm that discovered the vulnerability, said the Adups software transmitted the full contents of text messages, contact lists, call logs, location information and other data to a Chinese server. 发现该漏洞的信息安全公司Kryptowire说,广升的软件将短信的全文、联系人名单、通话记录、位置信息,以及其他数据传输到一个中国的务器上去。The code comes preinstalled on phones and the surveillance is not disclosed to users, said Tom Karygiannis, a vice president of Kryptowire, which is based in Fairfax, Va. Kryptowire副总裁汤姆#8226;卡拉吉安尼斯(Tom Karygiannis)说,代码是预装在手机上的,但没有向用户披露这种监视功能,Kryptowire公司位于弗吉尼亚州的费尔法克斯。Even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t have known about it, he said.即使你想知道,你也不可能知道有这个东西,他说。Security experts frequently discover vulnerabilities in consumer electronics, but this case is exceptional. 虽然信息安全专家经常在消费者电子产品中发现漏洞,但这次的情况很特别。It was not a bug. 这不是一个程序错误。Rather, Adups intentionally designed the software to help a Chinese phone manufacturer monitor user behavior, according to a document that Adups provided to explain the problem to BLU executives. 相反,据广升向BLU高管提供的解释这个问题的文件,广升有意设计了这个软件,以帮助中国手机制造商监视用户行为。That version of the software was not intended for American phones, the company said.广升表示,带有上述功能的软件版本原本不是为美国手机写的。This is a private company that made a mistake, said Lily Lim, a lawyer in Palo Alto, Calif., who represents Adups.这是家犯了错误的私人公司,加利福尼亚州帕洛阿尔托的律师林丽丽(Lily Lim)说,她是广升的法律代理。The episode shows how companies throughout the technology supply chain can compromise privacy, with or without the knowledge of manufacturers or customers. 这个问题显示了处在整个技术供应链中的公司,如何能够在制造商或用户知情或不知情的情况下侵害隐私。It also offers a look at one way that Chinese companies — and by extension the government — can monitor cellphone behavior. 它也让人看到了中国公司——进而延伸到中国政府——可以监视手机的一种方式。For many years, the Chinese government has used a variety of methods to filter and track internet use and monitor online conversations. 多年来,中国政府一直在使用各种方法来过滤和跟踪互联网的使用,监视在线对话。It requires technology companies that operate in China to follow strict rules. 政府要求在中国经营的技术公司遵守严格的规则。Ms Lim said Adups was not affiliated with the Chinese government.林丽丽说,广升不隶属于中国政府部门。At the heart of the issue is a special type of software, known as firmware, that tells phones how to operate. 这个问题的核心是一种被称为固件的特殊类型软件,固件告诉手机如何进行操作。Adups provides the code that lets companies remotely update their firmware, an important function that is largely unseen by users. 广升提供的代码让公司能远程更新其固件,这是一个用户基本上看不到的重要功能。Normally, when a phone manufacturer updates its firmware, it tells customers what it is doing and whether it will use any personal information. 通常,当手机制造商更新其固件时,它会告诉用户做了什么,也会告诉用户它是否将使用个人信息。Even if that is disclosed in long legal disclosures that customers routinely ignore, it is at least disclosed. 尽管用户通常对这种很长的法律声明文本毫不关心,但毕竟告知了用户。That did not happen with the Adups software, Kryptowire said.广升的软件则未作有关声明,Kryptowire说。According to its website, Adups provides software to two of the largest cellphone manufacturers in the world, ZTE and Huawei. 据广升的网站,该公司向世界上两家最大的手机制造商中兴和华为提供软件。Both are based in China.这两家公司都在中国。Samuel Ohev-Zion, the chief executive of the Florida-based BLU Products, said: It was obviously something that we were not aware of. 位于佛罗里达州的BLU产品公司的首席执行官塞缪尔#8226;奥赫夫-锡安(Samuel Ohev-Zion)说:这显然是我们不知道的事情。We moved very quickly to correct it.我们非常迅速地进行了纠正。He added that Adups had assured him that all of the information taken from BLU customers had been destroyed.他补充说,广升已向他保,从BLU客户那里获得的所有信息都已被销毁。The software was written at the request of an unidentified Chinese manufacturer that wanted the ability to store call logs, text messages and other data, according to the Adups document. 据广升提供的文件,这款软件是根据一个未指明的中国制造商的要求编写的,该制造商希望软件有存储通话记录、短信消息和其他数据的功能。Adups said the Chinese company used the data for customer support.广升说,中国公司使用这些数据提供客户持。Ms Lim said the software was intended to help the Chinese client identify junk text messages and calls. 林丽丽说,该软件的目的是帮助中国客户识别垃圾短信和电话。She did not identify the company that requested it and said she did not know how many phones were affected. 她没有给出提这个要求的公司的名字,并表示不知道有多少手机受了影响。She said phone companies, not Adups, were responsible for disclosing privacy policies to users. 林丽丽称,向用户声明隐私政策的责任在电话公司,不在广升。Adups was just there to provide functionality that the phone distributor asked for, she said.她说,广升只不过是按照电话分销商的要求提供功能而已。Android phones run software that is developed by Google and distributed free for phone manufacturers to customize. 安卓手机用的软件是谷歌(Google)开发的,并免费提供给手机制造商按照自己的需要改制。A Google official said the company had told Adups to remove the surveillance ability from phones that run services like the Google Play store. 一名谷歌负责人表示,公司曾告诉广升,让其把监视功能从运行Google Play商店等务的手机上删除。That would not include devices in China, where hundreds of millions of people use Android phones but where Google does not operate because of censorship concerns.但这不会包括中国的设备,虽然中国有数亿人使用安卓手机,但由于审查的原因,谷歌不在中国运营。Because Adups has not published a list of affected phones, it is not clear how users can determine whether their phones are vulnerable. 由于广升尚未发布受影响手机的名单,目前不清楚用户如何能确定他们的手机是否有问题。People who have some technical skills could, Mr Karygiannis, the Kryptowire vice president, said. 有点技术能力的人也许能自己解决,Kryptowire副总裁卡拉吉安尼斯说。But the average consumer? No.但一般的消费者怎么办?他们没有办法。Ms Lim said she did not know how customers could determine whether they were affected.林丽丽说,她不知道用户怎样能确定他们是否受到影响。Adups also provides what it calls big data services to help companies study their customers, to know better about them, about what they like and what they use and there they come from and what they prefer to provide better service, according to its website.广升还提供被称为大数据的务,帮助公司研究其客户,更好地了解他们,了解他们喜欢什么、他们使用什么、他们从哪里来,还有他们的喜好,以为他们提供更好的务,公司的网站说。Kryptowire discovered the problem through a combination of happenstance and curiosity. Kryptowire发现这个问题的过程既带有偶然性,也受到好奇心的驱使。A researcher there bought an inexpensive phone, the BLU R1 HD, for a trip overseas. 卡拉吉安尼斯说,公司的一名研究员为一次海外旅行买了一部便宜的BLU R1 HD手机。While setting up the phone, he noticed unusual network activity, Mr Karygiannis said. 在设置手机时,这名研究人员注意到不寻常的网络活动。Over the next week, analysts noticed that the phone was transmitting text messages to a server in Shanghai and was registered to Adups, according to a Kryptowire report.据Kryptowire的报告,在接下来的一周里,分析师注意到该手机在向位于上海的一个务器发送短信内容,该务器注册在广升名下。Kryptowire took its findings to the ed States government. Kryptowire已把这一发现上报了美国政府。It plans to make its report public as early as Tuesday.公司计划最早在周二公布其报告。Marsha Catron, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security, said the agency was recently made aware of the concerns discovered by Kryptowire and is working with our public and private sector partners to identify appropriate mitigation strategies.美国国土安全部发言人玛莎#8226;卡特伦(Marsha Catron)说,国土安全部最近获悉了Kryptowire发现的问题,正在与我们的公共和私营部门合作伙伴一起确定适当的缓解策略。Kryptowire is a Homeland Security contractor but analyzed the BLU phone independent of that contract.虽然Kryptowire是一家国土安全部的承包商,但公司对BLU手机的分析是独立于政府合同进行的。Mr Ohev-Zion, the BLU chief executive, said he was confident that the problem had been resolved for his customers. BLU首席执行官奥赫夫-锡安说,他确信公司已经为客户解决了这个问题。Today there is no BLU device that is collecting that information, he said.如今已经不存在收集这些信息的BLU设备了,他说。 /201611/478596

安妮斯顿:健康生活从瑜伽开始Aniston adopts clean-living lifestyleJennifer Aniston is embarking on a new healthy lifestyle and has cut out cigarettes and eliminated caffeine from her diet.Aniston has expressed her new-found love of yoga is responsible for her efforts to make changes in other areas of her life.And pals are convinced shemeans businessafter watching the 38-year-old in action on pal Courtney Cox's TV drama Dirt recently.Dirt actress Laura Allen, who spent time with Cox and Aniston on the set, tells American publication Us Weekly, "Jen was doing a total cleansing."(She) did a lot of yoga to stop smoking. Between takes, it would have been tempting to go outside and have a cigarette."Instead, Jen was clinging to Courteney. She said how hard it was."In addition to resisting the temptation to indulge in smoking, Aniston also managed to refrain from caffeine.Allen adds, "I had aDiet Cokeon-set and she was really craving for it!"(Agencies)日前,珍妮弗·安妮斯顿开始了一种全新的健康生活方式,香烟、咖啡因饮料通通戒掉。安妮斯顿表示,她最近迷上的瑜伽有助于她改掉生活中的一些不良习惯。这位38岁的女星最近在好友科特尼·考克斯的新剧《丑闻》中客串了一把,安妮斯顿的好友们看到她在拍摄过程中的种种表现后,才相信她不是说着玩的。与考克斯和安妮斯顿同时参与此剧拍摄的女演员劳拉·艾伦向《美国周刊》透露,“珍妮弗正在彻底'净化'她的生活。”“为了戒烟,她经常做瑜伽。照理说,场间休息时出去抽根烟应该是很爽的。”“但珍妮弗却一直粘着考特尼。她说,这真是太难为她了。”除了克制烟瘾外,安妮斯顿还试图戒掉咖啡因饮料。艾伦说,“一次我在拍摄现场喝无糖可乐,把她给馋坏了!”Vocabulary: mean business : 当真的diet coke : 无糖可乐 /200803/31587Gansha Wu was a veteran engineering manager at Intel Corporation and director of Intel Labs China when two events upended his world last year. 去年,两件事颠覆了当时还是英特尔资深工程管理者兼英特尔中国研究院(Intel Labs China)院长的吴甘沙的世界。 First, he listened to the veteran technology writer Michael Malone tell an audience of Intel employees that if they were too cautious they would fail. Then he attended a leadership training session for Intel executives. The trainer told them that “to be a leader is to design a future that is unpredictable and which nobody bets on.” 他先是听到资深科技作家迈克尔#8231;马隆(Michael Malone)在演讲中对英特尔员工说,行事过于谨慎便会失败。后来,他又参加了一场为英特尔高管举办的领导力培训。培训师告诉这些主管,“当领导就是设计一个不可预知的、无人押注的未来”。 He couldn’t sleep at night, thinking about his well-ordered, 16-year career at Intel. So he decided to take a risk. With four colleagues, he made the decision to take the uncertain path, which today is becoming more common in China than even in Silicon Valley: He quit his job to begin a start-up that specializes in autonomous, or self-driving, cars. 吴甘沙夜不成眠,思考着自己在英特尔那井然有序的十六载职业生涯。于是他决定要冒一次险。他与四名同事一起,决定走上一条未知的道路:辞去工作,成立一家专注于自动驾驶汽车的创业公司。在现如今的中国,这种决定甚至比在硅谷更常见。 In the process, Mr. Wu hit upon a rare moment when a tech sector in China is developing in lock step with a similar but separate market in the ed States. 在这个过程中,吴甘沙遇到了一个罕见的时机,中国的科技业正在和美国那个有些类似却又独立的市场同步发展。 In fact, some argue that conditions in China are actually more favorable for quick adoption of driverless cars, in part because of more aggressive support from the national and local governments. And, unlike in the ed States, China never fully developed a romance with the open road and car ownership. 实际上,有人声称中国迅速采用无人驾驶汽车的条件实际上比美国更有利,部分因为中央和地方政府的持力度更大。而且不像美国,中国从未与自由驰骋和私家车建立起深厚的感情。 Car ownership has spiked in China, of course. And in recent years, it has become a middle-class status symbol to own a car. For the ultrawealthy, there are clubs dedicated to Ferraris and Maseratis. 当然,中国的汽车拥有量激增。近年来,有一辆车已经成了中产阶级的地位象征。对巨富来说,还有专门面向法拉利(Ferraris)和玛莎拉蒂(Maseratis)的俱乐部。 But enormous traffic jams in China’s largest cities can make driving a less-than-romantic experience. Why not let a machine built with artificial intelligence inside do the work for you? 不过,中国大城市里的交通堵塞问题严重,让开车成了一种不那么浪漫的经历。既然如此,何不让一台用人工智能打造的机器来代劳呢? Research done by the Boston Consulting Group suggests that within 15 years China will be the largest market for autonomous vehicles, said Xavier Mosquet, a managing director at the firm. Automated taxis will most likely lead the trend. 波士顿咨询公司(Boston Consulting Group)常务董事泽维尔#8231;莫斯奎特(Xavier Mosquet)表示,该公司的研究显示,中国将在15年内成为最大的自动驾驶车辆市场。自动驾驶出租车极有可能引领这股潮流。 “It’s not that people are more willing to use the cars in Beijing or Shanghai, it’s that the economic value is much higher in China than in the U.S.,” Mr. Mosquet said, adding that air pollution could be as much a catalyst as bad traffic. “这不是因为北京和上海的人更愿意使用无人驾驶汽车,而是因为它们在中国的经济价值比在美国更高,”莫斯奎特说。他还接着表示,空气污染起到的促进作用可能堪比糟糕的交通状况。 Even as American companies like Google and Tesla work on autonomous vehicles, a number of Chinese companies are working on driverless car technology. The Internet company Leshi Internet Information amp; Technology (better known as Letv) has a driverless car tech unit, and the Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motors has opened a research center in Silicon Valley. The assumed leader in the field in China is the search engine company Baidu, which has been at work on autonomous vehicles since 2013. 在谷歌(Google)和特斯拉(Tesla)等美国公司都在开发自动驾驶车辆之际,大量中国公司也在研究无人驾驶汽车技术。互联网公司乐视网信息技术股份有限公司(简称乐视)就设立了一个无人车技术部门,中国汽车生产商长城汽车也在硅谷开设了一个研究中心。从2013年就开始研究自动驾驶车辆的搜索引擎公司百度,被认为是这一领域的领导者。 Among the torrent of start-ups, however, Mr. Wu and his colleagues are unusual because of their experience. 然而,在这股创业公司的洪流中,吴甘沙和同事因其自身的资历而与众不同。 Mr. Wu’s company, Uisee Technology, has yet to announce its financial backers, but it has significant ambitions. The team plans to have a technology demonstration y in less than a year at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas in 2017. 吴甘沙成立的公司驱势科技尚未公布投资方,但该公司雄心勃勃。其团队计划用不到一年的时间,为2017年在的电子消费品展览会上进行技术演示做好准备。 “His team is an unusual collection of supertalent,” said Kai-Fu Lee, a venture investor from Taiwan and former head of Google in China. “They combine a mechanical expert from a university, a top computer vision expert and machine learning from Google as well as Gansha and his team of semiconductor experts. Gansha is an excellent leader that binds these people together.” “他的团队汇聚了一群不寻常的超级人才,”李开复称,他是一名来自台湾的风险投资人,前谷歌大中华区总裁。“除了吴甘沙和他的半导体专家团队,还有一名大学的机械专家、一名顶级计算机视觉专家、来自谷歌的机器学习技术。吴甘沙是一名出色的领导人,能够将这样的一群人聚集在一起。” The founders of Uisee, which is an acronym for Utilization, Indiscriminate, Safety, Efficiency and Environment, say they believe the company will find a profitable niche between the poles of the driverless car debate that is raging in Silicon Valley. 驭势科技(Uisee)的创始人说,驭势科技(Uisee)是由五个单词构成的首字母缩略词,依次对应的是对时间的利用(Utilization)、无歧视(Indiscriminate)、安全(Safety)、效率(Efficiency)和环境(Environment),他们相信公司能够在硅谷大肆展开的有关无人驾驶汽车的两极分化争论中找到一个有利可图的细分市场。 Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla, has predicted that completely self-driving cars may be on the road in the ed States in two to four years. Chris Urmson, the director of Google’s self-driving-car program, has said his goal is to bring a self-driving car to market by 2019. 特斯拉(Tesla)首席执行官埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)曾预言,在未来的2-4年内,完全的自动驾驶汽车或许能够在美国上路。谷歌无人驾驶汽车项目主管克里斯·厄姆森(Chris Urmson)曾说,他的目标是在2019年使无人驾驶汽车进入市场。 Others are more cautious, and say they believe it may take a decade or longer for self-driving cars to hit the market. And among the biggest automakers like Toyota, the interest is less in cars that drive themselves than in cars that have artificial intelligence capabilities to assist drivers, like emergency braking. 其余的无人驾驶汽车研发团体则更为谨慎,他们称,无人驾驶汽车可能需要十年或更久才能投入市场。对丰田等最大的一些汽车制造商而言,相较于研发无人驾驶汽车,它们对辅助驾驶员的人工智能功能,例如紧急制动,更感兴趣。 “We see a few stages toward fully autonomous driving,” said Mr. Wu, adding that safety technologies are coming quickly. He said driver assistance systems will be followed by completely driverless cars in restricted circumstances, such as on private roads, fixed routes at low speed and in controlled environments. Uisee will begin by developing technologies that assist rather than replace drivers. “我们看得见通向全自动驾驶汽车的一些步骤。”吴甘沙说,并表示安全技术发展迅猛,他表示,驾驶员辅助系统出现之后,会是有限条件下的无人驾驶汽车,譬如在受控环境下,在私人路段上,以及按照固定路线低速行使。驭势将以研发驾驶辅助科技起步,而非取代驾驶员的科技。 Baidu has teamed up with BMW and recently said it was testing its technology in the ed States. Baidu has said it is preparing to introduce automated public transportation services in China within the next two years. 百度与宝马联手,并在最近称,它正在美国测试无人驾驶技术。百度已表示,它打算在两年内将自动公共交通务引进中国。 Unlike Google, which has had difficulty convincing regulators in its home state, California, that self-driving cars are y for the road, Baidu aly has the regulatory and infrastructure support of a number of local Chinese governments, which it will use to introduce small autonomous buses that will run set routes. 在其总部所在的加利福尼亚州,谷歌难以让监管机构相信,自动驾驶汽车已经为上路做好了准备。与此不同的是,在中国,百度已经得到了很多地方政府在监管和基础设施方面的持。百度将借助这些政府力量,推出在指定线路运行的小型自动驾驶公共汽车。 The Chinese government is playing a major role in the overall driverless market. Along with empowering Baidu to run public transportation, in other cases central and local governments have been investing in research and development for driverless car projects. 在整个无人驾驶市场上,中国政府正在发挥主要作用。除授权百度经营公共交通外,中央和地方政府也一直在投资无人驾驶汽车项目的研发。 Mr. Wu also embodies a growing entrepreneurial movement in China. The Chinese government reported that 4.8 million new companies were registered from March 2014 to May 2015, a rate of 10,600 new businesses per day, or seven every minute. Even though venture investment has begun to dry up in China recently, the nation has clearly been infected with a Silicon Valley attitude. 吴甘沙也是中国不断高涨的创业潮的象征。中国政府通报称,2014年3月至2015年5月,中国新增480万家注册公司,相当于每天增加10600家,或者说每分钟七家。尽管中国的风险投资最近开始枯竭,但该国显然已经被一种硅谷态度感染了。 Although in some quarters it is still known as the land of copycat technology, China has long since moved on to copying the start-up ethos of the Valley, with more and more entrepreneurs creating their own companies. 尽管在一些领域,中国依然被称作山寨技术大国,但中国早已发展到了效仿硅谷的创业潮流的阶段。越来越多的企业家创办了自己的公司。 The Chinese government is encouraging the boom as a way to solve a number of economic problems, including unemployment and the transition of the economy from one centered on manufacturing to one based on services. 中国政府正在鼓励这种繁荣,认为这是一个解决诸多经济问题的途径,包括失业和经济从以制造业为中心到以务业为重心的转型。 “This year more than seven million people are entering the job market in China,” said Haiyang Li, a professor at the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University in Houston. “What are they going to do with these students? The government does not have any better way to solve the employment issue.” “今年,中国会有700多万人进入就业市场,”休斯顿莱斯大学杰西·H·琼斯商学院研究生院(Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University)教授李海洋说。“他们要怎么处理这些学生?政府根本没有更好的解决就业问题的办法。” Even as analysts and investors worry the government is over-investing in start-ups, the state support, along with China’s engineering talent and the business need for self-driving cars, could help the nascent business in China. 尽管分析人士和投资者担心,政府对创业公司投资过度,但政府的持,再加上中国的工程人才和对自动驾驶汽车的商业需求,可能会对中国无人驾驶汽车这个新兴行业有所裨益。 But there are obstacles. In China, roads often have poorly marked lanes and little signage. People, animals, three-wheel rickshaws and trucks are liable to veer in front of a car at any time. That makes for a more challenging engineering problem in China, said Junyi Zhang, a partner with the consulting firm Roland Berger. 但也存在障碍。在中国,道路上的车道往往标识不清,缺乏引导标志。行人、动物、三轮车和卡车任何时候都可能窜到汽车前面。咨询公司罗兰贝格(Roland Berger)的合伙人张君毅表示,这导致中国工程问题的挑战性增加。 “It is harder in China, where many roads have pedestrians, bicycles, low-speed vehicles and high-speed vehicles all mixed together,” he said. “It is a very complicated environment, and many don’t ride or drive to the same standard.” “在中国更难,很多路上,行人、自行车、低速车辆和高速车辆全都混在一起,”他说。“环境非常复杂,很多人不按照统一的标准行驶。” /201604/435733

Swiss national Louis Palmer fulfilled a childhood dream when he set off from his home country on July 3, travelling over desert, city and sea in 17 countries by a “solar taxi” to reach UN Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia."In 1986, I was a 14-year-old boy, I was dreaming that when I will be an adult, I want to drive around the world," he told reporters."Then it came to my mind, how can I travel around the world and enjoy the beauty of this world with a car that is polluting the world? Then I thought the perfect car would be a solar car."His car, which has become a major attraction at the gates of the summit of some 188 nations, was built in three years with scientific help from four universities and 15 Swiss companies.The car pulls a trailer with six squares metres of solar panels which soak up the sun. The electricity is fed into the battery which powers the car, and can run for up to 100 kilometres a day."It's the first time in history that a car is driving around the world without a single drop of petrol," boasted Palmer, a teacher by training.His epic solar journey is not his first adventure -- he traversed Africa on a bicycle and North America in a light aircraft.So far, Palmer has gone by land through Europe and the Middle East, then by sea to India and on to Indonesia.After traversing much of Asia, Australia, North America and Africa, he will return to Switzerland to try and drum up support for the commercial possibilities of solar cars.For the moment, he has his hands full, with more curious customers waiting to take a ride in his unique automobile which, he said, "works like a Swiss clock." 瑞士男子路易斯#8226;帕尔莫终于圆了他儿时的一个梦。今年7月3日,他驾驶一辆“太阳能出租车”从瑞士出发,穿越了沙漠、城市和海洋,途经17个国家,最终抵达印度尼西亚的巴厘岛,参加在此召开的联合国气候变化大会。他在接受记者采访时说:“早在1986年,当我还是个14岁的小男孩时,我就梦想着长大以后能开车环游世界。”“后来我想,我怎么能开着一辆会给世界各地带来污染的车环游世界,欣赏各地美景呢?所以,我觉得最理想的工具应该是一辆太阳能车。”在约有188个国家参加的联合国气候变化大会会场外,帕尔莫的车成了最大亮点。这辆车在四所大学和15家瑞士公司的技术持下,用时三年制造而成。太阳能轿车后面是一个拖车,上面载有6平米太阳能采集面板。轿车依靠太阳能电池供电,每天能行驶100公里。身为培训教师的帕尔莫自豪地说:“一辆车没费一滴汽油,就跑遍了全世界,这在历史上还是首例吧!”然而,对于帕尔莫而言,类似这种壮观的“太阳能之旅”的冒险可不是第一次了。他曾骑车穿越非洲大陆,还曾开着一架轻型飞机穿越北美。截至目前,帕尔莫从陆路穿越了欧洲和中东地区,通过海路抵达了印度和印度尼西亚。在穿越亚洲、澳大利亚、北美和非洲的大部分地区后,帕尔莫将打道回府,并打算为太阳能轿车争取商业机会。而眼下,帕尔莫可是忙得不可开交,很多好奇的人们都等着上这辆奇特的车过把车瘾,帕尔莫说:“它现在简直像个瑞士钟一样连轴转。” /200803/29703I love to have simple ways to improve my life. Everyday is a chance for improving our life, and it’s up to us to best use it. What I want is to have good, balanced progress everyday.To ensure balance, my favorite way is using the four facets of prosperity: material, spiritual, physical, and social. By achieving material prosperity, spiritual prosperity, physical prosperity, and social prosperity, I believe I can have complete and balanced prosperity in my life.You may add other facets of prosperity if they work for you, but in my opinion these four facets are easy to remember and aly cover practically everything.To put this concept into practice, what I do is ensuring that I do something to improve each facet everyday. Here is how I do it:1. Decide on something to do daily in each facetTo keep things simple, choose only one or two tasks to do daily in each facet. More than that, it could be difficult to keep up with them. Of course, you may want to do more than just one or two tasks to improve a facet, but choose only the most important ones to be made daily. In my case, I have just one task for each facet.One thing to remember is each of the tasks should be measurable so that you know for sure whether or not you have done it. Here is an example:* Material: do project for at least 2 hours* Spiritual: meditate for 30 minutes* Physical: exercise for 20 minutes* Social: ping at least one friend2. Record your performanceAfter setting the daily tasks for each facet, all you need to do is ensuring that you do them. Recording your performance can greatly help you here. You may use a notebook, a spsheet, or any other medium you want. Write down there whether or not you have done a task in a particular day.I myself use Joe’s Goals. It’s a simple web application that can help you track your progress. Whenever I finish something, I check the corresponding box in Joe’s Goals. This way I can easily see if I often miss a facet so that I can put more effort there.3. Adjust accordinglyIf you think that you can more effectively improve yourself doing something else, don’t hesitate to change the tasks. For example, maybe you think that ing spiritual text will give you better result than meditation for spiritual prosperity. In that case, you can change your daily task from meditation to ing spiritual text. On the other hand, if you think that they are both necessary, you can decide to do both (though you shouldn’t forget to keep things simple).Another possibility is increasing the intensity of the tasks to bring you to the next level. For instance, instead of exercising for 20 minutes a day, you could make it 30 minutes a day.By using this system, you can be sure that you do something everyday to improve yourself in all facets. It’s as if you make balanced progress on autopilot. I’ve used it for some time and - though I miss my daily tasks here and there - I’m glad to see how it helps me have balanced progress to complete prosperity.What do you think? Do you have other tips for daily improvement? 我喜欢用简单的方法来丰富我的生活。每一天都是一个好机会,如何充分利用好每一个机会则完全取决于我们自己。而我希望的就是每一天都过得快乐,每一天都和谐的生活着。为了生活和谐延长,我喜欢围绕丰富物质生活与精神生活,进行体育锻炼及社会交往这四个方面去制定自己的计划。我相信,当我的物质生活,精神生活,身体状况,社交能力都达到一个很高的水平,我的生活就已经是充实的,丰富的。也许你会觉得还有其他一些方面是有益于丰富你的生活的,但是照我看来,这四个方面不仅容易记住并且已经涵盖了生活的方方面面了。为了把理论投诸实践,我要做的就是确保我每一天都有做一些有关于丰富四个方面中各个部分的事情。以下就是我要做的事:1.就每一个方面而言,必须确定一些每天必做的事情。简而言之,就每一个方面而言,挑选一到二个每天必做的工作。超过二个,完成任务将会变得困难。当然,你可能在丰富某一方面的时候想选择更多的任务,但是请挑选就每天生活生活而言最重要的那些事情。对于我来说,一个方面一项任务就足够了。要记住的是,任何一项任务都应该是可以记录下来的。这样你就可以知道自己是否已经完成任务了。例如:物质:至少两小时工作精神:半小时自我反省身体:20分钟运动社交:至少与一个朋友交流2.记录下你每天的生活在制定各个方面的各项任务之后,你所需要做的就是确保你会完成所有。记录下你每天的生活对你是有很大帮助的。你可以用一个笔记本,一份电子表格或者其他任何你需要的工具,记下你是否每一天都完成了各项任务。就我个人而言,我的工具是Joe’s Goals,一个操作简单,可以帮助你记录生活事项的应用网站。无论我在什么时候完成任务,我就会在Joe’s Goals相应的邮箱里查看进度。这样一来,我就很容易发现自己经常忘记哪一方面的任务然后付出更多的努力去完成。3.在过程中自我调整计划。如 果你觉得干点别的什么更有效于自我充实,那么请不要犹豫,立即修改计划。例如,也许你会觉得多读一点有关精神方面的书籍比自我反省有用多了。那么你就可以 把你每天的计划从自我反省改为书籍阅读。另一方面,如果你觉得它们两者都有存在的必要,那么你可以把两者都编入计划(虽然做计划的原则是越少越好)。另外一种可能就是增加工作的强度,使自己更上一个台阶。例如,你可以把每天20分钟的体育锻炼改为每天半小时的体育锻炼。通过这种方式,你就可以确保自己每天都在全方面地丰富着自己的生活。这就好比你在自动驾驶仪上灵活操作。虽然我经常忘记自己每天的计划任务,但是我还是会在某段时间里作出计划任务,而且很高兴看到通过这样的方法我的生活变得和谐,充实,丰富。你觉得怎么样呢?对于每天充实自己的生活,你有其他好的提议吗? /200806/41881Facebook has developed artificial intelligence technology to help it identify terrorist posts, while increasing its team of counter-terrorism specialists to more than 150, as the social network pushes back against accusations it does not do enough to stop extremist propaganda sping online.Facebook研发了人工智能技术来帮助识别恐怖分子发布的帖子,同时把反恐专家队伍的人数扩大至150人以上。该社交网络试图反驳外界的指控,即它未能采取足够行动阻止极端分子宣传在网上传播。The world’s largest social network has declared it is committed to making the site a “very hostile environment for terrorists”, as politicians in Germany, the UK and France discuss imposing fines on platforms that do not take down their posts.在德国、英国和法国讨论对不能删除恐怖分子帖子的平台实施罚款之际,世界最大的社交网络宣布,它致力于使自己的网站成为“对恐怖分子来说非常敌对的环境”。Recent attacks in London and Manchester have increased pressure on tech companies to show they are taking action. The UK prime minister Theresa May, who has accused the platforms of providing “safe spaces” for terrorists online, launched a joint anti-terror campaign targeting social media companies with French President Emmanuel Macron this week.最近伦敦和曼彻斯特遭遇的恐袭,加大了科技公司受到的压力,要求它们向外界明它们在采取行动。曾经指责社交平台为恐怖分子提供网络“安全空间”的英国首相特里萨?梅(Theresa May),本周与法国总统埃马纽埃尔?马克龙(Emmanuel Macron)启动了针对社交媒体公司的联合反恐行动。Monika Bickert, head of global public policy at Facebook and a former prosecutor, said the company had made “significant improvements” in the past year.曾经担任检察官的Facebook全球公共政策主管莫妮卡?比克特(Monika Bickert)表示,该公司在过去一年取得了“重大进展”。 /201706/514706

A New study by the British government has discovered the mental well-being of the country#39;s teenage girls has deteriorated.英国政府最近的一项研究发现,英国青春期女孩的心理健康已经严重恶化。The survey, which included 30,000 14-year-old students in 2005 and 2014, showed 37 percent of girls with psychological stress, up from 34 percent in 2005. British boys#39; stress level was actually seen to fall over the same time period, from 17 percent to 15 percent.该调查分别调查了2005年和2014年的总计3万名14岁学生,结果显示,37%的女生存在心理压力,比2005年的34%上升了3个点。英国男孩的压力水平在同期实际上降低了,从17%降到15%。 The report’s authors pointed out the “advent of the social media age” could be a major contributing factor for increased stress among teenage British girls.报告的作者指出“社交媒体时代的到来”可能是导致英国青春期女孩压力水平剧增的主要因素。“The adolescent years are a time of rapid physical, cognitive and emotional development,” Pam Ramsden, a lecturer in psychology at the University of Bradford in the ed Kingdom, wrote in a recent blog post. “Teenagers interact with people in order to learn how to become competent adults. “青春期是一个充满了身体、认知和情绪发展的时期,”布拉德福德大学心理学讲师帕姆·拉姆斯登在最近的客中写道。“青少年跟周围的人产生互动,从学会如何成为合格的大人。In the past, they would engage with parents, teachers and other adults in their community as well as extended family members and friends. Now we can also add social media to that list of social and emotional development.”在过去,他们会跟父母,老师,社区里的其他大人以及亲戚朋友交流。现在,社会与情绪发展清单中又多了一项社交媒体。”Throughout adolescence, girls and boys develop characteristics like confidence and self-control. Since teenage brains have not completely developed, teens don#39;t have the cognitive awareness and impulse control to keep from posting inappropriate content. 贯穿整个青春期,女孩和男孩会发展出自信和自律这样的品质。因为青少年的大脑还没有完全发育,他们尚不具备足够的认知觉知和冲动控制水平,从而很容易在网上发布不适当的内容。Furthermore, this content can easily be circulated far and wide with disastrous implications.更重要的是,这些内容会很容易广为传播,并产生严重的影响。Social media can also feed into girls’ insecurities about their appearance, Ramsden said. These sites are often filled with images of people with body type unattainable to the normal person. However, these images and the messages tied to them creep into societal standards.社交媒体同样会加剧女孩们对外表的不安全感,拉姆斯登说。网络上充斥着各种完美身材的照片,而一般人很难拥有这样的身材。然而,这些照片和其中传递的信息却在不断渗入到社会标准中。 /201609/464173Are you planning to buy a new Samsung smartphone soon? Google Play Music may become your go-to music player.你最近有买新款三星手机的打算吗?谷歌Play音乐可能会成为你的新音乐播放器。Google has teamed up with Samsung to make Google Play Music the default music player on new Samsung phones and tablets around the world, including the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.谷歌公司已经与三星公司联手,使谷歌Play音乐成为三星手机和平板电脑--包括Galaxy S8和Galaxy S8+系列--的默认音乐播放器。Google also teased some ;special; Google Play Music features just for Samsung customers.此外,谷歌方面还表示,谷歌Play音乐的一些“特殊”功能只有三星用户才能使用。;For starters, if you have a new Samsung phone or tablet, you can now upload and stream up to 100,000 of your own songs to Google Play Music for free,; Google Play Music Lead Product Manager Elias Roman wrote in a blog post. Google lets everyone else add up to 50,000 songs to Play Music for free.谷歌Play音乐的产品经理莱亚斯·罗曼在客中写道:“对新用户来说,如果你有一个新款三星手机或平板,你就可以免费上传多达10万首自己的歌曲到谷歌Play音乐。”而其他用户免费播放音乐歌曲的数量增加至5万首。New Samsung phones and tablets will come with a free three-month trial of Play Music, up from the usual 30-day trial, and access to YouTube Red for commercial-free s.新款三星手机和平板将有三个月的Play音乐免费试用期,并获得YouTube Red的免广告务。After that, you#39;ll have to pay a month if you want to listen without ads and download your music for offline access.之后,如果想跳过广告听音乐或者离线下载音乐,你就需要每月付10美元的费用。Google Play Music will also work with Samsung#39;s new virtual assistant Bixby when it launches later this spring.另外,谷歌音乐还将会与在今春晚些时候发布的三星新虚拟助手Bixby协同工作。 /201705/507363

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