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厦门哪医院祛黑眼圈比较好厦门市仙岳医院祛痘How to make the perfect omelette Arnold Bennett如何制作美味的阿诺德·贝内特煎蛋EGGS 煎蛋You might think that the omelette part of proceedings was relatively straightforward, but even here, there is room for innovation. While Hugh Fearnley-hittingstall and Nick Fisher#39;s River Cottage Fish Book instructs ers to cook the eggs ust as you would any omelette, most other recipes simply pour the egg in and leave it to set, rather than going for the classic stir and tip technique. Even more unusually, Marcus Wareing, who claims the dish was he first thing I put on the when I took over at the Savoy Grill, goes for two layers of softly set scrambled eggs instead.你可能认为炒蛋的过程相对而言比较简单,但是这里仍然有可以创新的空间。烹饪大师休.弗恩利.惠汀斯托和尼克·费舍尔编写的《 河边小住 》(《River Cottage Fish Book》)这本书指导着读者煎蛋。就像你做任何炒蛋一样,大多数食谱只是倒蛋,把它放好,而没有采用经典的搅拌技术。更不同寻常的是,马库斯.沃宁声称他做这道菜时第一件事,便是拿出适合于两层炒鸡蛋的萨沃伊烤架。 THE FISH 鱼的制作The dish was originally made with smoked haddock, stocks of which were probably in a healthier state in Bennett day. But, as River Cottage observes, it works with almost any smoked, firm white fish, including pollack if you can get hold of it. That fish should be poached very gently indeed, so it remains soft and juicy.这道菜本来是用烟熏鳕鱼,将其放置在班尼特天气情况相对较好的一天里。但是《 河边小住 》(《River Cottage Fish Book》)却表示,几乎可以用任何烟熏的白色硬体鱼类,当然如果你能抓住的话,鳕鱼也行。烹饪过程也应尽量采用小火慢炖。所以它能够保持柔软多汁。THE SAUCES 酱汁This is where things start to get really interesting. According to Simon Hopkinson and Lindsey Bareham’s book The Prawn Cocktail Years, the original recipe is topped with a mixture of hollandaise and bechamel sauces cut with whipped cream. Not only does this require an entire battery of pans and take nearly an hour, but, though delicious, the results are so rich and thick that we struggle to finish one. I would recommend a trip to the Savoy to enjoy one made by someone else, but at home, I’m not sure this is the best option.这就是事情开始变得有趣的地方。西蒙霍普金森和林赛贝尔塞姆合著的书《 鸡尾酒虾年 》(《The Prawn Cocktail Years》)提到原来的秘诀是在顶部淋上奶油酱和调味酱混合包。这不仅需要平底锅集中的电量,还需花费近一个小时,但由于我们竭尽全力做出这道菜,结果也是那么的让人满意。然而我建议你去萨瓦享受别人做的,我相信自制绝不是你最好的选择。CHEESE 奶酪The Savoy and Kerridge recipes are finished with parmesan, River Cottage and Marcus Wareing go for cheddar and Emina suggests gruyere. Cheddar is a little too aggressively cheesy for my liking in such a rich, fishy dish, while the gruyere, though better, is rather sweet. 意大利干酪配萨帕尔玛和凯里吉食谱,埃米纳建议去切达配《 河边小住 》(《River Cottage Fish Book》)和马库斯.沃宁食谱。我喜欢的在这样一个丰富的鱼菜中添加有些刺激的奶酪味的切达干酪,而格律耶尔干酪,虽然更好,却太甜。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/380402厦门地区光子脱毛医院 How rich is the Queen?王室资产大揭秘 英国女王究竟多有钱News that the Crown Estate returned record profits of £285m last year means the Queen is expected to receive a further £2m in public funding next year. But just how rich is the Queen and where does her wealth come from?有消息称英国皇家财产管理公司去年利润创历史记录,达2.85亿,也就是说,英国女王明年有望公共基金再多入200万英镑。但女王到底多富有?她的财富从何而来?According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2015, her estimated fortune is £340m, up £10m from last year.《星期日泰晤士报》一份富豪榜称,女王财富估计有3.4亿英镑,较去年多1000万英镑。What is known about the Queen#39;s wealth can be broadly divided between her private income and funding given to her, as the reigning monarch, by the government.据了解,女王的财富来自私人收入和政府拨给在位君王的款项。The Crown Estate owns Ascot race course.The main source of the Queen#39;s public income comes from the Sovereign Grant - a fixed percentage of the profits made by the Crown Estate.皇家财产管理公司拥有英国皇家赛马会。英国女王的收入来源中,占大头的是君王拨款--来自皇家财产管理公司占固定百分比的利润。The Crown Estate dates back to 1760 when George III reached an agreement with the government that surplus revenue from the crown#39;s lands would go to the Treasury.皇家财产管理公司可以追溯到1760年,当时乔治三世和政府达成协议,君王土地多余收入归财政部。Under the current funding arrangement, all profits from the estate are paid to the Treasury and 15% of this money is then given to the Queen.在现行的财政持安排之下,所有地产的利润都付给财政部,其中的15%给女王。This funding is known as the Sovereign Grant and is used to support the Queen in her official duties.Last year the Sovereign Grant was £37.9m - of which the Queen spent £35.7m. That money pays for staffing costs, property maintenance, travel, utilities and housekeeping, among other things.这一财政持即为君王拨款,用以撑女王的官方事务。去年官方拨款是3790万,女王用了3570万。这笔钱用于付人工费、房产维护、旅游、公共设施、家政等等。The privy purse is a private income for the Queen, which is primarily used to pay for expenses incurred by other members of the Royal Family.私用金是女王;私房钱;来源,主要用以付皇家其他成员的费用。Funds for the privy purse come mostly from the Duchy of Lancaster, a portfolio of land, property and assets owned by the Queen which is managed separately from the Crown Estate.私用金的资金大多来自于兰开斯特公爵领地,是集土地、房产和资产于一身的投资组合,属于女王,而实际由皇家财产管理公司单独经营的。The extent of the Queen#39;s private income is less well known.According to the Sunday Times, she has an investment portfolio consisting largely of shares in blue-chip British companies, which it valued at £110m.英国女王到底有多少私人收入就不那么为人所知了。据《星期日泰晤士报》称,女王的投资组合大部分来自于英国公司的蓝筹股,值1.1亿英镑。The Queen also owns personal property including Sandringham House in Norfolk, Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire and other smaller houses.女王私人所有的地产包括诺福克桑德林厄姆庄园和阿伯丁郡的巴尔莫勒尔堡还有其他一些小型的房产。Other personal goods include the royal stamp collection, art, jewels, cars, horses and the Queen Mother#39;s legacy, which all add to her personal fortune.It is kept between a number of locations, such as Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle.其他私人物品包括皇家邮票收藏、艺术品、珠宝、豪车、马匹和伊丽莎白一世的遗产,都算入女王的个人财富。女王的私有财物分散在多处,如汉普顿宫和温莎城堡。 /201506/383981SEATTLE — It’s hard to believe that this coffee-crazed city would get excited about yet another coffee shop, particularly another Starbucks.西雅图——你可能很难相信,这个以咖啡闻名的城市会因为一家新咖啡馆而激动不已,何况只是另一家星巴克(Starbucks)咖啡馆。For over a year, the Seattle coffeecenti has been buzzing with speculation about the opening of the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room, the flagship of a planned chain of 100 plush stores selling high-end coffees from around the world.在一年多的时间里,一直有传闻称,这个诞生于西雅图的咖啡品牌将开设一家名为“星巴克精品烘烤品尝室”(Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room)的旗舰店。星巴克计划开设100家这样的精品咖啡连锁店,销售来自世界各地的高端咖啡。With this new venture, Starbucks has signaled that it intends to lure aficionados of high-end coffee, as it eyes the growing market for rare coffees, those beans grown in small quantities that sell for as much as for less than a pound.这个新项目表明,星巴克打算吸引高端咖啡爱好者,该公司正着眼于稀有品种咖啡日益庞大的市场。稀有咖啡豆种植规模小,不到一磅的售价就可能高达45美元(约合280元人民币)。But it aly faces considerable competition from boutique chains like Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Dillanos Coffee Roasters and Blue Bottle Coffee that have aly developed thriving businesses in what are known as single-origin coffees and microlots. Such coffees come from a single farm or small collective, typically hard to reach and fickle, so that production is limited and often available only at specific times of the year. Their customers tend to shun the sort of big-business ubiquity that a mass-coffee purveyor like Starbucks embodies.不过,星巴克面临着斯邓姆顿咖啡馆(Stumptown Coffee Roasters)、迪拉诺斯咖啡烘烤公司(Dillanos Coffee Roasters)和蓝瓶咖啡(Blue Bottle Coffee)等精品咖啡连锁店的激烈竞争,它们凭借所谓的单一产地和微批次(microlot)的模式而风生水起。这些品牌的咖啡只来自单一的农场或小型合作社,一般很难买到,因此产量有限,通常只能在一年中的特定时间才有。而这些咖啡的消费人群往往是那些厌倦了以星巴克为代表的无处不在的大众品牌的消费者。In fact, Laila Ghambari, director of coffee at Cherry Street Coffee House, which has 10 shops in the Seattle area, calls Starbucks the “McDonald’s of coffee.”事实上,樱桃街咖啡馆(Cherry Street Coffee House)的咖啡负责人莱拉·甘巴里(Laila Ghambari)把星巴克称作“咖啡中的麦当劳”。樱桃街咖啡馆在西雅图地区有10家门店。So to distinguish Reserve from its mass-market cousin, Starbucks is banishing, to a great extent, its green mermaid logo at the new shops and in the product line. The Reserve stores and line of coffees instead carry a star logo, along with a red “R.”为了与星巴克的大众市场品牌区别开来,星巴克精品烘烤品牌的新店和产品线,很大程度上摒弃了绿色美人鱼的商标,而是使用了一个星形标志,加上一个红色字母“R”。The reach into a higher-end market is another sign that coffee consumption in the ed States is growing only modestly, according to trade data on imports collected by Panjiva. The popularity of single-serve coffee makers like Keurig and Nespresso have added pressure.星巴克进军高端市场的努力还显示出,美国的咖啡消费增长缓慢,磐聚网(Panjiva)收集的进口贸易数据也印了这一点。Keurig和Nespresso等胶囊咖啡机的超高人气,也加剧了市场的竞争压力。“If you look at coffee imports over all for the last several years, it looks like a pretty mature market,” said Josh Green, chief executive of Panjiva. “There’s been a roller coaster in terms of price, but in terms of volumes, we’re talking about very modest growth — and that kind of market is usually where you see companies trying to go upmarket in terms of price and exclusivity.”“从过去几年咖啡进口的整体状况来看,市场似乎已经相当成熟,”磐聚网CEO乔希·格林(Josh Green)说。“价格上忽高忽低,但进口规模一直增长有限——在这类市场,通常会有许多企业想要走向高端,在价格和产品的独特性上提高档次。”The new Starbucks Roastery is rumored to have cost more than million. Part retail store, part manufacturing facility and part theater, the store intentionally evokes the chocolate room where Augustus Gloop met his fate in Willy Wonka’s candy factory. See-through tubes snake up out of the floor and under the ceiling, ferrying green coffee beans to copper-clad roasters and roasted beans to the coffee bars scattered like islands around the 15,000-square-foot space.据称,新的星巴克烘烤品尝室成本超过2000万美元。它集零售店、生产加工和剧场与一身,而且还故意营造出了奥古斯塔斯·格鲁普(Augustus Gloop)进入威利·旺卡(Willy Wonka)的巧克力工厂时的那种梦想成真的感觉。透明的管子在地板和天花板上蜿蜒,把绿色的咖啡豆送进镀了铜的烘烤机,接着将烘烤好的咖啡豆,送往向岛屿一样散落在1.5万平方英尺(约合1400平米)面积里的吧台。“This is a magical place where coffee comes to life,” said Liz Muller, director of concept design for Starbucks.“这是一个神奇的地方,它让咖啡拥有了生命,”星巴克的概念设计总监利兹·穆勒 (Liz Muller)。The noise the beans make as they rattle through the tubes — “like rain,” Ms. Muller says — is punctuated by the click-clack of an old-fashioned railway station split-flap display, except the schedule tracked here is of varieties of coffees being roasted. They are small lots from remote highlands in Africa, Latin America and Asia.咖啡豆在管子里哗哗作响的声音——“就像下雨,”穆勒说——中间夹杂着老式火车站里的信息屏,翻着字母牌显示信息的那种咔咔声,只不过这里的时刻表显示的是各种咖啡的烘烤时间。这些咖啡都来自非洲、拉丁美洲和亚洲遥远高地上的小块田地。“We’re going to take the customer on a journey, immersing them in an interactive environment where they’ll be introduced to handcrafted, small-batch coffees within feet of where they’re being roasted,” said Howard Schultz, chief executive of Starbucks.“我们要把消费者带上一段旅程,让他们沉浸在互动的环境里,让他们近距离地了解小批量手工生产的咖啡,”星巴克CEO霍华德·舒尔茨(Howard Schultz)说。Virginia Morris, vice president for consumer insights and strategy at Daymon Worldwide, a private-brand development company, noted that consumers were seeking singular experiences that would include individualistic brews. But specialty brewers who have attracted loyalists doubt that a giant in the mass-market will be viewed favorably.私营品牌拓展公司达曼国际咨询(Daymon Worldwide)的消费者洞见和战略副总裁弗吉尼亚·莫里斯(Virginia Morris)指出,消费者正在寻求独一无二的体验,包括个性化的咖啡制作工艺。但吸引了一批忠实拥趸的专享咖啡店十分怀疑,这样一个面向大众市场的巨人,能否受到青睐。“I think you can start out small and grow large, but once you’re large, it’s really hard to get the consumer’s perception that you are authentic,” said David J. Morris, half-owner of Dillanos.“我觉得品牌可以起步时很小,后来再逐步扩大,但一旦规模变大,真的很难让消费者认为你很正宗,”迪拉诺斯的半个老板戴维·J·莫里斯(David J. Morris)说。The company says the price per cup of a Reserve line will be to , depending on the exclusivity of the beans, of course.星巴克透露,每杯精品系列咖啡的价格将在4至7美元,当然具体视咖啡豆的独特性而定。Single-origin coffees typically are named for the places they are grown, not just the country. Stumptown’s website includes a link to Google maps, so a customer can see, say, where its Colombia San Isidro is grown.单一产地咖啡通常以它们的种植地,而不仅仅是国家命名。斯邓姆顿的网站上有可以跳转到谷歌(Google)地图的链接。这样,消费者就能看到这家店里诸如Colombia San Isidro这样的品类生长在哪里。Microlots come from a specific parcel of land, like the section of the Finca El Manzano coffee farm in El Salvador that grows Dillanos’s El Manzano Porton Lot, which produced just 60 bags of coffee last year and was used by Ms. Ghambari when she won the ed States Barista Championship this year.微批次咖啡来自具体的某块地,比如萨尔瓦多Finca El Manzano咖啡园中,为迪拉诺斯种植El Manzano Porton Lot的那块地。去年,那块地仅出产了60袋咖啡。甘巴里今年在美国咖啡师锦标赛(ed States Barista Championship)中夺冠时,用的就是那里出产的咖啡。“Each one has a signature nature, and each year it may be different, depending on when the rain comes and how much shade it gets,” said David Schomer, the proprietor of Espresso Vivace, which has three locations in Seattle, including a sidewalk stand in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, not far from the Reserve Roastery. “Each one will be roasted differently by the roaster, who may develop more or less caramelization or more or less bitterness.”“每块地都有标志性的特质,每年的情况都有所不同,取决于雨季到来的时间,以及植株能得到多少阴凉,”Espresso Vivace的老板戴维·绍默(David Schomer)说。该品牌在西雅图有三家店,其中一家位于国会山地区的一条人行道旁,距离星巴克的精品烘烤店不远。“烘烤师会以不同方式对每一个品类进行烘烤,焦糖化反应有轻有重,苦味也有轻有重。”Until recently, Dillanos Coffee Roasters largely served commercial customers, roasting private-label coffees and helping them develop house blends. “They need lots of coffee, not small lots of great coffee, and consistency is very important there,” said Chris Heyer, who owns the business together with his half brother, Mr. Morris.直到不久前,迪拉诺斯咖啡烘烤公司还主要务于商业客户,烘烤专属咖啡并帮助客户研发自有的调配咖啡产品。“它们需要大量的咖啡,而不是少量优质咖啡,而且口味的一致性非常重要,”克里斯·海尔(Chris Heyer)说。他和同母异父的兄弟莫里斯共同拥有该公司。About a decade ago, they started the One Harvest Project, a line of fair-trade, sustainable coffees, providing education, health and other benefits to growers with whom the company wished to develop long-term relationships.大约十年前,他们启动了“一次收获项目”(One Harvest Project)。这是一个推行公平贸易、可持续的咖啡业务线,该公司向希望与其达成长期合作关系的咖啡种植户提供教育、健康和其他方面的福利。That led to an even more exclusive line of coffees, DCR, which Phil Beattie, the Dillanos coffee director, called a natural progression that included the El Manzano microlot.这又催生了更为独特的咖啡品牌DCR。迪拉诺斯公司的咖啡总监称,这是包括El Manzano微批次在内的自然发展。The company may purchase less than 300 pounds of such coffees. In comparison, it roasts 2,000 pounds of its signature Dillons Blend coffee each day.该公司可能会购买不到300磅这种咖啡。相比之下,它每天会烘烤2000磅自有的主打品类“迪隆混合”(Dillons Blend)。So what happens when a company the size of Starbucks begins shopping for those precious beans, some of which may only be available for less than a month a year? Peet’s Coffee is selling a half-pound bag of scarce Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, one batch roasted on Wednesday and the second scheduled for roasting next week, for .因此,如果一家像星巴克那么大规模的公司开始采购罕有品种的咖啡豆,会发生什么?那些咖啡豆中,有一些每年出产的时间可能都不到一个月。皮特咖啡(Peet’s Coffee)正在以45美元的价格,出售半磅装的牙买加蓝山咖啡(Jamaica Blue Mountain),第一批是上周三烘烤的,第二批定于这周烘烤。Specialty coffee companies say relationships established over many years with growers will protect them from competition from bigger players. “We have worked with our growers for a long time and we expect to continue to work with them,” said Eric Hoest, director of operations at Stumptown, which is based in Portland.精品咖啡公司称,多年来与咖啡种植户建立起来的关系,能保护它们免受更大品牌的竞争。“我们已经和种植户合作了很长时间,我们希望继续与他们合作,”总部位于波特兰的斯邓姆顿公司的运营总监埃里克·赫斯特(Eric Hoest)说。To expand in this area, Starbucks bought Hacienda Alsacia in Costa Rica, an estate that will produce specialty coffee just for the company.为了在该领域扩张,星巴克买下了哥斯达黎加的Hacienda Alsacia咖啡园。该咖啡园将仅为该公司供应精品咖啡。Starbucks roasters will be available only at five or six new sites, but some of the Reserve coffee brands will be for sale in over 1,000 Starbucks stores.星巴克的烘烤设备仅会在五六家新店配置,但部分精品咖啡品牌将在1000多家星巴克咖啡店出售。Mr. Schultz said his vision for the Reserve Roastery store stretched back a decade or more, and he collected a scrapbook with ideas for finishes and furnishings. But it wasn’t until a used car dealership nine blocks up Pine Street from the first Starbucks store became available that he began executing his plans.舒尔茨称自己对精品烘烤店的设想可以追溯到十年甚至更久之前,而且他还用一个剪贴簿,收集了有关涂漆和室内装饰的想法。但直到可以买下松树街上距离第一家星巴克咖啡店九个街区远的一家二手车店,他才开始执行自己的计划。He said the Reserve stores would be run as a business and must make a profit to survive. “At the end of the day,” he added, “this all has to be proven in a cup — and it will be.”他说,精品烘烤店会作为一家企业来运营,并且要想存活下来,就必须盈利。“说到底,”他接着说,“所有这些都需要在咖啡杯里得到明——也会得到明。” /201412/347248厦门鼻孔缩小手术多少钱

厦门丰眉弓价格厦门去痘坑便宜 Three holidaymakers from France have been deported and banned from Cambodia after they were caught taking naked pictures of each other at one of thelargest religious sites in the world.三名法国游客在柬埔寨吴哥窟拍裸照被抓,已经被遣返,并且四年内不得踏入柬埔寨。The Frenchmen posed in the buff at a Buddhist temple within the sprawling Angkor complex for a series of cheeky snaps that angered and offended authorities.这三名法国人在吴哥窟的一处佛教庙宇拍裸照,当局感到愤怒。After they were arrested at Banteay Kdeitemple last Thursday the tourists faced a swift trial, and were convicted of producing pornography and #39;exposure of sexual organs#39;, the Cambodia Daily reported.他们于上周四被捕后,马上接受了快速的审判,罪名是生产色情作品以及暴露性器官,《柬埔寨日报》报道。As punishment the cheeky travellers– identified by Cambodian media as Rodolphe Fourgeot, 21, Alexandre Vix, 21, and Vincent Bocquet, 20 – were given six-month suspended sentences and a fine of one million riels (approximately #163;160), andtheir camera equipment was confiscated.柬埔寨媒体称这三名无耻的法国人分别是21岁,21岁,20岁,被判6个月缓刑以及100万里尔(约160英镑)的罚款,他们的相机设备被没收。They have been banned from returning to Cambodia for four years as the Siem Reap provincial court attempted to set aprecedent to discourage similar acts at the Unesco World Heritage Site.他们被判四年内不得踏入柬埔寨,法院这么判的目的是为了杀鸡儆猴,以防其他人也在这个联合国世界遗产地做出类似的事情来。The historic Angkor complex covers approximately 150 square miles and is best known for its Angkor Wat temple, the largest religious monument in the world and Cambodia#39;s most famous tourist attraction with more than 1.5 million visitors a year.吴哥综合体面积大概150平方英里,其中以吴哥窟最为闻名,这是世界上最大的宗教历史遗迹,也是柬埔寨最著名的旅游胜地,每年访客150多万。Angkor was the home of the Khmer empire from the 9th to 15th centuries and contains the remains of different capitals.9到15世纪期间,吴哥窟是高棉帝国的所在地,里面还有不同首都的遗迹。 /201502/358402厦门哪家整型医院好

厦门大学附属中山医院首页A new study suggests that parents who wash their dishes by hand, rather than in a dishwashing machine, may unwittingly lower the likelihood that their children will develop allergies.一项新研究表明,父母用手洗碗——而不是用洗碗机——可能在无意中降低孩子患过敏的可能性。The new study, published in the journal Pediatrics, looked at whether a number of behaviors that expose children to bacteria early in life might protect them from developing allergies later on. The idea, known as the hygiene hypothesis, is that children raised in particularly sanitized environments are less likely to develop an immune tolerance to trivial threats.这项新研究发表在《儿科学》(Pediatrics)杂志上,它研究的是一些让儿童接触细菌的行为能否防止日后出现过敏。这个观点被称为卫生假说,它认为在特别干净的环境中养大的孩子更加难以对无关紧要的威胁产生免疫力。The researchers followed roughly 1,000 young children and their parents living in the Gothenburg area of Sweden. They investigated behaviors like whether the parents fed their children foods purchased directly from farms, such as eggs, meat and unpasteurized milk. They looked into whether the children ate fermented foods, which have beneficial probiotic bacteria. And they looked into whether the parents washed their dishes by hand or used a dishwasher.研究者调查了瑞典哥德堡地区约1000名幼儿及其父母的生活。他们调查的行为包括:父母是否用直接从农场买来的食物喂养孩子,比如鸡蛋、肉类和未经高温消毒的牛奶;这些孩子是否食用含有益生菌的发酵食物;这些父母是用手还是用洗碗机洗碗。Then they examined whether the children had allergic conditions including asthma, eczema and hay fever. Ultimately, the researchers found that children raised in households where dishes were always washed by hand had half the rate of allergies. They also discovered that this relationship was amplified if the children also ate fermented foods or if the families bought food directly from local farms.然后他们调查这些孩子是否患有哮喘、湿疹或花粉病等过敏症。最后,研究者发现,在一直用手洗碗的家庭长大的孩子患过敏的比率是用洗碗机洗碗的家庭的一半。他们还发现,如果这些孩子也吃发酵食物或直接从当地农场购买的食物,这种联系更为明显。The findings demonstrated only an association, not cause and effect, so it was not clear whether these behaviors directly led to fewer allergies. But it may be the case that these behaviors expose children to innocuous bacteria, which can help strengthen their immune systems, said Bill Hesselmar, an assistant professor at the University of Gothenburg and lead author of the study.这些发现只是表明一种联系,而非因果关系,所以仍不明确这些行为能否直接导致更少出现过敏。但是这项研究的主要作者、哥德堡大学的助理教授比尔·海瑟玛(Bill Hesselmar)说,情况可能是,这些行为能让孩子接触无害细菌,从而提高免疫力。Dr. Hesselmar said that while the sanitizing effect of dishwashing machines can be a good thing, the “less efficient” method of washing dishes by hand might leave behind some bacteria that could have benefits. But he said more research was needed to see if the relationship they found was real and, if so, what was causing it.海瑟玛士说,洗碗机的消毒作用可能是有益的,但是用手洗碗这种“不那么高效”的方式可能会留下一些有益细菌。但是他说,需要进行更多研究来确定他们发现的这种关系是否属实,如果属实的话,原因是什么。“It’s an interesting finding and very surprising,” he said. “But we have to see if we can confirm it.”“这是个有趣的发现,非常令人意外,”他说,“但是我们必须看看能否实它。” /201503/361678 在厦门欧菲医院去眼袋多少钱厦门去除颈纹



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