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The Shanghai Matchmaking Association has recently released a survey report, outlining the trends and struggles that dominate the city#39;s single individuals#39; attitudes in dating and marriage.近日,上海婚介协会发布了一项旨在反映上海单身青年婚恋观的调查。Based on research of some 2,000 singles aged between 10 and 40 years old in Shanghai, the survey results highlight only 3 percent of the interviewees have expressed the willingness to accept a partner from the Northern provinces.该调查选取了2000名年龄在10-40岁的上海人,结果显示仅3%的受访者愿意接纳另一半是北方人。Over 77 percent of single Shanghai interviewees want to marry local people, while 19 percent hope their partner could be from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, or even from overseas, data shows.数据显示:超过77%的单身受访者表示结婚只考虑本地上海人,而19%的受访者则希望他们的伴侣是香港人,人,台湾人,抑或是洋人。A single, 28-year-old advertisement company employee Lily Wan explained people#39;s different living habits, life styles, and temperament in south and north regions is the major reason leading to this preference.28岁的广告公司单身女员工Lily表示:在两性相互选择的过程中,不同的生活习惯、生活方式以及南北方地域的差异都是导致这一偏好的主要因素。In addition, most interviewed single individuals said, if they could not find a local partner, a person from neighboring provinces is also acceptable.此外,绝大多数的单身受访者表示,如果在当地找不到合适的伴侣,周边省份也可以纳入考虑范围。The emotional intelligence ient (EQ) is another key factor valued by those surveyed in finding an ideal partner, although details of desirable characteristics are varied between men and women.虽然男人和女人对性格的要求不尽相同,但是情商是男女双方寻求完美伴侣的又一重要指标。The top priority that men considered before rushing into a relationship is appearance, which is followed by personalities, age, living habits and family background, based on the research findings.调查结果显示:在男人冲进一段婚恋关系之时,首当其冲考虑的是女性的外貌,然后依次是性格、年龄、生活习惯和家庭背景。While the preference order for women is personalities, economic conditions, living habits, capability or potential, and appearance.而对女人而言,考虑的优先顺序则是性格、经济条件、生活习惯、能力或潜力,最后才是外貌。Another dilemma that grabs the limelight in the report is careers#39; influence on single people#39;s dating experience.报告也集中反映了另一个问题,即不同的职业背景也会影响着人们的恋爱经历。According to the survey, respondents who work in areas such as technology and research and development, seems to have less love experience and narrower social circle than those involved in the communication industry.调查显示,技术/研发从业人员其人际圈子较窄,恋爱经历较少。而那些需要和人打交道的职业,其人际圈子较广,恋爱经历也比较丰富。 /201611/478561

A leggy mum-of-two is hoping to smash the current record for the longest legs in the world.近日,一名澳洲长腿女子(两个孩子的妈妈)打算向当前“世界最长腿”世界纪录发起冲击。Former model Caroline Arthur has legs measuring a whopping 51.5 inches from hip to heel.卡洛琳·亚瑟曾经是一名模特,据称她的腿长达到了惊人的51.5英寸。The 39-year-old from Melbourne said she thinks her pins are the longest in Australia and America - and now she#39;s hoping to prove they are the longest in the world.今年39岁的卡洛琳·亚瑟来自墨尔本,她相信自己的腿是全澳大利亚和全美国最长的,现在她打算实自己的腿是全世界最长的。The current Guinness World Record holder is Russia#39;s Svetlana Pankratova, who has legs that are 51.9 inches long.目前“世界最长腿”的吉尼斯世界纪录保持者是俄罗斯的斯维特拉娜·潘克拉托娃,她的腿长为51.9英寸。;Because it#39;s so close I think it is worth contacting them and finding out exactly where they measure from and getting an official, accurate measurement done,; Caroline said.卡洛琳表示:“我们的腿长是如此接近,所以我认为值得跟他们联系一下,确认他们的测量方式,做出最正式和准确的测量。”Caroline is 6ft 2in tall - meaning her legs account for around 69 per cent of her frame. Caroline has always struggled to find clothes that fit her long slim physique and is the subject of stares and astonished glances whenever she is out in public.卡洛琳身高6英尺2英寸--这意味着她的腿部占据了身高的69%。卡洛琳一直在寻找适合她修长苗条身材的衣,每当她外出时都会有人盯着她看,并投来惊讶的目光。;Mostly, I enjoy it,; said Caroline. ;My friends always have to be a bit prepared when they venture out with me because people do stare especially if I#39;m dressed up in heels.卡洛琳对此表示:“多数情况下,我还是挺喜欢这样的,不过我的朋友跟我在一起的时候总是要有一点心理准备,因为人们总是盯着我看,尤其是我穿高跟鞋的时候。”But Caroline has not always been so confident in her appearance she recalls being a self-conscious teenager who wanted to dress in ways that would disguise her height.不过卡洛琳也不总是如此自信,她回忆在害羞的青少年时期,自己总是试图在衣着上掩饰自己的身高。She explained: ;I definitely didn#39;t embrace my height and there was a real period where I didn#39;t feel beautiful or attractive at all. I just wanted to be the same as everyone else. I started modelling when I was around 15 and that gave me confidence.;她解释说,“我真的一点也喜欢自己长这么高,在一段时期内,我不觉得个子高是有吸引力的。那时我只希望跟别人一样。直到15岁以后当我开始当模特,才慢慢建立起信心。” /201702/492427

Calendars turned into luxuriously illustrated books, with a twist of interactivity, are highlights of China#39;s book scene at the end of the year.配有精美插图、带有一些互动性质的“日历书”成为年末国内书市的亮点。The most popular is the Palace Museum Calendar, which has sold 1.3 million copies since it was first issued in 2010. The first printing of the 2017 version - 300,000 copies - is sold out.最流行的当属故宫日历,自2010年首次发行以来已经卖出了130万册,其2017年版本首批印刷的30万册已经销售一空。The calendar is inspired by Chinese zodiac animals, and is illustrated with photos of relics from the Palace Museum#39;s collection. For 2017, the Palace Museum Press is offering a bilingual version with English and Chinese.故宫日历的灵感来自于十二生肖,配以故宫馆藏文物的图片。2017年,故宫出版社将提供中英文双语版本的日历。;We saw a need abroad for understanding Chinese cultural traditions,; said Wang Guanliang, director of the office that plans the calendar. ;We didn#39;t expect that the market treats our publications as collectibles.;“我们看到国外了解中国文化传统的一种需求,”设计该日历的编辑室主任王冠良说道。“我们没有想到市场把我们的出版物当作收藏品。”;Most of the calendars are like art books. For young ers, they are portable, affordable, and chic to have,; he added.他补充说道:“大多数日历都像艺术书一样。对于年轻的读者来说很便携、价格实惠且别致。”The Plants and Animals Calendar of guokr.com for 2017 is full of cute animals, with a QR code for each day offering updated online content. 而由果壳网出品的2017年动植物日历则主打可爱的小动物,每日配以二维码,提供最新的在线内容。 /201612/485279

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