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通过互联网远程音视频实时互动教学,帮助中国人克学了多年英语依然是聋子英语,哑巴英语的尴尬境地。学生可以足不出户,24小时享受外教贴心教学务。而且在互动的同时,开拓眼界,更新思维,寻找乐趣! /201410/336955

  1 Hi第1单元 嗨A: Hi!Peter. How are you?甲:嗨!彼得。你好吗?B: Fine! How about you?乙:好啊!那你呢?A: Pretty good.甲:很好。类似用语Hello!哈锣!Hello,there!哈锣,你好百宝箱打招呼用语除了“Hi!”之外,尚可依一天的时段,使用不同的表达语。若在早上12点钟前与人碰面,可说“Good moming.”(早安。);中午12点钟到傍晚期间碰面,可说“Good aftemoon.”(午安。);大白天碰面时,均可说“Good day.”(你好o);傍晚到晚上10点钟前与人第一次碰面,说“Good evening.”(晚安。),10点钟以后或是将与人道别时,则说“Good rught.”因为这含有“再见”的意思。 /201503/362337

  在状语从句中,如果状语在句首,则句首的状语一般用升调 发音举例After ↗ dinner , I’ll go for a walk. 晚饭后,我要去散步。Seen from a ↗ distance , the farmhouse looked deserted. 远远看来,这个农舍显得好荒凉。If I have a ↗ holiday , I will travel. 如果我有假期的话,我就要去旅游。While John was watching ↗ TV , his wife was cooking. 约翰在看电视,而他的妻子在做饭。When I walked into the ↗ room , the telephone rang. 我走进屋子的时候,电话响了。插入语一般用升调↗,但如果插入语恰好是 说话者需要强调的,则用降调↘。 发音举例 ↗Frankly , he’d like to listen to music. 坦白地讲,他喜欢听音乐。To tell you the↗truth , he doesn’t quite agree with this idea. 跟你说实话,他不太同意这一看法。This ,of ↗course ,is just the beginning. 当然,这仅仅是开始。What he said , though↘strange , makes sense. 他说的话,虽然奇怪,但挺有道理。There must be some reason,I am↘sure , for his absence today. 我肯定他今天缺席一定有原因。 想要短期强化口语技巧或长期改善口语水平的朋友欢迎报名苏珊的网络课程:点击此处进入。 /201407/314320。

  大家好!今天我们来看一看怎么用美语来聊“点咖啡”?what size 多大杯how many shots 几份浓缩咖啡what type of milk 哪一种牛奶 /201506/382976

  第一步:原句放送Hope is a vigorous principle: It sets the head and heart to work, and animates a man to do his utmost. It makes a seeming impossibility give way.animate v. 使有生气,鼓舞,推动 utmost n. 极限,最大可能第二步:译海拾贝希望是种有力的信念:它使人的心脑开始工作,并给予人活力做最大的努力。它使看似不可能的事让步。第三步:天衣无缝Hope is a principle: It sets the head and heart to work, and a man to do his . It makes a seeming give way.第四步:举一反三... is a vigorous principle: It sets ... to ... and ... to ... It makes ...第五步:背诵达人 可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园 Click here gt;gt;gt; http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201202/170168A: So what are you doing for Thanksgiving? 你们感恩节都做些什么?B: Not much really. It#39;s more of an American tradition, so back home we don#39;t really celebrate it. In fact, I am not even sure of what exactly is being celebrated!没有很多的事,这个是美国的传统,回到家我们并不过这个节。我甚至不确定究竟要庆祝哪些东西。A: Well you know, it#39;s a time to get together with all your family and be thankful for everything! 嗯,你知道的,这是一个大家聚到一起的时候,对很多事进行感恩。B: Yeah but, how did this holiday come to be? 是的,但是,这个节日是什么样子的呢?A: Well, the first settlers of Massachusetts arrived there because of religious persecution from England and King James. Once in the New World, they befriended an native named Squanto, who taught them how to harvest food from the area such as corn.嗯,第一个移民到马萨诸塞赛州的人是为了躲避英格兰的宗教和詹姆斯国王的迫害。一旦到达新大陆,他们和当地的斯匡托成为朋友,斯匡托教会了他们如何种植当地的食物,比如玉米。B: Interesting! I am amazed how big and delicious thanksgiving dinners are!很有趣!我很好奇盛大有美味的感恩节晚餐会是什么样的。A: Come to my house for Thanksgiving! We are having turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes with gravy, and lots of stuffing! 来我家过感恩节吧!晚餐有火鸡,南瓜派,捣碎的土豆和面粉,还有各种馅。 /201111/162182每日一句口语:Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.幸福如一只蝴蝶,当你想追寻时,总也抓不到;但当你安静地坐下来时,它也许会飘落到你的身上。【知识点讲解】grasp vt.抓住; 了解; 急忙抓住; 急切(或贪婪)地抓住例句:His hand was taken in a warm, firm grasp.他的手被热情地紧紧握住了。 /201408/318834

  A:Hey! How was your first day of class? I’m in level two and I’m loving my class this semester! It’s great being in a class of international students! B:Mine was ok, except that no one in my class speaks English. I guess it will force me to converse in Chinese more in class so at least I should improve a lot this semester. A: That’s both fortunate and unfortunate. It’s the ed Nations in my class! We have people from all over the world! There are three Germans, a Pole, a Scottish, two French, an American, a Brazilian, a Chilean, a New Zealander, though he prefers to call himself a Kiwi. Who else do we have? Oh, we also have a Moroccan, a Togolese, a Pakistani, and two Indonesians! B:That’s quite the array of nationalities. Everyone in my class is from Asia, except me. There are a few South Koreans, several Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Singaporean, Filipino, Kazakhstani, and one Russian. A:Well, I think you’re pretty lucky actually. You’ll have the opportunity to learn so much about Asian culture. B:I guess so, but I think it’s going to be hard to relate to my classmates, especially with the language barrier. I think I might change classes. A:Don’t! Stay the course! Your spoken Chinese will be eternally grateful. I bet you it will even surpass mine with all that practice. B:I highly doubt it. Your girlfriend is Chinese. A:Well, there is that, yes. /201108/149594

  资料来源于EnglishPod,内容覆盖生活、学习、工作、等各个方面的小专题,纯正地道的美音,内容非常的实用,希望对大家喜欢。Upper-Intermediate - Live from Washington (D0034)A: This is Madeline Wright, for C News reporting live from Washington D. C. where, very shortly,the new President will deliver his inaugural address.Just moments ago, the President was sworn-in to office; following the ed States Constitution the President swore an oath to faithfully execute the office of the presidency.B: And what exactly is going on now, Madeline? A: Well, Tom, true to American tradition, the band has just played “Hail to the Chief”, and the President has been honored by a 21-gun salute. Now we’re waiting for the President to take to the stage and deliver his speech. Tom, it’s like a who’s who of the political world here on Capital Hill, with dignitaries representing several different countries.B: What’s the mood on the ground like, Madeline?A: In a word, the mood here is electric. The excitement in the air is palpable; I’ve never seen a larger crowd here on Capital Hill, and the audience is shouting, crying, and embracing each other. On this, a most historic day, you can feel the hope and the excitement in the air. The 20th of January will go down in history as the . . . . Oh, Tom, it lookslike the President is about to begin. . .C: My fellow Americans, today I stand before you... /200912/92848

  各位亲爱的可可网友们,欢迎您走进我们今天的《说法话茬》教室。 今日课题:今天我们继续来分析跟change这个词有关的一个病句:I haven’t any small changes on me.(我身上没有零钱。) 课题详解:Change在这个句子中是做名词用,作为名词,它既有“变化”的意思,又有“零钱”的意思。 例如: There has been a change in the programme.(节目有变动。) 我们可以看到change作为“变化”的意思解释时,是可数名词。然后,作为“零钱”的意思解释时,却是不可数名词。我们来看一个例子: I#39;ve no small change.(我没有零钱。) 由此,我们今天分析的病句的正确表述为:I haven’t any small change on me. 视野拓展:Change还可以表示“找回的钱;找给的钱”,作为这个意思解释时,同样是不可数名词。例如: They told the shopkeeper to keep the change. (他们告诉店主不用找钱了。) ——There#39;s your change. ——Thanks very much.(——您的找头。——多谢。) 小编推荐:如果您在英语语法学习中有疑难问题的话,不妨加入我们的QQ交流群,群号为:118644246,和其他网友一起分享您在语法学习上的烦恼和快乐以及共同探讨语法,遨游在语法的世界里。Welcome to join us. We’er waiting for you! I am Juliet. See you next time. /201306/244639。


  A: Hello sir, how may I help you? B: I would like to buy some flowers, please. Something really nice. A: I see, may I ask what the occasion is? B: It’s not really an occasion, it’s more like I’m sorry. A: Very well.This arrangement here is very popular among regretful husbands and boyfriends. It has a dozen long stem red roses with a couple of sunflowers and a single orchid that stands out. It includes a small teddy bear to achieve the effect of immediate forgiveness. B: I think I’m gonna need more than just a dozen red roses and a bear. What else do you recommend? A: Mmm, well this is our “ I’m sorry I cheated on you” package. Two dozen red roses lined with tulips, carnations and lilies. The fragrance and beauty of this flower arrangement is sure to make her forgive you. B: I don’t think that’s gonna cut it. I need something bigger and better! A: I’m sorry sir but, what exactly did you do? B: Well, I may have accidentally insinuated that she is getting chubbier . A: Get out of my store,you jerk! /201011/117775

  How did this happen? 怎么会是这样?这句话是Friends《六人行》里Monica的口头禅,有机会大家可以注意一下怎么会是这样?How did this happen?

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