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Mankinds struggle for resources人类争夺资源Creates the worlds first great empires.创立了世界第一大帝国Egypts Pharaoh Tutmoses iii埃及法老图特斯三世Leads an army of twelve thousand带领万人大军Into battle for control of the city of Megiddo.打响米吉多市争夺战Hes untested, hes young, hes inexperienced,他涉世未深 年纪轻轻 缺乏经验his men really dont know what to expect from him战士们对他没有信心so what he has to do is he has to get out所以他唯一能做的就是挺身而出and lead from the front带头冲锋陷阵and show his men that yeah I am in charge,告诉他们;看好了 我掌权I am the leader, Im going to set the example.我是首领 要给你们做出榜样Let the first arrow be cast at me.让第一箭射向我吧;201509/396914。

  • Pareparing to Parallel Ski平行滑行准备Once you feel happy about committing to that lower ski,一旦你能够很舒把大部分力量转移至山下板you might find that top ski wants to come in and be much more parallel.你就会发现山上板会主动加入并且达到更平行的效果。Let it happen.顺其自然。A parallel turn wasnt invented by scientists,平行转弯不是科学家发明的,if youre doing a good snow plough turn and your body position is working for you,如果你犁式转弯十分正确,外加你的身体姿势保持自然the ski will come in parallel.这时滑雪板就平行了.The basics still apply.基础依旧适用.Keeping those hands in front.保持双手在体前.Once youve turned and committed to that downhill ski,一旦你转弯并把压力转至山下板you can just feel that ski come and drift in.你就可以感受到滑雪板的漂移并入。So Im going to commit to that right foot and feel the left ski drift in.所以我将要压力转至右脚把,并感受左脚的漂移并入.Nice and smooth.漂亮流畅.Dont force it不要强求and once it’s come in parallel一旦两者平行dont stand on to it, stay on the downhill ski.不要完全直立不变,要把压力移至山下板。We want to fully commit and balance on the downhill ski.我们需要完全把压力转移至山下板,并用山下板保持平衡。If the ski doesnt feel y to come in,如果滑雪板没有准备好并入平行。dont force it, wait until it feels y.不要强求,等它准备好.If youre having trouble getting that ski to come in parallel如果你难以使山上板并入平行dont just keep forcing it, Look at your body position.不要继续强转,注意你的姿势.If I twist myself and try to force the turn,如果我尝试着扭动身体来强行转弯Im going to pull that uphill ski more onto the edge and its gonna stick.我会在山上板边上多用力.它就会陷下去And the harder I pull the more its going to jam into the snow我越用力,它陷得越深Keep you body nice and straight,保持上身姿势优美笔直,looking for that next turn看着下一个转弯and it will even help to open that knee这甚至能帮你打开膝盖and let the ski slide in nice and smooth.让滑雪板优美流畅地并入.Feel the weight come off that ski and open the knee.感受一下压力从雪板上移开,同时打开膝盖It shouldnt feel like something youve got to force,没有强求的感觉,it should happen quite naturally.很自然地发生了.I think that was a really good day.我觉得今天不错.Now you should be feeling those skis coming nicely parallel at the end of the turn and much less strain on the legs.现在,你应该知道在转弯结束时怎么使滑雪板平行,并且腿部不再那么疲劳。Its really good for you to get a much longer run and have more time to get those turns working.如果你能在更长的上坡上练习,花更多的时间去熟悉转弯技巧,你就能更好地滑雪了.Next time our focus is going to be on keeping those skis parallel from the beginning to the end of the turn, all the way through,下一次,我们会着重教大家怎么在整个转弯过程中保持滑雪板平行,picking up the speed slightly稍微加点速and even finding some steeper terrain.或是挑一下陡一点的山坡.注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201504/369101。
  • lm happy with the children here,孩子们还在身边让我很欣慰and at the same time, lm sad because their fathers gone.但同时我也很难过 他们的父亲已经不在了They always say, ;Daddy did it this way.他们总是说 爸爸会这么做Daddy used to do this. Daddy used to do that. 爸爸以前都这样 爸爸以前都那样Those kids are so proud of their father.他们很以父亲为傲l cant find words.To me, its just such a loss, too soon.我无语了 这是太大的缺失 也太快了lt left such a gap and made us see what was missing.造成了很大的缺口 也让我们看到所遗失的Why hadnt we embraced him? Why hadnt we loved him?我们为何没有包容他? 为什么不爱他?He gave us so much love and so much wonderful music.他给了我们那么多爱 那么好的音乐And l think that this is what well always remember him for.我想我们永远都会记得这些l love the fact that everything he sang, he sang from his heart.我很喜欢他 每首歌都是发自内心唱出的And l love listening to him singing, every record hes ever recorded.我好爱听他唱歌 听他的每张专辑Michaels legacy is that he will be known as the greatest entertainer ever.迈克尔留下来的 就是史上最顶尖的表演者这名号Michael was a great talent.迈克尔才华洋溢He was the best overall talent that lve ever seen in my life,他是我所见过最棒的艺人and lve been following talent since l was three years old.He was the best l ever saw.我可是打从三岁起就在看艺人 他是我所见过最好的lll remember that little boy that l met when he was 10 years old,我会记得当年见到的那个十岁小男孩201511/411197。
  • Texas University where one person has been killed and another wounded in a shooting incident police said. A suspect has been taken into custody.警方称德克萨斯一所大学发生击事件,致一人死亡另一人受伤。犯罪嫌疑人已被拘留。The school with around 9,700 students was placed on lockdown after the shooting.and all classes cancelled. Authorities have not yet identified the suspect or the victims.击事件发生后,拥有约9700名学生的学校已被封锁,所有的课程取消。当局尚未确定嫌疑人或受害者。The latest in a series of school shootings came several hours after another fatal incident on the campus of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff on Friday morning.最近一系列的校园击事件,是在周五弗拉格斯塔夫北亚利桑大学发生致命事件后几个小时。One person was killed in Flagstaff and three wounded when an 18-year-old student opened fire with a hand gun. The suspected gunman was named as student Steven Jones who surrendered to police. The University said the three wounded are being treated in hospital.在弗拉格斯塔夫一名18岁的学生使用手开,造成一人死亡三人受伤。涉嫌持男子名叫史蒂芬·琼斯,随后向警方自首。该大学表示三名伤员正在住院治疗。The deaths came on the day President Barack Obama travelled to Oregon to meet families and victims of last week’s massacre in which ten people died.当天,奥巴马巴拉克总统正前往俄勒冈,会见上周造成十人死亡屠杀的遇难者家属和受害者。译文属 /201510/402924。
  • 栏目简介:《英语视频之Top5》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上5大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如美军飞行器、社交媒体、核武器等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。201511/400379。
  • A car bomb explosion in Turkeys capital of Ankara on Sunday left dozens of people dead or injured. 周日,土耳其首都安卡拉发生汽车爆炸袭击,造成数十人死亡或受伤。In a statement, the Turkish health minister said that at least 34 people are dead and as many as 125 people were injured.土耳其卫生部长在一份声明中称,至少造成34人死亡,多达125人受伤。The explosion happened around 6:40 p.m. local time near a bus stop and metro station. 爆炸发生在当地时间下午6:40,地点位于巴士站及地铁站附近。This is an area that is close to a park, the explosion reportedly happening close to a bus station where a number of people were waiting. 区域位于一公园附近,据报道爆炸发生在靠近公共汽车站的地方,许多人在那里等车。On Friday, the U.S. Embassy in Ankara posted a notification on its website about a possible terrorist plot in the city, warning U.S. citizens to avoid the area.周五,美国驻安卡拉大使馆在其网站上发布通知,称在该市可能有恐怖袭击阴谋,警告美国公民避开该区域。So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. But this is the citys third terrorist attack in six months, after an attack in February killed 28 people and one in October killed more than 100 people. 到目前为止,还没有任何组织声称对袭击事件负责。但这是该市六个月内第三次恐怖袭击,二月的袭击事件造成28人死亡,去年十月的事件造成100逾人遇难。译文属。201603/431210。
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