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赣州大余人民医院是公立的赣南药流多少钱unit 276 入住单人房dialogue 英语情景对话A:Good afternoon, sir.A:下午好,先生。B:Good afternoon. I have a reservation under the name of Hilton.B:下午好。我以希尔顿的名字定了一个房间。A:Could you spell that, please?A:请您拼写一下好吗?B:Sure. Its H-I-L-T-O-N.B:好的,H-I-L-T-O-N。A:One moment, please. Ah yes, Mr. Hilton, you booked a single room for three nights. Is that correct?A:请稍等。啊,是的。希尔顿先生,您预订了一个单人间,打算住三晚,对吗?B:Yes, thats right.B:是的。A:I see from the computer that you are a frequent guest there. Do you have your loyalty card?A:电脑显示您是我们这里的常客。您有贵宾卡吗?B:Yes, here you are. And heres my credit card, too.B:是的,给你,还有,这是我的信用卡。A:Thank you. Right, your room number is 105. Heres your key and receipt. Thank you for choosing our hotel again, sir.A:谢谢,好了,您的房间号是105号。这是钥匙和收据,感谢您再次光临我们宾馆,先生。B:Thank you, goodbye.B:谢谢,再见。A:Goodbye.A:再见。 /201512/415817赣州市赣南片区人民医院预约是不是真的 20. Job Fair 20.招聘会A: I hope I can find a job after graduation.A:我希望我能在毕业后找到一份工作。B: What is your major?B:你的专业是什么?A: My major is geology.A:我的专业是地理。B: Geology majors arent very high in demand, but youll do fine.B:地理专业不太有需求,但是你会做得很好的。A: What makes you say that?A:你为什么这么说?B: Youre smart and likeable. Dont worry.B:你很聪明可爱。别担心。A: Thanks, but Im still scared.A:谢谢,但是我仍然很害怕。B: Oh, hey! You should go to the job fair.B:噢,嘿!你应该去招聘会。A: We have that here?A:我们这有吗?B: Yes. Take advantage of it.B:是的。好好利用它。A: Have you ever been there?A:你去过吗?B: Yes, and its really helpful. Dress nicely! B:是的,那很有帮助。穿得得体些! /201510/402486于都县医院妇科人流

兴国县妇幼保健院能做三镜一丝手术吗Helen bumped into one of Neils old colleagues whos still doing the same job after a long time. Find out how Neil uses the word furniture to talk about spending too long in one place.海伦遇见了尼尔的一个老同事,在很长时间以后他还在做同样的工作。收听本期节目,了解尼尔为什么用“家具”这个词来谈论他在一个位置上待了很长时间的原因。Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Helen: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Helen and joining me today is Neil.海伦:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是海伦,今天和我一起主持节目的是尼尔。Neil: Hello everyone.尼尔:大家好。Helen: Neil, guess who I met yesterday?海伦:尼尔,你猜我昨天遇到谁了?Neil: No idea. Anyone I know?尼尔:我猜不到。是我认识的人吗?Helen: The name is Jonathan Kendall — he said you guys worked together a long time ago.海伦:我昨天遇到了乔纳森·肯德尔,他说你以前和他一起工作过很长时间。Neil: Oh yes, we did. Gosh, it must have been nearly 15 years ago if my memory is right.尼尔:哦,对,的确是。天哪,如果我没记错的话,那都是15年前的事了。Helen: Wow, that is a long time ago.海伦:哇,那是很长时间以前的事了。Neil: So whats he doing now?尼尔:他现在做什么呢?Helen: He works at Radio Melody. Hes now the station manager.海伦:他在Radio Melody电台工作。他现在是电台经理。Neil: Is he still there? Wow, he really is part of the furniture.尼尔:他还在那儿工作吗?哇,他真的在那里工作很长时间了。Helen: What do you mean hes part of the furniture? He is a person, not a sofa or a table.海伦:你说他是“家具的一部分”是什么意思?他是人,不是沙发或桌子。Neil: Oh, I dont mean it literally. Its an expression we use to describe someone or something thats been in the same place for a very long time. You almost that think theyll be there forever. Lets listen to a few examples.尼尔:哦,我不是字面上那个意思。这个表达方式用来形容一个人或一件事在同一个地方很长时间。你几乎以为他会永远在那里。我们来听些例句。Examples例句John has been the school caretaker for nearly twenty years. Hes become part of the furniture.约翰做学校管理员已经二十年的时间了。他已经成为理所当然的存在。We come here so often, its almost as if we are part of the furniture.我们经常来这里,就好像我们是这里的一部分一样。Shes had a seat in parliament for over 50 years — shes part of the furniture in the House of Commons.她担任议会议员已经有50多年的时间,她是下议院理所当然的存在。Helen: Right, Ive got it. So how long have you been at the B?海伦:好,我明白了。那你在B工作多长时间了?Neil: Ive lost count. Let me see, I left school at 18, did an apprenticeship for 2 years and then I joined the B in 1995.尼尔:我记不清了。我想想,我18岁毕业,做了两年学徒,然后1995年加入B。Helen: Thats twenty years. My goodness! So you are part of the furniture at the B!海伦:那已经有20年了。天哪!你也是B理所当然的存在!Neil: Yes, you are absolutely right. Where have all the years gone?尼尔:对,你说得完全正确。时间都去哪里了?Helen: Will you be here for the next twenty years?海伦:你还会在这里再待20年吗?Neil: Who knows? Lets wait and see.尼尔:谁知道呢。我们拭目以待吧。译文属 /201512/413699蓉江区妇幼保健院妇产科怎样 1. You will receive a discount by ordering today.今天下订单的话有折扣。还能这样说:We will discount the product if you make an order today.Well give you a discount if you make a large order today.应用:on order 定购中(发货而尚未交货);on the order of 属于……一类的,与……相似的2. We are glad to receive your order and confirm our acceptance for it.我们很高兴接到你的订单并且确认可以接受。还能这样说:We are pleased to have your order and it is certain to be accepted.We make it certain that we can accept the order which we are pleased with.谚语:Glad children make glad parents.孩子好,父母笑。3. Your order can go out next Monday.你的订单下周一就可以出货。还能这样说:Your order can be sent next Monday.Next Monday, you can have the receipt of the order.谚语:Out of the (frying) pan and into the fire.跳出锅里,掉进火里。4. The trouble is that the factory is running at full capacity.问题是公司的订单已经满了。还能这样说:The problem is that the order is full.What matters is that the factory is fully engaged.应用:full of admiration 怀着钦佩的心情;full of the roof (旅馆等)住满了人的;full to 满到……;full life 有丰富经历的一生 /201503/364412赣州大余妇幼保健院收费好不好

赣州市早孕检查多少钱 今天我们要讲的美国习惯用语是:ahead of the game。Ahead就是在前面;game就是游戏,竞争或比赛。 Ahead of the game就是走在前头,或处于有利地位。比如,美国公司总是想方设法研制新产品,使自己领先于竞争对手,to stay ahead of the game。 在这里,game就是竞争的意思。许多美国人冬天一到就注射流感疫苗, 也就是在流感病毒袭击之前他们就作了预防, 所以they are ahead of the game。 下面是一个大学生在介绍他学习成功的经验。例句-1:This semester Ill be taking a full course load and holding down a part-time job. With such a busy schedule, I plan on buying my books before classes begin and ing as much as I can. That way Ill be ahead of the game, at least for a while.这个大学生说:这个学期, 我要选满课程,还要打半工,我会非常忙。所以我打算在开学前就把课本买好,尽量多看一些。这样我就会走在前头, 至少在一段时间里可以如此。很多美国大学生不仅要靠自己付学费,而且还要自己维持生活。所以许多学生课后还要打工挣钱,负担很重。******刚才我们说到有人一入冬就打了流感疫苗,抢先预防流感,to stay ahead of the game。听众们可能已经注意到了, ahead of the game之前可以用不同的动词,比如to stay ahead of the game,或者是to keep someone ahead of the game。Ahead of the game这个习惯用语在商业方面用得很多,意思是指能够成功地应对市场变化。下面是一位高科技公司的总裁在说他的公司很有竞争力。例句-2:Our company just unveiled our most advanced mobile phone that features a camera, music player, wireless e-mail, Web browser and player. We feel its these innovations that will keep us ahead of the game. It will take some time for our rivals to come up with anything as unique.这位总裁说:我们公司刚推出了一种最先进的手机。这种手机能照像,可以放音乐,送电子邮件,能上网查询和玩等。我们感到这些创新能够使我们处于领先的地位。我们的竞争对手还要有一段时间才能推出类似的产品。美国公司竞争激烈,新产品层出不穷。 所以美国的专利申请和审批量比其他国家都多。美国的科技发达,网民和诺贝尔奖获得者的人数也是世界各国中最多的。Ahead of the game这个习惯用语是在18世纪中期出现的,当时主要指在中设法获胜, 后来才用到其他方面。我们希望听众们不断收听美国习惯用语, 多多练习,这样你在讲英语,写英语方面就会stay ahead of the game。 /201502/358221石城人民医院有人工授精吗石城治疗阴道炎多少钱



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