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昆山可视无痛人流的价钱昆山市第一人民医院肛肠科David Cameron will back further powers for Scotland whatever the outcome of talks on English devolution, Downing Street was forced to admit yesterday, in a move that will further anger his restless backbenchers.英国政府昨日被迫承认,不管英格兰分权讨论的结果如何,首相戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)将持赋予苏格兰更多权力。这一表态将进一步激怒保守党议员。The prime minister, who hosts talks on the “English questiontoday with senior Tories at Chequers, riled his party by signing a vow promising new powers on tax and welfare for the Scottish parliament, and his attempt to appease them has unravelled over the weekend.卡梅伦今日将在首相官邸与保守Tories)高官就“英格兰问题”召开会谈。上周末,他签署了一份承诺,将在税收和福利方面赋予苏格兰议会新的权力,这激怒了他所在的保守党,而卡梅伦试图安抚本党成员的努力也没能见效。The fallout from last week’s Scottish independence referendum has descended into cross-party acrimony as the focus turned to the political conference season, starting with Labour in Manchester.上周的苏格兰独立公投已导致英国三大政党陷入彼此间的尖锐指责。人们的焦点正在转向各党即将召开的年度大会,其中工党(Labour)大会将首先在曼彻斯特举行。The prime minister tried to reassure Tory MPs last Friday that any new powers for Holyrood would be considered “in tandemwith a new drive to give English MPs more say over English-only legislation.卡梅伦上周五试图安抚保守党议员。他表示,赋予苏格兰议会更多权力与一个新计划——即在英格兰立法方面赋予英格兰议员更多发言权——是“一致”的。Downing Street insiders reaffirmed on Sunday that Mr Cameron was committed to bringing forward proposals on English votes on English laws and was “more than happyto hold a vote on the West Lothian question if recommended by the cabinet committee he set up last week to consider English devolution.英国政府内部人士上周日重申,卡梅伦将致力于推动有关英格兰人在英格兰法律方面投票权的提案。他们还表示,如果按照内阁委员会的建议,就“西洛锡安问题the West Lothian question,指除英格兰以外的地区是否有权对英格兰事务投票——译者注)进行投票表决,卡梅伦将“不胜喜悦”。这个委员会是卡梅伦上周设立的,任务是考虑英格兰分权问题。At the Labour conference there was talk of “betrayalby Mr Cameron in his attempt to mix the two issues and Chuka Umunna, the shadow business secretary, said the prime minister had acted “dishonourably在工党会议上,有人说卡梅伦将这两个问题混在一起,是一种“背叛”,“影子”商务大臣丘#8226;乌穆Chuka Umunna)表示,卡梅伦这么做是“不光的”。Alex Salmond, Scotland’s first minister, who announced his intention to resign after last week’s No vote in the independence referendum, told the B’s Sunday Politics that the “vowsigned by the leaders of the three main Westminster parties to transfer new powers to Holyrood was “cooked up in desperation from the last days of the campaignand was now unravelling.苏格兰首席大臣亚历克#8226;萨尔蒙德(Alex Salmond)在上周公投结果出炉后宣布计划辞职。他周日在英国广播公B)的Sunday Politics节目中表示,英国三个主要政党领导人签署的将新的权力下放给苏格兰议会的承诺是“虚情假意的,是独立运动最后几天的绝望之举”,而现在这种承诺正在破裂。But Tory MPs are urging Mr Cameron to press ahead with his plan to give more power to English MPs by putting the idea to a vote before the election, in an attempt to put Labour on the wrong side of public opinion.然而保守党议员正敦促卡梅伦继续推行其计划,在大选前将对是否赋予英格兰议员更多权力举行投票。来 /201409/329882昆山仁济女子医院人流医师在线 Burundis electoral commission has recommended pushing back national elections, after unrest sparked by President Pierre Nkurunzizas decision to seek a third term.布隆迪的选举委员会建议推迟举行大选之前布隆迪总统恩库仑齐扎决定寻求第三个任期,引起动乱。The National Independent Election Commission said Monday it has proposed legislative polls to take place on June 26, followed by the presidential election on July 15 and a senatorial vote on July 24.全国独立选举委员会星期一建议66日进行国民议会选举5日举行总统选举4日举行参议院选举。The presidential election originally was set for June 26, but there has been no campaigning in the wake of violent protests and a failed coup attempt last month in the capital, Bujumbura.总统选举原定66日举行,但在发生暴力抗议和上个月发生未遂政变之后,候选人没有展开竞选活动。Some opposition officials said the electoral commission lacks the legal authority to make any pronouncements because two of its five commissioners are believed to have fled the country.一些反对派人士说,选举委员会没有法定权力来宣布推迟大选,因为该委员会名成员中已有两人逃到国外。More than 100,000 Burundians have fled the country since the protests began.布隆迪爆发抗议示威以来已0万人出逃。The presidents supporters say he is eligible for a third term because he was elected by parliament, not voters, for his first five-year term in 2005. The constitutional court has ruled in favor of the president.恩库仑齐扎总统的持者说,他寻求第三个任期是合法的,因为005年第一次出任总统是由议会、而不是由选民选举的。布隆迪宪法法院持总统寻求连任。But his critics say that by running for a third term, he is violating term limits in the constitution and the accords that ended Burundis civil war.但批评者说,恩库仑齐扎的做法违法了宪法有关总统任期的规定和布隆迪内战结束时签署的阿鲁巴协议。The ed States has called on Mr. Nkurunziza not to run for a third term, saying the decision could destabilize Burundi.美国呼吁恩库仑齐扎不要竞选第三次连任,称这样做会破坏布隆迪稳定。来 /201506/379787North Korea has executed its defence minister by anti-aircraft fire for crimes including falling asleep at a meeting in front of supreme leader Kim Jong Un, Seoul’s intelligence agency has claimed.首尔情报机关声称,朝鲜已经用高射炮处决了其人民武力部长玄永哲(Hyon Yong Chol),其罪名包括当着伟大领袖金正Kim Jong Un)的面在会上打瞌睡。Hyon Yong Chol had enjoyed a rapid rise to prominence under Mr Kim: relatively unknown when he was promoted to vice-marshal in 2012, he became one of Pyongyangs most senior officials last year with a ministerial position and a seat on the National Defence Commission, the country’s most powerful organ. His name regularly appeared near the top of the list of officials accompanying Mr Kim to public events.在金正恩任内,玄永哲曾以极快的速度升至高位012年被升为次帅时,玄永哲名气还不算大。去年,凭借人民武力部部长一职及朝鲜最高权力机构国人民武力防委员会(National Defence Commission)的席位,玄永哲跻身平壤最高官员之列。他的名字定期出现在陪伴金正恩出席公开活动的官员名单的最前列。But Mr Hyon was executed using an anti-aircraft gun in front of hundreds of people near the end of last month, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service told lawmakers in a briefing on Wednesday. This appears to be the latest in an increasingly heavy stream of executions, widely interpreted as part of efforts by the young leader to protect his authority over the state since taking power on his father’s death in December 2011.然而,韩国国家情报局(National Intelligence Service)周三在一次问询中告诉韩国议员,在近上个月底时,玄永哲已被当着数百人的面,用高射炮处决。这一事件似乎是朝鲜日益增多的处决事件中的最新一例。这些处决事件被普遍解释为金正恩保护政权举措的一部分。自0112月在其父逝世后掌权以来,这位年轻的领导人试图通过这些措施,保护其在朝鲜政府中的权威。“Every time we hear rumours of more executions, we have to wonder whether it’s a sign of authority or an inability to keep things under control,Victor Cha, a White House adviser on Asia under George W Bush, told the Financial Times last week.上周,维克托·Victor Cha)告诉英国《金融时报》,“每次我们听到处决高官的传言,就会想这是否是朝鲜巩固权威或对问题失去控制能力的信号。”维克托·查曾在小布什任内担任美国亚洲事务负责人。The executions are part of a broader, unusually severe churn of positions in North Korea’s senior ranks. About half the top 218 military and bureaucratic officials were replaced within two years of Mr Kim taking power, according to South Korean estimates.对高官的处决,也是朝鲜更大范围的对高层权力深层洗牌的一部分。根据韩国方面的估计,在金正恩掌权两年时间内,在朝鲜218名军队和政府部门官员中,大约一半的官员遭到撤换。The most spectacular purge was that of Jang Song Thaek, Mr Kim’s uncle and top adviser, who was executed in December 2013 on charges that ranged from distributing pornography to plotting a coup.金正恩对其姑父及最高顾问张成泽(Jang Song Thaek)的处决是令外界最震惊的一次整肃,张成泽在20132月被处决,罪名中有控乱搞男女关系,也有阴谋政变。Shin Kyung-min, a lawmaker, cited NIS claims that 15 officials had aly been killed this year, compared with 41 in all of 2014 and 10 the year before. “Kim seems to be maintaining a ‘Reign of Terrorstrategy, executing people#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;when he feels threatened,he said.韩国国会议员申庆敏(Shin Kyung-min)引述一名情报官员的话说,朝鲜今年已经处决了15名高级官员,2014年处决了41名,2013年这个数字是10名。“金正恩似乎在实施一种‘威慑统治’策略……他将自己感到威胁其权威的人处决,来展示权威。”The claim that Hyon was executed after falling asleep in front of Mr Kim echoes the state denunciation of Jang, who was condemned for “halfheartedly clappingwhen a new title was bestowed on the supreme leader.有关玄永哲因当着金正恩的面打瞌睡而被处决的说法,呼应了朝鲜官方对金正恩姑父张成泽的贬斥。朝鲜官方曾谴责张成泽在金正恩获新头衔时“鼓掌不积极”。This extreme response to signs of disrespect reflects the struggle faced by Mr Kim generally believed to be 32 to assert his authority over much older senior figures, according to Ahn Myeong-chul, a former North Korean prison camp guard who now heads the non-profit group NK Watch.朝鲜观察(NK Watch)负责人安明哲(Ahn Myeong-chul)表示,这种对不敬行为的极端回应方式反映了金正恩面临的困境:这位据2岁的领导人要向年长得多的资深人物宣示自己的权威。朝鲜观察是一家非盈利组织,其现任负责人安明哲曾是朝鲜的狱警。“He’s not being paranoid from high-level officials to ordinary people, they really don’t respect him.”“并不是他(金正恩)偏执多疑,不管是高层官员还是普通人,都不是真的尊敬他(金正恩)。”Hyon’s apparent downfall came less than a month after he attended a conference in Moscow where he condemned the presence of US forces in South Korea as a “cancer growth In September last year he represented the country in a meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.就在玄永哲可能的落马之前不到一个月,他曾在莫斯科出席会议。当时,他曾谴责美国在韩国的军事存在是“不断增长的癌症”。去月,他曾代表朝鲜会见俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)。A report by Hong Kong’s Phoenix TV this month claimed Hyon had made a failed attempt to buy missiles and launch equipment from Russia during his latest visit, prompting Mr Kim to stay away from a second world war commemorative event in Moscow on May 9.这个月,香港凤凰卫视(Phoenix TV)声称,玄永哲在最近一次访俄时,未能从俄罗斯处买到导弹及发射装置。这导致金正恩缺日在莫斯科举办的二战纪念活动。North Korean executions are a common object of unreliable speculation. However, the reported use of an anti-aircraft gun corresponds with a study last month by AllSource Analysis and the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, which contained satellite images appearing to show execution victims lined up in front of a battery of six anti-aircraft guns at Kanggon Military Training Area near Pyongyang, the alleged site of Hyon’s death.朝鲜的处决事件,往往是众多不可靠猜测中的常见话题。不过,报道中所称的高射炮处决方式,与AllSource Analysis和朝鲜人权委员会(Committee for Human Rights in North Korea)上个月发表的一份研究报告相呼应。这份报告中包括了几张卫星图片,图片中似乎显示了在平壤附近的Kanggon军事训练Kanggon Military Training Area),多名被处决人员排在6架高射炮组成的队列前的情形,而Kanggon军事训练场则是玄永哲丧生的可能地点。来 /201505/375088昆山市中医院治疗痛经多少钱

锦溪镇治疗早泄哪家医院最好的The ed Nations human rights agency says the death toll from the conflict in eastern Ukraine has passed 5,000.联合国人权事务高级专员办事处说,乌克兰东部冲突的死亡人数已超过五千。Spokesman Rupert Colville told reporters Friday that the death toll could be far higher than the official estimate of 5,086 deaths, based on data collected by U.N. human rights monitors since the beginning of hostilities in April.办事处发言人鲁帕特#8226;科尔维尔星期五对记者说,死亡人数可能大大超出官方估计的5086人。这个数字是根据联合国人权监察员去年4月冲突爆发以来统计的数据。Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the Ukrainian government of starting a surge in violence in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists are battling Ukrainian troops to gain territory. Mr. Putin made the claim Friday in a meeting with senior officials.与此同时,俄罗斯总统普京星期五与高层官员会晤时指责乌克兰政府在乌克兰东部造成暴力升级当地的亲俄分离分子正与乌克兰政府军争夺地盘。The ed Nations says it has counted 262 deaths in the fighting in the past nine days.联合国说,据他们统计,过去九天的战斗造成262人死亡。Earlier Friday, a pro-Russian separatist leader said he will not push for new peace talks with the Ukrainian government, vowing instead to gain control of more territory in the east.另外,乌克兰东部顿涅斯克的反政府武装领导人扎哈琴科表示,他不会推动与乌克兰政府进行新的和谈,而是决心在乌克兰东部攻占更多的领土。Russian news agencies ed rebel chief Alexander Zakharchenko, based in the eastern city of Donetsk, as saying that his forces are launching a new offensive to expand their territory.俄罗斯媒体星期五引述扎哈琴科的话说,他的部队正在发动新的攻势,扩大地盘。On Thursday in Donetsk, at least 13 people were killed when a trolley bus was hit in an apparent mortar attack, sparking accusations of blame from both sides.星期四,顿涅斯克一辆公交车被炮弹击中,导致至少13人丧生。政府和反叛武装都宣称对方应对此负责。来 /201501/355996巴城镇人民医院有治疗前列腺炎吗 Dianne Feinstein and the US Senate intelligence committee have produced a brave and damming report on torture by the CIA. It will go some way in preventing the use of torture, yet there is more to be done.黛安#8226;范斯Dianne Feinstein)及美国参议院情报委员US Senate intelligence committee)针对美国中央情报局(CIA)的酷刑做法发表了一份勇敢而破坏力巨大的报告。它将在一定程度上阻止使用酷刑,但还有更多工作需要完成。Her findings offered no real surprises: waterboarding and other techniques of torture were authorised for use by the CIA in the summer of 2002, approval came from the top, the techniques were ineffective and there was much lying and deception. The report focuses on the CIA, yet as I discovered during research for my 2008 book Torture Team, the legal approvals she homed in on had other nefarious consequences: you can follow the authorisations of July and August 2002 through to the torture and other abuses that occurred at the instance of the US defence department and then migrated onwards to Iraq. There is a seamless trail from terrible legal opinions to the appalling images of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison and to the shaming of America.范斯坦的发现在意料之中:2002年夏天,CIA获得使用水刑和其他酷刑手段的授权,这项授权来自最高层,酷刑效果不佳,且围绕这种做法存在很多谎言和欺骗。这份报告的重点是CIA,然而我在为2008年所著的《酷刑团队Torture Team)进行调研期间发现,报告所聚焦的法律批准造成了其他恶劣后果:002月和8月的授权,到美国国防部主张施加、随后推广至伊拉克的酷刑及其他刑讯,可以看出整件事的来龙去脉。从糟糕的法律意见,到巴格达阿布格莱布监Abu Ghraib)虐囚的骇人图片,以及美国蒙羞,有一条环环相扣的主线。My work focused on the role of senior Bush administration lawyers in the authorisation of the torture, dubbed by the New Yorker as ‘the Bush Six But for their efforts none of this would have happened: lawyers are the ultimate guardians of legality and constitutionality, and if they are complicit, if they fail to act independently and fearlessly to speak truth to power, then we might as well give up on the rule of law.我的研究重点在于那些授权酷刑的布什政府高级律师的角色,他们被《纽约客The New Yorker)杂志称为“布什六人组the Bush Six)。若非他们的努力,这些都不会发生:律师是法治和宪制的终极捍卫者,如果他们串通一气、未能独立行事、惮于向权势说出真相,那么我们不如放弃对法治的信念。America’s misfortune, and ours, was to have allowed ideologues and men of weakness to occupy some of the highest legal offices of state. They failed to provide independent advice and became advocates for a cause. Those who did stand up and object were sidelined.美国(以及英国)的不幸在于,让空想家和软弱之人占据国家的最高法律职位。他们未能提供独立建议,而是成了某一项事业的倡导者。那些敢于表示反对的人受到排挤。Ms Feinstein’s report lays bare the lawyer’s handiwork. I appeared before her in the summer of 2008, invited to testify about my interviews with Bush administration lawyers and other officials involved in the decision to use coercive interrogation techniques at Guantánamo. What we now know, in appalling, footnoted detail, is how lawyers acting under the direction of the White House became torturers, by their writings or by turning a blind eye to techniques that plainly constituted international crimes.范斯坦的报告揭露了这些律师的“杰作”008年夏天,我出席了她主持的听会,当时我应邀就自己的采访作,采访对象是参与决定在关塔那Guantánamo)使用强制性审讯手段的布什政府的律师及其他官员。现在,我们通过有脚注的骇人细节了解到,律师们如何在白宫的授意下成为了刑讯者——通过他们提供的书面法律建议,通过对明显构成国际犯罪的审讯手段视若不见。What has happened to the lawyers? Like the doctors who were also revealed to have been involved, none has been subject to the legal process of investigation required by the UN Convention Against Torture or sanctioned by his professional body for violation of ethics rules, and none has offered any sort of personal apology for involvement in legal advice that allowed torture.这些律师受到了什么处理呢?正如同样被曝参与其中的医生一样,他们都未曾受到联合国《禁止酷刑公约Convention Against Torture)所要求的调查法律程序,也未因违反道德准则而受到其所属的专业协会的处分,而且没人为提供允许刑讯的法律建议而做出任何形式的个人道歉。The author of many of the worst torture memos teaches international law at the University of California, Berkeley. A couple are associated with renowned Washington law firms, one as a partner, the other as senior counsel, each offering advice on national security. A fourth is general counsel to a New York pharmaceutical company. A fifth is vice-president and head of research for a Washington think-tank. And a sixth, most remarkably of all, has served as a judge on the US Federal Court of Appeals. It can hardly be said that their careers have suffered unduly, or that association with torture offers much by way of professional disadvantage.多项最糟糕法律建议的作者如今在加州大学伯克利分University of California, Berkeley)教国际法。还有两个人与华盛顿的知名法律事务所有关联,其中一人是合伙人,另一人是高级顾问,二人均提供国家安全方面的建议。第四人现为纽约一家制药公司的总法律顾问。第五人是华盛顿一家智库的副总裁兼研究主管。第六人最令人吃惊,现为美国联邦上诉法US Federal Court of Appeals)的法官。他们的职业生涯似乎没有遭受太大影响,与酷刑的关联似乎没有带来太多职业劣势。What should be done? Surprisingly, the head of the American Civil Liberties Union has called for those involved to be pardoned, as a way of establishing that torture is illegal.我们应该做些什么?令人意外的是,美国公民自由联American Civil Liberties Union)的领导人呼吁赦免那些涉及其中的人,以便确定酷刑违法。That is not a path countenanced by the Convention Against Torture, which aims to stamp out impunity and establish illegality by requiring the US to investigate and, if necessary, to prosecute torturers. If the US fails to act or issues pardons then other countries can exercise jurisdiction over torturers who enter their territory. There is also the International Criminal Court, which can exercise jurisdiction where torture occurred on the territory of states parties, such as Afghanistan. The US is not a party, but its nationals are subject to prosecution if they commit crimes on the territory of states which are, since holding an American passport does not, as such, offer an immunity from any of these paths to justice or accountability.这一方法并不受到《禁止酷刑公约》的持。《公约》的精神是消除赦免的可能并确定酷刑的违法性,这意味着要求美国政府展开调查,并在必要情况下对刑讯者提起公诉。如果美国做不到——或者颁布赦免令——那么其他国家可以对进入其国境的刑讯者行使司法管辖权。还有就是国际刑事法International Criminal Court),它可以对缔约国(如阿富汗)境内发生的酷刑行使司法管辖权。美国并非缔约国,但如果美国公民在缔约国境内实施犯罪,他们可能被提起公诉,因为拥有美国护照不能使其豁免于这些通往伸张正义和追究责任的路径。Ms Feinstein’s report thus offers a start, as an authoritative and independent investigation. It may be that criminal proceedings could be avoided by a process of truth and reconciliation. Until that happens a dark cloud hangs over each and every individual identified by name in the executive summary of the report and its 2,725 footnotes.因此,作为权威和独立的调查,范斯坦的报告提供了一个开端。也许可以通过一个寻找真相和达成和解的过程来避免刑事诉讼。在那之前,对于这份报告的执行摘要及2725个脚注所点名的人来说,阴云会一直笼罩在头上。来 /201412/349427锦溪镇人民中心医院妇科专家

周市镇妇幼保健院白带异常多少钱 This weekend America announced that it was sending more troops to Iraq, Russia allegedly sent more troops into Ukraine and President Barack Obama set off for Beijing.最近,美国宣布将向伊拉克增派士兵,俄罗斯据称已向乌克兰派出更多军队,而美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)前往北京。Ask policy makers in Washington which of these different parts of the world should be America’s top priority and the first response is usually a variant of “We’ve got to be able to chew gum and walk at the same time.Press on, and the replies get more interesting.如果你问问华盛顿的政策制定者,在全球这些不同地区中,哪一个应该是美国的首要优先任务,最初的回答通常类似于“我们现在能够一心多用了。”继续问下去,就变得更有趣了。Broadly speaking, the Washington consensus seems to be that, of the two immediate crises, the one in the Middle East is more urgent than the one in Ukraine. One US national security official, whose responsibilities include both Russia and the Middle East, looked incredulous when I asked him, last week, which was the more important: “The Middle East, by far,he replied.大体来讲,华盛顿的共识似乎是:在当下这两个危机中,中东危机要比乌克兰危机更为紧迫。当我问一位负责俄罗斯和中东事务的美国国家安全官员,哪一个更重要时,他似乎不信我会问这个问题,答道:“中东,这个紧迫多了。”The argument for prioritising the Middle East is threefold. First, there is an actual war going on, with the US involved in daily bombing raids landing “warheads on foreheads in the disconcertingly jaunty phrase used in the Pentagon. Second, if national security is defined as protecting civilian populations from harm, the Americans see a much more immediate threat from jihadist terrorism than from Russia. Third, the Americans believe an entire regional order is unravelling in the Middle East and that the reordering could take decades. By contrast, the order in Europe is only fraying at the edges.将中东列为优先任务的理由点。第一,中东确实在爆发真刀真的战争,美国每天都会参与轰炸任务,用五角大楼那句洋洋得意、令人不安的话来说,“朝着额头发射弹头warheads on foreheads)。第二,如果国家安全的定义是保护平民不受伤害,那么美国人认为来自圣战组织的恐怖主义威胁远比俄罗斯更为紧迫。第三,美国人认为中东的整个地区秩序正在瓦解,恢复秩序可能需要几十年。相比之下,欧洲的秩序只是在边缘出现紊乱。Some even worry that America’s preoccupation with Russia distracted its attention from Iraq and Syria, at a vital time. One official muses: “I do wonder whether historians will record that, in the spring of 2014, we were too focused on Ukraine, just as [Isis] was grabbing control of huge swaths of territory.”一些人甚至担心,美国对俄罗斯的关注在关键时刻分散了其对伊拉克和叙利亚的注意力。一位官员若有所思地说道:“我真的很想知道历史学家将如何记录这件事014年春,我们的注意力过多地放在了乌克兰身上,而当时,‘伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)正在抢夺大片地区的控制权。”The phenomenon of policy makers looking in the wrong direction is certainly not unknown in history. In the month before the outbreak of the first world war, 100 years ago, the British government spent far more time discussing the prospect of civil conflict in Ireland than the threat of war in Europe.政策制定者的关注方向出现错误的现象肯定并非前所未有。在100年前第一次世界大战爆发前的那一个月,英国政府讨论爱尔兰出现国内冲突可能性的时间,远远多于讨论欧洲战争威胁的时间。But for those who worry most about Vladimir Putin’s Russia, it is the Middle East that is the dangerous distraction. The “Russia firstcrowd is stronger in Warsaw and Berlin than in Washington. It worries that the US has been drawn back into the “war on terrorand the conflicts of the Middle East, just as the dangers in Europe are mounting.但对于那些最担心弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)领导下的俄罗斯的人而言,是中东危险地分散了政策制定者的注意力。在华沙和柏林,呼吁将俄罗斯问题排在首位的人群的声势要比在华盛顿更大。他们担心,美国已退回到“反恐战争”和中东冲突中去,而此时欧洲的危险正在加剧。According to this analysis, the US has still not recognised the radicalism of the challenge posed by Russia. The annexation of Crimea and incursions into eastern Ukraine are, it is feared, just the start. At some point, Russia is likely to threaten more of Ukraine, or even the Baltic states. The very fact that America has ruled out military action over Ukraine which makes the crisis seem less urgent in Washington has inadvertently raised the stakes. As one senior European diplomat puts it: “Putin knows that he can always escalate to places we won’t go.”根据这种分析,美国仍没有意识到,俄罗斯构成的挑战具有极端性。人们担心吞并克里米亚和入侵乌克兰东部只是开始。未来某一刻,俄罗斯可能会威胁乌克兰更多地区,甚至波罗的海国家。美国已排除了就乌克兰问题采取军事行动的可能性,这让这场危机在美国显得不那么紧迫,然而正是这一事实不经意间加大了风险。正如欧洲一位高级外交官所言:“普京知道他永远可以将事态升级到我们不愿意触碰的级别。”The darkest scenarios, being discussed behind closed doors, include Russian escalation up to and including the use of tactical nuclear weapons. If that were to happen it would, of course, be the biggest international security crisis in decades far more significant and dangerous than another round in the 25 years of fighting in Iraq.人们私下里讨论的最糟糕的情形,包括俄罗斯将事态升级到涉及使用战术核武器的地步。如果这变成事实,这肯定将是几十年来最为严重的国际安全危机,其重要性和危险性将远远超过另一轮持5年的伊拉克战争。Most experts still dismiss the nuclear scenarios as far-fetched. It is more common to worry that Mr Putin may launch an all-out conventional war in Ukraine or encourage uprisings by Russian-speakers in the Baltic states, which are members of Nato. If Russia then intervened in the Baltic states and Nato did not respond, the Kremlin would have achieved the huge prize of demonstrating that the western military alliance is a paper tiger.多数专家仍认为这种核战争假设很牵强。更普遍的担忧是,普京可能会在乌克兰发动全面常规战争,或者鼓动波罗的海国家说俄语的人群揭竿而起,这些国家是北约(Nato)成员囀?如果俄罗斯接下来在波罗的海国家实施干预,而北约没有做出回应,那么俄罗斯就取得了一项重大胜利——展示了西方军事联盟就是一只纸老虎。Some hope that the growing pressure on the Russian economy and the rouble might dissuade the Kremlin from escalation. But an economic crisis could also make Russian behaviour more unpredictable and reckless.一些人期待,对俄罗斯经济以及卢布施加更大压力,可能会说俄罗斯不去扩大冲突。但一场经济危机还可能会让俄罗斯的行为更不可预测和不计后果。Amid all this angst, President Obama has set off for a summit in China. For believers in America’s “pivot to Asiait remains true that over the longer term the biggest challenge to US power is still a rising China, rather than a declining Russia or a disintegrating Middle East. They worry that the more the US gets sucked into the crises, the easier it will be for China to achieve primacy in East Asia the region that is increasingly the core of the global economy.在所有这些担忧之中,奥巴马总统动身前往中国参加一次峰会。对于那些相信美国“重返亚洲”的人们而言,事实仍然是,较长期来说,美国实力的最大挑战者仍然是一个正在崛起的中国,而非实力日益下滑的俄罗斯或正在分崩离析的中东。他们担心,美国越卷入到危机之中,中国就越容易在东亚获得首要地位,而东亚正日益成为全球经济的核心。The Obama administration is determined that this will not happen, and is shifting US military resources so that in future, 60 per cent of the American navy will be based in the Pacific.奥巴马政府决心不让这种结果出现,因此正在转移美国军事资源,这样将来美0%的海军力量将部署在太平洋地区。It will be up to historians to decide whether the Obama administration got its strategic priorities right, or whether it charged off in the wrong direction at a crucial moment.奥巴马政府的战略优先任务是否正确,或者美国是否在关键时刻搞错了方向,这将由历史学家决定。My own instinct is that Russia is now the most important challenge. The rise of China is hugely significant but, for the moment, it feels like a long-term process without any immediate risk of conflict with the US.我自己的想法是,俄罗斯现在是最为重要的挑战。中国的崛起影响非常重大,但目前,这像是一个长期过程,眼下没有任何与美国产生冲突的风险。Failing states in the Middle East and the risk of terrorism are dangers that, sadly, now feel almost normal.遗憾的是,中东那些正在衰落的国家以及恐怖主义风险现在变成了近乎常规的危险。But an angry, nuclear-armed Russia, intent on challenging US power, poses risks that we are only beginning to understand. Peace in Europe may depend on Washington striking exactly the right balance between deterrence and diplomacy.然而,一个愤怒、核武装、有意挑战美国实力的俄罗斯所构成的风险,我们才刚刚开始意识到。欧洲的和平可能依赖于美国在威慑与外交斡旋之间达成合理的平衡。来 /201411/343228昆山市红十字中医院男科咨询昆山仁济医院做一次手术一共多少钱



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