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福建做人工授孕多少钱啊福州人民医院检查精液好不好BEIJING — A report that Beijing’s aly notorious smog contained bacteria with antibiotic-resistant genes sp through the city last week like pathogens in a pandemic disaster movie.北京——上周,有一则新闻就像是传染病灾难片中的病原体一样席卷了北京城,报道称,在北京已经臭名昭著的雾霾里,一些细菌具有抗生素耐药性基因。“Drug-resistant bacteria make people very afraid,” The Beijing Evening News said in an article reposted by Xinhua, the state news agency, after a scientific study by Swedish researchers drew interest during yet another flare-up of hazardous smog.在新一轮有害健康的雾霾爆发期间,瑞典研究人员的一项科学研究吸引了人们的兴趣。“耐药菌让很多人感到非常害怕,”《北京晚报》在官方通讯社新华社转发的一篇文章中说。The study, published in October in the journal Microbiome, found antibiotic-resistant genetic material in the smog but no evidence of live bacteria capable of infecting anyone.这项研究今年10月发表在《微生物》(Microbiome)杂志上,研究人员在北京的雾霾中发现了含有抗生素耐药性的遗传物质,不过没有据表明活体细菌可以感染任何人。That did not make residents of Beijing feel much better, though.但是,这并没有让北京居民的感觉好多少。The actress Zhang Ziyi perhaps best summed up the feelings among many of Beijing’s 22 million residents by writing on her Weibo account on Saturday that the smog made her want to pick up her 11-month-old daughter and fly away. Ms. Zhang worried that it “made it easier to get sick.”演员章子怡或许最好地总结了北京2200万居民中许多人的感受。她上周六在自己的微账号上写道,雾霾令她想要带着11个月大的女儿上飞机走人。章子怡担心它让人“更容易生病”。By Monday, most Chinese news reports speculating about the threat had been taken offline, replaced by articles ing an unidentified expert from the city’s Health Department advising that there was nothing to worry about.至周一,大多数对这种威胁进行猜测的中文新闻报道都已撤掉,替换为援引市卫计委未指明身份的专家的话所做的报道,后者表示没什么可担心的。But to cynical Chinese, accustomed to chronic smog and other health hazards including melamine in baby milk powder, the use of recycled oil in restaurants and clenbuterol-fed pigs, the censorship and rebuttals merely signaled that there was, perhaps, something to worry about.然而对充满怀疑的中国人来说,审查和反驳仅仅意味着,或许真的有什么值得担心的地方。他们习惯了长期存在的雾霾和其他有害健康的事物,包括婴儿奶粉中的三聚氰胺、餐馆里使用的回收油,以及喂了瘦肉精的猪。“Speechless!” and “Run, here comes an expert!” were two typical comments circulating online, now deleted.“无语!”和“快跑,专家来了!”是网上流传的两种典型,它们现在已遭删除。“Hurry and develop a face mask that keeps out harmful bacteria and superbugs,” a user identified as Hengkong chushi wrote in response to an article on Tencent, titled: “Officials Respond to Beijing’s Antibiotic-Resistant Smog Superbugs: No Harm to Humans.”“赶快研制一种口罩,挡住有害菌,吸进超级菌。”一位名为“横空出世”的用户在腾讯新闻发布的一篇文章下道。这篇文章的标题是《官方回应北京雾霾现耐药“超级菌”:对人体无害》。“Don’t just say ‘no harm,’” another commenter named Sun Rain wrote. “Hurry up and develop new laws and new drugs, to fend off a major peril that could develop.”“别先说无害,”另一位名为“太阳雨”的用户写道。“赶快研发新法新药,预防万一发生大规模危害吧。”Though fears of airborne bacteria were unfounded, there is a growing health problem of antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics are heavily overprescribed in China, doctors and researchers say.尽管对空气中浮游菌的担忧没什么依据,但是由抗生素耐药性带来的健康问题却日益增多。医生和研究人员表示,在中国抗生素被医生滥开的情况很严重。The study said “very little if anything about risks for acquiring an infection from breathing urban air,” Joakim Larsson, one of the authors of the study, a professor of environmental pharmacology at the University of Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Academy and director of its Center for Antibiotic Resistance Research, wrote in an email responding to a request for comment.该研究的作者之一、哥德堡大学萨尔格伦斯卡医学院(University of Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Academy)环境药理学教授兼抗生素耐药性研究中心(Center for Antibiotic Resistance Research)主任约阿基姆#8226;拉松(Joakim Larsson)在回应时报置评请求的邮件中写道:这项研究几乎没有提及“因在城市里呼吸空气而感染的风险”。In the report, the researchers studied different locations around the world for antibiotic-resistant genes, including the human gut, the skin, wastewater, soil, pharmaceutically polluted sites and, in an apparent innovation, Beijing smog.在这份报告中,研究人员研究了全世界的不同地点,寻找耐抗生素基因,包括人类的内脏、皮肤、废水、土壤、遭到药物污染的地点,还有北京的雾霾——显然是一种创新的选择。In what they described as “a limited set of deeply sequenced air samples from a Beijing smog event,” they identified about 64 types of antibiotic-resistant genes, making Beijing smog one of two environments with “the largest relative abundance and/or diversity” of antibiotic-resistant genes, including genes with resistance to last-resort antibiotics. The other, aly known, is environments polluted by pharmaceutical factories.在被他们描述为“从北京一个有雾霾的场合获取的有限的一系列详尽排序的空气样本”中,他们找到了64种耐抗生素基因,这让北京的雾霾成为耐抗生素基因“相对丰度或多样性最大的”两种环境之一,其中包含对最强大的抗生素有耐药性的基因。另一种已经为人知的环境,是被制药厂污染的地方。“We have studied DNA from bacteria in the air and found a large variety of genes that can make bacteria resistant to antibiotics, including some of the most powerful antibiotics we have,” Mr. Larsson wrote in the email. “This was a surprising finding to us, and we think it warrants further studies.”“我们研究了空气中细菌里的DNA,发现了许多种可以让病菌对抗生素产生抵抗力的基因,包括我们拥有的一些力量最强的抗生素,”拉松在邮件中写道。“对我们来说,这是一个意外的发现,我们认为有必要对它展开进一步的研究。”Others appeared to agree.其他人似乎也这么认为。“This is important work that may provide insights into the dissemination of antibiotic resistance not only in Beijing but in other cities as well,” W. Ian Lipkin, director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, wrote in an email.“这是很重要的工作,不仅可以为北京,也可以为其他城市的抗生素耐药性传播提供启示,”哥伦比亚大学梅尔曼公共卫生学院(Columbia University#39;s Mailman School of Public Health)感染与免疫研究中心主任W#8226;伊恩#8226;李普金(W. Ian Lipkin)在一封邮件中写道。“It’s not clear that bacteria in smog are a health threat,” Dr. Lipkin wrote, noting that smog may be the more likely cause of health problems.“目前还不能确定,雾霾中的细菌是否会对健康构成威胁,”李普金写道,同时指出雾霾更有可能带来健康问题。“What is clear is that the air isn’t clear. Pollution results in damage to airways that increases susceptibility to a wide range of viruses as well as bacteria,” he wrote.“可以确定的是,那里的空气不干净。污染给肺的气道带来破坏,令人更容易感染种类繁多的病毒和细菌,”他写道。“One question not addressed is whether smog stabilizes bacteria in a way that normal air does not,” he added. “Bacteria probably don’t replicate in the air. More likely that they settle somewhere and do, exchanging genetic material in liquid or on surfaces.”“有一个疑问没有解决,那就是雾霾是否在某种程度上以一种普通空气无法实现的方式令细菌保持了稳定,”他接着写道。“细菌可能不会在空气中繁殖。它们更有可能在某些地方停下来,进行繁殖,在液体或某些物质表面交换遗传物质。”State news outlets are dispensing health advice: To minimize illness during smog attacks, get enough sleep, eat foods that help you expectorate, flush out your nose with saltwater and wash your hands.官方媒体机构给人们提供的健康建议是:为在雾霾天气里将患病的几率降到最低,应保持充足的睡眠,注意饮食清淡,勤洗手和用盐水洗鼻。Heavy smog was predicted again in Beijing for three days, starting on Friday.预计从周五开始,为期三天的重度雾霾将再度降临北京。 /201612/481913龙岩做试管生男孩哪里好 Jiajia, a third grader who was born with the congenital disease aplastic anemia, wrote an affecting article that moved many netizens.今年三年级的佳佳患有先天性再生障碍性贫血,而她最近写的一篇感人的作文感动了很多网友。In the article, she shared her biggest wish: to survive so she could take care of her grandparents.在作文中,她分享了自己最大的心愿:要活下去,这样她就可以照顾她的爷爷奶奶。Jiajia, 9, currently lives in the city of Suining in Sichuan province.佳佳今年9岁,住在四川省遂宁市。In the article, she writes, ;My heart gets heavier each time I see my grandma weep for me. If I ever get to grow up, I will take good care of her.;在她的作文里,她写道:;我看见我的奶奶为我的病落泪的时候,我的心情很悲伤。如果我能活着长大,我一定会好好孝顺我的奶奶。;Jiajia contracted pneumonia when she was 4 months old. Since then, she has required a blood transfusion every two weeks.佳佳在4个月大时得了肺炎。从那时起,她就需要每两星期输一次血。After her parents#39; divorce, her grandparents took her in and confronted many challenges in the process of raising her.她的父母离婚后,就由爷爷奶奶照顾她,而抚养她的过程中面临着很多挑战。The girl#39;s article was only 235 words long, and it was handed in as a school assignment.女孩的作文只有235字,是交给学校的作业。Nevertheless, Jiajia#39;s words ;deeply impressed; her elementary school teacher, who then posted the article online, where it struck a chord with many people.尽管如此,佳佳的话;深深地震撼;了她的小学老师,这名老师随后把佳佳的作文发到网上,打动了很多人。Up till now, a fund started by teachers at Jiajia#39;s school has reached more than 30,000 RMB, which will be put toward Jiajia#39;s future blood transfusions.截至目前,佳佳学校的教师们已筹集到3万余元的善款,这能够让佳佳继续输血治病。 /201610/473022福州检查卵巢囊肿大概多少钱

福州武警医院做人工授精怎么样Medical insurance programs for China#39;s rural residents and urban unemployed will be merged into a single basic health insurance plan to improve equality and efficiency, according to a notice issued on Tuesday by the State Council.根据国务院周二印发的文件,为改善社会公平,提高医保基金使用效率,我国将整合城镇居民基本医疗保险和新型农村合作医疗两项制度,建立统一的城乡居民基本医疗保险制度。The government will increase subsidies to the basic insurance program, and subscribers will share a greater burden of the total insurance fund, the notice said.该文件称,政府将加大对基本保险计划补助的同时,也将适当提高个人缴费比重。The new policy will become China#39;s largest health insurance program, covering more than 1 billion people.这项新政策将成为中国最大的医疗保险制度,将会覆盖超过10亿的人口。Under the new policy, all subscribers will pay the same premium and enjoy the same reimbursement rate regardless of their residency status, it said.该文件指出,在新的政策下,所有公民都将付相同的保费,并享有相同的偿还率,而不用去考虑他们的户籍身份。The notice also said local governments should formulate plans to carry out the policy before the end of the year.该通知还指出,各地方政府应制定相应的计划,来保在今年年底前这一政策的正式实施。Currently, China has three health insurance policies: one for the urban employed, established in 1998; a new rural cooperative medical plan established in 2003; and a plan for urban unemployed, which begun in 2007.目前,中国共有三种医疗保险政策:一种是1998年建立的城镇职工保险制度;另一种是2003年建立的新型农村合作医疗制度;还有一种就是2007年建立的城镇居民医疗制度。The latter two are highly subsidized by the government, while the policy for the urban employed, paid for by employees and their employers, has the best reimbursement rate.其中,后两者是政府大力补助的,而对于城镇职工保险制度,是由员工和雇主付费用,有着最佳的偿还率。 /201601/422384福州精子常规检查那个医院好 福州妇保医院人工授精多少钱

福州哪里有检查输卵管最好Ruth Teichroeb, the communications officer for Oceans North: Protecting Life in the Arctic, an initiative of the Pew Charitable Trusts, sent a note this evening about new steps related to an issue I’ve covered here before – the rare and welcome proactive work by Arctic nations to ban fishing in the central Arctic Ocean ahead of the “big melt” as summer sea ice retreats more in summers in a human-heated climate.今晚,皮尤慈善信托基金(Pew Charitable Trusts)的倡导项目“最北面的海洋:保护北极生物”(Oceans North: Protecting Life in the Arctic)的通讯联络主管露丝·泰希罗布(Ruth Teichroeb)发出了一条消息,是有关我曾经在这里介绍过的一个议题的最新动向。那是在“大消融”出现之前,北极国家采取的比较少见也很受欢迎的一项积极行动,即在中央北冰洋公海禁渔。“大消融”是指在人类活动引发气温上升的气候条件下,海冰在夏季的消融面积扩大的现象。Given how little is known about the Arctic Ocean’s ecology and dynamics, this is a vital and appropriate step.考虑到人们对北冰洋的生态和动态变化知之甚少,这称得上是至关重要且恰如其分的一步。Here’s her note about an important meeting in Washington in early December, which will likely be obscured as the climate treaty negotiations in Paris enter their final week at the same time:以下是她发出的有关12月初在华盛顿召开的一个重要会议的消息。这项会议有可能不会被注意到,因为巴黎的气候协议谈判届时将进入最后一周:The ed States is hosting negotiations for an international Arctic fisheries agreement to protect the Central Arctic Ocean in Washington, D.C., on December 1 to 3. The five Arctic countries will meet for the first time with non-Arctic fishing nations to work on a binding international accord. This follows the declaration of intent signed in July by the Arctic countries.美国计划在12月1日至3日在华盛顿举行这次会议,就达成一项保护中央北冰洋公海生态的北极渔业国际协议进行磋商。五个北极国家将第一次和多个非北极渔业国家进行会面,共同制定一项具有约束性的国际协议。这些北极国家已在今年7月签署了相关意向书。The big question for this meeting is whether China, Japan, Korea and the European Union will attend and cooperate on a precautionary agreement to prevent overfishing given the dramatic impact of climate change in the Arctic.Let’s hope they do. The lack of governance in the far north is aly being exploited in other ways related to the fate of marine life.关于这次会议,有一个比较大的疑问是,考虑到气候变化对北极地区产生的巨大影响,中国、日本、韩国和欧盟国家是否会参会?是否会配合达成这项防止过度捕捞的预防性协议?希望都是肯定的。北极地区缺乏管治,已经在与海洋生物命运息息相关的其他一些方面给人以可乘之机。Just before President Obama visited the Arctic in August, an Icelandic seafood company quietly sent 1,800 tons of frozen meat hacked from slaughtered endangered fin whales through the Arctic to Japan.就在奥巴马总统于今年8月访问北极地区之前,一家冰岛海产品公司悄悄地把1800吨冷冻肉从北极运到了日本。这些肉取自惨遭屠戮的濒危物种长须鲸。Environmental groups ran ads in Alaskan newspapers during the Obama administration’s Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic in Anchorage to draw attention to the issue.奥巴马政府在安克雷奇召开全球领导人北极会议(Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic)时,环境保护团体在阿拉斯加的各大报纸上刊登相关广告,希望吸引人们关注这一问题。Given that the president in 2014 publicly castigated Iceland for its continuing slaughter of fin whales despite their international status as an endangered species, it’s hard to interpret the shipment as anything other than thumbing the nose at the ed States. Here’s what Obama said in a memorandum to Congress in 2014:考虑到奥巴马曾在2014年公开指责冰岛无视长须鲸是国际濒危物种的事实,并不断对它们进行屠戮。除了把冰岛运送鲸肉的行为看作对美国的蔑视,实在不好做别的解读。以下是奥巴马2014年在给国会的一个备忘录中的话:“Iceland’s actions jeopardize the survival of the fin whale, which is listed in CITES among the species most threatened with extinction, and they undermine multilateral efforts to ensure greater worldwide protection for whales.”“冰岛的行为危及长须鲸的生存,后者是《濒危野生动植物种国际贸易公约》(CITES)中列出的濒危程度最高的物种之一。这些行为有损为在全球范围内加强对鲸鱼保护而进行的多边努力。” /201511/412477 宁德去那间医院优生优育检查福建福州博爱医院复通手术要多少钱



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