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浙江省义乌芙洛拉整形医院整形美容中心义乌打玻尿酸专家The Majestic Opah Is The World#39;s First Truly Warm Blooded Fish!大月鱼成为世界上首例温血鱼类The Opah is a striking fish species that can grow as large as 7-feet in diameter and weigh over 100 pounds. Also referred to as moonfish, the giants that can be found in both temperate and tropical seas reside at depths of 150 to 1,300-feet where the waters can be extremely chilly. Scientists have often wondered how the fish can withstand the temperatures given that they lack typical deep sea dweller characteristics like a large heart. Now thanks to some curious California researchers that mystery has finally been solved - The Opah has warm-blood!月鱼是一种大型鱼类,它直径能长到7英尺,重达100多磅。在温带和热带水下150-1300英尺深度的极寒海域中都可看到它的身影。科学家常对月鱼如何能承受这样的温度感到奇怪,因为它的心脏并不像其他深海生物那样大。现在,好奇的加利福尼亚研究者终于解开了这个谜题——月鱼是温血鱼类!The chain of events leading to the discovery was accidental. It all began in 2012 when Southwest Fisheries Science Center researchers Owyn Snodgrass and Heidi Dewar caught a few more Opah specimens than normal during a research trip off the Southern California coast. Since very little was known about the elusive fish, the scientists decided to take advantage of the unexpected catch and sent some tissue samples to their colleague Nicholas Wegner for dissection.发现这个结果纯属偶然。在2012年,西南水产科学研究中心的研究员Owyn Snodgrass和Heidi Dewar在去南加利福尼亚海岸做调查的路途中,碰巧多抓了些月鱼标本。由于对月鱼的奥秘了解甚少,他们决定充分利用这次意外的捕获,送了一些组织标本给他们的同事Nicholas Wegner做解剖。While the researchers had expected to learn some intriguing facts about the fish#39;s lifestyle, they had not anticipated anything earth shattering. Even Wegner, who specializes in the respiratory adaptations of fast-swimming fish, later admitted that he had always thought the Opah was just another sluggish cold-blooded deep-water species.研究者们本来是期待对月鱼的生活方式多了解一些,从没想过能有如此惊人的发现。专注于游动飞快的鱼类的呼吸适应研究的Wegner后来也承认,自己一直以为月鱼只是迟钝的冷血深水鱼类。So you can imagine everyone#39;s surprise when Wegner discovered that the opah#39;s gill tissue is webbed with red and blue blood vessels or ;rete mirabile.; These surprising findings have resulted in a new respect for this fish. According to Wegner, ;All indications are that this is a very fast fish and an active predator . . . Specialized for living deeper than those other predators.; This shows how much we still have left to learn about the amazing marine animals that reside in our oceans.所以,你可以想象当Wegner发现月鱼腮部组织遍布红色和蓝色的血管时,人们有多么惊讶。这个惊人的发现也使人们对月鱼产生了新的敬畏。Wegner表示,“月鱼游动飞快,善于捕食,比其他捕食者生活的水域更深,这些都印了这个结果。”调查结果也说明了神奇的海洋生物身上仍然有太多奥秘值得我们探究。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/381816义乌市中医院激光祛痘多少钱 3 Free Apps to Make You More Productive三款免费的应用程序可以提高你的生产效率In the olden days, productivity tools were a bit bulkier: pen, paper, the occasional actual, physical clock. Now, you can have just about anything you need to improve your efficiency, right in your phone or tablet. These are some of the best apps for getting stuff done.过去的产能工具有点笨重:笔,纸和偶尔较为实际的生物钟。现在只要用手机或者平板电脑就可以获得你所需用来提高效率的东西。这些就是可以使事情做好的最棒的应用程序。1. HabitClock1.习惯钟(Free for Basic Version, .99 per Month for Premium, for iOS)(基本版本可免费使用,按照国际标准每月需交纳.99的保险费);HabitClock lets you make a list of habits you#39;d like to perform in the morning,; writes Walter Glenn at Lifehacker. ;If you#39;re looking for help thinking of suggestions, it even shows trends so you can see the kinds of habits other users are creating. When the built-in alarm clock goes off, HabitClock shows you the first habit in your list and starts a timer. When you#39;ve finished it, click Done to move on to the next habit.;沃尔特·格兰在Lifehacker 网站中写道“习惯钟可以帮你列出早上喜欢做的习惯清单。如果你想寻求建议,那么它就会展示出其他人创造出来的一些习惯。当内置钟表启动之后,习惯钟就会在你的列表中显示你的第一个习惯,并且开始计时。当你完成这一习惯之后,表针就会‘滴答’进入下一个习惯”。2. focus@will2.集中注意力音乐电台(Free for 100 Minutes, a Month, per Year, for iOS, Android, and Online)(在安卓系统或者联机情况下,可免费使用100分钟,国际收费标准为每月,每年)Like to listen to music while you work? Focus@will offers songs and playlists geared toward boosting your concentration. The developers worked with neuroscientists to pick music most likely to inspire workers to enter ;the zone.;喜欢边工作边听音乐吗?集中注意力音乐电台可以提供一些歌曲和播放列表,从而帮助你提高注意力。开发商和神经系统科学家合作,挑选出了最有可能激发工作者进入工作状态的音乐。3. ToDoist3.简洁日程(Free for Basic Version, per Year for Premium, for Android, iOS, Online, Etc.)(基本版本可免费使用,按国际标准每月需交纳.99的保险费,可在安卓系统、联机和其他情况下使用)Ordinarily to-do lists can help you cross off projects and get stuff done, but they can#39;t tell you how to be more productive in the future. ToDoist tracks your productivity, enabling you to become more efficient.普通的工作清单只能帮你划掉已完成的工作,但是却不能告诉你将来如何提高效率。简洁日程可以跟踪分析你的生产力,从而帮你提高效率。Tell Us What You Think告诉我们你的看法Which apps would you add to this list? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment!你会将哪个应用程序加入到应用列表中呢?我们想听听你的看法!写下! /201504/370242义乌妇幼保健院瘦腿针多少钱

义乌人民医院去痘印多少钱Citigroup is testing new technology that will allow customers to withdraw money using retinal scanning.花旗正在测试允许客户通过扫描视网膜取款的新技术。The bank wants to replace PIN codes with biometric scanners that could identify customers using only their eyes.花旗打算用仅通过客户的眼睛即可识别其身份的生物识别扫描仪来取代个人识别号码。Customers would use a smartphone app to key in the amount they want to draw out ahead of time.客户只需在智能手机客户端上提前输入他们想取出的金额就可以了。As they approached the ATM, the app would link up to the machine and use retinal scanning to confirm the customer’s identity.当客户走近自动取款机时,该客户端将与自动取款机连接,并通过扫描视网膜确认其身份。The ATM would then release the cash, providing the scanner recognises the individual.若扫描仪识别出客户的身份,自动取款机就会吐出现金。Citigroup said the retinal scans would take 15 seconds to complete compared to 45 seconds for traditional transactions.花旗表示,传统交易方式需花费45秒,而视网膜扫描技术可在15秒内完成交易。It would, they claim, be more secure and would mean that cards could never be skimmed at an ATM again.该声称,此项技术更加安全,将意味着再也不用将卡插入自动提款机了。The Wall St Journal reported that Citigroup has not set a date for when the retinal scanners would be introduced.《华尔街日报》报道称,花旗尚未确定何时将视网膜扫描仪投入使用。The bank may have to overcome privacy concerns as some customers may be uncomfortable giving their biometric data to such an institution.花旗可能需要解决人们对隐私的担忧,因为部分客户可能会对将自己的生物识别数据提供给这种机构感到不安。Citigroup says it has been working with cash machine manufacturer Diebold and has confirmed that preliminary scanning tests have been carried out on 30 consumers in a laboratory at its head office in New York.花旗称,该一直都在与自动取款机制造商迪堡公司合作。花旗还确认,花旗已经在纽约总行的实验室对30名客户进行了初步的扫描测试。The test cash machines do not even need a screen or a touchpad as all the information is loaded by the app ahead of time.受测的自动取款机甚至不需要安装屏幕或触摸板。因为客户端提前加载了所有的信息。Citigroup is not the only financial institution testing out cardless cash machines - JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America are working on similar technology.花旗并非唯一一个测试无卡取款机的金融机构。根大通和美国也在研发类似的技术。The moves comes in response to US credit scoring firm FICO announcing that in May this year the number of attacks on debit cards used at ATMs had reached its highest level in 20 years.今年5月,美国信用评分公司FICO宣布在自动取款机上使用的借贷卡遭到攻击的数量创20年新高,各个的举措旨在改善此现状。 /201511/407504东阳洗纹身的价格 In 1950, at a time when there were fewer than 10 digital computers worldwide, Bill Pfann, a 33-year-old scientist at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, discovered a method that could be used to purify elements, such as germanium and silicon. He could not possibly have imagined then that this discovery would enable the silicon micro-chip and the rise of the computer industry, the Internet, and the emergence of the information age. Today, there are about 10 billion Internet-connected devices in the world, such as laptops and mobile phones, and at the heart of each of these devices, there is at least one such micro-chip that acts as its “engine”.1950年时,全球只有不到10台数字计算机。时年33岁的新泽西贝尔实验室科学家比尔o芬尼在这一年发现了一种提纯锗、硅等元素的方法。他当时可能想不到,这一发现促成了硅制微芯片的诞生,推动了计算机和互联网的发展,导致了信息时代的出现。如今,全球已有超过100亿台联网设备。而所有这些设备中,都至少有一块这样的微芯片充当“引擎”作用。The reason behind this relentless progress is neatly contained in a prophetic law that was announced 50 years ago this Sunday, called Moore’s Law. The micro-chip is built with tiny electrical switches made of purified silicon called transistors and the law stated that the number of transistors on a chip would double every year. In 1975, Gordon Moore revised his forecast to state that the count would double every two years. The law has held true since.50年前,一个预言式的定律巧妙地揭示了科技不断进步背后的原因,它就是尔定律。微芯片上有许多由纯净硅制成的微型电子开关,它们被称作晶体管。而尔定律认为芯片上的晶体管数量每年都会翻倍。1975年,戈登o尔修正了他的预测,认为晶体管数量会每两年翻一倍。从此以后,这一定律从未失准。Why is Moore’s Law relevant? Because this doubling of the number of transistors led to computer chips that could be packed with increasingly sophisticated circuitry that was both energy efficient and cheap. This led to the widesp adoption of computers, mobile phones, and the information technology revolution.为何尔定律经年不衰?因为晶体管数量的倍增让计算机芯片能够搭载越来越复杂的电路系统,它们不仅节能,还十分便宜。这导致了计算机、手机的普及,推动了信息技术的革命。The price of computation is about 10 million times cheaper than it was 40 years ago, and the computing power held in a smart phone outstrips the workstations that computer scientists used in their offices in the 1990s. That we have been able to so far hold true to Moore’s Law is the reason that the electronic circulation of information has been commoditized, changing the way many of us learn, bank, travel, communicate and socialize.计算机的价格比起40年前,已然便宜了一千万倍,而一部智能手机拥有的计算能力,已经超过了20世纪90年代计算机科学家使用的工作站。至今为止,尔定律依然适用,也因为如此,信息的电子流通变得商品化,改变了我们当中许多人学习、储蓄、旅行、沟通和社交的方式。Take the example of social networking using a mobile phone. It works because the cost of a transistor has dropped a million fold and computing is about 10,000 times more energy efficient since 1980, when this writer first went to engineering school. Consequently, a 0 smart phone powered by a biscuit-sized battery contains a micro-chip with a few billion transistors in it and enough computing power to digitally process an image, and then upload and share it wirelessly using powerful mathematics to encode the data. This is a consequence of Moore’s Law in action.以使用手机进行社交为例。之所以能实现这一点,是因为从1980年(当时笔者才刚进入工程学院)至今,晶体管的价格降低了几百万倍,计算的能效提高了几万倍。因此,售价200美元、由一块饼干大小的电池作为能源的智能手机中,拥有一块包含几十亿晶体管的微芯片,其计算能力足以对图片进行数字化加工,运用强大的数学运算能力编码其数据,再通过无线网络上传和分享它。这就是尔定律作用下的成果。Yet, on its 50th anniversary, there are tell-tale signs that Moore’s Law is slowing, and we are almost certain that the law will cease to hold within a decade. With further miniaturization silicon transistors will attain dimensions of the order of only a handful of atoms and the laws of physics dictate that the transistors and electronic circuits will cease to work efficiently at that point. As Moore’s Law’s slows down, innovations in other areas, such as developments in software, will pick up the slack in the short-term.然而,在它诞生50周年之际,已有迹象表明尔定律下的增长开始放缓,我们也几乎可以确定,在接下来的十年内,它恐怕将不复成立。硅晶体管继续微型化下去,将达到仅含有少量原子排列的维度,根据物理定律,这种情况下晶体管和电子电路将无法有效工作。随着尔定律下的增长放缓,其他领域的创新,如软件方面的发展,将在短期内补上这一缺口。But in the longer-term, there will be fundamental changes in the essential design of the classical computer that, remarkably, has remained unchanged since the 1950s. Designed for precise calculations, today’s computing machines do not make inferences, and qualitative decisions, or recognize patterns from large amounts of data efficiently. The next substantive leap forward will be in computers with human-like cognitive capabilities that are also energy efficient. IBM’s Watson, the computing system that won the television game show Jeopardy! in 2011, consumed about 4000 times more energy than its human competitors. This experience reinforced the need for new energy efficient computing machines that are designed differently from the sequential, calculative methodology of classical computers and are inspired, perhaps, by the way biological brains work.但从长期来看,从20世纪50年代至今未曾改变的传统计算机的基本设计,将会出现根本性的变革。如今的计算机可用来进行精确计算,但它们无法高效地从大量数据中得出推断,做出定性决策或识别模式。下一个实质性的飞越将会出现在那些拥有类人认知能力且高能效的计算机上。IBM的计算机系统沃森在2011年的智力挑战节目“Jeopardy!”上取得胜利,但它消耗的能量是与它同台对垒的人类选手的4000倍。这一经历凸显了对新型高能效计算机的需求。它们要与使用顺序计算方法的经典计算机有所区别,设计者也许将从生物大脑的运转方式中汲取灵感。A journalist recently asked me whether the continuation of Moore’s Law was indispensable. It is the beauty of the collective enterprise of human innovation that which ensures that nothing is indispensable indefinitely for technology to progress. Decades later one might look at the era of Moore’s Law as a golden period where computers came of age through a masterful display of an industry’s ability to miniaturize and create billions of flawless and identical copies of tiny circuits at factories throughout the world. But, much as a pack of migratory birds flying in V-formation rotate in at the lead position, there will, at that future time, be many other technologies that will have carried us forward in the information age.一位记者最近问我,尔定律的持续是不是不可或缺的。人类创新这项集体活动之美,就在于保了没有什么对于技术进步而言是不可或缺的。几十年后,人们或许会将尔定律的年代看作黄金时代,这个年代的计算机起初是一个行业实力的体现,后来计算机逐渐小型化,全球的工厂制造了数以亿计一模一样的完美微型电路。但就像候鸟群会以V字队列盘旋在领头者旁边一样,未来会有许多其他技术引领着我们在信息时代继续前进。 /201504/371646东阳市中医院做双眼皮手术多少钱

浙大附属义乌医院做隆鼻手术多少钱Windows 10, the next version of Microsoft’s operating system, arrives on Wednesday, and it will have a familiar look and feel to the more than one billion people who have touched a Windows computer in the last two decades.微软的下一代操作系统Windows 10于本周三发布,对于在过去二十年里使用过Windows操作系统的十多亿人来说,它将带来熟悉的外观和使用体验。That is a stark change from the last time Microsoft made a big revision to its operating system, in 2012 with the release of Windows 8 — a release that didn’t go so well. Many customers were confused by the flurry of changes that were designed for so-called hybrid devices that doubled as PCs and tablets. Microsoft’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, said last year that the company “got a few places wrong in Windows 8.”这和微软上一次的操作系统全面升级有很大不同,也就是2012年发布的Windows 8——那一版的下场不太好。它是为一种既是PC又是平板电脑的所谓混合型设备设计的,一系列的变化让很多用户摸不着头脑。微软的首席执行官萨蒂亚·纳德拉(Satya Nadella)去年曾表示,微软“在Windows 8的设计上犯了些错误”。With Windows 10, Microsoft is offering something of a throwback to the earlier versions. The software also comes with an enticing price tag for users of Windows 7 and 8: free. But perhaps more than anything, there are a handful of new features that might make users consider making the switch.Windows10重新回归了早前几个版本的一些特性。而且对于Windows 7和Windows 8用户来说,它的价格也很诱人:免费。但最重要的可能在于,它还具备一些新特性,会促使用户考虑升级。The Trusty Start Button“开始”菜单回归Back is the classic Start button, the one-touch access to a main , including shortcuts to a user’s list of apps and documents. Like old times, it can be opened with the click of a mouse or by pressing the Windows shortcut on a keyboard. (The Start button was still available in Windows 8, but some users were confused because it was hidden from plain sight.)一键点开主菜单的开始按钮重返屏幕,菜单中包括一个用户的应用和文档快捷列表。和过去一样,点击一下鼠标,或者按一下键盘上的快捷键,就可以打开主菜单。(Windows 8中也有开始按钮,但有些用户搞不清怎么用,因为它不是那么一目了然。)Microsoft made efforts to modernize the Start with a fresh design. Clicking on the Start button brings up groups of tiles that can be tailored to your preferences. For example, I easily created a group of tiles labeled “Productivity” and pinned some of my most frequently used software for work, including apps for email, web browsing, Twitter, a calculator and Microsoft Word. Removing unwanted apps from the group is easy — you just choose to “unpin” the tile.微软试图用新颖的设计让开始菜单更具现代风格。点击开始按钮,可以看到一组磁贴,用户可以按自己的喜好随意组合。比如,我很容易就创建了一个组标签为“生产力”的磁贴,把工作中最常用的一些软件固定在了主菜单上,包括用来查邮件和浏览网页的应用、Twitter、计算器和微软的文档处理软件Word。删除不想要的应用也很简单,只需选择“取消固定”那个磁贴。For long time Windows users, the more intimidating part to get used to will be tablet mode. With hybrid tablets, such as the Microsoft Surface, you can detach the keyboard from the screen and switch into a different software interface optimized for tablets. In tablet mode, apps consume the entire screen; the tiles of the Start section are enlarged to be easier to see and touch.对Windows老用户来说,更让人生畏的一点是适应平板电脑模式。使用诸如微软Surface这样的混合型平板电脑,你可以把键盘和屏幕分离开,切换到一个不同的、更能发挥平板电脑性能的界面。在平板电脑模式下,应用占据整个屏幕,原先位于开始菜单上的磁贴被放大,更容易看见,也更容易点击。Fortunately, interacting with Windows 10 on a touch screen is generally the same as with most modern touch-enabled devices. Pinch outward to zoom in, swipe up to scroll down, swipe left to pan right. And even in tablet mode, the trusty Start remains there to remind you this is still Windows you’re dealing with.幸好,在触摸屏上使用Windows 10,和在大多数现代触摸屏设备上没什么两样。手指外拨以放大页面,向上拨动使页面向下滚动,向左拨动使页面向右平移。而且在平板电脑模式下,屏幕上也保留着让人安心的开始按钮,提醒你还是在使用Windows操作系统。 /201507/389686 Airbnb has opened its site to Cuba, making it one of the first US companies to open shop on the island since the dramatic thaw in tensions between Washington and Havana last year.空中食宿(Airbnb)向古巴开放了它的网站,成为自美国与古巴两国关系解冻以来,首家在古巴展开业务的美国企业之一。After five decades of hostility, estrangement, and economic sanctions between the two countries, tourism to Cuba — historically dominated by Canadians and Europeans — is set to spike after President Barack Obama loosened travel restrictions in January.在两国间经历了50年的敌对、疏远和经济制裁之后,今年1月,美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)放宽了对美国人赴古巴的旅游限制。这一措施的出台,会令古巴的外国游客出现激增。传统上去到古巴的游客以加拿大人和欧洲人为主。Airbnb expects “significant demand” for Cuban rentals from Americans. US user searches for Cuba on Airbnb’s site have jumped 70 per cent since January, the company said.空中食宿预计,美国人在古巴租房的需求将是巨大的。自1月以来,美国用户在其网站搜索古巴的次数已跃升了70%。The online house-rental start-up now allows licensed American travellers to book rooms at more than 1,000 listings across Cuba, many featuring ornate colonial design and cheap prices: the average rental in Havana costs per night.目前,通过这家在线租房初创企业,得到许可的美国游客能预定遍布古巴的逾1000间房舍的房间。其中许多房间不仅拥有华丽的殖民时代设计,价格也十分低廉:哈瓦那的平均租金为每晚42美元。“For over 50 years, Cuba has been out of reach for most Americans” said Nathan Blecharczyk, Airbnb’s co-founder. “When we founded Airbnb#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;our dream was to help create a world where you could belong anywhere#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.”空中食宿共同创始人内森#8226;布莱沙奇克(Nathan Blecharczyk)表示:“在超过50年的时间里,古巴对多数美国人来说一直可望而不可及。在创建空中食宿时……我们的梦想就是帮助人们打造一个处处是我家的世界……”Airbnb’s “sharing economy” business model makes Cuba a potential sweet spot. It does not face some of the roadblocks for traditional American hotels, who would have to buy property and hire employees to operate on the island.对于空中食宿的“分享经济”业务模式来说,古巴或将是一个绝佳的运营环境。这一模式可以避开传统美国酒店营运商去古巴开展业务会遭遇到的障碍,包括需要买地,还需要聘用员工。Rather, the bn company has soared in popularity as the middleman for people who want to rent out a spare room in their home.相比之下,市值130亿美元的空中食宿在古巴的人气已急剧上升,那些想要出租家中多余房间的人们将它视作中间人。Still, limited internet and phone access in Cuba poses a problem for Airbnb, whose booking system operates entirely online. Only five per cent of Cubans have home access to the internet and less than a fifth have mobile phones, according to US officials.不过,古巴上网和打电话的条件都十分有限,这对整个预订系统都在网上的空中食宿是个大问题。美国官方数据显示,可在家中上网的古巴人只占5%,而拥有移动电话的则不到五分之一。To enter this unplugged community, Airbnb has tapped into a local network of private home-stays — casas particulares — who have dominated the Cuban tourism industry for decades and make up a sizeable income for locals in an otherwise isolated, sluggish economy.此外,由于古巴经济开放的节奏十分缓慢,外国企业仍受制于当地监管规定及美国的制裁举措。官方统计的数字显示,自东欧剧变以来,在古巴设立的外国企业中,六成已关门大吉。 /201504/368562义乌市打botox要多少钱义乌皮肤病医院开双眼皮手术多少钱



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