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义乌做双眼皮埋线多少钱义乌市中医医院做隆鼻手术多少钱第一, 迷你对话A: She refused?她拒绝了?B: Yes. Do you think I can persuade her if I try again?是拒绝了。你认为如果我再试一次,我可以劝她妈?A: She’s not the kind of woman you can persuade.她不是那种你劝得动的女人。B: I know her characteristic, but I don’t give up the chance.我了解她的性格,但是我不想放弃这次机会。A: You know, you are flogging a dead horse. Up till now, no have ever seen successful in talking her to anything she refused.你知道吗,你是在白费劲。直到现在,她拒绝的事情,没有人能够劝说得了。第二, 地道表达flog a dead horse1. 解词释义Flog a dead horse的字面意思是“打死一匹死马”,比喻为“徒劳,白费力气”或者是“事情已经决定,不必再加讨论”的意思。其英文解释为:to insist on talking about something that no one is interested in, or that has aly been thoroughly discussed。2. 拓展范例e.g. The history teacher lectured us every day about the importance of studying history, until we begged him to stop flogging a dead horse.历史老师每天跟我们说学习历史的重要性,直到我们求他停止做徒劳无益的事情。Jill: I think Ill write the company president another letter asking him to prohibit smoking.我觉得我要另外写一份信件给公司经理,让他说禁止吸烟。Jane: Theres no use beating a dead horse, Jill; hes aly decided to let people smoke.你那是在做徒劳无益的事情,Jill,他已经决定允许大家抽烟了。第三, 咬文嚼字1. give up:停止,放弃e.g. He was compelled by illness to give up his studies.他因病被迫放弃学业。e.g. Father told Harris not to give up his friends when he moved away. 父亲告诉哈里斯他搬走后不要与他的朋友们中断往来。2. up till now:直到现在e.g. Up till now, The shadow over me still fails to recede.时至今日,我心中的笼罩的阴影仍然挥之不去。e.g. Problems of ours are that up till now we have not found an exact method to solve this difficulty yet.我们的问题是到目前为止我们还没找到一个真确的方法去解决这个困难。3. be successful in sth.:在……取得成功e.g. Why do you feel you will be successful in this work?你为什么觉得你能胜任这份工作?e.g. He was successful in the examination.他考试成绩良好。4. talk sb. to sth. :说某人做某事e.g. All levels of the oil industry are prone to talk themselves into a crisis.石油工业界各阶层人士都不难说自己相信有一次危机即将到来。e.g. Dont you ever try to talk me into consent on his behalf.不要说我去赞同他的利益。 /201512/415364义乌第二人民医院打美白针多少钱 ;Buck;一词在英文中有很多解释,比如;钱、雄鹿、公兔、纨绔子弟、抵制、振作;等等,因此与其搭配的短语也能表达出丰富的含义,今天就来学习一些吧!1. big bucks (a lot of money) 一大笔钱He owed me big bucks.他欠我很多钱。2. make a fast buck 一下子赚得一笔钱(通常指不义之财)He made a fast buck by smuggling.他通过走私一下子挣了不少钱。3. feel/look a million bucks 感觉精神非常好,看上去很精神Hey Jenny! You look a million bucks today!嗨,珍妮!你今天看上去不错啊!4. pass the buck 推脱责任You were the one who took on this job. Dont try to pass the buck.是你接手这项工作的,别想推卸责任。5. buck somebody up 使某人振作精神Come on, buck up. Things arent that bad.得了,振作起来。事情没有你想的那么糟。6. buck up 在英式口语中有;加油,快点;的意思Buck up, or well be late.快点,否则我们就要迟到了。 /201201/168458Subject 1: I have to steal time to lear Chinese.迷你对话:A: Daniel, have you prepared well for your trip to China?A: 丹尼尔,你为你的中国之旅做好准备了吗?B: Oh, I have to steal time to learn Chinese. I hope I will have a nice journey.B: 哦,我不得不挤出时间学汉语。我希望我有个快乐的旅程。地道表达: steal time1. 解词释义动词steal是“偷”的意思,其英文解释是“to take (the property of another) without right or permission”。在这个句子中,steal的意思是“挤(出时间)”的意思,是个很生动的表达,使用的是这个词语的引申义“巧妙地获得”“快速地或偷偷地取得某事物”。特别是真出其不意或运用计策。对话中“I have to steal time to lear Chinese.”的意思是“我不得不挤出时间学汉语。”2 典型范例e.g. Time is limited. We have to steal time to finish the task before deadline.时间紧迫,我们必须挤出时间在最后期限之前完成任务。Ps:have a nice journey的意思是“旅途愉快”,one’s trip to somewhere的意思是“到某处旅行”,注意trip后面用解词to。Subject 2: You are asking for the moon.迷你对话:A: I hope that the teacher will not leave homework forever.A:我希望老师永远也不要不知作业。B: Oh, you are asking for the moon.B:哦,你简直在异想天开。地道表达:ask for moon1. 解词释义由ask for moon这个短语中的moon一词,我们可以联想到妇孺皆知的中国童话“猴子捞月亮”的故事:一只猴子发现月亮调到了水中,出于好心,它邀请饿了它的同伴一个个首尾相接试图捞出水中的月亮,可想而知,结果是一场空。因此,ask for moon的含义就是“想入非非,异想天开”。这个短语的英文解释为: to make outlandish requests or demands for something, such as a lot of money or special privileges.2. 典型范例e.g. Shes asking for the moon, and shes not going to get it.她在异想天开了,她不会得到它的。e.g. Dont ask for the moon. Be reasonable!现实点,别在异想天开了,理智点。Ps: leave homework的意思是“留作业,布置作业”。例如:Today our English teacher leaves a lot of homework to us. 今天,英语老师布置很多作业给我们。 /201310/259295义乌城西廿三里街道人民妇幼保健医院韩式隆鼻多少钱

义乌医疗整形美容医院美容整形科Hey! My name is Chris, I’m an English teacher with Meisi.嘿,我是Chris, 我是美思的英语老师。Who wants to learn some English? Well, you’ve come to the right place. But first, what should you guys say when I say “Who wants to learn some English?”“Me?” This is a good answer, but using it too much sounds like you’re answering questions.谁想学习英语?你来对地方了哦。首先我来问一下,当我问“谁想学习英语的时候”,你们应该怎么回答?“me?”这样回答很好,不过总是用这一个词,看起来像是在回答问题。What about “I do?” Perfect on your wedding day. But here we want to show more than “me”, we want to say that we want to be a part of it.“I do”怎么样?在结婚的时候很好用。但是今天我们要学习除了“me”之外更多的表达我们想参与进去的方式。公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) 公众账号:meisi1949 /201612/486032义乌市第二人民医院胎记多少钱 Go for broke: risk everything in one determined effort to do sth 孤注一掷I decided to go for broke and start my own business. 我决定孤注一掷创办自己的公司.a change of heart: 改变态度,改变看法(尤指变得更加亲切,更友好等) a change in your attitude and feelings, especially becoming kinder, more friendly,etc. the government has had a change of heart over the proposed tax reforms and is now prepared to listen to public opioion. 政府对税务改革的提议改变了态度,现在准备听取公众意见. Change your ways: start to live or behave in a different way from before 改变生活方式,换个活法I've learned my lesson and I'm going to try to change my ways. 我学乖了,要换个活法.It's unlikely your boss will change his ways. 你的老板不可能改变做法. /201004/101350永康唇部激光脱毛价格

义乌去眼睛下红痣This is so hard to hear talking,you have no idea.戴这个有点听不清 你无法理解Ok,and so what you wanna do is you wanna get on this Slender Slimmer.所以你需要的东西就是 穿上这个叫Slender Slimmer的仪器And this,Ellen,you turn it on,oh dear.You turn it on,and then,you just,Ellen 你打开开关 打开开关 然后What you are doing is you are working out your abs,you are like tightening,你就在锻炼你的腹肌 肌肉全部收紧and you are burning them and you are like,you know,I dont smoke,neither do you,燃烧你的脂肪 你现在舒到只想要 我不抽烟 你也不抽But you know,you just sort of like doing all that但是你可以随便做什么and then Ellen,this is the fun part,you guys,Just get crazy with it.还有一个好玩的部分 很搞笑哦You can take it and you can firm your butt.So you put it on your butt,and you just do a little firming of the butt.你可以把它固定在臀部上 放在臀部上 然后你就可以收紧臀部上的肌肉哦That certainly looks fun,yeah.How does it feeling?Feel me,feel me,it really is good.确实看起来很好玩 真的 感觉如何 用手感受下 真的不错That looks like it feels good,all right.It does,really does.看上去感觉不错哦 真的很不错And then whats this?No,this is it,it has a carry case.You carry it around with you.这又是什么 这是一个提包 你可以提着它走Yeah,and you can carry it around,and you can be just like,oh,Im walking away.Oh,Im walking away.你就这样提着这走 就像这样 我走了哦 我走了哦Why would you need that,why would you need a carry case?where are you gonna go and put that on?为什么你走要带着这个提包呢 你为什么会需要它呢 你戴上它后还想到哪去么I do not know,Ellen,I dont know.A carry case.我确实不知道 Ellen 我不知道 提包Yeah,I feel I kinda need a cigarette right now,all right,all right,well.我感觉现在想抽烟了 好吧 好吧Did you want one?it might make you feel better.Yeah,lets put it on Ellen,Lets make her feel better.要试试吗 感觉会好很多 我来给你戴上 来让Ellen爽一下吧There we go,Arent you better now?For more tips from Kym,go to the kym Douglas.com.戴好了 是不是舒多了 想知道更多美容小贴士 登陆kym Douglas.comGod,thats really uh,Its vibrating.And this works out the stomach muscles?yes天啦 这真的 它在振动 真的能锻炼腹部肌肉吗 能Oh,youre working them out like crazy right now.You can see you are thinner aly.现在你就已经在疯狂的锻炼了 看 已经瘦多了And you dont need it.We will be right back.Oh,my god.你可以不用它了 马上回来 哦 我的天啊 /201702/494768 大家好,欢迎回来,收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师,这里是一片快乐的英语天地,每天学点英语口语,分享学习成果,再听听英文歌,生活真美好。我们想形容一个人宽容,大度,或者在钱方面很大方,有一个特别恰当的词:generous adj.慷慨的,大方的Elaines husband is a generous man. 伊莲的丈夫是位慷慨的人。She is generous with her money. 她很乐于仗义疏财。generous adj善良的,宽宏大量的She is kind and generous. 她心地善良,宽容大度。Its generous of you to forgive me. 你原谅我的过错真是宽宏大量。generous adj大量的,丰富的That salary is more than generous. 那工资很丰厚。我儿子经常会对我说这句话:;Mum, you can always do no wrong.; 妈妈,就你总是对的。(当然可能带有贬义的意思);do no wrong; 不会犯错,不会做错事,总是对的:Then we must do no wrong? 那我们永远不应该犯错吗?Thats because my parents think Tony can do no wrong. 这是因为我父母认为托尼总是对的。You think you could always do no wrong, which is impossible. 你认为你从不会犯错,这是不可能的。My boss thinks he does no wrong for all occasions. 我老板认为他在任何情况下都是对的。Her son can do no wrong in her eyes. 在她眼里,她的儿子不可能做坏事。My husband is a real control freak, he takes it for granted that he can do no wrong. 我丈夫是个控制狂,他理所当然地认为他从不会出错。那么你呢?你也can do no wrong吗? /201203/173992义乌佛堂赤岸镇去除黄褐斑多少钱义乌芙洛拉医院治狐臭多少钱



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