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A centuries-old tradition of wearing a white horse-hair wig in court ended for many judges when a simpler new dress code came into force.一项更为简便的新着装规范开始实行,对许多法官而言,延续数百年在法庭上戴白色马尾假发的传统就此结束。While judges in criminal cases will still wear them, those in civil and family hearings will appear bare-headed in court, wearing a new-style plain black robe, the British government said.英国政府称,审理刑事案件的法官仍将戴假发,而那些民事案和家庭听案的法官将不戴假发出庭,只穿一种简单的新式黑袍。After a long debate, the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Philips, head of the judiciary in England and Wales, finally ordered the changes in an attempt to modernise the courts.在长时间的辩论之后,英国高等法院王座庭庭长菲利普斯勋爵——英格兰和威尔士的最高司法长官——最终下令做出这些改变,以使法庭现代化。Wigs have been an emblem of the British legal system since the 17th century when the fashion for wearing them in wider society filtered through to the courts. For hundreds of years before the reign of Charles II, judges and lawyers were expected to come to court with short hair and a beard.自17世纪以来,戴假发的社会风尚蔓延到法庭上之后,假发就成了英国司法体系的一个标志。在查理二世统治之前的数百年间,法官和律师都要留着短发和胡须出庭。The decision to abandon wigs has dismayed traditionalists who argue that they give judges an air of authority and impartiality. The degree of anonymity that wigs provided could also protect them from angry members of the public. John Mortimer, the barrister and author of the "Rumpole of the Bailey" books, opposed the changes. "The idea's ridiculous! A barrister without his wig would be like a doctor without a stethoscope," he wrote in a newspaper article when the changes were first proposed.抛弃假发的决定令传统人士十分沮丧,他们坚称假发使法官显得权威而公正,而且掩盖了法官外表上的个性特征,以免受某些愤怒群众的骚扰。“法庭上的鲁波尔”系列图书的作者、律师约翰·莫蒂默反对这些改变。当这些改变首次被提出时,他在报纸上撰文写道,“这主意简直荒谬!不戴假发的律师就如同不戴听诊器的医生。”However, modernists argue that wigs are a hangover from the past that could intimidate people in court. In a newspaper interview, Lord Phillips described wigs as an anachronism that gave the public a false impression of judges.然而,现代主义者认为假发是过去的遗留,是用来恫吓出庭人的。在接受某报采访时,菲利普斯勋爵说,假发是件不合时宜之物并导致公众对法官形成错误的印象。A Ministry of Justice survey last year found 70 percent of court workers wanted to keep wigs, compared to 42 percent of the public.去年司法部的调查显示,70%的法庭工作人员想保留假发,相比之下只有42%的公众这么想。 /200907/78515福州市腹腔镜手术哪家好Engaging in a hobby like ing a book, making a patchwork quilt or even playing computer games can delay the onset of dementia, a US study suggests.美国一项研究表明:从事一些业余爱好,如读书、缝制百衲被,甚至是玩电脑游戏,都能减缓痴呆症发病。Watching TV however does not count--and indeed spending significant periods of time in front of the box may speed up memory loss, researchers found.但是研究者们发现,看电视起不到这一作用——在电视机前消磨大量时间反而可能加速失忆。Nearly 200 people aged 70 to 89 with mild memory problems were compared with a group who had no impairment.研究者们将近200名70岁至89岁、有轻微失忆问题的老人和一组没有此症状的老人进行了对比。The researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota asked the volunteers about their daily activities within the past year and how mentally active they had been between the age of 50 to 65.明尼苏达州梅奥医疗中心的研究者们询问了参与调查的志愿者过去一年的日常活动,以及他们50岁至65岁期间头脑的活跃状况。Those who had during middle age been busy ing, playing games or engaging in craft hobbies like patchworking or knitting were found to have a 40% reduced risk of memory impairment.那些中年时忙于读书、玩游戏或是忙于拼布、编织等手工爱好的人,其衰退的可能性降低了40%。In later life, those same activities reduced the risk by between 30 and 50%.随着年龄的增长,坚持同样的活动能降低30%至50%的失忆可能性。 /200907/79385福州中医院看多囊好不好费用多少You Embrace the Challenge   People who consider themselves self-disciplined, organized achievers live longer and have up to an 89% lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s than the less conscientious. When you’re good at focusing your attention, you use more brainpower. Set personal or career goals, and challenge yourself to meet them by a certain time. Also, try new things to stimulate your brain: If you always fiction, pick up an autobiography instead. The next day, try to recall three facts you learned from the ing.   喜欢挑战   认为自己自律、有成就的人更长寿。他们比不太有责任心的人患老年痴呆的几率少89% 以上。如果你能集中精神做事,你就能调动更多脑细胞,从而有助于防止老年痴呆。制定个人或职业目标,并通过一段时间来实现这些目标。此外,尝试新事物来刺激大脑:如果你总是读小说,不妨看看自传。第二天试着回忆你从书中看到的三个细节。 /201002/96776Did you ever think there was a better, different way to live? Did you ever think, “Maybe I don’t have to go to a job and work 40+ hours a week, feel exhausted, wish for more time for myself or my family, and wonder when the fun stuff begins?” If so, get y: your life’s about to change.When I was a little girl, I woke up every morning with the sun. I opened my eyes, heard birds chirping outside my window, and smiled, thinking about the adventures of the coming day. Fast forward to my last corporate job, when I woke up with the alarm clock, slammed my hand down on the snooze button and laid in bed, a feeling of d in the pit of my stomach, thinking about the eight hours I was about to spend working under fluorescent lights, in a small cubicle, so my boss could take credit for my work and someone else could profit.Why do we do this to ourselves? When I look back on the time I spent in Corporate America, I realize that I didn’t know any better. Despite the entrepreneurial spirit I’ve felt through my entire life, there was a period of time when it simply didn’t occur to me that my life belonged to me and I didn’t have to live according to the narrow path that had been defined for me.It took carpal tunnel syndrome and an inflexible corporate environment for me to realize that I desperately needed a change. And that’s what it took to remind me of the philosophy my dad taught me as a little girl, something I’d long forgotten: that work is what makes the rest of your life possible.From this perspective, “work” takes on substantially less meaning, while “life” takes center stage. I like this because it reminds me where my priorities lie. I’d much rather my tombstone , “She truly lived,” than “She worked a lot.”It’s easy to say “work makes the rest of my life possible,” but how does it look in real life, and how do you put this into play in your own life? How it looks in real life:I wake up each morning, knowing that the day belongs to me. I have a schedule, but I’m not beholden to a boss or supervisor who will dock my pay or fire me if I decide the schedule doesn’t suit my mood that day. One of my priorities is my health and physical well-being, so most mornings I start my day off with a workout at the gym. Since my day is my own, I can work out without rushing, and that allows me to get to know the other members of my gym, which means it’s a social event as well.Then, depending on the day and what I’ve committed to, I may work with clients, do some writing for my blog, e-zine, the book I’m working on, or the other sites I write for, or one of the several books I’m into at any given moment. Aside from scheduled meetings with clients and deadlines, I do what suits my mood the best - if I’m struggling for inspiration for my articles, I spend more time ing. If I’m in the mood to bake b with my husband, I do. And I’ve structured my businesses so that if I want to get on a plane and fly to South America, England, or New Orleans for a weekend or a month, I can do it without a second thought and my income doesn’t change a bit.The point is, no day is completely consumed by work, it’s all flexible, and everything I do for “work” is something that I enjoy doing. If I don’t enjoy it, I either don’t do it or I find someone who does and I outsource that work to them.When I speak to groups, I’m often asked, “How many hours a week do you work?” Sure, just like Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, some weeks I only work four hours. But if I’m working on a book or one of my one-on-one clients is launching his/her business, I work at least forty. Those are the extremes: most weeks I stay somewhere in the twenty to twenty five hour range. But I can tell you this: I wake up with the sun and the birds chirping, just like I did when I was a little girl. I always wake up smiling, and I love what I do.But I’m not that different from you. I’m not overly lucky and nothing that special has happened that made this possible for me. Virtually anyone can do this. So how can you incorporate this into your own life?The mindset comes first. You have to take responsibility for your life and know that it is yours to live in whatever way that you want. Think this is easy? It’s not. This can be one of the scariest things you’ll ever do. But as Seth Godin recently wrote, “the riskiest thing you can do is play it safe.” So take a risk and believe that your life belongs to you.Second, figure out your priorities and your goals. What’s most important to you? Are there things you want to do, places you want to see? Maybe you just want more quality time with your family, or want more time to relax- that’s okay. The point is to figure out what’s most important to you.Third, design a business to suit your lifestyle goals. This is the most challenging aspect of applying this philosophy, because it requires some extra knowledge- what opportunities are out there, how to repurpose what you aly know and/or do, how to brand yourself and market your business. There is no one-size-fits-all solution- a business model that works for one person may not be suited to another. Your best bet, the easiest and fastest way to accomplish this, is to work with someone who has successfully made the transition themselves, who knows the opportunities out there, can help you figure out what suits you best, help you put it all together and show you the ropes.Finally, be prepared to work to get to the point of living the dream. I’m not going to lie to you. It rarely happens overnight. Some of my clients have transitioned into this lifestyle (what I call the “Business in Blue Jeans lifestyle”) within a month or two, while others have taken a bit longer. Some of it depends on the industry you’re in and some depends on what you’re willing to put into it and how focused you are. Because the fact is, even though you aren’t working as much or as hard as before, in this lifestyle, when you are working, you need to be really focused.Ultimately, the bottom line is that when you’re working for a life that you’ve designed, when you love what you’re doing and when you know that you aren’t just putting in the time, everything changes. Change the way you view work, and you’ll completely change your life. /200902/62549福州博爱中医院电话

南平那些医院性激素六项检查福州去哪里排卵监测比较好You're Not Going to Make it Gravely ill, a man went to the doctor with his wife. After the examination the physician motioned for the wife to meet him in the hallway.  "Your husband is very sick, " the doctor said, "but there are three things you can do to ensure his survival. First, fix him three healthful, delicious meals a day. Next, give him a stress-free environment , and don't complain about anything. Finally, make passionate love to him every day.  On the drive home the husband asked, "What did the doctor say?" "I'm sorry, " she said, "but you're not going to make it." 你活不成了 一个人得了重病,妻子伴随他去看医生。检查过后,医生示意病人的妻子到走廊见他。 “你丈夫病得很重,”医生说,“但有三件事可保住他的性命。第一,一日三餐,要营养美味。第二,给他一个轻松的环境,不要抱怨。第三,每天都对他倾注炽热的爱。” 在驱车回家的路上,丈夫问道:“医生说了什么?” “很遗憾,”妻子说,“你活不成了。” /201106/140620Italians voted best looking but bald, old are OK tooItalians are considered the most handsome men in the world while men who are balding and aging do not necessarily lose their looks, according to an international survey on what makes men attractive.A "Male Beauty" survey of nearly 10,000 men and women in 12 countries conducted by market research firm Synovate found that good hygiene was actually the top requirement for men to being considered handsome.The second main requirement to be considered good-looking was confidence, with nearly one fifth of all respondents saying a man must carry himself well, followed by having a "great smile."Hair, or a lack of, seemed to have little impact with only one percent of respondents saying that a full head of hair was needed to be handsome.Older men can also take heart as 60 percent of respondents said a man's appearance gets better with age, with Americans, Chinese, Greeks and Malaysians agreeing with that the most."Words like distinguished, refined and dignified are regularly used to describe older men," Bob Michaels, Synovate spokesman, said in a statement."Here, men are seen like a fine wine - they only get better. Which is good news for some of us."But looks did also come down to geography.The survey, conducted in October in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Greece, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Britain and the ed States, found Italian men were considered to be the most handsome -- even though Italy was not one of the countries where people were polled.They were followed by men from the ed States, Russia and Brazil.In Spain, more men than women consider having muscles and dressing well to be essential requirements, while the opposite was true for Greek women, who were more likely than their male counterparts to think a macho look was appealing.Far more British, French and Australian women also seemed to value "a great smile" than men do.Synovate used face-to-face and phone interviews to compile the survey. Respondents were aged between 15 and 64 years. 一项有关男性魅力的全球调查显示,意大利男人被公认为全世界最帅的男士,此外,秃头或年长的男士不一定不帅。这项名为“男性美”的调查由思纬(Synovate)市场调查公司开展,共对来自12个国家的近1万名男性和女性进行了访问。调查结果显示,成为“俊男”的首要条件是干净整洁。其次是自信,近五分之一的受访者认为男士应该彬彬有礼,其次是“迷人的笑容”。而头发的多少似乎并不重要,仅有1%的受访者认为帅哥应该有一头浓密的“秀发”。年长的男士也不乏吸引力。60%的受访者认为男人年龄越大越有魅力,美国、中国、希腊和马来西亚的受访者最认可这一点。思纬公司的发言人鲍勃#8226;迈克尔在一份声明中称:“人们常用优秀、优雅、高贵这些字眼来形容年长的男士。”“男人就像一瓶好酒——越陈越香。这对于我们中的有些人来说可是个好消息。”不过男人的外表的确与地域有关。该调查于今年10月在澳大利亚、巴西、加拿大、中国、法国、希腊、马来西亚、俄罗斯、南非、西班牙、英国和美国开展。尽管意大利不在调查国家之列,但意大利男人却被认为是全世界最帅的。美国、俄罗斯和巴西男人位居其后。在西班牙,更多的男性认为帅哥应该肌肉健硕、衣着体面,而希腊的情况则正好相反,更多的女性认为帅哥看上去应该要有男人味。在英国、法国和澳大利亚,更多的女性认为男人拥有“迷人的笑容”很重要。该调查采用了面对面访谈和电话采访两种方式。受访者的年龄在15岁至64岁之间。 Vocabulary: carry well:举止优雅;彬彬有礼come down to:归结为;涉及到 /200812/57796福州通输卵管哪里好Not only is vinegar good for descaling kettles, cleaning windows and pickling onions, but it seems that it could help you to keep the weight off, too.醋的用处多多,不但能清除壶上的水垢、擦去玻璃窗上的污迹和拌洋葱,还可能帮你瘦身呢。An old housewives' tale has it that cider vinegar is good for the waistline. The supermodels Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum seem to be on to it too and have been known to take a swig of vinegar before a meal, believing that it helps them to maintain their figures. Researchers in Japan have now found some evidence that vinegar does, indeed, appear to have a fat-burning effect after all.长久以来主妇间们流传着一个秘方:食用苹果醋可以让腰变细。超模辛迪·克劳馥和海蒂·克拉姆看来就是深谙此道,她们在每餐之前喝上一大口苹果醋,深信这样有助于保持曼妙身材。现在日本的研究者们发现了一些据,表明醋确能起到燃烧体内脂肪的奇效。Before you rush out to buy a bottle of Sarson's, it is worth noting that the scientists carried out their study on laboratory mice rather than on human beings. Nevertheless, they found that when the mice were fed a high-fat diet along with vinegar, they developed up to 10 per cent less body fat than mice that were fed a high-fat diet and just water. It seems that the acid in vinegar--acetic acid--switches on genes that make certain fat-burning enzymes spring into action, helping to suppress the accumulation of body fat.请先别急着冲下楼买醋,有必要提醒您现在的研究成果还仅限于实验室而非我们人类。小白鼠们在享用了一顿高脂肪大餐后,那些边吃边佐以醋饮的小家伙们比边吃边喝点白开水的同伴们确实要少长点膘,差别最多可达10%。学者们觉得是醋里面的酸物质——醋酸——接通了小鼠体内的某些基因,这些基因转成许多专管燃烧脂肪的蛋白酶,而这些活跃的酶有助于抑制脂肪的堆积。 /200907/77583福州不孕不育医院那家好

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