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福州那些医院人工授孕最好三明市那个医院输卵管通水If there were no morals-who would you be? What would you act like? What would you talk like? What would you think like? Would you really be any different?如果没有了任何的道德标准,你会是谁?会做什么,说什么,想什么,你会与现在有什么不同呢?Our morals are rules laid down for us by a society called a religion or a society called a church or a school. Some will even say that these laws were laid down for us by the divine-in whatever form we see the divine. Regardless of their origin, they tell us what is wrong and what is right and we are taught that we have within us a conscience which will tell us when we have violated one of these rules by making us feel guilty. And so we have a direction and whether we land on the ;bad; side of these rules or the ;good; side of these rules, we do it by conforming our mind, heart and behavior to what it takes to fit into that identity. Once conformed, we could say, ;I#39;m a bad dude; or ;I think I#39;m a pretty good person.; So, essentially what we have said is that we learn to rely on one of these two categories (or one of the gradations between them) as identity. They define us. But these are external constructs that very often do not even truly touch the deepest inner regions of the psyche.事实上,我们的道德标准通常是由教堂或者学校等宗教和社会团体来定义的,有些人甚至认为这是神赐的准则。这些道德标准,不知源自哪里,一味的告诉我们什么是对什么是错,告诉我们一旦违反了某项规则,内心的良知自然会让我们感到羞愧。于是我们被指引着把自己的想法、意愿、行为与道德标准的;好;与;坏;去衡量,一旦符合,我们便知道了自己是好人还是坏人。所以,基本上我们只需要在;好;与;坏;这两个类别里(或者某个中间地带)找到自己的定位,由它们来评判自己。可是,这些外部构想大部分时候并不能触及到我们的内心深处。So, how do we even begin to define ourselves without the use of these external stratagems? We go to the deeper inner regions of the psyche where they do not exist. And how, you will I#39;m certain ask, does one do that?那么,不去理会这些肤浅的伎俩,我们又该如何来定义自己呢?所谓;内心深处;的地方并不是真实存在,就算存在,我们又能做些什么?We begin by refusing to repress material in our everyday lives. We begin by staying conscious in a given moment about what#39;s going on inside of us-and allowing it to stay in the forefront of our minds so that we can see it and feel it and even dialogue with it. In so doing we are treating the energy of emotion, thought and sensation as valid, instead of invalidating it immediately by sending it to its room in the unconscious.首先,我们不能再在日常的生活中压抑自己。我们要保持清醒,时刻关注内心的动态并让它停留在意识前沿,这样我们才能看到它,感觉到它,甚至与它对话。通过这样的方式把转瞬即逝的情绪、想法和感觉转化为有用的力量,而不是让它们在无意间消失。 /201202/172354福州排卵监测那家最好 This the season to gather those you love and soak up the quality time together. And really, we should be doing this all year round -- even research shows that spending time with loved ones is good for health.现在的这个时候,你是不是和你爱的家人朋友在一起共度欢乐时光?事实上,我们天天都应该这样度过,都有研究表明和爱的人共度时光对健康有益。From decreasing loneliness to slashing stress levels, from helping with quitting smoking to making a difference in healthy eating habits, check out these eight reasons why it#39;s healthy to spend time with people you love.从减少孤独感到缓解压力,从帮助戒烟到养成健康的饮食习惯,看看下面这八个原因,告诉你为什么和爱的人共度更健康吧!Parenting Lengthens Life当父母可以长寿Being a parent -- especially being a mom -- is linked with living longer, according to a study of 21,276 couples from Denmark.对丹麦21276的夫妻调查显示,当父母——尤其是做妈妈,可以长寿。The research, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, showed that women who gave birth to children were four times less likely to die early from cancer, accidents or circulatory disease. Fathers also had lower risks of early death from these causes.发表在《流行病学与公众健康》期刊的调查结果表明,生过孩子的女人,因为癌症、事故和循环系统疾病死亡的几率要低四倍,当爸爸同样也会降低得这些病的风险。Big Social Networks Are Good For Your Health大一些的社交圈对健康有益Having many strong social ties could help you live a longer, healthier life, according to a study from Brigham Young University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers.根据阳伯明翰大学以及北卡大学教堂山分校调查者研究显示,强烈的社交纽带能让你长寿健康。The study showed that social ties#39; impact on longevity is actually the same as that which is seen between people who smoke and don#39;t smoke, TIME reported.根据时代周刊报道,有研究表明社交对长寿的影响,实际上就等同于抽烟的人和不抽烟的人之间寿命的区别。Sisters Decrease Loneliness们减少孤独感Having a sister is good for your mental health, according to research from Brigham Young University.根据阳伯明翰大学的研究,有个对你的精神健康有好处。Specifically, researchers found that having a sister could help preteens to feel less lonely, self-conscious and afraid -- and more loved.另外,调查者发现有一个能让孩子减少孤独感、自私以及担忧--也会更有爱。And researchers found that having a sister or a brother was linked with more inclination to do good deeds, according to the Journal of Family Psychology study.研究者同时还发现,根据《家庭心理周刊》的报道,有兄弟的孩子们似乎更愿意做好事。Friends And Family Make A Difference In Your Healthy Habits朋友们和家人决定你的健康习惯Your friends and family are highly influential when it comes to the kind of lifestyle you lead, according to a 2011 survey.2011年的一项调查显示,你的朋友们和家人会严重影响你的生活方式。Blisstree.com reported that 36 percent of people say their nutrition is affected by influence from their friends and family. And 46 percent of people in the survey said that their loved ones make a difference in their overall healthy lifestyles.Blisstree网站报道说,36%的人说他们的饮食受到了家人和朋友的影响,还有46%的调查者说他们爱的人对自己健康的生活方式有着很大的影响。Dads Influence Teens#39; Sexual Activity爸爸影响青少年的性行为Having a strong bond with Dad makes a big difference when it comes to risky teen sexual behavior, according to a study in the journal Pediatrics.《儿科》期刊调查显示,和爸爸关系亲密,会对青少年性行为产生很大的差别影响。It showed that dads who were open about talking about sex and their opinions on sex with their children made a bigger influence on their children#39;s actual sexual activity.调查显示,如果父亲对自己的孩子开诚布公的谈论性方面的问题以及他们对性的看法,将会对孩子实际的性行为产生重大影响。Mothers Influence Child#39;s Obesity妈妈影响着孩子的体重Being close with your mom could have an impact on your weight, according to a study published last year in the journal Pediatrics.《儿科》期刊去年发表的研究显示妈妈会影响你的体重。The study shows that the relationship between a mom and her child when the child is young seems to be associated with his or her weight later on as a teen. Specifically, young kids with close relationships with their moms were less likely to be obese in the study in adolescence, compared with those with more distant relationships with their moms during toddlerhood, CNN reported.调查显示妈妈和孩子幼年时期的关系,会对孩子青少年时期的体重产生影响。调查中特别指出,和那些幼年时期与妈妈关系 疏远的孩子相比,和妈妈关系密切的孩子成年之后会不怎么可能变胖。Sisters Sp Happiness们能传播幸福Spending time with your sister could help you feel happier, according to a University of Ulster study.奥斯特大学的一项调查显示,和在一起能让你觉得更加幸福。The study, which included 571 people between ages 17 and 25 , showed that people with sisters had greater family communication, B News reported.根据B新闻报道,一项针对571位17-25岁的年轻人的调查显示,有的人会和家人有更多的交流。;Emotional expression is fundamental to good psychological health and having sisters promotes this in families,; study researcher Tony Cassidy told B News.“情感交流是心理健康的基础,有了能在家庭中促进这一点。” 调查的研究者Tony Cassidy对B新闻这样表示。Talking With Mom Lowers Stress和妈妈聊天缓解压力Spending some quality talk time with Mom could help to lower stress, according to a 2010 study conducted by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers.威斯康星大学2010年的研究表明和妈妈谈话能缓解压力。Health.com reported that talking on the phone with Mom seemed to decrease stress hormones and increase the feel-good chemical oxytocin among young girls, between ages 7 and 12.健康网站报道称,7-12岁的小女孩和妈妈打电话,似乎能降低压力荷尔蒙,同时增加让人感觉不错的化学物质催产素。 /201301/218103三明市治子宫粘连哪里比较好

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龙岩婚检那里好A campaign to rename the tower housing Big Ben after the Queen has received the backing of the majority of MPs.日前,一项将大本钟以女王的名字重命名的运动得到了大多数国会议员的持。More than half have signed up to the proposal to name the iconic east tower of the Palace of Westminster the Elizabeth Tower.超过半数的国会议员已经签字同意了这项将温斯特敏斯特宫(英国国会所在地)标志性的东塔改名为“伊丽莎白塔”的提议。Conservative Tobias Ellwood#39;s motion is backed by all three main party leaders and comes as Britain prepares to celebrate the Queen#39;s Diamond Jubilee.这项提案在庆祝女王登基60周年之际由保守党议员Tobias Ellwood提出,目前已经得到了三个主要党派领导人的持。He said the clock tower should be formally named in honour of the Queen, in recognition of 60 years#39; of unbroken public service for her country.Tobias Ellwood认为,这座钟塔应该正式以女王的名字来命名,以报答她60年来为了这个国家尽职尽责,从不间断。At present the famous central London landmark is described by the Palace of Westminster as the Clock Tower.目前,这座伦敦中心的地标性建筑仅被国会议员们简单地称为“钟塔”。When the Palace of Westminster was rebuilt in 1860, the west tower, then known as the King#39;s Tower, was renamed the Victoria Tower to commemorate the long reign of Queen Victoria.She is the only other monarch to complete 60 years on the throne.温斯特敏斯特宫于1860年重建时,建筑的西塔(当时被称为国王塔)被重命名为“维多利亚塔”,以纪念维多利亚女王长久的统治。而维多利亚女王是伊丽莎白女王之外唯一一位曾在位超过60年的英国君王。 /201206/185679 南平检查男性精子质量那里好龙岩去哪里治疗胎停育



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