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2019年11月14日 03:44:25 | 作者:好医典范 | 来源:新华社
Google, Starbucks and Motorola, they are all brands easily recognizable around the world and getting even more so according to a new survey of the top 100 global brands. Of All, tech companies seem to be gaining dominance, Coca Cola still holds the number 1 spot. Microsoft is number 2, and IBM comes in at number 3. BusinessWeek and Interbrands team up annually to determine these rankings, and joining us now to discuss them is Interbrands' Chief Executive John Allert.John, thanks for being here. Very briefly, what is the criteria? The criteria is that we need brands that have strong franchise with consumers, but importantly, businesses underlying those brands that have very large amounts of revenue. Large amounts of revenue, so basically you look at, dah, numerically, and just the, the list unfolds? Well, it's a combination of numerical factors and, and more soft marketing factors, so we look at the degree of resonance that the consumers have with a particular brand proposition, and that allows us to actually discount from an entire group of earnings, how many of those earnings are attributable to the brand? Let's, let's take a look at some of these. Coca Cola, for instance, because it's, it is more than just a brand. I think for a lot of people, it almost has a certain nostalgia. Yeah, look, Coke is, uh, Coke is obviously famous for a proposition around refreshment. What Coke's been able to do very cleverly is, is take that through generations, but also take it through different ethnographies and through different market demographics. So the people all around the world buy into the Coke proposition. Microsoft, a lot of people, of course, hate Microsoft, you know, because they feel that it's, you know, monopolistic and so on and so forth. Yet, it runs most of the software for computers (Well, Micr..) or has the software that runs most of computers.Mi, Microsoft is a good lesson and I'm not sure whether people hate Microsoft, I mean Microsoft is great. Well, a percentage of people do, I mean, you know, (Of course, of course) a lot of anti-competitive practices and so forth. I am not expressing an opinion here, but, you know, talk to somebody who has an Apple computer for instance.Sure, as I have had. Microsoft actually has a fantastic product underneath its brand, and, and of course without a fantastic product you can't build a valuable brand. Er, and we've seen that through, uh, through some of the great er, rises in the table this year with, with the likes of eBay which has a fantastic product, the likes of Google which has a fantastic product. It really does come down to the functionality of the product.Well, it's not just the functionality, it's about delivering on the promise and, and brands obviously, uh, are promoted to build a promise to consumers and, and if they continuously deliver on that promise, people will go back again and again, er, and build loyalty with those brands.Why do you think some companies've been so successful at, at building a brand, be it Coca cola, Microsoft, Google, Starbucks which is another one of your top er, names, and some aren't able to do it. Well, I guess product, as I said, is, is critical, but a number of these, a number of these brand markets have been around for a long long time.Let, let me, let me just go back, you say product is critical. Now, Starbucks would say their coffee is certainly different than what you'll get er, from one of the competitors. But the basic coffee is not that different, so there is some atmosphere that's also created or some perception that's created that makes people want to buy this brand.Sure, I, I guess, what I, I mean by product is that is an entry-level criteria. If you don't have a good product, you can't build a strong brand. So in, in the case of Starbucks, what they have been able to do is build an emotional base on top of that product that people have brought into and understand Starbucks has been something more than just functional coffee.John Allert, chief executive of Interbrands, as always, thanks for your answers. Pleasure, Todd.1. demographics:n.人口统计资料(如年龄、性别、收入等等)200810/51863This may lead to disciplinary action but it may be for the best.这可能会导致惩罚性的措施,但这是出于好意。Oh its all very serious but I suppose Ive got to do it.这太严肃了,但我想我不得不做。Good luck!祝你好运!Anna! Darling! Whats wrong?安娜!亲爱的!怎么了?I saw Paul and he said youre in a bit of a mood.我看到保罗了,他说你心情不好。Its not a mood Rachel.不是心情的问题,瑞秋。Can we talk please…now?我们现在能谈谈吗?Yeah. Yeah sure.当然。Lets sit here, shall we – not in that chair – thats my favourite.让我们坐这里好吗,不是那个椅子,那是我最喜欢坐的。Rachel, I wanted to let you know that youve made some serious mistakes.瑞秋,我想让你知道,你犯了严重的错误。You have really upset our new client – and you think its ok to sell second hand plastic oranges.你惹怒了我们的新客户,你认为给他们二手塑料橙子没关系。Calm down.冷静Its business, darling.这是生意,亲爱的。Its not good business Rachel.这不是好生意,瑞秋。These mistakes cannot happen again.这些错误不能再犯了。If they do I will have to take matters higher and it could result in disciplinary action.如果再犯,我会向上级反应,这会导致惩罚性的措施。Oh! Youre quite scary for a short girl.你这小个子姑娘还挺会吓人啊。That was unnecessary!这太没必要了!But well done Anna for keeping cool and calm in a difficult situation.但是干得好安娜,在这种困境中保持冷静。Lets hope Rachel has got the message.希望瑞秋能明白你的意思。Here is a reminder of the phrases you could use when giving someone a verbal warning…这些是当你给某人口头警告时会用到的表达。 /201705/508485The standard of service is not good enough.务的水平不够好。The room I booked did not meet my expectations. Good luck Anna!我订的房间无法满足我的预期。好运,安娜!OK.Here goes.好的,就这样。Hello. Royal Imperial Hotel.你好。皇家酒店。Erm...hello… I want to… I want to complain.你好,我想要……投诉。Really? About what exactly?真的吗?具体关于什么?Your hotel… Well, I mean, a room I booked for my boss. Room 101.你的酒店,我的意思是我为我的老板订的房间,101房。I’m very disappointed with your service.我对你们的务很失望。And why’s that then?为什么?Well, the room isn’t like the one I booked. It’s just not good enough.这不是我订的房间,它不够好。Let’s have a look at the booking… well your boss got a bed… and breakfast too… a continental breakfast in fact.让我们看看预定,你的老板需要有床和早餐,事实上是欧式早餐。But the room just didn’t meet his expectations… hello?但房间没有满足他的预期……你好?Give me the phone Anna, I’ll deal with this.安娜,把电话给我,我来处理。Now hello Miss…? Miss Fit.你好,贵姓? 菲特。Miss Fit? This is the office assis I mean Manager here.菲特?我是办公室助……我是说经理。This isn’t good enough.这还不够好。My colleague has made it quite clear that the room did not meet our requirements我的同事已经说得很清楚了,房间无法满足我们的预期,and I would like you to resolve this matter as quickly as possible or I will have to cancel our reservation.我希望你能尽快解决,否则我们要取消预定。 /201702/491114

No ring, no vows. But no rights? Couples who live together without getting married can soon be entitled to a share of the wealth if they split up or if one partner dies. The Law Commission has published new proposals aimed at making the law fairer for cohabiting partners especially if they've lived together for a certain period or had a child. DS reports.' and all the time I have I will share with you.'A commitment to stay together, traditionally marriage has had a special status in British law and society, but less and less of us is choosing to exchange vows .So is the law out of touch with the way we're living our lives? Two million couples now live together without tying the knot and that's set to double in the next 20 years. But what happens when things go wrong? Most people cohabiting wrongly assumed that they have common-law rights, their property and assets will get divided as if they were legally man and wife. In fact people who live together don't have any rights and that can be painful.The contrast couldn't be clearer. Last week, divorcee Melissa Miller, married for 2.5 years, got 5 million pounds of her ex-husband's financial fortune. But unmarried Shirley Mcgauley who lived with her partner for 10 years got nothing when he died. The courts have established the principle that wives like Melissa Miller should be rewarded for their contribution to a marriage. But the situation is very different for unmarried couples who split. When Shirley Mcgauley's partner Martin died, she suddenly found she was entitled to nothing, not even a share of the house even though she had helped / pay the mortgage. The insurance money paid on his death ,the money in their bank account and Martin's pension were all inherited by his parents."It's, it's the most awful thing to go through 'coz you have to deal with your grief, which you can't because you've got so many other worries. Money worries, financial worries, how you are gonna pay bills . And who is gonna listen to you? Who is gonna help you? Nobody, nobody wants to know because the law states that it's eh, next of kin, which leaves people like me basically nowhere."Heterosexual couples now have less legal rights than gay couples who can choose to register their civil partnerships. And so the Law Commission is asking whether it's time for change. For example, should those who split be able to claim a lump sum or maintenance. And how long should they have to live together before being eligible. In other countries, such as Scotland, there is no minimum of time period and cohabitating couples enjoy similar rights to married couples. But there is a more fundamental question. Once a couple decides to commit to marriage by buying the rings and ordering the dress, it's generally accepted that they are taking on certain responsibilities and in return ,the state gives them certain rights But if a couple chooses not to bother and simply to live together, why should they expect the same benefits? We don't feel that should be used as a means for denying basic justice for those who have not been together within a marriage relationship , but who at the end of that relationship, are otherwise going to suffer that injustice .The Church of England was initially against any changes, but now says it accepts the proposals as there is still a distinction between cohabitees and spouses. It could take years before any changes happen. Until then the official advice to those living together is to put property in joint names and to make a will.1.split up :separate, divide; be separated, be divided; separated, divided, parted 2.tie the knot:get married, be wed结婚3.common-law:law which is determined by judges, method of lawmaking that began in England; unwritten law, law that is based on past legal decisions 不成文法; 习惯法 4.lump sum:total sum, inclusive total, comprehensive sum 一次付款额; 总金额 200805/39351

Remember that other phrase – ;I just want to check…;记得另一个说法“我只是想核对……”OK.Now, I just want to check what was sent to Cocoline Limited – it should have been fifteen mangos...好的。我只是想核对一下给Cocoline Limited公司送的是什么,应该是15个芒果……Yeah. Thats right.是的,没错。Great, and just to be absolutely clear, you sent the soft mangos, not the plastic ones?太好了,只是想百分百确认一下,你送的是软芒果,不是塑料芒果吧?Yes, just like I was told to.是的,就像他们告诉我的那样。Good. One thing I wasnt sure of was whether we had enough yellow bananas in stock – I know there are some purple ones, but...好。有一件事我不太确定,我们是否存了足够多的黄香蕉。我知道还有一些紫色的香蕉,但是……Yeah well, we do need more yellow bananas.是的,我们确实需要更多的黄香蕉。Okay, Ill just write that down. Thank you Mr Ingle.好的,我记下来了。谢谢你,安格尔先生。By the way, I like your overalls! Oh thanks.顺便说一下,我喜欢你的工作! 谢谢。 /201612/483618

US Envoy says US Not Interested in Dictating Pakistan's Policies美高官驳斥有关干预巴内政的说法 Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte has dismissed suggestions the ed States is trying to dictate anti-terrorism policy to Pakistan's new government. American diplomat made the statement at the end of meetings with Pakistani officials, politicians and military commanders. 美国副国务卿内格罗蓬特驳斥了美国正在设法指导巴基斯坦新政府的反恐政策的一些说法。他在跟巴基斯坦官员、政界人士以及军事指挥官的会晤即将结束时发表了上述讲话。Accompanied by another senior State Department official, Richard Boucher, Deputy Secretary of State Negroponte arrived in Islamabad hours before Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani was sworn in to lead a new coalition government. 在吉拉尼宣誓就任巴基斯坦新联合政府总理的几小时之前,美国副国务卿内格罗蓬特抵达伊斯兰堡。随同他访问的还有美国国务院的另一位高级官员包润石。The timing of the visit by two senior American diplomats has outraged many Pakistanis, and newspaper editorials condemned it as "meddling in Pakistan's internal affairs."两位美国高级外交官员访问巴基斯坦的时间让许多巴基斯坦人感到愤怒,一些报纸的社论对此表示谴责,认为这样做是“干涉巴基斯坦内政”。Speaking to reporters in Karachi at the end of his visit. Negroponte rejected that criticism, saying the visit was planned two months ago and was meant to reaffirm U.S support for the new Pakistani government. 内格罗蓬特在访问即将结束时在卡拉奇对记者讲话。他驳斥了这些批评。内格罗蓬特说,这次访问计划是在两个月前做出的,是为了再次实美国持巴基斯坦新政府。"There was no hidden agenda and certainly no desire to interfere or intervene in any way in the political arrangements that are developing," Negroponte said. "This suggestion that somehow we expect Pakistan to carry out activities, on our behalf and at our behest, that are not in Pakistan's interest is simply wrong." 内格罗蓬特说:“这次访问并没有隐藏的议程、当然也不希望以任何方式干涉巴基斯坦正在发展的政治安排。不知什么原因,这些批评人士认为我们期望巴基斯坦为了我们的利益、按照我们的要求,而不是为了巴基斯坦的利益采取行动。这种想法完全是错误的。”Pakistan's new prime minister and top leaders of his ruling coalition have said the country's policy of cooperating with the ed States in fighting terrorism will be presented before parliament for approval. They also have called for holding talks with militants fighting Pakistani troops in the remote tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. 巴基斯坦新任总理和执政联盟的高级领导人说,巴基斯坦在反恐方面与美国的合作政策将提交议会批准。他们还呼吁与激进分子举行会谈,这些激进分子正在与阿富汗交界的偏远部落地区和巴基斯坦军队作战。The White House has said it anticipates continued cooperation between the ed States and Pakistan. 白宫表示期待与巴基斯坦继续合作,But Negroponte's visit was being seen by many in Pakistan as an attempt to shore up President Pervez Musharraf. 但是,巴基斯坦的许多人认为,内格罗蓬特的这次访问是试图持穆沙拉夫总统。Deputy Secretary of State Negroponte says the Pakistani prime minister and other officials have assured him of Pakistan's resolve to tackle terrorism. He said there is no single solution to the issue of militancy.内格罗蓬特副国务卿说,巴基斯坦总理和其它官员向他保了巴基斯坦处理恐怖主义问题的决心。内格罗蓬特说,要解决激进主义的问题没有单一的解决方案。"Security measures obviously are necessary when one is talking about dealing with irreconcilable elements who want to destroy our very way of life. I do not see how you can talk with those kinds of people," Negroponte said. "On the other hand, there are reconcilable elements in any of these situations who hopefully can be persuaded to participate in the democratic political process."内格罗蓬特说:“当我们谈论怎样与那些不可能和解的人打交道时,显而易见,有必要采取安全措施。因为这些人要毁灭我们的生活方式。我们的确无法想象与这种人谈判;另一方面,在一定情形下,还有一些可以和解的人,我们希望说他们,让他们参与民主政治进程。”Negroponte rejected a report in the Washington Post newspaper that U.S. forces have recently escalated air strikes against al-Qaida targets in Pakistan's tribal areas. He says Washington only acts in cooperation with Pakistani authorities.内格罗蓬特驳斥了华盛顿邮报的报导,报导说,最近美国军队加大了针对巴基斯坦部落地区基地组织目标的空袭。他说,美国政府只有在与巴基斯坦合作的前提下才会采取行动。The deputy secretary of state said the ed States is funding projects aimed at improving economic and social conditions in the Pakistani tribal regions on the Afghan border as part of efforts to discourage extremism. 内格罗蓬特说,美国正在资助与阿富汗交界的巴基斯坦部落地区的一些项目,旨在改善那里的经济和社会条件,这是遏制极端主义的部分努力。The tribal regions are known as safe havens for al-Qaida and Taliban fugitives who are believed to have established bases there to launch cross border attacks on U.S-led forces hunting those militants. 这些部落地区被认为是基地组织和塔利班逃亡者的庇护所,据信,他们在那里建立基地,跨越边界向美国为首的联军发动袭击,联军正在这些部落地区追剿激进分子。200803/32615

US Fed Chief Defends Investment Bank Bailout伯南克为美联储救助贝尔斯登辩护Top U.S. financial officials say the markets could have been thrown into chaos if the government had not taken strong action to rescue a big investment bank that was falling into bankruptcy. But critics say the move put billions of dollars at risk, and unfairly helps large investors at a time when ordinary people facing home foreclosure get little aid.  美国负责金融工作的高级官员表示,如果政府没有采取强有力的行动挽救一家濒临破产的大投资的话,金融市场可能会出现混乱。不过批评人士说,这个举动存在使数十亿美元遭受损失的风险,而且在那些面临丧失房屋赎回权的老百姓没有得到什么帮助的时候,给大的投资机构提供了不公平的帮助。 Bear Stearns, one of the biggest investment banks in the country, was on the verge of bankruptcy last month, until the U.S. central bank stepped in to help JP Morgan arrange to buy the struggling bank, something critics say put billions of dollars of taxpayers' money at risk. 美国最大的投资之一贝尔斯登上个月处于破产的边缘,后来美国的中央出面介入帮助根大通做出收购这家挣扎之中的的安排。批评人士说,这种做法可能使纳税人的数十亿美元付诸东流。But Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told the Senate Banking Committee the Bear Stearns rescue was justified because the collapse of the firm would hurt confidence and stall trading in markets that are aly troubled. 不过,美联储主席伯南克星期四在参议院的委员会作时表示,出手救助贝尔斯登的行动是合理的,因为这家公司的倒闭会损害投资人信心而且使已经麻烦不断的市场交易活动出现停滞。"The damage caused by a default by Bear Stearns could have been severe and extremely difficult to contain," he said. 他说:“贝尔斯登的违约所引起的伤害可能会非常严重而且极难控制。”New York Federal Reserve Bank President Tim Geithner played a key role in the effort to prop up Bear Stearns and says officials took the action reluctantly, but decided the cost of inaction was too high. 纽约联邦储备行长盖特纳在救助贝尔斯登的努力中扮演了一个关键的角色。他说,有关官员在采取救助行动的时候并不情愿,但是认定不采取任何行动的代价太高了。"Americans would face lower incomes, lower home values, higher borrowing costs for housing, education and other living expenses, lower retirement savings, and rising unemployment," he said. 他说:“美国人将面临更低的收入,更低的房价,在住房、教育和其他生活出方面都面临更高的借贷成本,更少的退休金和日益上涨的失业率。”Several senators urged officials to avoid similar problems in the future by speeding efforts to streamline and improve regulation and oversight of the financial system. 好几位参议员敦促金融官员通过加快精简和改善金融体系的管制和监督来避免今后出现类似的问题。Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd agreed that rescuing Bear Stears was necessary because the failure of a large institution would be a risk to the financial system. 参议院委员会主席、康涅狄克州的民主党参议员多德也认为,救助贝尔斯登是必要的,因为一个大的金融机构的倒闭将会给整个金融体系造成威胁。But he said the government should be just as quick and generous in helping throngs of troubled homeowners facing foreclosure for the same reason officials came to the aid of the big investment bank. 不过他说,在帮助大量因为同样的原因而面临丧失房屋赎回权的屋主方面,政府也应该向帮助大的投资那样迅速和慷慨。"Thousands and thousands and thousands of foreclosures create as much systemic risk as one investment bank," Senator Dodd said. 他说:“上百万的房屋被收回所带来的系统性风险与一家投资倒闭带来的风险一样多。”Home foreclosures have put the U.S. housing industry in a state of turmoil, and has hurt the overall economy here and elsewhere. 大量的房屋被收回导致美国的住房业陷入动荡而且对美国以及其他地方的整体经济造成损害。A bill designed to help avert some foreclosures has been under discussion by senators this week. One version of the plan would expand counseling services for families in danger of losing their homes, give local governments grants to buy foreclosed properties, and offer tax breaks for people who buy them. It would also give tax breaks to some homebuilders. 参议院这个星期已经开始讨论一个旨在帮助避免一些房屋被收回的法案。该项计划的一个版本将扩大给那些可能失去房子的家庭提供的咨询务,给地方政府提供资金来购买赎回权被收回的房产以及给那些购买这些地产的人提供税收上的优惠。这个文本的法案还将给一些房屋建筑商提供税收上的减免。200804/33399

The U.S. dollar dropped to a 12-year low against the Japanese yen, and also sank to new lows against the euro and other global currencies. Stock markets in Asia also sold off, in part because of the weak dollar and because of concerns that the U.S. economy is going into recession. 美元兑日圆的汇价降到了12年来的最低点。同时,美元兑欧元以及世界上其它货币的汇价也都创下新低。美元大跌部分原因是人们担心美国的经济开始进入衰退 。The dollar fell one percent to 100.20 yen in Tokyo trading Tuesday, its lowest rate since 1995. It also hit record lows against the euro and the Swiss franc.  在星期二的东京外汇市场,美元兑日圆的汇价下降到了自1995年以来的最低点,为1美元兑100.20日圆。此外,美元兑欧元以及瑞士法郎的比价也都创下新低。David Mann, chief currency strategist at Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong, says the 100-yen level for the dollar is dangerous because it is a psychological mark for investors.  香港渣打的首席货币分析师大卫.曼恩说,在100日圆比价这个水平对美元来说是危险的,因为那是投资人心理指标。"If it goes, if that taboo is broken, then traders will be comfortable with the idea that we can actually see even further losses in the dollar against the yen and so we can be trading into the 90's for some time," he said. 他说:“如果这个心理的标准被冲破了的话,那么交易人就会觉得更低的兑换率、甚至90年代的水平也不足为奇了。On Tuesday the dollar rallied after the Federal Reserve said it would pump 0 billion into financial markets to ease the credit crunch caused by a hike in unpaid home mortgages. 星期二,美联储表示将向市场投入了2000多亿美元的资金,以减缓家庭贷款危机所带来的冲击,之后美元曾一度上扬。But the gains quickly vanished because of concerns that the plan is not enough to boost the U.S. economy. Mann says investors are wary of the Fed's plan because they worry about U.S. bank failures. 但是很快又开始下跌,因为人们担心美联储的措施不足以振奋美国的经济。"The problem is that we are still in a situation of 'can lend, won't lend,' and while we have that type of problem even aggressive monetary easing won't necessarily do it, it'll be a little bit more like just pushing on a string," he said. 香港渣打的首席货币分析师大卫.曼恩说:“问题在于我们仍然处于那种可以贷、但又不愿贷的局面,所以即使是很大胆的财政措施也解决不了问题。”Mann says the Fed is also likely to cut interest rates even further. 他说,美联储也可能进一步的降低利率。"Very likely to get a minimum of 50 basis points cut from the next meeting and we are actually expecting the fed funds rate to go all the way down to one percent by the middle of this year," he added.The dollar's slide against the yen has also sparked concern that Japanese authorities may intervene, as the country has a history of restraining the yen's strength to maintain the competitiveness of exporters. 美元兑日圆比价的下降也令人们担心日本政府可能会进行干预,因为日本政府为了维持日本在出口方面的竞争力过去曾采取措施使日圆不至上升过快。The U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisis, together with fears that the economy is slipping into recession, is taking its toll on global markets. Mann says the big worry is the possibility the problems could last a long time, similar to the Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s.  美国的次级贷款危机,以及对美国经济衰退的担心正在全球市场造成负面影响。大卫.曼恩说,人们很担心的一个问题是这会持续很长的一段时间,就象亚洲地区在90年代后期的那场危机那样。Other worries for investors in Asia included rising inflation in much of the region and oil prices nearing 0 a barrel.On Thursday most major Asian stock markets closed lower. Japan's Nikkei plunged more than three percent, the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong lost 4.8 percent and the Kospi in Seoul gave up 2.6 percent of its value.  星期四,亚洲股市大都走低。日经指数跌了3%以上。香港恒生指数跌幅达4.8%。首尔股市也下跌了2.6%。200803/30505

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