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2019年10月20日 14:01:06 | 作者:39健康 | 来源:新华社
One day last week at 9.29am I hunched nervously over my keyboard and prepared to do battle with an entity called Emma. We were each primed to write about the official UK employment data at 9.30am and file our stories to my editor. I was sure Emma would be quicker than me, but I really hoped I would be better.最近,一天早晨9点29分,我弓着身子紧张地盯着键盘,准备与一台名为爱玛(Emma)的机器一决雌雄。我们都准备在9点30分撰写一篇有关英国官方就业数据的文章,然后把文章递交给我的编辑。我确定爱玛会比我速度快,但我真的希望我会写得更好。Her creator, a start-up called Stealth, calls her an “autonomous artificial intelligence” designed to deliver professional services such as research and analysis. Since it is fashionable to predict that AI will supplant white-collar workers including journalists, I wanted to put it to the test.她的创造者、名为Stealth的初创企业把她称作“自主人工智能”,旨在提供研究和分析等专业务。如今,预测人工智能将取代白领员工(包括记者在)是件时髦的事,所以我希望测试一下。Emma was indeed quick: she filed in 12 minutes to my 35. Her copy was also better than I expected. Her facts were right and she even included relevant context such as the possibility of Brexit (although she was of the dubious opinion that it would be a “tailwind” for the UK economy). But to my relief, she lacked the most important journalistic skill of all: the ability to distinguish the newsworthy from the dull. While she correctly pointed out the jobless rate was unchanged, she overlooked that the number of jobseekers had risen for the first time in almost a year.爱玛确实速度很快:她12分钟就提交了,我用了35分钟。而且她的文笔比我预期的要好。她列举的事实正确,甚至包括了相关背景,例如英国退欧(Brexit)的可能性(不过,她认为这将“推动”英国经济的观点让人存疑)。但让我感到安慰的是,她缺乏最重要的新闻从业人员技能:从枯燥资料中提取有新闻价值的内容的能力。尽管她准确指出了失业率未变,但她忽视了求职者数量出现近一年来首次增加。In truth, most people who work on artificial intelligence admit it is not going to make humans obsolete any time soon. It is simply not intelligent enough yet. What is beginning to happen, though, is more subtle but no less important. The lines are beginning to blur between work done by humans and that done by machines.实际上,从事人工智能开发工作的多数人承认,它不会很快淘汰人类。它就是还不够聪明。现在开始发生的情况较为微妙,但也很重要。人类和机器执行的工作之间的界限开始变得模糊起来。For some workers, this could be a boon. I could imagine a scenario where an entity like Emma could do rudimentary reports on repetitive data releases, then send them to a human editor to newsify and beautify. The Associated Press aly uses a program called Automated Insights to write simple corporate results stories. In these cases, humans have the advantage: machines not obliterating them but taking over the boring bits of their jobs so they can spend more time on the creative or valuable parts.对于一些工作者而言,这可能是件好事。我可以假设这样一幅场景:类似爱玛的一台机器可以就重复性的数据发布编写报道初稿,然后发送给人类编辑做成新闻并修饰语句。美联社(Associated Press)已经在使用一个名为Automated Insights的程序撰写简单的公司业绩报道。在这些情况下,人类具有优势:机器没有淘汰人类,而是取代了人类工作中乏味的部分,使人类能把更多时间花在有创意或有价值的工作上。But not all humans are moving up the value chain. There are some boring tasks at which machines are very bad. An army of low-paid people are quietly doing them instead.但并非所有人都在向价值链上方移动。有一些枯燥的工作,机器做得非常糟糕。很多低薪人员在默默地承接这些工作。Take the workers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, a site run by the online retailer where “requesters” pay “Turkers” to do simple microtasks that are tricky for machines but easy (if dull) for humans: transcribing audio clips; tagging photos with relevant keywords; copying photocopied receipts into spsheets. Amazon calls these “human intelligence tasks”, or HITs, and they tend to pay a few cents apiece. The name Mechanical Turk comes from a fake chess-playing machine from the 18th century: while it looked like an automaton, a person was secretly hiding inside.以亚马逊(Amazon)土耳其机器人(Mechanical Turk)的工作者为例,这是该在线零售商经营的一个网站,让“请求者”付费给“土耳其工人”(Turkers)执行一些简单的小任务,这些任务对于机器来说很难,但对人类而言却相当容易(只是些枯燥):把录音整理成文字记录;为照片贴上相关关键词作为标签;把复印的收据录入电子表格。亚马逊称之为“人类智能任务”,往往每个任务付费几美分。Mechanical Turk的名字来源于18世纪一台虚假的下棋机器:这台机器看上去是自动化,其实有真人藏在机器内部。Pinterest is a good example of a company that uses sites like this. One developer explains in a recent blog how it uses “crowdworkers” to evaluate the appropriateness of the “trending searches” generated by its computers. Humans are still better at making these judgments than machines. “We’ve built ‘artificial’ artificial intelligence,” she concluded.Pinterest就是一个公司利用这类网站的很好例子。一位开发员在最近一篇文中解释了如何利用“众包工作者”评估电脑生成的“趋势搜索”是否合适。人类仍比机器更擅长做出这些评判。她得出结论称:“我们打造了‘人为’的人工智能。”Some of the new chatbot and AI services also have people hiding inside: “humans pretending to be robots pretending to be humans”, as Bloomberg put it in a recent exposé. These people often review and edit AI-generated responses before they are sent.正如彭(Bloomberg)最近在一篇披露内幕的报道中所言,一些新的聊天机器人和人工智能务也有人类藏在里面:“人类假装是机器人,再由机器人假装人类”。这些人往往会在由人工智能生成的回复被发送之前对其进行编审。What about Emma? Is there a human lurking behind her? Shaunak Khire, co-founder of Stealth, says Emma has a team of human “trainers” but insists the output is all her own.爱玛呢?有人藏在她身后吗?Stealth联合创始人Shaunak Khire表示,爱玛拥有一个由人类“教练”组成的团队,但他坚称,她是完全独立完成工作的。It is always going to be hard for laypeople using these services to know for sure.使用这些务的外行人要确定这点总是很难。Jeff Bigham, assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute, works as an adviser to Emma’s creators. He wants to find ways to make crowdwork less mindless and more fulfilling; for example, by making it a means to acquire skills. He asks himself: “What would make me proud to have my daughter grow up to be a crowdworker?” Even then, it is not clear how long this sort of work will last.卡内基梅隆大学(Carnegie Mellon University)人机交互研究所(Human-Computer Interaction Institute)助理教授杰夫#8226;比格姆(Jeff Bigham)是爱玛创造者的顾问。他希望找到让众包工作不那么机械而更有成就感的方法;比如让它成为一种获取技能的方式。他问自己:“有什么能让我因为自己的女儿长大后成为一名众包工作者而感到骄傲呢?”尽管那样,我们不清楚这类工作会持续多久。He explains that when humans perform tasks that machines cannot yet do, they create an exhaust of “training data” from which AI can learn. In other words, all those crowdworkers and chatbot editors are working steadily towards their own obsolescence.他解释道,当人类执行机器尚无法执行的任务时,他们会产生海量“培训数据”,人工智能可从中学习。换句话说,所有这些众包工作者和聊天机器人编辑天天在为淘汰自己工作着。Should you welcome or fear the rise of intelligent machines? That depends on whether they will be working for you, or you will be working for them.你是应该欢迎还是担心智能机器的崛起呢?这取决于他们将为你工作还是你将为他们工作。 /201605/442990Over the past few days, several users have reported their phones catching fire or exploding while charging, and Samsung said it had confirmed 35 such cases.近日,许多三星用户上报了手机充电时着火或者爆炸的情况。三星官方目前已经确认了35起这样的案例。A YouTube user uploaded a under the name Ariel Gonzalez on 29 August of a Galaxy Note 7 with burnt rubber casing and damaged screen.一个名为Ariel Gonzalez 的youtube主在8月29日上传了关于一个三星盖世note7的视频,视频中手机橡胶壳被烧毁,屏幕也有损坏。He said the handset ;caught fire; shortly after he unplugged the official Samsung charger, less than a fortnight after purchasing it.他还补充道,拔掉三星官方的充电器之后,这部购买还不到两周的手机立刻就着火了。Further images of a burnt Galaxy Note 7 were uploaded to Kakao Story, a popular social media site in Korea, on 30 August.其他相关图片都在8月30日被上传到了韩国当地知名的社交网站Kakao Story /201609/466166Some time ago now I came to realize that how we define particular words - success, happiness, love, etc - can have a major impact on the way in which we live our life. One term that I hear thrown around often is “good life”, eg “he lived a good life” . But what is a good life exactly? This term will mean different things to different people, and yet I believe there are some ingredients that all “good lives” share. Here are a some of these ingredients:Being present in the momentLife is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed. - Corita KentTo live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. - Oscar WildeGratefulnessGratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in our hands, because if we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have we will not be happy - because we will always want to have something else or something more. - Brother David Steindl-RastLoveLove doesn’t make the world go ’round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile. - Franklin P. JonesLife is the flower for which love is the honey. - Victor HugoA life lived for othersWe make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. - Winston ChurchillSqueezing the most out of our timeAnd in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. - Abraham Lincoln… we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number, really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, some afternoon that’s so deeply a part of your being that you can’t even conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four or five times more. perhaps not even that. How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless. - Paul BowlesLiving with purposeThe purpose of life is a life of purpose. - Robert ByrneAcceptance that life will bring sadnessThere are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year’s course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. - Carl JungLiving without fearOnly when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live. - Dorothy ThompsonTwenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark TwainNot taking life too seriouslyDo not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. - Elbert HubbardDo you have a e that you would like to share? Or perhaps even your own definition of what a “good life” is? Please share it in the comments below… 不久前,我认识到我们如何定义一些特定的词-成功,快乐,爱等,就会对我们生活的方式产生重要的影响。我经常听到的一个词就是美好的生活,比如他有一个美好的生活,但究竟什么才算是一个美好的生活?虽然不同的人对此有不同的理解,但我相信所有的“美好的生活”中均分享着一些要素,以下就是这些要素。活在当下生命是时刻的连续,而活在每一刻就是成功。-柯利塔#8226;肯特活着是世上最珍贵的,大多数人只是存在,仅此而已。-奥斯卡#8226;王尔德感恩感恩是我们握在手中的开启快乐生活的钥匙,因为如果我们不懂感恩,那么不管我们拥有多少,我们也不会开心-因为我们总会想要拥有其他东西或者想得到更多。-布拉德#8226;大卫#8226;#8226;斯泰德#8226;赖斯特爱爱没有使世界转动,但正是它,使周游世界变得有价值。-富兰克林#8226;本杰明人生是花朵,爱情是花蜜。-雨果一种为了他人而活着的生活我们靠获得的东西生存,但我们靠给予的东西生活。-温斯顿#8226;丘吉尔最大地压榨我们的时间生命,不在乎享受多少年,只在乎真正活过多少年。-亚伯拉罕#8226;林肯我们可以把生命视为取之不尽,用之不竭的。然而,这一切仅发生在一定数量的时代,且仅占一个很小的数目,这是真的。有多少次你会记得你童年的某一个下午,而那个下午已经成为你生命里最深的一部分以至于你认为你甚至不能设想你的生活没有它?也许你会想起它4次到5次以上,也许甚至没有。有多少次你会观赏月亮的升起?也许是20次。然而,这一切似乎是无限的。-保罗#8226;鲍尔斯有目的地活着生活的目的就是过一种有目的的生活。-罗伯特#8226;拜恩接受生活也会带来悲伤有多少个夜晚,就有多少个白天,并且在一年当中,这两个的时间长度是一样的。即使是一个愉快的生活也要有阴暗的衡量,而“快乐”如果没有“悲伤”的对照,它也会失去了它的意义,-卡尔荣无畏地活着我们唯有不再害怕我们才能开始生活。-桃乐丝#8226;托马森二十年后,当你回顾你所经历的事情时,你将为没有尝试的事情而感到后悔。所以从现在起,仍掉你的安全套结,从安全的港口启航,和信风一起航行,开始探险,去追求你的梦想吧!-马克#8226;吐温不要对生活太认真别对生活太认真,否则你将永远不能摆脱它活着。-艾伯特哈伯德你有你想要分享的谚语吗?或者是你自己对“美好生活”的定义?有的话请吧这些写在下面的评注栏里… /200806/42275

希腊网站新招 发诅咒帖释压Greeks fed up with their pesky neighbours, old flames, the government, or society in general can find release in a new Internet site that posts e-curses for free."Have you been dumped, harassed or angered? Why not unload with a curse?" offers www.e-katares.com (e-curse.com), which currently has more than 150 entries.Most postings on the site are from jilted lovers but there are also contributions aimed at Greek taxi drivers,banks, the public sector and even Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis."May his next pasta meal give him salmonella poisoning," one user rants against the premier, whose love of food is a popular barb among opposition media.In Athens, locals usually relieve stress through a variety of offensive hand gestures, most frequently whilst caught in one of the capital's trademark traffic jams."Studies by (EU statistics service) Eurostat show that Greeks have gone from being positive and relaxed to having the worst stress in Europe ... over job uncertainty and the collapse of traditional social structures," sociology professor George Piperopoulos told the daily Ethnos, which publicized the site Saturday. 对邻居、旧情人、政府乃至整个社会感到不满的希腊人现在可以登陆一家新开设的专门网站免费发布“诅咒贴”,发泄自己的不满情绪。该“诅咒”网站向人们发出邀请:“你被抛弃、感到烦恼、生气吗?何不来e-katares.com 诅咒一下呢!”目前该网站上的“诅咒贴”已超过150个。多数发贴者都是被恋人抛弃的人,也有一些发贴者诅咒出租车司机、、公共务部门,希腊总理科斯塔斯#8226;卡拉曼利斯也成了网咒的“靶子”。一名用户发贴诅咒他:“希望他下次吃饭时沙门氏菌中毒。” 科斯塔斯总理对于美食的热爱经常成为反对党媒体攻击嘲讽的对象。雅典人在遇到烦心事时常用各种攻击性的手势来表达不满、宣泄压力,这在人们遇上堵车时最为常见。交通拥堵堪称希腊首都雅典的一大“标志”。社 会学教授乔治#8226;皮佩罗普洛斯在接受《民族报》的采访时说:“欧盟数据务中心(Eurostat)开展的调查显示,如今,希腊人自信、放松的生活状态已不 复存在,由于工作不稳定和传统社会结构的瓦解,希腊人现在已成为欧洲压力最大的国民。”上周六的《民族报》刊登了该诅咒网站的宣传广告。 /200803/29232

Yuanxiao Festival元宵节Yuanxiao Festival is on the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month.元宵节的时间是农历的正月十五。It is part of and the last day of the Spring Festival.这一天是春节的最后一天。In the old days, people began preparing for the Spring Festival about 20 days before.在古代,人们提前大约二十天为春节作准备。However the Yuanxiao Festival marks the end of the New Year celebrations.而元宵节的到来标志着春节庆祝活动的结束。And after the Yuanxiao Festival, everything returns to normal.元宵节之后,一切生活又恢复正常。The Yuanxiao Festival is also known as the Lantern Festival.元宵节还称“灯节”。Yuan literarily means “First” while “Xiao” refers to “night”.“元”代表第一,古人称“正月”为“元月”,“夜”也称 “宵”。Yuanxiao is the first time when people see the full moon in the New Year.“元宵”就是指新的一年中第一个见到圆满的明月的晚上。It is traditionally a time for family reunion.人们往往在这一天阖家团圆。The most prominent activity of the Yuanxiao Festival is the display of all types of beautiful lanterns.元宵节最有代表性的活动就是观花灯。So the occasion is also called the Lantern Festival.所以元宵节也称为灯节。There are many beliefs about the origin of the Lantern Festival. But one thing for sure is that it had something to do with religious worship.关于元宵灯节的由来,有许多说法:有人说元宵节的来历与祭祀“泰一神”有关。Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty directed special attention to this event.史载汉武帝时,汉室要祭祀一位 叫“太乙”的神明。The belief was that the God of Heaven controlled the destiny of the human world.据说他的权力很大。It was he who decided when to inflict drought, storms, famine or pestilence upon human beings.人间的风雨、干旱、饥馑、瘟疫都由他掌管。In 104 , he proclaimed it one of the most important celebrations, and the ceremony would last throughout the night.Another legend associated with the Lantern Festival is Taoism.也有人说元宵节的来历与道教有关。Tian-guan was the Taoist god responsible for good fortune. His birthday falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month. It is said that Tian-guan liked all types of entertainment. So his followers prepared various kinds of activities during which they prayed for good fortune.到了唐朝,崇尚老庄,奉道教为国教,为祝贺道教的“上元赐福天官紫微大帝”在正月十五的诞辰而举行各种各样的祝节活动,至此,元宵节又添上了道教色。The third story about the origin of the festival goes like this:第三种说法是和佛教相关。One day,Emperor Mingdi had a dream about a gold man in his palace.东汉时期,明帝有一天突然梦见大殿里出现了一个不速之客。At the very moment when he was about to ask the mysterious figure who he was,the gold man suddenly rose to the sky and disappeared in the west.正要寻问此人身份时,那人却飘至空中消失于西方。The next day Emperor Mingdi sent a scholar to India on a pilgrimage to locate Buddhist scriptures.翌日,明帝即派人前往印度朝圣求佛经。So Emperor Mingdi ordered his subjects to display lighted lanterns during what was to become the Lantern Festival.后来,明帝听说有正月十五日僧人观佛舍利,点灯敬佛的做法,就命令这一天夜晚在皇宫和寺庙里点灯敬佛,令士族庶民都挂灯。The custom of lighting lanterns continued. However the lanterns would develop from simple ones to those of various color and shape. The scale of the celebration also increased greatly.以后这种佛教礼仪节日逐渐形成民间盛大的节日。 /201509/395316

"We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas…"Have you heard that song? Yup! It's Christmas time! This Christmas, I stayed with my "host family"1. It was an amazing experience to see how a typical American family would celebrate the biggest western festival of the year.   Christmas, like our Spring Festival, has a meaning in itself. Christmas Day, which is on December 25, is the birthday of Jesus Christ--the son of God. That's why it is called Christmas. On that day, Christians would get together with their families to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. But nowadays, the religious meaning of Christmas has become less emphasized. To many families, it is just a time of family reunion and the ever-exciting present-giving.  Our school had been on winter vacation since December 11. I stayed at my friend, Stephen Stapczynski's house--his family was my "host family". Although Christmas was still more than ten days ahead, the festive spirit had aly been teeming everywhere. The Christmas tree had aly been set up, and on every windowsill, there were Christmas lights. On the first day I arrived at their house, Stephen and I helped Mrs. Stapczynski put decorations on the Christmas tree. The tree looked so nice with all the lights on and the beautiful ornaments dangling from its branches.  As Christmas came closer, the whole neighborhood had made preparations too. Some people would hold parties at their houses, inviting all their neighbors to come. So every night, if you went out, you would see a long line of cars parked in front of some house--a party's on!  What's more, the Christmas decorations that some people put on their windows and in gardens were just amazing. On one night, we went out in our car for a "tour of lights". There was one street that was so famous for its lights that it got its way into the local paper. We had a hard time finding the well-hidden street, but it turned out to be worth the effort. Lights shone brightly in front of nearly every house, on trees, bushes, doors, windows…everywhere, taking different shapes, making it seem almost like daytime. Huge inflatable figures in the front gardens were waving to us: there were Santa Clauses2, of course, chuckling merrily away; and there were also other Christmas figures, like Rudolph3--the red-nosed reindeer--with his red nose gleaming ever so brightly; even Bart Simpson--a character in the famous comedy The Simpsons--had joined the jolly party, wearing a Santa's hat. The street set off a lot of "ooh"s and "aah"s inside the car.4 When we left, there was a line of cars in the street, all there to see the lights.  Christmas is the time for exchanging presents. Stephen and Niko had been thinking about their Christmas lists (a list of things they wish "Santa"to give them for Christmas) for a long time. I didn't want to ask for anything, but the Stapczynskis were so kind to "force"me make one list as well (Mr. Stapczynski told me if I didn't make one he would chop off my legs). So I wrote down a couple of things that I would like to have, and gave the list to them--sorry, my mistake--to Santa.   Finally, Christmas Eve came. There was a special Christmas service at the church at 6 p.m. It was certainly a very interesting experience for me. The priest started the service ing and sang out extractions from a holy book--The Divine Liturgy. For several times, we would stand up and pray. Sometimes, the church choir would start singing. The atmosphere was very quiet and holy. Then there was a ceremony called "The Receiving Communion". People waited in line to "receive"a spoonful of food from the priest. It was a very special Christmas tradition. The food was made from b and wine. The b represents the body of Jesus, and the wine represents his blood. After this ceremony, the priest had a speech. He reminded us not to forget the true meaning of Christmas, and let Jesus really live inside us--that is, to love the people around us wholeheartedly. I think that no matter if you are a Christian or not, this principle should be part of our lives. After the priest finished his speech, the part that I enjoyed most came: Christmas carols5. Christmas carols are songs that people sing at Christmas, such as "Jingle Bells", "We Wish You a Merry Christmas", "Silent Night"and so on. Some were very merry, others sounded quite holy, but all of them were beautiful. I closed my eyes, and let all the peacefulness and happiness that were in the songs flow through me. What a feeling it was!  We went to sleep earlier that day for we had to get up early on Christmas Day to open our presents. Sure enough, when I was still half-way during a sweet dream, Stephen burst into my room and told me to get up and open presents. There were a huge pile of presents under the Christmas tree, and there was such a mysterious mist shrouding them that made me eager to see what they all were. So one by one, we went through all the presents. Mr. and Mrs. Stapczynski had bought me everything I had written on my Christmas list--and a lot more! I got music CDs, film DVDs, clothes, books… I was very happy, and I didn't know how to express my appreciation for what they had done for me. Stephen and Niko had gotten a lot of presents too, and they had aly been trying out their new games!  In the afternoon, we went to Mrs. Stapczynski's brother, Uncle Stan's house. They had prepared a marvelous meal for us. A lot of their friends and relatives also came. I saw Stephen and Niko's grandparents, Yiayia and Papou (words of grandma and grandpa in Greek--Mrs. Stapczynski's parents came from Greece, so they like the boys using Greek words to call them). They were very kind to me, and treated me just like one of their family members. We had a very luxurious meal, consisting of turkey, beef, pork, and all sorts of other food.   After the meal, when all the stomachs were full and everyone was feeling drowsy6 from all the food, we just sat around the table and chatted, just like what we Chinese people do at the Spring Festival. After all, Christmas, like the Spring Festival, is a time for us to get away from our busy lives, a time for family gathering, and a time to have some fun.  Notes:  1. host family: 寄住家庭或接待家庭。学校安排那些圣诞节仍留在美国的国际学生住在当地的寄住家庭中。  2. Santa Claus: 圣诞老人。  3. Rudolph: 每到圣诞节,圣诞老人乘坐驯鹿雪撬给孩子们送礼物,其中指路的驯鹿的名字叫Rudolph,它的鼻子是红色的,所以称其为"red-nose reindeer"。  4. 街上的景象使车中响起一片惊奇的声音。set off: 激起,引起。   5. carol: (圣诞)颂歌。   6. drowsy: 困倦的。 /200803/29061

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