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Global banking watchdogs have announced their first big crackdown on regulatory arbitrage since the passage of the Basel III reform package with a plan for hefty charges on banks that use pricey credit default swaps to cut their capital requirements.全球业监督机构宣布,计划对利用昂贵的信用违约互换(CDS)来降低自身资本金要求的征收高额费用。此举是自《巴塞尔III》(Basel III)改革方案通过以来针对“监管套利”行为出台的首轮重大打击。The highly technical consultation announced on Friday by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which sets global bank safety rules, takes aim at banks that have been exploiting a regulatory loophole by buying credit protection on risky loans but sping out the premiums for several years.负责制定全球安全规则的巴塞尔监管委员会(Basel Committee on Banking Supervision)上周五宣布了这项颇为技术性的磋商。其矛头指向那些钻监管漏洞的,它们为高风险的贷款购买信用保险,但把保费分摊至数年。The Basel group, made up of 27 countries with major financial centres, announced 15 months ago that it was concerned about these arrangements because they immediately cut a bank’s capital charges, though the costs – and the risk of buying the insurance – do not show up until later.由27个国家(拥有一些大型金融中心)组成的上述巴塞尔委员会曾在15个月前宣布,对此类安排感到关切,原因是它们会立刻降低相关的资本金费用,尽管其成本——以及购买保险的风险——将在以后显现。The US Federal Reserve had said the practice called “into question the degree of risk transfer of the transaction and may be inconsistent with safety and soundness”. But the deals remained popular.美联储(Fed)曾表示,这种操作“使人质疑交易的风险转移程度,可能不利于安全和稳健”。但此类交易仍十分流行。Last month it emerged that Citigroup had bought protection from Blackstone , the private equity group, on a pool of shipping loans. Other banks that have engaged in “reg-cap” deals recently include Standard Chartered and Barclays.上月传出的消息显示,花旗集团(Citigroup)曾针对一批航运贷款向私人股本集团黑石(Blackstone)购买保险。近期从事过所谓“监管资本金”(reg-cap)交易的其他包括渣打(Standard Chartered)和巴克莱(Barclays)。Now regulators have taken a much tougher line, saying they plan to amend the hard-fought Basel III deal to close the loophole. Banks can continue to use CDSs to hedge their losses but they must reflect the cost of the insurance up front and take a capital charge, the consultation says, adding: “The proposed changes are intended to ensure that the costs, and not just the benefits, of purchased credit protection are appropriately recognised in regulatory capital.”现在监管机构大幅收紧了立场,称他们计划修订经过艰苦谈判才得以达成的《巴塞尔III》协议,以求堵塞这个漏洞。磋商文件称,可继续利用CDS对冲自己的亏损,但它们必须从一开始就报告保险成本、录得资本金费用。磋商文件还称:“拟议的变动意在确保所购买之信用保护的成本——而非仅仅是收益——恰当地计入监管资本金。”The move comes as regulators fight to reassure investors and politicians that Basel III will make the financial sector safer and that banks will not be able to evade the new rules by “optimising” their balance sheets to make them appear less risky.此举出台之际,监管人士正努力向投资者和政界人士保,《巴塞尔III》将提高金融行业的安全性,而且将无法通过“优化”自身资产负债表、使其看上去风险不那么大来逃避新规。“It appears pretty draconian,” said one person who works at a counterparty fund.“这项计划看起来相当严厉,”在一只基金工作的一名人士表示。该基金是的交易对手。Daniel Davies, analyst at BNP Exane, said: “It seems like a sensible piece of regulation. It’s pretty difficult to make a case that capital credit should be given for credit protection without recognising the full cost.”BNP Exane分析师丹尼尔戴维斯(Daniel Davies)表示:“这看上去像是一条明智的监管规定。在不承认全部成本的情况下对信用保护给予资本金信用——这种做法很难站得住脚。” /201303/231755Cairo Conference1943 - World War II: War in the Pacific - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Chinese leader Chiang Kai-Shek meet in Cairo, Egypt, to discuss ways to defeat Japan (Cairo Conference).开罗会议1943年的今天,二战太平洋战争中,美国总统弗兰克林·D·罗斯福、英国首相温斯顿·丘吉尔和当时的中国领导人蒋介石在埃及的开罗会晤,讨论如何抵抗日本(即开罗会议)。John F. Kennedy assassination1963 - John F. Kennedy assassination: In Dallas, Texas, US President John F. Kennedy is assassinated and Texas Governor John B. Connally is seriously wounded. Later the same day, US Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in as the 36th President of the ed States. 肯尼迪遇刺 1963年11月22日,美国第三十五任总统约翰·菲茨杰拉德·肯尼迪遭到击身亡,德克萨斯州州长约翰·康纳利重伤,同一天,美国副总统林登·约翰逊宣誓就职为美国第26届总统Beatles release The White Album1968 - The Beatles release the double album The Beatles, commonly known as The White Album. 甲壳虫发行“白色专辑”1968年的今天,甲壳虫(或译披头士)乐队发行了他们的双张同名专辑《甲壳虫(或译披头士)》,一般被人所知为“白色专辑”(因为专辑封面颜色为白色的缘故)。First female Chancellor of Germany2005 - Angela Merkel becomes the first female Chancellor of Germany. 德国首位女性大臣2005年的今天,安格拉·多罗特娅·默克尔成为德国内阁的首位女性大臣。 /201011/118817Lin Yong has never been so excited about Dec 30–not because of the New Year celebrations, but because of the convenience of going to work he will enjoy afterwards.对于林勇(音译)来说,12月30日是个激动人心的好日子,并不是因为要喜迎新年,而是因为从此以后他上班更加方便了。The 26-year-old Beijinger lives in the east part of Chaoyang district and works at the Apple store in Sanlitun. Every morning, he takes the Batong Line to get to Line 1 and then transfers to Line 10 at Guomao station, one of the busiest interchange stations in the Beijing subway system.这位26岁的北京人住在朝阳区东部,在三里屯苹果店工作。每天早上,他都会搭乘地铁八通线转1号线,然后在国贸站换乘10号线,那里是北京地铁最繁忙的换乘站之一。After Dec 30, Lin can take Line 6, one of the new lines that will start operating that day, and transfer to Line 10 at a less crowded station. “I think it’s good news for commuters like me, because it saves us a lot of time and energy,” Lin said.12月30日,北京地铁多条新建线路开始正式通车运营,6号线便是其中之一。从此以后,林勇便可以乘坐地铁6号线到一个人流相对不那么拥挤的车站去换乘10号线。林勇表示:“我想这对于像我这样的通勤族来说是个好消息,这可以为我们节省不少的时间和精力。”Commuters like Lin, who lives in a suburban area and works in the city center, are common in China’s metropolises, such as Beijing and Shanghai. They are the main demographic to use subways in China.在北京、上海这些大城市中,像林勇这样住在市郊、在市中心工作的通勤一族十分普遍。在国内,他们是乘坐地铁的主要人群。Zhang Hongke is a professor of transportation engineering at Beijing Jiaotong University. His recent study into metropolitan commuting trends shows that, in Chinese cities with a well-developed subway system, more than half of people who commute to work use the subway–and a big part of them live quite far away from their workplace.近日,北京交通大学运输工程系教授张宏科(音译)针对大城市通勤趋势进行研究,研究结果显示在一些地铁系统较发达的中国城市,半数以上的人乘坐地铁通勤,且终于大部分人都住在离单位很远的地方。“In China’s big cities, as housing prices and rents in the central city increase rapidly, many people, even white-collar workers, are choosing to live in suburban areas,” Zhang said. “In those cities, business and working areas are relatively grouped. So the subway becomes the most convenient and economical way of getting to work.”张宏科表示:“在中国的大城市中,随着中心区域房价和房租的飞涨,很多人,甚至也有一些白领都选择住在市郊。在这些城市中,商业区和写字楼较为集中。这样一来,地铁就成为最便捷、也是最经济的一种通勤方式。”Zhang added that the expansive subway systems of big cities are a good example for how subways extend a city’s reach.张教授还表示,大城市中日益扩大的地铁系统也有力的明了城市范围因地铁而不断扩张。Although the lifestyle of “living in suburban areas and working in the city” also applies in the West, the demographic of subway commuters is slightly different.尽管在西方,人们也选择“居住在市郊,工作在城区”的生活方式,但地铁通勤人群却略有不同。Take New York City for example. According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), in 2011, of those working in Manhattan, the main employment center in New York, a majority of 30 percent commute from within Manhattan, while 17 percent come from Queens and 16 percent from Brooklyn.就拿纽约为例。根据城市交通的相关数据显示,2011年,那些在纽约白领集中地——曼哈顿工作的通勤一族中,居住在曼哈顿的占30%之多,17%的人来自皇后区,16%的人则来自布鲁克林区。Those commuters who take the subway within Manhattan also include some quite wealthy middle-class citizens who can afford a car and live in a big house in a suburban area.那些住在曼哈顿的地铁通勤族之间也有一些十分富足的中产阶级,他们买得起汽车,住在郊区的大房子里。“There’s cheap, even free parking space outside metropolises like New York and London. They take the subway from there,” John Mackey, manager of New York City Transit, told The New Yorker. “It’s really about convenience. There are almost 150 metro stations in Manhattan, people can go anywhere anytime.”纽约市捷运局局长约翰#8226;麦基在接受《纽约客》采访时表示:“像纽约、伦敦这样的大城市市郊都设有价格低廉、甚至是免费的停车场。他们在那乘地铁上班。一切都是为了便捷。曼哈顿有大约150个地铁站,人们可以随时去任何地方。”Zhang thinks things would be different here. “In China, if someone can afford a car, they wouldn’t take public transportation that often, because it’s crowded and the stations are sometimes far from their destination,” Zhang said.在张宏科眼中,中国的情况则不同。他说:“在中国,人们一旦买得起汽车,就不会经常搭乘公共交通,一是因为太过拥挤,二是因为有时车站离目的地太远。”Lin Yong agrees. “If I had a car I’d drive to work on most days,” Lin said. “But, as that won’t happen in the near future, a new subway line is good enough for me.”林勇对此表示赞同。他说:“如果我有车的话,大多数时候就会开车上班。但目前这还不能实现,所以一条新的地铁线对我来说已经足够了。” /201212/213935

1. You will receive a body. 关爱自己,受益无限。You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for as long as you live. How you take care of it or fail to take care of it can make an enormous difference in the quality of your life. 无论喜欢还是厌恶,你的身体要跟随你一辈子。能否照顾好自己的身体,会决然影响你的一生。 /201003/98987

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