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哈尔滨市阳光医院怎么样,收费贵吗道外区治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱The US and EU urged Israel’s government on Tuesday to reverse its decision to appropriate nearly 1,000 acres of West Bank land earmarked for a new settlement city, saying this would undermine any prospect of restarting peace talks with the Palestinians.周二,美国和欧盟(EU)敦促以色列政府收回成命,不要占用约旦河西West Bank)000英亩土地,用作新的犹太人定居点。他们表示这么做会伤害到与巴勒斯坦重启和平谈判的任何可能性。The US said it was “deeply concernedabout the move announced on Sunday which will further expand Gush Etzion, a large Jewish settlement bloc near Bethlehem and say Palestinians further diminish their chances of building a geographically contiguous independent state.周日,以色列宣布要进一步扩建位于伯利恒附近的大型犹太人定居点——古什埃齐Gush Etzion)。巴勒斯坦方面表示,以色列这么做将令他们愈发不可能创建地理上连成一片的独立国家。对此,美国方面表示“深感关切”。“The steps are contrary to Israel’s stated goal of negotiating a permanent-status agreement with the Palestinians, and it would send a very troubling message if they proceed,Jen Psaki, a US State department spokesperson, said.美国国务院发言人珍#8226;普萨Jen Psaki)表示:“以色列曾表示要通过磋商与巴勒斯坦达成永久协议,这些举措却与该目标背道而驰。一旦推行,将传递出极为有害的信号。”The US also said it was “very concernedthat Israel might soon announce new construction or planning for settlements in the Givat Hamatos neighbourhood in occupied east Jerusalem. It described this as a “sensitive area此外,美国对以色列即将公布的新建定居点计划也表示“非常关切”,以色列即将公布的新建或规划的定居点计划位于基法哈马托Givat Hamatos)居民区,基法哈马托斯是被以色列占领的东耶路撒冷中的一个居民区。美方称基法哈马托斯是一个“敏感地带”。The settlement decision, described by the non-governmental group Peace Now as Israel’s biggest seizure of Palestinian land in 30 years, comes as Benjamin Netanyahu fends off criticism from far-right rivals, including the pro-settler Jewish Home party, for his conduct of the recent war against Hamas.非政府组织“即刻和平Peace Now)声称,这一扩建定居点的决定0年来以色列占有巴勒斯坦土地最多的一次。以色列总理本杰#8226; 内塔尼亚Benjamin Netanyahu)试图以该决议的出台,抵御极右翼政治对手的批评。这些政治对手中包括持扩建定居点的犹太家园Jewish Home Party),他们因以色列最近对哈马斯的战争而批评内塔尼亚胡。The EU said that Israel should avoid “any action that might undermine stability and the prospect of constructive negotiations following the ceasefire in Gaza and urged it to reverse the decision.欧盟则表示,以色列应避免“任何可能会破坏加沙停火后的稳定局面和建设性磋商前景的举动”,并敦促以色列收回成命。Some Israeli officials have described the move as retaliation for the kidnapping and killing of three Jewish teenagers in the area in the lead-up to this summer’s war in the Gaza Strip. Naftali Bennett, Jewish Home’s leader, on Monday applauded the decision to greenlight building at Gvaot, which he said was “the Zionist response to Arab terror巴勒斯坦称以色列扩建定居点的决定是“犯罪”。他们表示,格瓦奥特的新城将建在五个巴勒斯坦村庄的所在地普萨基表示,美国敦促以色列和巴勒斯坦都不要采取单边行动,那样会损害磋商解决巴勒斯坦独立建国问题的前景。来 /201409/326613黑龙江省妇儿妇科医院地址哪里? Saudi officials said a stampede Thursday outside the city of Mecca killed at least 310 people and injured 450 others as they took part in the annual Muslim hajj pilgrimage.沙特官员说,星期四在圣城麦加外面发生踩踏事件,参加年度麦加朝觐的人中至少10人死亡,还有450人受伤。The incident happened in Mina where pilgrims throw rocks at pillars representing the devil in the final hajj ritual before beginning the Eid al-Adha festival.踩踏事件发生在麦加以东几公里的米纳,朝觐者在那里参加“石击恶魔”仪式。这是麦加朝觐的最后一项活动,之后人们将庆祝古尔邦节。Saudi Arabias civil defense directorate gave the casualty figures on its Twitter account and posted pictures showing rescue workers attending to people on stretchers, including one who appears to be trying to resuscitate a man.沙特民防部门主管在推特上报告伤亡人数,并发布照片显示救援人员正在用担架将伤员抬上救护车,其中有一张图片显示有人正用人工呼吸抢救一位男子。Multiple deadly stampedes have taken place at the hajj during the past 25 years as huge numbers of people gathered for the five-day event required of all able-bodied Muslims once in their lifetime. This year, some 2 million people are participating.过去25年里,麦加朝觐期间发生过多起致命踩踏事件。每个身体健康的穆斯林一生中必须参加一次麦加朝觐,因此每年都有大批人前往沙特参加这个为期5天的活动。今年的朝觐者有大约200万之多。The worst disaster happened in 1990 when a stampede in a Mina tunnel killed more than 1,400 people. Stampedes in 1994, 2004 and 2006 each killed more than 200 pilgrims.1990年的踩踏事件最为严重,1400多人死亡994年004年和2006年的踩踏事件中,分别都有200多人丧生。Earlier this month, a construction crane collapsed at Meccas Grand Mosque, killing 109 people and injuring about 400 others at Islams holiest site.这个月早些时候,一座塔吊倒塌,砸向伊斯兰教最神圣的麦加大清真寺,导致109人丧生,00人受伤。来 /201509/400823A released on Islamic State-affiliated Twitter accounts show the apparent beheading of Haruna Yukawa, a 42-year-old Japanese citizen who hadbeen held captive by ISIS forces since last August. Yukawas death hasnt been independently verified, but the Japanese government said it believes the to be authentic. The beheading came days after ISIS demanded Japan pay a 0million ransom to free Yukawa and Kenji Goto, a 47-year-old journalist andfellow captive. The Japanese government had pledged to free the hostages, but said it would not ;bow to terrorism.; According toGoto, who spoke in the that showed Yukawas purported execution, ISISwill free him if Sajida Mubarak al-Rishawi, a female affiliate currently imprisoned in Jordan, is released.ISIS在推特上发布了一个斩首自去年8月份就遭到他们逮捕2岁人质汤川的视频。他的死亡还没有获得独立查,但是日本政府认为这个视频是真实的。而在几天前,ISIS要求日本政府付2亿美元的赎金来释放这两名人质(另外一名人质是47岁的记者)。日本政府承诺会去解救这些人质,但是称不会向恐怖主义低头。这7岁的记者在一个处决了42岁人质的视频中说道,如果一名现在被关押在约旦的女犯人SajidaMubarak al-Rishawi得到释放的话,那么ISIS就会释放他。In a hastily arranged news conference,Japan reacted with outrage.在后来临时安排的一个新闻发布会上,日本做出了愤怒的回应;The Japanese government will not givein to terrorism and will continue to contribute to the peace and stability of the international community and the world,; Prime Minister Shinzo Abe toldreporters.“日本政府不会向恐怖主义低头,将继续对国际社会和世界的和平和稳定做出贡献,”首相安倍对记者们说。For Abe, whose Liberal Democratic Party did well in regional elections in December, the crisis with the Islamic State presents Japan with a dilemma. Since assuming the countrys top office, Abe hassupported removing Article 9 of Japans constitution, a pacifist measure thathas guided Japanese foreign policy since World War II. The prime minister has argued that the clause has become an achronistic in a world where China, along time adversary, has greatly improved its military capacity. Following theelections in December, Defense Minister Gen. Nakatami explained the rationale.对于安倍来说(其自民党2月份的地区选举上获得大胜),这次ISIS危机让日本陷入困境。自从成为日本的领导人以来,安倍持将第九条移出日本宪法,作为和平主义的第九条自二战结束以来就一直指导着日本的外交政策。安倍认为由于长久以来的敌人中国在军事上获得很很大的提升,所以这个条款已经过时了。在12月份的选举之后,日本国防部长Nakatami阐述了其中的道理;Japans security environment has changed, and we must fortify our national security,; he said. However, theres no guarantee Yukawas death will galvanize public support for Abes proposal. An unstableman with a history of mental illness, Yukawa had traveled to Syria last summer with the intention of working as a private security contractor. Sincehis capture in August, the public has largely reacted with anger that he placed himself in such adangerous situation. In 2004, the capture of four Japanese aid workers in Iraq elicited a similar lack of sympathy back home.“日本的安全环境已经改变,我们必须对我们的国家安全进行强化,”他说。然而这2岁人质的死无法保将刺激民众去持安倍的提议。这名人质患有精神疾病,于去年夏天以私人安全务承包商的身份前往叙利亚。自8月份被ISIS逮捕以来,公众的主要反应是愤怒,认为在那么危险的情况下他还跑到叙利亚去004年,四名日本救援人员在伊拉克被捕时,日本国内也是这样缺乏同情心。In any case, Abes options are limited. In 2013, Japan signed a pledge by the G8, a group of the worlds largest economies, to deny ransom payments to terrorist organizations.无论如何,安倍的选择是有限的013年,日本签署了G8国家的一份保书,规定不向恐怖组织付赎金。来 /201501/356492黑龙江第八人民医院产科

延寿县中医医院做血常规检查Carlsberg and Heineken each reported a softer performance in the region during the second quarter, results that looked especially poor as the World Cup fueled beer sales in Western Europe and other markets.嘉士伯(Carlsberg)和喜力(Heineken)第二季度在俄乌地区的销售表现疲软。而西欧和其他市场的啤酒销量在巴西世界杯的刺激下大幅增长。受此映衬,该地区的销售表现就显得更加不尽如人意。“We believe the Eastern European beer markets will be impacted further as consumers are facing increased challenges,warned Danish-based Carlsberg Chief Executive J?rgen Buhl Rasmussen. Carlsberg trimmed its expectations for the year, citing the challenges in Eastern Europe.丹麦嘉士伯首席执行官韦耀国警告称:“由于消费者正面临更大的挑战,我们认为东欧啤酒市场将进一步受到影响。”虑到东欧地区的形势,该公司下调了全年的业绩预期。Russia is an important market for the beer industry, though the climate there is complicated as Russia’s government has increased excise taxes and banned many forms of alcohol ads. Carlsberg and Heineken are two of the largest players in Russia, one of the largest beer markets in the globe.俄罗斯政府提高了消费税以及禁止多种酒类广告,这些都使得商业环境变得复杂起来,但是对啤酒业来说,俄罗斯依然是非常重要的市场。嘉士伯和喜力是俄罗斯市场上最大的两家啤酒供应商,而俄罗斯在全球啤酒市场占据着举足轻重的地位。But alcoholic beverage sales in that market have been affected by the government’s efforts to reduce the consumption of alcohol in the country, Euromonitor and others have reported, amid some concerns that overconsumption has hurt life expectancy in the country, particularly for men. Dutch-based Heineken on Wednesday estimated the overall beer market in Russia has dropped 25% the past two years, though it said most of the woes were due to tax hikes.俄罗斯政府减少酒类消费的诸多措施已经影响了酒精饮料在该地区的销售。市场研究机构欧睿(Euromonitor)和其他一些机构报道称,过度饮酒已经降低了俄罗斯人口的预期寿命,特别是男性的预期寿命。总部位于荷兰的喜力周三称,在过去两年里,俄罗斯啤酒市场整体规模已经下降了25%。不过该公司认为罪魁祸首是赋税的飙升。Carlsberg said the value of the Russian beer market slipped an estimated 6%-7% in the first six months of the year, while Ukraine’s beer market was down an estimated 10%. The decline in the Ukraine accelerated in the second quarter, with “significant variances between regionsthere, Carlsberg said.嘉士伯则表示,今年上半年,俄罗斯和乌克兰啤酒市场规模分别下滑了大%-7%0%,并且乌克兰市场的下滑趋势在第二季度有所加速,“地区间的差异非常显著”。“We have been able to operate our business in Ukraine with limited disruptions, although distribution in some cities in parts of eastern Ukraine has been challenging,the company said.“我们在乌克兰地区的业务受到的干扰并不大,尽管在乌克兰东部一些城市的配送仍颇具挑战,”该公司说道。Heineken appeared less affected, reporting volume grew 0.8% in Central and Eastern Europe in the second quarter. That’s still a deceleration in growth from the first quarter, and also underperformed all other markets. Heineken executives told analysts that it was “difficult to access what the geopolitical situation and all the rising sanctions will have on our business,but said the bigger issue appeared to be tax hikes levied against beer the past five years. The company said in the long term it still sees Russia as “a good market to be in.”喜力公司受到的影响似乎比较小,其在中东欧地区第二季度的销量增长了0.8%,但是相比第一季度增速依然有所放缓,并且表现不及其他市场。喜力高层对分析师表示,“很难知晓地缘政治形势和之后出台的制裁措施会对我们的业务造成哪些影响,”与之相比,更大的问题似乎是过去五年间啤酒赋税的攀升。该公司表示,从长远来看,俄罗斯市场依然“具有很强的吸引力,值得公司坚持下去” /201408/323620黑龙江省哈尔滨妇保医院在线预约 Russia stepped up pressure on the US yesterday to respond to its involvement in the Syria crisis as Moscow pushed to shift nascent co-ordination structures with the Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi militaries into the core of a new anti-terror alliance.俄罗斯昨日加大对美国施压,要求美国响应俄罗斯对叙利亚危机的介入。莫斯科正在推动将其与叙利亚、伊朗以及伊拉克军队之间刚建立起的协调机制转变为一个新反恐联盟的核心。President Vladimir Putin invited other countries to join a co-ordination centre through which Russia’s armed forces shared intelligence with the militaries of Syria, Iran and Iraq in the fight against terrorism in the Middle East.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)邀请其他国家加入一个协调机制,通过该机制,俄罗斯武装部队在中东反恐斗争中与叙利亚、伊朗以及伊拉克军队共享情报。Just hours after a meeting with US president Barack Obama on Monday, during which the two discussed the crisis in Syria but which left big disagreements, Mr Putin told Russian media that the centre, first revealed late last week, was “open to representatives of all countries that are interested in combating terrorism according to a transcript released by the Kremlin yesterday.在周一与美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)进行的会谈中,两人讨论了叙利亚危机,但结果还是有很大分歧。克里姆林宫昨日发布的一份文字记录显示,会面数小时后,普京对俄罗斯媒体称,这个上周晚些时候才首次披露的协调机制“向所有对打击恐怖主义感兴趣的国家的代表开放”。来 /201510/402148巴彦县儿童医院花多少钱

道里区妇女儿童医院在哪儿The Obama administration has begun preparations for a possible government shutdown next month as conservative Republicans who are on the warpath over abortion threaten to block public funding.奥巴Obama)政府已开始为下月可能出现的政府关门做准备,因为在堕胎问题上持强硬立场的保守派共和党人威胁要阻断公共部门所需的资金。With business leaders warning of the damaging consequences of budget brinkmanship, a member of President Barack Obama’s cabinet said the need for contingency planning was “very, very frustrating商界领袖们对预算“边缘政策”的破坏性后果发出了警告,美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)内阁的一名成员表示需要准备应急计划,这让人“非常、非常无奈”。Sally Jewell, secretary of the interior, said on Tuesday: “I can’t tell you how ridiculous it is [running] an organisation with 70,000 people who are committed to their missions.. have to work with them on shutdown planning right now because Congress has not acted on the budget.”美国内政部长萨莉ㄠ葧尔(Sally Jewell)周二表示:“简直没法说这件事有多可笑,(管理)一万名雇员各尽其责的机构……现在却不得不跟他们一起准备关门计划,就因为国会在预算上问题不作为。”The latest deadline in the US’s recurring budget crisis is the end of the fiscal year on September 30, when government funding expires. To avert a repeat of the 2013 shutdown, lawmakers must reach a stopgap accord to continue spending at current levels into October.在美国反复出现的预算危机中,最新的“最后期限”是本财年结束的90日,届时美国政府的资金会耗尽。为避免2013年的政府关门重演,议员们必须达成一项临时性协议,使政府在进入10月后能够保持当前的出水平。While no congressional leaders want a shutdown, conservative lawmakers have complicated attempts to avert one by vowing to vote against any spending bill that continues funding for Planned Parenthood, a health group.尽管没有哪位国会领导人希望政府关门,但保守派议员们为避免关门的努力添加了难度,他们发誓要否决任何继续为卫生组织“计划生育Planned Parenthood)提供资金的出议案。The group performs abortions, and conservatives have been outraged by hidden-camera s filmed by anti-abortion activists, which they claim show its officials seeking to sell foetal tissue a charge Planned Parenthood strenuously denies.“计划生育”提供堕胎务,保守派议员则对反堕胎活动人士用隐蔽摄像头拍到的视频感到愤怒,他们声称,这些视频显示“计划生育”的官员试图出售胎儿组织——而“计划生育”极力否认这一指控。来 /201509/399514 哈医大附属一院四维彩超多少钱哈医大附属二院生殖中心



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