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With all that leverage, Scott is confident基于这一优势 斯科特很自信he has the ammunition to take on Rockefeller.自己有足够的资本挑战洛克菲勒But Rockefeller isnt one to back down from a fight.但是洛克菲勒绝对不是一个轻易输的人I dont want one drop of our oil traveling on the Pennsylvania.我不希望我的任何一滴油通过宾州铁路运输But what about the Pittsburgh refineries?匹兹堡的那些炼油厂怎么办Shut them down.关掉它们Shutting down his refineries will cost关闭炼油厂会让标准石油Standard Oil a fortune in lost revenue,承受一笔巨大的收益损失but for Rockefeller, crushing his competition但在洛克菲勒看来 打败竞争对手matters more than anything else.比其它任何事情都更重要Without Rockefellers oil,没了洛克菲勒的石油Scott loses nearly half of his business,斯科特的生意几乎减少了一半forcing him to lay off tens of thousands of workers,这让他不得不裁掉数以万计的工人and drastically cut wages.并大幅削减工资Those workers take to the streets in protest.这些工人到街上举行抗议And as darkness falls on Pittsburgh,随着匹兹堡黑暗的降临they turn violent.他们变得狂暴起来A fire is set in Tom Scotts train yards.汤姆·斯科特的火车场被点燃Before the night is over,黑夜结束之前more than thirty-nine buildings超过39座的建筑and over twelve hundred train cars are destroyed.和超过1200节的车厢被毁坏Tom Scotts company lays in ruin.汤姆·斯科特的公司成了一片废墟This is how capitalism works.这就是资本主义The railroads had been the big suppliers铁路业对石油业而言of transportation in the oil industry,是重要的运输提供商and so the railroads quite naturally resisted.铁路公司以此对抗石油公司是再自然不过的事了They dug in their heels whenever they could.他们会采取寸步不让的坚定立场Eventually they lost.最终 他们失败了Come on.起来吧Lets go.我们走JohnDRockfeller约翰·D·洛克菲勒has replaced Cornelius Vanderbilt取代科尼利厄斯·范德比尔特as the richest man in America.成为了美国最富有的人His net worth is now over 0 million,他的资产净值超过了1.5亿美元or 5 billion today.换算到今天 大约值2250亿美元Its dazzlingly amazing很难想象that one individual was able to corner about一个人竟然能够垄断ninety-eight percent of all the kerosene and煤油大约98%的市场eventually all production in the world.并最终垄断整个世界的生产He was a brilliant business person.他是一个杰出的商人I can only give him credit for that.我对他的赞扬仅限于此I dont have to give him credit for他变得如此强大的垄断方式the way that he became that powerful.显然不应当提倡But all titans are targets.不过所有的巨人都会成为目标And now Rockefeller is about to come face to face洛克菲勒也将面临with his biggest challenge ever.他人生中最大的挑战201603/431741。

  • Save The Children伸出援手,拯救儿童We are all born to dream, or to achieve, or to discover.我们全都生而编织梦想,或成就大业,或探索未知。Some are born to be the fastest, the greatest, or simply the bestest.有些人天生就是最快的、最伟大的,或天生就是世界之最。But while some are born to grow old and wise, many more will never grow up at all.虽然有人生来福寿睿智,但更多人压根儿从来没有机会长大。Over eight million children under five die needlessly every year.每年超过八百万名五岁以下的幼童枉死。You can help keep their dreams alive. Join us at savethechildren.org.uk.你可以帮助他们筑梦踏实。参加savethechildren.org.uk。201504/369380。
  • The universe is expanding.So does that mean theres a center from which everything is stretching outwards? I mean,it LOOKS like the center is here,because this point didnt move when we scaled.But we could just as easily have watched the scaling from this star,or this one,and they each;look;like the center.宇宙正在扩张。这是否就意味着存在一个中心,以此为点,所有事物都在向外延伸呢?我的意思是,看上去中心在这里,因为当我们进行度量时,这点并未移动。但是我们也可以轻易地把观测点移到这里,或者这里,它们“看”上去像是中心。In fact,ANY time you scale anything up or down,theres no real center to the scaling.I mean,this square was clearly scaled up from its center... I mean,its corner.I mean,that point over there.The point...is,sure there may be points that stay in the same place because of your frame of reference,which is why it appears to us as if the earth is the center of the expansion of the universe,but to someone in the Andromeda Galaxy it would appear that THEY were the center of the expansion.实际上,每当你把东西放大或缩小时,放大中心是不存在的。我的意思是,很明显这个正方形是从中间放大的......哦,还有角落。额,还有那里的一个点。这个点...实际上,当然会有在原地停留不动的点,这是你的参考系造成的,这也是为什么我们看上去地球像是,宇宙扩张的中心,但是对织女星系的某位来说,看上去,他们才是扩张的中心。In short,if youre too close-minded to view the universe from different perspectives,its easy to think youre at the center of the universe.Maybe thats the universes way of making us all feel special?But really,were not.长话短说,如果你思想太封闭,不愿从不同的角度观察宇宙,你很容易会觉得自己是宇宙的中心。可能这就是宇宙让我们感受到自己与众不同的方式?但实际上,我们并不特别。201503/364725。
  • TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201604/434334。
  • Time for the shoutout.大喊时间到了。Which U.S. state traditionally holds the first contests to choose each major party`s presidential nominee? If you think you know it, shout it out.从传统意义上讲,美国哪个州举办主要政党总统候选人的第一次竞选。Is it (a), Delaware, (b), Iowa, (c), New Hampshire, (d), Hawaii? You`ve got three seconds. Go.是(a)特拉华 (a)爱荷华 (a)新罕布什尔州 (a)夏威夷? 你有三秒钟。开始吧。For decades, the Iowa caucuses have been the first nomination contest. The New Hampshire primary comes second. That`s your answer and that`s your shout-out.几十年来,爱荷华州一直举办第一次提名角逐。新罕布什尔州初选紧随其后。这是你的,这是你的大喊。But that doesn`t necessarily mean that the Democrat and the Republican who win in Iowa will ultimately win their party`s nomination.但不论民主党还是共和党,谁在爱荷华赢得了选举并不意味着最终将能赢得政党提名。It`s a first step in the nominating process and at this point, it`s scheduled for February 1st.它是提名过程中的第一步,此刻将定于二月一日。There`s one fewer Republican in the race, though. Late last week, former Texas Governor Rick Perry suspended his campaign. He was running low on funding.然而在这场角逐中共和党人少了一位。上周晚些时候,前德克萨斯州州长佩里因经费不足暂停竞选。That means as of today, there are 16 Republicans currently seeking their party`s nomination. The latest CNN/ORC polls showed that businessman Donald Trump is leading the pack.这就意味着,目前有16名共和党人正在寻求政党提名。根据最新的CNN/ORC民调显示,商人唐纳德·特朗普领先群雄。On the Democratic side, five people have officially announced that they`re running. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads the Democrats in the polling so far.在民主党方面,五人已经正式宣布参加竞选。至今,前国务卿克林顿·希拉里领跑民主党投票。译文属。 /201509/398491。
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