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黑龙江第七医院电子病历哈尔滨妇幼保健医院无痛人流全程价格Song Dynasty宋朝Reform Instituted by Wang Anshi as Prime Minister北宋王安石变法The Northern Song Dynasty suffered poverty as well as weakness.北宋既贫穷又软弱。The redundancy of officials and soldiers, and extravagant expenditure resulted in a severe financial crisis.过多的官员和士兵以及过度的消费导致了严重的经济危机。Ever since the early years of the Song Dynasty, peasant uprisings had increased and the royal government faced political crisis.就算是在宋朝的早期也出现了不断的农民起义,政府面临着政治危机。Although it maintained a large army, they Northern Song Dynasty had struggled in misery and crises, never having a strong national power.尽管北宋掌握着一个庞大的军队,它却输掉了和辽国还有西夏的每一场战争。从未有过强大的国力。A sense of misery impelled many reformers of political foresight to initiate reform and seek the way to build a prosperous country with efficient military forces.国家的不幸促使一些有政治远见的改革家开始改革并寻求利用有效的军事力量建立一个繁荣的国家的途径。In 1069, Song Shenzong, Emperor who was eager to find the way of governing the country, appointed Wong Anshi, vice prime minister, to carry out reform.1069年,宋神宗作为一个想要找到统治国家方法的帝王,命副丞相王安石实行变法。The reform was pursued mainly in financial and military areas.变法主要集中于经济和军事领域。The chief content and purpose of Wang Anshi#39;s political reform lay in bringing about national prosperity and powerful military forces.王安石变法的主要内容和目的在于带来国家繁荣和有力的军事武装。He restrained himself from putting forward such crucial proposals as reducing the number of redundant officials, cutting down redundant expenditure and controlling annexation of land.他克制自己不要提出一些重要的决策例如裁减官员、削减开销以及控制土地兼并。His reform achieved remarkable success in the increase of national revenue, the construction of water conservancy works, and the improvement of combat effectiveness.他的变法取得了很大的成效,国民收入得以上升、水利工程得到建设、战斗的效力不也断发展。In spite of this, the old liners were still strongly opposed to the reform, throwing obstacles in its way.尽管如此,遵循守旧的人仍然强烈反对变法,为变法增加了难度。After Song Shenzong#39;s death, the conservatives came to power, and the reform ended in failure.宋神宗死后,反对者占了上风,变法以失败告终。 /201511/406467哈尔滨治疗宫颈肥大哪家医院最好的 哈尔滨市医科大学医院第三院在线咨询

哈尔滨有盆腔炎会不会影响怀孕Single men from northern China are less inclined to be wooed by women than their counterparts from the south of the country, a survey has found. Men from the north generally cannot accept women being more active in expressing love and starting a relationship, according to the survey.一项调查发现,我国北方男性并不喜欢被女性示爱,而南方男性则恰恰相反。该研究表明,北方男性一般不喜欢女方主动表白,不喜欢女方表现的比男方还要主动。Released to coincide with Single#39;s Day on Wednesday and conducted by jiayuan.com, a leading Chinese dating website, the survey polled more than 85,000 single men and women throughout the country.婚恋网站世纪佳缘在光棍节当天对85000位单身男女进行调查测试之后,发布了此项报告。It found the practice of women wooing men was least acceptable in three northern provinces-Heilongjiang, Hebei and Shandong.调查发现,在黑龙江、河北和山东三个北方省份,男性最不能接受主动求爱的女性。In contrast, single men from the south, especially those from Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces and Shanghai, are more positive about the practice.相反,在南方,尤其是浙江、江苏和上海,男性对此则更积极一些,更能接受女追男。Zhang Jiarui, a senior consultant on romantic relationships at jiayuan.com, said the concept of women being inferior to men has predominated in China for a long time and is reflected in aspects of social life including romantic relationships and marriage.张佳瑞是佳缘网的恋爱顾问。她认为,很长时间以来,中国女性都受男性配。这种历史会影响到社会生活的各个方面,包括恋爱和婚姻。;Influenced by such thinking, Chinese tend to feel that men should take the initiative in doing many things, including wooing women, rather than the other way around,; Zhang said.“受到这种想法的影响,在中国,人们普遍认为男性应该更加主动一些,包括示爱等,而非女性主动。”张说。;Although the inferiority concept is dying out and Chinese women are more open and proactive in modern society, in some parts of China as mentioned in the survey men still believe that they should be the first to ask about starting a relationship.;“尽管这种男尊女卑的思想已经不复存在,女性在现代社会也更加开放和主动。但是在中国某些地区,男性还是认为自己应该去主动展开恋爱。” /201511/409560哈尔滨市第一医院做无痛人流要多少钱 方正县妇幼保健医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗

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