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Less sex, more housework for retired AmericansLife after retirement means less sex and more housework but most Americans who have given up working say they are happier, according to a survey released on Wednesday.Sleep and watching television also goes up, but 38 percent of the 55-75 year olds questioned in the survey by senior citizen group AARP for its magazine said that retirement had made their relationship stronger.Sex seems to take the biggest hit, despite the increase in leisure time after retirement. Some 25 percent of men and 19 percent of women said they had less sex than when they were working.Housework, one of the biggest bugbears of coupledom, appears just as troublesome in retirement with men and women having different views of how much they do.Although 80 percent of men who are retired said they believed they had increased their share of household chores, only 47 percent of women still working agreed that their retired menfolk were doing more.Despite the different perceptions, 74 percent of those questioned said they were happier having retired, compared to 21 percent who said there was more tension in their marriage.AARP (formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons) The Magazine has a circulation of about 34 million and is seen as the voice of Americans 50 years and older.The survey, conducted in November, consisted of 1,064 adults between 55-75 who were retired themselves or whose partners were retired. 本周三公布的一项调查发现,尽管美国人退休后意味着性生活减少,家务活增多,但多数人称他们比退休前更快乐。此外,退休人士的睡眠和看电视时间也有所增加,但38%的受访者称退休后他们的夫妻关系更加稳固。这项由AARP老年人组织为其社刊开展的调查主要对55岁至75岁之间的老年人进行了访问。调查显示,尽管退休后的空闲时间增多,但性生活似乎受到了最大的冲击。约25%的受访男性和19%的女性称退休后他们的性生活频率不如从前。最让人头疼的家庭问题之一“家务活”在退休后依然很“头疼”,男女双方对他们在家务活上的“贡献”看法不一。80%的受访男性称,他们退休后分担了更多的家务活,而仅有47%的未退休女性同意这一看法。尽管如此,74%的受访者称他们退休后更加快乐,仅有21%的人称他们的夫妻矛盾增多。美国退休人士协会会刊(AARP, American Association of Retired Persons)主要关注对象是50岁以上的老年人,其发行量约为3400万。这项于上月开展的调查共有1064名55岁至75岁之间的老年人参加,这些人要么本人已退休,要么老伴已退休。 /200812/58173

From the kiss of respect to platonic kiss to a passionate kiss like you see in the movies, bringing your lips in contact with someone else's is a sign of affection that most people enjoy. But since there are many kinds of kisses to reflect the many levels of affection you can have for someone, it can be nerve-wracking! Don't worry, though--this article will go over several kinds of kisses, as well as when, and how, to give them.从尊重之吻到理想之吻再到热情之吻,这些吻就像你从电影中看到的,你的嘴唇与别人的嘴唇触碰在一起,这是情感的象征,大多数人都很享受。但是不同的吻折射出你对他人不同程度的喜爱之情,这是非常让人伤脑筋的!别当心,然而这篇文章就是解释一下几种吻,什么时候,怎样去献出它们。Here are some steps:下面有一些步骤:1. Get your lips in proper kissing order. The most kissable lips are smooth and sweet, not dry, chapped and tense. The guidelines in How to Get Kissable Lips will help both men and women make their lips look more attractive and inviting. Here are the basics:正确的亲吻次序。最诱人的嘴唇都是柔滑香甜的,不是干燥,裂开,紧张的。如何让你的嘴唇诱人的指导能帮助男人和女人让他们的嘴唇看起来更加的有魅力,更加的诱人。下面就是一些基本知识:# Exfoliate your lips with sugar to make them soft. You never want your lips hard.用白糖涂在你的嘴唇上,去掉你唇上的死皮,这样能让嘴唇看起来柔软。你绝不想让你的嘴唇看起来很粗糙吧。# Moisturize your lips to keep them soft.滋润你的嘴唇,让它看起来水润水润的。# Relax your lips by parting them ever so slightly.放松你的唇部,让它们轻轻地分开。 /201009/113620

Success belongs to the persevering!坚持就是胜利。内容来自: /201107/145542

If you’re anything like me, you wake up in the morning, hit the ground running, work through lunch, and only stop thinking about your job when your head hits the pillow. So, needless to say, I occasionally have days where I’m stressed out of my mind. 如果你和我一样,早上一起床就快马加鞭地开始工作,一直到吃午饭,只有在晚上睡觉的时候才停止想你的工作。那么,无需多言,我偶尔也感觉精神压力很大。You may think that your day is too jam-packed with meetings and events to find the time for relaxation…and you’d be wrong. Believe it or not, you can take measures to reduce your stress levels that will only take 45 seconds of your time. Here are ten tips that can help you de-stress in record time.你可能会觉得,你的生活已经被会议和大大小小的事情所充斥,根本没有时间来放松--那你就错了。信不信由你,只需花上你45秒的时间,跟着步骤来做,你就能减轻压力。以下就是可以帮助你在前所未有的短时间内减轻压力的10个小贴士。1. Read a PoemTake 45 seconds to savor a single haiku, or over your favorite sonnet. Beautiful language can really twist your mind in a way that helps to push away the cares of the day.And even if poetry isn’t really your thing, you might find enjoyment in ing something with a humorous bent. Think Shel Silverstein, Ogden Nash, or Dr. Seuss.读一首诗花上45秒的时间来品味一首俳句,或者细细品读你最喜欢的十四行诗。美丽的语言确实能够使你抛开生活中的那些烦恼。即使你不喜欢诗歌,读读那些诙谐的文字,你也会觉得很享受。想想Shel Silverstein,Ogden Nash, 或是Seuss士。2. Blow Off Some SteamGet up and get moving, just for the amount of time it takes to hum a couple rounds of “Happy Birthday”. If you can burn off some of that nervous energy, you’ll feel energized, refreshed, and far more mentally capable of handling the stresses of your day.If you can get some sun in during those precious few seconds, so much the better. Never underestimate the power of fresh air and sunshine to improve your mood. 发发脾气起床开始准备一天工作时,花那么一点点时间哼上几遍“生日快乐歌”,如果可以把焦虑情绪赶走,你会觉得精力充沛,对于一天的压力处理起来也感觉有精神多了。如果在这宝贵的时间里你能得到一些阳光的话就更好了。永远别低估了新鲜空气和阳光对改善心情所起的作用。 /201103/127943

Conference lanyards are often made of nice sturdy woven webbing. They seem like they ought to have plenty of uses, like replacement shoelaces or camera straps. After enough conferences, they start to look like an awful lot of raw material. Even enough to make a bag. 开会用的吊牌大多是由漂亮而又结实的带子制成。它们应该有更多的用处,比如做鞋带或照相机带。开会开太多了,这么多吊牌留着也是个麻烦啊……对了,为何不废物利用,把它编成个包呢?以后去开会就带这个包去,绝对回头率100%。【动手来试试】 /201104/132984

A research from the University of Kansas found that a person's flirting style can predict success in the romance department.  美国堪萨斯大学一项研究发现,一个人的调情方式会直接影响人们恋爱关系的类型。  Researchers found those who use playful and physical styles of flirtation are likely to attract shorter, less serious relationships, whereas polite and sincere flirting could attract a longer term partner.  研究人员发现,戏谑性的肢体接触类调情易收获短暂、不甚严肃的恋情,而礼貌和真诚的方式更易吸引长期伴侣。  The findings come from a study of more than 5,100 people looking at the way they communicate their romantic interest.  该结论是基于一项针对5100多人就如何看待他们恋爱方式做的调查。  They filled out a questionnaire about the way they flirted and their relationship history.  在做问卷调查时,他们填写了各自的调情方式和恋爱史。  Jeffrey Hall, of the University of Kansas, found there were five different types of flirting - traditional, physical, sincere, playful and polite.  美国堪萨斯大学的杰弗瑞·霍尔指出,调情方式可化分为五种类型:传统型、肢体型、真诚型、戏谑型和礼貌型。 /201011/118548

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