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广州白云体检多少钱广州番禺不孕不育医院多少钱A growing arms race between China and its neighbours helped to propel global defence spending to its first growth in three years, despite the fall in oil prices hitting some of the arms industry’s biggest clients. 中国与邻国之间不断升级的军备竞赛帮助推动全球防务出录得三年来首次增长,尽管油价下跌打击了军火工业一些最大客户All told, military spending in Asia and Oceania rose 5.4 per cent in 2015, the fastest-growing region in the world, beating even the war-torn Middle East, which grew 4.1 per cent the same year, according to a study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. 根据瑞典斯德哥尔国际和平研究所(SIPRI)的一项研究,整体而言,亚洲和大洋015年军费开增.4%,是世界上增长最快的地区,甚至超过战火纷飞的中东,后者同年军费开增.1% Global military expenditure in 2015 was estimated at ,67tn, an increase of about 1 per cent in real terms from 2014. The last time global expenditure grew was in 2011. 2015年全球军费开估计达.67万亿美元,按实际价值计算比2014年增长约1%。上一次全球军费开增长发生在2011年Sipri cautioned that the Middle East figures were not strictly comparable as data from some countries were missing. Nevertheless, the report highlighted the drop in spending by oil exporters such as Venezuela and Angola, as well as lower than expected increases from Saudi Arabia and Russia. 斯德哥尔国际和平研究所告诫称,中东地区的数字严格说来不具有可比性,因为一些国家数据缺失。然而,报告着重指出委内瑞拉和安哥拉等石油输出国军费开下降,而沙特阿拉伯和俄罗斯等石油输出国的军费出增幅低于预期Despite a drop in orders from traditional clients, the global arms industry has cashed in on tensions in Asia as China continues to pursue a broad military modernisation programme, while the country’s neighbours, such as India and Vietnam, are buying an unprecedented number of weapons in an effort to counter Beijing’s dominance. 尽管来自传统客户的订单下降,但全球军火工业从亚洲的紧张局势中获利。在中国继续推进全面军事现代化计划之际,印度和越南等邻国采购数量空前的武器,以求抗衡北京方面的霸主地位In total, China spent almost as much as all other Asia and Pacific countries put together in 2015, at 5bn out of 6bn, according to Sipri estimates. 根据斯德哥尔国际和平研究所估计,总体而言,中015年的军费开(2150亿美元)接近其他所有亚太国家加在一起的数字;包括中国在内的亚太军费开总计4360亿美元The region’s spending grew 64 per cent between 2006 and 2015, the report said. 报告称,亚太地区的军费开在2006年至2015年期间增4%China, however, measures itself not against its neighbours but against the US, which spent more on defence than the next seven countries put together. 然而,中国对本国军费开的比较对象不是邻国,而是美国;美国的军费开超过位列其后的七个国家军费之和Increasingly, the US and China have been at loggerheads over Beijing’s defence of its maritime claims in the South China Sea and its creation of artificial islands in the contested waters. 围绕北京方面捍卫其在南中国海的海洋主权主张,以及中方在争议海域建造人工岛,美国和中国越来越多地陷入对峙Countries in the South China Sea region have also begun to raise military spending sharply: the Philippines by 25 per cent, Indonesia by 16 per cent and Vietnam by 7.6 per cent. 南中国海周边国家也开始大幅增加军费:菲律宾增5%,印6%,越.6%Japan, which is challenging China over disputed islands in the East China Sea, also increased spending in 2015 after years of decline, reflecting what it perceived to be a rising threat from both China and North Korea. 正在东中国海争议岛屿问题上与中国对峙的日本,也在多年军费下降后在2015年增加出,反映出其认为来自中国和朝鲜的威胁上升Elsewhere, Saudi Arabia overtook Russia to become the world’s third-largest spender, mainly due to the fall in the value of the rouble and to the kingdom’s military operations in Yemen. 在其他地方,沙特阿拉伯超越俄罗斯,成为世界第三大军费出大国,原因主要是卢布贬值和沙特在也门展开军事行动 /201604/436076广东人民医院好不好 Belgian prosecutors say they have handed over to France terror suspect Salah Abdeslam, who is alleged to be a key player in the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130 people.比利时检察官说,他们已经把恐怖分子嫌疑人阿布德斯兰交给法囀?阿布德斯兰是去13日巴黎恐怖袭击的关键嫌疑人,30人在那次袭击中丧生。The Belgian Federal Prosecutors Office said in a statement Wednesday that Abdeslam was delivered to French authorities earlier in the day, on a March 19 European arrest warrant.比利时联邦检察官办公室星期三在一份声明中说,比利时当天稍早已经根9日欧洲颁发的逮捕令,将阿布德斯兰送交法国当局。Last Thursday, Belgian authorities charged Abdeslam with attempted murder linked to a shootout in the Brussels district of Forest last month. Police were investigating a suspected militant safe house when the gunfight broke out. Four police officers were injured and an Algerian suspect was killed. Investigators found Abdeslams fingerprints at the scene and he was arrested three days later.上个星期四,比利时当局以企图谋杀罪对阿布德斯兰提出起诉,此案与上个月在布鲁塞尔福雷区的击事件有关。当时,警察在调查一个疑似激进分子藏身处的时候爆发了战,四名警官受伤,一名阿尔及利亚嫌疑人被打死。调查人员在现场发现了阿布德斯兰的指纹,三天后将他逮捕。Abdeslam has told investigators that he arranged logistics for the Paris attacks and had planned to blow himself up at a sports stadium in the city on November 13, but change his mind at the last minute.阿布德斯兰告诉调查人员说,他曾负责巴黎袭击的后勤保障13日原计划在巴黎一个体育场发动自杀爆炸袭击,最后时刻改变了主意。Without giving further details, Abdeslams lawyer has confirmed that his client had admitted being in Paris during the attacks.阿布德斯兰的律师实,他的委托人的确承认,巴黎恐怖袭击时他人在巴黎,但是没有提供更多细节。来 /201604/439926番禺结扎疏通什么医院最好

广州东圃红十字会医院电话号码U.S. Republican presidential contender Donald Trump is making repeated appeals for support from African-American voters at the unlikeliest of venues, at rallies where almost all the voters are white.美国共和党总统候选人唐纳德·川普在最不可能的场合--在几乎所有与会者都是白人选民的集会上不断呼吁非洲裔美国选民持他。Trump made his latest pitch for black votes Saturday at a political rally in the Midwest farm state of Iowa, telling the largely white crowd that he blamed decades of Democratic policies for the ;deplorable conditions in many of our inner cities.; 川普星期六在中西部农业州爱奥华的竞选集会上向非洲裔选民发出他的最新吁求。他对主要是白人的与会者说,他把美国很多城市中心的恶劣环境归咎于民主党几十年来的政策。He has called Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent in the November 8 presidential election, a bigot for not improving the plight of blacks and Hispanics.他称对手—民主党总统候选人希拉釷克林顿为偏执狂,说她不去改善黑人和拉美裔美国人的悲惨境地。“As a father, as a builder, as an American,; Trump said, ;it offends my sense of right and wrong to see anyone living in such conditions. They are living in terrible, terrible conditions. Beyond belief: bad, bad, bad.”川普说:“作为一个父亲,一个建筑商,一个美国人,看到任何人居住在这等条件里都会触犯我的是非观。他们的居住条件太差了,糟糕到令人无法相信的地步,太糟糕了。”National political surveys show Clinton has amassed a huge lead over Trump among black and Hispanic voters, the fastest growing segment of the American electorate, while he holds a much smaller lead among white voters. 全国民调显示,克林顿在黑人和拉美裔选民中拥有的持率遥遥领先于川普,他们是选民人数增长最快的一部分人。与此同时,川普在白人选民中的领先优势并不大。Political analysts say his appeal for minority voters is aimed at cutting into Clintons edge among black and Hispanic voters, but also an effort to win more support from women and politically moderate Republicans who might be inclined to support Clinton because they view Trump as a racist.政治分析人士说,川普争取少数族裔选民的努力意在削减克林顿在黑人与拉美裔选民中占有的优势,而且还希望赢得更多妇女以及共和党温和派的持,这些人也许会倾向于持克林顿,因为他们把川普看成是一个种族主义者。From the earliest days of his campaign, Trump branded undocumented immigrants pouring over the Mexican border into the U.S. as rapists and criminals. 川普从竞选初期便把一些从墨西哥边界涌入美国的非法移民打上强奸犯和罪犯的标签。He continues to call for construction of a border wall to thwart the stream of migrants entering the ed States, a signature of his campaign, 他仍坚持他的标志性竞选承诺,呼吁修建一道边界围墙阻止移民涌入美囀?but has wavered with shifting positions in the last few days about his vow to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the ed States to their home countries.不过,过去几天,他誓言要把1100万居住在美国的非法移民遣送回国的立场有所动摇。来 /201608/463373天河妇幼医院男科 中山大学附属第六医院能做人流吗

广东省长安医院不孕检查多少钱 TOKYO —Japanese elementary schools will start English education earlier and elementary and junior high schools are told to teach in classes that two disputed island groups are Japanese territory under new curriculum guidelines the education ministry said Tuesday.东京——日本教育部周二称在新的课程指导原则下,日本小学将更早的进行英语教育,而小学和初中里必须教育学生两个有争议的岛屿群属于日本领土。It is the first time that the ministry decided to state in the legally binding guidelines that the Takeshima islets controlled by South Korea and the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands claimed by China are “inherentparts of Japanese territory. South Korea immediately lodged a protest.这是教育部方面首次决定在有法律效力的指导方针内宣扬主权问题,这两座岛屿一座是韩国方面控制的竹岛,另一座是由日本占据,但是中国方面宣称其为“自古以来固有领土”的尖阁列岛。南韩方面对于此事立刻表示了抗议。In a related move the welfare ministry unveiled draft guidelines on nursery school management for fiscal 2018 which also for the first time cited the need for children to “get familiar withthe national flag and anthem. The flag and anthem have often been controversial in Japan because of their lixs to past militarism.教育部还公布018财年有关幼儿园管理的指导方针草案,其中也第一次提及要求孩子们更加熟悉国旗和国歌。在日本,国旗和国歌常常因为与过去的军国主义联系到一起而充满争议。As for elementary junior high and senior high schools curriculum guidelines are revised roughly every 10 years. They show what must at least be taught to students. On Tuesday the Ministry of Education Culture Sports Science and Technology announced the draft of the next guidelines for elementary and junior high school education.涉及小学,初中及高中的课程指导方针每十年就大略的修改一次。他们展示了那些是必须要教导给学生的必要内容。周二文部科学省公布了中小学新的课程指导方针的草案。来 /201702/494018广州黄埔妇科医院广州结扎恢复手术专业医院



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