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A new #39;health#39; trend in Hong Kong sees women staring straight at the sun in the belief that it will replace their need for food and even improve their vision and sleep quality, reports Oriental Daily.据《东方日报》报道,香港女性中兴起了直视太阳的“养生”新潮流,她们认为这样就不需要进食,甚至能改善视力、提高睡眠质量。The women, between 20 and 30 years old, reportedly head to the Sam Ka Village beach in Lei Yue Mun every evening and take off their shoes before setting their phone timers and stand to stare at the sunset - some using an umbrella or a tissue to protect their skin.报道称,每晚都会有一批20到30岁的女性前往鲤鱼门的三家村沙滩,脱掉鞋子,按下手机计时器,凝视落日,也有人撑伞、用纸巾遮脸以防晒伤。The concept of #39;sun gazing#39; or #39;sun eating#39; revolves around consuming the sun#39;s solar energy instead of food and that by doing so it can reduce the body#39;s needs.“凝视太阳”论或“食日”论的要点是以太阳能代替食物能量,以此减少身体需要。Photographs show the women lined up together in the blaring sun, seemingly unaware of the people around them as they engage in the bizarre practice.照片中,女士们在刺眼的阳光下一字排开,旁若无人地沉浸在这项怪异活动之中。Some of the women choose to wear pinhole glasses to limit the UV rays getting to their eyes and causing permanent damage.有些女士会带针孔眼镜防止紫外线灼伤眼睛,造成永久伤害。Some of the sun gazers stress they are doing it for health reasons, not weight loss. #39;We practice sun-gazing as a substitute for eating. Some of us who have finished the therapy now eat less, and others don’t have to eat at all,#39; one woman told Oriental Daily. She said they start by looking at the sun for up to 10 seconds on the first day, adding 10 seconds every day until they reach 44 minutes by the ninth month of practice.她们中有人强调这样做是为了养生,而不是减肥。一名女子接受《东方日报》采访时说,“我们用凝视太阳代替进食。我们中已经有人完成食日疗程后食量减少,有些人甚至无需进食。”她说,“食日”者第一天凝视太阳10秒钟,每天加10秒钟,到第9个月增至44分钟。Dermatology specialist, Hou Xiang Jun, is concerned about the rising trend, saying the subtropical region, high ultraviolet degree and water reflection is leading to far too much ultraviolet light absorption. #39;Even if painted with sunscreen they can only withstand five to six per cent of the damage, an umbrella or cap can only take 10 - 20 per cent and long exposure, in addition to sunburn, will increase the risk of serious skin cancer,#39; Mr Xiang Jun told Oriental Daily.皮肤学专家侯钧翔则对这一新趋势表示担忧,他指出,香港位于亚热带地区,紫外线度数很高,加上海水反射,人体吸收过多紫外线。即使涂上防晒用品只能抵挡五至六成的伤害,撑伞或者带帽也只能防晒10%-20%。长期在太阳下暴晒,除了会导致晒伤,还会增加患皮肤癌的风险。”Ophthalmology experts are also concerned, naming conjunctival disease, cataracts and macular degeneration as potential side effects.眼科学专家同样表示担忧,他们指出这项活动会导致结膜病变、白内障和黄斑点退化等潜在副作用。 /201509/398328。

Will drinking champagne stop me getting dementia?喝香槟能不能防止痴呆?Three glasses of champagne a day can prevent dementia, claimed news stories last week. Enough to make anyone crack open the Cristal. The reports were based on a study from the University of Reading that was carried out three years ago but resurfaced last week via social media. The researchers found that drinking champagne improved spatial memory – the ability to navigate to wherever you want to go (for example, getting home after the pub). Champagne contains chardonnay mixed with pinot noir and pinot meunier, two black grapes that contain phenolic acids, which are thought to reduce inflammation and may protect brain cells.上周的新闻故事宣布,一天三杯香槟可以防治痴呆。这理由足以让人试图打开一瓶。报告基于一项Reading大学三年前的研究,然而上周又通过社交媒体浮出水面。研究者发现喝香槟可以改进空间记忆——行驶到你想去地方的能力(比如,从酒吧到家)。香槟包含夏敦埃酒,混合着黑皮诺和莫尼耶皮诺,这是两种包含着酚醛酸的黑葡萄,可以减少发炎,或许会保护脑细胞。So far so good but, unless you are a rodent, there is no evidence that quaffing champagne will preserve your cognitive function. The study was done not on humans but on 24 mature rats. The rats were divided into groups of eight and either champagne, another fizzy alcoholic drink or a carbonated soft drink was mixed into their feed. Over six weeks, researchers measured the rats’ ability to get through a maze to locate a treat and found that the champagne drinkers were significantly better at the task.目前看来效果不错,但除非你是啮齿目动物,不然没有据表明痛饮香槟可以保护你的认知功能。这项研究并不是在人类身上实验的,而是在24只成熟老鼠身上。老鼠被分为八组,香槟,气泡酒精或含二氧化碳的饮料被混合进了他们的食物中。在六周的时间内,研究者测试了老鼠通过迷宫来定位食物的能力,并发现喝香槟的老鼠明显在任务中表现更好。When the rats’ brains were examined under a microscope, those who had drunk champagne showed increased amounts of proteins that stimulate the formation of nerve-cell networks and are involved in memory and learning. In particular, these rats had more of a protein called dystrophin in the hippocampus region of the brain, which may protect against loss of reasoning and spatial memory.在显微镜下观察老鼠大脑时发现时,那些喝了香槟的老鼠体内蛋白质数量增加,这种蛋白质可以刺激神经细胞网络的形成,这和记忆与学习有关。特别的是,这些老鼠的大脑海马区具有更多的抗肌萎缩蛋白,也许可以防止逻辑推理能力和空间记忆的丧失。However different rats are from humans, the laboratory rodent has been widely used as a model for human disease, especially for research into stroke, heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer. So are there implications in this study for humans? Disappointing news for champagne lovers – the rats were given just 1.78ml per kilo of body weight – the human equivalent would be one and a half flutes a week.无论老鼠和人类有多么不同,实验室的啮齿目动物一直被广泛地用作防控人类疾病的模型,尤其是对中风,心脏病,糖尿病和乳腺癌的研究。那么这项研究对人类有启发吗?对于香槟爱好者来说坏消息是——老鼠只接受了体重1.78毫升每千克的量——相当于人类每星期1.5杯。If you really want to justify a glass of champagne on health grounds, you can always e physicians of the 19th century, who swore it could dissolve kidney stones, cure anaemia and keep you healthy.如果你想明香槟对健康有益,你可以轻易从19世纪物理学家的研究中找到据,香槟可以溶解肾结石,治疗贫血,使你保持健康。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201602/425173。

阅读提示:对照英文在下。5. 谷歌母公司Alphabet联合创始人兼总裁谢尔盖·布林(Sergey Brin)谷歌创始人谢尔盖·布林(Sergey Brin)出任谷歌母公司Alphabet总裁一职,身价380亿美元。Brin was the president of Alphabet, a Google subsidiary ofa new holding company. Today Brin have personal fortunes of billion. /201512/413284。

Mein Kampf, in which Adolf Hitler set out the anti-Semitic and racist ideology behind his Nazi regime, is to be published in Germany next month for the first time since the end of the second world war, reigniting debate over one of most controversial texts ever written.德国下月将在二战结束后首次出版《我的奋斗》(Mein Kampf),阿道夫希特勒(Adolf Hitler)在这本书中提出了撑其纳粹政权的反犹太主义和种族主义的意识形态。出版该书将重燃围绕这本史上最具争议的书籍之一的辩论。Publication of a scholarly version of the book, with the original text accompanied by voluminous academic notes, has been mostly welcomed by historians, although Jewish opinion has been divided.出版《我的奋斗》学术版——即在原始文字旁边附上大量学术注释,受到历史学家们的普遍欢迎,尽管犹太人的意见存在分歧。German justice ministers have pledged to ensure that general public access to the text remains limited for fear of stirring neo-Nazi sentiment.德国的司法部长们承诺,将确保公众只有有限途径接触到这本书,担心它会煽动新纳粹情绪。Aware of the sensitivities involved, the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich, which will publish the new edition, insisted it was bringing out an “academic work” far removed from any “irresponsible” uncritical publications that are widely available in second-hand bookshops.由于意识到其中的敏感性,该书新版的出版方、位于慕尼黑的德国当代史研究所(Institute of Contemporary History)坚称,他们将推出一本“学术作品”,完全不同于那种在二手书店里随处可见的“不负责任的”不加批判的出版物。“I think our edition is there to challenge these editions,” Andreas Wirsching, the institute’s director, said on Tuesday. Up to 4,000 copies of the new 2,000 page version will be printed, complete with more than 3,500 academic notes.“我认为,我们的版本将挑战那些版本,”该所所长安德里亚斯维尔申(Andreas Wirsching)周二表示。新版《我的奋斗》有2000页,将印刷至多4000册,书中的学术注释超过3500处。 /201512/413508。

It is often said it is a man#39;s world.人们常说,这是一个男人主宰的世界。So it should perhaps be no surprise that the key to earning more is to think like a man.所以,当研究者发现,多赚钱的关键方法就是采取男性的思维方式,你应该不会感到惊讶。A study found that people with a so-called male brain have higher salaries than those with a female brain.一项研究发现,拥有所谓“雄性”大脑的人比拥有“雌性”大脑的人赚的钱更多。The results revealed that, overall, those with #39;male#39; brains earned more.研究显示,从整体上看,拥有“雄性大脑”的人往往有更高的经济收益。However, not all men have a #39;male brain#39;, and not all women have a #39;female brain#39;.不过,并不是所有的男人都有“雄性大脑”,也不是所有的女性都有“雌性大脑”。On average, a man with a #39;male brain#39; earned 9.8 per cent more than one with a #39;female brain#39;, while a woman with a #39;male brain#39; earned 6.3 per cent more.平均而言,拥有“雄性大脑”的男性比拥有“雌性大脑”的男性经济收益高出9.8%,而拥有“雄性大脑”的女性比拥有“雌性大脑”的女性经济收益高出6.3%。#39;The results also suggest that men and women in certain occupations face positive wage rewards when their empathising and systemising traits are atypical to their gender, for example men with a female brain working in social care or women with a male brain working in banking.#39;研究结果还表明,在特定的行业中,如果一位男性或女性具有与同性迥异的移情式思维或分析式思维,他们也能获得积极的经济奖励,比如在社会福利行业中拥有雌性大脑的男性职员,或在业中拥有雄性大脑的女性职员。 /201511/408905。