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Grab it like that, put it onto the hook,and then literally just wrap it in the web.这样把它抓住 挂到钩上 然后只要用蜘蛛网把它缠住就行The golden orb spider#39;s web is said to be almost as strong as Kevlar and has been known to trap birds.据说金刚蛛所织的网 强度接近凯夫拉尔纤维 甚至可以用来捕鸟Okay, let#39;s get back on the raft.The raft.好啦 我们回木筏上吧 回来了Thing is, you can never switch off in these swamps.在沼泽里 你绝对不能有丝毫的懈怠Switch off for a moment,You shoot down the wrong end of the food chain in a place like this.一刻也不行 在这种地方 你很有可能就成为别人的囊中之物It#39;s not human if you don#39;t feel a little bit scared floating down a river that#39;s got a lot of crocs in it when you#39;re just on a little raft.乘着一叶小筏 漂荡在一条充斥着鳄鱼的河上 此情此境 是个人都会胆寒It#39;s just #39;cause you are so vulnerable.因为自己实在是太脆弱了You#39;re definitely not the king in waters like this.That title belongs to the salty.这片水域绝不是你的地盘 而是那些咸水鳄的But, you know, it#39;s all about trying use that fear,use it to sharpen you and not let it overtake you.但是 你需要利用这种恐惧 在它的洗礼下 战胜心中的不安A little bit of fear is no bad thing.有一些畏惧之情并不是坏事The river has opened up to a deep billabong.Fish should be larger and more plentiful here.小河进入了一片幽深的死水潭 这里应该有许多大个头的鱼Time to try my rod and bait,But there are lots of crocs around.该试试我的渔具了 但周围埋伏着许多鳄鱼There#39;s a freshwater crocodile on the bank here.河岸边有一头淡水鳄Look. Just on the bank,a freshwater crocodile Sunning on the rock.看 就在岸边 一头淡水鳄 趴在石头上晒太阳 Article/201701/488512

Peanut butter has many uses in addition to being a healthy treat.除了是健康的食物之外,花生酱还有许多其他用途。You Will Need你需要A dog or cat猫或A mousetrap捕鼠器A fish dinner鱼肉晚餐Gum口香糖Glass surfaces with sticker residue有胶水残留的玻璃表面Hairy legs or facial hair毛发较多的双腿或面部毛发A razor剃刀Dirty leather肮脏的皮革Clean cloth干净的布Steps步骤STEP 1 Hide medicine1.藏起药物Hide your dog#39;s or cat#39;s prescription medicine in a lump of peanut butter.把或猫的处方药物藏在一堆花生酱中。Peanut butter helps strengthen your dog#39;s teeth and keeps their coat shiny.花生酱可以坚固的牙齿,保持皮毛闪闪发亮。STEP 2 Use in mouse trap2.用于捕鼠器Use peanut butter as bait in a mousetrap. Mice prefer peanut butter over cheese, plus it#39;s less expensive.把花生酱用作捕鼠器的诱饵。与奶酪相比,老鼠更喜欢花生酱,此外,花生酱的价格也没有那么高。STEP 3 Rid fish smell3.除鱼腥Rid your home of fish smell by adding a spoonful of peanut butter to the frying pan during cooking.烹煮鱼肉的时候在煎锅上加一汤匙花生酱,可以除掉家中的鱼腥味。STEP 4 Get gum out of hair4.除掉头发上的口香糖Use peanut butter to remove gum from your hair, carpet, and clothing. Rub the area with peanut butter until it comes out.用花生酱除掉头发,地毯和衣物上的口香糖。用花生酱擦拭沾了口香糖的部位,直到口香糖被除掉。STEP 5 Get rid of adhesive5.去除胶水Remove the leftover adhesive from price tags or stickers by rubbing surfaces with peanut butter.用花生酱擦拭表面,除掉价格标签或胶水留下的残余。STEP 6 Shave6.剃须Use peanut butter as an alternative to shaving cream, for a smooth shave and natural moisturizer.用花生酱代替剃须膏,既可以起到润滑作用,也可用作天然的保湿产品。STEP 7 Clean leather7.清洁皮革Clean your leather by rubbing peanut butter on it in a circular motion and then buffing it with a clean cloth.清洁皮革,用花生酱打圈擦拭皮革,然后用一块干净的布抛光。Did you know? Women who eat nuts or peanut butter five times a week are less likely to develop diabetes than women who do not.你知道吗?每周食用五次坚果或花生酱的女性患糖尿病的可能性低于不吃这些东西的女性。视频听力译文由。 Article/201409/332554

Michael has a deep affection for helping children in need.迈克尔很希望帮助孩童And this child happened to have a severe case of cancer.而这孩子刚好罹患癌症Michael immediately wanted to do something to help, to give this child hope,迈克尔立刻想要给这孩子一点希望and give him a reason to live.给他活下去的动力A lot of the people working for Michael Jackson didn#39;t want Michael to do this身边许多人都试着劝阻迈克尔because they felt that after what happened with Jordy Chandler,因为经过了乔迪·钱德勒那事件后people shouldn#39;t be reminded of any association that Michael had with any kids.实在不需要再把迈克尔与孩童连接在一起But Michael had no consciousness of guilt, at all.但迈克尔问心无愧l saw the original documentary that Mr Bashir produced.我看过巴舍尔制作的纪录片l didn#39;t know Michael Jackson at the time.我当时不认识迈克尔·杰克逊But something seemed vety, vety manipulative,但整部片感觉是控的very sinister, about the way he approached Michael Jackson.很邪恶 尤其是他与迈克尔·杰克逊的谈话态度And what was proof of that was the na#39;i#39;vete Michael displayed而迈克尔却很天真的in continuing to talk to this man, who clearly, in my opinion,一直跟这人相处 我真的觉得这个人的目的was bent on destroying his reputation.在于毁灭他的名声Tonight, 12-year-old Gavin reveaIs he spends nights at NeverIand,今晚12岁的文 将透露他在梦幻庄园夜宿sometimes in Jackson#39;s bed, the star on the floor.有时睡在杰克逊的床上 而迈克尔·杰克逊打地铺 Article/201510/405776

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